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Declines to Ste:
The Junior Senator Atteni
and Actions are Democr
to the People.
August 5, 1901.
T11o the Democratic Executive CoI
mittee, State of South Carolina :
OaNTujaMKIN : The ollicial notice o
the action of a majority of your com
miitte of July 25th was received by mi
on August lst, live days after it had be:
announced in the newspapers. Thi
published announcement was the lire
notice I had that any action affectin
ie was to be taken by your committee
I am now olicially informed that th
majority of your committee condemns m
course in the 8enate, demands my ret
ination and undertakes to expel m
from tle Democratic party. Twent)
one men have attempted to usurp th
powers of the 90,000 Democratic voter
of South Carolina, and as an incident, i
a meeting called foi another purposc
have hastily endeavored to do what ca
0ac lone only by solemn proceedings o
prarchc~iment, expressly provided for i
nt const.itution of the United States.
I hom my commission from the Dein
orati vltcrs of South Carolina. I rec
ogni o it authority but them, anid tak
tW oTrdei fromi any source but then
in mi, *r. a ue course appeal to ther
to: imigitoi on my course as a Senato
an14 m1 haractr as a man and a D0m1
P'rs:msav I am indifferent to you
am't N. because nobody has made you Im
rar C or censor, and I regard what ye
,av- done as mere'y expressig t
mahee and fears of one individual, e
1. It. Tillman. But for this always et
and indecent inlluence ordinary respe
for the proprieties would probably ha)
prevented the four of you who are n
declared competitors for the seat I n
have thelhonor to occup'y, from attemil
ing to use the power entriuste(d to y'
by your party to remove a rival fro
your path.
As a citizen and Democrat o' Sou
Carolinua I am mortified by your act io
because it has brought upon i the Sta
the coIdemnaliol and ridic'ule of ti
press and the public throuathout I
country,. Unhappily, those wio are in
intimately acquainted with ou r cond
tiols accept the action of your majorit
as representing the intelligeiice an
Democracy of our State an 1 both at
made objects of derision. Against th
I wish to enter my solemn protest.
shall demonstrate how unfair, absur
and undemocratic your action is : an
I shall trust to the people to repudial
it when the opportunity is given thei
Your purpose is to deiy that oppo
It is in stronig contrast with the blata
boast of Senator Tillman at (aftney
pIt me oil trial before ithe party on It
hustings with himself as prosecutt
As you know. I sought that test by I
ceipting a proposal of appeal to the pe
ple, but the Governor saw lit to fort
it. Now Senator Tilhuan appears
prosecutolr againist me1 in) lmy alb5er
and by proceedlings like those oft
star chamber which was the nmost
fanw~us tribunal of Engl ish history. a
the most abhorrenit to Anglo-Saxoni
stinicts, seeks to exclude mec from t
party and its debates anid pullic assel
blages. It is your duty, as custodians
the party interests, to seek recruits at
to strengthen the party. TO save Senm
tor Tillman from stakinzg his recori
strengthi and fortunes against mine, yc
undertake to exclude me and nmy frient
from the plarty. Whatever your iidiv
dual mtoti ves may have been01, thle pin1
port of your action) is to facilitate thI
$enator in dodging me1 and to deny th
people the opportunity of passing on m;1
position and con duCt It seems11 Ito a
the Decmocratic masses of South (Caro
litna arc competeint to say at the poll
whether or not I have been a faiithmfu
Senator and)1 a consistenlt D~emocrtt
Wh'ly should you attempt to preven
It is no cause for wonder that Benato
Tillmnan should seek to make politicai
assassins of you to avoid an open an<
fair light, lIe has climbed to power b:
venomous abuse (of many of the pure~s
men in the 8tate who 0l)opose him, fo
which hc always carefully shirked per
sonal responsibility, and on the politica
lives and fortuines of those who be
friended him while lhe needled friendi
Norris, Tindal and D~onaldson, muon rep
resenting earnest purpose and the in
terests of the farmers of the State ant
therefore strong, were used by him ti
promote his own interests and( tihe)
thrust aside. Irby, Shell and Farle;
died despising him because of hi
treachery to them and to the peop~le.
am now in his way and because lhe ha
ftailed to strike me down lie Incites yol
to attemnpt to strangle me, and ait th
Mamec time to destroy a white primiary
to his advocacy of which lhe owed muci
of thme best of his early following. Part;
principles are fixed and to the priniciple
of the D~emocratic party I have beci
uniformly faithful. Party policies ar
dletermlined from time to timle by part;
elections and conventions, and no mai
nor body of men has the power to sa;
between those elections what policie
shall be the tests of party loyalty. Senn
tor Tillman is assuming the prerogmativ
of supreme boss and dictator to say wh
shall or shall not be regarded as
D~emocrat next year. I do not c1oncedl
any such power to him nor to you. II(
nor all of your committee together, hai
not the power to exclude from candidac
nor the polls at the Democratic p rimar
thme humblest citizeni of South Carolin
whot declares himself to be a D~emnocr.
and pledges himself to support the part
nmnees. Suppose in 189)0 the exect
tive committee of the State had rule
out of the party all who engaged in th
" auneilrt' Movement '?" Suppose tw
yeare after it had excluded all wha
favored the sub treasury idea ? BucI
action would have been unjust, tyran
nical and insulting to thousands of goot
citizens and Democrats, but not more st
than this proceeding of yours.
In his double character as prosecting
witness and attorney against me, Sena
ator Tillman is reported as saying be
fore your committee that I have vote<
with the Republicans " In importan1
matters " and that he has seen me con
ferrin g with Republican Senators. As:
will show by the records, he himsel
frequently voted with the Republican'
"In important matters," as all othei
D~emocratic Benators have done fron
time to time. It is frequently necessary
proper and courteous to confer wIth
members of the opposite party, as h<
knows and as every man of practica
sense knows. These expressions of hli
are attempts to take advantage of credu
lity and Ignorance. I do not think ther<
is a man',inSouth Carolina so ignorant ai
to really be deceived by them. He can
no p- ...e unde --sicoas he ha
p Down and Out.
pts to Prove That His Votes
atic and Says He Will Appeal
I put himself by his own acts I have not
in public oilce retrograded froim a per
haps, honorable bankruptcy to dis
honorable and unexplained wealth. lie
f and I have drawn the same salaries, but
I have found It impossible to save a dol
D lar from mine. I have never, however,
truckled to corporations with the fawin
Ing of a tamed spaniel, madt(1e speeccs
t against them, then voted fo' tLhem1 IId
accepted favors as5 he hats donie. I lilve
never been the sole bos and buyinig
agent of a newly created whiskey trust
with its rebates of $60.000 to $70,00() a
year, none of which ever reached the
State treasury. I have never had the
handling of a State bond refunodinig
schbene with $28,000 of commissions
n never yet accounted for or explaiined.
s A year ago Senator Tilhlnian went into
North Diakota and mailde speeches advo
cating the re-election of t RepbIIIlicail
f Senator, Alr. 'ettigrew. Senator Till
Iia in and this Senator were ipiroinent
in preventing, by fillibustering tiacticii, it
vote Oil the subi-ly bill. The newspa
e)0rs said that Ali. Hll, head of the
Northern I'acilic lobby against t.ie .mbl
sidy hill, gave Senat.or Tillian's friend
and associate 21 " tip'" wIich paid j i hiin
$450,0o10 in the stock mlarket. ilids of*
a feather, gentlemen ()f the eounittee,
always llock together.
r Has Benator Tillman, I pros'eIut i at
Y torney against ny I)emocracy, ever
u failed to alibus )emnllocrat-4 aild Dlvi)em
eracy 1 Do you know thlat ill lite wL.t
two )emioeratiC nitiOnll conI vent iionis
ihe has supported t ihe nmiiiatit of ite
t publicans'; ? InII8 he lavoredI Sena11tor
I'elltr fir l'reshlent -ll a obl line H
jy publicanl, anld mne All' thc- bitterest Iloes 41f
the South ii ret'vollit I it it' l dys li4.
t- had hitn f appeared-C4 b 0or 1he0 ue
tion as a 'omp1jet itoir of W. .1. iBryan an2d
m heen ignollmiiuly snlowed unlder. InI
I'9) le wasu1% fo- r ( T(wI n ie, also : lie'pulii
I van, for vice president. Is hle e liutni
to le siuIpremet :irhiter aind jldnIge 14 what
is I) emlori 'y inl S4,1th 1 Carihai ?
eInI the Sen-:ate I haive baib'red,:ass the
e records will show, I litl11 the p
it perity of the cintry, to Iniiiiote the ill
i- tere'sts of Im)' wii lit'ilple, ito sireadtl
y-Civilization, too en arget and inlcrease4 ('p
d portunlity fmr our younlg mentitand stimuil
e: late enterprise. tHis Nwole lniiti'al
is oiurse and metld have been t') tear
I down, ito abuse and opp1se, It) bNight
(I anlo restrain, it) hite w% here he( dlared :tind
d ftwn where lie feart'd or sigit fvor
.e I shall ask the people to co)nt rast the
I. records and shall claim my right as; a
r. free ian, a horn adti rear I)eih-mcrat
and a Beinitor from Soutih Caro11111ina, t,
it d) it regalrdlless tf the orders of twttv
.o one members of the execltive cotm
it mittee. 1 shall ask til 1t peOle1 ti deide
r. hetween the ml1anl wh 121 : 11.s tried ito help
c. cottin (aetories, 111pen1 Iigliways (if m('1121
o- imerce and to sI eomndtiii the I )emo.
iti cratic party as it) commnt!td fr it ti
ais c011ti dence and re'spt'ct (if th bliusiless
cc 2and 1lab)inngte elemens, N2ort h ..nd1~1~l ouh
he and1 tha lit Iof thet 2212 % man whose~ii condutl and
n. re'ordl 11as been'2 t' siiik tile !iarty3 1to dis
111 reptle andit impoiltence. I shill 2281k themt
n tol 821y whether thely prefeI'tr thle Sentorl
he whoil 12as tritil tol re1ijin fo'r oittlth (buira
if long.. line' of illutstrjians 81121 and21 g~liousI2
n lie represenltedl a c'onsititulencly of hllo11t
s bo1x stul'ers and11 muilrderers whoi wanted
hi ir sha~re oif the' ~ teablige'.
- lie i8 nowli inl a Noirthern22 Stat h1ohl2
2 andt ballt biox thliev'es.
a1 he'lI'arig, hut w1 I itout euvidencee. I' pon
whalit grotunidsI are' my13 goodl falith 21s 2a
Senlator and11 my1 Ii delity' as 2a hDmocralt
y'ou of the commltlitte canlt prtve tt the
petople tha~t the~ Demnocratic parlty' is a
free tradte party. It, hlas prtopotsed a
taiif ftor prtotectionl only3, but a1s early as1
171)7 we hadt a1 protctive tar'if, andI we
halve never' 1n the 10)4 years sin1ce knlown
free tralde. Geni. hlancotck, tile party
nloincellt for Ii'esidlent ill 1880t, r egarded
the tarin as a112 local quiestiont. Samluel J.
llandlall, for years5 tile party leadeor and1(
8peaker of tile 110ous1, was 21 pro'tte.
-tionist. In every (Jongress where the
q (uestionl 1121 been0 presen~tted nlIiiumber of
D)emocrats hlave votedi a rainst andit
helped to kill freem tradte. IIhave con2
tenlded thalt Stiuthiern produets shloutld
be pu1t onl an2 equa1tlity with tteirs, andt
in I8)7 I fought, to have rice, piin luimb
or andI cott~iin protectedl. 'rie cry of
"Itepubl ican"' was21 raisetd agalin2st me1
then, but thle peopl)1, betfore whom thle
issue wvas squarlely put, ettdorsed 1m1 by
an1 overwhelinlg vtote. Are you now
undertakinlg to reverse t~lhat verdict ?
I have favored ship subs)ides,5 It iI a2
Sgreat qjuestioni, antd (on1, 1 submitit, 2)n
which tihe people of this State are com
Spetenlt to pass after hearing full Iargu
mnnt. Thie subjeet has never beeni d is
cusedbefore thleml altltgh it is of1
vast importancce to) thbc proisper'ity of
the State. Thell purpose05 of tihe subsidy
is to develop tile' builtding 2111d operation
of great fleets of American ships. 1t
touches VIe int0Itrest of our~ 2402 ports,
of our lumbe~r tindustries, of all1 our
mtaniufacturin~g enlterpriisesl anld our grealt
agriculturall productets. It is 2a quiestioni
onl whIich some1 of the ablest 1)emtocratl
of thle 1101121 and12 B'en'ate are dilvided. I
miost humbly submifit that It, is not inl
Sordler for twenty-one muembiers of your
icommittee to rule that thle l)emnocratic
masses of South Carolin 1 hall n1211 ot at1
their campain meetligs hear this mailt
ter of vital inter'est to them discussed;
Sand that the people of the 5cacoa1st
Scities, Wilo woldl~ like0 to see itew tides
of commerce brought to their halJrors
and the htmbermien 2and( owniers of
forest lands, who wouldi be glad to sell
material for more ship s, areO to b)e thlrown
neck and heels out of the party because
they favor ship 51suidies. Benaltors
Carlisle, Pugh and Morgati voted for ai
subsidy bill, whichk has been2 in1 force
ten years, and Whlich has hlpied our
Birazilian trade, in a measure, at leaist
Are they not Deomocratsl, according to
the decision of Benator Tillmnan and
your commnitte?
I believe thi.t it Is our duty to develop
the new territory whlich has come into
our possession along commercial and In
dustrial lles, to clvi lizo thlem and make
them the equal of our own States in
material prosperity. S3enator Tillman
would leave them, after we have deprlv
p ,d them of the protection of Spain, to a
hopeless struggle as an ndepoendent
nation, Without resources or s(21f-protec
Stion. Fortunately for us, the records
Sshow that in building thlem up we are
-going to bonefit our own country. I
Swant to give that territory the best, form
of government In the world ; hie does
not want to givo it any form of govern
mont at all.
11o says " free silver or bust " I say
the Americai peoplo have settled that
1uestion at the ballot box. I am for a
Hound currency and coistant ly1-0
mont for all who deire work it re
mnunerative watges. This We cannot
bave without anI, outlet for our eurplus
products on eqlual terms with all of our
competitors in the IIairkett or the world.
Do you think the energelic', live, pro.
greaive young businesi men of the
South will long permit the cabals of a
few scheminig politicians to stand be
twoo n him and the attaihlment of thease
gloriol ends? If thiis is not i)gmoc
racy, then, genit lemnsu, I Invito you to
joiln landi3 with me in making it o
'1Tese are the leadilll tin estiols on
Which I u ndorstnd my ienocracy andi(
loyalty have been asaileld. The recordsi
give m little light as to whiat further
grouid there may b0 for your action.
llow me to smmarizo them brielly.
iII the first sesHion1 of the s5th Con
gress Senator IilliIIIIII aItId myself voted
together in 1-8 if 1150 yea ant nay votes.
I voted aginsstt him for pItectioln to
the farmers oi all ameildlleit to the4
tariff bill, proposoed by Benlator Jonieli, of
Arkass, presolt chairmanil of tiht) I)I
ocralt'ic execItlVe c(itiiliLtee. 1 'ossibly
you may reconvene your committee an11d
reaid lim (ut. of the party. I votoI wivitl
Jn10, VesOt, Iicon, Bate, Berry, )anitel,
Mils, Morgan an11d ill the other Deno
erats except 4enattorli T1illmanu and( Mc
Encery, wilo voted with tle iepill licalls
It wiao i titraight pasrty vote. On .nother
lllenfd meit to the saie hill I voted witl
the Dveiocratst Senator Tilblnain walo
the oile )einlocrat votilg with tlhe Ic.
Puicansit111. Soo Conigresstionall lie-ordl
'ol. :O, page 1677.
In tlie sice')slid I 9e-siol of tht same1 UolI
gres' Senator Tillimani alld imlysl~llf votel
tolgether on 82 of 94 roll c.0iie. ()Ie Vote
(IIn which we differed was on Ia motion
to IljOuInl, illntenled to defeat a resolu
tionl calling uponl the l'resident, to inlter
veII in Cuba. Senator Tillmatiln Voted
witli tie lepublicials to sidjourl Inld tle
motion prevailed by onl(-, vote. I voted
with the I)emocraits. The other votes
oil which we diliered w 1ere unimportait
an11d niot party glalesitiols, thie Ialties4 di
vidiig )1n all. I favored the nec1)ptanceL
fit* the. llawaiianl Islanlds atlonlg wit,h1 such
I )eoitcrats is ormni, Kyle, Money.
MIorgan, l'ettls Illd SullivanI, and1I he
with the other I)emocrits iid sme),t, le
publicall weIr e'o4pposed to it.
)n page -185S, vol. : 1, o It RIecord it
i8 s1owI that 1 Voted with all tlo lm
oerats but, tiree, idil silte 1epublias
for a hill to prlovile for arbitalitioll of
disputes twenIl0 railwa y VOmpI lile s and
their mployes. Sen1ator l iia wi s
tin1e of the three again1st it. WI' al dif
fere nill i hill prollhibitin 11inxating
liquors to ie sold ill tIll' territory of
Alaska. I faivorled 1nd Ie ip(Iposel the
prohlilitioll. l'osih'y le 1had11 vi'ews on
a lispenisalry' and ehntes there.
()nt a vote to r 1ecommbllit t1e1 conference
r11ort 11 the r .ivr111' Si Ia larliol bill, I
voted for the 1ecolmlllitmen11'tt With 'such
D 'emocrats as Chilton, litifttfeidt. Ken
ney,), Ali-Is, llawlinls anld Turn.1er. lie
voted :w' ain1st it Witli Such1 lepuiblicans
a4 Allisoln. brrows. u111lom, 1)avis. El
I n1s. PForaker, Hlale, llawley, ,Adge,
l'erkills, Platt and Quay.
InI th1e first Suessionl of the Atith il 1on
gres Seator Tilhuan and ki v e to
gether 0 n1 I;7 olit of il roll call1. iln eh
.f the four cases Il wich we ditfered
tile parties were ilvik'det. The m1ost
ItI Of tlese waIs 1 on1 thl' ais:lllio of
Senlator' Quay' i votedl for it wVithI Seni
aits l nI IIel, 14enneyi, M1)1nery, Mlorganl
and 1T1 alia ferro, I )emocri'lats8. lie opposedI
withi 1mo4st 4' tihe D~emlocrats and) eleven'0
liepubliasns, inluding lianna, 'Ilatt
Ini thle lst sess8ion I 0' the sam 8:ilt n-4)1
gress8 S'ena11tor 'Fillma and i 111 l ut'slf vted ~4
togegt her ill mst8 4Sf the 57 v4otes8 taken. I.
to Ishile' ill tenl das' a1 proc'~lmationl 111
1h113' an pulrposet'oi exerc'ise sover'l
'Ignt 0ver tile 1'1h1ilipinles I vo1tedI
gn and14 Sullivan, Democrat''sts. Senlator|
F'ilhulanl ws 0110 of twenity-two favIorinlg
was1 not) thle ll'purpos of tile Uite1 States
115 e xercise permanilenlt 00on tol Iver the
of thle I )Imocrats andlt Senastor 1 loar,
voted "aiye." 1, withl Settors Foster
anud ljiindsay, Democ10rats, voted "11."'
On tile hfil pssaihile of1 thle. armiy bill
we dijifered I voted t'or' itand1 haid with
1m1 $Lenaltorls Foster, Laiinsay, Miorganl
anld Buliivaun. We votedi together for
aml~endmlenltl extendtinlg the conlstitutioni
1Sf tile UnlitedI Statcs liver the Pilipp)Iin1es
tol Iltlrict palrty lin~eS.
On1 tile <tuca3tionl of goivernIing 0our out
lyinlg lposslessionls h~e andt I votedl togeth-'
ter osf impilerialismls, no4t, thll possetssion ofr
tlhe (ecrr itliry. I voted to5 talke pss)essionl
andllrule justly13. lts voted no t, to taike
j uesitin e1180xcep5t thoise concern1in3 1itg the
018se1 as5 a1 Senasto r and14 ai r'leselnttive
of thle peopIle1, told me ws ai iuestionl of
foreigln reltions~~, inlvolving 45ntir'ely niewi
plroblemls, andl~ therefore nlot prIopiely ai
parilty qulesotiin, anld 4n whiich miy pioliti
caii jultgmtls told meI the coun1ltry wais
ty wast'. wiocked~ by being forced inl this
mt~lltcr inito a pol1icy opposedl to its oiwn
traitionlIshand the overwhehniing senlti
mienit oSf the counl~try, againlst my protetst
an~d thalt 1of othler' loyaul l)enmocrats. I)o
veilopmenlts haive proved that those who
min~tinelld thait thle pacilication of thleste
islandus wass imlpossible, thait the p~eoplle
wouldi neIver a1cep)t osur conmtrol, antd tihat
thir re4t4.5ut1in would~ lie unlpr'ofitaible
anld disaslltrous8, were wrong I am reaidy
to go beifore tilt people of South Carol -
nai antd shtow (11hom1 I l facts. 1 )o you
undeltrtaike to say3 thiat I musl1t r,.si nd.io
put m~yself out of 11y iarty hatxuue [ ?:
vored upholdlling thll dignity of tilt
Amnerican tlag sifter our tropo hadl been'u
tired 011, and1( oppos5ed a coivairdly ahanti
donnment of the peopleo of these ialands
to chaos0) V la the propi~0~tion to punish81
me becaiuse I dild nolt belicyc Agninaldo
to be the eqjiual tof Geore Xo Washingtonl
or con1cede1( that the~ ililip~ nos) couldi, in
stan~tly and unguided, orgainizo foir them.
selves ai stable governmlent and11 a high
civiliza.stion ?
I hauve beeii at some1( pinis to sho0w
from the recordn, by volhime anti page,
that whlere Senator T1illmant andl( I di tfer
ed in Consg rests it was ntot on pasrty tiues'
tionsl; 1and1 thsat he voted with tho Re-.
publicaiin ait least as often as I did, and
that ini every ease wher'e we odivided I
had4. with me D~emocraits~ who 1poss09s the
conitidence of the party throughout the
counitry, anld wvhose D~emocracy not oven
his reckless antd slanderous linsolonCe
dares to) aislsail. I could( go furthler and
81h0w ther instances0 in which lie has
voed algainsit the g'reait majority of his
party andt sven augainst his own declara
tioins --notably iln the I'latt amendment
to the Cumbanl bill. lie had declared his
puirposie to oppolsiland fight this to the
last ditch. bsut hic vosted for It. Borne of
his present news paper friends said at the
tume thtat lie did1t It to curry favor with
the Charlestonl vote, hoping to trade the
lExpositionll 1 through,. It tha~t was the
case, he was thle shallo0w victi n of ai pio
litical groon-goods game and sold him
golft for sawdust. lBut I have said enough,
mie young nother thinks, whel she 1hats
omiipleted tle baby gartnents that ire to
:lothe tht little form. Blit she it not all
ready for baby's coming, utiless she has
lone something more for the baby thanl
nerely to prepare his clothes. M any a
ouang nother who goes through hoirs
)f pain and Suffering wonders whly it was
tot possible to prepare in sonie way for
Ie baby's advent, and to avoid the
igony that seemed almost unendurable.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the
)le iedicine for women which prepares
:iem perfectly, both for the burdens aud
?leastires of maternity. It prevouts the
niorning sickness from whfci so nanny
votien auffer. It strengthens the whole
)ody, so that there is 11o atervoustiess tor
mxety. It p .rootes a healthy appetite
,nd causes refreahing sleep. It gives the
ilother strvngth for her trial and nakes
he baby's advent practically puailless.
Iealthy mothers lhave healthy ch ildren,
n21d it Is the general testinmony of those
vho have used l)r. Pierce's Favorite
Prescri ption as a re arative for mnother
iood, that the c1id ren were healthier
mud happier thai those born after
n1oniths of muental lisery ani1d physical
iguish on the part of the prospective
Sick and ailing women are invited to
-ousult Dr. Pierce by letter absolutely
vithoiit fee or charge. As chief cotstilt
ng physician to the Invalids' Hotel and
murgical Institute, Iliffalo, N. V., )r.
RL. V. 'ierce, assisted by his staff of
Acarly a score of phy icialis, liats ill tile
:st thirty years and over t,reated and
3uredl more than half a million sick and
nitl'ering womtien. Tile testitiotials of
:hese cired women are on record. A
titge nutuber of thent were cured vwen
lottors had protnotulced a cure itipossi
Ace and after eniduring years of useless
Let n1o sick women hesitate to take ad
antage of Dr. Pierce's oifer, hut write
it otice atid so secure the protessional
:01111sel of a specialist ill the diseases of
NOvtnenl, entirelv fr-'. All correspond
!nee stricty private anid sacredly colti
letial. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, liuf
Io, N. Y.
Hoped for Death.
"ot thle %ake of poor stifferitig wometi. I feel
it tiy dV ity to isttlorilt yim of tile grieat i ettit
youit tiredicte hai. givetl tile." writes M Cat.lic
Iowlesi, of Watts. Itredel Co . N. C "I V.is it a
In''st itiset tide cotiditiolt wiheti I wrote to vo .
I lida %itetitte disease so b.4 d ) eond Scat.cely
walk atta stitfered itchi dreadfit mtiseu v I holiol
to be relieved by de.ith. You witlte to te to
take yonr * Favorile t-esetiPtiolt atmd I hiave
taketi elevett bottles of it. atid two otr vouar
I Pled ti 1t Pellets.' I a n e tti rely weli aid 't1 1
like. a tew wVomatt. I trel tit.itikit ti to God anal
to lit. Pierce for thte l'lessNings~ 1 tain etujov I
hatve a titte b~ig boy. two utotithsa old anda never
got .tlonig as well ist my1 life. 1 can-t praise y our
Very Thankful.
tt I wi 1be v.ery glad to i~t a ftewv worda for Dr.
Pieteek Pavorite h'te riptit ." writes Mrs. P. 5.
Dontglo. of Mattsotiville, nrotnte Co., luebee.
u iarintg thre tirsitfour titaotil5 whent 1 ooktt
forwartd to be-coininig a tnother I sutfered very
snuch (roit uarttsea atia vottlitittg and I felt so
terrible sick I couild scarcelv eat or dritik atny
thinig. I haoted all kitide of food. At this time I
wrote to Dr. Pierce atnt lhe told tite to get is
* Fav-orite P'rescriptiott ' ttai a bottle of 'Gotlen
Miedical iscovery.' I got a bottle of eacht antd
whenti Ihad taken then a few datys, I felt siuch
be-tter. and whetn 1 had taketi hardly three parts
of each bottle I felt well antd could eat as well as
anty onte, and could do stiy work wIthout ant
troutble. (I could not do anty thaitug before). I fe4
verv thankful to Dr. Pierce for hIs muedicine atn
I tell all who tell tne they are sIck to get these
snicines or write to Dr. 1'ieree."
Dlr. Pierce's Commuoni Sense Medical
Adviser, sent free 01n receip~t of stamps to
pay expenise of mtailinlg only. Senid 21
one-cent stamups for book in paper covers
or 31 stamps in cloth binding.
I think, to prove to you and to theo p)ub
hec that you-like many who hamve risona
andit gone hofore you-have permitted
yotursolves to h)0 malide tools of by Bona
tor Tillmnan, to) promote is ownVl base
and1( brutal 02nd8said to protect him21 froml
aL strulggle he0 foars to face, because lie
kniows that the facts and argumnents are
atlI agalinst him. Is hope is 'to keep
those5 facts andi argtumhents from'the peo~
ple of South Carol ina.
Accept my conidolenlces on the unhap
py antd absurd situation inlto which this
wouild-be dictator has led you. You may
beo assu~red that lhe will find a Crevice
thirotigh which to crawl, leaving -.you to
standlt the tire when it becomes hot, and
that hlavinig used you he will cast you
aside like many he has formerly used.
1 dlesire to proclaimn to the world that
youl do not represent the intelligence,
thle D~emocracy or the people of South
Carolina; and to you and Senator Till
man11 that he hass never been mny master
and1 shall1 never be; that he shall not es
cape the von geance that must surely fall
upon hlim when the people have been
made to) understand his motives, his
mhethlods, his debased charactor and his
shameful record. To that grand con
servator of free goverinment, the re
served patriotism and cc mmon sense of
the people, I make appeal against parti
san initolerace and tyraniny. Very re
Whaethr- -.Ve love to live or live to
lovec we- nii get to) the same jumnping
Nobody ever madoe a fortune ot of
hopo11; bult neither (did anybody ouit of
Ilot weat'101' is like an insult; the
mioreC youl tink about it the more it
tmakes a fool of you.
God's pahe ceIC einduirethi even the
pltats who tell of the wonderful
tings thleir chiildlren say.
Some women woutld rather have you
love 'em aid boat 'em thani not to do
You canl almo~st always tell when a
woman isn't interested in a man by thle
way she works so hard to try to make
lhim think she is.
A fter a man has passed thirty-five
h coni.Itemlates matri monly with about
as1 mhlel roanlce as lie looks aroundio
for a safe 4-per cenit. investment.
Somec people gamble in love on a
mlighity smiall nmargin.
Th'ie (only suiccessful wvay a woman
can chase a mani is for lhin; to chase
Roinitic love 11118 been put away in
camphor along with the 'rest of our
graidiotlhers' things.
loys could grow up to be pretty
04ensible, on the average, If their moth
era didn't hivi such queer notions
ibout what a boy ought not to be.
A mank can1 grind limself to tle
powder doing thmugs for i woman, but
uiless lie tells hier about it she doesit
tako any stock in it, a1(n if 1 tells
he0r aboul it lit heedII't do any grind
A manil who hats no faults is f11 Only
to ho an arcihangel or a door-mat.
The lice night-gowns tilmt a man
sometimes 50e inl Shop winidows are
probably given to the poor.
The woim talk a lot about, men
4 tryii " to kiss them. No man ever
"tries" to kiss a woman; h just kisses
When i girl knows that a iani daes
iiot timoke she ought to 1ihd out what
other quver thing there is about him
that, would make her mniserable if she
married hun11. e..gAW
Love last pretty well, considering all
the wear and tear it has to stainl.
When there are no m0n around to
hielp a girl Iloat she learnils to swim
mighty utick.
It's generally casier to make love to
all the girls soie of the time 1,an to
some of the girls all the time.
No womn ever gets really interested
in a ma 4n1utit she hogins to worrly
about, whether other women think he
has good taste inl neckties.-~Now York
The )anville (111.) News, with it
thoughtfulness that can not be too
highly comimeinded, recalls the suiiu
ier of 1816 to the mlemory of its old
subscribers and gives some interesting
facts coiceriling the meteorological
comditions which then prevailed ill
these parls.
If1 the ecollections of tle N ews are
not att ,ia1t, aid it semviiis to thinik they
are not, that Stuililler, calinot , strictly
speakimg, he sait to have ever set inl.
Along ii April, whein the garden
should have been exhibiting signs of
lctive life, the :tmow (It the grolinI was
from foi r to six feet deep, and frozeni
sild l for half its depti. In 21hy oily
tle s11rIace of it had meltel aind tle
ground could not he reached foI' plant
ng purposes except by tnid I ing. In
Jmute t lie snow hail disappearcil, but.
the grouniid was still frozoen hard, iul
along toward the latter part ot t hat
mon1th a1 n iot her fall occurred which
mde sleghing good in Ihuaville and
vicinlity for several days.
( the muorning of .luly -1 water
fr. ze inl the wells ani pitchers of the
early settlers. and there was excellent
skating ki the neighborhool ponds.
fell toward lool, and the usual
I idependence lI ay exercises were held
inl a church warmed by blazing log
tles,:md were partiicipated im by meii
and womii in winter clothinig.
The spring, whlen it cailiu In reality,
wa*is so short andl severe that no vegeta
tion couild thlrive in it. lin August the
corn whtIeh had st ruggled again st ad
verse circumistanices, went to tassel s9
early that it was useless excep'. as
foddei . Corn from othier parts of the
country brought unheard-of prices,
and for seed to be used in the spring
of 1817 farmers were obliged to pro
vide themselves w ith corn grown in
1815. All breadstuff wemi' np and
thour a yecar afterward sold atI 917 at
As a matter of fact, there wa'us n10
summer in the vicinity of I hinville in
181l1, and the tile's of the 1 )anvillec
N ews for t hat per iod prove that the
weather experts ini t hose dlays at tribiut
eud the ext raordinary meteo rological
conditions to spo0ts oin the sim, jus5 tas
they are doing now.
T.hie wyititers precedhing andl follow
lng the severe summiner were iensely
cobd, andt, as the pecople in thos3 day's
knew none of the conveniences 'of
steamii-heatedl tlats and wen-e who::v
inoranit of the comfor .t. ted fro'i
Contact with the modern initor'. :heir
suiffering, it will be supposed mnust of
nlecessity have been intnse.
The public hiealth wa- -e .c-'.r
T1here were the utua. utic ad.
raisings everywhere.' ~an.tig t
crops were a failur. the tp a of th e
people never rooe L a:d .s.: cn
tideneei I inoiJcA e a '...-: p~ Wduou
never weak ened.~ The uur p)neer '
On Her Feet
All day long and] ra':king~ with pain from
her head] to her heeh]'. That i., v.biat
many a self-supportiung girl :nust exp.eri
ec.On those
daysr each mornth,
when in othe:r cir
cumsatances she .
would go to bedl,
she must still be
at the desk or
counter and' strug
gle through the
day as best she
Backache, hieadl
ache, and other
pamis caused by ~
womanly diseases
are perfectly cure~d1
vorite P'resucrip
tion. It cures
the cause of these
pains. It estab
lishies regularity,
dries enfeebling
drains, heals In
flammiation arid
ulceration anid
cures female wveak
ness. 1/ makes
weak women )
strong and sick
womsn' we/I.
"I have toaken your medlei wi, ith th' grentent
sattoisfim" writ'e Ms , r~og &l& hi, 1,1 iock-.
port Sitatiou n, evi tei n'. 0: nno "Your
trouble I < tin r s o r ' hra r o uterine
painu mronthlly t r'ul'siA I r ani honesrttisay I
cnwork n whol,1' day sad not t tire ,an
before. takini gir Il'ree an'edkin I a) sy
feit tiredi. M y.u p ne ii fIl one anid I fee l ike
nlew pieison.r sufferedv- with, henar' he a I the
time, uit uhav e n' h'-aih he now nAn,ee taking
your med.icine I hav* e-e encre oft troubles~
iitha 30 ufferedi fromr for t'iI'een yeasr., sard the
beait doctorn in the itate could not cure mie."
D~r. Plerce'u Corrinon Sense Medlical
Adviser, hn ;ppr covern, is sent free on
receipt of 21 one-cent stam~ps to pay
expense of miailin ons . Addreuss Dr.
The Kind You Have Always Boui
in use for over 30 years, has
- and has I
sonial stip<
All Counterfeits, Imitations and
Experiments that trifle with ai
Infants and Children-Experier
What is CA
Castoria is a harmless substitt
goric, Drops and Soothing Syr
contains neither Opium, MIorp1
substance. Its age is its guarai
and allays Feverishness. It ecu
Colic. It relieves Teetiing Tro
and Flatulency. It assimillates
Stomach and Bowels, giving h
The Children's Panacea-The 1B
Bears the Si
The Kind You Hav,
In Use For Ove
an1d first. settlers went about their busi.
ness just as usual during that hard
season anid were cheered now and then
by hearing that Uhieago was already
begiin ilg to attract attention as a stun
mer report.- hicaigo Iutor-Ocean.
Tll C,: n SusIlCNI)EDll) E liL U. -S.
-The Pittsburg )ispatch says that
one of the anost serious effects of the
drought in Macon County, M issonri,
has beeni manifested inl Ile village of
Ethel, where forty of the prettiest
girls have formed what they called an
E"'lnergency Society," the by-laws of
which provide that i no meInber shall
receive " young man company" until
th drought is broken by a real soak
ing rain. Recently several showers
fell and the dtisconsolue swains hastily
lirnessed tlt ir best nags and undertook
to break the sparking drought. They
were chi1ilbly referred to lie specilien
tio ini the et astitution aind tol t) 'go
way teck and sit down "till it rainedl.
There was a circus thle l'tre part of
the' week at lI )cklin, six miles tronm
FEthel, and Esthel was gorgeously d~e
corated with p)osters. Theu Emnergenicy
C'lub held an emergen cy meeting anid
decided to suspend the rules for one
dlay--eircu s tiny. Notices wore sent
to the boys. Each mepiber eeved a
response f rom hier hartiucubir adim irer
reque sting lier to be at t he tdepot in
the morning. Needlless to say all the
memubers of the club were at the sta- I
tion attired in best frocks and in great r q
glee at the pr'ospect of fun in store. .
They waited till train time, when the
president of the society lookedl up the ..
street antd saw a procession movin-~r
stationwardl. She screamed and the
officers and privates of the Emerg'eru L:
Club ran to her assistance.
The awful truth needed no dig?rauin.
Every urmrcgenerate son~ whjo hadi in
vited an Emnerz'eney gir to me':t birrn
at the statira wat (;r.!a t' the t.:a~rj
Th mea wbkb1i .;"' wed was~ Le
in :the n - ee v:ry fr'7:-J '
boyS very ga.s. ' y .t )uIrl,d ;j the' 72, L
The next diay the j'ncr F:(j'y ' ob
wa' u' Lltruuy one'. It i t j Iu t: Lg
lawvi wer turii up and'j it' 'O. t
ti:,Vn J burne;; but the',I, 12ut o . i, ,.J
4,ie Ltnever beLI l w n pg r vLii ia the
P OMII.4(ON !LliIL Ij'O i'(N !! L '1II f '.i LILf I ,
B ..Octin " ..1
toritiui with b-r:ht Li) a %f')~O l, I'ul
liath ltItoom het, and0 4 ,' 'La
CIiurricuIlm'. II L yj!i.,L Il
D epart mnent, E odeI'ry'tgI LS
experieniced and1( 'ttdiahuing o u 0,'di .1
F or catalogue liiparuIro 'lirn wI 4314
-:-A. P MONTAGUE, Phl.l).,
Two courses are offered leading to the dlO(
Master or' Ares (M.A.) Library and Iteading
tories. New Forty-Rtoom Dormitory. Experx
system. Catalogue and citculara of in forrmatioun
DRJ. A. P'.
1"or rooms apply to Patop. }H. 'r. C)G- ( rt
Presbyterian College
Next Hecssion ";eis Secpt.'i, li.%l. Special rate
her caui be acc imnodatedl in Ihorm itory. $ i<I00 )
en fat ion, arid I 0ition, for Colleiiate year. Fiv y
ty. Moral iunfluencees good1. Courses of study
Fl ina Commercial Course. Write for catalogue "
A . E
,ht, and wvhlch has been
borne the signatnre of
Wen inade under bis per
3rvisioi slunce its infantey.
11o to deceive you In this.
" Just-as-good " are but;
d endanger the health of 4
&e algainst Ex perhcnt.
ito for Castor 011, Pare
tps. It is Pleasant. It
ine uno other Narcotic
Atee. It destroys Worms
res Diarrhowa and Wind
uibles, enres Constipation
the Foo(l, regulates the
malthy and natural sleep.
lother's Friend.
,nature of
Always Bought
r 30 Years.
We have a number of
Elegant Lines of..
adies Oxfords
Which we are determin
ed to close out.. Among
them are several lots at
$3, $2.50 and $2, which
we will close at $2,25, $2
at d $1.5.
Will also close some lots
01 $1,50, I and 75 cents
goods as Wolovs: $1.50
black Kid Uxfords at $1,
lans 75c. $1 black Kid
Oxfords a t 750 tans 50c
75c black Kid Oxfords
SOc, tans 25c.
ride & Patton
Greenville, S. C
O(rH, Sash.a inds1114 anrd J'uildIer'e
Fl ardi ware.
M O N I'', 'I () I AP\N
I, err.*aing Irrislni, i'Jany paiet 4IA. No
iin.,i an anormi tlorroL paac
ale lofpuil in oAI,N lItC.R&80N7,0
(tidjumbia.. O (
1341 wan11 funn:iiI-fort-s4ovenI years.
l tiining)' It.,irmi. Stutaly liaIllI, and1( Authi
riable, t o1) rumito ry' aiu I ..etuire Itooms.~
giunie uouracR. MnI Ct, Art, LIlouCtion,
in A miorin andl icrmnyi.
.J AMES, President.
V Iit~SI T Y. 1901,
,8. c.
reen of lachtlior of Arts (U.A.) and~
Loom. I'hiysical and ('ho eil I ,aborai
ses redutcedI to a minimum by the~ mORt
on1 re~iuest. Adldre,
MON-VAGUE, Greenville, S. C
>f South Garolina.
4.to borardhin( at1rlIonts, Idmitdl n1um..
ni i pay for ba rd, room-ront, mai
rofssors anid one0 inmstrucotor in faciu
ding to degrees of II. A. and M. A.
r rnformnationr of any kind to
SPENCER Clinton. 8. U.

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