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The People's Journal.
Corrected weekly by the lleath, Urnee,
Morroxv Co.
8:r let good middlig ................. ...7 3-4
tict middlIg ............. ........ .7 8
Allddllig ...................................7 1-2
T1iige...... ...................................7 7 1 1
St.. .. ........... .............. 0 lo 7
E . ..........................10
4 i ckenE-tlens ........... .. ............ 21:
r* yer .................. ... ............12% 1(1 20
B il er ..... ........... ....... ................. 1 10
It, e w a x............. ............................20
H l s...... ...... ..... ...... ..... -%
Local and Personal.
-Crcqnt is all the rag..
--Ur. W. F. Austin W'l bo i-i Pickons
Jify 2d and 3d.
--Born on tho.23d insfant to Mr. and
Mirs. T. D. Harrii, a daughter.
---orn l unto Air. and MIrs. Robi. T.-m
deE on the 18!1h inat., a daughter.
-'Ms. J. M. Stowart, who has b -1
quito tiek for some in , i 1 mnuchi im
-Several laidi:.s and genthmien of
Pickens enj >yed the oxerci'N's at Clemson
liast week.
- Whtent threshers are hustling around
lie country. Tho yield is some botter
4than11 oxpected.
-!r.T . arrison, wife nnd threo ohil.
'drein. of A.derson, visited reh'ives and
friends in l'ickis this wook.
--lir. J. C. Dodgens and daughter,
Aiss Cleav*y, a1e On ain exIended visit to
MA s. Jol n1 radley, at 'iedmont.
-Ex sherilf W. L. Bolt and son, S.
MIN. B.ut, of Waco, AtidorsOn county,
v'isitod at Dr. J. L. llolt's ist week.
-Tim olliient dry goods saesl:oi, T.
I. Parsosi, of tho Ieath Diruce-Morrow.
Co., is ini Ashoville, N. C., this week.
- .\ Ilourishing -unday school has
be1en1 organ izel at Goorge's Creek chmch1l1
withi T. T. Unr11tonl na. superinitendenit.
---Ir. and Mrh.. J. I. Parsons spent.
the lattor part of last woek wit-h relatives
aId f. ie'nd in the Crow CrCek wction.
-N. 1). Taylor, a "crack-a-jack " ph
tograph'Iler, is nlow stationed at 1lley.
Th11os. in mn ed of good work will do well
to see him.
--yv. B. B. Grandy has a good four
room house to renit onl (Grandy row o1
W~e(.t .1obulon street. R d convenient,
good well and s'all.
1evT. TI. H. Mdii spent the early d-tys
of this Week witlh friedil- it) I'ickens. 11o
l11s h)en ind sposed for severail days but
Pj lupidly io1va ring.
-('orrespondents, in oriler (o insnre
piblicat1io1n, should have teilir mitter ut
thia oleo i I iter themi Nleiday oven
big. Kii.dly b art this in mind.
-On icc.munt of unforseen drciumstan
ces, it will be impossible for Rev. 0. J.
Copeland to fil his lippoilnt'milt in the
Biapt'st church hero next Sabbath.
.-W. P. Stewurt, of Alexan ler, lost a
viil3uablec 1 mnie by being chloked on fod
(1d1r a few di ,y.. ago. On1 minai~tion1 it
.wais found to hiave' lodged ini the wind
'intetigenceO~ from Alnder~s m1 t hat his son1,
.Attic 1O I. Dagniall, si. , is ill with um-;
)Iariual f.-vier. ,M\r. Da.gnal left Tues1Cday
iev'en-nig to siee hi sonl.
(C, illI preachl lat (l Pickens churclh
'(In theo 1ifth Sabb.at h in this monthI by
(leo of 8. C. Prosb~ytery'.
...-Ilnad obange in ihn advertisemen~it
tif Crisig Bros., in this issue. They
want to sell yon fruit jairs, j--lly glasses
and rubbers, Remo'nber thorm whon
you haveochickens, eggs, buitter', et'., to
..-.Lawrence 0, La.nthem of Earley was
here last week on bu~siness of a proica.
hional nature, Mir. Lathiem is training
the ihne <o't of W., W. Itabinson and
with is experioni~L told excellen t maitiri
nI to work on it i sufo to say that he
will s oont tur overW') to Mi'. lRob Iinson one
of thle best trineil(d bloo(ded, horses ill hi<
Ilectioni oIf tho .tat:'.
-. -11a'. U. P. Unognall lit t'PCeived
f~om~ Rev. .9. 'il. Jones whoste sevices it
t he illtodist church at l'.okens are well
remembered''C~, ai letter stat ing thait ho will
.he0 with hu i)fo ai pr1otrateid meetinig
thalit willI i ncludno the3( th ir Sunda1 liy in
August iat Bethlehem chnireb. ft has
bueen the jiteIton oif Mr. Da):gnaill to so
a lrrago this moetinig tha~t it will conflict
a lit~tlo as p)o'sible withI ot her services.
-ext Sunadiay being tl.o fifthm in this
mlionthl, the Y . M. (I. A. lhas been 03n
*dovtwring to hi io a g anid rally dhay.
Promninent speakker4 halvO be(.1 in)vited(
h ud some of them will probabtly ho on
hand. E"verybody is invited, ladies and
whihiron-3ll. The Suindaiy scool00s mare
(belpoe(ially nrigedi to turn'i out in fuill forco.
/An attracimtivoi mil program has ho 'n
.jarr'anged. The hour f->ur p. m1. wiil not
ceonftiet with ot her sorvicos.
.--Throo prisoners brol: ,.til hieri lasj
'TnCAdliy niughit shoult 9. ,elok and( arle
.still itt large. It seems)) that ,Jamles i,
iia Unhitedl States pr'isoner, (enlinying "'pris.
,on bounds," had carried supper to the
'oilher ,prisoni)8 i and after open'in g the
-dloor' and h..gdn iho not of deliveritig
itho su11'O Iio .a ,.&.eral r13811 w' : made, all
4(1i('igtilbUuuir (iscapelO Theji' natues iare
311 follow's:; .Jfnry Love, JIoo Brooks
JAIn-1itiott Evans. the latter being
'iharvged with ait:tmpt to risih.
...-[f iany of thme frienids 0r relativ's (If
WV. P. lor W. Ii. ILooperl who was fromn
P'ickons 00o1unty, and1( was wountided in the
battlo of Averasborough, N. (C. anhd dird
in a few days afterwardat anld wais buried
in) a fammily tburlying ground some dhis
taine of battlefield wish to knlow some11
thing further iln regardl to th lao 1(1tter
will addross0~ as1 bolo1w with st imp for re
ply'. Just hoforo ho (died 1ho 1said ho had
ai wife nnid two childrel whol3 wereY livin~g
ui 14hkens county, 8. (3. Box 91, Lanm
irons, S. (C.
- woro deistroyed. Had1( it nlot been1 that at
'ain had fallon shortly boforo tho fire
started( It 18 balleIva3d th it tihe flamos
wouldl have boatn communcatellftd to build
ing~ near by3, '1'huo cott'M1 dOstroyedl had
hanl 111 hv '1 8Am WVIlaanh an~d WI) un.
Y. M. C, A.,
1. Opening exercises includit
devotional service.
2, Reading ninutes last ineetin
3. Music.
4. Ton minutes talk each by \
L. Jenkins, 11. W. Farr and F. j
Ellis. (Own selection.)
5. Music.
6. Roading by Lloyde Grani
and B. Lowis. (Own selection
7. Music.
8. Collections.
9. General remarks.
10. A nnouncement program ne
meeting and fixing place.
11. Music.
12. New business.
.13, Dismission.
T1'jimie of mleeting, 4 o'clock p). 1
Crowdled out hist week.
Wheat harvesting time is up
118 and everybody is busy.
Rov. J. W. Sheriff filled his rej
ular appointment at Mt. Airy t1
second Sunday.
Miss Leila ,McDonald pnsmS
through t his s .etion returning fro
a vist to her urother at Easloy.
Big raiins have thrown the fa
mers behind with their worlr.
Tihe twelvo year old son of Jii
Simnions (lied oi the 113th instail
after sullrinmg several I montlis wit
Mis. Jane McWhortor is still s8
riously ill it the home of her soi
T. It. McWhorter.
The funeral of MI itchel Dav
was pirached at Reunion chure
oin Sin(lay JuneO 16. Wr.
Last Sabbath the children undt
th leadership of their worthy Si
perint-ndenit Mr. L. R. D1altoi
had full sway at MIilo Creek Bal
list churich. It was childrei 's da
and a happy 111(1 successful one
The exercises began at 10 o'c'oc
with an inovation by Mr. F. (
Parsons and from that tiimo unt
nearly t welve the beautiful pri
gram which consisted of miusil
recitations and speecches were di
lightfully rendered. A liberi
c >lleet ion vas taken for the cali
of publishinaz and sending Bibles t
those who are not able to bu
Dinnor was announced and el
etybody invited to partake whhi
they did and were filled. Aft
an liour's in eintission the peels <
the oirgan called the people t
gether. Speehei w're n.ade I
the postor Rev. J. E. Foster, Hot
C. E. Robinson ard Capt. R. I
Thus a pleasant and happy de
day was passed at Mile Crtek.
"'our little daughter had an a
most fatal attack of wvhoopir
coughu and1 bronichitis," writis MrN
WV. K. Haviland, cf Armonk, N. 1
'but, when all other reim idies f'ai
ed, we saved her life with D
King's New Discovery. Our niec
wvho had Consumtption in an al
vanc *d stage, atlso used this woi
(lertil meicinio and to-day she
perfctfly well.'' Deospera 'o thro.
and1( lung dis'.asas yield to D)
King's New Discovecry as to no ot
er medicine on earth. Infallil.
for Coughs and Colds. 50.s at
$1l..00 bottles guaranteed by Bolt
Thorniley. Trial bottles free.
Mr. and Mrs, Morton Nichc
and Morton Nichole, jr., of Ceda
towni, Ga., are guasts with Mi
Nichols' mother; Mrs. J. A. Oill
l and,
M~EStS. D). 0. llumbert andi
13. IUngoed are home from Clems,
Mus liuttie Wilhams, who ht
been visiting in Eaisl.-y, left for. b
home in St. James, MIo.*, last Frm
Miss Nina (lilliland, who( hi
beent at tend(intg Oread Inosti tut to
Worce~t er, MIass , u nIow at blou.
Miss Nanio Roland, of Gi ee
v ille, i< guest at too home of
Mis~s Esther Ilo'combe leturin<i
Mondlay from ( roenv il lo, where eli
has been visit.ing frion.ls a .d rel
Mrs. Mary Briggs is having suil
stantialI improvements made<
ber rosidenci on Main street.
Th'le mnariiage of Miss Ross
IIolcomub2 to Mr. William McKit
ntey, of Groenville county, was si
emntizedl at the bride's home, thri
nilie. east of Easley, at noon Juli
20th3. Miss Hfolcombe hans a lari
number ot friends and relatives
tier home ceonty. Mr. McKinni
is equally as populr in Greenvil
conoaty and all their circle of al
gnlaintatnces wish these two a lot
aLlnd unalltoyed life of hiappiness.
Mrs. Estella Burgess amid childri
returnled to Greenville Monda
l'hey wer~e guests at the home
1?. M. Day whilo in Easley.
Mhisss lada an.l Vivian Folga
and NIi ss Viola Rhemion returne
Tuies lay from Central, whoro th<i
had lbe m guests at a l:1i0 par
given by Miss F'loy F'olger.
Tuesday evening July 2nd tI
ladies of the M. E. church, w~
ive a Lawn Fete for the benefit
:10 church. Tiho elegutt lawn
V. C. Smith is where the fete w
a hold and everybody is inivite
hei purpose is worthy and it
hoped that the generous public wv
so app2reciate it.
Birother Bill says,"All the wor
is a piece of tangleftoot fer the li
and tha best way to figt him is
let him alone---ho wil 00 It
of hiu feet dawn1 u
Ig Crowdled out last 'week.
Mr. Editor: If you or any of
g. your readers should pass througr.
this section don 't think we are all
V. gone. Goneral Uroon is about to
. arrest us all throughout this sectiou
and we are trying to dodge him.
Health is generally good, t.
ly least all give abundant evidene3 of
.) that whon they go the table.
Please toll your correspondent
from Ambler who, s0o time ago
cried hurrah for the $3 commuta.
Kt tion tax, to got up his han)ds (if
lie has any) and go to Cross Roads
church and work the road loadig t
from the church by Maynard post-.
Alic-) in the direction of Ealey fr r
n. it seems not to have been worked
this year and i s it a very bad con.
dition. Tell hii to work out. his
six days and I think the road will
>n do alrigh t, until that section needs I
himl aga1in. J. MN. 11. 11
- June 14th 1901. t
10 - - -- --- - - --
,d Tie BRston man, who lately mar I
nried a sickly rich young woman, is i
happy now for lie got Dr. King's 'J
r- Now Life Pills which restored her
to perfect health. Infallible for r
n jaundie, biliousness, malaria, fe. -i
I vor and agiue and all liver and '1
h stomach troubles. G entle buteffect. y
ivo. Only 25c at Bolt & Thornley's v
drug storo.
The sun has ias reachl its most %
h northern Iint, Ithe summer sol- 9
stic', and we feel its rays down here
at Cedar Rock. If the sun vas to o
go sonewhere and stay about. ttirc.e t
weeks we would be very scarod.
r And that grass that it-ed to be t
- so small is knocking all around
, over the cotton patch. 1
- The poor little cotton is affected
y some way or otlier-spinial alffec- N
tion i suppose. It stands out in S
k the rain just ico a duck.
. However, Cedar RocL h1a some
it of the likliest cotton in thte county.
- Walker Willianis has a field vf cot. a
, ton above par. i:
- George Hendricks struck a lucky C
t streak whei lie bought his reaper. I
e For the weather has been suitable tI
0 -too wet to do atnything els . (
y The reapor is a thing of beauty anil d
merit and the w.iy it hugs that 0
wheat is a caution. Alay he wo -
h can afford buiscuit once a day for e
i the next year if we don't have too t
>f many visitors, but I most forgot, t
)- won't eandidates be ripe? s
y Guess I will get Somie of that 1)
i. McLaurin pudding, but I will have
. to divide with Alagister for the it
shirt-tails got his pies. )
y We have ascertained that a mod
ern medical freak i doctoring cer- S
taih. diseases at stated times. An t
hondred and medmcal friend of ours
~who is a recono graduate, presists
in treating heart disease on Sun
Sday afternoon at 1 u'clocksbarp(f)I
And some of the Journal C )rres
Spondents thought thtat R ek Rlab
rhit andl Alountaini Kite oughIt to I
e' rosign, did they? I will resign if
': they will re-elect me, butt I fear
.that Governor McSwooniey wvill not
is accpt our resigniationis Come
Whiat, is ailing Feriptor Aliscrus? C
"Experience is a dear school" you
lknow but tihe rest of the provetrb
id don't fit, for It betokens a wise and
Schristian spir't, conflesding ones
failures and bereavements. All
tight old boy, "'If at first you
dont't succeed, try, try again."
i Wu will not ond Our' letter as did.
a cert'in father writing to hi3 son
at college which read thus, and
' nOw sonl, I will have to clse as
"old Doll hias the coh e, hoping you
aire enjtoyling the~ samo great b loss
'ing, (.'<'., but I will simy ly sign,
Rock Rabbit.,
~ W will apl1y to J1. B, Nowhery
Pr ,bateC Judge of Picketns conuty
as for. a finial sett lemenit of the estatr'
t of WV. 15. Chddress, dloceaised, on
C the 1211h day of Juily 1901, and ask C
~ to be dismissed as administrators.'
Chas. Child1ress,
June 13. T. ChiIlresp,
Jue13.90L I. 40 A d ors.
Ai~E NT.
I wil app1ly' to J. B. Newbery
)Probate Judge for Pickens county
for a finial settlement with my
tO ward Elizabeth C. Jackson on tl~o
~11th daiy of July 1901 and ask to
be disissed aIs guardian.
e J. 1). Jackson,
10 June :1.31.901. 4t Guardiani.
y Charleston, S. C, Founded in
le 1785.
' Strong Faculty; well equipped
ig Chemical, Physical, and Biological
Laboraitories ; Observatory; Li bra
ni ry of 14,000 volumes and the fineet
y. Muscum of Natural History ini the
of South. B. A ., B. S., and M. A .
courses offered.
3r Tuhition), $40, payalo in) two itn.
dI stallments. Board in College D~or'
'V nitory c in bto obtained at $10 a
y m-mtht. One scholarship givinig
free tuition is assigned to P'ickous
eC county, the holder to be appointed
i by the Judge of Probate and the
Di County Suporir.tendent of Eduica
of tiotn. All candlidamtes for adissioni
11 are permitted to compote for va.
1. cant Boyce Scholarships, which pay
is $150 a year. E trance examination
11 will be held in Piekens on July 12,
1901, by the County Superintend.
Id ont of Education and Judge of
ir Probate. Next session) o one Sap
to tomtbor 11% 1901.. For ataloguie
a r g ggsonRudoph, res
1 A Warm Winter
ral1 I1 not a good timo to sell
idi- heavy shoe; and heavy dry
be goods. My pricos on heavy
Sho s, Jeals, Flannel Out
bo ings, Worsted and H~eavy
bo, Dress Goods of all kinds a
ing for the next 30 days will
tIe bo so hot they will have to h
as8 Movo Out. Then you will
uj sWant Plows
IS Plow Stoeks, Singlotrees,
lid and all kinds of plow goods
Ill-Bot,tor get, my pricEs ho
ys Fore yo . buy elsewhere.
a- .In a few days You wVill
he want G ardon Soeds. Early
riorn Irishi IPotatoes, etc.
ilI have bouIglt tho viry
be~st for planlting' Ro
eir mmber- that I soll
* Atkis Saws
ts Of nll kinds, aMd deal il
il- all kin1.s of N i and hii n
of gl. Mill Su pplies. Comi0
nd and soe h
.ly . . A I C)It.II 4 ;
ive Pickens, S, C h
to El ilorni 'Phon e N-1. 21.
he, ((A2',
A inisce lilt, (A Spring Millineury
pr m': to suit., n t i m s.
tt Every hoidy who pileebss goodsi
t t ho he :-moiunt. otf .( 01, wNill ecive
McCal's AQuIe'in of I'ashioin, a hand
sm01110 m1aiga.inie two mi1oii14hs f'reo of
ix- chIargo.
ao L U de ELi:M lI'Els
mn- D)rie und sed :1 maber del
'l'arties wa atinug .l~iumibor of thue
days3' beCfore(hai li tht fthe lumhor'
iunay bie t-hiorouighuly dlrid.
WV. 1. 11 E'N.bh'f( i'1K & 11i0.,
~ P111Table8 MnaIn, Q1, C.
' AN D
\2) n a ulre 'ived
a bg lot o Frolnx ,S: r
(I ubersg a.
R10 TSj .-. PRI J E. J
v8. s i sa al o n
Aof the abr ve.t~l IlPet
Eggs laianta
" u IICESPE'CT lieLay ,
ie ip R A'xe t B wRk S
(., 1r(1 hi seer tocs pto the
hr tooin. 'eerlhuis Alor buind
dring prpae ithrby otheic
tork 01s gua(ranilled whenl
des ii a reiab'e coutrac
IVO 11:(la idle a lkilldI of i rilY
iild 111plIy ilOie hIut, first (lassi wor
yIf you Ileil ivt liiig ill oui liii
ring a mian with Dosidos and pricoe
>ts and canl gm. the Iown.t pics
'$l fr 01'ra
At the San
W ITII'l A A''.1 \N
Ol' new Il'esi spring goos, Ii
P sihl at I l i r1i ce.
this spring, and with oh(1 goods,
ope loge at lea.SI a sharIv of your i
ling,. bult I linve --(t nearlly everyt]
ry gOods and shioi at1 t he lowest pr
A lirge variv (if silks in col
'4111 the chealpest t >the linestd. \\'"I
us5, lawns,8 lilgnitit-. te., In az great
rites fromn -"'ts. 11p
White od- 1 I\*$. 1.4,V.1r 1'..1
ll prico A vond 1,f1ll varId witdc 1
dios boso for D5. . on't I
.1 ine's h th :. , a \d..
will urify your blood ad bring
the h~i oif hiea l hi .ak 1into your
cheeks. Each boulu cotainis a
Pal1Iful1auri Su414. l -'.'fl . I .
sile i igtion . i li t . iia o'' y f t he her :,
mus!cul1.Ir weakhInI'es, beniing; lw ainV. 4411 e
r.wening of feet, sorene's of the I re:s ts,m
health inuformo.ition Vou wangt it--it fre
Liv'erettce for' Livcr ills. Thie I
Are also Age
[Peerless Enigini
et ter.
.'ickets Now onl
For' dafnIild inlfinntnnon
It is al iixious ti1ne With
farmI'ers just now. The CoIs
rails has causedI u. to get bll
with our work.
We are makis g ari on gem
green, who is inl a thliving col
Lion just now. Wo thillk w'll
rle to oost H-im if I t ho sun1
-hino 11 few days and ho will
4.11n1ra1 yaller thwn.
Me an1 lly bi Prd, Sam
havo [:Cein sniaking c )1.rn, cutt
weeds and 11( letting thu still to
10or1 a1nd dhrngtetIraces,
3m1111b Calls it. M .t people
lone cuttinl ( wheat in this secti
It. Frank LnadGo imr
nd Jas. K. haLer havo houl
L AleCormlick icaper nild bill
ach(1 and sambio Says we ermdl,
night Its welI hunt a hole I
rawl if), for the day is S !On co
fig wheni wo will lno longer
leeded IlI (lie wheat, iield. 1le si
lie i'mianl 11if of. Some Otherg v
nint wIll como to des roy
vleit, heatuse p )Oplo <lon't pat
iAze lione indistry. le Says tI
I the reason they uro1. so had
'll ihrestl.rs "will sooli be oil t
011ds1( and the botS will miss (h
oney, tlle old henis and roosVt
liy begiwi to shy off' for there is
ouig fryors to kill and the ho
ilios will hli igiter, but, th bi
'ill be full and fuller. The ci
re look rard to the cominhg
lie thresher with pleasino at
-ill stand 'arounld withl their I
['S inl their ears and (-egoi
'atch the buzzing wheels while
der os itistle aroui , first
ie we!l, then to the wood pi
id to the kitchen and back
mo thresh.
M rs. B, 1). Lon ha I'd t is ablo
e upl) algain.
Chas. Childress and son Esh
isited relatives and friends in tI
action the Sth inlst.
Mrs. Caroliino liirdinio is serioi
f ill again.
An e'('I ioni of triustees was hie
t Louhlardt school houlse t-he 1.1
ist., whichl recsulted Iml th1l eh
oil of tho Fa Ie men011 aid tho pr
cecs are good for the Ilection of
Macher from another (.oun11ty
ireenville.-Shall we always tu
ownI olt, OwnV Coutily teach(.-rs f*
utsidleIs? I it right? Is it c
istent t' gv Vth t ch)oois to tea<
r.s of other Count( ieq whol we ll
lach.8 who Iave tihe good
icir comity at heiart and who i1
ponlt lmoney anld much timio
reparatioi to teach.
Blackh:rry picking is at its m:1
numI now. The pickaninos e
0 sc(l ill tle pate'hcs every dll
JA. bo se is w'iqo. Sambo saw c
hake a plum bush and watch i
1o plums to Fall the other day.
"'Of at gasol ine stov burn11t~ed
idy ht'ro frightI fully,'' wi'it..s N.
est do~ctors.~ couildn't heal the ii
ing sorte t hat f'ollowetd, lbuit Bi
in's Ari'i ca Sailve' ent irly ('I~t
er." InIfallabirl' oi' Cuts, Coi'
n i PtIes. 52c at 8tolt & The
y 's.
AM'.N.\T iN.
now~ st udents will be held at, 1
:soutiiy Coiurt House Oin I:'id
ruly l2ihi ., at. 9 A. M.
AppliCaiits 1Y'ust, n1;l Ib I
han (fif(teen v'e.urs of ag.
tfter' July J'2thi. they will bte
'is average :t t. h is 'eN a 11n in1 tion.ll
The Cost 0f at l*'lilanc'', in'la
ing board'(, fiu'n ished 'eom, lii
ighit and wiashi, I i s .9.0 K
I t dlogue aiiddress Pries. 1).
Your Fruit
W'o have just roceiv ed a Ial
hipmenlO~t of
F1~ 'IT .J A S & 81 'A RJ
nle somei fine Apple VinutgarU.
Also a lot of h~ost ( raini Cradi
Uroafd Brim Straw Ifts and lI
"IDoatl SItuck'' for' h1gs -~clIu
ut bedlbugs, alnts and( othleri:
cta. Tr'y it.
A nic1 lot of wiov'eu wiro cots
ot weath or, solid comnfor't in ht
i'on beds anld spr1inlg.
A lot of nico Pickles, T1omnate
satsup), M'ustar'd, Cheese, Jell:
sal~mon, Sardines, H-ams and ot
ilck nacks for pick nlicks.
00ME AND SEE U$. ;
WV Tj 1Ur,' A 'T T
C C)
ai, Granito knCwn -> tho trld
kmen L,> fimish the? work-,.
- atsial cr'1d to our alldress will
i to yuri i'>mio. We buy in car
E 0' CO .
014 Stand4,
I) C( 01'L:.TI-: 1.1N1-;
lg'ht a Ilw- lfv '! prices, mail (t o
lw r i5 s 1 1i SIr I08 1 in - I
rade. I v Io 1 4 2l.im Ivli Iv 1y
Ii Ihv aver; ha er wat 'it
'Sr an1d hlak w 4)"..n \v .s tod
ill fabrics in l r b , (fio lrtiu s.
vIri I f new x l - -. mI ,yA at
)1*.' s 111 ill i mi en t for so
i. I i d ig I .. :1 a l , )w
I-A. K"I .toAriN
I -, 1 ~', . f C
,1o one ibt yours lven ki ow of tle
enug11 you)I V'o ti g.Whly do
0 Lu ere t it n't s . ry. Don't
c your health and keuty,(for the
4Of 1nk a Speedly Mt -.L. by the
rof the oth .) 11 i't f e "A weak "
I " wirn out." haj;.me blood is at
s botto f all your tiouble.

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