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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, July 18, 1901, Image 3

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.\A\RKET lnuEPn1,T.
tlirr' etl w~eel1y ''3y the leat h, Brne
o .orro; Ito.
im................ ...
i....... .... 7
a a . ... .. .. ........................7 1
..... t tl................ f
........... .
....... 12 1. t t:
I n r...... ...... ............................ .....,.
I0 0 w a % ............. .......... ...............
--Heo nlotieto tf cottonl gill ouittit f(
-Hnthemi rtlv isemcu lt of the Bi
store peoplo.
W.1). I bvis nevar lhiltou postoille
is ill wit h fever.
--While tryi ngI to find the goods yt
vant, see ( 'raig ro-.
- ii* is prepared1 to supply LI
count1y witi rit jai. Call onl hil.
- 1or ,, u to ll(]n Mrs. Arthil
Robinsoum otl i i. inst.It (]ugiterlI.
.l w, lurllr) :anti Mrs. Was
Robinlsonl fih Ow 51.h inst., at pilaughtlel
Mr. ~ ~ ~ -11 an \r.LthrGidy, <
Oronvne :I in Pickn Wilit relative:
.--Dr.l W. .3 A si will be inl MIsle
July 22d amid 2:1dTusa and Wperv
-The tpubli term of thej a-2hh-he
, i- ri 20, will begin Moll
' layhnext, . -l .
-Me-'l b eeryhn neoded i
the hiouse :n? ! , 1.1 1e . awm. Sitep inl an1
take :1 hIm" . c a
da nte: ) P .
.A . nd io ithi, .
Sligala has iiv2
"ho -lu v t' lulcor
the iilx ssit't-Ii
tho h,:..1 I iiltho ist af(
tV 2112 11Cever;) 1.1li1
i , l ioitlli wt Ky.
- a bywill lt di
( I !ujit, oS I keii I, hI Lt ri
:' I is . i cit li l~ I t 11,
hi tiv tane in
ill th2i fist ha ll
C. wasl necidenhil
t2Xe~ttuit 12 I 1.i 2 i 11, c (AI .tii('. I
rttli,'~i.eI iui ' ' ii,2 It it on,22 wi y.
2. :11 riche ws; I
thou (ii 22101r:1ll'2' . A,'-el t t Riche1
rh4i. ;' vi 1; nar1 H1 a <v
HItor, klled a Ian
the 10252'; I . . '2.t u) I'm.i t itio ll1)
(Ii ''i '2i1y n iii hwel v in h
2 II-.. J i ti i eo nth
. .. A . it , o n tr
;$. C2., 22212 reei
piic w1221 I ive i
wh hha od k: iw
is i t u lih th
d '2e12 if ori~n
iitty1)1 coiguissi.o.
unis for24 httthe) positionk <
r 2si.'arm fo2(r jtherev
2a .tV, of1( Pitck2ens, has1r
' 'brs ip inChrb
teyal (tEnVo. Of r1inhlpi to met r
.w Ist'. A. r . ami
court this- ek.
-w~aT'n" b yT1.: ws! 1 n m
os J ; I liltthe i, t
t .:, si t l w I
ti r ll tl-l s
I t qwr, 'i
- . fo - ity ,
jolL! il~llt > IlL. on
I~llil-I'l , 1d1 ' I I
the e u . .le D
J:'.;~ 1; t o ('" I 1:
Kii \\ \ n in e, olo e
Pv. 1 , cI 1 n. I N tI Ior
ii til t' !,t ! o i l
0 \V( idIII ;4I\ '
iIt 1 r4 illi
.l ...rin
.vwhereb -d -'
Y King will. b ' !ir 'l -1I
illIe fo r l thr i 1 -
Bmto Ci !1" It'' ' 11111Y I
I n 1 ;b '. I' ' .
l'nito's ( nloliu
i tl n'nl. r
hourls l With - t n
I i'
I ll 111 \ H 1
i.:il! tit
M r. .. l!
v'il will a i I
tillhtvoe (Oillt
h i w ' I . .
4 Al1 I ' li
1 w l it ' . C
a ll i u-te nvl ,i
( ) . I I . . & I
. . II . I '
aft I . i
.is w ti
n~ It II:~t CI Ie -
I) 111 tit I, I itI \('r It i lleX I
. , J. J.) Lewis, a
Shur. 15i shot isi t
ba l . \ I .I ll )1
Mr. a andchil
I 'hit a ! cu2:nd 1omiienicemoit, "lay
by" , ha roll-d arolind again
, i e -t ;toew2 of the farmors tell
Iha h inping timo is coming,
b p( ,i j snow, hood in the
I- lii > , will t91p in Content
1 210 in trim shaipo.
hi v bi.; oe a wo.l aind to those to
'ri h b! ,rings rest, I wish a
l "et' t,'j r I till ill ait eibryo
. ini'l ow wietler you will
;,-t (.11,~ o the muap or not, but
sn :h i h : - i to look insido t)e
:-ope 1 Tu 0 -!e aernonl thle p-rt
.:< ity watersh wlen
.x :Ei ehs.4
.hllo seasols areI
hw t.I know thin is
41 ' to Ce ;-tial sichedule, but
op-till!n n I inot on at strikco.
Tw pv H:'' il v of our otherwise
i-'ot.i ii 2 uuity i w suddenly
I U-io. Tih peoplo
u- amediato noig
-vc!oinl-hituid come
V' I 14 - roa tailless aind
i on elosio inspec
h ill2, I 3y'es Al)
- y21213' horse. No
ti .'e, who said,
Lt 1i11 forth
edot:Ir to('ck
h., o IwoubIt doubt.
- ihe tolilii
thr c million
i fLom
If t'l tiltree
T iol iite
I. t I titlIlI
;J! ho{v l if jg
A~~ ~ ~ nk livf)I)
2)1 - :il till
illP f1ll I) ilivi
If IO' 1 Ill, :ii
()it-.ir s~ n
-'(r oil he n di b -
ay I "i N til ib fu-l
(gen Mmiee fie
It riy fii r 4
di me: ionm I111'lh
ter willl Iib CIII
i: 'lio:-1411114T
'2l-:- 111,-ii
*>ti: eier.o th
StO itt e ul
u h - a (irei, Mg.
-t for .bsie 01f
1.1 11~ilILL ef Ieei
ealoein byt.
:2d, t hof toi
I nd iro it.,u
ILL III urreson
on~ thej)3 1th inst
ii ue will be fuly
11111a1 and sending
20l' for Ohsan to l
\ are lookin ithe
hutl toe ter com
4 I - 'oid. I o t
spe1l metin aote
iil41a'ii irst, L
* . 1ut t Oletr work
ynjthe est
-- ywo0 will enjy
platofseningi Il
1 i4
eslre xtrme
I.e ea. Jo
41211 iliv' st l . 3 1' 1 un
4- b i-: the ereme
it) CII lit j:s tk he men, but1(.~
of 22ill ing ail
1~. Ih' taiighit oni]
)I0II0 oilr bth
wo w14iIIIIi asprio
1 he bes C't woi
4 , I id liv n fliveil
S Li~ho y '4 LI 21 IOV y iWt and
ill l-i goul ~i'I'(lonual
0~ 1 " uni
reck .i we might say like the indah
said, dead Injun good injun." Samb'
uid nearly overybody is Cissiug himaseli
for putting inilsuch large crops, Samb<
4ays put in a crop that you can work b3
working four days in the week, ther
when it rains you Olan keep up with thi
sin11 crop, and when it's dry you cat:
rest tho other two days and read anul
rminate or work on just as you liko,
lHe says he would prefer the readiu
Uld ruimnat ing.
Sainbo is sort of a cranky philosopher,
but h sometimes hits the nail on the
liead. H1o's been arguing that all thii
rain was sent to keep those old reapers'
mit of tho wheat field and keep so much
3otton, and when the dry weather cam
hie said "'strike while the iron is hot" if
you vant to kill the grass, He told Ie
lo was don with cotton, empty oribs,
inokohouses and no hogs, poor mulos
imd cows, and to was going to raisc
orn and hay. Wo tire raising bay,
Ilid. not i bit of it, said Saibo, nol
no sprig of that infernal orab grass sil
ver grow on my dirt. I'll raise timorthy,
)y gravy. Sanibo has big ideas but he'a
et the grass say grace over cotton. O
:ourso the rains caused it.
--Thu Town Creek Roller Mills arc
low in first-class running order.
'I'he Vestibule Litited leaving Atlanta
t 12 o'clock inoon daily is one of the
iiest, tra i hl ile world. It Is com0pos.
<I o)xclusivelr of l'nilmian equiient of
itesi dcsig1, consisting of.
Gentleine's Cub cars Atlanta to Now
l'n be ira wing Rooi Slee ping Cars
Sw (ir1calas t.:) New York.
lrawing Rlooi ltifot Sleeping Cars
Iinli:is to New York.
,ibrary Obsiervation car Macon to New
Shii1' I inin. Cars serve aIl ieals.
Ill ui4lIition, to the first class railroal
r'anllitnationt, passengers onl this train
kaj.tljjl, Wajshling~ton and New
vill b I- reqiilre to have 1tillian
-o" whieb will entitle themt to occupy
'IN v* I411 tilte (raill.
li~unni' ia'ly following the Vestibulo
_:0:1I the Atlamnta & New York Ex.
0lA-iving At.liltiat 12;20 noon,
hrlvin.-J -nlle~( coalteaccorniodation
I -1 :111! 21 chims. passengers not do.
\ - il h Vast, .alil leaving Atlanta at
1. I'. .\l. Ias slceping cars throngh
rIn-x (I Mobletws, obile, Montgomery
Ind .\tl Ia to Washington, Philadel.
ia :'11.New \ York.
Til'e 1111113 hours the cilekent,
\1I agieni-t "of coniecting lines sell
I -ong .' h I ickets via Sonthern Railway.
I. H.TAvO.:, A. G. P. A.,
Atlanta, Ga.
educe.l Rates via Southern Rail
way To Montreat (Black Moun
train, N. C.) Account Christian
Workers Assombly, July 21
August Ith, 1901.
Account of this occassion South
'rin Rtailway vill sell round trii
ickets to Black Mountain, N. C
ind return at rate of one and one,
htird fares for the round.trip, no
Lo oxceed ' Summer Excursioi
Dates of salo July 19th, 20tl
ind 22nd, final limit August E
l1901. This aff'ords every one:
;oodl opportunity to visitithe "Iani
>f the Sky.
Account Intornational Conven
ion Brotherhood of St. Andrew
fuily 24-28, 1.901, Southern Rail
vay will sell round trip ticlr-ets t<
o Detroit, Mich, and return al
ato of one first class fare for thi
ound trip.
D~ates of sale July 22nd, 23rd
md~ 24th, final limit July 32, 1901
.By dlepositing tickets (in person,
vith F. 0. D~onald, Joint Agent,
>etwoon July 25th and 31st and~
>ayment of fes of 50O cts. at the
inme of deposit, an extension of
hol limit final until August 15,
901, can be obtained.
For detailed information as t(
'ates, etc. call on or address any
gont of the Southern Railway.
WV. H. Tao,
A. Gt. P. A, Atlanta, Ga.
Conveniently Reached.
KI'ective Juno 23rd improved
cheu lduos were placed in effoci
>y the Southorn Rahilwaw to More,
mOad City, N. C.
Tho)( W\ahington & Southwesterr
~imUtled (No. 38), the New Yorli
I lor'~ ida Express (No. 34) and
hal I - ite 1 States lFast Mail|(No. 3(]
utake elose connection at Greens.
'dr) fe Mor-ehead City, arrivmg
15 A. M\. and by No-36 at
.- Eqiually good sched.
hI'::I Pullman sleeping cai
ha been intaugurated be.
I' I(snb I)&ro and( (Goldsbori
I train connlectinig wVith thu
rk &1' horida Exr-ess an(
hte a 'hlington & Southtwester
he ited
1Fort dal ed in formation as t<
-ebo<MesIt, also rates and reserva,
iou aj~jtly to any Agent of thi
soutthernt Railw'%ay or connection
W. 11. TrAvroE,
A. (1. P. A., Atlanta, Ga.
l1, E. SMITH,
rontractor and Buildei
Alexiaader, s. U.
All w-ork entrusted to miy eare will i
11aithflly3 eIxecuited. Carp'nter- work wil
by Ltken by the day or otherwise ams det
11r0d- augs
Our fee returnecd If we fal. Any one sendin
sketchl and1 descupilti-on of any Invention wil
prom ptly recei-n onr opinion free concernin
thc patenilitly of amte. " How to Obtain
Patet^~ sent u~pon request. Patents secure
tbr-bgti US advertised for sale at our expense.
1?atenta talten out thron I us recve a~
noQuce, without charge, in F11 PA'f~ T ao
an illuatat4 and widel ruetjo~
eonu Manfe t'rg j.
y#4 plm I.VAB a
Fri t Jars, Jolly Glasses
Extra Rubbersi
-t - I-.
CWWe have just received
a big lot of Fruit Jars,
Jelly Glasses and Extra
Rubbers at
So give us a call for any
of the above.
SW-We pay highest mar.
kot price for Chickens,
Eggs, Beeswax, Star
Grass, Grub Root and
P. S.
A few more milk coolers left.
S. B Mann..
Offers his sorvices to the
General Public for build
ing purposcs either by the
Contract or the day
work is guarauteod when
he supervises the work,
and he refers to his patrons
as to his qualifications and
thoroughness. All persons
desiring a reliable contrac.
tor or builder will do well
to se him before closing
trade elsewhere.
'Your Fruit
Wehave just received a large
shipment of
ane some fine Apple Vinegar,
Also a lot of best Grain Cradles.
Broad Brim Straw Hats andl Fly
"Dead Stuck'' for bugs--clears
out bedbugs, ants and other in
secta. Try it.
A nice lot of woveni wiro cots for
hot weather, solid comfort in these,
iron beds and spring.
A lot of nice Pickles, Tomatoes,
Catsup, Mustard, Cheese, Jellies,
Salmon, Sardmnes, Hams and other
nick nacks for pick nicks.
A Warm Winter
Is not a good time to sell
heavy shoes and heavy dry
goods. My prices on heavy
Shoes, Jeans, Flannel Out
ings, Worsted and Heavy
Dress Goods of all kinds
for the next 30 days will
be so hot they will have to
Move Out. Then you will
SWant Plows
Plow Stocks, Singletrees,
and all kinds of plow goods
Botter got my prices be
fore you buy else where.
In a few'days you will
want Garden Seeds. Early
Corn Irish Potatoes, etc'
1 have bought the very
best Ifor iplanting. Re.
member that I sell
Atkis Saws
Of all kinds, and deal in
all kinds of Mill and Shiu.
adsegle Mill Supplies. Cotue
5, A. M, OIM
iik , Q
Grain Drills,
Disc Plows,
Hay Rakes,
Chilled Plow(
Hill Side Ploi
In fact anything you vant in t
ments, and the prices are right,
Big Lot Fruit Jars J
Get our Prices befoi
The HeathBruce
At the 8amec (
, Of new fresli spring goods, bugh
be sold at the lowest prico.
To my ikens iFriends: I a pprel
it this spring, and with good goods, low
hope to get at least a lm re of your itrade,
thing, but I have got, nearly everything
dry goods and shous at the lowest, prives.
A large variety of silks in colors I
from the choapest to the finest. Wasl if
lin., lawns, dinlitios ote ., in a groat vari
prices from Ilets. ip
White goods-1 have never hoforo
little price. A good full yard wide blea
ladios hoso for 5cts. Don't forgot mo
nothing but good shoes that I can warra
$3. mon's the satuo. Come and soe us.
West End,
Johnston's Sa
Elf kiE iN eo cal l Iarna
is the Mos4t Powverful hjood
Nature, in her efforts. to correct mist akeC
careless living, or it may be from an~ceJstors
other imperfections on the skin, as a warlin(
hiaps tumors, cancers, erysipelas or puirnonar
you noglect to heed the wvarning~ and( correct
Many a lingering, painful dinseaso iad ma~
simply because those notes of warning haive
pure by aright use of JOIINSTON 'SA ltSA
Miss Abbie J. RandeI, of Mar-hall, Micha.,
"I was cured of a bad humor after suin
doctors and my friends said it was salt rheumn
and cars, and then on my whole body. I wne
suffered during those five years, Ia no use telli
I did. I tried every medicine that was adve
enough to buy a house. I heard JOlHNS'
praised. I tried a bottle of It. I began to imni
fi nished the third bottle I was comnplete ly curn
since. I never got any thing to (do mue tlie lea
BARSAPARILLA. I would heartily adlvise a]
or skin disease of any kind to try it at onace.
trouble, and was run dowun and miserable, but
made me all right."
The blood Is your life nd i f you keep it pmt
slat disease or face contagion feairlessly. Jolt
(ails. It Is for sale by all druggists, in fuzll qm;
wvzmzma DRUc 1ong4LYI
lFor Sa
We handle all kinds of Marble and
and employ none but first class workmew
If you nteed anything in our lino a 1:
bring a man with Doesigns and prnicos to
lots and can give the lowest pricos.
Yours for trado,
SootheorIist rates
orn Coast
The islo of
C. St. Siinons an)d Cumnbcrlr
Beoach, Fla., Morohcad, N. C.,
.fickets Now on &
For dotaled'informnan anil
ms, Etc.
he way of Farming lImple
ust Received!
-C you buy.
Morrow Co.
tid Stand,
)i\lIPLE T11 1, 1 N H,
at. the lowest prices, and tW
-i;ie yoI past tr ade and14 valt
prices and11 fir doalings, .1
I do not tI:mi to 11Iavo overy.
the aveiage buyer -walts inl
rud black woolen dres. goods
leics inl porcealos, calicoos,muB
ety o new colors and stylos, at
had such an assortient for so
(.Ihilg for '5cts. A good 1I00.t.
When you waint shoes. I sell
Lit. Ladios shoes from $1. to
GqreeIville, S. C.
omiethuin N 1Ioro Serious to Comes
ung. .J olaiit1 ~aaapari~a
3, whlichi mistaikes have come from
sh4oots out pimples, blotcheCs anRd
7that more serjiu troubles (per
y dlisefaes) are certain to follow it
hec mnistakhes.
ny an early death has been aivoidled
biein heededlu~ and thne blood kept
trinug with It for five years. The
It camie Out Onl my head neck
J perfectly raw with it. What I
ng. Nobody would believe me If
rtIs'edl to cure it. I spent money
>rove righut awayn.~, and when I had
d. I have never had a touch ofi
st good till I tried JOIINSTON'~
I who are sufferiing from humors
[ hadl also a good deal of stomach
-e and stronig you can positively re
art botI tes at only one dlollar cacbk
le b~y Dr. (). W. EARLE.
& C O.
(Granito knowni to to tradlo
at to fim sh thoe work.
ostal caird to our1 addlressq will
your home. We buy ini car
cY CO..
IIm mU Cir
LAo South
I'lale. aw U
y to ally agont of the

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