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---e- - - .,.U-t 22, I. ONE DOLLAR A YEAR
Two 1Utindred Farmers Attend the
Summer S2,chool and Receive
Valuable 1Instructioll.
Th'le Vlt -arineid' institulte wichu
bmegail t Cleit i Co1l:JUI (li die 2111
ilst. Iiais been l ", ka' Iv attun l ed I 13
farti'ers fro1 every sectio of Or t
and Uhe proccedingv" iniVe' been til
listialily jillte e illjR *,( the
Wilo inalifest ;llit vnrlcA l-i o
learn. Thlt ()I'nc "I) ou n Y r '
erg Ohis year. illlletieS Iltt tle 1Ast i lite
idea hlas taken1 ,*at, h h)ld up n t in,
aMid l(4x1 80v1,v l1 t ! kcCol litoda imis
Willa e 0o Ie.. gt'i i ly e la ei for
OIleir ciltert-.1 il ni. n1.I
s lit l IIe I Wf Ovis.' iitiIeIl ' ll Ili l
ports madeIla b) ili' ' n
Th'le State:
Dr. t II artzol, in his lna! 'lret'vt
MCII01,110 f11 1mit ill I Int ' ' "I
111111' Illn 1l. -I it Col l . 1]It I
nati dso titl i i ll It i'ti - 1.1 - '
t11po(e welel !( h f WUC 11-.11.
.C)ale (I'it . 111','It Iti M' t
kc411 Lell. M i WI Ie sii,
heCalis h' It ll !t t I 'I uit
farn1Ur('I , 'I 11 ll tt ,I 1I V
IllIau lilti it i5 n.1111At' ' ' 'I A I f-I 1114
devel' l tht-vi-t
sis. I t Wit 4 ittt
villiid ~ i
A.ellI til ii ll I !" -I1
'114 lVlIirit.e
Ills re1( VId It IS I II I I c S \v' c.l'
ll .I). 11 II i 11l I' t .v
(111 ' 4it'1 d t 11 l:l1 ., 1,11 ,t it I 111: . l'
ftiori i fi A r I IIi' I V%
I( . I W - I 1 t ' i (1 1
lix) o1r I lolil 1114 It I ith IliiI'ih0
e. ill i t ,a r ' : ' t
OIt-1ieI -- di' ck Ii 14t)tf - [.I I 111 v h t
It-% s )m lIIeI( II. > i .
the ,I p 0.4s ;1.m l W
v'. : I
Chell1*111ll t!1 1 lit,1m.t;11~
so1i'I ill W lt le -
hk~ riI iIn, it,
alln. il Vl I y !Ik f aI- n .w :
It hol i na I h i in a
pedi ll It lIt I nt T .
licil 10 sm m tnirk .11 a
taniley aN cwman, a 7 year-old grantiS
(it Col. Newman, on chicken raisiin
It is wonderful how much klowledy
the little fellow he picked up. N
sjeeich has been listened (W o atter
tively or cheered more heartily, lie'
be aiI agriculturalist soic day sure.
Dr. 1. N. llracket.t (liscussed fort
lizers histo-ieally, scientifically an
practically. le gave all the variou
elemieits that compose the fertilizer
and stated their relative values, en:
pha1iisizinl rg tihe ilportance of makin;
aid takicg care of home made ma
nure. rac. iakett expilied Lit
symos1 4 of cheimistry and told th
larinrs hov they night judge of tii
Coiteits fri seeing tIle n11111si Cot
tl sued meal as a fertilizer and as
food was discussed. Buillesins con
taining a fl'N analysis of' commi'ecia
fertilizeis W1,re1 distribulted.
lI. C. C. Newman took ui) the sub.
ject, of hort iculture, dealing cspecialb
with the improvilielit of the variette
Of titIs iaidl lio s to this State. Top
liddin wais disusd at length. Th
rot stel s11old be a little larger tnluu
tle scioI. The steim, ie said, should
le b:lou)Iit the size of a lead pencil. dt
every :caf one to three buds. When
thie e o oe it is a fruiit bul. Ti
bini 1un.st distant fr-flmI the tree is a
w bud. The fruit bii i rounid
wiile the woot bm(u is in.ted. The
L 0iM, i.- from thle mlidlel of' .11une
'o te miill ol .July as soonm after a
rain as j.o'.ible. The bu1d shoulld be
niserII i ar the (groutl and tie Or
wrap wi it Aiing allowing it to stay
w. pew for. teln Iays. Whieni the bud
nI! tormy, tit Ie 1pr'iout up to the
ina in b- h , and a little l Ci ei ofl the
i m lettii t h b e the
Tii bul 1etll (lit with I iitle Voi
:11 th huii, then (tit i slit an inch
l 1n thim lie soble of the i.tem and
Sil a it crosswise it the t1) o1 this
Ii i (llnifI Li slit, ilisei t bull auld hind
p I :iaftlii wa:: is used ni len vraft
1t#t n he iyt. Cutlanting
thi.u. the Foot. Th' seion cut in
Malli- ii I iI liJil to) side of root alid
NolI hridiirl ill the saenl.
Al.Newin1an then showed hlow aill
bl ' is .1otie don~e, statotg ther best time
W.is in11.1nll1ay. Ile showed how0% the
u it if is section could be greatly
uIinIrved. The reat initeest m this
Snre shws that mn ny in tellhgeiInt
aners uil'e I kiig 1 iitercst ill this
toih (4 hoitiriicuiril e.
D:'. I E. Nt-olii spoke at length ()f
ea'tv let':li1Iltt tIlade ill the 1la-4 few
r: inl vevrinary sciem e. Veteri
o iy seI (;c Is a eidrs e ofi st.udy male
up i - ,e i xper!ice (f I holl-c who have
1e much atten tion. Th c mIlainl ef-.
1j of the ve'ter.inarianl have beenl
11ln thilin Of CombJatmg. anid pre
,, n -iI ng II1 1I )1h'1 conn Ion iseases inl ani..
na 7 -(0 Ih 1 1)(Im, instead of 90t per
ano lt. 1f the diseased Stock dyinlg about
I n( it . rccover. South Carolina
lo-;J80,000 a1 year by death of cattle
Fr c exis iever. Nearly every thillig
thiimnn know today or Texas Itei
hi hl w qJiearned inl the last ten yearis.
Tine aft erinoon session was devoted to
seis ing Lihe need of organiized eifort
o oro armling interests.
Al the niight session Prof. Weed, of
[h-orLi, lectured on enitomiology. Oiie
f the chiif ways oIf killing insects is
by prying. 'lie principal spraying'
mlatunda I-S Bordeaux mnixture. It, is
imporn to kiiov whether an insect
feeds on (leavies or sucks ihe juices. In-.
lets andii un:. i dlestro I 5) % per cent. of
al l tl~ns. Sinauyimg Irishi potatoes0
uiOl a diitferen~ice of 1 91 1-'2 bushels
Th lit141rdeau x mixture is comiposed
of co1pl sulphate dI p)ounds(, lime *l
luoundsi andl 5 I gallonis of' water. Th le
.opper roulhate idois the wVork. Thei
coppier : (i~phte~I or lue stonem should
he suispe inledi in a hitg iiear the tolp ol
the water. C'ertainily use9 fresh lime,
IDissolv blue1)11 st onte ini 25 gallIons of
on of :iat er*, thlen pour together. Thih
is the v ry best waly.
Make lup a stoek solutioni of lime j ui
as you ma (ke ai good whiitewashi. Ior
unau~tx mii xturle is ahpphedI to kill fungi4
I hius prevenOiting dlisease, wvhiile paci:
grceii is aphed to cure dlisease.
W het her ani iinsect has beaik or jaw:
ueterineis how We are to light, it.
Keriosenie is ani impihortant inisecticiuh
byV ailpplication to the inisect. 1t is comi
miolyI known~V as ke:osene eimulsiom
madlle buy miiximg soaps)ud~s wiitii ker()
sene( 111 a ll heni wVit h water or liinxii
-(Iin iinik withI kerosene iand then witl
wie. Thmis was tolilul hard to make
Qliitei iaiutcmh of (jticationls wori"
:Me I 2 r. WVeedl at. the close of hi
iert ii e andii heC answered'0 thiem reatdil
The IiCrm nt lroweris of Georgia us
1ordIAuhix miixturi e,l irst just beflore Lih
1o2n) appeai)I~ir, seeond~ just aifter Iih
bitlIom dr'op, and( Lihirdl abtil fou
Col. Newman iinhi t roducted Col. B. iF
Crayi till, of Anidersonm, as a mani whi
hadl hI eni worki ng foir agriculture fo
Col. Cracytonl iecO'( eil an ovatior
I Ie is a perfect type of the genitleima
of thle 01(1 schiool , andi liiV~ prove hsel
the mlost, graceflulI speiaker that li
been1 01n the plattoim . His speech wii
full of anicdote andit rem inisecultial ii
ielet, as wvell as good soutni advici
Col. (Crayton has a right, to speak f<
lie is a man whlo has iiatde at sucecCs I
TIhis is Col. Crayton's dlistiniction bl
Ani agmiriulturist is a mani who lhves i
towni anid hu1138 hisi supplies from L
wunimti, wiiile in this (liy a farmncr
ai iiani who lives in the country a:i
n eis caught the joke on theislves at
. laughed hIel tily.
S Alir. Williami (-gilimore Simitim wias th
t) next speaker. 1he said he must h)
llodest VIIn Ile referred to his ow
11 experience 'Is a fatriler, for he lhd t(
made a success of it itIinself., thougl
his wife hid. lie told how she raise,
I Sevel bales on six acres where nu
S grass iad grown for years.
l'orty-two million dolJars of tite cot
- ton goods were imiported into. till
country. This is the trade the South
ern people must strive for. ile toh
lhow is fathe, the novelist, ha
proplhesied thalit wlen the Isthm1ius ea
nal should be IImade that the Vork
Would iuse a tveity million bale croj
of cotton at a hi igler price tlanii tim
-it which it now consuimes a live 11111
honi bale crop.
Alr. Sillins is a man of decided lite.
Ialy tastes aid accomplishments, alt
always comtitnantlds the close st ttt enition
Old 'limes and Customs of Past
Days Are Praised Only by Thosc
Advanced in Years.
Atlnta C~mnrtltutionl.
llow lInttiIally inaulkiitd 1lapt. them
selvecs to those of their kiid, their age,
sex and mental Condition. Bials of
ilte sime feather will flock togekthier.,
and so these little igraidChilren will
run11 away from mtie to Itol ic with ther
little. tots, and14 it makews mne jealoil.
dust, So the next set, folin 1 tio 12
yearis clan togtier. Then conies the
hlihiiig seiottl girls fromi 12 to 1;-,
who liave leligth li.l oilt their <lr'sses
atd ce .ased to pull uil tiril garters
everyV eiw m inLttes alIS thy wtik alI tIt.
It i.. the samet with the boys and wihe-n
they get to be Ibasebtall :xpevris with aI
(eOlfege attauhiilt they tilk of their
'xloitS ill .1 igtie hl is heitthenA
Chtinee to (everi boly except themtise!Vcs
ani Iima to le the elect. And so it
:et oil a1,tI o11d l nil we lave p~t!ttl
otl' lt a lH1 '111ri 1y a li t 'en \t" veter .,k
take 1-11t couulio t iin ctiliitit,ti wit b
Ve triis .it)(d p 11r < 1. ti Inc to the
goOd ol timu s tha. will nv ru rt uri.
We ille the elel.
I InlieVa it, is ti.01 thaI. 110bodY bit
thi hf 111011 tit I d Oln iell -ive prisu tto
the olk timest, aaitt the cristwiis)I of iheir
nifiers, itld so if: eveyt' itetlxitit'll (f
ohl Icople belie ve that the age of their
yout wiI ivas the best, then the .imes
must have degenerated awfully sillce
tilt thlys ol the prophets. lave tIIey
or have thiey not gitt l hetter illstetd
ofI wiise? The :miwr , y are
better inl some resp ects ai11 worse inl
others. l'ulblie ioials were vry loose
a hudrlied 3ttrUs ago. Altircw Jacks(tm
wias a gatliblet, horse racer tint dildist
sivulity-five Y(VS 11"0. Siel a iltil
clhnot, eeetdpeietnw
Foreivl missionis .nt Sabb0th. chools
were'k alillost( tnil owll. Till! s %.e I ;Itle
i1li \frit am ii fill h ill New - cv
Elli~ul.l, aid Nev linghaiad lliti was
thle pilfellase mllly. Iuuiolre t
for debt, wi'S llt hiw gettelally, and t o
was ilogging ill tle Iavy. NVhIisky
was illikilown, hilt braliyi :and< rinti
were kept in) almost e verY r espect alet
hlichioI. lliteracy prevaileI :dtios
all over tile SoitIi eNeCt)t 1imo1.ti tc
aristocracy. There were ut few boioks
to read and feer niewspapeis. TIh rIe
were ino railroads or telegr'aphis or .sewv
ing minies. ut telie people were
grel: eraly honest andt refligiouts. There
wvere no trusts, ito strikes, not i
1lionaires , not sicides or robhberies, andI
a mturder' was a rare event atitl tdone ini
the heat of paion51f. No dloubt but
that there are a hundred of these
cimetls comitutl nowv to tone then ac
codn to ouain)el hn
why arriaign thle old people for h~iunent
ing t hat, the good ol timies lhave gone?
Nof long ago I hieard a gifted anid cuil
turled minilister of tile olilentimte prteach
a miost charmtinig andt imtl~ressivye ser
mont from thle text in Ideretiah whtichlti
readls, '' Sltnd ini the wvay am-d ask for'
the oldI pathIs, whtich is t he good wvay,
andt walk th ereini, an ye shall lindl rest
for youtr souls."' ()ne of' tim best tet
of t lie s trengtht of a Seirmont is youri
remnemibramnce of thle text1. Whnc i a
giftd aini scliharly iist ier is tdonet
wvithi it, antd wvithi holj hanids say s, "I~
us 118jay,'' what a solemnluity fills lth'
place, and1( the text linigers wvitli tol
for years to comiie. It blots nolt teen
like the same1 scriplture . 'The '
paths,'' " walk ye ini the old palths'
has been lingtting ill my ears ever sincI
I knowv that. I ord Bacont was grow
I ing ald when hte wvrte, " O~d wvood t
burnt, (old winte to dintk, ohl friendls ft
trustI, anti ol nuthors- to iread.' A mt
I(vli Gbimith said, "' . love e vetythlii
that is otld."' inig d1ames used11 to calI
t ot tis old1( shoes,wh len lie was ti retd.
'l'There is somlethoutg abnoist sacret
i about the oldI sonigs, sutch as "' Auh
Lan Sync.'" " The Ih ) Oa (ke
B ucket,'' " Th'Ie OhtI At (mIChtr,'" ani
tieven " Ol Grimnes is dec~tt, that goat
3 ob11 man."' My frienid Tlomt Saw yer
r of lFlorida, wi ites that hie sulIt clintigs ft<
his1 olI clothes ; that hie lhai wtr bilI
.pantte for years antd yeats andt htal ihen
> half-soled in the seat, andti t mtfortced a
r the kntees andI reheuninedl at. lie bit
toml; that 1h0 boutght a hote-adtI pitn
.of socks twenty-eytn yea r. agt ant i
1 wearing themi still, though fhe ha' Iu
f newv feet knit to them three timeit antt
s niew tops5 twie,. ic says that. Go;.e
s nior l~Ioxham (dearly lovet the ol
t t uts -old heir-looms, etc., antI beami
if. ta lie has ani ohbI barre thtatI hats het
*r int the family Over since Colttmbuis t t
tf (* u cred Americiia-for hefi brough tf
cie with' himt full of brantdy, anmI
- lhts laid goodt liqitor (f somie Soit I in
: tee tstmeet3; Iit0ihis great great gran
it fatherc putt newi staves in it, andt fh
.0 Igreat granidfa ter Putt neiw heads an
is its father pult niew hoops on it, fbt
d ite samel ol hung-hole still reimait
i- aint wheni the flaid is drawn tlenan
e ho nd a1u( the godillc to the Athainta
e position aid exhibit tmi aus the 01
I relics of Christopier I'o iiihnbus.
t But about ol frirnis. Ivc
veteran has tlh im aml it gives pleast
I to see them iloo er. 'lie very pr
t pect of seving 1leury G. 1'tiner
the goverir's cxir -,iVCs me pdeasu
- for I knoiw lin well and love hil
M Maybe .1 wodi love Colonel Estill
-Plope Blrown just as well if' I kn(
them as well. I have great respl
for themn atilt am1 prouti of their I.
- ol*Is. L belheve that either wouhi (1
Inity the gub e rlatorial chair, but
> d.ilge Underwood said to me in) t
lonig ago, "1 llajor, let Ile tell you w
I would like to be governor of Georg
Yoi will adinit thatt knowledge is
little bett.r tlan failb. There a
iuluaiy gooti inen whlioi I believe woL
llake a 0*(()otl governor, but I (ot
know it. Now I do know that I VoIl
111111 there is a difference between fai
a1ii kinledge. )on't you pue rceive
.1ust So I h lieve that ('olonel Estill
'ope lirown would make a good --<o
(1rn1or, but I kno.v that Ilem-y (,. Ti
ner woubd and knowleudge is iett
than fait h. I D)on't you prceive
If lith is not :nl incorruptible, uinlstis
bramInly stateslan, wte have 11on. 1
his nam1e be presenited 'ii I helie
ItIt ve.liet wil! be as the kig said
Alo(),Ifecal I: "c Thuls Shall it he dol
11mth lite mant~ whom1 the people clelig
to hionor."
1Iii Am~\ii'.
-.-- Anr.
The Maxims of Ep. idence - S
perstition Thrives Best Amov
I f inaill wilaks unc~le'r a lald i'r Ill
the IarSless i plnllter abve upsets I
pailit pot illoli h0ill till- vivii.11 p'oltilj
ly I<! !!ets IDlitit his religilolis tleachill
and hIl Iteh1 rialis ic rIeao1ning- and i
IIh( pre-achers-t inl lite wvorb andl all il
it.ro ls 1 fol~ly-llve sftl s (-,oi
lil liel( e illul Inot t'o vili(e hilli I1:11,
w.Snot 111lucky to udo as w 11. (1)1l
S ullvisitioli le Is te tIi ll! til
'hristian andi lillte lillite ill .
aekili," Ntet, dilespite thi e o ils il'.. f t.
pi.lt p es antl platforml, it 'Allri'vi
Ilot, perhapls, aI i hs o hemllV, hi it Ille 0
llss sto11nVgly, even it'if me In- facen
fearid saysD tile Pittsburg lispatchl.
Thej. ilch of n Ymay be bul
cht-ieal rm m aneaini eivilizati
Inury have convinl ee thie SalcmilLIs
the utlility of the h111nm an1d 'fte fl
as uai eiig millillil, bilut few
is hmve not *ornte, hoodoo o r arn to
lf lowtele shgllh, in fate and fe
tune. 1)pnotism and the faith etl
are its utrdevelopment.
T1 he ierature 'Of supr11tiionk, as ce
tprei tkld inl t 1he piovebs of I.vetly lanl1
is nlot usuailly given the attention
<etI ve s. These, ax ilis represnti
tihke iit a11 eumuh cot xph1rieit'
tiankind have lui their effectiv
nec.w destro~ect by fall iliarityV. Ti
axioml that in union thereis is Arei
is (if be ifliy appreciated by t
ctorntuio llal ot tillab11or1 unions 11
cenuiis of repleition. This was or
of till! proveilbl neot base(l upon Suprl(!
st Im, 0)ichl probablyaccounts for i
lack tIf recognition soonier. liut alI
the majori~ity Of 0he ap41HrIts atud
is no:. <hiicult to trace themti back to
supertitou mora . - morIhas
the ls spueed"( itds express\ionin ot
eIef~5 h tile it ulck Itol turn~i ba
fro a jorne. 1LLtl'cTh ithvidal w
hlals eenID luwa [to hil wrk illi
turn5 bacl Ol8 ttk fo. Isetil he hi
f orgttn reaze til he IIDilhl luck whli
he wasi 011ked for411 bel~Hing~ late. Thl
man wh hiD urrOIiei)t uaitc ailrai or111
tillket i his doohr clo(thes. l!so tadr
theillus1tration. IIIO t iV~i
sig fa r ieow iil bay houseo lds~().
it VisII the ma ofi it houseI' wlmt der
Lthei spillin thet row doen'ltary.
Sthe way whileI h e itreii.inl blami
orer. Spuilig theii~l 'altmi waslongD!
anild asl suluk talusila
s~~ln idie slle iu a nkiD il! imal. 1111
bhrt~ ick eat win (c IuhIl crse thulpatof t
I> vIi t tr~liesl to ward Dit olT!y lhoi
D eyelD on!th ca. 'ne may eas0~j~ily tI
wits just is brit ilt a d h a y
burie~i. h~t! Iie'alti'''lie ieK
wits (lug 11p113 i e Wits whenIi lie was i
Tie professor si( the altion ofl
Johnsol's heart was reucei a third si it!
When lie put him inideir the sp.I, am, It
that it Will guIlIttly icas its pul- kIn
sition until he is taken out aUd bimulit hno Ih
back to life. J ohnson , lie also addedl
will be neither hungry nor thirsty, 'rm
11ost of his bodily functions have been th-i
suspended for the remainder tf the wi
week ; and whilo he may turn his head rir
part way over once Ie Will not. bee' hkw- ti,
ly to move his body it all until Satir- tl
day iighl., when the grave is to be ilis
opened and Johilson brought i. t ol ph
his trance, or what ever it may eI called ;n
that Ihrl-ayc put him into. I
Tle proficssor ditn't say what John- ol
sol Woul do it the lt buililng oVer him lot
should burn dow hi e hIt., iis biried, th,
but that wasn't, iecessiry. .ohtiso l
would stay buried if that shouli hap
An Unusutal Law Suit to be Tried lii
Shortly in Indiana. 4em
One of' the liosti unusuall liw mit.- eih
oil record is soon to be Itied in lhe e4l'
State of Indiamlat. It will setlc the IXv
mn11t1y vat1tie ol a prospcIruve wit, ('all
Charles Arnold, a citizen el Spencer
County, w%,ats eingaged to be iarrie'd ; i
a young. hady at Alevlotte station on thet
Clover Iea itailrtoad. It is not. stated
Whether this road is of* fite threco mr
ftoiir leat' variety of' clover', blut it ias a
law suit on uanl. ]lith prospective
bride Was not killed 1) %lit railrold,
nor wits bodily inuitiry inilicted u1ponI
Chaletils Arnol. The ailiol is ;ske'' Thi
to Iesipoil ini the u elf -' I0111300 I'fo
dtltlaiies (10te to ihe tceliin's (f y1, 13
Ariohl oi accouil t of, this ih
stance :
The yIon l i 111e11 d l e lier
L~ead Railroad Co. carl at1 his home 41a
tion equippel with a lieketl wi hich r('le
Alelotte. Whenl the ceiieliueto enelll
It'01il Aroi ol h tt hi Imt intlvlie- is
veriy lt ii andi ileeips, wear~iiede byi prtep
arations f'mi he aillppreeoat-hill eveit.
anld thut, it was his desire I(o take a
nap. Thte coincttoi promised taith- -
fully to aroule the passii' Menger inl lroe
tiitne, antd so Arii11e1 e'-w-cedie hiane1stlf
inl th. coach and slimbilered. 'I'lere
were othelr passenlgcrs- (n the I ratiin -11111 p
the contiluetor hiat otherl illlit's lto -at
tendl to, and thet conungtosuriag wVis
not, so indieh'y nlilrIe5ssa (l iponl his4
miniei as the, vith imaginil :1n1 ieii'
it dit not ocCur' teo him that. lie iel at
alsselgr For 'elele sal ion. Tle
traill sped oin andIti heni i lil- ieierleee.
tive britlegroim awt'oie Ie wa's tiles
froni the appointed station am l was
iours atter the allinted time. 1lis
allianced had waited a rieasoi ble lime
and then the joyouis aliticipaliols tu'
ed to Allge' an11d slie SWle Shie would
live nion)e of, him.
All efforls .o imend matters wern Iu
tile. The engagemen( was eternally t
bri'okeii, a Ir. Ai riiehl or'ed rin
the cotli , ofl clipid to) the i% if tribiiuinil
for satisfatcton. The answer which 3"
the railroad collipally ilitelrimc sed inl 0
lighinIg lie suit. Cmt dhina.es i11e Iupoii
which the defeietl col'rporal'il relies
inl seeking relie fIrmt resposthit y is
as follows :
First 'T'lhey are iiet a sl'epilng cal
comailny, nor suib je. to its riules.
Second 'hiintilf was guilty ee' til
is'at widowi, andic iimieri thle acct, ccverinc'1.J
isecornl-iiaiie goodes, shieubll il.t he ae
sessed att the fuill valun el of oiglinal
1'ourth-Wives are 'hie'ap ill Inimmel~l
anyw'Veay, anth(le phatuiff can get on.l
othier just a is goode l or :-2I.
Fifth--intif~~jf in equity o)wes thle
Marvelous Stories~ Told of the
Land Jttat Op'enied to Settlers.
openiee to sdtidiiment ini Okh~liihma
atccord(inig to thle vera'citous tle of rail-.
roadh boomer~is, reail estaltC agt]l miial
otheris initere'ted ini mlakinig the ings
hum11 out1 thiere. A mnl engragedl iln
reatl e'state oetions05 ini thle uiew ecoun..
tryv is qu oted as ft ol lows iby the Chiicage
'" Say, itsi the liniest lande a man11 tveri f
dug his tes into. Alln lijli mal his
famliily arie living onl one (of lmy farmsii
now. Thenr bt is a hall settion o~f a
waltci~ermeln shell. A door)1 is cut! ini
the sidle. Th'le houjtse wats a lit tie dampi -
at fbrst, let Lthis wearmii weac~thier hias T
dieds it, out.
"Th'le Inidimui Ihad a hard'e tlune cutting f,
the mleloli mi two. ie litially did, -
lthouigh, ait 11 the famiily ate thIir wacy
miito thler' home. Th'le other 1 hlf of I
thie melon lie uses as a barn'I. I woeul r
fetch one of the mielonis liom myitI pet
toe the Chlic~ago marike/ but11 1 cani'i get
at flaitari beig einoti tranislpeoritn.
As it is, the , c heen uiisedI
Ieor irr'igattioni tdur'in,.s .s dryv spedl
Th'le Iniianii ha~s gone ar'oiii and14 berede i'
hol1(s inito at fc]ew and the waeter' has
savil~e thle cornl feorest.
"' Con ? Say, Kiowat ern is aI
wonder011. Youl can heard it groanhl any
ntighit fr'om growm g pains1. 'Thle souiiid
of thedse gr'loatls at miedmught, mlinlIedl101
with the coyote bowls , mailkes a strlanIe
elhortus that fr'ightells the tenderfoot at
fir st. IL did Ime,
'' The Inidiian on my iplac'e lost a con
proisOiniig son1 last yeartl. The I you ua i ~e'
atgainst, at stlk about '25 feet, fromi ie
grouie. lie wails loweing a mledim- .
&Ad ear' of Corn wiith ai r'ope, whlenlf
he fell amni brioke his neck. 1
"Crops do noct rt'to 148 uc m111 l e
the Kinwa coutrvtt its they do ill^
d tII "y oirnied arottnil whlile
is theru. ilnnIkins (10 well with
CoT!n, ht are dilicult to handle
e-hined-InKansas theo b)um
Wes have io get downi on their
to work at Iie pimpkrin blos
e, l .tlroi1 EIHello they UsO
M l a threhiig macihiine of suf
six built to litilelo the crop,
Wat r Ie laisal in the iKi0wat dis
Ille kerntels are too large for
nTthaher. 'That is all
t i I I Itry back as a wheat
l T e idia o my )Iflce
Iwsa t er ttlv . - A kernel Ns soaked
1 e ijiit liid baked the liext
- l,. It nakes a loaf not unlike
1 o hard4 wirk in hot, weathr as
hoswife dloes liot have to kiend
A hotgh lthe use of the telephotic
inreItsed rapilly here, there are
utries inl Ettrope in which tole
lis are in 1ar more general use
I litre. Iln St ockholn, Swedenl
itroII ill every fourteeni1 has a tel
no, tlire beitg more than 20,000
lihl'.Iles In t population of' 271,000.
r v iiccnllist's store is a public
"iliv-e and4 tihtc rates are very low.
14 jitiles for mluoderii hit. and rap
hr ill!, !ll)Is riEluirei utoi. half their
bi li powdecr it) lite them.
For inffants and Children.
KIMd You Have Awys Bought
ears the
"""LUoru 081
Lost Hair
" 11) Iair came (it bty the hand
a, and the gray hairs began to
reep in. I tried Ayer's Hlair Vigor,
nd it stopped the hair front con
ig out and restored the color."
Iri. M. D. Gray, No. Salem, Mass.
There's a pleasure in
>ffering such a prepara
ion as Aver's H airVigor.
It gives to all who use it
;uch satisfactilon. The
iair becormes thicker,
onger, softer, and more
vlossy. And you feel so
ecure in using such an
ld and reliable prcpara
ion. $1.00 a lwltic. All druggisin.
If you di rgiOt etnunot Pullply you,
dii m tit , kr mit i ut il v d r w i express
il a1 hot il. nll su1re :1114 givo the 11tttu
your near t, 4x psress tilt cu. Address
J. C. A V IC CO., Lowell, MfiaHs.
e have a number of
Elegant Lines of .
idies Oxfords
W\hich we are* determin
~d to close out. Among
hem0 atre several lots at
Ki, $2.50 and $2, which
ve wvill close at $2,25, $2
m id $1.50.
ANilI alIso close some lots
)i $1,50 $1 and 75 cents
omsas follows: $t.50
>lack( Kid Oxfords at $1,
as75c. $1 black Kid
3x fords at 75c, tans 50c.
75c black Kid Oxfords
soc, tans 25c.
ride & Patton
Greenville, S. C.
AUl .UST.1. GA.
t,: n oVW >as, Notrrii IA iuuiit., si. e
,r-4, Maxh, ilindos anti iaIelido's
)O:i NG;, sl DI1NG, G101I ANG A ND
I C orresponden1(cel ,/gVtve prompt at
farming ildt. i0asy paymonts. No
lllitons etaref)ri. liorrowe~r pays ac
cost of Perlectintg loan1. InteLreOt 7 1)0t
Liup, acordlng to security.
(inlumbla. 8. 0
Mo (re callis I hatn we cani ptoss~ibly tIll. Gu ar
liat ott t.; poi ons balckeol by ,6O0. Cou rsosq
Xcttiled. i'uiter any Limo. Uatailoguo [ro
aUMiiIA. $. (.,
Ie. e(illy foritells the visit of a womant
Ig- and the hady of the house immediately
x- darts to her boudior to - prinip up.''
ly All people do not know tht the
dropping of it comb while combing the
ry hair indicates that the person drop
re ping it will soon hear of death. An in
i. tiInce of this occurred last week.
in Iriday a friend of the family, writing
eC, from iio, incidentally mentioned the
im. death of the mother of the grocer the
or family used to buy from. The comb
nw was thus corroborated despite the fact
'ct that the deceased was othei wise en
'c- tirely uniknowni.
ig For a friend to meet or pass you
as and not recognize you meais that. you
he will bo mIIarrIid within a year. ''li'
b1y fact that you1 are already married (oes
i. not matter, presumably. Yoit must
a get a divorce and make the prediction
re good. Fort uiately this axiomii is more
Id honored in the breach thm1 in the ob
i', ervance.
d; Opening al inmbrella inl the house is
th unlucky. Any person lWho ha1.s hoisted
'" his or har umbrella inl the house and
or in o doin g has knocked oil a lanip
v- globe or shade, iever doulbte the wis
r. ftomt of the proverb maker. I)ropping
er ntl IIiiIrella presages 1a diappoitmuieit.
lie who has. tried to birush the mud
h, oil, has inany of them before he gets
et it cleanied again. fliere is, however,
V'e no ill-Itick attached to dropping tle
)f subject.
I e e. --..
Hypnotized and Buried in a Grave
for Five Days.
C. - Tle Iloston & of Ih q;thl inst.
says there was a grii a1d even agrew
1-somie scene in the ihnydin ii Siuar iclu i
seum at 10 o'clock last. night, when a
youn inian Was 's pnotizcd and theni
buried alve ill a ral gtravec, there to
Id iluni, accordin tol the promise of
a the IyliisltlAf , until Satuhtry nigiht,
t-when he will be di-Sas1terred anld re
storeI to his nonal coiditioni.
II The natie of the yo-u Im who
Ie was buried is l'arker A. .Johnson, anii
i- Int''llhgent , cleai-cut West Indian, and
it lie was ipt mi) the IlypiotiC state by
e. Prof. Wilot Ha.rchiv.
at( Irol. liarclhiy Iried to ..eL. at permit
t- from Aayor Ilart to bury J ihnsoi inl
il' thc (oninnioni [or heIlie days :uin three
ii ighiits, but tle miayor wo'it listeni
i W it, so the piofesor and the mnamager
ly of the iusetium denuI to digI a grave
in thu. mixetim premises Mid bury
11. Joihisonl inl tlicir owni grave, an cnter
mi pris with which the police did niot in
of terlere.
0t Down inl the b'aseinenut of th le muse
of u a part of the llomuing was taken up
e- and thIere a grave ahout five feet deep
r- was dug. 'le outer covering or rough
re 6:x of a casket was sectired, ai all
tle early part of last eveningr the box
- was by l te side of tlie openi grave,
I, while crowds of' matrois of the place
it tool 11ro1 il aili iivered I at the1 sug
g estive siglit.
-e It was just 10 o'clock, after Prof.
ara hBary Iad conciiuded the regu lar iper
IC fornimnieeC, whlen Ie a 1m in inced hle waS
h1 re1ady to bury0 Johson, anid that youinz
i mnan caime (ilt on the stage and listeuned
i by t.he side of the open casket box,
ie which hail be. nmiiivedh l up there, while
r- the prolessor lbl whiat ie wts goiig
ti to do.
Ie lie said ie would hypnotically sug
it g(!4t to Johnson that Ie wtas goilig to
a sleep for live days and Iights, and that
a durini g t hat timie e wl'itinot want to
ie wouildt awaken and Ihe'his nuormal self'
:k again.
t'1'lihen th pr jiofessior, stanilIhng neari
ai the repiorters, who had been spiecial ly
to invited to witiness the initermeint, imade
iii some~ paisses over *hohnisoni, and p)uttinig
mi his left fhaidi behind~ thle subject's head
ic lhe smoothly stroked h iim d own the
to right side of his face with his right
'is hand, whliiIcli e softly said mi hiis ear ini
15 ai toine whlichl was both smoothi nd
soothiing :'"Now you are beginniing to
re feel sleepy ; you are growing drowsier
lII and preseintly yotu will be ::ounid asleep,
es and thlen you will sleep, auinI sleep well
>ii for live daiys and~ niighits, wvhen you will
es wake tup feel ing fresh and strong.
Ie N ow, sleep, slumbi er, sleep,"' andi Joh)1 n -
ni son's eyes closed aind he seemed to beC
e- sleepinmg soundly, althoub hie was
lec stainding til. TJhe professor made somle
it. m lore patsses over hiis lace iandi downi
i'. the hengthI of his body, and .Johnsont's
hie bodfy became absolutely ligid.I
lie Whiile this was beinig done a mat
is tress had been placedh in thle bo:: , and
cd at one cnd of it two pillows were ar
ng ianiged. Whien Johnson becaime riglid
5 som11e emp lloyees of thle house pick ed
iip him til anid placed hiim in his rude cof1
a liin. Profu. arclaiy puit JIohnison 's hieaid
an onl t he ,ilows, his face tuirined sligh~ltly
att to the left, aiii theni lie covered himi
it up. with a big thick comif->rtel, andii lilhl
lhe the mteni who were to put the box andh
to manii inuto the grave that all wats readiy.
>1e TIhey tooik the box down fronm thi
als stage mial loweredl it intoLi the grave,
placinig over ani opening left, ini the
ms foiot iof the cover of the ciollini a pipe
.!ly ab ou t Iivye in clhes ini i ameter, amid over
mat the hieaid of it, a hox , which huno ncoy
icc ei over its lower endu, so) t.at pelle
is. coubhI look dlownI ilnto thle gi ave after it
io- was filled up andi see the face of the
im- inanit ini the collinI. lI y the right, side
en of Johnuson 's heaid there was placedl an
ye electric light, mid then, with the pipe
ii't andl thei pock box in plaice, the eairtlh
ecr was shovelled iinto the gratve iagaini, aind
Jiohnison was buried ini reguilar style,
es exceplt that thiere was the pipe to give
mi- him air, anmli the peck b)ox to presenit
mit an oppo~rtuniity of' seeing hinm in hiis
is T1he grave was rounded over, and
of thiein Prof. I arclay told the rep orters
li e had noi doutL dJohnsonil would be all
to right when he is disinterredl Satlurday
ailt- nmght,, for' hie said he buried him ini
tax Kingston, J amaica, once, andi kept, himu
iork tuntler gronurul filr a week, andi J ohnstoi

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