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The People's Journal.
TF. J. MA ULDIN, Editor.
Enteredt at t Post O01co at Pickoi as
secoud-olass matter.
Subscription, *1.00 a Year.
TIJURISDA '. .m11,Y 25, 1901.
The Strike Origin.
Strikes an(I the extreme luethods I
employed by strikers to accomplish
their aims, whereby property is
destroyed and often the source of I
their support crippled to the point
of non-prodict ion, are to be I de- I
plored as expedients of coercion or
for the purpose of forcing a j1ust
recognition of the rights of labor
era. Traced to its primial origin,
strikes are the outgrowth of the
crusing, mfoniopolistic actionI of
corporations inl thir ubrile
tendency and apparently co-opera
live oflort to gain the conl ) !
the, output of ill man lfac t1 u1t' a rt i
cles at the lowest ,o.-i lle .. l
production aiid re nlat te pI'
thereof to the consunmer at wiIl.
If the cost ( the S n suarh te
the Consumenr and Irod a. er . u'I
be made to kee p P ip pac
in the samo direction with tHl wa
gea paid for fte pro ut:e:. ma
keLt of mnanuf.i til ud ali cs
Consilmpt ion and general u lh
trouble cOul beb d. i Ih
mianufactu rer who.t lu re w".t 11t.q
trusts and count h
the basis of fk ieed pr; ( h
output and t educ*.d f h
laborer, thinks er :.v I
about the p es
welfare of the
a his Income :
aced or a genera t
ganised labr a,
To the 1nu.
ing a cnst
gantic tr -
the rn:.- - -- n - t
ed as v..::s
at~dw m
ent ret.r:s '
further (:
d.cite .u''-..
righ~t of :. t.+. .
pend~Entce, dlrvE: L:
atrity'i :. r .
ment take-s :ts e.t: I
sel f.defenise.
Ormganiu"d. ;-rind I t...
ought to look lack ti 1..
of the govermu~m. t.wi . mn
one of' the el-no-uts of Anwe
liberty as exetmplifitel inth- id>
of equality of rights. Th--...r
meat that per-mi ts and nl urlh -i
the production 0! wealthI la in t
recogtizetand enfore- inws that 'yv.
protection to t he producer-,thel abori
er, and while uder a technijcal ('it
struction of the liw it omv tt in
many intance~-s Ihe vi. latd - n thIe
letter, the spirit andt int it therr.
is bintg violated and* th :n , ~ax
dloubtful contst it uti..n,: v w~ hici.
mladIe possible thle (como~lit !,
motniedi initereLsts to th <b Uii triu.1
of the depend~ent labIernt-iein
stretched to the utmolst iad i : the
government falls it wiIl~ hein
great measure thrioughiI te in sis
tent plun g ing force-s of tuntW lrnput
Ious capitalists who seek to goe
the countr-y in a way to suit them~i
selves, dictating to poli ticianis of
doubtf'ul integr-ity and foremng
measures with the sedn ietivo- and
convincing argumento un i limdied
The organizatimn of the citi 'ers
of Orangoburg into a businoss anid
inprovement league poinlts the wnmy
to a movement that might pro~me
beneficial to all towns. What this
tis section needs more thani any
thing else is judiciotus aderverfis
ment. we have tho advantages th at.
are bemng sought by hoime-aoeker-s
and all that is nee~ded for de0velop
ment is that the 1)eop)1 abroad bo
informed of that fact.
The tobacco season in~ South
Carohina has openod with heavy
sales in the tobacco belt. High
prices are being paid atnd the out
look for tobacco groweis is on
The bakers in Charloston ares on
a strike, but no serious conse
quences are feared since many non
.union bakers are already enployed.
.Johan G. Capers, recently appoint.
ie4 Distriot Attorney for South
C~rioxin toek ehtage of hi8 vfmee
The Exposition.
'1'110 EXIOSit10I1 Coll IItisiosjo01.8I
liave gono to work in eartiost, in it
conce'rted fli't, to pro vido it credi-I
L tble exhibit for Pickeits countity.
PIs e i lil ~eiv ~ltfor
Im tinsel fish it a~ ill wihel tloy
111A't I li itken! to lo-ok h t '1' tf el
ili-e t 4)1 tlk. ('el iiv. ito~ iro
Ogmnze thal-t it iM, '111 oppoI'tuinit yI
mr tilk) id vaijeement of' I io gelifir
I4)4)41o. andl Iliitv "kVolt iIIdivaiiioi
Itat I,()'j4:lll 'vili bo Spariud to
inv ' t i t :''c \ .
1 4' 1 - v N
t v.
% I Vt W''
4 ~ ~ -' I 4 ' I
I V(
10111 Lister, an ir to ("0,000,
000 and an outcas . I tral), was
in tho police court Chicago the
other day, elarged I i Stealing a KI
horse and wagonl, Ihistor has spent
$10,000 in a i< w yiears, anld 1 11
falinlily spen~t aniother. $10,000 inl P2
Srying to reclaim himi. t) was I
sont fibroad five t iles, but alhvn1ys
drifted back to Ch leago and resum
od his old wZays. Tho family final
ly gave hill) up.
".And Von Ire the soi of a man
whoso wi..illh tiomits to several
ImiillionI?" iltqiirled the Judge.
Ye'1' responided tho priioner,
'ily t:hlr is very weathy. I wo
"onil earn a salary of $100 per Ian
Ok in tih otlice of 1uV father. ble
ia. thnvr, has willed other- for
x i 't0. I hav long been discourag- om
L fr'li \ orviw, to \vl illy ly \vay v
:le1 I he po'si A iii should hold, JUS
uni tif: i shall never eeo my I
ot er thot' deiar to in1e again, ch
1 '-ilt \\ept ald admit'ed 1\
-l s**tob-n thr-~ wai.2sOn and the .
I --id he did not kno' sar
Sh.. e din t th tim-. C
- ' I ge-- tihe Cor lto v0 le ent .
hav l'iwhtNhe call aW,1,
1 a- .w. a 2id i." and, I g
\ I dirull'h for liv \ r. [
vd .r at l : tdy :@i tk
.\ -A :11 Lt t': i*: i.s AT 1 H111
hat mn
I wh y
I V'
I. ti
- -~ tthe * o
- was :t :miinbe
b n th I.Inth Cao ia ca fi
ry. I~e wa rni' !etnon
- h'.I! D.II Ili fthe~llr was
-tnll i (l'. Iill: ili early liiln
* 'in:iichtten and1( entering thle
n e <ii vii heN~ 11 .- 1 nmlv viola
nia or 1a-v in thist Stati. is that oft
n ttfaretto andiit tobacco to R
I s 10ldelr 1iIl' affo of tweinty
~rs. Ilkr' is whalt th legiis
nj:tl iif enlfrcedI . .
p.lrsoni tir perselils wlil
li i ''" fl litirS ilitler the ago of
bbtihir lnya iti s b ligat estv e o
et'td elar etI'l iit i1pa iir, or :Iy auI.
I ii il(llt iet . a ii lid' e iirt ion i
ltheIrettlie shl n eo l tnishd by a
huie t hexcetittlit) pon thundred
I til'irs' iti le ehnut twntyvtive C
IS llars, or iiy hun r mnt itf lii~ o a la
lein <> it t m~ oodr than onle) year ,i
(i ediee inof Ihae court; lono "t
hlf f hfio itltlpoesed to. hpai a
trma urel o h on ty inwhicth M
snehate nition sall be 11 had. i
Itir. JallnliicoT. *.rrs prsl. nt A . c.
Nf (hI Llhink e spr tanr, de asfi '.li.
hought he ) tra nburgiii lICtDail l
l0i Iir)i hl tl newspaper la from Mr. th
that Vi was ai go round sum~e, asd ui
wihelloravld ist knwase ol eaf ofth
detho itriafl supleryso tof Ms r.
Garl yigiongan the will e n~afo wI
iney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
\lmost everybody who reads the news
yers is sure to know of the wonderful
,cures made by Dr.
Khilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver
and bladder remedy.
'' It is the great medi.
teenth century; dis
covered after years of
[scientific research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi
nent kidney and blad
der specialist, and is
iderfully sitcccssful in promptly curing
ie back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou
s and Bright's Disease, which is the worst
mn of kidney trouble.
)r. Kilmer's Swamp-RoOt is not rec
mendcd for everything but if you have kid
-, liver or bladder trouble it will be found
tthe crney you need. It has been tezted
o tnany w:::s, in hospital work, in private
-tic'e. ame:g the helples too poor to pur
se re!ief has proved so successful in
ry Case th:,.t a spe-cial arrangement has
n1 n-.ade by w.hich all readers of this paper
ave not a:teady tried it, may have a
loo' tte 'e:.t free by mail, also a book
n: rnere .:ut Swamp-Root and how to
I -.: if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
en writi:.g mentic n reading this generous
.r in this . and
u r ad i ess to .
K umecr &S, .Iig
NN i iThe
e: , N. Y. Th1
fifty. cer.t and Irmon f Swanp-noot.
iar -A:es a.e s0: iy all good druggists.
0:eAver !In. ard 1%yle, one of the
a: dard O1: mn11iti-mIIi "llionalirs
s :, a t * Ia pI's'er'e near
O'It, 1_a: mI- - n: (I Ih-- wV h10le J,a e
na'e'l -'.v w:thI an evo to
p a In nait Spe
~' re [p':.t' : rC thtnm. 'There
lt'd nt,' d :r 1-r lit on the
'* an ti~ aun 1 h the~ payr
e to C out n1,0' ta
na n t ne ethg
uccen.s Whn r.
" : it t...e'h Ia lan .
at.: ~ ~ ~ ~ l w -secmvdw eti
V 111 )
. l i 1i l
d, t N '. J:4n ? a r111). y hasw net
a t i--e li hawes
d sitv -arrI A r i'' h)awk
I Ii'i -splnk The idua his
b e.9 t~g.Probably% the
-: dra-w.dack to chicken
LVcan2 th--'y I c' got I id l' h v ai
mn. a:]e camn aig .n Lthie a'bove.
Confederate Home.
1-" .\b-if I g ac t Pendl~ leton Anut
gether'i to Startt a Mve
mon~it for at Nole
( )hject.
Col . Johni S. V'ernerI, frm ( olumi
ai, one (if ( Oonen's best oratorr,
id Gen. M. L. Bounhain, of An.
n Son will addrless the~ meeting.
Pendlie ton be i ng located niear the
>rneris of' the three''( counfltios, and(
n1venen sch11.~eedulo1 of thle trinsl
>ming inl at 9 anid 30) a. mn. and
>inug ont. at -1 p. mi., thIese. conv~en
nieos c'ouple'd withI Pendcleton's
'pu1tat ion for patriot Iim, noble
bleds aiinl the histoi y ot her nioll
m11 in both~ war and peace, is
iro to br1intg t ogther' a laruge at
idanc'e who will like to come to
'ther'i in the ol mot01her town.
wvill alIso he r'efresh ing to hear a
io oft sneh brilhanct y'oun~ ora
its 1'peak onl a sound and1( patr'i
I' subject thai wvill hear not a
ouight onlii patizan11) O poitics, and(
im that every good citi zen ini
mlthI CartoIi nafeels an inter.nest in.
All the old hattle flags, anrd
ard andt1 114 ma im11 e eter'anIs arie
e blooked afiter' and bronght ont
the ve'te(ranis wh'o arei' in bettor
r'enm iistan 1ce andt lhealIth.
A I 11' nt'rpresenltaitives froim the
come111 onit and( heavo a goodI soclial
theinug and a good timon geni'r
.I11 E . S l.oA, A gi.
COmpl 'I'. Simps])on, No. .100(6, 1'.
Thlev enite etunirntl , hea'irl nliing, in..
be, e'ls.. y'et costsi llw i line as ani iliin.
Scoinlit-l r. Whliile lectie Go (dIclb.
if onily I utetieel coinh ini the wori.
opile', Cei~'erywher it ?eas been'i inct-minecc.
, ire 'tibel wlithI elehiliht. You esimcply
nh1 youre h:tir' eachc clayi an11( the ('(3mb
e's 11he le-t. Th'ik wo:1 erinft! comb1l 1s
Spl'yc Iebraable a nl ismaccde so thant It
bhscoluely chci 'osible to breacik (or cut
-lhair. MRohl onta ftwritk'ec guarantIlee
giveIS pefcti satisfacc ion in 've ry pati.
ari. Semelittunnps for1 cone. Llie' size
( eccrs '5e. L~i'e mcnt andl wvomcen
nie'' evierywher le tole intr'o'hce tis
Ic Icl. 8e'lls onl sihi t. A gent is care'
hl1 withc Success. [See wantsI adl in thlis
ter'.) Adbiress D). N. 110SE, Generlal
uiicger,~ lmite it l. 4-1. 1 l yr 13l.
An amticabilo southiern editor
Is around the retract ion probleml
iverly by) saying ini prlint: "It is
t. our purp'lose or desire to offendl
y one. Shoui(d any reader of
is paper' feel aggrieved at any
mug which appears in our col
ins, if he will bring his copy of
a paper to our offioo aunt poInt
t the offending parayaph we
LI nhnnefn11y thie 0nu1 .ainemor
A cablegram from London to
the New York World says that T.
P.O'Connor publishes in his paper
a remarkable conversation he had
with Andrew Carnegio at Skibo.
Mr. O'Connor says:
''As we drove down to the station
I Was saying how I oiviod his
wealth, Ho replied N
"'I am not really to be onvied.
How can my wealth htel) me? I -
ai 60 years old an(d . cainot di- I
gest my food, I would givo you
a)l my Millions if you could give
me1 youth and health.'
"'Tlen I shall never forgot his"
next ranirk. We had driven some
yards in silence, whln Mr. Car
ngio suddeily turned and in hush
3d voice and with bitterness ai ,'
Iepth of feeling, said:
" 'If I could make Faust's bar-. ,
nin I would gladly sell anythiig
1 hve half lly life over again.'
iAnd I saw his h1an(15 clinc i s Ar
1e spoko.'' Ar.
Ihiei Pittsburg (Pa.) Post says Ar
there is no instance in history, an. Ar
.ieint or modern, sacred or profino, Ar
whore there8 has been such profu- -
sioi and l iberalty as ill tIhO pensioi ;
systemli of the United Statiies. From
18;.) to 1901, a period of thirty-six
years, the pelsion outlIy from.iii tho s<
treasury has heene 2,515,00i, -
000,t a S11111 nearly equal to t le Imiax- Ly
imum of the national debt at the
Close of the war betweei the States. ..
Besides, the veterans of tho Feder- Lv
al army have been given the bene- Lv
fit of artificial liibs for the disa- i
bled. the preferei:ve in political ap- -
pointmenllts, tile occupation of Lv
solder's homnies, national and j:
State,sChools for soldiers' orphans, Ar
and more tlini 70,000,000q) acres of
puliic lands inl bounties. The
Penlsion buisiness is worked for al |
it :s worth in politics, aid more pen -
sionlers have hon-ii on the list thani
th.--ri were soldiers in tho opposilm
a rimiies of the C(n federates. The W
uith is als, paying its full share I-1
of the peii oil mloniey with wvlhich to
malintaiii this unparalled liberal- '.
ity and gonerosity oil thm part of "r
tie Federal government. Af
As soon as American inventive Ki
geniuilS anid the adaptation of I
imichinery render it piracticableo to
perfo.rm by imiachinery such share
(i1 the labor n1ow done by hand inl
China, Japan, and Ceyloi as to ,
reiider competition with them n a
practicable, the U'nited States may "A
produhice all of its ou ii tea and be
1uchll more. Tle tests have beci er
cI)(lcted for several years a
1 hrouli several tryilug winters and i
Thow that tlie plants thrive il our
chInate. while the qualit-V of t he tea
a-I the (t11111:tity per acre Compare PU
:av'oraly lv w idi the highest average "
in the (rient.-Ev';mynonv' M -
.\%Ni:. ii
1Roht. K'1ennedy, t he head of thle YN
( uanden G-radedl School, has lately i
maude a ver~y in teresting hiistorical Ir
finid, which is nothing l'ess than a
the originali tombllstomel of the rov- ,i2
(olut ioinry hero, haron DeKal b. c
For1 decades all traces of the first rr
stone w-is'~ lost, and onily a few old K'
people vaguely r'ememnbered of hay- g
inig heaird of such a stonie 50 or ;0 an
years ago. A fter a fruitless scarch [*
MI r. Kenniedy resolved to try the col- *
lar of the Presbyterian church as avi
last resort, and here the stone was u,
discovered, black with age and( (lust, Q
but othei C~se preservedl. in
I very body is (1deilihted to knlow~ ,
that the p)ostoflico dlepartmienit is N
paying its expenses and the depar't- pa
molnt is looking for at wa'y to give
th'e peole a better sort ice at loss Fi
cot. Weo have one suggestion that Qj
the y miiight act Oil and that is to ..
issue p~ostal niotes forl sums11 of $1 -
and less for one Cellt. There is a
gre'at demnid for a method of E
senin~ iIg smiall sums11 thlrough t he
mails and the departimenit :oul~d af- I
ford a relief in this miattel .- Flor-; ehI
OnIce Timles. no0
The Chicago, Record-llerald thi
says: The salt trust, known as the
MIichigan Salt associat ion, has re
dlucedl the price of the 'onniiiility re
froml 70 cente to 45 cents a barrel. sa
A large surplus of salt has been ac
Cumuilated by tihe t rust and by the
dhisp~osal of this at redluced1 pri'cesh
the compl~etitonl of smailleor dealer's,
it is though t, waill he greatly cue- ia
iled. ed.
Willh Senator Tillman a (director am'
mi a fiwe mill ion dollar oil conpany dic
anld Congressman Latinaar maikinug
a hundlred thousand in Mexican
copper mines, we have I wo) coil- of
spicluus examples of what may be (ci
aiccomipl ished b~y "'horny-handed a e
sons (of toil'" if only the opphortu-. nmO
nity is given. -Newberry Observor, hier
A N'ew Jersey preacher has
struck uploni a novel methiod of in
duinilg peOople to attenid services in
his church (hiring warmi weather'.
Last Sunday lie served a (dinnier to
all of the attending worshiplpers,
and aninountced that lie wld~ conl
tinue to set lip dialler each Sabbath
duirinlg the summiler.
TIhie ex-.1implress Rugen eio hs
be0en stay3ing in Paris ill thle strict.
(1st mlcognito. Tlho ompress is go
ing on a cruise to Norway in Au
gust m her steam yachlt, the This
tle, which is fitting out at Cowes,and r
it is probable that she will be ac
rcomimpaniedh by Princess Botgtrima
anid her children.
CharlIeston Post: Another Amer- .Jul
Icanl victory over the British: of A
Dapt, Putnami Strong, U. 8, Ath
aa rin ojf with g1o wjgg pg Lgy I
Eranola Honn.'I'
Jondonsed Sc hedule of Passenger Train.
In Effeot Jan. Ith, 1901.
Vos. 1xpr. 1ratM
orthbound. No. 12. No. 38. No. S4. No. 86.
Daily. Daily. )aiily Daily.
Atlatta,TU' T 60 a 12 00i 12 20 1) 1 50 p
AtJanta,1i' 8 60 a 1 Jp 1 :I 12 0 a
Nororous 9 80a . . a U p 1 W6
Viuford.. . 10 05 a . 2 7P 1 0a
4alintwville 10 U5 a 2 26 p U 081p 2 18
Lud........ 10 .58 a 2 4p a Wp 2 88a
orne lla.... 11 25a ........ ........ ... ...
Mt. Airy... 11 30a 8 58p. ....
Toooon.-- _5a 8_1.5 1, 4 19P 8 28a
BIbertonk... ........ 530p 0 3U0p 11 Ala
ilborton... 9 0 a ........ ...... . ... ....
W'tninster. TIfi .ii . . . . 4 SWp ~4 '
1oneca .... 12 52 p 4 15p i 0: "p 4 2da
Contra. 1 42 ........ 6 2 4 55a I
Greriovillo. 2 114 ) 6 22 p 0 10 p 6 01'
8par'burg. U 37 p 6 1.1 7 07 p I 700
GatinOY. .. . 4 28 P 0 4111 7 43 1) 7 4 a
Bliackbtrg 4 4 Tp 702 p 7 67 p 8 U. a
Kilng' Mt.. 6 151) ........ 8 17p 8 2, a
Giast onia... b 40up ........ 8 15p 8 5 a
Charlott u.. 11 40 p 8 18 p 9 Ho 1 9 50 a
k4ro'niiboro 9 551 10 4 p 11 44 1 12 21 p
Durham... ........ 8 5- a 8 52 a 2 * p
Raleigh .... ......... 80a 5 :ha a 23p
Danvillo. .. 11 25) 11 53p 12 5la 1 a ISp
torfolk.... JU a 8 30a 8 GOn.
SUichmond.. 0 00 n 0 00 a 0 a 6 2 p
W'hington.0.........0 42ni 7 35 ia 8 0 p
'more P. It 8........8 00 a 9 U[> n 11 i p
Ph'phia ....... 10 lv a 11 35.a 2 b6a
New rk......... 12 43m 2 031 6 23 a
F'.ut.Ma Ves. Expr.
uthbound. No. 85. No.37. No. It. No. 33.
Daily. Dihly. lhaily. Daily.
N.Y.. Pa.R. 12 15 a 'iup 1),........ 8 '.F1p
Ph'delphi. U 50 a >5 o.........6 05 p
Ialt.imnoro., I 22 ai 0 20 p........8 27 p
WaIh'ton.. 11 15 n 10 9p .........5
Richmaondl.. 2 it 01) 00 p. 00 ) 11 0) p
Norfolk.... 933,n! 7 40p 40p 7 40p
Danvillo.... 4t p 5 0 a: 0 10 n1 4 84 a
RalOigh.... 8 150 p 1 00a 1 a OJ I 00A
Durham... 4 481)1 230i 230a 2 30a
Gro'nsboro 7 10 Ip 7 0 i 7 13 a 5 43a
Charlotto.. 0 451i Iit5a 12 05m11 805 X
astonia... It' 421.. . 1 12 p 851 a
X1ing's It.. 11 02p .. 1 0p 9 12
naksb.urg~ 11 26p 10 45a: . p 9 J a
Gaff ney. . 11 42 p1 10 1 2 :'1pl 9 43 a
Spar'hurg . 12 21 a: 11 'M q 1 3 10 '10
Greenville . 1 30 a 12 3 p 4 y 11 15 a
Cutral.... .. . . 540 p 12 l0p
been .2 3l2 a 1 0p 0> Op 12' 30 p
W'minster- .. . . 0' p 12 4, 1)
'oco:t .2 15p 7 ij 1 1 2.10
oi i)J ~~ 2 w p 0 a
be~rlton 13 a 1 So p
't. Airy.. 7T [.... dp 1 50p
Cornlla7 Op
Ila.. 4 Ia, 8 14 1 8 1)p] 2 20p
G4an m il e 4 " " 3 3Ji p . l .1 p
lhi 'r d. . . W i. ....... V [ p
Nor01 4b . p
A tlant.T, 6 i an 4 VI . 1.;, p 4 :1h p
Atlanta.T. 5 16, it . Z:. 9 laj p b 85 p
Botweon Lulat and Athons.
1 No..
x. No. 13. STATIONS. No. 1. Ex.
all. DTail. Iaily Sun.
1pi 11 05'a Lv .Lulbt Ar It 51 'a 7 -
blp 11 41 i " MaY.Sville " 1 14 na -11 p
11 l m " flt HIarm..Iny " 0 54 a '2 0 p
W pI 2 51p Ar. Athens.Lv, 9 0.5a _58g
otik vloe "onnootion made at Lufa with
n line trains.
a. mn. "P" p. mI. "If" noot. "N'" ni',it.
'hesapeake Litio stieaners in daily survice
ween Norfolk and1 Bal itnore.
'cm, 17 nd ;-bW" washiigt ion and Sont hwest
ILimited." Solid 'ulhunt Itan. lbeing com
Jed exo'lu-tively of finest iu:Imanh1ti e.uIliuiplmenilt t
latest dre-ign, through 1otweenv N'-w York
-A Atlantti. Th rov.h Puinatu sl'eping cna
wteen Now York and Now orloins, vin
ishington. A t!an a an Miln ItigomerV and al
belmwenNe Yorki m110 Yvemphis, ia Wash
rton, At'11m ta and nrming aIm. Elegant
lInan Library obuervati'n ars bt woon-ti 3t
i tn New York. Dming Car's erve tll
tIls enroutv. PulitIaRI sleeping :trat het wen
engb.iro and Raheigh. No coavic servioe oin
5 train. Thr'-io traiins will stop at tiaInesA
to, l..ula, T1oreoat. .immea. Imu~itc and Blaicks-.q
rg only to tako ott and lot off pawn~'t g'ra for
1itfom Washijngtoin and beontd and for and
ma Grenvilo-t'oluiaz and 8pairtanburg
lunmbin linesi.
Jos. 33.and 154--"A( lanta atnd Now York IEx
iAs." NewV train het weeon At1lant a aral Char
te, cone-Uti at Charlot te withI trains of
no nmutlnhers for1 and friom Washinmgtont, New ,
rk uand the i.ast, carrymtg t hroughl Pullmnan
ipitug u'ars hotwveen Ohtarlot Ic etand New Yrk
iatlot te ando Rlichtaond anmd Norfolk. I .rav
datysi a tourist 8lOOping car wvill hie optera tedl
this train through ftrotm Washin.tmon to Sn
nrcisno without chango. Gnonction at
eensboro with aleopturs for Rialeigh. Nit
limnan oar. on thtis train betw''en Atlatnta
1Charlotto. Atmple fitrst and s-ond clasq
ueh accommnadat ions for local antd throughI
Jos.3t5and 3tt-"U'nit od States Fast MlaiIl'rn
Id bt wotn Wash1ingtlo:u anid Nmw Orlonitt
. Southe-rt Rlailwy, A. & W. P. IH. R. and
& N. Rt. 1R., inir o mpiitjosed of' coaches, Ii
outgh wit houtIiitcage f or rpatengetrs of all
sses. P'uilonant drawint '.r om sloeping cats
.wenn Neiw York tand Now Orleanms. via At
ai atnd Miont~iory tant between Hlir
ughamo and RtiIchmond. Dining cars serve
mteals ent lote.
bos. 11 and 12--lolid loc-al train betwon
'httotnd and Athm~t'ta. I!ao c~ionnecti at (
rfolk for Omu Pots-i- Cu.... on-r.
ipeiaiitl at tontion is *.a :d to abo..vi schodul it
'toculrly the inaugurnt. ion of Trains No.. 30
I [., also that No. ;i..und l are mtide an ex.'
sive Pulltman train, wi '.ut oneh service.
'hlrd V. P. & (.ln. Mgr 0. P'aso, A gor'.
H. 'A YLoi, m;:OKS MORiA N
Ge k. A., A1lIP . .M n ti
*ures~~d 'l. Stchwnh, prsidentI fi -
10, fchwa were)( mtrritiiIy Fa-i
rV Jlllleida il ] te lwfhlO of S
elollyr, 1eVr towy Gohid,
wher e i shot dweeth,,ar rofn Gen I
sllGts berthood, any where ls
an te borld. Sodnt he madking
pt nsumetr, os yo fl Georeton
whratyor havuinfte. n~wvn
it o Cuan inf serho f brcsi
,n mhabofiats of haisland.11,
Mounap1 t ol.k 1 C Iolyg, has re-t s
ed ofrom Mjkeiss1(1 Hele 01 L, t Gold 11
book~tj~ for 00 til o[ tIstalish- ao
m te, Hee Dyoud
Church Directoty.
Below we give the nanes of cirelas,
aetors, and the sundays oni- which they
vorslip, ts far we have information. If
'otr church is not on tie list send the nec
msary Information:
P'ickensi-Iev. A. J. S. Thonias--3d Sun
lay, 11 a. IIn. ind 8 1). in1.; prayer meetpg,
Vedneutlay 8 p. III.
Secona-lIev. .. E. Foster--Stturday be
ore the lirt Situdiay at 3 p). In. ; lst Sutiday
I a. Ill.
Peter's Creek- ter. J. Rt. Fostor-2l Bat
irday : p in; Stinday after accond Satur
lay 11 a In.
Milt Creek-l4v. J. E. Foster--4th Sat
irdity 3 p nIk; Stinday after fourth Saturday
Six Mile-ltev. W. C. Seaborn-Saturday
efore the aijCcntl Smnnhy 2 1) in; cecond
,IuIIlay It a ill.
Prater's Creek-liev. W. (. Seaborn.
attirtay liwfrie (i third Sunday 2 p n11
i SInday 11 a i.
Coneord--lev. W. C. SeaIi'n--Saturday
'efore the fouti-t Stinday 2 p in; 4th Sun
ily 11 at mn.
Picen-lir.R. t.Dagnlfl-la4t Stil
hty 8 p in: 2:t Sidiay 1 Ia In; 4t.h Sunday
1 11; praver ieeting \Wediiiiesdays 8 p in.
Twelve Mle-Rev. It. It. Dagnal--lat
u n lay I1 a iIn :"d Sitinlay :1::H) p 1n.
hethi lehliev- Rew It. It. .I gliall-2d Suni
aiy 3:30 ) Il.
Tahor1-- r1. It. H. DhgnialI--ith Stinday
I a n: S.h Su in II it I .
Iaasey'-lIer. W. 1!. 'Wiggins-lat Sunday
p 111: 31 Sunilay II a inI.
St. 'anl--It-v. W. F". Wiggiin---1At Sun
Z'iin---lev. W. E. 'Wiggins--2i Sunday
1 an:5th Stalay -1 p nIl
lilthecla -- %.'Wiggi nis -let, Suindlay 11
In ::3d Sitin y Is Ill.
Aitio-i- e'v. Wiggiis-i-ith Sunday 11
iketi hu('h--- Ilv. 'Wiggins-2d Siun
y 'i in 5h 8un111y 11 a Il.
oiern l'ari.:s CUceer 1-Rev. C. L. Mte
First Suncty-Fri entitl 11 a ImI; Por
er's Chapel, 3:34) p m.
Setiid Stunltty -- e. ethel, 11 a In ; New
Topei, 1:30 p in.
iThiril Stniy - irtei's Cinapel, II a In;
,iiihin, 1: p in.
Fou~irt h Sitanelay --3lei'Kiinney 's Cinapel , 11
ii : . t'as e, v . ' ::| p Ili.
l' : 1:xE ii A N.
Se v. T. 1[. 31M bi, las .r
l'irst Stilluy-Pie kens, I1 a iI anld 7:30
84coirni Sn iilay -- 1aslev, 11 a in ; Liberty,
:::0p Illn.
Thil 'S iltayv- Cent ral, 11 a nI; Easle41y,
II- Iuth Sulinhay 1,hry 1a m Ialey,
:30 11 Il.
Fifth 1 Siilay - Easley, II a mI, and 7:30
"Do the folks ofteni
lio hee?" asked tho
travelt-r inl a I malarial
(se4ct ion. "No," replie d
thie iative' "they dit)
01nly on1ce."
5-A / llA C
ero. Thev only div once anjd
bey 1ony I radt mnce a t hl ckliieats
>laces. Not so, though, whlen they
and iii here. I the-v trade once
vith ts they ke,,p eoining, s'mply
.c111us wl i ) ' give. t 1hm or. miles
uld better multes fOr lessit mon0ey.
am1 way with hol'esq. We have
Lit ret.cived thirou Car' loads of fine.
Will hiavn antlher ear from
enn1esse~e ne xtI week--all ar-ound
Sa1(k er-jacks. ('tllne and1( see them.
Do you wan1mt a wa:goni or vehicle
f any kinid? Hf so1 wo0 enn save
ou1 money. WXei halve threeo car
al~ds 01 ofi wagots, anld ('ivo of bug-.
1(es 3ad carr'Iiages, aill re~ceived since-'
aEve cut ont thotj
----PROFIT "
h) theseC goods, as we ar~e dolor
une to(1LI keojp ny our11 rpuilaartijon
8 the1( larg'e.-si, dt'alitrs ill 1t~tate.
Weo nover buy ini less th~ ni ar
>ads5 and pa spot1 eash for' overy
hling, benenC~ we buy chIeape~jr thi
h10 sma31 llen,. who~~it bnys a few'
>bs at a ti me andc kf'eps thiemi un-l
ii they are' obll arlnl din gy. We.
ave tin dlivide prui'its 1 with tho
ullord~J. Wo carry'p in stock~ the
Celebrlated Studebaker
~nd the worbl's justly ren-ownodl
..WE.BE R....
VTagonms. A s meiumil I gr'ades we'(
arr'ly the (Chal tanioogam, O)wensboro,
tylor-, V irkginia amb(1l Ruissei
It keep in~ istotk at all times.
iirteeni diI i-c ret miialkes of H tgge
ud1 CarrIiages, maoniIg themt the
abeock, (Contland114, Tysonl and[
oneos; Har1haurlI andl( Aemo.e Come
>ok an td taik o youri cho ie,
WNo will not say mucth as to Hiar.
ess. We havo onti had a $1 5,0()0
oc0k--1mro tha flt(ver'y dealer'
Itown I'01 combined. lIemlltmbier for
10 neOxt thirity dhfys wo will make,
A ttorney at Law.
Pickens. S. 0,
-actice inI al1l he C1our'i.
Oflice over Earlo's Druag Store,
.1. 1 tAYNil:wUIlr, (3. 1H, RtogglgilO
13'II0SWOti',l, PaI'lRol & Rinsoii,
~kene U. H ., - - South C4aroihus
rattei in all Comuts. Attend' to alb
o#ilnv to loant.S.
R. J- P- CA R L~sLa*,
Greenville, ES, 0,
l00 over A dann a nmii. m- '~

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