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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, August 01, 1901, Image 4

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The People's Journal
FiCKENS' S. 0.
Annual Meeting Held in Columbia
-The Sub-Alliances Are to be
The annual sessioi of the Farmers'
State Allianco Was hel in Coluinhia
last week, beginning on Wediesday
nght, July 2-1. The chief business be
fore the meeting was to devise plans
to reorganize and rejuveiiate the or
gaiiization. There were about thirty
Live or forty delegates of the State
conivention1 present. President J. C.
Alexander, of Oconee, (Ilivered his
annual iddrcss to the t.(ate Alliance
as follows :
4' 1 iet 'hren' of the State Alliance:
As usual. it is with mnich pleasure that
I as a eni.her and a brother in this
Ord er ani spared l a lili licing to
ieet you here on0e miioIe. I in my
humbi Inkile way have triied to) presidie ov, r
this Alliaice for two years, aitl I find.
blrethiren, that while I have iee hn-11
o riv(I hvN tle Order 111141 hav' b'ell ti'tl-.
ed with the giratest respect by every
member, I fee 0ha1 I 1 h:1%e lhecil lilt
eqlial to the eOirelicy. ( )ur in'.irni
zation has, I feI'ar. deterioraftld IIIIhl.r
lily admaillistrmtiol instell'j of builiilti
up1. The caulse of tils 1 don't kiW,
unless it i I n eigi(cel oil n ylN part :11(
ours to (10 i lt'111 Whol411 1Yit ill eilicoll
Our nIeigh10 ors to J.-Ill (liltr 11*111iks
:i i l ep s fiIllt the I!':itl-s oft life.
Yio l (ill leinlIll!4'r, relirtI ell, WN'llell
our tittler wwis lll to (I\ c1IloWilil. W%.ith
lunember'' . they tlh 1i 5;aw tI bei Iy Wl lt
of the A\llialice a1l they see it ti'-day.
Tuie oli et f lt ' rilizlin \Vt
helll thle 1o4 r, t4 :anl - tIlsi4 e Wllo Wi
111.1 11 lel les - illd I ab ll , i ll l a e ltrl.
ble t Niill, Vet lou\ inllV h.,\T wit h
l w Il4 fr411iil , l l'' l' l , I nt \ dc.)1,1
butl a 'itrlv n a Ii: . I .. - ' . ,e k a Wl
but.ii 1.\ 'h4 1111. \s 1'l h
est Jights has gone( OM ls
1131 IIIII
till:-( 0, r :4- a '4
10 11
VL'. A. I :
. t ..N it : .4 r -l
hur::. .)In. II . 'aty I: n I n..\
York. it \\ N . l :1l ,44 4r.'44
gath-) : tiloa: .\nbi:1inat . A 'an
t io t hun.eii \'.T .ei er: lod '
Hiein um : lie Ileiwle!. . ... F- k
ofalie llinceil 2....I. . ''...
f~llof il ' tilh 'e u1 W i i' tet f air '4' 114
yA.lea : n1. 11 '4 litird, of lI ex514in d n
prlIesi ht ; \\-. N. 11l41r of \'ork,41I 44i1
th idrlienlv hile l i secre'ar ; iiitrear 1
urte ter h n-' N i t I eit 4 ter1l , .44.
gthe tol~ NaItiona ori'c .\.14 thC. 1
'lh se , iluti era fee tiv 41 isainu j44
toidCol serve t e glears. 4l~4it141
Mos~itof Pth eiiaven -444IuIi 14
toltaeea (ielhold of C1't1 -Iis~ls
of the Aliance Aanee -~lldt t
sive (lill Te .nhe. i~il~t ' )
propoteed thait hefire, dlse h
Alatofe Intfollost l: l
Allnethfund nou aveleted men t
pa yoanr rl)uzer( ito fork e suh-Aiii- r
tfoe whiuh d thak tho u.l Inl jtheg. .,m'
(was af the Flldamers cllal g e ie '4151
for orgiingt wofrk.) It was~ 11141de ha
nhe oher sni tha itouhl be for -l
fte ordoth sordran hef.s
'1T hemtewas fturenly diensritd prhat
an w oon andthgneal disp18 i tti on -
wasto put an harctve sor t thf
YOiel ad emmiz he te il Aonl ianceii
fale. Wae actie hohli of certa bulsin
Th e htaeAve e hoeard it lst
truthfdley e wpres t iet (Mlrke
electe the jght before dadreso the e
"giri/ehren: Yo? have eouletdym to
bie yur teslidet whor the henun arn
for wi go forard, you. Ina they
da 11of 1 thehFares lkline it~l wis a
obee iler hby tsoml l e ofSotiCrlled'
mot worgtyss.
"I fha bee inability oportedlCthat
Wohn wit yokaounad an hope toesten
te faces andf hear te sober wod nof
youlnlanome tthe wrk nforni aser o
blnd weare1( madeyo to eai't i
ealist, ear lv andyo will r~b emar
io. te fravt often eardimos
Afrterhfulonexresnd 'hal he darkestof
hl or utbr the reuean' of( her
ornzation of eboe order.llac ReC
plrihe o muhllea dy? Lehi s satro ayn
wite ilConforwad, pu ofrien ml the
Vire Prendent1;Ede and M ethr.
A.u but wie, theu bad of dretose
Tcommd you to l ook corteful co
mg4 a n s out e ti n
4il plans proposetand 1eitme u11ol C
wlic.h is the tiCst 110 : iel tilt' ConII
nlitt1e has the power to proceevd to put
hat plan in) olurat inll. It' it is deelmet'd
lest to appoint a State orgain Ir .1
ituuber ofogni.r . o t o brinlg
Xboutrorn/tose u-line
ni somle otheri mlannler, thist colitittee0
s empowered to take all iceessary
steps even so far as to arrfange. for the
pay of aly orgalizers ch'o1sen and !ellt
iut over tiel State.
The board of directors of tle Statke
Alliaince Excliange lield a long met
ill- als'o, but llothing'- was dolle. T'1
idea of reopening the Exclalge was
coniIdered in some detail. 'l'he board
adjourned to lleet again1 in 'ol h hil i
s01ne day during l'air week this 1.all,
When it hopes4 to be ill a het er po
tion t ) dicide Ihow to art.
There is a geileral desire on the part
of the tleItlbers of thec Alluniivc who
Were presenut te proceed with the r.0e
galliza'ltioll tllrougholut the State at thet
carliest possible oe111ti lt.
Thie usual reso(lut ionls of th1ankV wereT
Thelu fltrahf the .\liance(. will bv
h14i i n . t 'n . uu I 7th, at1
which tin4 .lessrs. Wilbiorn. 1:Iird and
-:h- hI ire been1 invit41 t4 dehver4 1ad
Mr. John1 G. Capers Takes Charge
of His Office and Declares Hill
self a Republican.
Thel( new Disicit Alttorney for.'uh
'arolinal, Mr. .ohn (G. 'p4r:,, h
t;th-il ch rg o the a i , r> t w 1h 1h
was p11pinte11 d14. .a41t Wi. b.\ ' n .
t4.t 114 ?I4 I4 k4 k4 I I' I ' I r
I , 11 :.ut4 un 1 ! .
ate4 .' 'hui w1 er. ,' t. in a:< 44 in
,14 111r4. I 44.: )44 and ' h:.\n. u' :
and 1 ;114''.4 '..p b 0i- ahe er
h- 1) 1414re- - 4
II *ul to I
4 1 i e 4~i * 3 l
4 4 tiD 'rt - tr
rtil'fb y tilffia Wih
\J t t, < '11 1
e1). tli ti'' 1 411 . 14 ''j4't'4 i i
unl4 b1. iet w4 444 1 11 1'1 j
14 : gne.j' 1)1 4- ~
11. '4 taai 4111444
In he w 4 -
In ('Itp;bhe ..4t - . . .
ares advcay:f ir Si i '
-e-1lection, we' of colm di.~
4144enator4 .\ ll"rin -l 4 -1 fo u,
"A's424 1far as414: 4i know, r 'I. C aper
4.""(inued141, 41',"none 414 of the l Sou 1t1Ca,
hua'') delega~ l (')~42.tio i r 44ide4 of4 thp
capitolh4, o)pposed14 me1. With tiheo4 I
ji-esume114, it mad1t~e little differem'41444 4one
way43 or1 the other, 1but1 withl i"ena1tor
Ml1,urmi it wa's ditTeren'lt, s114iiI y
cause8 he~ saw4% anl o)pportnly to hel11p a1
very) dear~l perlsona4l fienv~d, aM14 li
protupt ly and14 earnelstly gaive 1me4 his
p)ot~OntialI illuence4'44, foi' all of' whic 1101
''Aftor' 1 get my1) Dithie. wor1k w'4elI 11
hand ,'' hei. a(ded, "I 1wilt be4 able to4)
ans1wer' albot 011.ee. de0ta4il andt imy) of
lice force. If' the work goes Onl ll
right, the details will nuecssarily be ailI
right. Messr's. I Iagood and14 Cochrlan
1a1e South C~ar'oiliians, lawyers of aii
it~y and1( goodI ReCpublicansl, 1al1 exce'lent
ujtaliticat ions for' the plosition11 they
1nw hold(.''
It has beeni conunlon talk about thle
yourt, for wveek a or more thlat, Capt.
~1ICapes was 11looded with apphea-~t4
.1ons from la4wyers who wanltedC jobs.
J8apt. Cape)rs did( not1 8say anytinlg
bou04t this. Pecrhlaps 110 1had [not sCeen
.h10 list., but if tis could be p~rinlted it.
vould certalinly be surprisinlg to tile Ie
tal p)rofesin and1 tile putblic generally.
L'here are men applying, it is1 said, who)
re whirlwinds of power iln tile Demo-1
ratic party, and others whose reported
evenues are greater than anlythling
hat could be offered in tihe way~ of a4
alatry by the government. Tils 1ist
vould be surprisingly interestmng if it
ould be had. But the applicants will
oubtess be disappointed. There i8
hanges, and, : stated, the idit at ioui
ve thatl none1t will ble madeI.
Capt. 'alers, whos' app t In t'llt
V;1s lookdt tipoin as stch :111 i1p.), 1:1i
vent inl Smuth CIt':udhna p'.it1es, is the
onl of Eit. Riev. lliisant'pel laishwi
f the South C'arinma ilcest'. lie ws
hec was a endlet at thle l'orter Aecadeim
In his hoyhod days. in l81i . and tozr
tie three stilcTet'tlitig Nt'al's li' was i
cadk I at tIlt *0 11 16t'lii liitirN
Aaemily. tlis wife was -NIiss 1Ida
Trnhh'n. :1 thlighter (f thI late Frank
111, t i lie1i ll , .in t ;l lt it'et' ('a thle late
I'A N ie i\' I I . 'C 'i t)]II. kIf t ICreZ -
t 't I Nlit ii e k ti rte I t Ik' IIi 1y l ie , il t
t' 1ar t i ' li- t l tlu ftra idite , lteili
ii~i lit i%: S liItl i !t1ill ti i ii lii
l a it ie C l 101 V t liiI I I tl
-ad \ts. t'atis w;sl tht' a girl it' te t
-\*(,ars,;. W hen (' apt. (':ters Went 1(
Wash iig' six year, ag tih0le acauai t ila . as
an tIliten1 frited rIeltIIed a y . ear hater
in theI ir Is marriage. T'ey hae w
105'ey little dallgIll , till - e t .il' ,
( 'h;\ Ati', t ve Ne r V 0f t ', I
n1:11imel for 'apt . 'a es mother.
q) ilippoilimill I ~t S1 ltl Cal'ill;1
ha,1 kwce;sik til d as illllelI et'ln)Illellt
thr l ot- the coun ltrIy 3S Ilte k)ne
whil pI~I lt II ( ';it',. ('" II )eI-, inlto thle 1) is
r ' . It was K 1
Ith-lt lit, wats llallietl 1tilrm)ig l the intill
Wlle til e ll 1tt 1' e ilt, aid S t
to wardl the format~lion1 of the white lRe
publiealn p'arty m l the State. C'apt. ('aI
"pwn- . k, owv e \ '. l\IS 1101 .1 I;0i0 111 d ; kI s vl
I )emorniat . but ;1,s ia 11'evu1b'1 llI , as i.,
hAwwi [IIll lhis Ilit e''w . blil Ilkw lsa
lhmoni a a~etieand left thIe
;i t3 t 1 t l fiuls with thle I
I nI It'Il I ll, 1 Iu ratIi k)11. lIllle
alItI :- Ih I 1I:IlI I tI k beI Ih
were inadt- Ite I tle a ti
u 1.1 h a t0 i ie e illeW
a 'd i u Iio 7ls t-~ li hankt,
n .k tul ill was 111hle
a T s n0 . nl 10ha
a e' t Of t p
Itt - v 1 tilili w : c10 1
e u hite in it'ecii
hu N hAI~)M1ifAI n p)iiad. n-yhii
)Cgi' 111 "11 ; iittici AMdlli~l goe'
I \ - l nt . i t k N
h t the i'e:ut n n e .
nli'1 ir i at t
to aI8111 to', its ten: hlcoi at
t tu 1 r e t
So t\ w iV
-it Wh ygot 7' a..tii to the r~docre.
Thd antlttjei to ithiBi that fiior 'Ih-i
v'Ol.' 1111 an'ts alleorde tlo ge itlO
e11i1 ust i'ra wth mye n9leighbg ,illil
a'li"hyeiit shu ld 11nx1 ups i
frpat.illCI ie noit t coen me it Whye
yearl. you explet 111 to at lut the
l'arnilfor puicaiitio loof un aricl fti
vhwh11( yotu are ard it ouign yol
ein lman(al broped h il swriton
inpe and heaa mad. ItilllOn City
fora tnue enteredt iaCoh1unbursoery
ave btllo gofereth e pfsad hi il
urbie of thfe.cot.lusta (f bein takein
tor-bama trahgc a
suppsedwoul bethe estnatin o
the ood, thy wre elivredtoV
Vatthitig (ot i t-' h'tsdi' i t ' I
a t %I t I itw : i I t it
'"(' ut it tis ~iote t' itw i t
unelat'tp It'dt (o dhcide IhIl
ti 011t l11 Ol ilia i \\ins
"Cotln issionler\' -k
tees it h it .\ttliev Gette
t-hat illAt h '.kh litia ht s no n
der th' cn-1titif tiol \ txet t hI
poe s:ir.\ I z th lu oliertit'lt of the
Carl llti k'illid (tiills settere initununli\
f'onti Fi ralk l;aNi it'll , t Ilk ,e -A t :
eeuli ri tit s:ine11 , It lihfi IIi' I si ll.
'o the -t det. vxitse S sietIuj"
G ov\' rliai .1 lkis\\ Ot tit v\-, tfit' (ar
ihnterltil it'tio litreall :1 rturit 1s ii
t taxis iotlle I If 'in thI N IhI
pt 111 S I\i l -Yi i . . ,I't II i Iki.
Z t ie t~n i'tf cai s. I IthI it
i s w k ikI;it'll IKt 6 rt 11 11
tti.'t *t it i it'l ltf the rW' ilit.n
(1i : .:.\ la w %y : I I wlN
IrT i of th ik Ii c n r I th .
T I o' r. of t ;I11 l \
ed to t Inte It h
I( :iwii I le't blit l i 11 % -
I nu c Il 'I - \ t 'i -
po-aa . .1 . M --t
A r I
\,\ 0 It lif . N \
1lo1 halle
Th t I
1 1
Nw \ Ib'
1- )
- - . -
Sp !I iha ' , ' I'. I
ria:e: o the disp tant In .\i a
of witne ii , i.d ofwen ,i ~ l
aninjut al f beinf fto' the ifan, t'al h
pigLy wa th e onninvu'sp ely h
Ayts rer l ' 0 l it et' he rf otttfut' .ll :I ',
he(lle -fle'r hti1nt alit) haiti . lit
usA iitf ii li l Sit 'il ft.'poIt
spec. c '.'.:erto dayh; antllii], th tt it n
whiiom Strykfer' <birtd uto dot hit'h- ith
18ost a i tinh wfitch l~ie tya f'tiw ';i .
vnio lot. tSf t'rneh kto'\' as ;uttean
fote0( 1)'. feveal iilyt ag h rat' Il iti att
sonvi oa ter'o. algdaheo
horseI wit w hfttte, wse ral a
.W100 by' a o c l lnmgistrat. i s fh otiatde
t'onsutl ait (Gibr'altar ott May 12, 1818,
by Pr'iesilitnI Polkf~, int sutucsiont to htis
fat her, whIo htad lbeent consutil IsIince
1 832, whIent he was apoin~tiited bty Irtee
idetf Ja ckson.t Mri. Ilitio t Sprat' e's ''
nion is now to get the place'i ftromt Pres-.
idlent. Mcf~tnthy. ie hastt beenit e a'ndt
m 1( yeart anttd is well <oafliied for thie
Sottishul militarty for'trs n''i[ext to F~dii
burgh Castle, has falleni ont evil <biys.
'Ih 1'0nglisht wa tilice hast. withidrawnvu
its onec bOhllier, thi it, of thte garrison.
-' For' maniy hunt(I'dres of year's it, lodged
-t a tilitary gartrison and1( contintcd thiou
sanuds of amcit. tu.d .idr opu
:ottsolititig Cottoa Seed 11(1
a oi l it et )I L lvnw itereit el.
ram aao . l ': nt ha Io14ln . t lartrc.
' n ' 'I aaurI tea.lala who ~ l 'a re pres
o ' : la " Il:l1 'i ' 5l It n 1l a'aa ll ,
itadit lint j 11j1st'r rvadr by otllo
a: It a raft t on I h al occa sion
1111rC of the Wthsry \hile
I Ia1.a' I eet'ia' 1"; aW - I l t ' I t sl ,
-;Ih - \: w o:uh-v4b e
Ow rk~k.la' i v , 111 i ll i' aII tilhs
A, I I I A~ al tal I. I IAk ilt] a'tIii ll.a
N nh leil to thecse proph~qlic
a t . The :1 r, wII I I h ot I hers
a e n IInIts, was4Jl l pubbshell
th lb aor t I la; '7, thi
\ - i k. lll ('al t Olhlr llti itll
- I :m\ n'aa'i hall abf llt.1a, w t. lS
11.1 i iw e r e lby our.
' :'a a ' s , li talin Vil M-. e
a h I'n a of vI iev n inl the
A' -11 1 11 t1:-.1y thall vveil ho had1(
AI \vah , I , c l A -aa Ill'a a ltit
th a m * liltn l:la'i newst ltiat Ione
A - a' t1'fl' Cl;M .', 'a',;l Illl11:1 ilsia t
!'I:' 1A,'?atl k -a \I\t pt 2t;'a t .1a
va Ia ris alv, l at l. \
C '' . l it' t -tti .1 a i I I it tle i e I \v .d
1 ll 'a 1a1V' v' v''.~' Ia' vtl(A
a II av I Ii. I'a' I aa1 :4''lt ll I
t i i i : A, tl - ah
b by'I hth e ai n aa v'ta 'a < '.t iv
ii ii ln ahla it h thea a iilh<
1 1''~ a '~ 'i 'a a a Ill s inaa
n-'al a \ aa ta. Ta :ll
''.1- a"lue:: ' ..Ial v
I ana m . a ta l
A .
-,I I lith
a ha \I' ir
tp 1 11! 1 tht
!Lich cp.
a .z r 'l: the
-- h 1 1h . :. e t
- - . I p ' . Ita
-. a h s a -
L h- ie te
1- ' . '- a - pro-ha
\ -a 3to
- ' u.a ' .: atL
-- I '(a t-.
-- wm n'I alia.'
te a. ll
a I '''a'
-a- 'Iw I: ' th ch a n.L
he h-:t :' <~nt t b
- aata.
6 a i m .y r .La 'of
is t 'u Lb . Li t jI I' .'
M * het inan *it '- "mpie
file t'leJi}-0 0, M Io il a :I n n~i y , i a,
bril '''la'di w Ill a uy *kliip .b
th nta l ra .u . I t qiive
the m~lo'theri theallknitlan t' gie her
opatiall tcin , ata l ll ther wa.u Laco isL.'
1aalWonaii ca)tite 'aVen hoe ' ntyfu 'aaekIi al fo
yotrilin nd1 ice a.': y11. - -~s I~la aai-i' Presetip-hl
tio .''' rlesAItIn n n a'a.'ic a.:lla of PerrowS.
'anpell" CoI'I f e td.u :la1. t' Itt has culrd m.
t h-n haaeeast in a r he-~U.aalth Itr lf lhlyars.jAj f
f.1red. greatVly t'l h a :l'l.'.' tilh' aid~tnla witha
be'istny daowh aiss L~'. mv nerve.'aer ila
')i-'r ilatl- 1a~ P all a' Ja' i HIt a oa' ,eita1 g -m'
the myltha l f te Zthlibi-r' t I. itte ihe
child.istee wnyeih o-sa d wt
thel pticlle I n ad I ivu tuIt a ne LI nd~ wras t'k
only111 three hours. ila heliv D~~r. L5ee a's.Fvr
H ate '~a Pe clstaa t bae'a' th o bes i ckieh In 11 Ct'
woldfo lufe'?ing' enle. I w*I.5.a:1t ih you gre'at'a
succeal nd 1 aa thaaa. " at. Godaa wIt less ydaa tea sin.
Dr aiec' ls Co slonttl~i Sen s ea l , Ct
h~Adviser, in'al paper.'1. 5overs isa sent."i fa' oti
rece'aat of'it 2 1 n a-enti sap t oa~rha'lll~ ay ;a
exeso t"AaIjaP', u5jtal 'i aL ola. tAdrea Dr.t
thaL sa. Ptiam 'al ma 'thia ~'. E 'tl he f'~
Ist, ts (wr ovefr 310yas
All Cttn uutert'ei(s, 1initationijs
IN perien1 1tha, trifle wNilt
liti':titis iand Childrenl-l.Ipe
What is C
C010-1 ri:1. iS At l1:nra11]leSs 11411
colail is iithtrn Opiam, DI
gotsit, e Ito~s ago is it's giu
itadilt FelveriSitate-Ss. It
C'44i. IC (,-elieves Teet Litng
aind Pla tfilencty. It assimnil
8S4)1nn.1-.1 alnt Bowels, givinl
The Clit tren's Panacca-Tl
CE N U i n E CAS
Bears the
The KiM You Ha
hn Use For 0
Iter vonisodiiationls will be 11pon tle
ndin coipa nies left inl the cotton
eedI and fetilizing" indhustries. While
iere ar1e no silface in.ieations other
hall those IuritIlished by the operaitions
,f the Vr.-:inia and C arolina co-.mpany
hat these two itlirstries wIil aI 11m'he
-o:e iations, yet, the sales of the
tkeek of th leaig oiti O panly, as shown
the transaetloll (ill tile Mock Ex
hangi~e i late, ma indicate a luove
nenllt k I ibroadlrI proportions thant have
t iet e fior-esi1l owed outsitde of the
. (dic iols at Ne 0w Ol eans to which
I hive re ferred. It certainilV b
iVe' thio Wlse t who have inviestlIents ill
h cottol -ed indiutry to be alert to
l -t i 0gI on about them11, wha
er thei: per::oal vieWs mIy- he as to
b1 I rile.ples involved ill coIsolida
in Th. collmill, of a inier (it
in:tng 1 ConrS inl the sarle line is
; i so far-reachin : in its effect. ;g the
niyn -ftiollaterual ntretos1 whieb
ici n compet', bu tShieb serve to'
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85. .' ' Thughwork FUll
AllI~l . Phyia M ltue, Pd
'IWO y.trer arvotilornt an di texceone
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Formn caaogu tand particularso iwfrit
851. FURMA A.
Twocosyerare ffoed lgohe
>rics. Ne ha tic y-oomac inlormitory. $1O
ys. MCa itloguce and. curse of form
1011ght-, anIlkwhic lias been. MC
has-0 borne lit) tiatae of
as beest mnnl uder 1 his per
stipervisiohl Iiets Illaintey.
11Il oeo deceive you inl this.
at " 16 I als t-as-good"9I are b I I;
k anld ent1dlner. the lhealth0 or
rieCeR- aga11ins't ExNperimenClt.
4titute for Castor Oil, Pare
syrulp. It is Pleasant. It
orpilkiti ) nor other Narcotic
ariinte. It destroys Wornmi
(,11-C5 iaiNwIaM a011t Wind
Troutbles, e-11re4- Constipation
ites 14lie Fo0, regllates 110
' licauhfhy anld natural sleep.
1e Mother's Friend.
Signature of
ye Always Bought
ver 30 Years.
We have a number of
Hegant Lines of .
Ladies' Oxfords,
\Vhich we are determin
ed to close out. Angoi
them are several lots al
2, 2.50 and $2, which
we will close at S2,25, $2
aNd S1.50.
Will also close some: lots
C $1, 50, $1 and 75 cents
iroods as follows: $1.50
black( Kid Ox fords at 81,
tans 75c. $1 black Kid
Ox fords at 75c, taas 50,:.
7%c black Kid Oxfords
Pride & Patton
Greenville, S. C,
Om..un WVons, Now'ri A uo t'r'.. 5. 0',
tloorsf, Sash, ilils and Uilderox'S
Htard ware.
Al IIICorresplondence given prompt a..
tt'rTi N sec0ED
Ti E ~iY TO( L . N
(n fharmit g ands, ftasy paymenot.s hE)
-mmmllIIonsj.ff charL'od Horrowor pays aIc
tual cos' of perfect ing loani. Itercat 7 per
ee'.us, according to security,
.'0. 11. P'ALM ICR & rON,
LE, S. C.
Rid .e. Unsurp riassed IIen'thfl~ oIness. Mloun .
mi ted. Elegant large new L iblrary, R('ad.
>I ining Room, Study, I [all, and Audi
mfori able IDorm itory ani~ dLectuiirc |(ooms,.
collegiate couirses. 11usice, A rt, Elcu (i on,111
gogy, Stecnographmy, Type'wriig. P rim ary
-tchnimicail skifl. moral wo'rt h, Chr st ian
CC. Coniservatory of MusfliCllflC( headb an
ated in AmeIricaI and~ Germanytl.
0. JAMVES, President.
YIV ERsi 1 Y. [901.
Iu, s. C.
deereca of lRachelor' of' Arts (I.A.) and(
ng Roomt1. P'hp ical and ChemnicalI Labora
rpens~es roeuced to) a minimum by the mUPss
,tio on request. A ddIress,
P. MoNTAGIUI, (Jrconville, 13. 0.
GIreenville, 5. C.
of South Garolina.
rates to) boarding studenits. limited num
0:) will pay for bo0 rd room-rontI, mnatri
ve prinfessos 'tud one) i nstruetor in fac'il.
ly lea-ling ti degraes of II. A. and M, A.
110 or information of any kind to
E. SPENOER Olinton, . u .

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