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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, August 22, 1901, Image 2

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The1f People's Journial.
P'J itl(K1 i oWiU:t t.v. C
P'.tre.I .t ths-. P 't (0 - atj. j~ PMi en anfJ. -.
The People Want Light.
Wha ..:n n
1 1n . -~i n
grtssiv ( ne1h me.tt
C(tri,:ht i r --n '
It- (J'r.!:!, :''' 1\ l. I
tat.r-:.t ~ p.( .... w -
of the 7ii: - xr1 - -i
me p litle 4
'Uit- fr . n n'il
plat( r 7. I~ *.- - i . '
sup~atf n -
H've e -iII 3l ~111 h
ub-tal -
tiout o, e ae li mn Ip hrI w i
idol-nd tae rate air hse
staliay ad tufd:er.--.;ng w the'
dtnh at g th w Ol 1.-t w3i e o 11r13)
cota pa i ,L' f .g 1, : u et ii - V
tattd iit th.. e a HS I a :: t' t Laue-t
to af wrofsoa 1p.ll ticaj.t ti
TRe.fl:-:.;. "I'siei 1 ingJo n l.. t. t
gi,a- ly tak ~ickly :c :ot'. pro ~
mie 113 - 1 n t1.<-r t <hl ie uj mol 1 I
11.0c' a o i (4a 11n i s e ci han d In
tot .tlest:aa 8 an s. 'lilm n ur i
trl:l~ orov ent I1F y . in reat pai
manis iotlben assertion11 of in-t ao
maktutin andi demagogic iertia. thtC
charge of.a .thorosgnot sound andt If
hillb dotsare rongk pt im "
awe;ifme visplayitg tol thoe pari
everan spsrein ed ofrte taimng
deits from opuroseonel pomo th l
tiount ndy, rea onamle phoisewn"
wdan t ake up woth emadni whoe
comieity for tnderstandingaio of the
teiruainre commieesrato with.
prine to ther aisu~esrpmtv
Ranges Again.
rhe Geneziral Statu'ec of Sout]
1r)1inia make? It thei diuty of 11N
urd~ of Ccou t I' y l Comi ons11 (
at ther lhr-t m )eti:n in .Ja:
-.4 4r. '1ic n 4 a . a
- a tI w.
-..w.th...r.-...2. I
t i~]~p~ j It i
ri r duet ait pr t
d11ra j4. t.
-3 .
.1 r . ..e i i t lik n
r.:pn-otatif. rom~c thi
b 3t 1).'t34](3f frickeni ctu
the1 d~i-- u'i n of I tl- ~r i
ty~.;h i sho f rth InI a inw1' d nit
tin))L n(I ti [ he t l0',tiil . I
0f.verg C ti a dang33)ilat dl.-elMI
1in's tuht tct be:1 takenl a thc ani
FMI(h0 d I444ye epo ~'tdii is,14f th a
'uty, 3ii(x y itwo h he wis to1g. it3..
g ciled houss or lt lo li t . 11) lI
ght bgivei tin omiset to4( be lt pubn
ourgo1( 801b1 CI)( e tperaety.
onuz: lnasso, at wellmsn COi,
iilscoo Lioy withntouto the lea
'ntl )113 IAarnest boy if wejudgethe
eThi se a of 31 13 ilJlOrganin . itior
34 411g class 1 butIA i telbgenlt0( farmers-li
lil begining t)oIet trogbehe '*in
lcrtd w r to advonceg.nN~'. 1)ten'
>1,1 anid s1ou curoitions. I~n(
gei'ing ther attnto of the ap~n
ibled" pItesk~ ~~ at 11( Clmon.
1th of. Mrs Sp. P.iclttake. aho hIbo
~n a chroui brsnch iatltob. It'
orand asoo crd bouro itte and
'LTornley dru. aloro.
..v&;~$t .~
~- "A' *
1 ~1
- ~
.-~ '1
?~- I
~ 3A~N O~J .J. C.
P cr..,c' Resol ions.
t~ '.
44, ( A 4
J . . . . . . I,
- v. -
'-(1 'II
Lw I ~Wj' !I Ii~L~- liLlil' S IL 1,1p~ p
IL i4Ce ill iii eli lit'.'. tie r~-t t jrfli'
w' r.~meinI.-r t' i;avi' I4'~ ii (it 1t~
~ the C0111AV. 'fl~(i.4 wl:o bi~vo
iii i(1\4.'d the u1,eI'iLt:4411 '~ this pe-t
I I 'lit III.' Iti.'! *,~L'ii Ill I "~ [Ii~4
~ 4Vi.~~j 14 ill 4.1 t It' i'., Ut I he tu 1k
I '.V114'14' 14
14 i :uiitl s 4' i liii J'. st la - III 8'
ii. hid 1'
I. *'.*
& ( ~ ut J U.' ~' ~ It ~as gI'14(I(Ll
- --'d.I--. -
-. I lit' New' ~oi'J.: S(i('I'( V (ul' (t1~,
ii Wi Ill 41 I'hl~V 1I~IS. fbi' hut ~ FL)'
f4~at IIi"I'Weighits, 1111(1 1 iok ('001 aial
('0111 hliltIll 414. fli1~~' kiej, II i'~4 l~1~'fly
..r(;w the hior~e's IlQhl(I ~iii1 (,i I'S.
~ ti' k .
('Olilpal) i '~ 1 )'~'))J d I he ~1 issjw~j I~j;i
1~I't..! ('ii Ii Ilgi rig Iii (II' III F Ii IWS HO [Is to
c1~1ih1od hi i3~(.I4''i 1)01 I)~ III hell iuioi'e
"J'~cro 's &i. g(~)0d 011(','' Slit,!
ditlir.enco h/!iLWe.~ii IL pen 1111(1 a
p~floi1? Give h III)? A JICI) ha8
to be driven, but; n. poi~cil h~ to be I
IeJ,.Vhih~do1pbh~ I~Qa8,
Over-Work' Weakens
Your Kidneyt
Unhealthry Kidneys Make Impure Blo
All the blood in your body passes throu
your kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are yo
blood purifiers. they f:
ter out the waste
impurities in the bloc,
If they are sick cr o
cf crder, they fail to c
their work.
Pains, aches and rhel
mat:sm ccme from e;
cess cf u.ic acid ir t
biocd, due to neg:ccte
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteac
heart beats, an-i makes cne feel as thoui
they had heart trcuble. because the heart
cver-working in pumping thick, kidne
-r poisoned blood through veins and arteries:
It used to be cons:dered that only urinar
tro-..:bles were to be traced to the kidney
L,; n:w.rn-dern science proves that r.ear:
a: c-s::nal diseases have their begi:
r.:g I ,.::ney trouble.
: are sick yzu can make no mista'
by f rst d ig yur kidneys. The mi
an.Ine extaordrary ef!e: cf Dr. Kilmer
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy
sxcn 1ea ,~ed. li stands the highest fcr i
v rf..c.e. cf the m cst distressing cast
:S S:_' n :t s r-.erits
r-.ay have a
y '"7..:t'e :. ml Home Cf Fwa~mpRo:
a':-nphe :e::ing y:u how to fir
Sha.-e k.dney cr bladder tru.UI
Menuisn *th s paper when writing Dr. Kilni
SGo., Bingha.-:n, N. Y.
t V ra3 aIjtt re.:, ctI
N L S SA F).
- . , I - I 1 ' 4
I I f4
-u l n ! .: I:a :uil ,h.. w\ , I row% in
r -- -:vbrw:r. 1- 1 :0 ' wf 4
. 1- . 1 btef-tol I - --o n-l
I --.. I - . it I t tur mt I,-r in hi -
C, h t i hi . .rti ; m oini-i w, %% ..
I o (. i t of <
n S tib-, ('h ' a~ itt :u a li ahl-ti
t fI I I i I . .!tv ,.- . t
\- -1 w:1: fe.iI, g
r i- ' f thr . aa ,e- w I p , %\ n
her f"'. :Ao :I i I (.m iof one w. ,.kI w
S : w- V I 1a 1, W III
n Ih CrI-ila I wId a SO t
iV It, in' thi inc rIi.a d : o
14 ; :ow wejI t i -",, It
d ' udI5for th yor wo throl
. 1 Ad l e evidput y it-idns 1
t rpit th' lord fer withr ur
I- LJ'1 t iit tkei nw
.w w T
ran lut'. and pt you i con
wleiould begin to take itt n'ow
v is.co-r~i sowin lenco (OIt1 ,
4) AlT e . tikli wor se- hatraictv
SvOk he 14 fr i' th ennteloup~
4I't;c'I uhannels i the01 rindE'E or
rotc rofuinal thetteior.T
rJ rg-t fer ofeI~~i 'numbitr, ail a rw1 t
a u "n it rvn-. Li). lato curan
- In 22 1i.9 ot th piklwa.,
rNpaticeb thf 'n-alinae ,eenti
' l Fu hriYtl..0'N' entumber PIbldsA
n' metgIfr ndfai.~i out.y u h ~
rt; 'l'h '('k:--lii' 19rm1, fors on111 mos
- aot- 1 :enubQbult a
. Turnip Seed
h ...NEW CROP...
Fresh and RELIABL
o JE LLY. 'I'T,% M 1.I?-a
d 1-- NJ'89
U'MBIE:LIAS. LAP Ro0lli.>2,
h S.\DDLE"S andIID]
r- I
y ROCK SA L'T and ST(CK 1 00
sFJ-or 11, r 's :tn.l ( ':ttle.
d A I.OT STRA \' II.\TS,
s FANS andl ther Sunun-,r GOr>
s To GO)Psru CHEA.\P.
N. SuIre .t) 8-e ()II- Line (if
F 1'UN'ITR -. S'TO\' ES. TR I Nb
Vali*,es-, MintRakCr t
and IHnt B":k's,
And at Lot Other 'sflThin:
C.FITZGElAZAliJ, Fili>PT~fil
' * tir. ,r-vilb- ;. C. 0.1ice (j
Ai Vork -iatitrel to give sat -f
r 11 1' 11
L sow a4' pat" , I'x
if See~l
[nIi steek: rin:.dh t, ww i zyo
la ni, inl 1n11 r) .\- :,,I- 11w lI,(.
S VG.\:
1! d a ..;. '1 4 w i r
ka h1,111Y t" llav", t,. I havo
Y : -) I i A 1 r
I'W-H ome 'Ph on N -. -.N
Foreclosure Sale.
CIo hiiIi'ii .u
I \ lit jilt l' i n till. ii il~ltl
iiI . T. . l ibo a Ii .it 31 . Iluleii n..It
'Oit' lit t. i thi > sit'~ .as iini iii the i i
f.illy. I ii! t' i, lylt h I nti rabh .l . I
luti , l'retstid jtin .h l l I, Ii .n i
jai h- I lay I. S plm
It fronwt of' ilthet ('otu Iiti l t i it
I ', til i-'l li iii snij I ~ t s i, t i t p 'il
I ni nil i' il~ it in t'u o Itiil ntlt-i
hip l il-d i o n ih iijt b tt Ii
a .iu' A iie'(gh~yt I.mah., Ia~. iti itt
onalts 3I). (;t'ttrfi t. r-oot
1(1.bi < . I .JAI I, : Ol . [ ::J
Bridgt nenn' pnLt.m.u-- e
e o twlveluoths~ atr1 m daytt~ tou a., l
. endit ortin t- he weared bii th<-hom
lB he purh-iwer ami a jaarts i.'o (1o. pn~
c4s re dl ~ tiy 4 egij
aic ly wit thotrm of s ~eHi tom IUc
Tillman vs. McLaurin.
hr . II
' v
-- .- e . :an In
t4I s t l ill i''11
- - - Na ity 1la
* JJ '' ' 1 .1r hu t' a
;h w 1t I- h: al i t m- Il
I ea ba-u it w it r a a c iv
ta.;e t. -o(uthe:rn cit'.o grau'er'
!i( I1. iL~ It. thes --i t"n N a ne
no-lni *.A o t ie f th'o i1''-... :t elin.:
whh- l k in the . li uth aeii b''i
tIr~ in idu try.I l while --k t a fe
lin (4 in A ignrato jI 1 po4W 1 r) y
S l' Iholiet t PU -- m :n w be l
advani:. h e:,liICIS (':h ).ft wn LaI
ciltes, cotibu111m I) 5 iof advane,
meni o V'I t e u -;~ie~l lIII fiv
work*p to th4e n .:.plivI ig t \\'
loit It 1f l the h d l. b:-,01l t h-:i
!v4 years)14'I in ti QVntI' 11n :-r i
r1m 8 to W 5.l thaiae y~ ou
outl l lt (a e i'' i b-i a pj)tisit')<
a S l(de: In thi'S! . idstrals o v
\ -- dan- (otha :eor- thg I:w
jtihe ln-l \\ hint \\ oui. lal ieigg
othel r oe m.-pin fte uh fr
311lin tha e m mi,: itstioi
by oo ii:.:p frc t. :1alasPve
tN er O't ar e i , sp--t i01)fo huth
ar- of-xSoly to contan work hwi
w Church Directory.
IelOW wVe lve lte nalines loft v! roloIii
. lnstors. anml the Stp(itlava o whi-i thue
worship, as far wie hav' iinfeornati-n. If
.vo1r chl rb 1s not op to h d li st seId til-ln.
es.sary injfrs iinatjion:
ntA 'TiT.
I 'een- '' ' 'I'le,,pn ' -.::, I 'sep.
I i . I
L' I v
3 i le I'e :. E... -. P''ster-- 4t1h Sot
urelpa v p 'n . il :.It.-r f'pourtlh Sattindlay
Six MihI --- . . W . C. S. ri -sattashiv
liefore the vs .d Si usi .y .2 y, Ii: so,.vli;
Sunpi v 'i :i,
IIiltaY 1 :1 ]it.''ri
nerr's eek-- W. C. Seiorn
. 'attird:piv I- ilt- the thini S iday 2 p in :
:" I Suns1.vI 11 a Ill.
Ce'leI-.- . W. %\. Seabrn---Satur hty
die rr ts 117o1rth Sunii 'ay 2 lo ii: 4th Stin
7 iv 'I I ' Ill
Pip'' 'i\ e51 t PP~" I -T Ps . I
i kens- Ie-r. l:. .- I n -1s t iln.
ItY S ) I in .I Sip peav I I .1 :i 41It 8ipsl:p'r
n :sp~ pr.n s- rips etP ing \\'e.ppn-sdapvs S
iiwp lv e tlih- - tlv . i
I rlwp I ---.:e . It. IS ill.
da. p. p ..v I I p
Tabo 1. ' n-~ 'i :. i't. ''nal- It Spiuslayv
2,1 St'iil
'ii :. Rv v 111 a \ 1.
'i I sh--it . ' - - \ i inp -'st SpiSul v
- ' i;. i Snly I it a :1.
lest . a-'-p I .. \\ ' ':. W i 1i n - ips; t Soo.
% - Sip v.l W . 1 -: . . i i
1 S a n:s th i.vh v 4 p I I
a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n 7n ::.d:A'iyip :
.\AT : ik --- '''l 1. \)i.iin - 4 N AS r hi.
W t p I ( ' W . I .. P \\- g i (' I S .
I. u \' 1. *I - -c . . 0 ..!,r
di' j "''pp lap - Fr -p Il- ip'. 11 as in: I's'i
t. v. t. pIl, .i pI f
'I -e "ppsul 'as --.I t. lu-leil , 11 in i ,: n
T . I . * .\.. , 1 1....
tP PP npl' k pp. I .
Inn- S ;ip'l y 1'-:;, '-7. 11l : jI he-rt
T.\T '. ) -T-I. i-s- v. 1,p: l'pi's
I iu. ppi'P 7 ?A.
- S '-U fl fi O .i
\\'i ru I ,' w.s \-. ]> s,'% '5
A'. p 'li 'pppsp Ig :~
* I P. \ w1
- V x pp a u . h p
Ith b, hf
--I tii p h n l. S
a i a ul app 3', tpn. (
P - P' ai t i .\ htie
\ hs t ed .*'y 3 ,t,.\ 3> . : . 8- '
i o l'ti r10 C i -.oi, - . wI a. . .i
1- W iipor, 'P aba (';p s. ifos . ps s'
T sXie .j'e's i es. hat un a . on i .'I
ps-i sin ' II ap~ '-i te Pt re r e i' P s P f'i' r lin
thi- .a ei w ih i s Ie t |2 v-'f.u
Il i tif-'attorpy wJ~siPP I-pP - a g i
'ii Pt i -n. p is l, P's .\l'P''s' ' :ssl PiIbie p
p I' ti| 1 ( 'r ''s , I.!,. .p* ' Ili oi~ s
s-. \ W ilpjippp- 'ipi I'-sni's (;p'1iin, inip:,p
Ii i' y ' | I s da frasppin i'h -servise sof i<i
P.1 ppdi :i'a hle:ps P' i elePs. s.ip 5.sP jap
.phi v :1s .. p 'ill ' a i Pisi ily wi tsiniake
- p ' s-h p p..ai s'n - y .\ s. 3s I 'Ps PP
si 'p , '~~ I n rpe* siden-, defpt p plpnsl t l-uut
p| liri usp iius 'e sli \dis ie~,ss ppp
P ''I P i i s-e pp n. ' ip i h,- p hav . I ,- I i'. -
'li'.t P Ps P piin hs -r i n u..pp p il jI s igs
h I-o the~. 'l. sp * fp ths' . m- I ('. I
.151 r . l:I .i's '
S. Be M A N N
'i' IPi l Ipp 'iiess. ss. 5ji.'~ ( 's i
- s3' his ' p. \ PP,, p he .- iP' si's
' tsep los' '-Ppatr P's P t his.''s~~ u uen s' s
PI niei"ss A \Il pes'Pn.sp 5I(.,irin:a -
relse""e'3iororiniisls'r wspill sie nss'Pli
PICkeOiS, 3, 0),
It i ps' is' p ti I thps' lis
-I I I i'e\ ',swou-rnil, C. I' 1 'ii"i
- . ' I As i PK IP, 1), u P',is (
Pik es pp' ill '
If - ssuth Car(oislina
Ip '"ps ip sill ( 'urts. Attiiepu tos ill
h tP 'ol s prop Is y p
Olic'epo Ooer Add isons Druug Stor'.
W del' in L I
Dr'ied and( D ress*edI T~p u
above' kind hot'ify 11s at least ren
dy be thoroughay d4ei.

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