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The People's Journal.
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-Mrs. Emma Major is quito ill at Ban
dy Springs.
-Bring or send us your job work.
Good work assured.
-Mrs. B. F. Parsons is improving
from an illness of several days.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Bower
Freeman on the 29th ult., a son.
-J. C. Jonnings nOW occupies the
Harris building near the depot.
--Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher
Brock, Wednesday, July 24th, a son.
-The Piedmont Baptist Association
convenos at Enon church today, the 1.t.
-Dr. W. F. Ausitn will he in Easley
Tuesiday and Wdnlio.iday next, August
6th aild 7bh.
-B. F. Froom is in chargo of the
the summor term of school at tlo Ha
good school house.
-Foster Terroll, charged wit.h petit
larceny, was ancqu itted before Magistrate
D. F. Sutherland last Monday.
-Oversoors are boginning to call ont
linds and place the roads in good con
dition in all directions from Pickens.
McKinzio's Juvenilo IMinstrols will
give an enterailullolnt in) the court houso
this Thursday ovening at 8:30 o'clock.
-Thu Boa id of Heath of Pickens
town1 gives notice to cloani up all contamn
inated placs. Read it anid act immo
-Gap Hill church has been becoming
ly ressed ui an 110W prescots an ap
poei-anco in keoping With the neaetio: of
the church.
--Town subscribers aro making coi
plaintA al)Out tdlephono service. If the
trollb'o is with the wires they ought to
b1 adj nsted,
-IC'eFall tolls you this wook of many
things you need. Seo his full lin( of
gooda and you will tind anmost every
thiig you nied.
-Tho 1upply ordinance fir tho year
1901-1902 for the town of Pickens has
1been 1)a.9sed by Council and posted for
general information.
-Just as we go to press we earin that
the Virginia Carolina Chemical Co. sc
eured last Tucsday an option on the E i-.
ley cotton seed oil mill. This, virtually,
momns a sale.
-Don't forgot that the next session of
the Piekens Cotinty Singing Convention
will bo lield with PIater's Creek church
tho Hecond Sunday in August nid th
8aturday before.
-Rev. J. E. Foster will begin a series
of rcvival metings at Secont this Thurs
daiy night. Rev. Foster is a lost arn
eat worker in the cause of christianity
and( muhl goodi is aniticipated1.
-A decided implrovement hlas recently
'-.nd in the new Pum'pkintown
aair tho town limits, which adlds to
comfort and safoty of travolers,
ng aln easy app~lroa1ch to town.
eputy Marshals McKiney and Ro
.... -ently captured a 100 gallon still,
Capl and worm in thu county below Ca-~
techlao. Theia proprietor war not at home,
but, from 5i00 to 000 gallons of beer wr
onl hand. Trho entire outfit was taiken ini
h an d.
-Nowspapers have beenm puliabing
information to thec elfect that a Teachers'
Tistituto will op)en at Picken~ oin August
29th. Superintendent Bright has ire
ceived no offcial noticai of this and is
unable to give positive information COnl
cering it.
-T1he schll~ Supe rintenident has had
his hands full exchanging hooks; the
supiply is not at all equal to thu domnd
andl thea county superintendent has al
'-eady pledged~ is i?~nividal credit to
the extent of aibout $200.00 ho ease mat
ters5 off somewhat.
-Perry J1. Manldin, residinlg near
Mile Cre-ek, while on his wvay home
from (lap H-ill church last Friday was
anght iln a severe wind anld raiun storm
in the sectioni near Mrs. M. J1. Robbins'
place, whichh unfiroofod sevoral buildinugs.
IIeavy lighnigand rain a~comfpanied
thu wind.
-Owing to the lateness of its arrivalI,
a fnll repoert of the recent missionary
meeting at Oolon.2y echurch will not ap
pear inl this issue. It was an occasion
long to be remembered by the poople1 of
that sect ion whlmosOecourtesiuiq andu ger
osity so impressmod the visitors that they
will doubtless be glad to mako another
slav aumong the hopitablo people
right eairly.
-H. A. S. Porter secured a paftonlt on
his iniventioni stylodl a "Rotary Engine,"
on July 3d, 1900. It is a unique dovico
in thme steam engine line, dloing away with
ltroke wvheel, eccntric or piston rods
and governlors, simplifying the mechan
ism, reducos cost of miannfacturo. It is
pivotical or reversible. Mr. Porter is
making arrangemento for the manuifac
ture of this pautent aind will advertise it
through the Exposition. Ho got the
idea from observing the effoot of escap
ing steam striking the faice of an idle
--Maj. E. HI. Shanklin, a lifo-tiamo ires
ident of Pendloton, died at Hickory, N.
C., last Sunday, July 28th, at thae ad
vaaced ago of 75 years. Hie was a gal
laiat soldier in thao war betwvoen the
States, enterr~g service in thae 12th S. 0.
r-egiament of infantry; later lhe transfer
rodl to the 7th (Hailkell's) reginlent of
Otavaly, Glary'as brigade, in whaich com1
mandl he served till the close of the war.
His romaims wvoro brought to Pendloton.
lHe leaves surviving three Soins and two
daughaters with friouda tall over the State.
Onoe by one thu old veterans are. passing,
A few more yogra and they will all he
--Nellie, the litt~le thirtoen-months
-old daughater of Rev. ani:l Mrs. (I. L.
Craig, diedl at their htome in WValhalla
Taiosdaiy morning ~July 23d, after a
long illness. She' hiad been a (lonstant
4 Yorerer for niearly a m'mith. Thme re
ni ins were brought to Pickons Tuesday
afternoon for burial at Gr-iffin church,
about five miles from here, wvhere the
the funeral was (condtucted at 4 9'olookc
Wednesday aftornnoon by Rev. B. Hold
or. The remains wore aceomplanied by
Rev. and Mr-s. Craig, Mrs. S. C. Heniry,
of Seneca, and Mrs. BRown, of Piekena.
'The bereaved parent have the sympathy
of ma~ny friands in their sadi affliction.
TAhe ohild was the fand-dautghiter of
?4,and IMEg $ , QW1) Qf
thi aanv
Miss Sallio Alexandor,of Soneca, is vis
iting Sheriff McDaniel's family.
Miss Eva Edons, of Halo, is visiting
at the home of Maj. J. M. Stewart.
W. W. T. Nalley, ia prominent mor
chant of Easley, was in Piokons Mon
A.rs. R. S. Cathcourt and children, of
Charleston, are guots at the home of
Col. J. E. Hagood.
Mrs. Frank P. Mctowan and ohildren
of Laurens, are guosts at the home of
Mrs. Hollingsworth.
Miss Cabalan and Miss Belle Cahalan
are guests of Miss Francis I1agood at
her summer home in Pickens.
Capt. J. J. Hord, one of the main
stays of tio Crow Creek section, was
seen on our atroots Monday.
W. A. Gilreath, cotton buyer for the
Piedmont mills, spent the first part of
the week with1 his mother here.
Mrs. Floreneo Griffin has retturned
from a pleasait visit to her daughter,
Mrm. 1). F. Sutherland, llock, S. U.
-Chas. M. lowen is filling a respon.
niblo position in the dry goods establish
mont (if the Davison Paxton-Stokes Co.,
Atlan tat.
Miss Alice Finney left Piekens last
Saturday for Atlanta, whero sho his en
tered for training inl a thoroughly eqluip.
pod hospital.
Mr. Arthur P. Sparr, wife and child,
of Gatinesvillo, Fla., Mrs. Oius Ging,
Jacksonvillo, Fla., anti Mrs. Carrio 11.
Price, of Gainesville, Fia., are at, Mrs.
Mrs. T. A. lainey, wife of Conductor
Ruiney, of the Sothern railway, anti
children, and Miss Sallic lirandon, all
of Atlanta, airo visiting the family of
Capt. J. T. Taylor this week. Mrs. Rai
ney and Miss Brandiou aro sisters of
Mrs. Taylor.
Willio Looper, of Roanoke, Va., is on
a visit to lis grand-father, Jerre Looper.
and other reliativos about Pickons this
week. Since his (leparture from Pickens
several yeaas ago, when a little boy, the
world seems to have dealt kindly and
gencerous with him.
We have had a very hard struggle try
ing to gtain the long sought victory over
General Green and now that we have
snceoded, we find time to think of the
dear old JoUnxA, again.
Crops are looking fine in this section
and we are glad to say we have had been
wonderfully blest with good seasons.
C. B. Finley and Miss Jano Robbins
were summoned this afternoon to the
bedsidte of their brother, W. A. Finley,
of Piodmont, who was so unfortunate as
to got his leg broken and who is not ex
pceted to livo,
Crow Creek school opened Monday
with Prof. Earle Miller as teacher. The
Palestine school opened the 15th with
Prof. Jason Entrokin iu charge.
Mliss Alma Mauldin is attending the
Johnsonia Female School.
A very enjoyable singing was given at
the home of Bluford and Miss Mattie
Alexandor 111st Sun i day afternoon.
Mrs. Naney Mauldin, who has been
quite sick fur some ;imo, is able to be up
Baseomb Whitmiro and Jos. A. Fin.
ley, of Nowry, visited relatives in this
neiglihborhood last Sunday.
,1. E. Bridger, wife, and daughter via.
ited relatives aind frinds here last wctk.
'Ti~s I.
A~s nothing has atppeare'd from this
la~co for somec time, I will undertake *to
givi a few dots.
II. 13. Bowen & Co. arc handling
quantities of lumber.
Schtools, bo0th mialo and4 female, oponohid
Monday, the 22d ult. Priof. J. W. Dan
iob has chargo of thoc boys; they have ia
good schocol and an excellent teacher.
Crops are good and( will soon be laid
by; peachies and apples atro flue this year.
It will not ho long till 1home1 raised wa
tormelons wtill be generally on the mar.
A little daughter of Garvin Parsons is
thouight to have scarlet fevor.
A two-year-old chlild of L. F. Cook
was badly burnedl on tbo 4th tilt., but is
imp~roving, atnother of his little girls is
ailso recoverinag from sever" illness.
J. C. Gbaiacs, soil of Wa. C. Gaines,
wife anad little son are getting up from
several dlays sickness.
W. C. (Gaines is visiting his daughater,
Mrs. Mary Bowlia, at Wellford, S. C.
La wrenlce Brook has trca tedl himself
to a bicycle.
Sonme one htas said the reason they
sepatrated the buys and( girls at school
w~as to "'cow" thaemt but it wvas not, nor
will it. O.ur boy3s are geantlemeni.
S(.nIon Bov.
I guess this literar-y duel is becomiang
monotonous, but 50omo pe(ople like moi
notony. S, C. D). hats onae) more sallied
forth froma his fort of pr-oteetion wvithI
his little bnder- buss, but it exploded
before it ireachaed it-s matk. Whena Magiu
ter sawv the beginnlinlg ha thought his
time had come, but aiftor r-ending dlowni
tihe columnll, saw it wvas not so torr-ibly
danugerous, canght his breath and( is still
liviang. Yes, ever-yonio knows that T1ill
an flonded the mails wvith ti-ue reports
inl '96, anld lhe had a perfect right to fight
for his "'pet" measure, nas iho calls it.
Magister is overjoyed bocause of S. C.
D's. gratnting haimi the right to vote as
he pleases.% I hold( 1n0 matlico toward
either- R. E. M. or S. C. Dl., but say lot
us5 agreco to disagree.
Maogiator looks tharought( differen t spec
taoles and1 can't see the bright visions
like S. C. Di., but thle Ir-ishiman saidI, "It
is a geood thiang all couldn't sea alike; if
so, everybody would waat his wvife."
-TLhe meeting inl the interest of a
Confederate veter.mis home to be hold at
Pendlotona Satiurday, August 3 1, 1no
dou)lbt will be0 well atttopdod, as all the
ladie's have a special ianvitation to be 01n
hiandi and1 encottrage the mnovemnt for a
home for the homoeloes, worn out aol.
diers by their- presene. Beside a nlice
grove for a pienie thecre is a large dano
iaag 1ha11 that will he at the service of than
younag people after thle sp)eaking. TIhe
old bat the flatgs of Orr's Rifles, Palmetto
4hiarpshoeoter-s, Fourth Soi th Catrolinaa
and as mnany more as cain h)0haod, will
float over thle (Ipeakoer's sitiad. F~or all
war relics thlat 0can bo mustter-ed uip for
this oconsin, a guard wvill lbe placed
over them, so no 0on0 nood( deter from
bringing thean1 otit for foar- of losing aniy
of thoem, All veterans era invited to
meet in Ferr-is' 11011 froam 10 to 11 a, m.,
participalto in the vcor-ganijaition of
UnmP 1000, U. 0. V, Speaking will he
gin, at 11 a, mi,, and wheni through resa
lutions favorinlg a Confederate homo will
be offered,
-Woe pr'int thia week notion of meet
inag, August Od, of old soldiers it om.
unewith provisjions of tile peniteon
Tle condition of the roads in Pickon
county is a serious matter. A gentle
man from Keoweo river says that ti
thresher could not got to One of hi
noighbors houses because of tile ba
condition of the road. To stito it. in plail
Engisi, this a disgrace and shamo <
our county. What is tho cauos of thi
condition of the roads? Thero is a caus
somewhere. Every effect must have
con1so. It iiust be insuffllioint law-dle
fectivo legislation. It seems to tli
soribo that the law shoila requir ll
able-bodied mnen from 18 to 55 years t
work ten days the first yo ir to piut Ilh
ro)ads im good condition, then after. tl
first year six days would keep tlem il
good ordor, abl)1ish1 tih comm11utaioi
tax, 21.a I am informod it is a faiiui1, AM
has a tendoiey to of'er a ecliio fo
fraud. It will not do for publi, fiid.
to pass through too many fingers, it, wil
stick somowher. Somiething mu1 :st b
d'ne. As it is at presel, :111 th11 m
hilly part of the county is abont iml1pass
afle, Peoplo will have to aell their bag
git's and go hlorseoback.
If the County Commisssioners will li
l9w it and not ttihink it dictatorial, .
would humbly suggest that they call I
masg.% Ilmeeting of th citizenls of Pickon:
County to meet inl the court hiouso some
timo in August to diseuss tie road 0011
Lition and passH resolutions expressin
tilt) hinld of road litw we 21ned a21n ai
our imlembers inl tile legislaturo to enaC
them ilt() at law for our cotinty.
Crops on Crow Creok ric e ab)lt fill
ished working. Cotton it tihis daie Sm1iall
Corn fair. Cuow Cinau.
"'Aro you dono 'laying-by " is til
rluOstionl asked by every nighbor 011
meets. Thle answer will ie "'yes" 1)
t) time this makes its appearanco in thi4
Iou InmAT.
Married, oil Sun21day, Jily 14th, 1901
it. the residonieo of Cu rray ChI 21l)al
Fields R. Chapman to Miss Sillio Lewis
Thei attendants4 were: J. (1. McJollhI
S3muith with Miss Myra Chapman, alt
Mack Chapia. vitil Mi.44 Idi ChaI) p
mlan. M1agistratoCIapman gracefully olii
iltCd. The Many fl'iCnds of the 'oll)
vwisi them1 I long and haippy jolirno
t111ogh life.
Rev. 11. F. iMorphree was a guest it
A. T. WXinchester's last Saturday.
W. E. Curtis and family werO) gilolst
it A. T. Winehoster's Saturday and Su1n
E~x Postmnaster Jef' Aikoni, and familil,
f Central, were guests at the homo 00
his brother, W. W. Aiken, from Thurs
Lilly till Sunday last whence they went t<
Brovard, N. C., to see relatives.
John Gilstrap died at tile 110110 of bi1
mother oil tho 20th ult., after it lirger
ing illness with white swelling and rhoeu1
mnatismn and was biried the day follow
ing his donth lit New Friendsh'ip M. F
church, tle fiulieral being conducted b
Rev. C.L.McCailn. John was 10 years o
age, jlist Centering lllnlood alid in ti
bloom of hice; h h ayes a mother all
thico sisters besides ia host of friend,
an-i rolatives to imoturl lis dentil.
The general health of this comuninit3
is good.
Crops are looking good with timel
ramns to urge them onl.
Daniel Winchester says he thinks h1
lis made or saved more money than al
other iml-anl of his ago farming ill propoi
tion. He is 65 yo.trs of ago and has ou
out a set of mill stones ready for us
whih wo'euldl cost at least Sio;'ho has a)
so built a two-h~ors( waugoni besides. dc
iung his faurmi work.
Antioch schIool (district No. 25) open)
ed last week with Miss Minnie Kirksey
teachuer. 1H. N.
'1m Tu OUJonAF is now11 comleltely ant2
nicely domiilied in its niew quart'ers il
thec Anithony brick building on tile st re
leadinlg to tirevard, and1( Inost ox(cllen
(iuarlters we* have. We wvill111 n ow beire
pared to give our readers a miuch hette
paipcr than heretofore alnd 1hope thley wvil
apprl~eciate our efforts by enlI-rginlg on
subscriptioni list, handing ill adveitisingj
and)2, laist bu12t not leaist, thiri jobl w1orki
.eare niowi especialhly pr'eparle: to d<
job work, guarantecing lirst-cls. wor12
and11 pri(ces ill kOOping with11 all ones
living. ive' us your patrona:ge. To ad( ver
tiser, we gualran)tenl tho~ largest ci rculah
ion ini th1 county by long odds (b)oile
nioarly double) and1( our books are ope.
for your inspection as to tihe truthI of Lhb
assertion. A dlecidled implrovemetl
thle miechlalnialilapparanceO of theu pape
may 1b0 looked for as theO comling week
roll by. To all we say, 0como anld 800 ui
I iry 1,. Shattuc2k of Shl sllurg, 1(own)
was enIied oIf a sto11:mch troule witl
which 1he )4 ha bee llihietedl for years bu:
folir blomE of Chlamrlain,' Stomaebl am21
I ,iver Tahes 1. 1IIe)112 h~lul'eiously trPict
m1any13Othe remedI2101ie'san i)2(111be1)0 (of phi~
11ians wit ho'it relief. F~or .sahe by (G. WV
Crops ale genera'lly' g od in tis2 soC
tionl. Farml)or's aro' abouit (dono ''layin
M~.iss Maioli Ba~llntino) opened a flun
isthiing Reihool ai Reun2ioni (21 the 22d uit
WV. J. Boggs is employed b y thle Lib1
eity Cotton Mill. Wallter is a siccsfu
man and we think they have 1mad(1 m)
bad choice for cotton wveighler.
A heavy railn fell in) thlis setioii on th)
25th uilt.
Thell MI. F. Ansel c~i~inig factoryi
doing a goodi biniie45sunder the mna:ge
mnent of Messrs. J1. J. WVakolin and J. L
Miss Mariiy Hlenderson, of L~aurons, S
C., is Onl a visit to her neowo, J. 1D
Honiderson on Rogga Moututain1.
Mrs. J. A. Stegall has been onl thl
sick list for several day13s, but is imuprove
M. C. Pall finished thuinnling cottoll o
tie 16th of July. It wals late to thli
cotton hut his crop) looks line.
Roev. Mr. Sloan will preach~ at 1.ounio
the first Su tday at 4~ p. mn.
Misses Ella Nelson and Rhettio Norri
visited relattvos in Liberty last week.
Harry Stegall wvas thte guest of Mi
and Mrs. J. WV.I iherifY last week.
0. R. ])oyle, who has been opo0rato
at thie rock qluarry, is niow at Central nm
a Mr. Newton is mat tho qutaiy.
N. J. Sheriff whilo 01n huis way fror
Etusley with eleven huniidred pounds(1 C
flolur last Friday, eaimo very near hein
caughlt ini theo rini. Ho sueccetded i
getting to WV. WV. Norris' and bunn
.1Rev. .J. W. Shieriff' preachied a ver'
in)torestolg Flermon at Renion on tm
third Sunday to a large congregatlonl.
All peril~s rosidinlg within flhe inco:
p)Orato btmits of the town of Piekens 111
required to 01loan ulp till hog pens, piini
andi all (contamfinated plaes on thioi
pr'omfiH(o itmmodately or the Board wil
book after samo at the expense of th<
residents. An inspector wvill Visit tal
pnromisesI one d1ay this week.
4 A Little Rtiver correspondent in th
- Keowco Courier under dato of July 23d
3 has tihe following concorning a horribl
4 find ill Oconee county:
I On tho 17th of Juno last Miss Malnd
j Rice, aged 71 yoars, aid of unsoinn
uind, who lived with her brother, Ran
a som Rice, il,Jacksou county, N. U., lef
ho1i.10 while no one was at th
x houseicarrying with lieri a small bundle o
- cloth1os. She passed the house of he
i brother. JacobI Rice, but, did not stop
I The next botso lio passed'was Win
> McCall's. She asked Mrs. McCall i
e that was the way to Pickens. Beilg in
a formed that it was she went on. Shll
i ws iiot seei or lard of any more. Af
i tir about two weeks 1ome o passet
I tie home of her nephew, Natlun Rogorm
r an11d ml"itured after the missing women
i Mr. Rogers had heard nothing of hler
I After somo days tho ieighbors began i
i seiarch. They huutod for th)e tor foul
t. days, and finding no trace of her, givi
- ill) thu search.
- t. A. Hudson, of Jackson couity, N.
C., 0.11110 dowin inl the Little Rivor see
tion oi Saturday, Jily 13, and said thal
I Maliula RiCIu had not yet boei fouid,
I Oil Sinday, thie 14th at Little livei
i ctuiirch, a request was mado for every
body initerested in fhnding the agod lad3
- to meet at the whitowater road eirl
Moi.ly morning. On Mondaiy morniin
ilMessrs. J. Rt. Talley, It. A. ]ndso
and J. L. Talley started for the Whitewa
ter road, whore they wero met by Mesa
-1. S. hlohlen J. S. Cantrell, S. N. Wil
sol and C. 1). Co bii. The so.reh waf
begun, each member of the party taking
it difireut directioni, aid had i thorongl
uiderstanding of signals agreed upor
should they be necessary. '.'he searci
wias continued 1111til 11.)30 o'clock, whoi
the party mot and rested, making plan'
for a moro thorough hunt. Aoit I
o'clock the party again separated foi
work, and in a short while Mr. litalso:
give the distress siginiI, and finally ill
the searchers wero assembled to withi~i
ia iorrible spectacle. Scattered over aM
area of about I! fly yards were t ie elothin
aud boiin of a huma being oil a ridge
under a largo tree, where the unforunati
3 woman died.
7 A courier was dispatched for he
brothers, but niithervi of thecm catme
'The scattered clothing uid bones wer<
gathered iulp by Messrs. J. R. Talley, C
i D. Corbiui and J. L. Talley. Ti
body had beltorn to picos by dtoglan<
buzzards. All (lit was fouid was thi
skull, shoulder blatdes, hip bolnle', oin
1 thigh hone, one leg bone, o bon1 sup
- posed to be an arm, the backlbolle Il
0110 10i. Several pieCes of 1)011 h i
been broken ill) by hogs or dogs. Al
l that was found was put in a box am
buried o1 the spot whero she died. Till
grave is marked by rocks at the east am
- west ends. The timber is also marked
so it canl be found. The grave is o
South Carolina soil, buti a North Caro
f lililll rests whihin.
On the first Saturday in Angest (3r4
day) at 3 o'clock p. m., tile survivil
soldiers and sailors of tile State or th
Confederato States in the late War bta
tweln the Stittes will meet ill their respec
tive towiships and orgaiize by electin,
a chairmasn and secretary, and shall elec
by ballot an ox -Con federato soldiet a
anillor, not a holder of, nor an applic ill
f,,r a pensioi, asi the representative c
0 the voterans of said towisi).
Th'le following (oxtracts from the per
81011 law is given as genecral inlforlaatio
to all concerned. J. 11. N~wiERY,
- Chairman County P'ension Bloard.
See. 13. The Country Board of Pen5
51011s shall be constituod as follows: O)
thme first Satrtlay in Alugust of ecc
ye'ar the suirviv'ing soldiers land sailors o
thle State or tile Confederate States ii
the late walr b'etweoin thu Status, in onel
townshlip, shalh l mot at a time and plac
therein d esignated by tihe Chiairunan o:
the Counlty Board, b~y tVwo wveeks publi<
n'lotice, and having organized by eleting
a Chairman and Secretary, shall1 elect ha
ballot anl ex-Con federato soldier or sail or
no5't, a hotldeir of nor an applicant for
pen~sion, as tile represetative of tihe vet
terans oIf l'aid Lownlship j.
Thelw represent itivos so elected shal:
t meet at the County Counrt House onl till
first Mlonday of September following
-and hatving or'galined by olecting a presid1
o hg ofileer 11nd( Secretary, shall oleel
from their own~ nuimber four, wvho hav'
ing sOleted1. at compo~tont phlyisoiani, ani
1elected on10 of themflacivos a.
C(hiairmns~n, shmll (con1st Iiuto, tot he
4 withi sucth phIysician, the C'ounty Penlsiot
9 Jb)arid ftor (111 year, or' unitil thleur 5ne
Cessors lire elected andi (qualitled,
Thier'e will b)e a pien1ic ait Mile Creel
1 lhurchi on1 Tu'esdauy, Alugut 6th, 190t)1
Thle professo5rs fr'omi Clem~SOni Agrlicullt
ural Colleg~o will hold a Far'mor's Insti
. to li ilo Creek chulirch. Speeches o
inlterest ill bo0 diliveredi to thu famers
All airo (1ordio lly inivitied, espec)0ially th
ladies, ad bring well filled haskcets
There will be. subjets to interest all
D on't forgot thle date, August (Ith,
F. C, Pan:soxs, Pres. Far's. Club.
CURI'A 111,001) TRlOrulLE, 11[,001
E C).-;Os NOTilIiN (
honesC~ and11 jointl, nlisers, falling hail', mn11
Smle-, Swelhlig sore lip, , dry sore dnh
- ehinilg, aninug shoo: t ing pinsii, thanl yoi
hav'e blood iso orSII I th be tigin1aigs (o
0 deaidly cancolr. D~on't. svperimen~ht, bn
t aklio 1'tl Ic lIloo 111n15 11g~. lih
ii IrnibeS, like thlose mloniEd abol)Iv4, and1( it
SII chig, seabbyI~ eczetina, carbunlIcthies, scro
1 etLe. 1 heals (eIvr aIII' lil stops a
i clhes all pains. 'Try it. Cost bult $1
a it druI~ggits. TreI'At.men'It senlt flee. b:
fre~e IIineial adic e g'iu ci lehdicilo
over I :1(1 yearVs ag.o. Thons1 11111 lhave bee11
.1 nred many'tIi U aft er Ilo:-tIra n111 ) l Ie
m 11~ecines. h.11l t toriv failed, Ilotali,
1bl00d li. [Ii. I. 11.! "iv.s life, io(
ail1nd stengt I, to the Islood, makingi
luru and:11i rich.- j illy,
--Thei State Supinhtenidenlt of FEduon
o tion ha inl formed Suiparintendenlt Brig
hat h10 wilh bo imn I'iokensa on Monday
August 12, 1901, lit 1.i o'clock A, M., Io
thu purlpose of addressing theo trustoea c
the county. All are earnestly roquosto
.to h)o presCent, Come onie, como all.
e Yours truly, WV. WV. F. Bnmour.
s Co. Supt. of Educeation
3 I take this nmethod oft thanklug
I neighbora an~d friends for' the manny kin(
o8ses RhoWvR me 81nd l(ny fgiil iig t
stokuma MG 490% i1bohe
A Pale Face
L 1 rofminnt SfnM ptont Of vitiated
bloot. If covered witb o imples. the
evide C tcomp0ete. t a nuturo's
,.wayor warni igyg.UOfyourcondltion.
hev r fulI'to otiy all' disorders pt
"he 10od. 'e8 hot or eevere, of 100'
atang of recent origin. It thi
eot record uarant Ito emeae
iold everywhere. Price 11.00 pr ful
quart bottle. Prepared only by
Detroit, Miht.
Por. Salle by (I. WN. IEarle,
Our grand lusiness is tint to Soo
what Ilies dimly at at distanceo, btt
to (1o what lies clearlIy at hand.
Ch-nlnrlan'sColle, Ch1olora :111l Diar
IhoE:ea I'.tm'iiy4i Iris a world wilh4l'9 reputa
toinl for it, n-s It nlever fatils. aini ka
plea Ient anl sa1fe to take. l'r sa-le by
G. W. EIar-.
Woman1's happies is ill obeyinIg,
She objects to men V'ho abd icato
too muceh.
.\ Cinn- for ('holera -infant11011n.
a says ('111tis Htiker of
Book11' "r, i104 , "I ilfan. 1 hIl i of
our. tig-hbor4 was suili'ering-' from (-hI oleral
tuaitml. I. T Im toweor ht'1. gii vei 11p all
hoe Ii (of etfcovery. I took :a bounle of
Chammhol hiil'.- ('Vic, Choh-r-a noikl Dill
thIet - I felH t .4r it. wo Ih11 10 o ; nol if use4vl
Iccil i ng l t o ic in, 4-0 1 11 f i n I o l <1aytil
is now , varl y 1 -.Ir since] :1 vigw ,
held:h I% gil. I ha~lve! reCononenIIIIe.1 thi..
lieuw111 \1y t( rfi w i y avwil hn-e. ne1V-e,
know n it. to bnidl1 .11 Vn Sinlg' instance
For sale 1-1y G. W. Eaole.
to entertni p te Co Sfederatdt
Ians ait their big reunion next. year.
11,1 that 1-1i 11. yours :ho 1 wn-a-la.,1,
Sallow comph-x-In, :1 .i11no1tier,- 1... i,
moth Fretces aid lotehes on tle shin,
,,t.'S liverll trou1 ble; hit. Dir. Klig's- New
Life P'ill" r b eal. OTh l kiv , l rify thle
loo 1, give clar.kin, ro.()hV\-. riebl
Nmp1lexion. 0nly 25c at. olt & Thor -
leyW 1rn stir1.
Turnip Seed!
mlet I LAIcS,
JlC1ftLIY (Tlit l;$L~ikIlli s
ROC dSALT and)l'l STCKc.0
FAInd iotherO~ Humnwr Oodsl
hTvySOe o Powev fu CI' AP
Slises10, Flnn OItac-Cn
og,\'tdand 1lat eoavy
Mn ove Ote lisefi ThU ills
Wn T.l.cwas
B.FoZltALI)r~, 'll iOO1)0
*fher yd reen illoe. C lieoe
A elfliaofe'sdayrugoutwrl.
Aw or g uarntieed. tiEarl isac
A bear foWilntir e
mebe tnt a gode imll sl
goodisSas.M prcsnhev
Of s J a lal Out-15 i111ltt i
Dres kods of ll ind Shi
beoo hyMill havpe. m
Pla SocsSigltres
and ll ind ofPwegoods
SEE 01
Grain Dril
Disc PlovA
Hay Rak(
Chilled P,
Hill Side
In fact anything-() you wa
ments, and the prices are rig
Big Lot Fruit J
Get. our 1rice
Thc Heath-Bru
1313'EI ('-311313 W A33I3.13j3.l.
Thk la ever aY iyl Iin- hiqtre Ilh
h -.1iuIs can't be hj ;41l. \'ale i . -
1:n )(her St.1 I w v l'r.
( 'ti?,r3,'dl 1,iw\\ .I :Iiiul .\l I:IA I i II : I
i2 1- vents i n'it) ie., re. i l I 1o 1'
' n i h r |il of i h"a . - \ 1 1 c :::, -
Wh o-i I ac !.i t1 1 an 2 1 2 c w
West. 1 1
W A l l'l-'.i W ITEi .
W. lue'
' i
| 3"~ i nes. i". it .' i"-:N.-l \ (i \ 3 i
Filil Jus, Jolly Thsse
." 'WeT3 hav~e j ust re'3ive't'
Jolly G~llasses 113( an X Itr
Ho( give~ us3 a call for anty
of' the abovo.
.BiY-Wo paly highest marii
kolt prlice for1 Oh ickans,
l'Cgs, Ikeswalx, Star
(Orass, 0rt 133 ) 0 a' o ( [ii
P. S.
A\ fewvilo( more milk (o'rn l l
8. 13. MANN,
(H3Iiers. huis ,ei se.e 3to Iho geneu i. M
tra333 iir the a.v. .\N I "r ' a ''Il ante 3 33
whui-i h'l ri e I3~j.N 3. ' ithe w r, :uol hi' r
and. throughess A H pen'3''' deiiti
to1:,.' 333ee 3 h in i or clos i 31'i tra l elew e
Al.Naiae, S. C.
All wvork entruted1 to ,uny '3are will1
%aithfully exicu3te3d. Carpenicter w~ork wi
bi takl3j3 by we 3.iny or )Jtherwvho( as d
il i....i ..,
.1L0 5
Plows, Etc.
It inl the waIy of Farming Im
irs Just Received I
s blC) ' yoI )uy.
ce-M1orrow C
i nis.
at Madras (.loths
b1. i i'n hio Silk and V
b I I .-wheIr4 c;l on mne and
lsIs l bi tck h0ose, bettert
hwI It i. o cil'ti. I lowv 15 and 25 ct
Iti I Il tweek to elose olt. Li
T f" I Tare soinewhant bro
I -" b I b liki aits the price.
G reenvillo, S. 0;
W ..... WH.
1, 1RANIT1
-- a II :m:nildais wvill bring& a nr
N I'I171 \ 1J1 I Es
&''t ~ 'Q., *\ udmi~ on, S, C.
We deal ini LUMBER
of all kinds,
)riid a n d D.remedI Lumber deli
crdon slhort notice.
i'aii wanting Lumiber of ti
abt-kind ntotify us at least t<
tdays beforeh~land that the lumb
It: m a lioroulghly dlrie.
'i'ale MIourdajii, 8, (31.
Contract for Steward Poc
TI~ cnt ~ttfor Steward of the Po.
l ' a b h y a r m .n i n a u a y 1
'.'!wlbe let, at the oflice of the Boa
otf I n-1. IV Iommiissioners at Pickents, C.,
to th lo wist, responstible bidder on t
lirs~ 't e>tbi in August, 1901, the str
oe-lo the1 lit~. hiday of August. Eaich bi1
d"o wdl regred to subihtI his pr~opo
IIt I wrin g, HLealed antd accompt
his bi-1 whi Ih aL statemenut of the nuumb
(if hie faily andthe n10ges of his chi
Irn 161t 3 masI~ ht~t e handedh.I~ to aniy of tI
(a ttimbiI to. TIhe ioartd reservos LI
right U -eijel toiy 'un all boids.
I I, D. ST 'l'IIFNS, Supervlsbr.
. .. IH tnt s, I're~si dent.
up ..T;er'tedes TIimne ''Tble NO. 1. E
Icere I:':0I A. M. , Feb. 1st, 1901.
N. If. STA TIONS. No. 9.
tm. ....L Iv. P'ickenis Ar..2:55 p i
a: m.. I... . * gson's...:45 p
Io am.......Aril's........2:25 pi
iI:W a m.......*anitdi'.... 2:20 p
II : 15 a 1t... Etashey Lv..:15 p
~. N . 12 TATION No. 11
~ I Mixed.
-h tip m.i.....egitso's.....6 :0 p
I p mn........Pso's.. ..6:15 p
mI .......rinih's.6.... :10 p i
I m.......Mnli'8.....6:06 p
- ' p mn......r Eisley Lv..6:00 p
A il t is daily e'xceIt Suntdaiy.
No. 10 ('ionnects with Southern Rlalwa
\ . 'Jmantets(t with Southern Rlailwa
No. N Connects with Southorn flailwa
No, 11 Connects with Soutboma R1ailwa
No. 31.
i SWPvr any information a '~t
T. . T
- n .i. . . -

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