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V.-NO. 26. .PICKENS. S. C., TH1URSI)Y, JULY 2q, 190'
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ O E D O L A R A Y EA R
He Draws Morals From Ancient
Stories -His (onclusion in Lat
ter Day Style.
A tianita Constitution.
III ill aIges 1111k Ilil L"as f(lt tile
neel of a (iud. Tihere is at reeling of
helssnes ill mour nature 11Ad if mant111
ca' ind a ('on he(, will make one. It
is curious how strangely siular are till
the heatheni tu hloies to I lhe Bible
religion. St. Johni l y 8, '"A " d there
II w a r ih ven a(I A Midcae1an h is
angel, fougit glimtl' lt the drag'uiion and
hisangls n~lhuredthem- down.
T tld mhich isi thle de1vil,
was eat, downl unt o tihe earthl." dust.1
so inl G reia :nI( I4ian111 11.1 Sellih
n:in inythology ; I(1101er IvIS Wilr in2
their he(ven ind ii ool..! deities pre
Vailed and the e% it werle (s olit, but
not destroyed. ,.upi-e %h1 war with
the Titanm .nd dethroned thei. Oden,
or Wodenl, as hie Nvw called, ha1d wvar
with .oki mn eitroned himnd gave
him ilehr, or lell, for his ingdom.
The seaulina1vian1 s had I 8 rpenlt to
iu e inl the hitwn (IF il:eir- crea'tionl. I
a41 that 'usrpt lit W wa ever geaw iat
the roo1itS o)I th,- I ree of 1hfe,- Lite thtL
grelw 1) 1 spi an ws ket iln per
pe(tual bloomt by the wazter-4 ofthe
spring11. This rngwas, at o !e enid of'
the rai)bw and the IhIomne < I' Woden
and! the g)(Is was al the olier lid,
and aIs oft. , as ithe rinb'w a1ppearied
WOit 2 1in hi.s retinue 111.1de ulse of* it
ai a1 hu11111l briige over Whihich they
Iassd to he, sinigl4 to (11i1 and re
newv thieir youth11 and14 hol their high1
cint aInd sit i. jugiIellt uino 4fn
ders .ust so . 00 rligioli is ui- o
the tree (f life dl t(1he water (1of h.
111d thle ieav. s of' ti tre1ce vhich a
f(r Lilt hecaling, of the naion1.
This :4canidlivhnil mytho1I4L1-y wastl a
besitiful and cinating I2 'ligi!nl and
the Norsvmnill, inlu the Danhs
Mid Swedes, heleiive( inl it as piouly
as wev believe ili ou1 1iihle and21 (1i2
Iialy. Iudoeed it too2k eenlturies t"p
overthrow it aidt plant Chis1tianity
ItheLre. Vol clitunicN it h liht Swa1ty over
all (erianiawy and evvIn to this (hy all
(hristeido uil 11ss ihe: c1m11les ofI the
damy4 of tie week 01h1; eame1 downl from
the Noriselmen, f,11r. WedniesdaV w.S
Woden1silay ni Thi.ursdaiy was Tlhors
liy'. Thor was5 Wo') en'ssoni anld w1121as
tle . od of, the clds. lien he wvisht
ed tO nikei i thuinier atid shake the
rain out of the lie1ves.l Ie took two
great m11oun11ta :in1s, one1 inl each ha (1
11nd1 clapped theiin togeiher. -riday
was F"ryga day. v'ng was Woden's
wYife. J ust so ve got tile n1amilies of 11t2
m1ontils fromi Ille I11oman m2 lholojv .
andN We got the cons-telhilionls ill tihe
heavens iroim (lie Fkylptial illythology
t.rnd it rellnmins mn11hanged to tIs day.
jut I ish the young people to kiow
and1 r'icbir. that ill mylthlgies t
their Ieliion was founded upo1 Ilhiithi
that truth and juistce and virtue must1:t,
prcvaiil over evil. The gool were re
wNarded and , the evil were punish1jI ed,
no(it Il ill this world, but. i the workt
to cole. The diffe1ence is tha11t our11
religion is 1foi211ed 1po1 love 11141 mel
Cy 'ahe lith22 ju['.1iCe ;m1d We havIe but
n (iiod in2s$teal of a hundrled.
Now it sueems tit iLJupiter and2 his
brothers, P'luto anid Neptune, aftetrh
they had vIhipped tle Titan22, procd
ed it once to divide their great domain- h
.upiler was the elidest 111d 1'ma11rt2st I..
and1( so he gave tihe sas5 Lto Nepltunie li
andl~ haldesl1( to Pluito and kept heaven~i v
for' him1sef. SmarhtLI, walsn't he ! 11hnle1s
of 111he dead1, 1bo1h god and( had2, n112n
Xincurale2 011es for'h'.) fea tey woul
lish1ed at hll and called it T1ar'0tru and1 1
shutL upl alli the hardes121t calses theinI. 2.
Now Pluito mar12riedi a1 daughter Ci of
Ceres and( she2 1had( a1 soil nam2ed I'1utu.18
I~e was5 tile godh of wea'11h and11( thalt 1s8
whlere the wiord( plutcrac 1cam from2. I
(u mll liillimaires blelon~g to it. So ii ~
5eems11 thait t1(e god)( of moneiy 1s bro'2thler
iln-law to4 the god of' hell. PrettIy close
t 1.1criture, fot it -s23') that1 "'1the love
of moneis~ the r1(1ioot of alli evil ," andi1
"it is ealsier for1 a1 camel.' to go) tillou~ghl
the (lye of a1 nleedle thanii for a1 rich man11
to go LIto11V11 han." NOW this~ I'lultus
began~ to give his ri1ches1 to the good
struc2(k i hi lid 80 thait 11he~i~ co l't,
tell 021e 1)an1 froml an1othe1r al1 so lbe
gr'opes is wa2v about11 slowliy till lie
122nds al mau01. '1Then lie gives himl a pile
wVinigs and (Ihes awaly.
tLur s( 5 y3, '".Rhie') ta ke wVIings and 20 ly
Thle love of money(') )3eems~i to haive
1)een accused1't2 in ll alges. Th'le wed(1ge
of goldl not only culrsed Achlan, but
ailliiete.d ll Isra l.'li2. ton 2 says1 that,(111
Malannmon was onie of hea11ven's godIs
''one( of tile spirit(s that, fell. Ihs looks
aiid thoughts were~ always (10winward(
b)ent, whil~e he111 admir'ed the~ goldlen
paiv(eents inl hea1ven's streetst and(
neCver1 lookedl up to auighlt dlivine. Theni
let no one11 wonderI~i thalt ri'ches grow in1
hell. It is the1( soil that be(st deser0ves
tile preious011 banle."
No wVonderli, th1121n, thalt Mr. Carniegzic
1becaCIlC alarmed2 and2( huied1i to di I.
gor'ge. Whlat a1W work(I of car'e lie is
nlow. gomlg thlrough 12 (distr'ibutinlg 1his
wealth. 111Ie recives Lthousands(1 of
p)lead~ling letteris, I knlow, for) many21)
haUVe been1 Sent to 21e to1 be forwarded
-) ~o 1m--manyli3 Ipil2ous1 apls)l for a
little chait y. Oh' coiurse I forward'(
hem11 1a2nd that i8 the( la1st oIf it. Th'Iey
ar1c t)~perhap read by proxy and1( .then
dlestroyeld. Dr)i. S2amueill .Johnson802 wrote
truly when02 he( said4, "I llhs fort ifv a'I
man11 ag.tiny 1)ut1 (one (of tile ills of life,
and1( tiiat is norer'Lv." Cisesnaim nn1( h
Some Curious Facts of Confederate
Days That Are Almost Forgot
The following article was printed in
the reunion issue of The State on the
8thI1 of AMay, 1901, aId it deserves to
be read by every man, woai aIId
child in South Carolina, as it deals
with facts tlat are not generally known:
The history of South Carolina dur
inlg the "war between (he States"
should be writteni and the sacrifices of
outr people liotld be made known.
TIe glorious co)iluct of ourll owII sol
diers in the great battles lias been re
corded in Ia nicatigr way, but other
trials ad sufferings have not been
beart of. I it Inelitioni of a few facts
that slitcl e included in the history
of Oth Smt is pri'oper and timely.
0n December 14, 18., the Senate
coic(Iredl inill tie following resolutton:
"lIesolveA, That the General Assem
bly do tender to Maj. (eii. Wade
Ilinptot the revolving cannon ii w in
itsi osessiont satislied that it cannhot
be placetd in more worthy hand,,, aind
9iey protest a-aintist his propobition to
replace it by another."
"lcsolvetd, That the other revolv
ing canto,) as they are completed,
)e disposed of by the Goverinor in ithe
way lie may dccii best."
flow itinaty inl South Carolina ever'
heard of this revolving cinnotn? All
article fioim Geti. Ilampton atbout. it
woul d itailv he read with interest
-ind might lead to mi improvenielt inl
artill e ry jlst as the Stevetis Floa tintig
baurty nuggesttd Ironclad vessels Wf
warl. lie Stt-vei-is battcry was used inl
Clanlestotn h::rbor and was the desi
of, one ot South Caolina's sois. II it:
idea was adptetd aii the Merrimac
was biti a t aneb with iron . Th I Ie ;
battit betwee ith AMerrinm .11ea thile i
M016itor revolu11ionized thle Methods, of
linval w.ai fare.
WInI the wa r hiegan there was a
student. Li '.skiie Colle ge iamed .l.
-'. GI. Limi ode. lIe was a Fretnicmlan
aid tl witen lie caie a bout Iue West ie
tirst vorked at th harness-imiakintg
trad(e with C oil. 1). () lawthornl. 11Iil
was mnb1itiuills ait tdeeriniited to se
cnte atn Iducatiin, paying tor it by lis
own work. lie witi nto C o. C, Sev
ciinthi S. (. V., when the war bruke
out. lie iiveited a double-barrellCd
cain(i. lie haI a brass model. IotLh
barrels were to be loaled at once, the
Ibals to be held tgether i a strong
ciain. lien fired the double load
Would id1) fearful work, fior the balls
wouhl siretch the chain at lull lentih'ti
and it would cut down ever) thing in
froti of its lull lengtihi. This inven
tioni did not mneet w'itr i fvor at1d that
such a citlion w:is evetr tholtit, of !las
lintg ago piaised out of the memomory of
Most }elisons.
(ttI )ieceimber .$ 186:.'), tle Seiate
cinCu rreid itt toi following resolut ion
ot the Ilouse:
Sesol vedI, T'hat the 'State assumes,
with piisie and gratiieation, the cUS
tody 1 the hanrt COMMitteld to her
encre by the galhuit Thirteeith; and
will keep it carefully as aiot her valuned
emlblem (f thle devotion an1d patr1iotism e
of her chersheud sn.
"lIesolved, That the ilag be con
mitted to the cubtody of his cxCellency
I'lhe Governor'."
Thle Th irteeth 3. .... '. belotiged l
to ( regg 's, aftorwvamids Ace owan's, lbri-t
o~ale, anid was nt ld for its gtall ant. ser
vices. 1 low mamiy kniow that its ig
v-as given to thte State for safe-keeping
as eary 13ais )ceembn er, lxt;;.? The gal -
hinut',lI Tirteenith carriedl the battle Ilag
after this until A ppomnattox.
Th'le names of nmny of the nioblest
sotns of Sotuth Catriihna who~t fell in that
great struggle have almost beeni for
gotten or people have no knowleidge ot
how~ or where they fell. Who ktiows
ofl Col . ,1 . Foster Al ai shall except, that1.
lie icl at Second ilun iassas? ie wvas
a caiptain i of the Il'ahnitetti rezi menit in
lie Al eii war, andt one of thle most
pubbei siiteid iitizenis of Abbheville.
lle was Si'tn aor, atnutlwhen (Col..
fiTomas 'Thttmison annuoutnceid his death
hic pai tie folloinjg tributti to the
muemioiy ot hiis pired ecessori ion Noi vemi
betr -t h, 18t;2:
tim mtitl bloiiod oh a battle ott the
(Chikahiniiy, withl a puattiot's tire
glotwintg iin hiis hiearlt, lie addirenedi to
hisi sobhlieis, at thle nitomet of' tIhe
charge, these tu noral e wordts: ' I ie
tnetinhiei the State yout arec from. 't
ytir t rust iii ti"I. A ciit yiiurselv es
like n.eni andt follow me.' Well was
th is appeal aniisweredl b y t hat regimiten t
of hieroes. it the harvest of d eathl
that. etnsttcd, onti-halIf fell kil led anil
woundiied, their inobl te leadeir him nsellf
passing throiughi the hattle unhlurt.
Buht, on the b lood -st ninedi anid gloiuns
lleld of Mantassas, so I atal tot miany of
South Carolina's leading sons, lie gave
his life an offerinig to htis countriy's
catuso. lie (lied as a brave matn wvouild
wish to die, at the head of thie regi
metnt lie had led so long andut lovedl so
well, their steady antd ontward tratmpl
arounitd htm, anid their carthriuake
'shauts of victory ringimg in his (ears.
Sife fell a soldier of his country ; he
rose, I hope, a soldier of the cross.''
We ought not to let die such ani ex
ample of hierotsmu and patriotistr..
It is impossible for the present gen.
* ertioni to applreciate what, dlilicutlties
our ple~Il met in conducting the war.
.It was5 a tuask to sulply powdeir, btt
- the authoritics hit upon a scheme that
- was new and1( unfitiue. In thle cities
ievery moirmng wagons were seint
' aot ud to all the residences to collect,
?t chamber lye, which was hiauledl a vay
,iti barirels. From this littuidl was ex
1; tratedi~ nit,.'atte of pottash, an important
- ,ingredient in the manufacture of po(W
der'. in this wav men, wmenm a
monumont. I know of one that wat'
crected to a very rich bad mnan-an' 01
bachelor-and his oxocutor, a man o
unflinching integrity, had chiseled it
the marble those words . "lie begau
the world at poor boy anid died a citizei
of large estate. This is his best eu
lie might, as well have never lived
and doubtless woul( be better off now
How many of tlhe rich ldeserve a simi
lar culogy on their tombstones. Oh
Agur's prayer was a safe one-"G iv<
me neither poverty nor riches." Thes
great accumulationts imlioverish some
body. They generally come fro the
sweat and toil of the poor. Carnegie,
the New York Ilerald says, was worth
1101 less 11hant .50.oot,00, and no
doubt is tile richest 11,1inanI i hng or that
evet lived. Accorditig to human la 1
l human mor:als lis wealth was h1n -
eLtly earned, more honestly than that
A inost Iiillilonaire , iUt iii tle sight
o f' heaven lie wronge-!d his fellow llln.
No gooti Chr isti man can ver be
onme a mI Iire excelt by inherit
Ine. 1 CCall't earn it 111d Comply
Wit ith (, tle SC'iptuIre %yllill 8w1hic say )olh
justly-,Iove mercy and obey tlie 1,on1
Aly (God.''
Itt til poets al( In reachers anld
liiosop hers have from Lillie imllilelio
'ijtl written al spoken nolugil on tilis
bject to (encourage tile lberal and
larm tie greedy, and yet m nost all of
ir lieb mn are st Ltg!ln for more.
l'ie Pealodys aid Peter Coopers are
W'(e excuptions ill 1)11h1th Ithopy.
Y esterthtly I received f rom a friemi
lite copy oif, the New York sunll, Inl
vhich ia w hole p Page tlWas <ie vot -(I to a
( !view of "bMalav's Ilisoty o' the
n"ited St ates 1Na1vy,'' wh;ich ha jut
('e1 published ;I tllree volumies by O'
ippletonsliM. I read with deep interest
If ah-ut the d(eslticioll (f lhe Maine
1141 tile tiglt at1 Salltiago, wihn dl
ally I r0i upnm lilerciless, !.call)
grcritickism of* Connnodore 'Selitey,
Ieh ti~ e me hoL alnd fatigued nmy
1linatio. Ia ad thught that whole
onIltroversy iwas settled at(( partially'
armonized, bt thi wi1lltase it in
reak ont afresh, f' The Stu lavihly
iil.rsN all lthat Maelay write". lit!
Als whii Adiln Phiulip tohl hjiml
hout SchIley 's d isgra.cef u l co ( 1. it
Philip is dead i w), and that lht atu
Ily turned tail amt ranIl away from ie
ght, and that his eontributionl to a
at strategy thilrollglit th1 campaign
as "A void y'ol eniemy a long I;
sibil, lint it Ie makes for vou,
tl !' Ilobson is lm,t mentioned in)
iis review. Who is this '\aelay, anV
ow ? hut to-day 1 1.11 colllorteid, for
have beell eagerly erusmg Dr. Cu r
's 1', 'and best hook, "Tle Civil
Ilstory~ of thbe CJonfedlerate State,"'
ulbiish d by B. F. ,14lhnion & Co.,
:iehmond. It is a smll book ; a calm,
aInlrce n-view of the p:st and fu
I is persioialeinliscenes-his ftln
I l I) 'X111111 is LcIne' is v iti
ctai IcInnkIiin with our inohle
lon--Davis, Toomilba, Stephenls, 1,'en
il, lowell Cobb, ongstreet, .1udah
4.n jainl and( other-s. It is al lsl:
utobiogi!rIal)lIy. It does not s em to
e a school book, blt. I wish that every
oulhg mnill tile 1111( would read it.
L would take but a few hours and
01ld 1stablish him in the aith-the
ue failth---the aith of our fathers.
)r. ('urry is now amitos;t :ale. All
is Conltemporaries who figlreld in, tlie
elies Ie has narralted are dead. All
tit one-judge Cabell still hves. flow
,itu4ate we are that the good doctor
vedi to wrtite ti boo)4)k, fotr wIhat lhe
'r'it es is resp1ected at hiomie am111 abr oad.
Ic h1as long mov0~ed inl an atmiosphiere
IIr above envy or' mal11icC or d istraction.
ionlg miay lie yet live. Ili. A 1r1.
urlgeonl who wa'is fond of au joke, iot
rtl'Iratedl at his ownh e'xpenlse', was
neI da~y at ai miess whien a wa~ig remar~tk
dI to tihe dioctor', wh'io had b~eeni some-|
vhalit sever' ill is Iremar)1ks on1 theC lit e
ary detlinquentclieCs of som~fe of thle u lli
er's ain tLed from1 civil life "D'' ocltor,
re' 'toul acquatinitedl wthl Captain (I?
"Yes, I know him well,'' replied thle
1octor'. '"' ut what~ of' him !"'
"'Not1hg Il parltictlarll," replied the
iflicer. "'I hatve just reiivedi a let ter
r0oU in him, and1( 1 Wager you1 t hat 'y'ou
annilot tell in live gutesses how he
po)lls cat."
"DIono,'' said( the (doctor' ; ''It's a
,he Otlicer'.
'"No, try agam.''
''No, you've miissed it, againi."'
"'No, that's not1 the way ; try onict
11nOo, It's your1 (ast, guess.'
"No\T," said the wag, "'that,'s not 1hc
way ; you've lost the bet.'"
"W~ell,"' said( tile dtori, with somi
spell1 it?''
"Why, he t'pells it e-a-I,'' replie(
thle wvag withl tile utmost gravity. amid
tile 1roars of theO mess8 ; and1(, ahn1os0
chokmtg wtithi rage, the (doctor sprang
to iiis feet, exclimninlg:
"'Gentlteen, I am11 too old to uc0 ti
tied with iln this mannllte."1
TPhe Society of the Dalughlters of ti
American RlutOIi ion was organ tized il
WVashington , I). C., October 11 , I1890
Aniy wVomanL~ may13 be eligible for mom11
blership) who is 18 years old1 and dc
scended from att ancestor who, " wItj
tulnfailing loyalty, render'ed tmaterini
aid( to tile cauise of ind~epiendence as8
Iecognize patriot,, aslde or sio
or ats civil ohlcer iln One of tile seve'rr
, c'oloiics or *States, of tile Unitecd Col
(liies or stattes."
DMayor Smyth's Statement as; to
ry Difficulties of Iforcing the Dis
4-fren 4h hq
e pensary Law.
The State boitrd of' control lield i
spuecia1l scs5Sioni o tlie Ith inst. iII re
gai'( to the blind ti-ers inl (Chiatrleston,
at vhilcl Aayor SimytI and Chief Boyle
were present by invitation to show I
catilse why the <ispenitsary prolits for
(arh'stoli should Inot he withilll on
account of the nion1-en1forenlllt of 0he "
lispenlsary 1-av. Nothing startling t
r-ws bro hlit out ai tihe iitiia t ions
of interestilg levelopments didi not
innterialize. I
Tle proceeding was tpened witi tlie
reitatlinig of the haunat's re'solution.i
Clai iman Willianis stated iltha olleial
ly and unill Iicially it hali beenl reported
it (tlie bmi' t hat Lhings were running
Wide ojpel ill Charlestoni. The mm
g bers kne4w if tlie violaitions in Charles
e ton and thy wislied to hear aholt tle
i falure of thw mniicip'pal autilorities to d
elforce the hiw. ti
u layor Silit Ilie re it statement e
lie ha.10 prepai iII. li' eierre~l tt the
pecuiliar dtlfficilties surrouiihniig it' el
Ifoiceimenil of the law in Clnn'rleston.'
Its geoignapical position malde it, imn
possible for anl armq (Af con11stables and0
itlicke to strictly itiorce the lIw there.
e 1 s li amie e iuIuI s lu l heen ap- ' to
parent under the merollpolitiali I -(Ice
sIc hatd nIfrcei d te I iw
w' it h is p)l ice to th Ilie best of h1 is abil ity.
lit! relatedl the dillculties eincuntered It
by uiliolmui mlen Inl endeatvoring~t to
locate t ig.'is. 'T Ie o lice, lie saiti,
were ic specially ireelted by 14liaince '
to tenfortce tie dispensairy laI. The
t city had i edl deteclives, Iut the ir
naines smomn b'ecalme klowl. Tis wvas
[it ie way ithe nmits of* tie saiiie mien
usually appe'l'ared as witniiesses inl dis
Mayor 1Slytih sail tiiiat i riorinim I
policemlanl coh ,'tet ut, positive evi- 4
deuce aga inst a bii tigtr leale, he
- cause lie was not all owedi t to trink; if %V
- he did drink and so testilietd lie wvoutl
b be dishlarged. Ihmet his testilll)Y
-along 111.1 linev could not he obtained.
Th Very ippearance it a unifirmed
policulani Was a warmni to illicit
tlcalers, So Ihat they woubi he pre- a
pared fIor thir comglii.
Anther ieasoii why tiie policemen
(t (of Charlestoi tann1iot absolutyt n, It
- Irce the law is frmi the fact Lnit In
P the city there ar sixty-nine iIes of
s street. 'These are pat rolled by oni Il
( -ighity-live Imenci. llaaf of thill ate on
at night. and half m thy, aid taking
, the sick list, there is gIIerallV Inly
- about tlirty or thiri'i.y'- iticeii
- Oil tle streeti. This gives each inlill
ovel 1.wo ililes to look after. As is
% well kn1owii Cliarlestoni's population -is
r lagy miade op of niC.roes a1I there
L is a coinstaniit, gi owtlh of that. popuilition u
li thoulgl negroes cominlg to the city p1
who aie of a lawless claracteir. The II
- small p Ilice force liave these people to I
atteiid to aind it f1' hUv didi not it wotid LI
he gratly to tie IdeterirulelL of LIe I
peace anI the goodl onrIer of the city.
Nevertlieless strict onIers have been j
-livel by the illayor and the chi f that dlj
policemal Iuilst1 reptiL all illicit sales p
of wiiiskey and to co-(perate withI the ' It
- ctistablts inl every instalice. st
- Iecognizm ig the, fiact. that iniformed . I;
m en c ohi 1111( properly Carry outt .he"
- Iiv, the ailministrion of Nayor i
- lFiecn appiomiitedl three sptecial puolice- ial
- mniti who were to lbe ini citizens' ii
doeltes. Th'isi unimber was lhuer ini- e<
31 c reased to teln. 'Thir special dtiy3 bi
I wats to look adlter v'itohtionis of thle oIls- di
peiisary haiws. Thliis was u nderP the p
.imetropot ia poheeiC systemil, and they t
I cost the taxplaytis of Chiarlestoni 80
k t000. Notwithstainding the records s
show that illicit, saule of whliskey wvent a
I right aloiig.
S A ft er I wventI in ias may or and( as5- ti
e umeod change of thle p)ol1ice, ut Ieri then
s law~ I colt oly, apploulit three such 1
detectives. Thlis I did. thit they it
soton becamie knownl to the dealers aool
thleir work didni't aimounit t~o much. ti
T1hen lie aplpointmnent, of these de- t<
tet cives was left Lo the chilef of p1(1 ie, It
k iiid the miayor1 himiself diil niot know
Ithieir namest5 nor1 d(l they appi ear on e
the pauy rolls. 'They werie atpp (11oie e
even before the termis of the other dec- s
letivet',s Ihad e xlpirid, so thait, no one *A
tshiouih know themi. Yet, of al thie
casecs miadle otit. by themlu nonel were p
cosideredt~t by the grandt juty. ChiefI b
itloyle' mii mdiyself hauve hionesltly trnidl
to ' infor cc the law, aiiil *l3 ases hiavee
beeni son .ti up t~o thle ciricuit. courit. 1
kno whethler any caises haiti com lup til
biefore thle city coulrt , andii whitheitr a ny
toinhianice lio pitiassedI by tle t ,
ag'ainist the illicit sale ofI whiskey'.
:\1ayor Smiiyth reptliedl thiait die jun .
ouitt li...itedl. It coui lnot hiear caSe's
of hurg 'lariy, foin istanice.
Alr. Duktes mnsisteth dat all citi'-i
had beeni iistruict ed, un ider Gove in ''
T ilman~ii's aubimiistr'atitn, to ipass Or
udiiinuacs aigainist the illicit, saule of1
w viskey, and 1b - isted that Chiarlie
ton hado such ati onliiiainc.
Niayor Smiyth iepliedl pleausanltly thiat
lie had slied the ordiinanices oh Ciamr
hteston riuite thoroughly anti he knew
itsereu wats noi special ordinance oni the
subi lject, a the State law fully coveed
the miatter.
NIr. Du)kes in,- istedo that aill cities
hadl paiseod stih i ows.
W hereupen ii ayor Simythi a-ikted
iwhethieri there waus stich an ord ina no'
in CohIimioa aind whiethier tie nobei
Senfoircedi the law in this city.
Ch(1airma'i Willionis stated that lhe
had ibeanti that. Columnbia 1iiti a sptcut
in, onhuianice on thie subjt'ct, and lhe Ih
mei been iinformecd Ithat. the law was cn
v'il forcedt lhere, in Ipart at least.
ier [As a matter of [act, Col umbia h
no'spnnial~ nrhniien n hiqor elhl.n
L)il( ..l .O114 11t42II ile ' of21 IomtL
A c ou i del ()I- silleh ifacts Would(I
joil t111)112. It 14 ti u to tile 104 to
or iwe 41 tilo ill1( teosi l it()li
iIL ecoid s51i11ld be 11i1(l4.
A Graphic Description of RobertI
Lee's Appearance Before the V1
giiia Secessiion Convenitioni.
'I'lie II'intiotid Chamber1wi of Coil
iIT't'e graveal iii 12X ill oil 1 li. .111)
IlivolI a1 NL' (l ays an() to m iii'iihrs
tI l\ ofi I willc.I11).1 L04)111)1 C"o 1" 1.
J)1'eideut. M~lr. (ioode wasll ed i(2 ti41
101' a speech 1, alld liv paid .1 gl( 4Wit:
tr'ihute t(.,th lli(,, Iitlin ll') to)-day, il
r-estilt of tititil-ti u iltliI I'S1, Id ick ati
(ilel. o3'l (111d( thlile Cmittittued :'I Mu
HIe whmond( of oilier. (liYs. GrCd (d111, )
1)1st w-ic Hiclt 11)4)11 ! If()\% ki1114 all
1141spit)1le( Iter 11(mpijI 2 Ilalwy bee d 1~ 14(
L(4 tit- ! W~ell (to I iriintlii lit.) Oir.
-i lIe l L, icl(Ilt IS oiN'tiiUc bit: a~ct thei
I1.142l sm11Ils. Well (N) I rvtitt(2IlilH:
('4' ii ax) 1 a tIletit er o41 Ilw 1' CIII '4'41tio,
411 I 8CJ I 114. (tti' v21 ej4i)VL'4l I1111114t11
(4!u handet~, (lilly five (4' %Vltlllit)%
walk above (t(- ,'od. Well 4(k) I 1~it14i
itI* it. was tilie fi ist timelt I he field Lt
Lue24. (GUI-cit 111) d.L).Alte se
og Ite Co l itILl4llIN'.111iti1 Wk l5- i()ll
11'r1( Ole )li'lai( 12 y. 11(112' t lie force1
41 -udlt li m im alltIt , ,!
Ild 421 111)al ( t i lleltilo I' Ile is gi al
41) tile i(1111 le aitu 101) heCtu v2t
.1(4) 1 II ll, NWT et We 114:142 hav lVefttO
lay, 142iii'2! 1111011 Ille arili(4 .J LIdl
11i1iiwsi'ii, sct m 814,81 ionr 11 1 45
ItitI (11 I hat Coil ven Li ll,41 wlo( Sal wle
IiII4'( the IllC111 (o sit vaIcil dayW il)1'4
WIel 1114( 1211C. itt) Icr li ( e-sute 11111a
ayiii' L1, till 'Ill( th dys jvjjttiI ibe4
111)1ic was creait u all eyets ture i'teI
ddI WVestmnore.ia 111, il ii ' ogillia, 1'('I. ill
;o)il to fi t'st pre'(side 1)v'421 tite. tlestillh
)l* t0i,1t 1Clllhi42 So l1l)V Wll-il we Iilav
.0 agil . 1(1(41)t hile.(ii t1aiWSUN LI) 4)*
iei've thet bl-ssit1gs' of* itldepeaCIdCDC(
LiI eyesC .1glil Ittiul toOl 01(1 "4SI111011
.1tI)(111:Made2ever' ,gloI'i 005 by a Was
ald yoli , 10242 5011, our1' Ivl'.) 1)2el I, 4VI
'4OCcl to I IJd- '4114- Mid M 'St 1-'111 WHell tlt
14! WaLs li114~olliidly i111jipl'55(d hi )(
4)1()11lilLyt) of' I1le toccasiol and O~tll e _rva v
Itities lie assitiled wiil tile )(411m.' a1c
cej d (. 11 accep(2jt it' lie- sii Id, \Vwiti It
1avel. to Al tilitty6( GmIt II-l s1l 41,11
J'II I i rLMe to lea-' th.111 andstrl'lgt
o serve2 301, it, %liose 14iim1 aimm. j
lall ever i 11w liy swI t't lgilili .' A (iI
41i ! Wilat.1 i 1t42tl42ss caititi liv waS411
1 '2)124 lii i Ii i h'jcti j;( 145 Ic4lss re,
14wied 1111111 warl,11( Wll %lie t Il 1a. gk?
lolls of lie soaiil Of \i Iglti,- lie (iO-i
nuil. of) tit.iisiwod awIl asjitola: llit i
Y' ,litIII)II .1i1d LC' 11111 18 St an dIW
)eyoti I the one which existed before
Abe dispensary huiv Vtnt into eflect.j
Air. Willamus asked whethier the
nayor cou l give lly iistaice where
I State law was not enforced by ,ipecil
.)layor Smyth replid that the State
aw absolutely prohibited tI., sale of
jnything oil the Sabbath, yet by or
linance in Charleston milk anul ice
md fruit, and soda water Could be
agally sold without p01oh11e interleretnce.
Mr. Dukes asked whether the eity
Ight, not, to pass a law against Lith'
ite of liiutor and have the violators
ied ill the recorder's court if' tlle city
Ilicials waNited to eniforce the law?
Mayr SiIIyth said he doubted the
&alit y of* such a Illw. The recordei
ai'l try a nint loir burlar aid soiIIe
thle crillies. Hlis jtirsiliction is ex
T inVy liinit ed, and uti effort, was
piile it) nlarge it at. the last session
pt it din't go through.
Nr. I William', and later Oi AIr.
oukes, 1 asked the nayor whehlier or
(it-h city 44 C arlesto I i not
minlilate the p0itcs (1 the County,
le idea being that if the people wanit
I to elfroe the law ihey 4-4)ub14l secu1re
tries who woul d() their dutly.
Mnlyol' Sillyth R eplieid that the city
1Ve'rlinenIt of Ihale 1st( In had al'l
lutely iopt.hing to do with the coility
r the State courts held inl the city.
Mr. Du0kes asked whether ('harles
il city could not. (i soietilinig polliti
illy to force the appointmient of a
try which withl :o ils dilly.
Mayor ' Sinyth said that .o fair as
dities! is concernledl thet peolple of,
haM leston 4ileit!d thecoiiy, iut(, Ihat
1ry) coMnnu.,sionmeris were*( appo1inlted
oin lumbia, and with that the city
>vertnillenlt. 1,1 nothing whatever to
ecise allny iifluence.
Al.ayor hSil Y t I I hen I p1o1c 14edd to
ad his tatrnelit. furthcr, in Which
Lblaled the non-enfoecent of, the
wv onl the countly. Who) mlay be re
>onsible 1or1. it ie did n1 ot1 state. I14.
lowed cleaily thutt the grand jury
ould not brinig inl trie hills, though
1idisptable IViblice was given ithe
iry by police 4)1livers ill un111iior aind
v detectives. lie ."aid the city gov
'innt hllIlt 144 li 1 ijustly i be behid a4.
mintalble for. suich a corllitionl of
ifans; iliat Chiets Sellers and 1lowie,
ho Int11 b'11 ii ( arlest u, oiwould bear.
lilt out inl the statteinient Illat the
olice. Force always c-ertlwith
le c(nllstablIs.
Chid lowe, statioied in ( harles
m, was inl the luililig at th inne,
lit at Mayir Suityth's t reqc8ut lie was
1itleId in. 'lhe iayo read o(ver .te
laternliit Ite flai inade about, the po
c -olera ing with tle constables
.lowic positively subistantiteI
nily V ' coiichnoiled by calling
pol the board to cosider thec fiets
resented to) it, and adding thant bhl
iinself anid ChicIf I 01h woubl )e
ad to reCeive any11' filugg4est lonls f)rom
e board as to how they could do
There was niulch discuissonl as to the
lvibility iid the o of' passing i
spulsary ordin(ice a.n1d1 having thilt
>1ice bring c:txes belore the recorder
r trial. Mayor 1SIn)th ll Ie the
Ateinlt, that the prols to Ihe city
id nver excee1de4 d 411-l)00h).
alieton. lie 1IMAM ls ovyer w ith
lt1n4t1 he charig that th le piolicul
til heeni "tlilnedl." lie said4 that the
spenarsieis :1114 beer.1 prlivileges supi
Th'le irctor o4' f tih' Stai.e dispen(1
try j~M8~ iiise (he resoluioni 1 wvinch takes
svay) from~ the( (lity ol ( harlesxtonl what.
('er prolits ruay1) aIccrueR I r'4in the' iipera
oni ofi thet. loca11 dhipel~leiiS. 'lhi
licit .sah:o iiliuioir I 8~ is up rssed1(.--if
Rit 4nien41C1ted. Mr Williuuns offer1 eid
IC 1follwilng as' the1 repily ohf14 ti board
ithe mun111icljil1 athioities of' Charli
"T1he S'tatte boa)r(1 ol director's hiaving'
ureltilly lonslidered41(14 (th def:,1 of1 the
ity gove.rin1e1nt of Clales4ton, re
oi shiow (cause1 wh ty 1,b4: ispensary811
roilits a1ccruiniig Li) sai (lity shouhl14 not,1
e withhehil undler' sect ion 1 ofl the~ dlis
(Insary lawiv, t.o bie usd I ori 11h better
4 .-'ir , '. I'hat difendants faded toI
how, nd4i bIt '4111bn1itta MIte
I sr ht iwa lit, properl(en.
h8I' i' V 4.15->f Char)leton.4' t
:ilU4. Ino, tl (14)Ifendait 1su1ccaieded4
111rently 0i(~in eistablishiiig the t ihl
li1i' to lii ' iRnsil for the noen't~1
ot r~xo ticherseyary law in11( 1t4hi
-dr ,t ii hNl lily city (Th yeIrstimeni
lsth: 11111. 1a I lre Sntatie ) b ad mitz!
1)1 u 1 VII 1(44 ItRpi ility futorituel
hav .d<uchrdanc1' forbidigthel rlil
Ine tol be14 ,u 'sed b the Cireorder
Charleton are14 1(lu t hereby i tb
usieeli frett the yo State nstale fo
gar law4 the city if Chairlestonl, bun
L ong Hair
"About a year ago my hair was
coming out very fast, so I bought
a bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor. It
stopped the falling and made my
hair grow very rapidly, until now it
is 45 inches in length."-Mrs. A.
Boydston, Atchison, Kans.
There's another hunger
than that of the stomach.
Hair hunger, for instance.
Hungry hair needs food,
needs hair vigor-Ayer's.
This is wh we sa that
Ayer's Hair Vigor always
restores color, and makes
the hair grow long and
heavy. si.o a bottle. All drggst,.
if yotar titigrist (atillot siniiply you,
80!1di 1.4 omo dollar at1nl wo winl express
y3tt a bott h'. lio suro aud give the name
of yotir ite:rt t ex presn oico. Addfrs,
.1. C. A Y ER ('O., iwell, M ss.
the passage of the above resolution,
and that a copy hereof be sent to the
mayor and chairman of the county
board of control."
The resolution under which the
State i oard requested the Charleston
0lliials to alippear before the board was
dopted .1ly: 3d. It reads: ''Re
solved, That the riayor and chief of
police of the city of Charleston arc
hereby accorded the privileges, and are
o reiietsted to appear at, the o1ilce of
tle State boai of directors in Co
Itum11bia, S. C.%, on the 16th inst., at 10
o'clock a. ill., to show cause if any
they have, why the dispensary profits
accruing to Said city should uot he
withhiell uler section 9 of the dis
Iim.ary law. to be used fo the better
encoreeient, of said law."'
The board gets authority for its
action froi the following section of
tispensary law: 'All profits, after
paying all expenses of the county dis
penlsary, shall be paid one-half to the
lkIati~l)il corpOration inl which it imay
he lcated, such settlements to be
made quarterly: l'rovided, That if
the aut horities4 of any town or city in
tile judgineit of the State board of
control do not enforce the law, the
State board inay withhold the part go
ing to said town or city, and use it to
Pay Slate constables or else turn it into
the county treasury."
I. las been known for some tine
that .Joseph Cook, the founder of the
' llostOin Monday Lectureship,'' was
inl failing h ealth, an1d his death on the
2th u t. at Tiionderoga, N. Y., was
not. a surprise. Twenty years ago lie
was read and quoted in every part of
the country, and, for the matter of that,
in every part of the Englisi-speaking
world. E1(dowed with immense phy
sical vigor, and with an aggressive in
lellectual energy, lie was a stout and
stibborp defender of orthodox views
im religion. Ilis learning was copious
and his eloquence had a commanding
ring about it. On the platform he had
a iiost commanding manner. He
mlale a d(lstiict andl valuable contribu
tion to the religions life of his times.
"l'armers' meetings are always pro
iltablet, and if any individlual fails to
secure his portion of the total accretion,
it is his own fault,. This applies to in
d iviudual discussions among neighbors
at eaich other's homes on Sunday aifter
noons) ; to gatherings of half a (dozenl at
the miarket town ; the smallest organi
zationi for mutual benefit, ; to well pat,
roniized county or (isatrict societies ; to
regulIarily organliz',ed Farmers' Insti
t ute's, andl to State and National repre.
Henltativye bodies of farmers. Farmers
cannitot, rub against each other without
derivinig some benellt from the attri
Y'ou wi notice that, the heaviest
chiarges of electricity are on the edges
of thunder clouds. The approach of a
cloudl as well tas its passing away are
the dlangeroua periods. Sometimes
when the air is full of electricty the ex
plosions continue when the rain is
pouing cdown. Some believe that the
descending rain drop~s the electricity to
the earth so gradually that there is no
exp~losion. It may lbe that the cloudis
are magnets with tho 1po108 out, at the
edges where the current is broken. It
is the endu of the charged wire that
gives off thle sparks.
The highest telegraph ples in the
tIitied States have just been p~ut up In
lieaumonit. Tex as. So far as known
they are the highest of any in the
world, the top) being 150J feet above the
rioundi. Th'ley wYere erected on1 the
oppjosite banks ot the Neches River by
the western Union Telegraph comn
pany in (ordler to striing its cable aecross
the stream. Th'le span is 1441 feet ini
lenigth. T1his height is necessary to
admit the passage of ships through the
dlraw-b ridge, their masts being 100
Ifeet tall and more.
Summer tourist tickets are now on
sale to Asheville and Western North
Carolina mountain resorts.
- or Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bhught
l' ers the

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