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..,.. LAR A YEARAr~
The Future Punishn
The Existence of He
Bishop Candler, of Georgia, handles 1l
in tihe followinhg Coltribultion to the A L
I ow extremely unwilling is the hi -
imaut imiiid to contemiiIplate the sterner I
aspects of the moral hiw I Men seeiiI
to itiiigine that they can ut terly ex
linguish, by iginoring or by repudiat
inl these hinligs which the flesh fin(df
its too <li agreeable to colsider. llence I
they lower the reepairemenits of right- I
ci1usnes or deniy tle pelalites of sinli
inl order to induilge desire without dis- I
(Iitide and to escape ohflivntion With- I
out compncti ite on. It is a trick of the I
ostricl which hide1s its hilead inl the
sand 1id fanics that thierelby it has
useatped its pursuirers becaltse it nto I
loniger Sees theilm.
A friitIl ( told ile the other day of ia W
caise inl point. lie atld a fellow travel- 4
er were seated near each other inl a t
railway ear. A (list ributor of t1ract s 1
catine il and dropped his leallets inl Ile s
laps of tle passen ges8. Afy frici a4 . I
lellow paisseiger beiryed gieat. imilpa- v
lienice aind begaml to abuse tle copor- t
tleu ald his free literature, deliline- d
ilng the poioir 1ell41w ais a crallk belfore I
eXdtonilnilngi is liacts. My frieml tlere- 11
IponAi eXposilhited, saying, "You have o
n4ot iadI lie trict. Look at it more
carefully. andl Pau will like" it." IIs
traveliuig .iompl.litln yielded to his ad- (I
vice 11141 proceeded to read tle liact t
Uld inl a few lmImenlts respotled: 11
"' Why I am inmistaken. I did niot oh- il
seiv-e it clos 1y. I i.ianik the man Imr t,
li." After reading it to a fini I he I
fol4l it up eareftuilly aidi put it inl ls 11
1'' 4cket for1 future retercice. The tract a
was (Icsginil to prove that there is no
hiIell. Th1ie oli 11 at first slppises it was S
iia til Ii'IilN4X o(,tileiiti , Oal the ihe m
reselited thie* L-ift Il it to hini . itI a
whe hlit! diiScovered it was framliit il I
rcluite th doctri of, ut.ernal pun1i-hi- I)
11elit it instantly heiraniic a miio1.t ac- o
cuotable. presuilt.
Sitiniirlay wv e ive rectntly seen so:i.e h
arties gl eefhiy apphil diing, because I
they ut terly i isuiderstood, an1 act of
at small sect known as the Uiited
lhethrnou. It appears that this hody p
has strickci out of* 1 I" le Apostles' a
ciced " the woid "htell'* in tile phia-e .
which say s of Chli ist, I'he desceided inl- it
to hielI," and has Substituted the word ti
" Inutes.' Whereupoii certaini pal tics u
hiasteei to rejoice that the Un itet \
lirethren show si of weZtiS4)1 akenitgl oil u
tle tioe f lie et einai Imhill iii c l t
though thie brethrent did not dream u
that they were diealing eveni renitiely I
with e subjct whieti they toOk the ti
actioll tl e 0 i 101. Here, (or example,
is a ipt1iw pal.sae h1111 all cdiitoiai I.
which appuaiear iii the New York it
Press: ,0
"1 Allay feats ha tve I eel exl iessidI
4f lite years co er1niing tle abolish- p
1114, t in millodern popllar tlin kingt, of 1
wlait one recei' dratilat labelil -Iie o
gooil old hell of our forefaitliis.' li c
is tiu Ie that. (lie stI reillolusniess of the f,
anticin t ilea, which 1(oundm ex pre'ssion o
iln lingile citnileis ai ~ uilphiuirout
Ilauie has su lered severely fromu th lie
at tacks all aloiig thie line (ddvered by s
ai tiew generationl which has1 dlelighited s
more to dwell upon~l the' intdiness, love, a
lon1g .suiffer iltg and4 for tgi veness of I~eity d
thani 1141 upo lis vn ?,i eane (to useU the4
wordi'i on1ly in Scriptiil sense. ) Iliut it i
mIore sigti ificinlit, yet to Iinid this mtack
I ak:niig actu-il t heologie form atin wVin-y
eia4 i i l ference of the Unlitied t
Brethreni church, ini session a I lFred
erick, Abl., dIeidtes to suibst itute the I:
muildler <lihes' for (lie 'hell or thle\
ap11.stles'ceed it gives t he oldler class, 11
whio have enjpoyedl hearing orator'y 41
frotm ihe putlphit thirough ia lonlg eareer,
s(.meth( iing to shake heads over, to a
proplhes~y uplonl and14 toi shrimk frotm."
Now, the facet is the view that the
United lirethiren take of this phrase inll
thle creedI has n1o relaitioni to eternal 41
pumlishmenC~t oi hell1 as a plae of s
penal ty at all. Thley uised the word y*
4lhades "' itn place of thie word "' hll " '
because th50(le hitLler word has an ideat of
pienllty at tachled to it, whereas thie t
formiier has it iiot. 'They n ever be0.
hoived that ,1 esus went to any piace (of I
pun11ishmentitit at hiis d eath . a ndes" ''
is thle Gr~eek eqiiivalet. oif thec '-"'
raIpq.r of the Ij Iuns, and1( tihe Uni lt.
lIrethlreti with numlily others bl)Cievedl I
that thle lphtratse iln thle creed means no I
mioret thani to b4le burliedl, Li) go down 1
inito (lie griave , :4) pass fromn thie visibl ht]
into theiil~ niablei wo4rbil, as all mlenI,
good or had, do wheni they die.
Thie AMet hodist IEpiscopal churches
in thle Uniit ed States have not had ini
the1 forma of (the creedl used biy themii
the word " hell "' since0 I 71;. Theiy
uise tii forni " lIe suffiered uinder
P on tius I ilhte, wvas cruicilled, dead andio
buied~." '' Ir. (Chlarles IIoidge , the
great P resbyterliain t heologiai, in Ii
mates ini his "' SysI lttic Th'eoogy "'
that thIiis was thle origitial form1, and
that the worids ''iinto hell "'( did not a
pear iln thle c reed un11tilI the forth i eenI
tury. 12et. thins lhe ats it, miay, it is cleat
thait the Methiochsta didi not, modifly in
the sl ightest degree their adniesion to
t~he dotr ie ol eteriial piun ihmenlt
when they too4k this form of lie cie
a hiutidred anid fifteetn years ago. On|I
the contrairy, t hey have pea,.chied withi
newer ati persistency tihe dloctrinie oit
'e urlast ing~ punishmnent for the Iinlly
For the two wordls, "(dead and~
burled," the United Brethreni prefor
ent of the Wicked.
LI Lcibly Declared.
1is Subject in a fair an1d logical Imlaier
ainta Daily News:
,he shoit Greek word " hades." That
s ali their actionmans. What l1uis
lat to do witl the doctrine of pnlish.
nent? Absolutely nothing. NIut sup
104e MOr, had been m1ent11 lY this
abstitution of ile word "1 hidt s ''lfor
lie word 11 hell;" Suppose lj qu i nting ill
he direction of ofteiir abb revlii o-.
ng the painls of perdition had1'1 been4 ill
einded, what effect wVould that have
madl 'Nothling mlore thanl Coulcm
ro thli e eII(, ' 'xpres.s1io 1 o nti opinitn by
a1111111 tanl coiparatlively uitumportani
eet.. That is all. Suppose a la-ger
ff)ly) had undertaken a lh-livenup-e
[Ppking in the diteCtion o(i inaikiti42r livfl
blorter ami less painfull tha a- theorltil
ox view11 represent1s4 , what %fle,% od114
hat have had oil 1 t( dwe in? Nne
t1 all, unless their il iveralices .iwere
ustainled by the Scripitures. Etewrnal
acts are nlo chanlged by dlroppling one
ord and takiigt up allothcr. if si is
I he eti1riill, pui., nit lu t iw l bIie s..
spite ally sentiieiltal opil ou)s t4,
le com1rary. Tle lire (If hil ar
(11 to be extiniid4 by wisling te .
Whatt d4 the Scrip, ures teach (1n 1 he
ihbject ? "llow eIadest t 1 homu?'' is tlw
eClisive gntii nl wi th :dl -.!vnuIim.
Ir-istfians. Now I silbiil t1,1. t4 1
lain inan the4 iible -a b4ook t4 bit un
erstoodby plain mnw leaves 444Io niI
> donbt that in thi ew futu1e life t il
*re'. dooli awaiis the i-o4'I and Ithe
,Ili. This is Clear it I hw Scriptuil.e5
re at1( rvehit ion, and not) arlb.
Noah :and the anl-ediluviun siimwr.
orely dill n[t'hl l a .1 la il lihe s 1n11
'O44bl. I)il (wId %rive Ih-, It m 14'h ven
uill Noth thet! ark? 1'f s4 i- putoi'li. h d
14! 44.ko d 14111 alin rw n hit Ohe -il
C.'s. I )il .1 141 s 1 j 444e4 40\ ,4' the walk
f th New .11erus:1dem1 with a ropw anld
'(comll%1 hi I t ta :tye I L I i h I.I). with
0sannaIItiIs hke I he h14 an 1 - .s 140f t lc
m1il i1i41e welcolilnI li t 11 t til- J '.l I -
1iem on Ihe ( th'?
1)[41 Nero and1 'aul go 1 1 Ohe samllv
lace whenl they dlit 41? Wcr' iv)je
id Laz-u, ill 1 line piace? Wn..re
Ie Iise vir! ins on the(! ins'ide at the1
mn e feast, inl ,:hli emne c se it
w. fo0olish1 virgin on tI tside; tip
bom1 it was aid, - I know yu ni.
ills lie fate of the wie builur.
ev. samtitle 1s that 44f' thle f4mi1sI buildt er
to crele..4d his houi thel. sa1nd-?
i1 the -tomlI IthIle Same Cfet in
e two s I'ct1l.itr11 es '?
Thelv Savior repre-(t,thuet'ath
si. day as it she ltie I divi Iin- 4n-q
1144 two reat claS .s -*Is 'he'p aI
k)Is. To oneehts he4 l at - , G001m.
a Iese )ol m n i lther, i Ri ltihe
in1nm pretpared for pu hrom i'
nIII'li lln of, the worbl,'' To the
hrlie Says, "1 1 mpart froml mew, ye
UrSed into everlsting li u , prepared
>r thle devil and his ael.' Now,
heep14414 and 4(h gotJs~? 1)r does4 it not1
ppear11t 11hat the opp~osite 42baracter21.l., as~
ass54! illto t10e eteI' d1 w4I-lil, al1141 iltI
e.siinits 54) wide4 almr1t that1 thle ex
4nce44 of1 tile pa11sag, ''Ain these145 'ibill
uit 4: r4 iighteouis into.4 life eterz'nal.'
1e42 al' 1141 ' ever'latilig juish15i4lent'
MS, 0or is 0one ai state of' 0oy a1ta( the4
And It is idle4. 1nonl~4sens 1.o talk abo)u1l
le won1'i "~ (evertlaslting' "' as5 a ppl4it'd 1
urtion10l, and4. the life, being44 a4 term11
igmf~tying 1the4 word'( " eternl',"' as upj
1lied to) (end11lenes. iiIn t tIre
be are th14 11 ame 1112worItd. itI hl is leItss
a tils passage444.
)ive and 114 I aru ' teniehscd 42. Say s
Ihraham1I~l, "' I 121w 1441en 114 us a i l I 1ther'
I'o4. 11h4-1ne4.'' 1144>w lon4g, 11heti, wotIh4I
)i ve. stay whme44 4 he. wa-'? 1)44es there14
I ix~ .lness of (cond(it4in afi will a1s a
Vriftsto theC placesI t.4i i' 1 ('hatl lit it.I
I fear 1114. r'esult of all t his senl timentl
41 elfoil to.1 . e tridl (41 the idea.'l 11411 114e
ood)4 and1( 111he had1 go( to d11ifeent laces'''
listinlcions between right an.i1 wrongh).
It. imp11airs the aulthor1ity of tile moral
law by (lestroy.3'1ing114. the sanctions (of 1the.
Futurie I lfe. The I rench41 people)1( got)
the(2(I xthiodox dloetrlI11. in riit out(111 of iir'
fear any1 1hel in tile neCxt world, they
pr1oceded to mallke a 1he1ll n44 iath.
ThenI wats tile "' lic4.iln of Tekrror."
And let 11o man11 Vamilly IIimgmeC he is
sttninIjg for' 1114. Vin ni on 41 o41 f tile
dlivine mlerc1y whenf lie pleads141 against.
thle doctrme11) of tile future pun 41iishmeni41t
oft tile wicked. It is 1101 mrc1'y ini
governmentI , but1 corru'lptio tha11lit tretls
virtuire and( Vice alike. Where(i'f ore the
Psalmnist sings, "' Unto thle. 0, LordI
belongnthl mercy;- for 11101 enanres to
every ian accord ing. to lis wot
God's mitey is laanii ifust iII the r
tude of ins lmral gc'vernelnt. Mt
and justice are not oppisite princip
mutually exclusive of' each other,
they are diltycent aspects of the (i11
Soulne lintes it is said: "1 I can
believNt. al Inllercifu (itod wouild allo
mnan to sufreenlyFor the sill!
a -Aho t lift tinii ?" t' (it. IIray tel
whenit did thl c lengith of tilm'e collsil
Ill COllillittilg a crite lnetisure
pen)IIly whi-h it dhouhi receive'? Sl
We lutlig a manilt \th kills :tllither
slow pioisoning :lldi (Iy ine the ll
dererI Whol hiysls victinl in
twinlidilig" 44f .111 eye'?
I f hell is litnited spo is Ieaven.
1nanl cant rist' ot I' hell, le call
inire(1 eas-ily h;ill ( ) If hleivieil,
a ilis vitsle-r thatli *-rel1iliin -((.e;
fist t risg wht'tn town. At last
olice is It hiet wt e th o r t I 1d
SIti If It .' I I t ll tt Il i e l
hvealnd no hll. We ar, shuit
by hits to take Ilh-- orthodlox ve
full lie.tvel and11 "!:w lit-Il, (I. till In-Iiq
that Ownr Is ) b ;i t iast oli hi' l, l I
Iic ve n w A 'tel Hlln.
I I ' %. I ij't' . j.'- a I: is Iti ls I li -iv f
J a t - tq) " M .111(it:111*d 1-il it. l
s ln is hipwvil;t -ts itf I t. s b i ki , .1
hitwt r.t tF t ,Io all i.,s thet rih
Its' 11 ;11 t 11 it ioi t 1 ;% s(illy ille1tirt
ill ' ~is ii 55- i ti<pt'l ps' inP i th
Iiwitij . a Ii . Iii + th. iItt I li s I t l
sisailI II vii -it~ I tttss Is--, t
s iw r ti r I liI \ I 'nI II - I tc:ih i I s ilt'
eld tiis a is tisprinsl i pi s plan
Itari'~ tilt'r iJi i'ei~t hilt
di I iu It r val ;1t. 11'sl I - hi r , u
I'! -y V I t l ox \\ r-ld , ht l t s i'.
if lt Ill lil l ;it tllj' p ii In.t lian 't' i1
iake the I I r 1 at rI s lidt )Il Itti r si
- it y n" I i lit ife t thO dItt r i:l' th
r h. Stlu )II r c her th-- 11r atI
NVit -' ih hIll , i f a, they w%.Irc e f t l
lit, ') It-i I 111 a'- I I I \ it t Itt':ti I't I.'
I W. S 1 i't 11n11 ..e n pro 111 c htIunled tIl
Sit it wtr -1 c. \\ i' cit'(il r Itd Ii
'' itt tdt i t ' ' (t f I t' t
irtt'1 ill P it ii i. 4 P t i 'i 't : i t h
I I sh i' i n heV II tI ' 's t l I p
Si ' h I1 1 it I I 1 i A L I s I I
' itl th it :-t iri i f i o '( l IiP
no[- wiI iv Ih 1~e o 1)jvi
nee cam d , rush - n l to IIIIdI So kf-ra
ul a d IoIn.
i I is I k:s I I it ' I IIt hitl it i e triel '
i- QIV -inls w I nI .- h r v li
i'b ' S I it \-11 I \t 4 li1 ii e i t e i I ; '
isp a a ! WIdi o it, "IIIih -t '
ilieta ied Tniee is neers
a entd ry n d retoeli:' td Mtd
Iy, I : 'I it w er IfII o ,t II. li
n I I IIi is i e v il -tii 'f w t iIIIh
'si ti' I is I hV Iu~' ls't iic '''ssl
liititti ntotsit Ievet at' 't Ire :i's.0 ina
xc w I , a at xt th io e vn'
i''i( ts'n w n! e c e: n
r tips I ' iI Iru
ll hasn li lcit t r It I i n rl '
ivosile lti ihr; h nanhewr,
I it ('tt il lIire' stlta Ittlit tiil'. l.li
st h it' ls' v(-f' Ist w si t I)ti0vun~
toft ' an li t the oult. ltir <ih
it s ittnst's'arsise tpieniel t~
- he wait il~lin t. of' t <nmiit ld,
tlmeo wonhI liil ntl ih rf'detemed.
les tge pthere't wil ii beoet'inim o
fndit elplte s s raiic wtuille nth
N t h.aspi we 'i ltnleonoteterg
ilradful muesi he iheil ref ties of whi
coie leas LiveduTrees Qtuarters
i live .J . 1 wou
!I Cy But somel, how I d" I" it fel (Ad -.-n,
les, very hi. t illfirill. NlN eves al
ht ~ ~,it weil :la iy l 1- I'lk i li ir 111 , ill:
-ine( when(1 I 4 Iii '.n . at work in the cga
i il 1'l4' l i il'4 i sitg Ignt' yt-j 's ink wht
m(o aeches atin1 111) kilie bilies cie h
w a I di- n 1) hill I tusoon let ovte i
5 14 1 I 14V4 w'4 Ii '- v~ '4v' 4'- al114 4'. live)
Is m.'; 1 n I it l iv alth, bllu. I doi't hike I
Ived w1ri b ihe I or ihe(. job for4 si
th h 4,i; e, 4'' l I d like tol have
y wln it - :ii ri11 fIlw to tr4414 '4u illt ]i
u- lipper-. "4ent lv hinited I tll II
;1 1itll I li p latit I by aIi te lli ert,
w t)141. ll It cItl w vll, ;111i1 sli('!4 sli
nul lt 1 .1ll ililliitlll t m~n wli bi (I
44!' .1,'4'' \\ I4511'141 -1 had'. h'Ilhi.-,, :1 i- l I o'4'
r grl'i ht away. :,mil".iillws I thilik I hily
r4 I linIi.' i 1 Irlth- po't 4s W
in i d so I like to wor 4 wi I i'fel lik
tip it a 'd <Iuit w'-' n I ph-aa .i I hat
of never~ dvhstressed Ilas v1 bit, warl
v I that, theIII oile crs hatve tI < II . \ W , -Ik ha
n its, inmbhips, aini ii, hhi -1 .12,- ; ,
The law t Vem 4I In- ' .n-. 4 V1,
i 414 I r 4 a iu r r in I n1 111 c
T li " r t i Is I lto 'IIit ; a , I i I Ihk
.- I th ) w. " Il w hI I t h 4; ti
I.o 444a b e i,'' ;I ' ntv I I I I is h I Ip
" i~ The44 *le 14 f '4' .)he .1 V'' I.ih rn m.m
;1w1. 41 1 t' a c i ., 5 7 ';,w1. ; t e ui l
- tells ti th f-a \ h 1h 1 IV-\ lreise p o n
;i 111i i i l.\ l ilt* ,, . i t %\nI
b in I. b wilw l h-im w;I i\ ' wl Wi
..a 14444 lle y 2, 4 lIil'ii ; i c. , Iy bI . 'I
f I I Ir ; i re lit- a i' _-itli. iI
'4 jilt t \v I4'' Il I I4 444 )Y Ii i 1.144t1)
\\ h4441 14hi 1I *.4a \ I' 1 .1, \il i .
1 I lai 1in i1 l | i -4 1.,4| 4 l i ||:1III4
I4"'. 4I I I4I II I4 It I 4 I I 44 1 4 04.~ '44444 1 - III
~4. 144 I4 I1,12 I4:4 1 *411I I I~ I.'4 I) 1 I
il k44 :1 4' ' )l If AV 1 14 1 '4 ' 111 I 4)
j I.
44- or4 441 ' t n. I, i hIp p I I w I I
to a i 1 r ton l % th v : tI I II r' Ij s - rvni
444 I 4-I 4CI I-'4j I i I4I4II 4II4
1- 4i Ill n 4 ul 4w4t'. Ia Ii I 'Ib. h 1
I m Is It ' la !re thv 1 44;1 111 w 1 4
w I I r 4-4.1 a1:4 I'4 i'. ','I4 I'- 4 '4r44li
V | - 1 I Ij I ir I '
ItII I44 1,1 I I1 I t \\ 1. 4 : i 44.1 w Ii' 14. I d ' c
I1. I I a II jI I ;.:. t4 1 t4 .1 t'4I 4! 14 I
I ::I- I II- c I 'I tIl r v I I 114 I4 11il '.
I4 I . I' I v I I . t , III II I lilt' 1 4 i 11s
v t h 1ir r1 :I I r 11 :141 1 i Im i' I 4 I .
-1 h"ai rther i"k the ebancs f r happ
,tl, 'm 44n1 ('44rth 4: ;un i 41bonn ml heaven' 1414
k 1 - 4 1 :4vr It141 '4'4:4 l :4 'V1 :44. 111 P .1c
i-k Ill,, 4:'. \ '4 ;iti ' 44 IW,1 ,1C iis
A Wl4- W Iiny I h m t! on in
i lil , -.444.1, (I4 41vr44 Ias 111 T11 11441
j44u - 44 ' rji't a fI4 h.e4 fi ,' I4 an' 4
1r li'll, Or I i ll1u4 I I i n ien i t ]If\t. a
t1 4 1 I l .' e 1ha su il b ' is lt en
-. (1 o14. ' t e 4n - t1 1 IIcom fortclf ch
- ) . 4e )r <>1,1 1 e '4tin )' t4: tIl a t' jIl h'44''4 4
n. i at m4e.44 its 44j:4e4 14 e 44:4n4 wate4
- mt ry 114 4 14':' ,' voice44n4lun Son444olyI':
k.. I 4'ver l-.'4t to heaven :-. S[14 'ele4
I. 44 1hi414 441 ll a . o '-se o
'.- .44t.4 I4: 13' nie 4' a F lgl t'thin ange11: of t
al \i tL44; le chr en 1.43 h it! 44 beh it-4 i s me ,u
'. (v14.44w4 t 4h.'.i -m f om a
bel i,'m " 1 (4k , 1 o b 1 iike Ifl hat 1
tI lhik th:4)'. woub.' I ik i'414 t now a4
far asi4l' 1 4141 (414t. 1i is a w pr i .g Iat
-A 4)y. 1'1 t4$ illtIl4' iI. all l lnyCI(; chief' cor'
's- 4,44n:was lor,'4 4tSel ' m'll w' f m. I u
4'- ih:I- . hu'(1 144 a iicomes ot he i .:
enlar11:11 1m44 1.44 '4ien ,4. Th1 vanit 14441
1:n a i4ion a:,li 44Il'i'.hne14 44f4444
you- ' lth dis11: in-ar :4u44 we4444. r 1en the i4n144
"l. 48.00 the d lOj .L ilf 114 he '4':s''e 41in :1
14f View 14troit. hy'44 r4:uni no:( gee~i neu
1ts hav1 w all44:141i1144 lost in ourI brief441 4 lie
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No Hair?
"Ay hair was falling out very
fast and I was greatly alarmed. I
then tried Aver's Hair Vigor and
lit\ hair stopped falling at once."
Mrs. G. A. MeVay', Alexandria, 0.
The trouble is your hair
does not have life enough.
Act promptly. Save your
hair. Feed it with Ayer's
air Vigor. If the gray
hairs arc beginning to
show, Aycr's Hair Vigor
will restore color every
- 14 hottle. All driaggists.
wI 4 I: , 1 I * INi 1 'iI' 144 1 14
venti II - - 1 'I \ . I -x l e k
yP ill :1 bor: w. 1- ;%1. !- l til utulo
.l.1 . .\\A
b ()ne that Iever iets in.
Wat was. fotll first illpressjion of'
ThlI I wa. too lliall to express
II li i ' al Ic ' I~ili1i;,l.
It" I' illictlit. t(; Sue hotiy j
1%111 *lc .1 hlI* I', VMllt lordiship. \ ly,
Y 1\ it I i1-t lit), g ch l d w t
Iw I nittIle I O 1 1" R . T it,-Iliits.
Ili ( his still ics) I 'ayi, I \Visi I
111. ll I11 ilI ill lile t;,11( 44 ( harle..
.11'.I V.
-, ' 1 i t a I wouin'tII have Iilol to
-t I I I t- v 4I-r\ I I ij11- 1 I h at i l itppu
It W Ill ;t lIk-:co 11 arhIl-l r. lit,
191: " I ~ ive han- sep eli ti ll.rlile
li\\, IhI1t' I-mtlit , utlI ' t4 C4, I l 4V
NI plh . I, t t' l u le fi -I ettiit.. hI 'Iin
l i lt uI l.i W
\ I )ill lit a lill I \' 1 1%,
41i I .
litl4' 4'.i, I
r \ 11a ir I Illhr
h 14 w er 4i i th
4 it 1~1 11 t 1-' 1I %.I 4' 4 4 .( I
N ~ I I "4 1111 '4 cat I ''' sli m ml,
i I \ Ill - ive il y
it \\' 1. 4.1 .11 11 111 4lit . 1411111,
II- r ll' ; tt h l1lt l]
1441 lid1 I.. 1t4
\ Wh;l W w " Shall
\\ i \V 1441 it ' i~ t here4 , ,L'(44'on
4 141 141' I iL liii Wlt Il wt.;- 'Inc -
-I h ' 4 I I . I 'It ai'-r i| liir t e
-'I'4 - al e yo44 forf'V: illt tIl pil0-4
I I' 4 11 ll ii1 h lotI ibdi(,
' \di II IlI- W1411rryIii hea a
'4 It .44IS 1 I t lilt|[ i t 1. S oe li,
I h C dASTOth doIrAh
1or Ifort ilaClden.ln.
Bo' th 1;itl e
atn~Lz o(tt~l tni et w'll

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