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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, August 08, 1901, Image 2

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The People's Journal
T. J. MA UI) D , EAlitor.
10nitorel at the l'ost 011co at Pickons av
second..c-ls matte r.
Till' HRSD.\Y. AFlG. it.10.
Thero I a ilattTr of genci al pub
lio concern that ought to have the
best busi ness attention of tle imenl
at the head of couity al'ir s3.
Pickens couity ought to ho plced
at olive oil i cash basis. It is a
question that. rOacles eveibod V,
varyin1g inl iilltl'et wit'l tho
nilotillit of ilsillOss ti lV iive witll
the coulity, as a corpolato, coll
tracting body, and the ainount o
property they omn liable for tax
As the county now stands, ther
is ainl alloltl of past indebtedine.iu
wvhich vWith the Ic(urlllat
mg cui rrenlt, expenses the fids
naalable' un1der thle estimllate om
levy are not, stlffciellt to meet
the reit is that the colintv coil
missiollnr canl only issnSIlo theil cer
tificates payable wheni 1uds C
leet the speci Ic cib a racter of illeh
tediless thus represelted Iro re'll
ized, Mnd (1h6 individull hol1dingi
theml inl considerIat ion rwrkdn
or ma1teial d t!V:nc'l to tIh COuli
ty oil il ia;-is 0f cash jrics 1111iS1
(ither dirw-colt thcn at, heavy ratI
for cash1 or tinle or li h1(ld theiml tl
await tile colvelliellee (i t ',e collt.)
and1)( los thll) u1se of his moeylleY
The vital elenlemit of this liuestiel
is not whetlner tihe pe)oi1e 4of Ill,
couity who become its crelitmr:
atr.. d ispoed t o Con(lte thh1
the coti tly sF ilt . - illIi 1,V :wllee
the credit throeuiugh whib it is posi.
Iu( to lIllzig fil'Olit ainl eld fe) thi*
In(d irect lilet hid of peoiil 1-l xa:t icen.
If tilie i il ey call hw holrrel c t ;i
r1ito iiiIona lo rnte', it mlight t)> h
horrowe d811, aIll(' ihe t -ax ra1e. lRi-uI
t. tIel iOiIt. of wiping out ti4 en
cu~mbrance whiolh retar1ds imb11lic
ill)provemll t onl the SVOre l 11 111t',
sily~falid works ?IIardship d il MInMatIv
wllo 11Ai lie Ilapt pariakirS ill1
the pu1bbc bounltNy .et alr v4111111y
intoerestod inl ile SnICerfoi anl
proe silv-e operationl of t lithi eInty
T'iheenill oli NitjAee agin suf
J. k. Bilckmanll, for saluef timoe of
Iato, 0111iil courllt st'no grap lhier of
the first jndeicial circillt, buit a gen
pet'l li iln lltwspaleri work. W
are surze jthe News will conltiniue to
mahi ntain its charactecrist ie and
fearless ad voeney ofC tile pin1cipio~
toi w~lich it adhecres als a mlattter o
puie welc~vhfare andc grow ill useful
noss5 and effec t iveness asi a v'igoro~u
t-tspokenl organul.
Ia t, eorres~polidenit, W llo el geel
liberal c-ommrunatation t ax or twelv
dlays road law to remain of fore
till all the roads of Cte counlty ar
placed inl then former excolleni
condiltion was appealilng for the adt
optionl of heroic mfeasuros but~ ha
the support of nieeossity as a justi
fication of his argument. Or1
good road ini any commnh~~iity is ai
object lessonl, juti as one0 geod fai
mer 0r b)usisneCss111 man il anlspml
tieni to others iln touch wi th hir
Let, the bes road work posihlo C
done ;and the~ imlproveent wi
bo~han enicoulragemnliltto fur thior aln
ilnoro suI)stanltial work.
TIhe mreetinig at PoinleiItoni Sa~tul
dany ini the interest of a 1101m1 f
old1 solders was a ulccess ini
broadest sonMe, and empha)Isiz&
the feeling of profound regard thi
is universally ontortained for su
viving confodora to voteran
Though late in comling to a fui
realiz.ationi of the duty thant hal
fallen upon01 Southern poole, the,
aro not dlisposed to shirik a prossin)
moral obl igationi, and wheni theO cal
is proporly miade, will resp)ond ii
unstinited menunre~e t. tihe cr-ying
needs of ai ong siufferin~g butt miodes'
elemenit oi our truest citizonsip5ij.
Friernds of R. A. Ilagoodi ai
Ernest F. Cochran, presont assist
ants to tile UT. 8. District attornoy
will be pieased to learn thatMr. Johr
G. Capers, recenltly appointed and
qualified District attorney, wil
retain them as his assistanti
Thesei goutlemen are ablo young
lawyers whose records in thisi of
flop reflect credit on themn.
Every man13, uvhotlor lanid owner
or thant, wiho hiam the opprwini.
ty of gativ'ring h~ay (ilrfilg tho
weloks between " laying by'" time t,
'111d t"Clecra hai'vest viught, ( o mi, 1ko v
every~ posie'I iprd)v~iimi fir Sacvinig
ly1)' britg :1 big pr-ic' thv -'m i g ;
fall and wittu andc throcugh :Ill the %v
v0i) mai~kiing H01il'chi (it' next year
-is Car. as' it geIs pr1actically .1 1*1
tlh' stixetigtii Of the iii )l')! ;'( fI o
y'ears, ci'oip hceg~liii t' have * i ll-~ i. .
ec~lil i l, - i I P l ;l ) ris i .
siijpplmtutilig'_ its lis o 'r- f:11 :IS i
to :iili' l ;Idvci g. 41 tici- g-~ od Wi'
Sutilmigt atI 31l(thvit' iut tlii lit'
1 p udioar i I i'ad place i llt I.
possile neil I it !iil I it b ; 1,c id 11
()' ii avn a h( I c ro' ( ill t age, llilt
wiae ill )1, 'l !7 i t :1!,I;ls ii C p
v ( lt pi.i o lei b hi')1-lv ; si 1t swia
c'iar St 1:c I l 01141vc liii lk ,i iI Ik, ;I ili
c'..t. al alhe g tl] ti:ll duiiio
vt va .I .1 lrlsbi Iti's o th .' L:11 :sC I i
vchi(chles "1,4 VMcuiblf Ic. ia oicriuII
d ( 11 nysk ugt and 1114 11ile"(i 10 of
to bShu41)' atth raick~l triiL usi as
( i l i11, (ilip at a(' i .o ]..I Cciii
tipdad wilii th ie(e,'ir
-i ,,it ho iS ll wi)jlIi llei V.'l
cheC Mii 1'rae Idi'i Ma 21 i ic mayi
1'Igo to glow.
facion w os iI hi ll:iOv (tiit' col*1 z
WiiOc pof heni sciggist tl- lielitt.P
thei~~tlla SCNO XV(te I
c-gSae, il"' tclN"flt IelL) t)r th hi' (10))
- 11 ho. cilr3 i r 11glt.1, i
On Sa~turday, AuguAt 3rd, ol(d
(]CIIC''8 f 'o tle 1')mlmuds izidlea
?(I inll i 01 en I pji hi is~hc'd IllI1
(01111111p, auid ve ea enoily
tl)10ld 21 Pl'Id lot on tind at. 10
Vc !ck pl'oecv(Iod( to t.he d lltleoi. m4ot
Mart. for t hat. diy. 1'4rlilcl"8 HallI
t ~*'~*~ 'I11le w1I1)I'0, a L'or Some14
CC t'hC 144 ~ ,1 ids ('lir Ii*.ly. f h
he b). I1i:1~ ~1SjI1Qi'S V.*let
h-4'Id Il 142'l- n 1)tbC -44 1,C)1 111(1 t
evi-e: ;ii1S I" OW 9e gOvO 110111' the b
:1i O!'(h1.2 h..%() boe10 vr 'flN a
hI. 1101 Mt i 111 occasions1 to look E
f. r lii' cm 'O ( )II t, (111) 8jpealcors S1
1.1 114, 2II1411 (4)~w . (.'miff'oltabjle a
a . V i., . i 1 c 4i () i isy phlw-ed abl) lf, b
Li. IV' :( CIC)k war relics vie~d C,
lii tI4l-:1 4I4:,I'atillus ill givinig S.
44 :II I ~ an Iiviw li441 0-~IIC ~1ai~
.ll11lI' 0of'aC11114 Ialloy 81111 j)S01
th4l i'. spoaukt'I'2 illit 111u0.4L 1)101.i
4' IIC '1 II'( ili~l ) v VLesid('nt
v -.I 1:14tzo," of, (jelnisoil ('ol
.-mi' ' c h4(lIiiml (WI thif .40t t-i
(v. ;I ue I oi 1) 1C$I e i
ills1- ;-vrpl-m J1w( 14 )11 (.I11141 11d
,-) il I'l v v 1-ie lc r I)I' I . h e W 111
IItq It4tI'l 1 itC-.(' 41 44'1-I( I hati l
veiyh' d ( wCslC (I lven :11, inita1 1144,io
Do1eil1 tifiC.' C'jI pl)( P Hr (li 'D
W:1~eli ilgrei gl ltaI)c. 1 1011 tniato
'1'1!V1t- u cton
LHI,lIII 1:1-Iv I (4J4') t.'1t11IVO3Irol Of
ilt, l):aig~oll. ('s1114 (Xlspt"e'1rai' 1v
,le of, PoIillotnI) C4o4'i)CC I lieu!' (IIIC s II
At P:uiama1i, 1otmlia hv Chmbei-ri's
Colie, Cholerlak an1 )IliheronL
Dr. Cha<= 11. 1;1 ter,[*' a pominlent, phy
l1cia0 n. of ':amIzI111.. 0 o101111 i . In ia Il'4eeit
letter sinte- : '.' st. .\l h CII a 11 as 1
paitient a young- h,110Y sixteenIC ur of
neev, who I::I veIr 11:141 10:10i 0If 4 1.%-. 11
terv. Ever IN I pro riIbI.) fi l 11I4
provedl in.Ilfectual and -h asM vwo
MI'). ! w Vo ,I 1 Sh ih-.I h wron e 1- wee
t hat she conh -.1 t v ov n br
W at fi e , litt I I I .ii11l Io t 4 : 1 11
..i fr nw. b t I :t h dIh i 0 1 ( b r
I . .. :1's1doit, ;hIer NamZI r01:hnale
Tihei'ost wvomiv efit rsuilt s : ll ' 41te
\Vit bio I m.iat. ('111 :is fe iidg h nshII
holt ter.; ini f Ihe ll~vvs :-he wa- 1111.1n
'-r* feet and at Ih i f.14( r 'll el 41 w s
I Iirh- w 1 .I." l.r Sale by G. W.1: E i1t.
Tho Sailvation iAInby is at work
inl .17 (il' Irnt-. co tries and has 55
e(rioliCaIi l rinte inl 21 langtua
TO) VIS V K n I-:. CIII,1)
sioresZ on her .lland Ilee toi writes itd
11i:k: enre 21 ex eged a.l r hoi I'pe.. It
w woAlern inl t ewvd, hs d'
-:n tionl-, "I'lls, B111r11 , tri l l P'Iles.
-.(0 '1ure "guaranteed by Bolt & Thorn
hNy drnis.t.
Cbnwal11Uermelons111 havo- appear
dinl tht mnarkets of WIltashington.
They11)1 wei out three pgounds, are
lifteen ilnches' long and tn inc
in diam t~elad haIve to be fried
before eating.
Thev lw1st phy- Sie- Chatulwrhe-1 ill k tom-l
nch :1m1 1.iver1 Tablets. Easmey to take
'aFor mle by
A North Carolina 'Judlgo has dol
cided lltat the( unnetional dis
turbnci m of at relgiols coega
tion by discordant singl' in g when
t1 1Cingr is coslen"ict.usly t.1kin g
partithe OIsorvice is not indiet
SO.lETithNG 1EW . A
iThey eme dt a l ti r falingt1 hile(
hihl- tS ye ot h o .a.
T Ie 0 y 111 t IIel om in- ite 4 wi rI
P22ople, everywhe 4Ie it ima Ibeen 1t in i.
I<, :re wild wit h delight . Y u1 mp
coil!h yourl. hir each d(. ; I . :1I2 Il h I) Nomb
Ooe4 tin' ivst. TI ,l n\oi-tr1fat c."mbl i.4
s1implyn ba abevn iz Iindte S() [)ha, it
i< Ibs 2!4telv imp o ih. t brakl r e4n
the h ir. \Vh Ilm a wrtro I antI
t Io ; Iive I fit Si ife. ali o in 113' :1 ti -
'th: ., SemdI :11111ys forln 1,:n1is Siz..
\;I I!e. h - v..s . a. \ . J i ve m. :u1) i womenIc
r11-1 icle. S12 ls ( i t A;Sa.' . S :n
il wi h1 ulicce,.ti'I' m I il Ithi.
II.I ')- j . 4-S D). . ()S .:, (;vn llc
I mIo or, 1D. vit' r . Ill. - w I l- r
'T IIf rts with his pt . A.I.
( II. I11 ). ~ I . I ; %\ .'4I1 i2 I' I 1i 111 -,'I
nt41 h(rne : I . n o11 il n .2od-siz
Cvalln eet ing, 71a lit " r Iuntledk
Maili n: ovr-throw th I f a 1 k
I : h 11 i ?!-1 Slorl . /i'. oi .
la iest se i.\ , 1o2i:22.ng o
Ymm n :.s
(w'11241ai ! 1 ew 'In 14.2 111 '(l
Viiwr te li.Init Cirl sev al ea,
ltransp \Iatiith (a-' e rs2( on ti22s 2trai1
Y(1 k wIll42 14 be 211n1up iid tol hav Ii ul ' m 412o.
any121 e 'i n h trin.l~lth .~:'eIui.
l~inmllVia(t. (1lowinf the11 e ti(' nile2o
pfn-'o , ill 1vin Al2122 h lut n at. 1-J;'>ill noon,~
212lily,' havin-' a141 np2(lle I tneh'm-12 1.no' 1 t ion
for i tni (l 2:t!1 I 11las,:4 passenI;12.;e n t d
A si o (4 n-. 'at I~''24 ' .ail h-n ing .\ IV h2(2 nt atQ
JI1.~> P.t fill. hasi l einitI enri.- (If hno-l:Ih
Tiiin 2 i niI my(I ht m I the11 ~ <luIjck.-n t, li
Alil111. A121 n e to of ' lc one c , li J; .,.e:;
rI m- hi'5 t12 l I ielo-t via(n1her / W.tilwi.
W .I2~ ~ II.I, Tfrv1.ov A.ll 54I;.Ii (I. A.,
511(1 II~je:~i,1. I A M. a1 l AU,)IN,
STA lTl OF1 19l'i) C 111,1N'.1Atiaay
11 '113 '~'i ('j I2 mCICI W I'Immn 1 n .221 ~
W il iain . i till'0((2,(ht .i tlll01
:1'arb ri2 w ('n~il2 e rliin WI. 1(2(w, ..\n.21
ih-ieo o (':t I i I('rewI' .l o nmn'ri
liens(ry 120 W iana ('111eb-t li am lf~'simid
I0 nil te JILo~ iotillyA.ef.t1l1nt.
SaiVYu . for IiIIf.N
)ver-Work Weakens
Your Kidneys.
nhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood In your body passes through
our kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they fil
ter out the waste or
- impurities in the blocd.
If they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, achesandrheu
matisin come from ex
cess of uri: acid in the
blood, due tv neglected
idney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
cart beats, and makes one feel cs though
iey had heart trouble. because the heat is
ver-working in pumping thick, kidney
oisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
'oubles were to Le traced to the kidneys,
ut now modern science proves that nearly
11 constitutional diseases have their begin
Ing In kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
y first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
nd the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
wanip-Root, the great kidney remedy Is
>on realized. It stands the highest for its
onderful cures of the most distressing cases
ad is sold on its rnerits
y all druggists in fifty
.nt and one-dollar siz
. You may have a
imple bottle Uy mail tioho of swamnp-ioot.
ee, also pamphlet telling you how to find
at if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
lention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
Co., Binghamton. N. Y.
Officer's an u ouicemtticlii 11as; beel
111do that Ihe p1uitisors of tihte
I Ito Ridge IR-ilr'onI will apply for
cliarter o) .\u gust, 2G to opra tto
:at line as nIt iilividual organdiza
ot ln(d for tie purps0 of extend-(.
ig thll roadm beyondl~ Walhialla, the
resent t..rminuls. This apia
on for the (iirter will bo made
Mr. Fairfox Hjarrison and 'Mr.
. .Albuey\, who bought the(- roaud
1tho sa"le t.o w I es ago, l ald
eV yr htv linltouIneed that tho lino
ill be oxtemlj;d to tle Goorgia
I-, toward Lsa)tin C ap. itilroad
Le. plo hivo te ccepted this stiate
iitn to mtuean thlt the B1u1e Ridge
ill cros tie iflintains inl i (irect
tit1 townii Knoxville, :td the
i f is gotral tlit it will be
Jllt and manILlialged by the South
' I'a iIway .
For it haill Cenltutry o1 llore btusi
oss I voplo inl thll Piedmionltsec1tionl
avf lived it I he hEopo of seeinig this
renlt ralilway voniturv accomlphl-i
11. It was the pet. Se eDi of .John
. Calhoun to have capital interest -
1 in the pr4ject with thel ideia of
a1vin that, road buiilt, and Lhe big
annlels, cut. through1'l Solid roWCk, ill
ho mloulintins bond \\',I alahi
Ire i't as alli 'yidolleo of what wi
,)iI wIlflt 11 o sclieine v as lirI
tairted ye:u ago. M.ivl ofl the
radillg is, Ill -11:10w al([illhe tujliAvi
to a4 s olill 111d Soulid aits wh( n
rset, by" thi buil toder ~his
ond wt' i vo-ul11 ci1' i18c~ In li Rl
'oa s ti t'ouiglh t l i io l wayo , a t:1i
vilili elt d --oinetas.hooli1', i'ow-i
vir, wat nti' ot' abltoic do wh ah
.ietse. But al roe tgmzEd tenva
>osibtlti aml thiel alu tofa [thi
'~ hol tCioathe lelialid
atilll w li d tae a shori'tr roilte
is. ut, alo Ith~e, alki of'extend
nf.Vg the n il ige aouted1k ti
othltag.o i Scheme ersta ted i't
IneyL ithel firs acstualtet towarth
'lo extnsin o the lue(c Ride
ast' cot'mps t I by0 i Vi th gpurchasen
mean~lIt' a 'grottdeali to arfld
andi'~ thett~ genal. Ictn
thl it' '~yl' to1Knoxvile i \\'ailhal
'40)4 Eis abaost, V a straigh t, w'itisa few
bintsoic t di-- entsa (mottsi, .1nd yl
tho most in iable of a'lirutos ho-.t
lihsdthe hea('to litl lu~tS sen theq
''iouX th V~ Ath t cond.'~il t O
~'tyIt would put i'e.I Soter Rolail-t
ow'al lthrohthc he15art of ia'l i h~5
I~' unt an wto ld et'l thid i
ystem) ot to the bulk' eii'~ oflii th
roIsit stnoI.l ie mtonger traill, itb
mosu tgoe i' her tor fort va iis o
r'atds. ILW ith th rp d irNct lin',
mwlee, he newuli r$od0oud av
very A ne blcju Out antg and iils
ousd C 'ih - Soulltheon i to laj ily
bOuglyl tl-h lin th poat. TVahe
rons aad Clticeg ahNg thi roua
v'out to b:enderfully himprtop
iod bm Poy secion tough whlh
Church Directory.
11low wo give the nantes of churWheS
pttors, and the Smndays on which they
worship, am far wo hiativo inforimation. If
.Yo ir chluirch 1is not on the list seni the nec
'ssiary information!
Plekcon--Rov. A. J. S. TIortnats-jj Sun
tay, I I it n Il. antd 8 p. it.; prayer ny oting,
Weinestlay 8 p. in.
a Seota-ItRev. J. E. Postor-Saturday be
5. fore tit first. Sitittlay aIt, 3 p. In.; 1st Stiarity
P. 11 :1. Iml.
Peter's Creek-lter, J. 1C. Fostor-21 Sat
- Itlrday 1) in; Sunday after ecottd Satir
P ilaV 11 a Ill.
a Mile Creek-liev. J. E. Foster-4th Sat
a urt.1lay 3 p 'tn; Stuladuy after fotirth Saturday
a iI a it.
a Six Mlile- Rev. W. C. Seaborn--Sattrilay
h-efort tht sPecolr 1 Sttntay '2 p It ; secondti
-- Pratter's Creek-iev. W. C. Seaborn.
a Satrtiay lefori thi ihird Suntdy 2 p in;
. 3d Satiuny 11 i n Il.
Concortl--lIer. W. ('. Seatbr-- Saturday
a lofore t.he fourt.h Stuntay "_ p in; Ith Su
a tiny 11 a inl.
lb M ETiontiisT.
a ay p i 2 :41 Suiday I a it;.hi Sitiday
a 8 I t: itrayer inteetiig VeiIniVesdays 8 ID m.
a Twelve A lo-il -iev. It. it. I )agnall--- 1.41,
p Slnihay 1I a itn ; 3,41 Sundlay 3:30 ) Ill.
y letlilehenm--Itw. . It. R. agniall-- 2<d Stin
da y :1:30 p li.
- Tai.r--OIer. It. I tgniall-ILth Stinilay
I 11 :t itn; 5tht Stititlay 1 at iin.
' 8 It int: :Id Sunillay ii a itt.
-lnta It I it Ill.
p St..Paul- I V . EC. Wiggins- -14t Stin.
dlay -1 p Ill.
p Zion-UIer. W. E. Viggins-2d Siulay
I I a Il; 501h 8uncIay -1 pIl.
a hh ~'~Wirggins---ill Sintlay It
Aii ihI3te. W -Ith SuItuty
Pit'kenis Ch-itrh--- e. Wiggits- 241 Sun
day -1 p it ; 5t 1h S1ntiii:ty iI a ill.
P Noirrnt PiCat.:Ns CIttUr -- NOeV. C. L. Ale
S ''irst Sittlay-Frtienl1it, ii a mtt; iPor
t- tr's Chatpel, :;::10 p mn.
P Secoit Sitidhy- I. lititel, ii a ina ; N
ITolle, :3::10 p Ill.
Third siutidy---Porter's Ch1apt, 11 a ilt;
S:ti*1em, 3:310 p pit.
I t4111 It Situ1t11y --M iney's Chapel, 11
l I ;t e nt' sst, ::o ir.
--PhI iESYiVi~a N.
heie.T 1.Ael iP stor.
-irst Stu hty-Picke ts, 11 a nit a t 7::',()
a S.eoiti Sunitilay--- E~asi-y, iI a in): 1, iterty,
k 7 :::A p ill.
T 'hiri l un;ty -Cutntr:l, 11 a ini: E.:tsley,
lbI p in.
''ut Ih Sitntulay- .ist y, i1 a itt: Ea;Iey,
7 ::!0 1) 111 .
F iifth Sta8114:13y--- l''.ly, 11 :1 Ill, anil 7:'.
ai pi t e -114yn-.
nt 11w "D t1he follrs oflti
N 1 tr sV o l' wl' 11w ttaleirial
it w.. )ivi V 1 It-.
.I 1 h o Ieonea
.;3 iha-els. Not so, I though.~, whten t hev
-P laitul in hitre. If1)'rl they t ade nc
I wI ith us4 they khp coiinghlH, Siiii Iv
':111 Iwaym with horses;. \\' ha ye
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Celebrated Studebaker
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inl town I 01) cm ined.I~ltlt Ianember fori
G u i: y l ti,1: S. C.
lit ~ A ttornloy at [Law.
a PiCkenls.S. C,
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it) ()thi0 over anrlo 's I)rug 8(,oro,
(ireenijlle, S. C.
til lSurhP~eP~ iS
[Pickens.~ C.1 [., - - Sulth Carolina
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buisinest-s It-otaplV .
or GroonIvill, 8, C,
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Condonnod Sicthedule i of P.otigror Traing.
.InI R'ce t Junle 30tlh, 1001 .
Ve. Exp r. LmtA
Northlbound. No. 12. No. 3S. No. .14. No. 3
Daily. Daily. ihdly Dail3
rV. A tIamta,.(t T 7 50 at 12 Coln F! 24) 11 R)
Atlauta,ET 8 50 at I I 1 j 12 6u
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itford..... 10 it.........'2 i1 2,01
" ( itosville 0 i 2 4-11) 2 2
.4~ t 11 a i. t 2 'd ..1 3 081j) 2 40
" orneslla.... 11 24 at . . 3801).
fMt. Airy... 11 M8 at . 3 1) .
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3 2Za 1 3153.)p 41 4
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o vit. 12 4~ A1 4 001w 4'1 p V2-5
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" nr')aurg 31) p 0 v4 0 hip 41 2'
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Ar. Haaleig3.. 5 25 it 3 40
Ar. Dittavillsa 1. . l 1 ~ita I ..j pj 7-1 , 1.~a 61!
v. Nbrfolk.. . 8 00 a A0oi 8 Put.
Ar. ~ ~ Ow__ 0-otaal. 3()a i0 0aa -1 0 -1 it1 _4C1
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" Galy.vly.- 01p 65 65t5
Lv P;n-Y.y... 4 2 p n - - 10-1 _17 3 7.
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Ar. klaleigh.. ...... . 1 2t n 5 25 1 3:
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Lv. D tillo.... r 00na 1, 6 rA) 0 t 10 t 4
Lv. Halel;h . :16 ) 1(0 y (
Lv. W'hinr tn . :1 . . . I ) 2 a 2 1A) a I 2 00
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Lv. r'sla.r 7 10 70 a7 3t a 2 5
At,. (:Iatri'a 'L . 0 .1. p) P 25 is 12 ".Awa 8 1
Lv. Gus ork t. ........ W 43m 3.)(p 96 2
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1va'v. 2 *-'0 tb' 11 T) na a:1 r ) Ua 4'.
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Lv. R a ah. ..
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otl atj4a Ves. End lt p.
EIx., Na.r o. 6. N. S. -No. 1.1 x,
S tila l a ttily '. Dail aill
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ta t' l' 3 5a' at 1 55p ...... 6
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85 - lt . 50 a 6 all a 4 0
"A" L. '1. " - 4 1) . 11 . 03Nl. "NY ' II P p a
Lv.larhan' . t 1 ):tp ta 0a 2 '2 7 2at
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"a a Atrn ia tta
"111w Lul rl- .1
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ItW~. 0 Ataa 1a "\a. 11-1 n/al il 1a'l a at
l~aala ll ttaaI1 at nat le 401 t - aa &g p 1 '
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laaa t .:t n -153. . .. laa ti t ili
(all~.Ia Ia aa 4 Ri tttta at tad p oarol.: Lo-t
liar \Vaa~ajt ~ 4 a n i ..aa . ...at \V tfaorday Ia1
(" Ata nnota t It 1a~aa.tar 3 on lt :, a Qa
1 Bl twoonltM tt h Lu rand bthos.a Iha
Noli. 11 aa~ Vn~iaaa ... N o ~l.aaa
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L. & 1. ail. Iflaa'~lltt aly ta utAa:1
W (aaa i 15. r . Aar nrtaI .. av Ileanat, v ta.
otl tt 3!lo a ac'n a-t yn~ 'id at ia wi
"A" n- ana. "ota p.t~I tm. "ata" no.onit. "N" nia Hi
Nhest 11atka 12n - tut rs ina., dnrity servia
helt im N'ulk :aid unit in.or..
artIiite. :'a oali tuhti tin rtan,aei-:c
of' lt de~tat' ' thra.g litwe'nr. New V,
(ad A t til 1 Th r tath auLh a A;.~.t itn
Wahi ton A hn a al Sta .~ Ia iner ~ao ,
o lu- v~e oit :uni .'.i(inWhI , 'V in Wr! e
ingtn.a At~ua arni '.ir''na. A laaa1:
Puh~t .hr:v l :intion)1 .a stn
0-eve an~ ninarinrut Punin cop
0 ::( )eric ~O ius~x a rli:. Tii trinUv
110y:101 In--a tr a I ly ttid n n i
I ...a.;;rs. for LandVfrom Wa hina~ and
yI a n~Il forIt Ian.1a fr am ir vl w, r
and Satanhurar~a.imaa atir tetnIXI a
ra a ." ai l l''~t t ti eti a tn .t anl t i 'It
lot tu,: co tae 't i tat Carlt tI -i h traa a ins a
tilla itni-ers Illr land tain WaIahiaa. Iton
Yorkinro Ithe lat~utnyin through ia~aaa'aPul
IltleeIpi ars hN welnn~' nar'.t t and Nevia:a Yo
Chaartii, It. d a Rihivand ad Nrfo(lkLo:
Frias na turiatt. leeig ar~j i bel Tiara'
oth traain~ Itough (;raanehutlinn ha-0 I
-lIna jars (11 thlis( trlan btwe .itiat
tiand 11 Ch at i mle Arst nud VI.yodi
r'tnah :wcotndations forI local il trou)
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a Na' lst.5n "UnibalaStat --: ast aila. rII
ia outht rns Realwtay A.a .P 1.R
classeu.vPullma. m Itaw at reguatta Inh-oping t:
htwsir n ewt YIrk and~t Naewa fltama, vsiala
lata tandai I Montsiy a'. i Nw enaa tr
NoAlst. 11..and 12-lta bl loa iitr ~in bIt wot
thifoill-mi at 0iois 'l-t t rthbovo a.htaru
lt.ltttt f . t1.\1 fE liK, W .11 f .y 'tiolit

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