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*e People's Journal
Tl. J. MAUtLDtN, Erlitor.
1torm1 at the Post Ofllee at Pickoe i
nd-iclass4 matter.
Stih1eripli 10 . $1.0") :1 Yea r.
T1111U'111DA Y'. .\VG. 15). 190|.
l'heso rat'go sel le s may lioer t h
blic a fairly good article, it may
fact, he an excellent arrange
ilt. anld we have no eomlplaint t<
ike against the gentlenwn i
arge of the en t erprise. ('11t1 porary
far as its establishment i
ekens is (niCerneId , but we do
ggest to the public that it is t(
eir interests firzt of all to deal
ith their holle ilerchllan ts who arc
istintlv in the busiiess right
're in t heir ownl neighborhood
il who for every good reason art
le to sell then an article equalyi
i good as any oflered by quasi
oddlefs, at the sanme or even ilowe
rices. The reasons are obviol.,.
hey are the saine tlat, govern ill
le ease of Ilook a ellts als wiullst
esidelit daler3. Thl ese !tI Iclmiln
oI llre eq)eCL'n to i0n11111ii oin
y a siort tile: their XNj)ell-SS alre
leavy in hotel did Ilt ively aiccOm
nodatiol)s and all th Ie i. c sary'
mitlay incidenlt t. ., thoWIrg con1
Iss of the conitv. All this to
ether with a rasonable salarv to
he agent inust ie addedt to what
night he regard.-ed as just profits
o the maniacturer ir m'idd I oman
.d tile urice paid b1y th purchas
-r is fari ill excss f what it ought
o be and r1110n t llm it need Ile if the
uver will on lv take the trouble to
nye jS t i -:Ite.
hN fi-sali e Your hoino mer
haiit alt hougl :1 good article bo of.
ered you Iy a sti rangor? A littl<
hougliht fl coisideration must con.
'ine, You ti hat while their busisi
nay be legiti mate the <luestion o
Oim pet it ion dces not arise bocaius
heir sales are effected in the mail
>yat tractivelyvpresenting the merit.
a fairly good article making thl1
Wice coimienlsurate with the idei
.hus conveyed of the meritoriou
,-atuies of the article. Trilde a
loine; give your own amlerchtant
:easoniable pr ofimts and they wi
;ive you reasonable goods.
Thl~e address of Supt of Eduncr
svith the timeily and pnrtinent r1
narks of County Superii intmlen
Bright and thme alssemblecd schoui
.ruste. last Mondlay, is inienc~tiv
aspecial ly ofI the exi stence~ of (ln
ssential featunre i. thle educeatioaa
lepartmient of South Cohnnbtia, ii
;ene ral, anid P'icken s eaunt iit
aarticular, arid that i: that the mec
ni authority, as far as educationa1
natters go, are mecn of lntive initul
igence--earinest imeit-who have th
)resenit and prosp''ctive wl fate
ihe wvhole county at heart. It wit
-efreshing and suirprisinlg as wel
.o s00 the zealous inter'est display'
ad by representative meni who hav
n their con trol the meanms of us~
mured and p~ermanout IVltadvaneomen
If a good chmristion town cour
il imposes a licensoa tax oni ani it
ustrious man for doing theo hcs
Ce can in 'tenmdinig to bi1o own bmili
0es8, what should1( it (1o for thI
ilan who dOBs nothing,but meddh
.vith other poople'sM business?
* *
Theare never has been such a
mnprovemeint in tile crops iin th
amo11 length of timle as Ic
be p)ast thlree wvooks. Augusti
he cotton month ini this sec'tioi
WeT (do not care to see anly reli
nlce to the coincidence that th
,olitical suinmmer school had mt
irst exhibition at Uinion dlurini
tog (days.
Larry Gant has been dhamme
ip for four years. TIhe gates ar
If ted . Tako notice all.
*~ *
Not one lot ter m a millhon goe
vroing it is marked righlt. Thle samll
-s true of children.
Kinlg William and the negro umn
1)ire are two good feeling mnei
Nvitlhout resp~et to color.
* *
The Pickcons *%Iotel must b<
teady, for the tourist next sum
* *
There used to bo Texas rangers.
There are now stovo rangers.
A Sundy-school teacher was ex
plainimg the parable of the teln vir
gins to her class, who were mostly
boys. When she had finmshed, sho
asked: "Now why were five of
~them foolish?" "Because they
didn't get married," said one
One of tho most attractivo ex
hibits at The South carolina Inter.
Stato and West Indian Exposition
will undoulitedly be that made bythe
m Uniited States Fish Comm issiol.
Mr William doc. Itave.nel, assiq
tant fish coumissioner for the I: nit
ed States, Visited Charlestoni on
Jily 16 and seloctod tie site for the
Fish Commission Building. This
Nill staid on tiyke that, soparates
the Ashiey River from Lako Juan i.
3 ta. The blilding will be square,
and il side about 100 by lo fEet.
Thero will be four entitrances, and
:iroun1d the walls Will bo hundreds
of tanks, arranged with plate glass
si((s and mirrors at the back .
Light will he int roduco(l from bilov
and these aquariums will this dis.
pay the fish within to the full.st
advantage. Inl the centre )f the
I b uilding will be a very larg tanlik,
the botton of which will he () 1o
wite tiles, and in thisq will be kept.
a fann'ily of Alaska seals. Besides
tile glass-front aquariius, there will
hc a comuplete eXhiil)it ()f the miethi
ods used 3 tho lnited States lFtsh
Co min issioen for the propagation of
lishi al. so of the ble(st- kntowni tip
I macs for catching tish and of
modls of boats, ote. And collec
tion of spemens, stuIed, will be
amo11Illir the exhibits, and all will
be attaractively arranged and
mo0uni) ted.
This exhiblit at present forms a
part of the ( overnmont exhibit, at
It h Pan -American Expositioi
where it attracts most rniilthusiastie.
attention from all visitors. W\'hen
removed to Charleston next fall,
this exhibit will be entirely rear
rnIutied and certuin (ihanges ilado
whviticl will adapt it 1mo perfectly
for its now locality. l- instance,
while at Blffalo, ihe exhibit shows
about 75 por cit. of fresh water
fish, and twenty-live 1)r co IIt
of salt. water fish, t he prolot ions
will bc, rovers( at Charleston. crn.
sisting of seventy-live per clntt
salt water fish and but twent y-five
per cent of fresh water lish.
TILlMAN'VS V'\\ )l" TIll i.:
4 --A Sentinel speci.l fron ar
inlette, Wisconlsinl, s
United statfes elllator' 1.a i
I. Tillhan, M S11utih Carol inI, ad
dressed i lIre1 1 auditt' 41!n tll rta
(i ne1 stiill froin a Settitl ri- st i.,j
}iVIt. (d .o the I-atires I of hi4
retinarks was a pt in .ustitenti.n
of lynching:
" Wi in you have m,.(tn
lack men," he sa ici. -'. - 1ii -Z
you try tilie hi nga(.Ii pr'ov -1ss ,I III
S externunitate tlin-ti bv iternttry
in SulIth Cair'liii w e ha ve .t ',110n
blatcks andl( .i5.)oni wihi tes -'Iii,
.'carpet -ig.ers, thle ' i t*' n
ih Sout hu.in sealIaw'ag4 andi $4-11n
d rels ruled its aitter th war' 'Vin1 il
-they hadt( stoleii everytingi in thc.
Stato: then w44 wet.t wviith our 1h4
[rum the~:m. AllI mit aire nt<et
white jpenplo as the Soth will g~ov
Liin t heir ownt coun t rv.'
lie t'oitindcu liooker \\ashtinig
ton's schle. (4f tidtt ingi the negro
along mzduistrial linte, as anm at
1temlpt. toi plat'o himt 4'n an otual ity
- with th whte art ian, soniet'ting
1 lihat would3ii int saiv rae' hat red in
the Soutth, lie said that. atnong'
the -1 ,t 00.000 slaves duiring ' thle
Scivil war I thero we reinmre Chliridian~is
1 tiin ther'e are~ to-clay :inting t'
- 9,(a00,00 blaciks ini thi Sith I.
eh I do~ nott wianit to uipihld slavery,"
heIt coni ttuedl. "I ihanik God)41 l4ri
ta nto slaves to-dayi untdor thie Starvs
Sand Stripes."
Senator 'l'illiint iniide an e14).
~liientiulea in just ilieantinof lvnch
~.testify. to tht4r shamite and ih-gra-i
dat iton bef'14t a juriy for a puii htze
enciee to thie sanctity ii' tihe Soutih
(irn lho1lushtl ainutheh'~ Silth11-n1
- womient altil liis re1itirks on Ivyilh
li t ug wecre hen it i'itltid.Ih'
e closedl wiith ani impaI~isioniedl si taI
r imet to thle .lfet thati th w~i~ hit e
Ont top~ ''ii Spilt of the dlevil ,'' and,
-. it netcessary, lhe saal hiis brethrtlii
woro' readyV to take dIown thiri Iht.
- guns algaini.
lak t here to be any issue in thle I
('ntpaignt fotr Goeveno n14txt y'eart? I
1 herie inuty ho thrt u-e or fourt V 4tl-rs
b o tar ats one ('lin see niow t he vo..t-i
er's will have to decide according to Ih
t heir poronl pruoorun ce. 'I'he d is.
Spensary is no0 lontg(er al(uii deatle
ciuiest ion. Whtether a enand ida to is S
Sswinging t> TYillman's coat tails or i
''toting his owni skillet,'' maukes C
lit tle dIiffeurenice A it abhle, fea rless, b
host mant, witht '1( Onemies to h
puniish antd no friends to) rewardI is u~
needed. A clean mian, wi h nto pol. y
itical (entiaglemnentsa and~ ito wire. ai
1)ul11inig tendencies, is needed for
the place. A fair man, who will
not array laboragai nst capital and 1
see'k to dlissatisfy the poor' peop)lo
on account of their conditiont, but ~
who would1 deal *justy and honest
ly with atll and enceourago labor "
anid capitLal is tho mian for the 9
plIace, Do0 you happent to know n,
himr?-Spv rtanbhurg Spartani..
Oil of ian naman will cause tho p<
disappearance of warts, hiowever- thl
hiard, large or dense they may be . ii
The application gives rise to noith- a t
rpain uor' stppu ration, tih
Evir Succepssill e11Ow IMP~
more less annoved by lilI slit
brouglt by porsons who have n)
Wolid ground for tii r Icl ion( o
whicl 'a e been instigated by shy
t-r lawy'e.s in tit hi. hop of' iaakin
it "stake b y getting I ho ne4lwsp
p rs to SettIle for a s:all ,in
rather than go to tie exp j ,
lhferiding th-, Suit. IU is gratify
ing to newspaper pulishers to lear
that. a colut has at I.Iast. taken ne
tioti which will ho likely to liscour
age theIute wiiarassimg .,lit s alld alfort
40111 prott ( iol algainist irrespollsi
hb ldai n ti!,A, who beldomi are reat
4tlifferers froi l a leiged libelg.
Th4 cas21iO riefrred to was aln ac
A011 brouh11 t by it wohinani against
Now Yirk lewspal'1-. Thill news
)yer proveild t t l truthfulness o
ts ailegai tions, siowing that th1
6voaln)i had nI (11sO) wheCloupoi
he cirt ordered that. the plaintil
my $5')00 to the iewspaper as a re
"omlpenlse for thll annlOyance( and1( ox
lise of, (etfe.niding a sujit brough
vithoulit cause1.
No rpiable n(ewvspalyer- ever (e
iterately lhels i )rson llld if :
ist at inent1i iid vertetly iiad
S always ready to make a corroc
Aon.--Camden ( N. .1. ) Telegram.
Ll-:A F.
'The Shii t waist man a n1d the mt.
'vaist girl go hand ill hand today
Ind the pe )Ill-ea after keep /
tin'owing the.ir clothes awayv. Th
'Out 1t 1 vs.I we e laid to i'ist, an
winrl is le tle'ev shawl? Ani
:lot h -s S.-t, thilui nnor ialcl fewe'r
wkhiat will bll the mI l of It a fll
)h, wi t will t(Il s() t.a
aik( next, roh thl thigtsc h,, hla
tI( wtar? A lid what will the III
wani t "ir.: throw ,fT frr., t h l
lors now So har ! The u' : IhirtwiS
n1Iu aid thI nSt, waist girl mo ro
Ihc kin I w th, (N-I e way - hov-i wv
ltaril a trein that.S91l iilL (qi' t Cii
Ill Ih l rig l a some day 1 &V
1i 11V la I I.SII. lI e 'A 1 ( 1)N tWC.
Suce)VH ilin i ahivetiso ing deptmi
m1or ni1 l m1to up l the eleve
idealizatio o th e -tli\le adver
ti*' d, -an1d thef .hi.ptationl lit thl
doll d to th at intlli ognt. r i 'i t
Illv pa it par I 1 u r csitIs IIt i u I 1
rea"chedl by t hV t olvert ising naa(tliumil
Thll" badlyi m trce advi-rtiso
milt is I as m11ueaninglet
i<l Iho averago read'.r as the (;1.
11n, t d n t4'lt is hat n of* thil
iotat in : "The Spirit iS wlti
hll t he gienh is rl k." to w) 1 hic d .,
picI t ne~u l e d.d as '
enhall 41 wom y u he lli wtb
ioor."-lt 1 14Cioh t IeMa i. i h1
isMrs W innieto gtave it tha
011 r4 lilu baen hliihli4' l hjsi YiliS
111 loul l ic iI |1)4 j i, o i the ir wh
'li ' ( efil'inI It'i >u42V sinyd: 'thie
o4i t i~ rham i ii e u'll thm-lc'o At
igt) hG litt I n ne le f hin hisL'
uaoe busA.ie of)Il .000 a'~n vinr
i. Mi' oldolininyl illst rations1of
w ruims tae sunto sth,insI e
Thel~ g Wayn idem8nera(l 11 a voitha
bl milist1- iif Ili i itey.' is
Whii s' t.nishinent he sawiI k crowd
a ll do t~i~ tie 11nter. di\\'hon)
1h l)15 yni ' up lit aSiiel S\\' atea
you~f 1114' to)5 rtihat dot .'" ()n l'it.
'wildwn' lha id i gts . 'Oh"
sii the iisterxo,; [ any so-pi'
a t you litte bys f'e~o wht i s n
)li I tle f ellow S l I ev e rh lies.
Cin of1W) (thl boy s ou ited, "11 and ii
Twentyss leacher lifb r is v 1ar'1s
seric in Pl o rt ile 1v01etune
Over-Work Weakens
1 Your Kidneys.
0 Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are your t"
blood purifiers. they fil- j
ter out the waste or
f impurities in the blood. "'
If they aresick or out
of order, they fail to do I"
their work. I i
Pains, aches and rheu
matism come from ex- 'n.
cess of uric acid in the I
blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble. Th
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart beats, and makes one feel as though
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney- '"
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
f troubles were to be traced to the kidneys, Cl
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake s
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild (I
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized. It stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
- and is sold on its merits 'l
by all druggists in fifty- N
cent and one-dollar siz- W . ; l
es. You may have a ' .
- sample bottle by mail nont or swanp-Root. 'l"I
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find j '
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble. Eru
Mention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer 12
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y. ley
Saturday morning the l(iard of Wit
Selool Trust-. s mrt III ('t law Iff- Fig
Itce of Ravenel & Grit and the t
V contract for tilt heww sh1ol buil
ing w.s let. MNlr .1. '. Gradll(V of
G reenville, a f iprlr1 1t i>l rg
nan, wis Ih sil :,Sul bidder.
?Thle work wi:] bh-i in thilnea
i'uture, for th. con! tit rqiuires the No
omi pl't ion ofh i iling by Ja11
n uary, I 1001 .
rchitvct \\. I,. \\. Howo pre. re
tpared thpe p)1lans stni specoificatins
- aind the hibt l in ill(- % e aI ;( ver ait
tra'tivo and! ham W. one.
The ~ new1S. -col umwill beo r
hutillt on For<-st St ot and will cost Ti
-Q.'(y i 11. ThI e Ih m- ,ru Ion a1. re1* I
10x0foot. It, will bl at br'iek vo's
structuret wo stone high, Vithi doe,
rm ttin roms, a attie am1 a siupe ti
itlt eldent 's i flice. Its C1)a'ity will 1 .
lhe fo r aiout, ;(li pupIlls. Th c-.
Schoti uill I.e ieatid hIv steam, Sne
with ni oithO-rlI lutlimf bing nud all am
. ltmar arranIgemenots.-Sparl.tauhl).rg "I
- iruith. P Ii
.J . T. (ranilv is a brother of Mn
- our towlinman, B E. (irandy, and
was at onle tiile .1 resident of Pick- V
Ohs. If(
TOo LATL To)jll.T. his
ter ir for wariS., to holI, to fon'Ily'
WVilt thiin let her ha':'e her'~
muak. the fire vr, rv da~y and( h- Ijp
her wansh tho' dlK-h s? Wilt thI. u
a littl t'al s': n .;l'.nii Wd~ t thou
comiifort lier f'at her and hot' motheicr, in
Auti .1cm im t and I ucle John,.li
thIirie cir~ters aiiil a Ibrotheor.'"' And Al
hiis bu-e grew pale and blank-it lani
wats to) late to .iilt; as thronghi the
itioor lhe sank he, sadly said, ''I e,
wilt'" tain:
tin it state bunt for severa! ylr pat
residing inl the c'ity' of Wa.hington, tat
lisu tietd the iaeo for the senate.
Some shtes are 1reprersen ted ini t he 't
si'nate by imein w ho live iii \''h- i
thu state. Mir hempijilh isi anl able rtnun
hie Ino (obji clion to him except t hat an
abov e st at ed.--&owlh'ry (Oh,-orver.
g i te lI .li' .\.i ii n gt fu h Iait inettsvil
ui* hi ltnt t'i ll finiriam liysep.'' ia,
he u itieio, "m wi- ife was glr- - Souti- ''u t
do n. S teha o t en hto v - am i:
suleg Creuila dig il t ohebt stomneb Iie Stl
'riedg ih-etri olh1 dtitteswhc ba-n awt- tog
onet nttrtuei'gfour bottlek, sJhe ti em
hnie!. well ennt Clt :myhing1:.1 uIlg tia 'ai
grandW toi, and uii. nt laxte Ihos -~
Fl u igeton, ~isf )le.\Peiur, A.ot T illi
:I0 1 iV( r (I roubiles i, a .pos .itie, l i.atinf
Ste er. Ony 0t. Hot&Tonly oa
congress i inalo girict len atl to i.
Suea r of ltwasthweek ThierIoware (';ti1
ive-aladate on the piritsddg of ew.,
.a e.tlieilan 1111(f at of Stnie, hoi yo'
odf Collton and ol .tl ad lmith ofi sh' a
Sumer.i o(~a( Thegeeio wilas be
Sepi~gtlee 10th.1 Witi) laiilt
peihland Lichr Tils. ootsev to take Talj
i lrea in~ 5eifect, a nisal iy Oh\
A Bur tlintn goilis lel arnig to l's
Burt blos.tie, hlre-lc il re
Maleste 1~' ~~OI ustRd
- --y Ui Br~ Jul
Turnip Seed!
..NEW CROp...
Freshi aid RELIABLE
J411t I '[' la IJ1 is
'IBlIC EL1AS. LAP Rtol)i*S,
IOCK SA L' aL ndSTO(CK F001),
Fur ll 1'S(s and( ( 'Ittle.
FANS anm( otli(r Summ1,r Goods
To Go Powerfl-,1 CHEll.:\>
He Stire to See Our Lino of
Fl' IHNTU m, ST \'ES, TRl'NKS,
Valises, Ifit Racks, Coata
and Hat 1Hor Ics
And a Lot 00ther1 l'se'i Tliigs.a
a. T Ni ai.
(I. Fil'ZulA l,>, f'fi 'ron i ti
"Owhe, (reinville, S. c. O ice over J
Addkhwliso )rng D1- re.
.A I wvork guara Pnt eed to give sat isfar. S
Ill stock; ononIIh to sow fort neres.
Better sow a good pa tch now.
W ill 11:111in hd fo1. n n x
II~ ~ ~ o Owli n ~~)j\I 1 lIeN t
sixty days- Plenty for ll.
is halniy to have, t . I hia\ v
lots (of it.
I keep iveryting in tlw (, h ''-l
MIerchandise line, anldt wi11 sliy II
you as CIIL\EAP if .t Cm f l-:A l'-:11 t
Pickenis, S. C
Of'liomni 'Phone N... 21.
iir(ed' l on shrt j noIR t ce.
may ;u he~ thoroglyf~jf, drie.(
W . l'. Ill:N I~ ll( 'E & lli.,
:e'If a fiue, jjnan. \'on 1;;e h . t f or h
o.k )il I hi th in a he I n'aillt, fit h
-l forIeIst and for fthe tir--t si tb
toio:(l n s two le.gs lhe hifs uI-e . U
Sannu-d1( thaft ton' l'or' hothIi np:-- I n
S hardV( to dl,iistigisli l2~t wo '
lan' s s(ober earnfest fi'M, and1 his lev
----------- 'I. .. :t
.01i Sialiev'~il. N(y., Ot,: lilli is 5t 1 L-arn
he 'ine of the vii.i Unp ovnI u i' ih \V
In of .\llv11: 1 %IH. l'. ',fVh't-iko.. u
I11111 toIili-i i i s e lvn
Illh. 'lliIt poitie M i ic ~ ur ftil __
Elature l'orth 'Loa nloods
s the b\ostnhely inam nitefuth
-.f'""n"-0 Thir u lonia i ot'ebr Dr
f e the fo rth 1 ln: i -ptin er
\\CAOnfu~f'e& i~ SnI r i plc
y91 inJuean t hesith lndyaf
S o c .\andy in sopl nh r k.
Un xsT ir a in Mrch thid T
Paai~u. Ionnhiia hv 'ihailber i's
(l ic, 'htI l haI: r d liarrhoea
I etre41 v.
)i. Chi.. i. Iter, : prominent phy
an l of Pai a Colombia. in a re:ent
el s lat-: "I' .st .\lo rbI i h. ad as a
en0 : n Yokund ill 8ixtn rers Iof
-,who h1:141 : very h):11allt -k (if dyvsen.
. E rg Ipr.-k t I e r fol : 1i-r
r Ie ve-ry holr. licl pf unt-4 e .sn
%%4111h.1 di . She 111h~o et-on1 c so
1 sht ou l t rl. mvr inl hil.
it r 1.> t t - I ri tia ll om i 14 1 w ,
.h fo 1-.. h!)lt I ho a hagt of (: bamr i wes Ir.
I's Coli . C'hohl' and I iirrha . Hie
,t hi. llls :1 lli nesort pre ribi-d4 i)
I IooIt won dverful n-14s"411t wan s 1e ct 1. 1
thilo igh ho rs: She was, feling 4m1e
Ivr; in ble of I bree davs :-he was 1pon
fiad afO th11d of oll- wI eIkh was
%il wel S' sale by C '. W.E1:,.1e.
ch,114 Greienvillo 0 ectrictai lway
epany has orderedji rails for 3;5
vi of track and will soon begit.
ing trck to l'iedmont. It,- i.4
ithat tli track wililllbe exteId
ilf lelr :ind probably t o il
TO SAVEI 1 IEi CIll .1)D
lzrio r ih t ogh tiliaet Miiiii rs
oSli i-ll U fll~~ iS:iit i a
ie talger, eveof hia Grao (s
hli~ls0 ('bckh-n', ienSv to . t
iit nh r 1 id ileb and wlrites.z it,,
-k 1rece l opes. ISae
iln. ls, B111rus, sentbk andl Pilos.
i ar1 ?in'alnte-ed by lot&Thorn
thle co f all interviw
h 31. Kuge. pblihedinl The
asatiiaIy t thex-resident of
TrI s 11 s -3it' iS.v itd :
W" ha,'ve, alrea01dy onle proposed
c1e diretly to Great Britalil a1
will n1t 10nIl tie proptosition.
we are willing to givo for. ('ilCe
lW Iy . it' ."-',nuniaskcs for it.
iiric) s too dhai r i to obtain id(e
alcaI1 nl 1"111 iigh Lto live Ias- aI
S -N1Itio . T I I :
her enre r 1,61i falin ,L. :
' l s., y 11et cos 111 SA IV : . 1
coinh-Dr. \vbillI Elete t'l t.
nl'. atieinled 0.. (mbll ) in the wmi .
jlt-, everywhitl it tl;'nz beIen itlilod e..
Ire wild with <h4-lighlt. YNou lpl
b0 yor I h ir1 ach dIai Y iit11 oill ml v b
Ale n t. ''hik woillrini (0mb ik
dv unbrakable an 1 114 h SO tha. t it
)SI' I t'v. 14 ll) 'iit...tidii (11 lt~.
h1:11r. 8ld10 onl a writtenl 3011 O l:lnEli
pef (e atife I ll ve ~nti
r.Seind 'ifnn pal filr one. I"'Ili,.s sizo
nie ts i5f L.ive 111111 1ij1 :olhll-.n
AI.'J K Phr to i ntrodI e hi
vh. Solls on Iig(ht1. Agents :
With S11 1'(u 'u eS. IS l w ltso 1111h
r.] lkhe S r l). N.ll "4'i [.:.I of L .,.i
:ge, (1)e ihrIlI. -i I1-n ~Ih le .
fatrine r ought to ble Su flcienthly
d 11ianatony to seoe to h i e i
rthe oyes of' his .i aos
Ite il' 1 ' o" t b'bapci , hi: l 'e i. o
If 1 n the ':14 tlbs oli'is trei s.
3hN Ily of .J'ily.nA.. )91
'lnt ili.'Atotuy
Church Directory.
]elow we give the naines of chirtrehies
astors, tutI tho SIIaday8 oi whicih they
Vorship, as far we have Informatjon. If
ouxr chiureh is iot on the list men t tlxounee.
ssary inlforixationl:
I'iekents-IRev. A. J. S. Thoinax--sd Siil
ay, 11 . 111. tnl 8 p. it.; prayer Meeting
velne1i'Ehty 8 p. 1a
S'eoi-- ier. .1. I. Foster- Satnrlay he
r IIe first S it ;lay at p:1 . in.; 1st Stip;ay
i t. iI.
Peter's rek r.1J. EC. Fster--2< Sat
rilay 3 1> In ; Stianlay after seonti Satmur
ay 11 it a.
Mlile Eretl<v . 0Ioste--AIth Sat
Iluay 3 P in ; Stitiday after foirt11 Satmrday
I a at.
Six PIM I -lev. W. C. Seaborn---Sat rilay
fore thim st-4onxti Stiaay 2 1Ii m; seri1
uxtlay I 1 a m11.
Prater's Creek-IRer. %V. (,. SvIelxax'ii
atilay hifort tie thirdi SilaY 2 p i
i Slinclay ii a mx.
C "rdfi111-l--ev. W. C. Seab11ornl --Saturday
'fore the fourth Sunday 2 1) Il; thI Sunix
it1 II a ill.
.31 1TnollisT.
'iekens--1ev. R[ It. Iainall-1st Sun
xy 8 1> 111: 2d Sumiay 11 a in : 41-th Suiaty
ni ii.: prayer ineting Wvelnesdays P m.
' elve. Mi i lev. I-. I . Iagial ist
111141.y 11 a :11 : td S ilday : 3 ::1 1 m.
h-t h h-hetm. -liv It. Rt. 1Dagim l 21Sil
ay 3:3:0 m11.
Tal.- r ov. It. It. Ilaginall-4tl S1un lay
a Ill ;1 8th Snday lita m.
tasleyv-hler. \y. M;. 'iggins-ist. Stiinlay
30 i-: Il SnI d 'ay II a II.
St.. I'a ul-iVer. W. E;. Wiggixi-. 1st Stil
;t3 4 p ini.
Zhi-Iov. W. I. Viggin - 2d Suil :y
I a n; th51 S ixltav -1 p ili.
IethxesIbI---iCeV ' ggiiIs--I 4 S1i1ty 11
3i Iul Si14lav -4 p m.
A littol-- iev. Wiggiis---th Suxialay 11
Pickeins Cliuehl---lIev. Wiggins- 2d Sim
Ay - ji in St11 aiday 11 1 Iln.
MUIa l'eI.:MNS Cinr ie . J, Alv
( mn
Iirst St l:i ay---Frieui slip, 11 a m; i r
r's Chapel, :; yxni.
Secenti S clay--\t. HdeIlhel, 11 a ni ; New
Tlit id Smidlay--oiter's Clox eI, I a Ill:
04,ni, .3:;:0 p Ill.
miiirth KinItaY- Mlcliiii -y's Chalf-1 , 11
in : .Jltsse', :8::; p mx.
i'rl .:sirri:i: IAN,
eT . I1I. .\l-4101, Pastor.
li rst, S u ivay - Piek-ins, I I a I a1111i
Xii'i-im l Shxnxili' xIsev, I I a jI L i-l
:: 1 in .
Tirini SxiuiI:xlaY Ceitral, Ii i h: a .
p lit.
F-11- 11 lxxte1 ' x(1e( Il
"Do4 thw folls often
-1i( here?" askod th4)
travelir in a mahiial
8iet ionl. ''No,"' r<.jdpled<
thw lative' "they di
0nlyv oe.'
1.r*1. T1hey only die oneand
(v oily I rdt on. e at tle san1x
zi(e,. N''l so, thoulghx, whlenx t ev
udj' in here Il thley irole' xrr
lt u they kteep comx li i lxi .il
anxx" wv. give thieli moxre latiles
dl bextter mlles for less miolnev.
W2ill- haext anothera Ia firomx
x-ker- ixnk.Conadse hm
DL y'ou waxxt a wagonxi or vehicit
xany kiind? If so wVe ennl s-ti
iuxx xiey.~ We hativx three't cair
itd.. of ox wangoxs, andxx tivo (f hug
si axnd x carriag. ', all rFcei ved( silnC'
3 first dIay of last Janxuary. W
ve cuxt outi tho~,
thesxe.i goxxods, as we lp, ari de.
ied to' kibxop l u~ ur repulmxxI it
I hfe larl2St d. xa hers ini t hxe Sta I e.
~kanxd jxai spot1 cash for' (verv..
n benee( u 1 huvi~ chae(lix lTIlxa
ixall d(n-:Ir whoxx buyxv a fn
S :x t a iinn l and81 ki'x- 'm t ei 1k
I heyv ar" iI anld di x~. W
lx ''ur D~epuoitory, hxence .o don 1411
Vo tox divble plx4iits- with thxe
iilord. Wlbi caxrry in stock thef
Clebrated Studebaker
ii the worbl's justly renxowsxi~
....W EBE R....
ry' ihe. ('ha I lanoosgax, ( -iexlo-o
lxir, \* irgna add lusl
\N. keel ixn slic~k xat al times
rt een'l dli lxxrent muaxkes of IMxgi.M
I x xlCarriges, atxiong thxemx lie
iworkl, CoutIndx x~, -'l'y'sxm a
i's; lIiatur nand A\emxi. Coxme
k anxid lxakIo youri.I coice
\'o will no~t say mxuchi Is tox I ..
'k'-morxi' thain very dhe
xext. thlixty <hliy' wel wil nk
eial Pris.
Attornxoy at laiw.
Pickens, S, 0,
stico) iiinal thle C'ourla
Ollicxe over EarIll 's D)rug Stoxro.
vI [A lswiin-rn, C. F;. ltonliNso
reem-ilm'x, l ji'kenxs,
Aesol haxu', aPIP & bnsn
->;C.I, - - souxth Cxaroxnnax
-h ix ltally.urts. Attoxml to alli
'xipxeri to Iin tf.
- J. P. CA RLIs LE,
Groonvillo, S. C.
ice ovor Add isons Drug Storo.

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