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Seiator IMcLauriin
The Vote Ver; Strong in
The State Democrat ic executive cot -
mittee iel a pecial mee ting on Thiurs
day !ight to make arrangemets for
the primary elecioll in th'. Seventh
Congre-sonal District, which vas fixed
for the 10th of Sep(ember. The Imieet
ing proved to be o(e o the most inter
esting held in maln y'as, as a Teolu.
tioni was, offered by Mir. 1Hichari, of
Ke rh4 1 aw, w Severely conlemiin thle
cours-e of, Scenator Mel'liurinl and ex
pressing thle conviction Onhat hw ought
to tender his resignation. The ilebaz t,(
which cnsuled was quite alnmatd( mad
exciting, and the resolution of Mr.
RichardIs was paLssed by a Nvote of 21
to 3.
Air. Magill iffred the fdlowin
res~o.utionsi " illnstnch as this omt
lee is ehargiml with the p'lim; of te
patry 'M
Ikso!ved, That ill addliiton ito talikin-i
the( re.gnhirly precribe' oalt I, to ab)idl
thle resub. ofl !hf! primlary, 111 '1i 1 -Ill- .
did Oes-, for CongIlre'-z in the speci:al pri
m11m4y le'd'g0 themiselves to i u t and
advoc Ite as m)1 em4) bi I -..of(d Cingi t ";l , i l-t
prticiples and d11o11 ienct i ; ()f 1111 li >n .
cratic party as pom i(- the mi
tional andl Wait platfortals ; uilil the
Same "hmll h1ave b 111 13 C changed
by at Convention of' the, party.
Ilesolved, further, Thmt, th& candli
dates shall plethe themiselvn, t myp
1or't lt' aIttiO i ()f thel! 1ar tO*I(el 11.
Air. AI p hlthl no l piulal i o HeinS
to thSe )esolutions, butv he UInid : te
111 lilecessi 1 or tilik, '. T hil 1et
fOrthltile ledl 'e. TJIlereU wiN itIll)it nted
now for aobitic al pledeI lie tohld (
ithe atio li of wi . lasi t l 4tait Illvelitioll.
Selltor Tillmia l Lad th61 hilm thel
that tlhere w n 11 0 ll,(* 't 0 m 11 illa
the natiolal 1enwemiceray. Whilt he,
differedl with someit flicilk h'! was not
oiLIg til of tIhe piaOrty, I Ie w v.lm l u jd 1 z)1
port any }A1)4lforn( th tSlat-i ;)r 1latiolla
co(:smoiratic par y iht e t ntimk . hli t ht:
wou ldt 4 il2 til theI ur ev his own i o ata .
There was not) necess3:Iity for- ai adbdi
tional plvee.
Air. Algi ll aid that this w-i a day
lf I)11v1111111lent. There W was1 I n.tin
inl these re~solutions6 in confllict wahl thw
con stitution or rue ft) li e I ll 1iti 111
quoted the(, const itution. Thel Inum) who
refused to take this oah had Ino rigit
to run inl the I Wmnniead Pr~iary : imy
nil oldn14101 d et'4ines not ill etird14
with 1 the Democrati lt y t ol
bc allowed to runt in thle "Irintary.
Mr. Appeltid lo'no oi.utin cf this
constitutionl of' the party. The comi
mittei could old nothing to it or take
nothing from it.
Mi-. Diail was op4ttpposed t the resohi
tions because iltey tivti one ( 'ongre's
man down to policies agree'd onl long
ago1 andl2l that IN bet ih11 44 ebatd. A i1,
no mianto 'l l shouh be tiet 1y) 1 c uillcus.
Alir. Smith -ai there. were :-ix Con
gresse1111 there now Who h1111 1aken ith:
regular oath ; it was n" iium orquire
of* a nnl 111111q l il une1x1 pirie tm1.11 an
addditional wath.
Capt. Willilins said tiat no man whod
That4 was tie only k1)01hate cotf Demu
cranc. y Ilt3Iiti ~zitdI)g
wto tos to beforeC4 te people itL
convince' them that11 he 14 antsas City
platform is wong ;1 woul thiey n114 this
Mr.l4 14 W. D.WL Evn 10u that421)1. the man)0
who wa e111lete toiii sucecd4' WDr.1 Stkts
where heolbelo. hI'e as h icki andes
tired)4 of)214 the tlibt)i nlIWd wha1costitte
Democrcyt i nyma wnedtog
to Cong.ress to144 11114eeed~ Stks hemus
ocr. thee cotuthl t no <luestin.410
tried. Doemocra1tsi the 11)i 11tate1 who454
they I't w ulint Ii wallow i 1 41111o 1. Atll t
shoth e a ~~llowu4l14 to got blfoe thetl peo.
wite1 peple WIf he hady the itgrss
mn' jo 1e inge his pocket he(woub2 take01
i 18t 1and0 throw411 i dow a:1 o mp114
utoniit befo8 hiie himself w111Couhlitwal
ltw 8141 t t1 ite was a libe (stambudie
tie Imocra i i dne t 10t
Mr 811(. Tatu said4 helwaslfrim heg
Sevenjth~l dist10rit' anfvored thie reso..
lu~iion. Any~i 111an opposedd1to W ~to 1 :
wonil neve0 r see411 the inid le of the hallsike
AN. Wpe1 lyt ane to nowut why 0no11
'lr.i Tatum $0aid4 ifo aolman Wated tolV
vot424 the liteublican ticet.la if toheyd
it,1( but heea to waye toplo i ftt
thing wes muc o. as thavt resolutio
be' stated wite hadl head to cgoet
caries the dis cuission int wber
fiel. I wait to Fay here and now that
AICIaurin's frielids have tWi meaIs Of
redress. This year When thinlgs Starlt
ed out we were tohl that We WeIe go
ing to have peace al harmony fio aie
iummiier at, least. liut "peace aol
harmony" won't, come whct there are
f sneaks and thieves and tIraitors oin
u aroundl( and hiring liessianas and dis
.. lIibuting gold and buying up newspa
? peI's. 1 1am fully aware ()f what I ama1
y saying, anal I lknow whereof I speak.
Senator Tilliai (turing uponi Ml r.
0 Appel)-J kiiew tha:t you be'tnged to
him heart mnal soul.
Mr. Appelt very plainaly ebaie'ad
that he hiad alys b)Ieen a very w,a rit
personail friendl and sillporter of ta r.
t MeLaturin antd that he huad hevi eoial
ly as warI at supoi't er of' Sen at ( ar TI II
Inan[ anI ( had simpol ited him ' as I' ay1ily
as anyoe else, atni he dl nat care to
i[ipugn Tilliman' motives or Iimve thle
Se!).ator impugn his.
Seniator Tillman remiarketd that Mr.
Appelt inuit have though t hadt tie
cap fit himl), lIr Ie' ha-lI sail nothingiii
cocerlinig him. Rferring, -zain to
Malc'urin's proprittorship A 'r. .\ I
pell, Senator Tilianami -ait: '-h), it is
utl(lerstood that You have hcet ''My
Dear Appelt" ) liin for maly ye'as,
Mr. Appelt --Yes, to you-I as well
to Mel .aurin.
There was a bit mare of cross lirin
between Tillhan ;aittl A el t aid Til
mana continued:
",1l3,1t, tle issue is niot as ta tmen inl
stead it is one of litpublicatisiti and
liepulicanisin of the itst adiuniable
kind. lie said that it MeLaurin hal
Colle F4Ujllrely olit lie would have h1at
somne respect for lahim; eve!) uwow hl'i;
in' to be a I)tenlieral, lie goeas to (Cha
ltte and abuliss I )eniitc by te
very tittue. l'vell the lepiliit:til Pl.t
tImts of the couitry vatl that tlat hte
trines tlhat It'e advocatetl wee pur
I t C ' lieblit l triiIes. I is inita k an
goinag up anald dowl the State ttry iIIg
liese aloctrinleis.
Mel.aItin is houul to tht I lelnoen'a it
party b1y his t'led me b 1und ta1 a I
ar )ust 11d a al:1 illt if y'.11 will. W Il:t
I. w%-itil low is cir yali to j.ss tills n t
ttlution aii let all )eamoeats g 1 fith
labeldl si) that tilly iimily be knawn tt
":4 llatoi tllll I Lt .lt( tn ,ail Ihtt I
inlla sent, tt C:;uia.ar s bi t eit . I iit
erti ie p:tty should irjiresent ai t 11.;1
Imisrepresait tha. t1.ty. Another r. -
dress that Ml .i .rin !il woubl be fI
hima) anid all his friend tto u-e all thirit
efforts, legitimaite an. l e:itmae I-.
secure thi elaecttion of com1eana rtial Ii
trats to the next Statv ctiveantihw. It
was for the people to bte bian, aml: ie
tielhis mth to tilte lwo h-. If th
conenion)p rehl-ce conh!I( [Im" M~
kept true (o De~lmoiCac tWh Hte Ie-C
le tlleinselveu eakla spiak at h hIuls
inl Noveiier and rectiely the wrogt!.
Mr. Dia! said th-it this a.n.maitt v' le
thouiaghAt, had no) tight tao pa-s 1the reso
lui tin antI SenuIA' MaI, tat lin whV'tl
pay no attention to t , so whaIt wa' the
use it) waste ltle.
SLlao Tillman--Certainly we do
not expect hiu to do so.
ar. lBitane aid he i tateal .e h..
of tie resilution, but the ttheri ha.!t it
tdid not.
Mr. Gunt'er--- -oet'5 see, i- hat
lotion cut in ltl1 ? ''aghte Cr.)
Mi. Iflease -aid that lie w.I; willin
tO condimuIII ilie COur:- tat SIiattr ()I
Iniil illia the Senate, balt w is t.ot wvii
lintg to votea for thle resiolut t iin rineast
inhg his resigniationi, as thet commtaiittee
hail no right to dlo sa, as he vie'w t it.
He niOVedt to strike oaut thle woirds ask
aitg for Mc~ L auini's res ignaati in.
MI . t'atulihain mnoved.' tat table this
pr'opoa)sitiont :-ndt thi s we a sdone. ( ) ily
three seemed to vote for' the dtivisaion
of' thie resolution.
Mr. Appitelt r'enewedvt his moationi tat
table the w.~hotle lhehantias mtliota
anid I )tr Smtiti sec anai~cd tha e rsaoltiont.
Seniatar ' lllian iialideaL'l the aye
anal may vote iipatia the ijlitstio!) aind
wanitead to settle thle whole ibinrg herie
As the voite wvas bin tg takeli Nhr.
(;lenia arose~i whent' hiis onm.ia was: eiiaha
foar not vottine": "1 alit t ot voate ter
this eionatittee to aik Sentaator Mt-,
I~auimt to ires.ina- hsa sat iui the Itnited
State's Senuata fair t ha rteaonil 11~ i
consiatituitiona of thei paty wa lix I lby
te plel anda the peophltl uiii deris
the amitter' ini the niexti :mry
edl lie did not vote. Whe thet rL. )C hoil
bteeni conc'ludedt lie rose and sai-l:
"H eeoni me as v'oti ng nit: I hal nti
'know the <juestion."a
'Tle votewas then takeni atnd wasb
chiared 21 to .a, the imotioni (a tble bt
iang thus lost.
ThI'lese votling aye werieN Mesers. A It.
pelt, Pecrritt, Dial, Smith anal MI it-.
Th'le Richatrds ires~oluttias thenl~i
C Mar. Lalitte agaln staitted his potsllion
a' at the comm iit tee adjiournedcal
s It ia thoaut, says thet N Mlbe lte':
ister that onte-thtii ot thle L'uiaaia
sugar planitationis will use ati ini:t-jsol oh
y coal this year'. The numbera~i wouit lie
LI larger, bumt fot' thle fact t hat th liphmiita
c t ionas hadt madle thei cia on tratels for at l ~
at' for the seaison be fore the fll v'a in ofi
at the Tlexas oil wias shown. I t is prtob
a- able that lby ne:xt. seaston a:I lthe suagara
'I plantains ini Louisiania wil lbe usinag
e oil inisteatd of coal.
'' It, s claimead thuat thme lib h avae
.k laas't the righat of free spech. I tacaob
shwn hs odto are toundl in tt
a-o-vn lcin the at tacks upa
anti-war' meetings taund the iniabln 'f
rat thle lBishiop aof'I eraefordl to aobtat a
I public halt wherein M iss I Hobhou
I e may recite the suffterings' of t lit BoI t:I
Invited to Re ign.
Favor of His Abdication.
muiist ahide the people's decision. I
that oatih is in the constitution yo
cannot add to it. Are we C( 11 to Al
M1elau rinisi and anti-McLaurinisi
The couliittee could not control part
If it coies to the prevalence of tl
dotrines ainoinced by tle aposile o
Commercial m )eocracy il this Stat
then I for one don't want public .1ie
for it would imieani , avrilice of primciple
but that is not it. You know Ila
every maIn knows these resolutions ar
intenled for the Senatorial election
If any lleiniber will say that there i
a sispicioll of any candidate, then .
will vote for it."
Mr. Ala. trill disclaimcd4I anly in teitio
of reflecting on any candidate inl thn
district. 'Ihis body Was the giardi i
of Democracy, tl act for the two year
btween conventionls. Demoicacy Al
this very moiment inl South Carolinaa i
blwn1 asiailed. It was well to be plain,
I tIle State m1i-l natiolial con ventioi
cann'ot definev Democracy, what oml
m1an kVong us ani riie uip And say, I
wi!l defiine it fir you? C (r say that
sh1 ip subsid s )emocr.icy ; free silver
l) not. We are created to watch the
l)Aemcracy. There is notlig in thiesit
resIhniins that cannot be subcribcd
to by aiyl tiue .l)cmIocrat. It Would bI
folly fioir mne manl to say the sipremll
comuist has not decreed the law. T1c
put this oathi oil is not doin-g violence
to .1n1y calidate. This is no secret,
tar-chlamb er proceeding. The cast
h.s1 arisen.
AMr. 'ierritt : When a man gets ol
tihe platf rin what are you goinhg to (d
witll lim ?
Mr. Ala:ill Leave him oil ti
;roun d where h belogil's.
Mr. l'erritt wlaited to know if th
C(oAnull i tt could recall Senator MILau
rill for in, taice.
Alr. Magill lad lno Such idea. The)
coutlt only Iact "in tile h1imp of experi
("nce"' Zlnd that was why he wanltec
thi; re4-itioni adotpted. The at(t
coNIvVItiOl was far away yet and thert
were dangerous enemies lurkmg in thi
call---the worst kind of enenies.
.lr. Kitchen said if these were ill
Vtendcd to hit AlcLuurin, comie out antdI
say so. 11e milenl and Coie out. 1l
did not believe in tying our Congress
menth. Wheni the issie coies tup bc
wVoild vote for it. I e opposed the
reso iilition because of its one-sided sqll
\Mr. 1'Peritt opp)ed the rcsolu tiols
hoe'cinse th-y were simpiliply additional
vcrbige. If' a iman wanted to bea
ra itP'r he would (o SO ill spite of oaths.
IL hooked as if there- was a suspicion
that somie caudidate inl the seventh
district wou!hl be a traitor. Ile saw no
reascn for tlls. If the resolution is
initeiled 1for anlothler purpose tiey'
lbould make the issue squarely.
Mr. ichards said that while lie in
telded to vote for the resolutioni, hle
thouh lt th ie resolution indirect, and
therfore offered the following
Whireas, the llon. John I.. AeL.
ln. jiuior United States Senator elect
ed t) represent the State of South Car
dlina inl the national Congress, has by
his alliat ions and v'otes in tha. body
LPigePd t he niational Democratic plat.
form11 aini t herelby miisrep~resenited his
State and hiN Demnocratic constituencey
win>o elected himl. Therefore, be it
lI esol ved , That it is the sensei and
conic~tions1 ofi tihe State D emocratic ex
eti ve coinmllitteeW that Senator .1. I2
Alel anin from the st andpoint of hon..
etIy and self -respect should1( tend~er his
Mr. lIichiards said he was aware that
the L egi-lhiture hlad faile-d to pass5 such
a resolti on, uinwisely init roduiced . IIe.
thbought thait, actioni was a reIlect ior
upoin thle dis~ingtuishiet senior Seniatori
from SouthI Carolina. ie saiid he am
his peole belt that MlIaurinl was trail
ing the D emocratie Iftla itn the dulL
and( lie was inan enough to say so.
.M r. Apipel t mUoved tio lay both reso
lutiions up1ou1 I le table without, dlebate
Senatoir Tilhnan saidl he hiopeil ul
oiie would atteillt "to gag us here.'
ir . Appelt d isclaiied any) such ini
Senator Tillmnan said that, in dehat,
ai short time algo a circumiistanice haP
arisen that lcd to the tender of the res
ignalt ions of Mciaurini iand himiselfI
and all knew what followed. '"No;
we here ini tis room are eithler D)emoj
erats or we are not. We are thle irelp
resenitativyes of the D~emocracy. lla
lcI ,auini had1 this mani, cast his vot
in the Uniiited States Senate mn accord
anice with the will and1( desire of th
i.eoplei of tis State '? Who will darii
st and tip here and say that lie hats dlon
so ? Iliut I know somethling about i1
Hie has votcd 011 inmportant miat tei
withI th li epublican paIrty'. since thi
reaty w;ithI Spain wa'is ratibied by hi
vote. Ia this what, you call Demnocrl
cy ? And is that what you call a D1 en
ocrat ? 1 have remiainiedi quietly ini mi
seat and( seeni himii !onfer titme aln
agaiin with IRepublicans. Now we ai
the enlginiees anid weC are ini charge
the D)emocrat ic traiin anid we mmti
guile it safely iinto the D emocratic sta
tioni. The emergency has arisen an
we must act lie-re and niow and see t1:
train Bsafely throughl. We mutst pr<
tecct the party iinterest, fromit reiachery.
Senator Appelt interrupited to at
Senator' Tillman if lie thought the conI
,nmittocc had ally right, to amenid ti
pledge provided in the party constit
Senator T1ilhna smlaid: "'I am ni
dliscussing that pledge resolution.
am discussing the import ant substitu
which has in8t bee., ofee adwi
Under Scientific Methods the Yield
is Quadrupled Per Acre.
Washin:.tia Special to News anti Courier
Theli peach cr~op of* the i itedl States
will aintmut thiis year to about 75,001(
0('0 busiels. It is the fiiiit oil whiicli
tlis con'or 13' ides itself Iliost, aid Ie
ent ly tlie gigantic ilulust ry it eprc
selt s lli s lich been tidlsfoIrmie by tihe t I
Sro luilon 01, of Vaitolus ne w and scit iti
lit- tla .. los t impI 1)orI tanIt amlonig
tlset' is atn "iiilsive" lu thiol <.1
cultilre, by which itole acro is miale to
) iell imore'c tlan tiused to Ie obtaineI
rec.konedl mi uhl, li)frn four tiles
I lxt a rea.
It is inl M icligaui lth:at this ilta has
has been e'irried broades'. its most es
selitill - e(u il 4lnleti i0 I'troil lieI
ill t l a d a I i l kI I n ) tI Ii h ee a
w ~It I iItiq viti u Ia c 'u~ I " .S IIIIIIIII I 11, I
well 4 -liihi rii41it ii t ilillig oft jil
I ruits oni aeli tre .iT theemc b -sh
iolled growver. tt- notio %i f littig )T
t - tits ft ilte pe ,ells jitl t w ileil
ith atre eginin'g to duvelp Seems
abtuIA .1114ti 1 1 )v n llre oils; yet ill
tik is ily fio'!I'libes alle mlt aillly oh
ainec l th li woue bvil b otued ifthir'le
W.< lto sutchl inerernc , n l the inl
ivillal pelee s .ie Ve y li11te tl ( ,
ill dgintil fa10) lit'le rice1i ill te ien'
1 ,t i IIy sucil lieotally; 11111 1111tili I s)
buheill t) a tre ,ti (,I a0( huslcs to ilhl.
N,i'w%- ties hililes,1 alilt: f a killdi
if, tollis il t. pi ers ot le i s> l
se111(. . n I I lilt lit wtallt IiIlI a I t it II
i s th.t tI te I )tiIIb r of I - ( . c.t,
ptil('il-stollt's) pro(Illecet is ( IIll'y olle
folill tul t il 111, lliaIl .1lid, illite olil el
va tileit s 'Vells pmint tlis i i ti gre tst it
Ill drains: uponl the vitility ofth r ,
(i ini l i t illei-sle 'lll l t a (jlallities'
If l alid |ilosp1ilortis acid( I roill
he11 , ) a pr-ofitable saVlag is (freti.
-ueideit re ubrity of yivIfh freoi
'1silto01 e i.,, Irt iutte1.
Th ielescliviliy %)f t It( wlie e -
.1(owt r is Irost. A piei iltve is h
hor"l fol), I llitt ( i ii t' lt i tlst IltI o
iiti.'Wl ill th il ofi wat itll iit it'
Ill, is b 0lilsto ( eIIall'i, Il r lile ilis
lalft' lit. t l t el l 1 i .ki at'
rivd. Then 1 co s cohl weatihr tnd
itis is lilit'dr, wi lli t ilsastr' ls tillr lllill
'i'iut:it ids to) ille plintel'. oit So itlr
til it l Iid 1ofh4 t ull i1%': 4vi X wt't i
Ilan inl thie No-1th, bec'ius of tihe
WA:11'I spells tlat aris v (1111trat .i leill
It a lihel ahierbIlind le hat peahstrhat
tdf tl-' -'olt mlay be tuliti.-atedl 't) a con
1der1al e uXtelit ab Iiiayl,- tI waut
i(I jtolliti5 buds witli a soilution -' A
whtite-wash, titihe etfet bein t >)1 hoh
I'.it)'O i I v tilt l' 4)1 I h i'si"i. )I is yea
iek i)the ll tilis, 'ii till', wilitce, Ille
'11)(I havi og l esI ili tt'i le l th
lsll) C i, .1lit, ofas oiiI ii lill,
Ia e iti'oe til t heing li ot jitI
S1 i le kiet I, 1. 1 : '., I C t le l.
In4cI latitis I - t I. it: is rii -e st Iie
ns belt over ioizo-ilally close ta
h i oullei i 01. d t ii v \v'~ti's a ao. 'lilt
C Veed wiil Araw orI eit ltil to rlotec4 t
t i i h x.
I1Ills 1jwoji. w'a s a e w li o n ()I*
pay alm( reatly lietitt for ceptionlally
bei ei' 41rit. Ili wilieri ats 4111 llis
tZ a piowe. is oIftel paid f(r pelces,
Mi m r inl tis colury are ry
l t 41 itlle. so le of thiite i 11 )ls i t
hioir t itral metiodes of 1ltr- ope. I i:
lrllii ta antli pet d it it'us al
ni)nian%'v tinn e w i hiit against1151 ii w lls
1)4 1oott r o away ferom ltt hiwall it Ual
oll the bran141his are ct away excet isa
ICl The ll tleish<> the thsar it
Bill Arp Declares That Life Is 0
t Colititual Striuggle With Its U
y, and Downs.
lyAtlanta 'Oinstwntion.
Life is a Continual t I ugle ast -r.
10o to better our colnhienm to k
even With the world or to et a lit
e ahead-a1 strugle' to 1imy these fde
e ile just debts, as SatI McCaIy u
to esIll themn --, s4tlu.gle it) r iwk
aid etcate a fanilly of chibliei
gralify their reasonable esires :
keep ill hililing" distance of ,socv
The av.'e rage you n id inantIi I
visions of gettilg rich, but, by tlte it
three or four chihiren cole along I
best aintahition, is to keiep evel. T
S it.iggle is oii iiti. A _>iii til
ha i lit) it iltoll to tC rieli, but s
(Iie visht her chihil(e'l lo rank wi
the best at atholie aild abroad -at cli ti
and Sebol>I . ati1 picnics antI partit.
Sheit- en' mniiinnd Ill a v l
buttt t have sto ne nire filI;lijl til
tilie parlor and th e all wlr ito 1
are vonit tl etnIie. W lien thin ..
oli anl faiiiliali' sie 11t at I it
etrilllet Ir a lia'e stitlle *l (e tit l
itce curtaills hatill il" t'fril iblled la
over teli winiows, sun lethilnte ih
)tNw and lp-t ()-da t1e, and1 lIh t rl
lieds relnoVnil l wilt tie t1lie It
plaster, paint :und palwcr. Whyl, shulf
n't sh ? That nt)otu is hlit boulit,
it is hit prison il S ine aw . tl -
it) sit inl it aund Sew inl it andi nurse
it every ty and her critical k!\t l.'
evet~y sign'l of decay every spiderl wI
anld fly Speck an-' ' :111 4-h n s l,
I lte ceiling- -e Vh. plac t i t a 1
.carpt I or lte ru1 i- I'lteu ti i , ;It
every brokell ghsi or h cl ill tI h pIa
ti lat thil ll ildre l IiIhav lit e.
good niteolrl ann't iite. up ier nbt e,
withiut soell wena aml ter of (4 furl
tun. andl linery. It shouhd nev\cr I
IS tfor 'Ittn'' hte li hg h s hat allit
unibeautifu l ltiligS. It wa s ft 1r Ill
that (t l in lithe li owers, atn ci t
tile earthtl with grass and ti it hiwd,
I inl" arnd st illhid the hecaVln1- wil
' .t't4s. The ait rti-t all c ris lillt i1
lie f r til?s ;aild k all alls,rI'Il.
Inl the sneerviSS (1f Ik una: whanil v
it is. It el had bta leen lali n tiw
would ha ti beenlt hinks hiltusm
11o Illowes but do.! fennell.
"Ih we ti te l d t hl le t i o I II w
w at it wa abI Ivi I ~ iI i
A I" t it ii: w i riti . Itc di I t I li c 4 I :i I
will i, l lt '
IA Ia t et ri , i iged :1tt ee
iist r l e toma I ie lain and I lia til hI '
anld Ilte ch ibd-iren. The r pon s-ibI
k i his :aih fl s it, fo thm rlieF rin
a t 'lilllly t ill n ues e'labl e wty j ,I
r hge t i etain ( I It i s bll hlt. I
C an t o h this and "ot tich I ) It lity, ;u
Ithe shouhd loot wvish1 (o. kIvllhes -clm
-1lly dwarf a maul inl I Is hel r I v1. n,1
tionls anld prove a curse. Io hli-, (hiM r
Of course, awy shrewd 111n lit ttI I
rI- l ift' lIe Will In 1tk I Ill.)" of vi l
if het! w. do asithe iet . .1 i r 8ai i
t Iitt --oilty nothin iitg thatt y i .1
obli. geyd to litrle. '
Th 1e ornbitioll lito, evtoil:t', I w
knni to b tterth irl. l n it' pM
.ithi . T hs i n I the lil d I i h
boell I w is (iNh4ll li, Itll itS '11) Il I
wiloo i olt rIitIltI lIewd'ill 1. (1II Iy
clothesi [o st ow lig li ill es, tillit-.!!
gree of ripeness is decided. In form
dtays peaches had to be picked so1
days blefore they were quite ripe, so
to allow for transportation, but atI pI
sent, (hanks to the i refrigerator ear al
last freight, this is no longer itecessar
and the fruit is left on tihe tree nll
it h1ts, come to ftill maturity, bell
Sa ken just before it begins to soften.
EIach picker is proviild with i smr
calvas hag marked iwith Iis numblii
nId Conta ining tickets bear ug 0,:
-;in)( numbher. Ile pults one (if, tI
tickets ill the bottoi of each ibasktr
it! beitV lIs it) fill the latter. Thus,
lity hbasket tti reachiig the assoltin
tablie is l'urIl dtieicietii inl aly respiecl
as to Illthe s1piity i tue pel.cies c
-therw it is knownl at once who i
re(,SponsI-ible, annd a1 "iehl inlspector,
1 'hlops awayy (n Isl. hrse. to ianlli
iter a correctilve rebukec to thle indiviJl
tuil at fault.
lor eacht ia l fpickecrs there is
certain ninherII. of helfxers, who fetel
th eillipty ba skets lor retilling all
tote" away the newly f hktiieu baskelt
car-lin a ith sv it the i in e sec tin
itvenluies, whrt IItey are phtig upoil
liw wahOns r traisporttion i th 111
parin htis. This, building is ail
monnseshd, ai lof troverheint afford
inl., spIace for the storagie of eiltnyt
hll tII :11 erte, while below al,
tilli tbles, a-ih statl young mil
and i rlwho sort the peaches. Thli
Is exImrt work, (lte frult inving trans
ferell ito cata-ais tra s anld rti int
thre grade i -t"I -',xtri a,' "No. I'' ai(
'Sit vulldA."
All ailit-ies that are too ripe to
ship am111 , avt a it anle Io' the eva1p
wratilSr, while tlha\'ei ones go toi
dump, t k-(I I - s I de t t-ly l htI 1tr by 1
( h h: tId i-ek h I ft ritI, as fa lit
it is grIh-' in ba kts -mid nail then
upl in vrates, -ix .1 quart basikets goini
11 1 cratle. Th er4. ti a I t1inal i ltspection
an1 it e critics :uye li' -d ablart l tit
rer rtr .1 eIcar, which is seale up111
nit t b1 op-i agit ain intil hil
Northern city is n' ahvd, whire tIll
neii-r1hambe 'sobe411t 11O. Th, Alit
II itist pmill aie takelt l 01111hilke i tI2
a. silori as posliile filli Ow Irv" 1(
th car, an1111l 111de ordimiry circumi
stances 1)1 11111 l11m al h11our chaie m:
ater te fru n i ( picketl befor ti!he ca
is I lled : il svalvil.
Alethods, equally expedhlmus arn
'in te1 I lil ivetSrywlht-rv, tin14litl etl I
timis valy tI14t . .i lesis will ( lle loc tI
ity oill- i i t(It io ti. I )elawi t e has t i
except)Inlal attva"lt.1--li iln heilig, s
ntar tc ew Yi2rk, Philadtelphiiilt
othier t leal cities o I tilie l'asei i st
b oa0 ford, I Ii e I r(11:1111 (iVtieltelleRii
are cannled til Dphlaware, it hiligl
favtory itt Secatord winr 3,000 lowtket
i ly ill thi al. at thiet pret N tim
Thle peopple emplotyevl to peal thle fri
arle nearly all1 womeni.
Ill Alieilgan there is it 1vonle'rfu
peach hlcit, which11 r111s aloiIg the east
ein she o Il iLlake libian forl. a dis
lance of 11,11) miles; f romt I i t I Iv
soluth of1 St. ,JIoSeph ito thet, northl shor<
of Traver-se lHv, iund vau-ying- inl widtl
fro-ill jl to W( tilile, I'llhike (Gtmiri;,
'1 lll w r it Is, a re-giml ()f r llt
oeursarnd thlis- is one re~ason whl
the -inltensive" methomd of cutlture( all
ready.6 des cribui hlasi been s10 adiibbi
(teelope'd In im part ()f Iih emllut-y
Nexl to froist Ohe uni! dreaded fi
"f the pleach-armver i4 the" "Olows,'
at (iscilst' hybl l Au IR'l--I fotild to hli
Hair Falls
"I tried Ayer's Hair Vigor to
stop my hair frtom failing. One
half a bottle cured me.
h. .1. C. 1B xter, Braidwood, Ill.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is
certainly the most eco
lid nomicatl p lpration of its
kind on the market. A
littIe of i ,1 a long way.
It doesI't take much of
it to stop Falling of the
II hair, make the hair grow,
A and restore color to gray
hair. $1.00 a bottle. All diugglats.
It "ur dtit:-ist, calutol, st pplYyVou,
Seil- I t io r anl we w I e
Il A ,' iw t an . .ll ' '11 1 14'. i lam -
. :f 4 - . I # . - I rore : i ,.ive ti I
14- gof yoii:i i1 t 44x press 1 2.2i . m I3- t
I I that has fewer
if i t I . - I I
it ~ 7tj . li j44- 1' tij t, &i 01
it I 44 , I . 10 i v ' plt !, t j I ;~~I N.,4. i 'l X
( . a I A 4 h 1u 11h t 14rm' t1 e
11 1 I 1 .1 1N it ;I-- i ' ' 4''ll [1-I. 4,11 111ol34~
* ler I I W .t I| c,. 1 41 c (I
I d 41 -q her. II I : l itedII I 1. th) - s.
ili Of 1 k.r ai I maise .
Wi 11 "Ir mI') I 4111 c (dii I ' 141 O ii , :11( I Jill
id e thict 1 andj e Iie li
S 4 n . L \ i tll Sinl I' ani
;;I \,. 1 i ll a t11h111er
1,1-1 'I i t(. h nd f il. O '
h - I1 I'll~ , Vit -) 1i - a il IIIi I c i I '.u
4 Vi '-44 Ii 4,, I '4 i- I w i itll clil,
I 1M : I I h - 11 chnd t t i k
1' ' t o eIL Illesr
'1 I i 1141 Liiiu b:I< III do ll
1 1o W.I ;IV pii.1414- I W ill gv it
Iw I I I I ti I ': I
I f: (.1[ta i I '
- I. I I' 1 i I I
li I 4 4 l141 i I Hi il l I I'", of 44I. 0I
I t 1u -l I I i '1 i d
niht ~ ~ I~ u~pai'
b 1 -II r i ed 1 to h) 111 1 e ,
; I ~ ),IIi Ip alds
V 1 4 .L ba tl IIf W theI I
wI. Ur 11a r look- e m
- i f r t I N1 1 1" pill m :.e I" I t(s
1 1 i i. 'F , iI 11. F 1h411 1
I C I I .l III[ hy y r > r
hl h- fL h Liil war. It was
b 1 ..1u!11 it i i ll):Ly 11ow,
2III r ' 4 il 1411 11 i Itle.
- I I .w b "I ili mll'L'4h the .1Vg
14W (till' I 0\:-II I I)le,'v 1i
a hen a li t atl U i i l, knowv what
P t conld I'. 1. No t ni e In lii- had
a2 hu! 4 he2 wee red.:- , e- 3r for
thld wr uf hzidf a. Chien--.m
Ih hKind Yuve A r lay B t ogh,
t u.:, h.mt w-cor nd -htue-oc
b ' I-)- hetwe)nn-~ 1 Wincluter~y
1- 1.A Uot 411.r <br .Il( ni w lbigv
dare.18lar~ lh ckle~ wnami ullhim
with u: a !ie n. (for ovs woredis

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