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The People's Journal.
Corrected weekly by the Heath, Bruce,
Morro,v Co.
Strict good mid(hlilg........ ...7 1-2
Strict m ldling...................... ......7 1-2
M lddling ......................................7 1.4
T ing es......................................7 7 1.2
Stains............... . . . ................ ; to 7
Fry.ers...................... ............ 1 to I.
1J itte......... . . .... .............. ....... 10
Il esw ax........................-................. 20
ifams-----........ ..... ...........2
-Auditor S. A. Hunt is still very sitk.
-Bring or send us your job work.
Good work assured.
-Soo noticoe of final sottlomeut estato
of Timothy O'Brien.
-Mrs. Wash Lesloy is very sick. She
is attended by Dr. Earle.
---Born, unto Mr. and Mrs. Berry
Pace on the 27th ult., a son.
-Our circulation is no buncombo.
Advertisers will get value received.
--Born, uito Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Gilstrap, on the 18th inst., a daught er.
--W. R. Davis, residing near Mile
Crook church, is very sick with typhoid
fever. Dr. Bolt is attending him.
-The first load of hono raised water
melons reached Pickens Tuesday. They
were grown noar Eisley by John
-J. 1). Holder 11as3 oponied ip tho
brick yard at the Neil & Newell plant
and is onorgetica'lly ptushiig the busi
'-J.W.W. Danil,au young, educator of
experieneo whose present home is in An
derson, opened the school at Johustons
Cha1plo Mon01day mlornmg),".
-Renimnber, Till,, JOURNAI, hasi Ti IEl'
circulation, 1ence advertisers will do
well to connilt their interest and profit,
by giving us their patrolage.
-Frank Morgan (col) was before Mag
istrate Joukins Saturday on the charge of
assault with inteit to kill. lie was bound
over to the fall term of court.
-Intelligence reaches this oflico that
an infant of Mr. and Mrs. clarence L.
Craig, of Walhmlla, is very low. Hopes
aro not entertaiied of its recovery.
-If you have a good dog, talto car of
him; iffyou have a worthless on1e, get
rid of him at once. This advico is tune
ly. At all events, don't take your dog
to church.
-Don't forget that the Iext session of
the Pickous County Sigiing Coliveltioni
will be hold 'with Prater's Creek church
the second Sunday in August and tho
Saturday before.
--Edvery pre.cIher inl Pickens counity is
invited to senl to this ofliee a statmnillt,
4of his t ppoilntllenlts to be iinserted in
our ehurti dliretory. Spoecial aplpolt
anonts will be noted if received in time.
-On Friday night before tho third
Sunday in August, there will begin re
Vivid services at Bethlehem church. Rev.
Jo110, who alssisted the Iaster it Pick
ens lust spring will be present and assist.
--Married, on Juilly 21st, 1901, at
the residence of .J. E. Gaurvin, Miss
Bleattie M~cA.lister, daughter of ,Jines
Moghster, to Mr. Johnii Black, all of
(Garvin township, Andersmn couity. 11.
D). Giarvin, N. P., of 1Pickens county,
-..verybody tike inotice! Thero is an
old or'dinancee amlongst the town laws of
Pickin prohibiiting the riding ot bicy
~clos on tbna sidlewalks . It is thme intention
of the town unthorities to enfore~ this
ordinance hereafter.
--The Bendinug Factory, after severa1
weeks idleness, hais resu med businhess'
Mr. WVertz has been1 scor ing thle coun~
try for good walnut and other valuable
timber. Thie product of the factory will
all be shipped to Germanyv.
-Ljewii,son of Mr. and M ra. L. E.
Childress, aged live ye'ars, died at the
home of his grati fathier, Jfohnt T1. Lew
is, about 7 :;iu p. ni. Minday, Jutly 22(1,
1901, and was buried at Enioree buIryinlg
groLnnd in Greenvillo county on the 24th.
-Martin Bloggs, aged about 35 yers
died at his home in this counlty inear
Flat Rook church on theo 1-lth inist., anid
was buried the following day at Liiberty'.
kte was never married, but leaves many
trelatives to mourn his death, lie ledl
ai quiet, exemplary life.
-Tlhe farmer who gets the best re
tarus for his work is t~he one who doees
not stop wvorking because the crops arc
"laid by," but begins Now his~ preparat
tioins for next year's planting. While
the crops are perfecting, (10 something
for the laud's benetit.
-Articles of a pecrsonial nat ure which
attack the character of an individual are
excluded under thle rules. Correspon
4ents ar10 enijoynod to iiaike their contri
ihUtions shocrt and of general iinterest,
,othorwvise their communications will be
,aiwregarded or condemned.
--T...,heu.a. will lie a general cleaning of
]ethlehemn church grouiids and cemetery
.Dln Tnesday ami Wednesday, Jul~y 30th
.and 31st. All members aiid friends of
the chnrch are reI)uestedh to ha hianid
ipromptly with necessary fools5 and pro
p)a1'l to execute a geood job.
--Oco, W. Williams, aged 90 years,
died at jiw home in Pickenis Mionday.
and was buiried thle following day' at So
coina cemetery. F"or sevecral months lie
has boeen practically helpless, lie leaves
fewv relatives but was generally regarded
as an uprighit, h onoiablo old genitlemanm.
-Miss Sallie Whlitmiire, whose unfor
tunato accident was chrnielcd in this
pper somo1 weeks ago, died onm the 1th
anst. She was ai dauighther of ('. S. and
Valetnia WVhitmire and~ a nice of Hion.
J. M. Whitmtire, of Greenville county.
She liveud exacetly four weeks after tho
accident resulting in her being seriously
burned, and doubtless, sullored intense
-Aryanoennts have ber-na made
whereby Mi, P. Mathieney and1( W. D).
King wilt hold revival services at Six
Mile church be~ginnuing on Mlonday after
the fourth Siundaiy ja Jily, the saime be
in the 29th inst. ; serviceis being twice
dat 11 a. in. and 2 p. im. Also at
-~t's Creeck clhuirch begi niling~ on
Wedncadiy moring followinug, at s unoe
thoura5, emitminitg 'Tlhmsday, and at Coii
cord churdih beginning oni tridiiy morn
Lng at samno hionrai and contiuing
thro~ugh Saturday following, A general
tuinig ou ta at al these places is desired.
.41.briuu dinner, as the intermssioni ba
~Wen tl a morinitg and afterunaoon ser'
q11098 will not, bo suftienots to atllow
a eol tQ 0 hom n( AI1 d hi
411% 41#MUW
James Hunt of the Daousvill, scetio
was hero Monday.
-Capt. J. T. Taylor is in North Cair
ina this wcok on business.
Enoch B. Lathon, of the Easley sec
tion, was hero Monday on biness.
Mossrs. Willie and Fratnk McKeonzi
of Piodmont, ire visting at the lwioo
Shorifi' MoDan iol.
B. F. Roberbton, assistant chemist i
Clemson Collego, was in this section Ba
urday and Sunday.
J. W. Earlo and 'J. . Gillespio ai
delegates to theo the district cof erent
at Greors this week.
A. R. N. Folger, postmastor at ("It
Jnoy, ". U., is spending a few days wit
rolativos and finends in Pickens.
Mrs. D. F. P) wco, Accompanliod by he
chiliren has gone oi a visit to her 11
rent.4 near Ieideorsotiville, N. C.
W. W. Whito and family of Ander'so
aro spending tho summer with Mns
Whito's mother, Mrsi. Eva Thornley.
Mrs. Cario Prie -, (aitinesville, Fla
Misses Elizaboth and Ella King, ,lael
sonville, Fla., arte ati Mrs. Glilreath's fc
the suimlllor.
Miss. Ti izali Ilugins of Lumbrtlo
N. C. and Miss dutanilita )avis, ot Spil
tailbilrg, are visting (it family of .1 udg
J. It. Nowhery.
Rev. I. 1'. A)gtall left vesterday ft
tie dist riet con1 feretne at (1-'(0rr. Il
will leave the conlferctve Friday f
Smith's Clal-l inl Anderson ermntty, t
assist lev'. S. M. Jones i la revival.
-1odert A. 11owven call Sltw som1
(bo finest cottot ill the connly. it wiul
average more Ihan tre feet inl liigi
tlr'ouiglOuit. It, is a tine examp)eC of in
telsivo farming and shows wl(t oat b
accoiplislied by improving tite land amn
giving it propei cutIltivationl.
Tut .Jorns.l is now completely atm
nicly omritd i is mmw quar11ter's iii
the Antilotny brick biilding oi the sitre
leadin tg to Irevard, tind Iist eXcel len
quar:lte1rs ve htave. Wte will sIw he IVri
Iireid 1t give' our readerl'S a Inmehi bette
papr than here'to0fore 111mi hope It-ey w .il
appreemte our e'orts-1 by" enI-l-igig onl
subscription list. luoldinlg in) atdvertisingu
mid, last but not, list, tleitr job wvork
We 1ar nlow 31specially preparle(d to d(
jolb work, giuarlteiing first-clatss3 wo1l
aui prices ill keeping with all botes
living. (five i 5your patronaige. To Idvei
tiser, we gilaratl ee til Ilgest cirtenla
tioni ill tho county by lolg olds (beii
n1earlyl dol)1e) tInd our11 books artie opel
for your illspectioln as to till! of tll
assertion. A decided improvement it
theo moobaniical aippeairance of the pape
may be loolot d for ats thet comCI-king week
roll by. To all ve say, eiand sco .u
ml ouir new% homec.
J. S. Adams, uf Gricenville, was i
towin Tuesday.
Aliss (ertrdo RI agood has returie
from Click" SI ings.
Julian Sit dili, of Pendleton, is vi
iting .. It. S ankhlin.
F. Al. Conic is reovering from his r<
cnt attack of sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mf. Geer leave fc
Click Springs Wednesday.
Miss Vivian Folger is visting Mis
('lenn at Equality this week.
Aliss Olivo Williatms, of ( . reenvilI.
visited at A. GI. WIyatt's Snnidaiy.
Mr's. W. W. buliioni anid dlaughltet
haive3 ret urned from1 Chick Springs.
Alessrs. E. ]. and Waltr lIaerr c
Gr'eenvi lle, are( ait tihe l'isley IHotel.
Messi's. 1.. 0. HaIgood and1( P. AJ
Taylo Ir sipet a otion01 m41 (1 reen~ville.
Mrs. F. T.' Goode of Alhmita, is spom1i(
inig the summeri4'i t the Easley IHo)tel.
31liss Fannie( ,Johnson)t is v'isitin1g4 rel:
tivos. and1( fien~ds in Anider!son (count4
tis wveek.
Mr's. WV. TV. Shlnmite andl daughit e
Hielenl, of (Grieenviile, are visiting Mr:
Ji. H. .\lartin.
E. E. Smiith, oif Paulitne, S. C., repr<
stopinig tat 1te Easley Hiotel.
Mtiss Alma Briggs, of Spart'mburg
an~d Miss Jos5ic lIianin1l, of Equitiiy, ii
guests of Miss Pearl Johntson.
Shanklin will b)e pl1eased34 to le'an thie
she is spi4ly41i3 recoveing fr'om a1 reeer
.\lavor Lathe and1 11( the lioard of Al
dermen1 114 are ivig aill the) bri0 Iges an13
strets ill tihe corpora( te iits puti
good coindition.
'VT revival:i. serv'ices a1t he ITapt is
church~i tire being largely a'tI ttnded. I me
A1ir. .1 ussy, of polerOi, to assist him ni
this serie~s of services. Air. Itulsseyi
full of thet spirit of goiod will foir his fe
low crIeaturles, and11 ini a conicin (1tg til
unoster~tatious manneriC3 lhe mattkes bm11
the0 truth tat, thle person41 whoi is goo14
hats n1o right to) speak1 harishlyv aigainu
tny who are fallen aind weak, '"otr
grace of Godi that upllifts man, priompi
ing their goodniess."'
M~iss D.ora Smiithi has ihe pre'Cttio!
flower gardetn ini all this section'i.
R. M. WIertz has bought all1 thle wt
uso0 in tihe Be:dling Flactory.
thliR section) last week.
Ren iion Sab~bath) School is Pro'tsperoul
owmig t~o the work of the faithful.
il lr. anid Mrs. ('. W. :iorr visited &'
G, D1orr's fameily this wveek.
Mr'. 'V.ilhintan Smith's famtily visited I
E. Kenniemure's fitnntly lust week.
Mlrs. WV. D1. Watldrop nd11(1 hilre
were gulests at tilt hiomio of .19. R. Wa
drop0i last Sabbthl.
Miss Ala Stovenisont, who hats been i
guest at WI. W. Norris' for someo tim<
wvill reOtturn to her home14 in1 Abbevillo tii
Prnepar'atione ar'e beting madoe for thi
convention) at Eniot. Eioni peoplo ar
kind andt wvill wVoltome till cstoos. Ikt
Sunday 8ebool is tmoving aheadl wit
Rev. Prank M . McClantnahatn as leadet
Well, "'Wihiskiers,'' yo)u must1 be out c
grass. Whon will we hear' from yo
General health is good, rain is plent
v'alenit amnar c~hiildreni thi seai-tn.
ly wa':s ieii laist wv ek by3 the timely ii
of Ch:atberlini,3 (Colle, ( holera aui
S'l~ithi itt'tnnt1lyone of the be.e
wihicth is ailwa.ys keplt on4 hatndl at. the hom
of I'e scribe. Tlhi is niot intemledtl
a free pitf for the' com11pan y who do ip
advertise with 11s, but to benelt~lt hitI
grilovors who may not tbc within oiss
aIccess~ of a physleian, No familhy hioi
be1 w~ ithout a bottlo of this medIcine I
Ahio esipeciallyl in summl1Or'ltilm43--anaI8J
Iow. oural Fo eub~y G.W Er
A Crops are growing rapidly now. Sam
ho uiomiparea their growth tothat o
Jones' gourd, but he is a sort of Rip Vitt
Winklo anyhow. He's boon so bus:
killing grass that lie has been aloe) to
tho gtowth of tho crops, but sinco he'
got tlio grais under way lie has wake4
i up to the growth of the crops. Samb<
f is in a tnotion to go west now. Some
body told him that ho could Iatiko I
.t crop in Texats in ton or fifteon ditys. 114
- Says thait't the plac for him, because i
will himv more timo to ish, an(
a guarantees that his houso sha1111 no
bo without io:'t. 1 sy11 tltho gour
heads vinl all cry prosperity and 'ful
dinnor pail" if they want to, but til
dinner pail will have to bp lmo similler i
it is filled this year. Ile savs he is going
to cut, down his corn crib to lit tie crop
then the rIts won't. haUvo so much roon
to rusticito. I told Sambo that somi
on had invented a hoeing machine tha
would run by steam1 Ittd do the wort
-1 iely but it waS a long tiie before le'(
neeoit. Finally one day While ho wal
,dih1ging manf1ully in his meadow (cottor
patch) ho got angry and said, I do1'
r1 liko the idet of thoso infernal inehino
but. I will bu1y one of thoiem if 1 havo tt
give old Wreck (his gniy mule) for it,
Then ho expatiited on all the good
L!ointS ofold Wreck and even hintot
thit h(e'd Ialbnost give Fido for on(. ]
w1 Was surprised buit, believo the right thing
will ehinouigo Lny 1nan.
SeIo ftew 1 have hegiuin t0o "lay by'
ornl bli cotton will have to be plowed
' ini August.
Ani evening )ifni( was given at. La
hiemi school hiouso Saturday the 1h
f inst. A linge crowd enjoyed the excel.
I leut suipper'.
L. Miss Vota Chiidress left her h1om1o for
- lhIytoni where he opon1ed sch0ool tLI
W. A. Chiristol)her opened at Lathem
the 22d, iist.
Alis Niie lioper will open sclool at
iilhardt the i lh.
MI 1ood Chastain was at the hoie of
Mr. Leigh llun11t, onl 131,h inist.
.M3rs .Ca1) Galines, two Philpot, was
visiting her father, Judge Philpot, last
M iss.\r .libinson of Easly visited1
riids iit relatives of I)acusvillo 1ast
Dr. J. J. Morgan has bein in, bedl fo
the(, paSt two weeks wit~h rhoeumaltisinl.
Mr. N. K. Smith, who is sulering
witll llatisilu of iek alud slheiilders
is 110t Inproving.
There ill Ibe a pie it Mlilo Crook
cI(lrdlh oil'iesaiy, Augit 6th, 190].
'-he pro)'essors from Cloiion Agricult
ural College will hold a Farmer's Insti
r t11e ;it. Mile Creek churoh. Speeches o
s iiterest, will be delivered to the farmers
s Ali arc cordially invited, especially th
lhies, and bring Well filled baskets.
There will be subjects to interest, all,
I)o't forget t lie date, August Gth.
Ciuas. B1. Fixi.:v, Ch'm Ex. Coim.
J. . IAnsoNs, Pies. Far's. Club.
ir. F. 1 I. \ells the irehant at De
l'ark, Lllg Ishinil, N. V., says: "I alway
- rebonli Chatbierlaji's I'ain Halli a
bestI linnueilt, for. stran . I uer t a
wier for a seere hilleness il the siid
Sstigfrontl a strin tanl, an1(1 wastgrea!tj
ly phnies.e% with i (e Ill1ink relief :01 cure
r eIfectl." For sale by G. W. 10arle.
In one New York factory 30,000,00
cigr1et 'tes i week are turned out on a
aver.age all the year.
You will b)o lealsed wvith the fin
a photogr'aphlic wor0k 81and( lowY pr1ios a
Ta;ylor's new11 stuidio-Easloy. lRoom
f over EllisonIBros. store. w
. FOR SA.L2.
First-class cotton gin, press, con
-tden ser and feeider., also, fi rst-clas
saw mill. Apply to
J1. D). 11w .5)1-:i , Pickens.
-.-TIhie soond annual camp meceting o:
-, thie Weosleyani Methodist church will h<
.held (D). V.) at Oak way, Oconeo Co
S. C., conulinning oin Wedne~day nigh
before the .st Sunidaly in (A.ugust 1901
s Preachuer~s in the regulair woerk will be
eintertineid free, iall others must bring
.Ibeddinig anid com11 prepared to takeocar<
of thiemselvos. A good r'ostaurnlt wil
4 h0 oin grolunds where01 meaCils can beI
had11 at reasonable rates. Ev'erybody ini
--All pesnsfein iterest, in thi
coniditio of1 th(le chulrchl yard and1( como1
tory at E'noni, arle reques4tod to meet al
oai churc eary on1 Saiturday, tho 27ti:
ofJuly, wvith tools necessary to plac<
(lie premIiia0s i proper order,
.-Th'le T.1ow1n Creek lioller Mills art
v nowl ini lirst-claiss runining order.
.When a ohil pushes a button or somt
3 Oienr lerd substSanleo into its nostoil pun
e lige on oppol)site inostril to 010se it andI
1 blow in the mounthI, swhlen (lie obstruc
I iion will bie exspelled.
(ut this out siuohltake it. to Ea~:rle's1l)ris
Stoe ad gt abox ofChainherainu
Sloiiia1ch i.: I iler Tlehts. 'The bestI
physie..'i They al so correct, disorders ii
t he -t omalch. Prieu 2~> eii ts. G3. WN
t . . .
'Thle eairret used ini estimating Ih
'weight of gems is a grain of Indii
r1 wheat.
r "I amisinlg a. box o~f C ham berla i'
8fom:iich &\ ,iver Tblts and.11 fiiiil them'
a thle best (hing for my stoimachi 1 eve
4 sed," 'ay T 158. WN iobintson J a4tice o
I lie l'en1ce, Lomi)O s, M i(ch. Thebse Tablet
not. onl Iy coirect disordelrs of thle st.omlc
but. regiulhate (lie liver tand bowvels. TIhue
a'r ceas to take andli leaCQ n inii eCeet
Prc 2 ents. per box. F"or sale by (i
WN. E:iu l.
T.Lennjessee, is sollinlg conviet coali 1an1
conieit gariden truc0k, and1( South Caro
hun lits solling whiiskry, andi yet (hero ar<
Sthose wlho say (lhe spirit of doiinoy i:
dead. -Memp~lhis Comnmercial Appeal.
r lin t' hero beuty11'I' 1 C~ wa homletely hiddei
by sores, b)0lies andi~ p)i8IOSe Iill i
- used Buceklen's A irliciaM alve. TIheni thel
fvaiiiIshedi as well1 ill IFruiptions, F"ove
s ores, lols, UJlcers', Car'bunclIes and fel
onis from Its Ilpe. lufallibl for Ciits
Corns, Jbins, Sealds andi Piles, Clii
guiarani teed. 250 utt Bolt and1( Thornhey.
No l isovery in m1od1icelne has evel
-crieatedonl(e1' qurteri of thle excltemn
0 the I hias been ca isedl by 1ir. K'ig's Nov
1 h *l'eove fori Conuslnp1tlonl. It's Reveres
I, te'sts have been oni hiopeles8 victIms oi
e Pinl anid lrolnchitis, thnfndl ra
whoml It hias~ retrd to(1( pet feet health
'i For Couighs', Cold", Ath ma, Croupj, hl:ai
e Fever. flhoirseneni and1 Whoeopiu Costgo
' It Is the qjuickest , surest cutO in the Word
ri It Is sold by Ilolt & Tho'Irnley Who gua
1 an ton anietwto or refundmR-.
Scotland, with larger populaiou than
. Ireland, has 30 parliamautary reyresenta
tives fewer.
.ireat consternation was felt by the
friends of M. A. Ilogarty of Lcthgtoii.
I y., when they saw tutrning yellow.
I llIs skin slowly changed colot, also his
eyes, and he sul'er terribely. lUtsmalady
was Yellow Jaundice-. 110 wits treated
by tie (lest doctors, bit without benelit.
'I'hien he was aclvised to try Electric
ii tels, the wonderftil Stomac ad Liver
rentedv. and he writes: "After taking
two bottles I was wholly eured." A trial
pIroves I m1atchleSs Ieit for all8tonach,
Liver and Kidney troublesq. Only 50c
sol by Bolt and Thornley Druggist.
Paris su)plies freo of cost sulpthurous
baths to all porsons engaged in handling
A POOl i 111 lNA IRE.
I,:tely stirved in I ondon because he
cold not. digest his food. Early uwo of
Dr. Kinig's New Lifo Pills would have
save hit. They ktregthen the stomael,
iprov appetite. Price 25c. Moiey
ITek if niot saistied. Sold by Bolt &
Thorniley druiggist
A riuaway horso in Denver the other
day finished his flight by lauding in the
intorior of a rapidly moving trolloy ear%
where Io rode for nearly a block bWfore
tho vehiclo could he stopped.
Alaska Ias 6hn smallns. population of
any posse8iou of the United States.
J. A. Kelly relates experience similar
to that wh ich hias hllappoled in almalost
every neighiborbood in the United States
mid lts been told and re-told by thot
sandsof others. lie says la-4t smmer I
had an attact. of dysentery and puirchased
a bottle of Chamlbelain's Colle, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Reiedy. which used ac.
cording to directions and with entirely
sati-factory results. The troubles wis
contolled much (u icker than former at
tac]ks when I ised other remedies.'' Mr.
Kelly is a well known cit izen of ltider.
son, N. C. For side by G V. Earle.
The Ships of the world, excluding na
tives, are worth $294,000,000, of which
Europe's sharo is $227,000,000.
CUR lN hilOOD Ti1O110LEA1 )llt)
Old, obstinlate, deep-seatedl canscr per
Iertly cu Cled by taking liotaic Illood
lIalmn [1B. It. 11]. If your blood is tiited,
prodneing oilensive eruptions, acliat
bonjes and joinat, ileers, falling hair, I um
Cols patches, Sore listith and throat,
seabs or' senh'4s, p~er'sis-tent piml)es, eat1. ing
Sores, Swelling sor-e lip , dry sore dull
aching, lancing shooting pains, tlhan1 you
have blood poison or t he teginii nags of
deadly i enleor. Dlon't Sxperimnt, but
take lotaniice Ilood lan I It. It. m nnade
espi-caity to Cure all Ialignant bloId
troibes, like thosoe named above, and it
ching, seabby ezeinia, carbunebles. Scr-o
fula, rihematismiam, Crnieer, blood hmors,
etc. IlIals every soreC al stops a:l
itches and pains. Try it. Cost, but, $1
at druggists. Treat ment sent free b.
writthig to Dr. (iillmu, 200 Mitel
street,, Atlanta, (ia. Describe tirouble an
free mnedical advice given. MNedicim
and free medical advice sent at oice wo
laid. lit it 11] oigit.inated by Dr. (1illan
ever 30 years ago. Thousands have l)uet
. cured.miany after doctors and pite
lledicines had uttorly failed. l1otani<
Jhloodh lalm, [it. 1B- It.] gives life, vigo
Sand strength to the blood, making
t pure and1( rich. jitetfy I
In Now iHmpsire the stato govern
mnent pays a bounty on dead grusshop.
p0rs at the rato of $1 a bushel.
Th'le 'Vestibule Limited leaving Atlantt
at, 12 o'clock unoon daily is one of the
linest trainis In the wvorl. If: is coInpIos.
ed oxolnsively of Pullmnan eqIuipmelnt ol
lautcst design, consisting of
Genitlemen', cub cars A tlanta to Now
Yoa k.
1ltonhlc l)rawinig Rloom Sleeping CJars
New Orleans t:> New York.
Drawing Room Iluffet, Sleeping Unru
Mamilhis to Newv York.
Library Observation car Macen to New
York anadj
Superb Dilning Cars serve aill meals.
In addition to the first class railroad]
tranlspi tation, Upassengers on this train
bctween Atlanta, Wiasingiton~ anud New~
York will he reqiuired to have P'ullmani
tickets whlichl wvill entitle thetm to occupy
any carV on the train.
Immnediately following the Vestihbl
Linited (thie Atlanta & New York Ex.
press, leaving Atlant Ia at 1 2;20) oon,
daily, havintg ampnlle coach'accomodationu
for 1st and 2ndl clauss paiSSengers not, de.
siring to use P'ullmaan cars.
Also the Fast Mail leaving Atlanta at
11.50 P. M. has sleepinig cars thurough
from New Orleanis, Mobile, M ontgomner3y
andi Atlanita t~o Washington, Pi'ladel.
lphia andl Now York.
Timen maniy huour3 the T'icekent,
All agents of connueeting linies sell
through tickets via Souithberni Railway.
W . 11. TIAv LoE., A . 0. P. A.,
A tuanita, Ga.
Frl 1 gs, JoIly Slas~ses
Extra Rubbers!
C >'We have just reciveda
a big lot of Fruil Jars,
.Jolly Glass-os anid Extra
Rubbers at
Sogive us a call for any))
of the abovo.
s&We pay highest mar
ket price for Chickans,
Es, Beeswax, Statr
Grass, Grub Root and
A ~ ORA !)11 SROS~)t
A Warm MWter
Is t a good tine to sell
heavy shoe heavy dry
goods. My l prics onl hevy
Shoes, Jeans, Flannel Out
ings, Worsted and Ileavy
Dress Goods of all kinds
for the next 30 (lays will
be so hot they will have to
Movo Out. Then you will
Want Plows
Plow Stocks, Singlotrees,
and all kinds of plow goods
Botter got, my pricos bo
Fore you buy elsewhre.
In a few days you will
want G arIdon Seeds. Early
Corn Irish 'otatoes, etc.
I. hatve bought the vory
best ifor :plIntiig' Re
member that I sell
Atkis Saw-s
Of Il kinds, 111( deil in
all kinds of Mlil and Shi n -
glo Mill Supplios. Como
and soo
Pickens, S. 0
PW"'Lom(o 'Phone Nw. 24.
* pher, G'reeiville, S. C. 01ice over
Addison's Drug Stopre.
All work giinititeed to give sat isfar.
flu I.'
Gnxx~~~vn 7111--lo rth Nlmnldav inlal t
ary, last. Monday in May and 'th141 secold
l illy inl SeptEiErii.
A\ Nlm41E-- Second .Ilo lav in, lert1a.rv,
s4emind Miondlay inllt andi the. foibil
MEondayI~ in SepeinbErS ..
Aa.xvniiE.E, -Third Alniday inl I-'bruar,
third NIEntlay in l un , and first. ANlIn.Iav
after ile fo rillth NI iay ill 'Kepti.1n1l wr. *
VAL.nA.L.L,.-Seconid Moial:y in I:tcle,
tih esEinl N141lany after lte fith Nln
dlay in Juneiv, au the sit hl Mt)lauI yl: a1-t
tle roi15E'tlh \n414day in metveiE ber.
l'R ItN.---TI'rd Nlt' tlu hty ill Ntarcih, third
Ntondh1Iy afterl. foilth itaday ill 111n1e., aidt
the futith linhty in et inber.
Contractor and Builder
Alexander~i. N. O.
All worEEk entrustd t) inv 11E will Ile
faithiflly exuceteid. Caro1y tr. work will
Ie tak(en by th dly rt w a. de
srel. au t g
8. B. MANN,
IP(ikns, s. c.
Ollcers his s.evices to Ilhe ge nra pub l ip
for buiilding pulrpoesM either~s by hie ron1
tract, or the da~y. Al work isi guiara.snte'd
fers tEE his patIronis as to, his Euli5 etioniIIs
a1114 throuighn5ess5 All pers(11ion i desig at
relhiableh coint.rator~i ort hntib r who i l doI w II EEI
((o 811. him befor 1 cloE u'sig trad elt SlEwher.tt
Your Fruit
Wo have just received a large
shiipmiont of
ane some fine Apple Vinogar,
Also a lot of host C rain Cradles.
Br'oad llrim Straw Hats3 and1 lFly
"Donad Stuck'' for bugs-clears
out bedbugs, ants and1( other in -
sets. Try it.
A nico lot of woven wire cots for
hot wetheljr, sl ill comforl(3t iln Ihese,
I ron bedls int spring.
A lot of nico Pickles, Tomatoos,
Catsup, M ustird, Cheeso, Jollies,
Salmon, Sardines, Hlama and other'
nick niack s for p)ick nIicks.
W .T. McFA LL.
n9ial cd , wsetithout r oin fro tera
Paedskenikru uo Goka.
l "T
a'ULCh. as,
Grain Drills
Disc Plows,
Hay Rakes,
Chilled Plom
H ill Side P1(
in1 tact ;tilyliligt you Will0 i
l11illts, Iliti Ilic tpiCS arc i'11[.
Big Lot Fruit Jars
( ;-L ouir I rices Lx
The Heathmruce
11h1l< 1-111 r :iiliy ill ist' I|, i hl:uI |
h T I I Iin In ' he h v - . \'h1 411 iII III i I I r. 111
if hh am I e s n t l In re :nIm h,- II11 II-I IIII I I .-rI ,I
It I other II I v -te S I ll'er.
12 1-2 cvin! i a ii - e lu i l : l
A n1t h'e :.
\W hite In' a i wt 1 pi ~ ii (1 1 :! 2 e
A n t o ' I 2.-. 1' p si4
II I -fnI 'Iasl.'- for ,hi r;s :1 i s
West E- hI
Johnston's Q
Slight skin Emptionx nro a Wauig <1
'r1e Only Satv- Way it to Eldtim i U
iN the Mstot Powertul 19.4
Nature, ill her efforts to cortrect, iist;
careless living-r, or. it ImIaty he fnt ani ce-.:'t.
(ather i nperfetctionxs on si sai. a Is II
ha1ps tumilors, canlcers, erysIlawhis ()r pubm114
you nweglect to heed til. warn 444 ing it iorr
purie byi at right uset if .1(11N Sl'O N 'S SA I
Viss Abbie'' J 2. 1)im lle, iof .\i-hal A i'
doctors andit my frii'ns si t it wais salt ii
andl ear.Is, an.124 then2 oin mtv whleI bot iy. 1
su ffered du rinrg thoise fi~vt':) es, is not us
.I (lidl. I trio4(l ever('iy r 2~~ue l .' I hati) was
pr'atise'tl. I tical' ai htot Ille oft ii. I begj.an tii
finishett thme thlir'tl biut Ilet I wast i il co phit th-<
sin1ce. I nieveri gtL any4 iing ti ilio'224 tiil.
SA RlNAlRi I1iLA. I 'wou blll bei;u1il wV h-tis
.1L1 1The bloI i s y urli mi y u oe
faiis. It is for sale by atll dru2'gi--ts il full
W A lT ElI.1 l ilci E.
prliices. grj"litt)N lN'I;NG\( AN I) (Q)jij
fective 12:111 A. M., leb. Is), 191.
No. 0. S A TONS. No. II.
14:00a m...... I V.PI ickenst At r....::, yI m
10:45 a m1........*FCrgustll's. .... 6~ I p m)2 .
1:001 a' m ...........*.\ ii 's........ :, p ma24
Al:l aru m........i ly 4:Easleyuu I ,...:5p
N. 12. STTN.
NO.er1. Ahxed
<1:1 pQ i......*Paro's....i ... ila y mI
*Flag Statio ns. t U~~ t ,l'
No. 12.'VA4OIl
Z)ws, Etc.
th (w)f Farming Imple
Just Received 1
f6orc you buy.
Morrow Co.
rAh idn'n Cloths for
W Iwn-) \I 11 4-1'1 litol Silk andl~ Velvet
b -t < hte *(!Ili ol 1110 anud get
. I l wk hos, bettertual
I .:. 0. 1 (l18 t Il 15 and 25 ceits,
I I h~ k to close out Laduies
are omehatbroken,
brhoken as the price.
l reenvillo, S. C.
r Nouunthinu More Sartoun to Couin
'atruhmi. *Silr't nin. sarsaparilla
Podt lurittpr Kniown.
ike-s, vili mistlce's have come fron%
w' shoots Out pirples,1lotches and
:Ag that, mlor-e scrious trouble.s (per
nary d i~iswae are uertain to follow it
uai' n en rly th has been avoided
ae le heided and( the blood kept.
oh., wrh.:
.uilfe.rjin with it~ for five years. The
-inn1. It (came out on my head neck
waIs per'fetly raw with it. what I
in ag. Nob~xty would believe mec it
dveri isced to culre it. I spent money
NT'iN'S . SA liSA l'AILrA highly
iln'oVe right away, anid when I ha~
'oredl. I have ne iover had a touch of i~
leaist good til 11 tried JOHINSTON'~
all w"ho a re sufftering fromu humnora
.I hald also. at good deal of stomach
ptuire :au n t rong you t can positivelyr.
rluart- bottles at only one dollar cacle,
ji n Vari ~ lots and can et give thte lowes5t
We dleal in, LUM~fBERl
)riedl and l)re.ssed Lutinber~ deliv.
enredt fnort otewade.
' rlci waning Lt ber of the o
2 y t 1 teo nm hat t hleo~Ie lumbeor
W., 4 F. - 11 R ICKS1 &)1 BRO.,l ont
Tablecco Muin i, 190, th . 11
)9 0 cuvnie or Sctewd of~t the oora
- l ..1 wit I a -tat ie l lic of the llrn d
a rem iiv ail lor tgPikenhs, eb.
a. ikniii hl li.janilebd r nyo the~
44 T(;la iA u~sat, 10 the same
-inihi the WhIday ofr Auus.Each bk
ha ,i jc w lil 'ttment of1 th ume
n.I)i ma ehne oayo h

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