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'he People's Journal.
C ,reet ml weekly 1-y the lleathl, Ilice,
lorro v Co1.
(rict gon'I uiudilig............ 7 1.2
....7 1-2
...... 7 1-1)
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S ( it) 7
n n .... . ...... ..... . ... ,... ... .2 2
--lring or senid us your job Work.
lood work assured.
--Our eiruilation is no luncombo.
Adveraisers will get value received.
-SubIlSCribo NOW for TlR JoURNAr
And get tihe BMASTL paper in the county.
-Shingle dutalers hive buen onl the
Astts of Pickens during the preseut
-(. 1. endricks, reciiiding near Cc
:lar Rock, has been sick for about three
weeks thrbatened With fever.
--Tiiu JOURINAL is th BEST inid most
r1eIdable paper inl Pikeons county. It is
Also the most widely circulatod. THIS
1, A FACT.
--Pupils who littonded the Graded I
iohool last session1, liro rqc(lested to I
>ring their roports on the morning of
hie opoing- 2L
--The Old Folks Silging convention i
vill meet Witll Shady (rovo church the <
mirth Sunday in August. lIring books i
md well l1lied baskets.
-Tei JoUnNA is now equipped with
110 of the b1st job 0f1ice Ill 111)11' South
airolinI. Romemabr this when inl ned
-f anything ip1 that line,. t
-Solicitor Julius E. loggs, and Lou.
s If. Dorrah of Greenville, have formed &
. partnership for Il( he pract ice of law on
ho civil side of tll(h court.
-If y-m Ihalvo anllthing to 4oll, let us
oil the peopl for youl. WE will be glad
0 mal11ki tertms with you (and will mako it
4) youir interest to do busine.4s with us.
-1larried oil the 14th inst., at the
4'eideneo of and by Rev. A. S. Whit
iniire, Miss Engenic Canltrel, of Mica, S.
.., t, Mr. Jonah Simmons, of Anbler,
i. C.
-). W. lleiaiiin onl behialf of the
tatO Bilkiig :IIlud C1omi.missioln is inak
lug exteMnsive investigations ill tile Audi.
4)r'.s oliu looking after delinquent
le -T pp tihat raeachs the people
11141 is read by them is the paper that c
kvill bring you returns for patroniago.
hr (irlOatioll reaesll overy sectionI of
1.0 ((1outy aid tihte list is growiIg.
---i you don't. get your paper rogmular
y, lainily let this oflico know it and we
will eieavor to remeldy the troulhie.
We are always glad to looik into any or
-Or ill (his ollice and correct th saio.
- Rcv. Amerinisi Mauldin, of Walco,
('a., preached Itat Gap Hill c.huiirch Sinl
Jay. A protracted meeting ait that place
is inl progress ill Which the pastor, Rev.
.1. B1. Attaway, will be iasisted by Mr. i
-Srvices conducted by the pastor, as
istetd y Rev Jones, commllllenced at
g'itblehiitm last Friday night. Thilt) ir
ircs~d w ~illtbibly lan co tued thrjogh
(unday Cosde raolgth ibe iterstis bherng
-n No ntlemen t retpresenn a othern
tyni. ne aebe nPcesivsi
--On Saturday before the first Sunday
im Stember h~, Child ron's D)ay at Rthlo
l1iim schlool house~i will b)e observetd. Se.
cona11, EInon, Tabo~tr anmd 13tiihehom Sun
day schools 1are invi ted. D)on't. forget.
PromIinou111t spe-aker will b)o preCsent andut
adidress the atssembliy.
tisemenits readim by thle liargcst niumibcr
of readiers, we wvilt say withlout, a pairticle oIf
fear1 of1 contratdiction t hat Tiax .Jo0um(A
hzas till largost (ciren1lation by inearily
doub1le4 of anly pape4r iin Piekenms county.
Our hooks are0 o ponl for inlspe'ctionl.
- Subsriber-s not roieiving their po
p)eris regularoly are requested to niotify
this olieo and1 wo wvill c)heerflully under
tatkt tto lotu ito tihe troiublei. Woe wvih ap-)
preciate ucth notificationi as it is 0111
puirp~ose 14) get thet paper intto thle hiandts
of realder.3 ais early as plassible after it
leaives5 the prless.
-Hon bry H enldrijcks, ini charge of thu
ob(1 (blistrap pla1ce, no0w ownedi by D~r. RI.
1'. Smith, tronight in a four-horse load
(o1 waiermlelonms Wednosday of last wo'ek
all (of large sizoI and excellent meat. '.he
hea-ivi(4st wetighetd forty-six plounlds and1
muost ofi tho inelonis inl tile load approxi.
maitedi that figuro.
---WV' callI111 atontionm to the ad vortise
monlit oif the Pickenus (iraded Scho oh. Iti
will 01p(en Monuday the 2nd day of Sop
teimber. A (orpal~ (of compe)Itoniit teachers i
hais beenPl se4l1cued anld the4 ouitl4ook is oni-i
couiraginig. Alaike 1up y'ourl indi at onco .
and0 he rteadty to3 take advanitauge of thle
first work otf ilhe H-ssio.
---Fiends of Supervisor, L. D). Stephi- <
ins, will b1 pa) ined14 to) ilar of lois (con1tin- i
neud indispositoin. Ilo is siriniiig fr-om
toiisihItis 41nd4, for s0oerai thays, luts been
unllt~ e to take solidi nlourislunotit. Hie is
slowvly roeove-rmg 1and4 it wvill be sev~ora'il 4
thrys bemfol 0e o en bt) at holi co11). Mr's.
Stephenus hais also booi (quite sick, bult is
---The Pickonis eloetion for cottoni
wveigheur, held at Pickenus last Saturday,
was spirited but1 fiiendly ; .\lesars. .110ti.
er a1nd Mcanmieh being the only3 condi-1
daites annlouniedt, friends of ouch electionm
COredl inl carneost fromi openming till clos)
ing of' polls. A total of 287 votes being
rast.,iAfr. Itolgor receivo.] 1i}~ andU Mi.
. JIlanjel 1 2.
. Ms. F,;. 9.* lUcrbJLet, presidenft o h
Womn's Christian '..lemperanco ieio
fori1 Sotuthu (oralina is inm Pickeons and1
wiill hoh11 ai lmieetinlg ill the Ilaptist church
this (Wednestlay) oveing at 8 o'clock
for thc purpj3)ios of o)rgaiin~g a branch
of the) order at this p1laeo). All are iunvi
ted, espcially3 wtiomen and1 chlildroin. A
11ne4 tng willI also huo hlcd in the 3lothmo
dlist chiurmch Th'urs.lay evonmiug at samo11
-Josso Ellia (lied at hits home11 near
Cedar Itk on) the .l6th inist. , after
aI short i liness with blood04 piison, and1(
was1 buri ed S'tmuruda~y ait iRothiehom cem-1
etory he funerail sorvicei beings 04on
dhtoitby his pasuItor, Rev. H. 11; Daig
1hl I, b.'asisted by Itov. S.: Ml. Juind Had
hoe' livbd 'umtIl the'o1loh-day 3f neCxt Del
camber; ho would have b)een 84 yeairs of
#go. Hie was ani exemplary oblristian~
man unds~tentations but tr-ue to -his con
VIOttolrs, Iris lifi wals'- an- examuplo of
*hita 1 ottd n ubeoei
-Two children of W. Pat Dixon ro.
siding near Mocot, are very sick.
-Seo notioaeof "Bridge to ijol" acros
Saluda, at tho Maylb'ld bridge site.
-1jnte iln folm, ation from the bedside
of J. Hami Wilson is that his improve.
ment contintuie steady.
-Libertly Cotton m)ills will be (!Oml
plote(d this week..' iachiinory is being
Lraimed upl) itid bdinfhe.ss will )on com
-Mrs. Luthor Rilirirdsoin died at her
residence, the Nortoni place, Old Piekons,
in the -day of Aigust and wats buried at
onceal on the 19.1th inst.
-R1ead the iethter pibllished in this i's
Kue bearing on the regulations of the
stato Board in rofereneo to teachers cer
ti(etos-it is illportallit.
--E Foster Keith, appointed to fill
Jut tho unexpired term of S. A. Hunt as
kuditor, haW quitliflod, recoivild his com
nission and ontored upol his (ui8es.
-A meeting of Board of Slowards of
Pickes church itad the Trustees of the
[PickeOs parsoInigO 1)ro)erty is (allevd to
no(e. iln tit 0fic0 of Probate Judge, J.
13. Newbory on Saturday eveiing 24th
list, at 4 o'clock. A fitil attidiee is
lesired aIS bISitie's. of prossinig cihaiiiraictor*
vill be brought to t heir attention.
-Postim ister throuighoitt th couity
tre earnestly reqlosted to forward all
rout.Nm, p-iIekages promptly wvere ally
rati1.sfers lro) to 1ie in1ade inl thieu olCes.
L'lre have been some scattering
-omplaiits, but we trusi$(t to the prompt
ie.ss of postoflico oflicials for ia speedy
md correct dolivery of ail packoges.
-Olga. the three year old infant of
dr. and Mrs. It. B. LiBoon, after a short
11110s, died at their home One( mile north
tf Piekens Saturday night and was bur
ied Sunday aftornoon it the Piekins
metery it 4 30 o'clock, Dr A. .1. S.
L'homas conducting the funeral services.
L'ho bereaved family have the sinicero
ympathy of t h1o10t of friends throughout
ho county.
___A youig man, "Victor Wilsoni, aged
bout 20 years, fromi Atiderson
. C. rero.itting inl the vicinity of
ilto Witer alld boardilig it the Brown
oace, near the river, while in bateing
tst Saturday was drowined. -Full par
ienlars have not, b--ni obtaiied. Mr.
Vilsion was the on of Providing Elder,
13. Wilson, of this distrit aind wits a
'Ott ig mani Of promise. Heo griaduiateI
rom Woilbrd College at the last com
-Last Satirday evening, the Pickeis
rin2 leavilg Pickens onl soledulle time,
net with a slight wreck ti, the ith eid
>f tile cut near Vaudiver hill. The cause
>f the troibile seems' to have I Men t10
preadinig of rails from the exceiive wet
veather. Tho rear trucks of the engine
vero derailed, as were also some of the
0o:ch. Several passeugers were oni
oard, but nobody was injurd and no
ornous datmago dono. The0 road hands
voer slummtonlet and the derailed train
oplaced to contiti it's tho trip to Eadley
uI~d re-turni, reaching, Pilcns Saturday
ighLt about 12 o'clock.
Col. 11. E. Bowon was here Tiesday,
Miss Nina Boggs tid brother, Lelliu
of EaIsley visited tichkenis this weeck.
John A. King is for th present reliev
iig Ben T. McDaniel at Bover Free
nan1il's distillery.
Mrs. John B. Patrick and daughter,
Mrs. Louise, of Anderson are guests at
the home of J. Hi. G McIoDaniel.
M~rs. JT. S. Blowon, of Dailton, accom-.
>antied byv her nlephew, .J. M'i. Mhassen
aill, is9 visitinig reliatives iln Georgia.
Thois. Smith. A. H. McCordl antd W.
). Willard were amongst thio Liberty
itizens. in Pickons the early part of the
Mis Virgitn Reagen, of Utopia,
owiberry couty3, 11as8beeln on5 ai short
v'isit to Mis's Aturio Kirksey at her home,
3rowv Creek.
Frank Cogswell1, of G1reenv'illIe, repro
ecnting thle Carolina Supply13 Comipaniy,
wais in Pickons SunIdaiy and1( Moniday
vith friends.
Augustus day, after ai shor1, jauntt inl
Aeorg ia at El bertotn anid Carroltoll, re0
urnred hast woeek. Hie reports having
tad a most excellent tipi.
Mrs. R. C. (layton, of D)alton, Gan.,
lister of JT. K. andi WV. S. Kirksey, after'
ini extended Visit to rehittives ini Pickens
nitunty, has retutrnied to her1 home1).
Wt. A. G resh1am1, of Atlanta, is visiting
att thle home of his father-ini lawi, M~r 31.
L1. liester. I is wife andiu danghitor have
been1 hero on a visit to heri paranilts for
lhe pa3st two weeks.
Mr. JT. 1). Simmons, Of Ambler101 has re-*
utriled from1 a plIeasatnt moun11tini t ri p
birough Nothi Carol fia. Hei vliited
IBalsami (Grove and1( other resorts and1( re
)orts a ltrenlgbily p)leaisantt time.
JameslC MIcinniily of Piedmont~it, anid
Dl ifton (Gran t of (1 reenivle, passedt
lbroughi Piekons I ho earily p)art of the
week on1 thiir waiy to the moiunitainis.
'hey stopped a shiot whlile wiithI relativos
tt this .9laco.
JTo(l Giood'ot t, of Spa~rtanburi1g, is isit.
iig at tio hiomie of Sheriff Mui(11)anuio!.
~Ir. (Goodlett is oiie or thle old( voter'ans
vhiose remlin isces of wvar are' initerest
ng and instruictive. i s P'ickenls frien ds
ire Pleased to 500 himn so wvell preserv'ed.
Jaumes 31 . Payne, tihe)oeficienit troiaiur
r1 oif Anderson county, stopp>ed in Dick
m11 a few days last week wih ii 125tola
*ive, ,3her1il Mel )niel. lie was no
onmpanjied by is wife. On Sat
irdiay thiey expected to leave th1( for Dao
wvillo secttion to visit Rev. ,J. E. F"oster
id other relativ(cs.
On August 3Isit, anud Sept. 1st, thlero
wvill bit all day services at 1"rienidship~
shuirch, there wvill be delghintfuh misic
termnii andI aihtress. A pien1i dinner~
viii be served on thle groiunds, we wvanit
wveryboidy to com 111 nd il enjoy the moEet-.
ktets and1 pocket, books well filled.
Satutrday A u1g. 31,' 11 n. ml. -isqn
sry Seripian by 11 v. D.1 W. heller.
1'.):3t0-Quarteurly Conferonce.
1 p.- mn.- Adjourn fior iinier,
2 :li0---Song ser'vicei iandli I~lrossos0 biy
Rev'. J. - 1. Wilson, hP. E., Rev. D). W.
liiott antd others,
Sun day Sept. 1st, 10) Iin. m, *-Suniday
11 at. m.-sermon by Roev. dJ. II. Wtil
son, P. E.
12 :30-adjoutrn fot' din ner.
2 p. mn.,-Srmoni by Rev. S. Mt.
Jonos5. ,J. B. Wilson, p. E.
iery Ib. Shiattg~ek of Shlelk1sburg, Nwn
wasi cured51 of ia stomacth arOnle !V ('vih
wvhich hie had Ib~ean ailiteid flit yesars~ by
I'bur boxo-flof Chiambulauini's Stomach aniud
I~lver' TPablete. H~e had1( previoualy tr'ied
Ina nyothor reomedle8 and numibou of p~lhl'
'hains wvitho'it rolleft- For siale by-G. W.
The miscy is a DgU whoQ se1 la
B0u1 IOU thG dollAra tht wM ir
A rousing big iuountaiii party was
ma11de up it Talblo Mouintin anda left for
Ca'sar's Ileadl anild other Illoulltain placeo
at 1 o'clock on thel aftorioon of the 12th
iist. They went by way of Rouben
Tally's in (roonviile county across the
Saludit. Rin all the next dily rmust have
interferd gieatly with the pleaItre or
satisfaction of tho trip.Tlho partycolnsistod
of Jam. A. Hendricks and wife, Misses iur.
rim and Miss Laura Jones at guest of the
Mlisses Harris, Mesmr. Jot, lnd Forrt.,
Koith, ill of Table Mounlitail, and Moss
ors Be. JonesH, Jos. Williaiiis atld Aiss
Noras Hendricks, of Mica, and Mr. Bll
ett ,Jonos said faily, of 1Kno).
11. M. Jfestor, of Ilrownwood, lox'a8,
report titat bo has inl cultivation 9)0
acros of cottoni and will not IllikO over
30 or 40 bales, tho drought having done
unu111sua damage.
Alonzo and D. J. EdeI0nsg Iaive be(,,,
doing soimo carpenter work ill tlis sti0.
tion. They cerinly al )ro hustler .
W'hen tih Pickoinsi 18)1)10 pl CaoL.
polled to rfuso aC ilcomIlliodatj)it to board
ors, pleaso lo' thoel klow that Amos (.
Sutherland, of 1lok, S. C., Mid Ja1. A.
Hen1idriCkS aId John lM. Croslhaw, of
Table Aloitiin, bluilt tleir h2n1o with
the vi(!w of tilkilg carl(1 (if a fow mon
taini tourists. 'lloy will bo supplied
wit I collifortablo ro'sms and1( excelloiut tar
Mleltol Silgleton andilt( wife, of Ovonve
county, ifteri a pleasanit visit. to the fa,.
ily of Ml. .lllilricks hv oun;
Thel, County Collissioners findil tle
roads inl this otioni badly damaged by
the recent rains. I lopo some1 plan,, will
b d(eviseil wherohy the road1ls can bei
properly workod and tIeo may new onies
projlocted be opented 11). The road hov
a1s it 10W 8tan2d (loes ]lot snillice. I f
tLh c11hai11gnig (10(!e lOt h2elp us1 out
m1oro we had better go banick to the o2l(
day sy ini3 which Wits good olioigh
then. I. neve'r did believe that tile dol
"I COMIinmutatioll In tx wiith forfeits, tiines,
Ko., would make a2n licietilt, revenu1 to (h>
the road und 1ridIg work properly in.
Pi14ns County, aind eltailyi k now it
has beenl welighed ill the- ballanev and~
fountd wanlting. I blieve~l thle miiton
of thli orignator of the idea wias good bit
it, was a mistake, as proven by its work.
ings. 1Loo*III ON.
To County Sulperinton dents:
Plonso not!e Sel' ioll 12 of the Ilogla
tion1s Ofthe12 State Board, page 20 School
1 aw, Oditioln of 1901. Also Sectioni 18,
pago 21. Advertise tile faict that certi
ticates are not rinwed withoilt, atten
dance 11pon tile mm111r1111 Slcwhool; ando(
that att'nidance mevans takiig the (ourse
through tho lst day. Advertise the
further fact that the regill r (xamlllinatioll
for teachers' (2rtificates will I ')o llell on
the last day of the Summer Selool, on
Grannuar, Geograph~y, 1and School .1lan
lgeient, onl th questions1 us8ed1 in1 theL.
Summer School ExamiIIat ion2; and1( on the
lext day, onl tlh(e other regulr conuni11on
ebool hubjects-loistory, Arithmetic,
and Algebra.
Ask tI:e instructors of your iinstitu1lte to
prepire me these qllestiouis, and1(1 Imake
thema substan tiilly equ ivalIt to those
ill the 'J1unt exa1111inatiol.
When most. teaichers (exert thImse.lv es
to Comply with the School Law, it. is 2unl
fair to tichm, a1s well s unlawful if the
school authorities allow others to tneah
without complying with the req(1u2irmenC1lts
of the lalwI'. Section -1, sub11divii on 2 (if
the School Law, page 31,* restricts loards
of trutetes iln emlployinig tenobersV, o) (1m1
ploy only those hlavinig certificates oif
q ualification. ILt thr su1bjet ('1 oa~i~rds
of trus8tees to the2( County Boa'rd of Educa
tion iln tho det ails of emuployinlg teaeblers,
and1( fixin~g their salaries. Setionis 32
anld 27 omp11hasiz.e this~ sub1j'ctIin "'to the1
orde0rs Of the Counllty Boaird."' You should
nlotify all1 trus.toss thatI 1no teachers shall1
ho paid, unless, beforeo employmuent, the
teneher10 registers his8 cortitiento in1 youir
oilice. Thlis thling of teachling w1ithlout a1
cer1itilt, on1 theO chanco1( of gettingj. (111
ait some1( future e'xamIina2tion, ought 1.1 be
sto1ped. TJhiere i8 01nly 11 olIlwy to2 have
order ill your 8school a1112ir1; and4, that is
to enfore the law without regardi to ill
dividual 0 280e3. In1 sending youI this cir
cuiliir, I 2am1 tryinlg to 11ak1e it easier tor'
you1 t~o inlsist upon01 trac~king the law.
You enn(1 pulhish2 it if youl see fit.
Very truily.
Stite Super0inltendenlt Educeationl.
You correspondcenit 1has beenCi abisent a
few dayIs (in '1 tripl thlroughi the11131 mountains
of North Caroli 2m:. O n Au~gust '2, JT. L.
Amble(r, of Amblier, Chanrles Schiwinig,
Monlitrs H00 ill, .l isses Ini Faiganl, Evat
Schiwing, ohf Greenv1ilIlo, S. ( . , Mahbel
Hei11.t andl Mameio Heoidt , of Chuarlestonl.
S. C., and1( your~ orrespondoent left Am
bIer for a mounta112in tripl. We visited2
CJaesar's I [(2ad, 1Br4vard~ and1( 1121 Sa~p
phiire setl ,1 takilig inl11( the beautIifl
sight of he( Fr~ench lI road vaullecy where
erops) lo'ok pron11usin~g thI ouighi511' somwbt
in1jured b~y the( heavLIy ra1ins. We found
goiod roaI is up1 the valley, at o)1.h1r places
the roads.1 were. hlad, remind2(ing us of
some inl this coun21ty. WI) could( 11) nox
pet, muc1(1h better in this coutly with
.1.00 coinmu1tation1 taux 0r threeI days
We thlink the l11alsam1 mounti1111ns filr
n1ishi the grandos10t scener(1y (121s1 oh the1
Rooklies, .liallsaml and1( blitohl aro thc na
I ivo growt1h in I hal it 2 y ; 2.omo1( ot' tho(
troes 22r0 baro and1( highI, decorated w ih
whlito m11(s whlich In manyl1~ places also
cover thle earth. Tlenn1(3es I .lil is thle
highest polint, of the rango, 6,0001 feet
abhovo sea level.
Our1 pairty returnled onI 1 7th Atug, find(
Cotton is sheddingfruit to som111(1extent;
thle bouh worml is also(1 doin~g damanige ini
some places. T1hiese are( the lurst boll
wormls seen1 iln this~ flOtion., J. I), S.
AS~T( 'N 0'.~'TI'll E l'1l~hTOR.
IL itor S. A. lIrown, of Beng iet Isv ille,
N. I '. 1w 01gen2 inn211'nsilv MIurp~rl
Thriorigh lonig 1-nlerig f11om'Dysplepsia,'i
lie wgne.i', "my13 wife' wel gr'e-:ly 112
siit2eed greahtl diali res fronii,, hut stomac2h
tied' El;ectrie( lhii iers which31 helped( her'2'II
onceii ainil, afterI usIut four bo ils she( is21
11ic ~r 20o plendid( for ((ridi 11ver." For
IliiligestionI 1,oss8 of Al pp'lelite. Slomach
1224 ivIer t roub2les i'/s .1 poslitIve, g'a:iran.a
104ed cure1. Only3 I,00 ai H olt, & T1horniIhsy.
rOads il v .ry li k 1ly to d h tho best
To,1 the 0hchihs of th10 Twvolvo Mile
alssocialtionl: The) timo is short for tho
mfeetOing of thio aisociationl andI( urge upon1
you to nlot go iin debt to ourmiso
Bro Lida, I know m U lA sarce jqi
tha aq1 nt qypotionet to oacoh gl itol
s~nll,. kblie~ a t ouce to trais AMQ
sand to mo. Q. E RomEON -'i
CINCINNAri .%N i.:TnN.
Aceouit, Anintal Conventioi, Ni.
tiolnial lH ptist Assoc-iation (colored), Cin.
eiuiRmti, 0., Sept 1lth, to 18th, Sotithern
Rwy annoniee.A rates of ono first-elasis
faro for t-ho rouind trip from all points
111 i4 lines to Cineinauti and rMturni
'dates of sile Sop 9th, 10th1, and 11 Lth.,
flid limit SO1p 20th, 1901.
Ch1.1,.ELxN, (), AND 141:CTUnN
Accoiut Anutind Inampment (. A. It.
It. (levihnii, 0., Sep 10-1901, South
IIr*] Jw'y annllonnees. extremlely low rounid
trip r.Itk . froi all poiss oil its inie-s to
Cleveland 0, and roturn.
Fol lowinig roll lid trip rates from points
mnmed: Ander-son, $21.6.'>, Camnden, $22.
.10: Charleston. 8'5. 10: Col umbia, s22.
-15: (areeotville, . 0.60; Spartanburg::.19..
(5, an14d corre1p1(' bug"ly IOW rates$ fhr
other p)ints. .1s)ite of sales Sep 7th, to
lItib., nielusive, good to ret 11111 leaving
Clevelaid not liter thnii iidnight Sep
1501, 11901. fy depositing tickets with
,Joi t Agent aM Cleveland, on or before
12 ioon Sep 15thA and paymlent of fee of
50 cents at. tine of deposit, a1 extension
of ltial limit to 2nd ineltidiig Oct, ti,
1901, 11a3y be seevinred.
.For detailed inforiationi call on or ad
(re4 .ny agent Southern ulilay 01'
coinIict iolls.
~W. If. Tm'vroO., A. ('a. P'. A.
Atlainta,, (la.
Ciu-u' lAirrs -o Noulnoi,, VA.
On accou(n i of tile iimeet ing of the
Conealeniiated order of lloo 1oo, Nor
folk, \'a., iept. Ith-13th, 1901, Southern
aitilway will ell round trip. tickots to
Norfilk, I;,. and retiurin at rato of one
firsti;ss fbro for the round tlip from
all stations oii its Iilne.
Sbites of salo Septmdber 7th int 81h,
fia! linit Sept.. 15th inclusive.
SoutlnI I LIilway best line to Norfolk,
through Sleepinig .CarS, 1 lotol Dining
11'r dIetailod inf ormatioll t I rates,
schledulevs, ele. call onl anly akgen.t of' the(
mnthernt liaihvay. W. It. Tayloe, )
7SCp A. ('a. P'. A., Atlanta:, (,I.
'Tis the empty pocketbook which
has no silver lining.
\VIl.\T.\ T A 1, K IT T, K'1, S.
If Ithat inir411r yoirs si1nws :1 wretche',
salloiw I iiIsn''lex-mn, a 111.n 11lied'. 141 lok,
rint pat. a1nd o live on te skil,
it.s liv th t ili, ti , I)r. ewing
hife l' l.s re41 nbu1t, ilh liver. pulirify i4 -
hload, give 'lear' P.ki,. ro y cheeks, rieb1
cm411plexii. i ly 250 it B.lt& Thorn
ey dr1-11 store,
The Iongue of, sh11inder never suif
fers. with thait tiredI feeling.
culy|O BL.D) U It11'iialil,(114y
Iil'(H4 N, Cl.NCkPi, CUZL 11A,
i'T'r. c')STS N'(')Ti I Nfe
Ohlce, oAtiniIa, deep-I)sci'ilear per
fnrely ein4Ie. by ak11ing leotl ic 1lnoo1
an [ It It. Ill. If your blo d is Iaint ed,
w dnigl' ens1ive 111113' frniion, achin
m1 sa d.iig t ,o ters, falling h1a1ir, l mil t I
tcEs, S r th :111 tCin-o t.
sast euls, persi tent pinliples, vatinig
soh, Swelling Sore iit , dry Slei daiM
11albine. dcieig lhootinlg pains, mall vol
have blodI poi.so.n('1l orI thIt-1 oinyins of
deadly Elneyr. Ion't Xper (l)i'M4). but
Sept (1k 01e n iCe' 1110d 1l1ah l [it. I. Il] made
espervally I") cmre all Inailipttant bloold
I r eg it, 4 like uhoey( 1u'ed abloV, 1111 it
ch1wing 2,' 1okabby~ l czina, eahneboes, o'o
f.uhh roenmat 1ia,5 (rner bloohinors,
etc.ig ll s everyi 44- or1 '~e and si aps a'll
writt411 ing to1 r. (Silhun, 2 'it hitchellXII
Itretl A1:lil tlanti (6Ig1. 1ribe trbleoand
free)1' 2111edical adiceo gin. AlicineA
(laid.Ilitol l 1 )1 riinated by filr. (Cihty
oer 'd year ago.411 Thouwinds have beenry
a'i ines ii itern failed.'I ' Groanic
I 1000(lt al. 11 . ) lni- 11.k) il gis lie igor'41
:t nch strent tol the) loodi'iknggi
has eed to 11,10 holdine Summe School(
theara Easmleyol. '1'wioen~ Modayl
ISetember I n .r '.u.'hoopenill riseso wil)
Sbi a 1(t 'iesley ( raded1113' Shol buihl
ing4 4 ath ( 'lockil P. Moandhu to 5 l' clock4l
assigning lsso10s, 1e1c.1 'l'g he 0141lwd
Stone on Saurday, Sepllt..1' A8 w54ith an1 4)11
tuiatonrlln'A glt,21 i.sh 11 ( pram e Gwog
raphy,111( and (the Sinc S. tehinii. An
(Btoard b oneMsndhi te4 :1t History I s
Ar iuticIan Algebl~h~r.1'3 liii.t
han, ltl b4e11 Pic'ial ofl1 bthe Faenian
wil 1gIe insl1tuction on4 221'14 inebler' Orin-l
mar14 an o' lnglis hulb)1 Compot.n
Prltt' 41 .3 lu. 1)m (inhi wi give istul.
Miss Car~'otlin iignar 1w 01il gio in-1
the21' Smmer1 Schol. 14'~Tos notiiholding
bwi ing CerIlient Ies wlillS havoii toj
and a l' 1i-es on Ir.dayIt)8, Set. ;'uth
No~ i Ilrhierl eininolion fh~oru Tachers'11
eriet es4121I1111 ~ il be hel-d until Fe.. , 190.I
The ill be 41'' ai metingO flthe ()hl
StoneI Church~,1 '.1 Cmteryh~ ~' A souato bn
othrs well verod in thol hitor Sof tihi
A Pale Face
16 A prominent symptoir or vitiated
blood. If covered with pimples, the
evidence lscomplete. Jt's nature's
way of warnig you ofyourcondition,
v011e' fais't0 rectify ill' disorders pt
the blood, slight, or severe, of long
atandin or recent origin. Its thlirty
years record guarantees Its ellicacy.
Bold every where. PrIco 81.00 per full
Quart bottlo. PreparOd only by
Dletroit, Mich.
F'or Sa414 by G.W. Ir.
"Been l1willy closo today, 1111811'
it'?" h 1 aid ftomIll the Opposite side
of th( p iarlor. "Yes", she Said ,
"but I don't, oti 11eaY part ieuth ir
closeiess Chilis evoning," Aidl thn
ho mo1ved closor.
.\ ure fmr C~holena 11luf(mIon.
t "ll ,:list, willyl Iy ,s li'rti la r '
lI oi wlr, 1 h, ":mI iinfanll childI of
ouimicifgbr wasi isui84t0eri sllg fr ilchlera
infaIton 1. The4 rINIo l.o hadl given ny1 :al
h)pvt o s f re er. I look a tt 1f11 i
11:imb rbhi's l'oli) , kh l i ler m I li-o .
rh sin lv'ied y .T t tin- 1hoP s.-,i eli 1ier
liti lt 1 ur it o h t li I lo -icl Ig if usit
to--41 Jii ll llil i) iiieu1 o 7 je
liII n- chil hn111 11 !yr.
ht lth. Virl.0 Ii ve n' II ' . I- t his
k1111 hmn iti o fa til l y I g- h in I, w~ V
For ialIe by G.W. E-'arlo.
Th e 1111 who i e.vefriS 11m11i a inis
iakv 11i1sn' yet se-in te light, oL
d(1y atil) n r will.
Noti~Co, i i-ebY givcl 11ha a min
of thg to k tl e rIti s o)f the ) ailti ('o .
tol lills will bi b14eh1( at thetl oilie dl 1ihe.
Co0mley tit L ibers.t., IhCn, Thuis -
(by the 12th 1ty (oi S1pember, 11101, al
11 o'elock A. .\l., for01 the purmleI o[
follsideritgr the q Iesionl of issillig thivev
hin)dIred aind ifty (35 ) shares of refr
redt stock in the par vIo of .'00 ec.
This notit lms, ben authoriz. I S I I
directed by r'v lesoliin o)f t(hct .toard if
Directors of the I'liher1ty Cottonl Mills,
an ded th said resolutionsare hereby mad
a part if this no tian are as follows:
M esolved, 1. ThaP th Pres. 19
ho ilstr 111(d 1 4-t11call i Cint tilg IIf' tla
.tocknhlders of the Liherly Cottonl Millh
for lh 2pIIpos1 of omliderini S tih issi
in oI 350 Shares of prfrr. 11 stock, it
the palIt.Fogtiu f 100 dollars eawh.
2. Thmt. the prterred tovk he entit1le
to i umaiv dividenid iif 71 pey
3o. Tht (~Olth h iohr o preferr stelwi
sNu. 1av C~1t righ at aytimeil ihisb
amo un an p n s c xhm e t e
stochohers bu t Lrl otto
So1. as
Grain Drills
Disc Plows,
Hay Rakes
Chilled Plol
Hill Side P1
in act anlything you want i
rnents, aMd the prices are right.
Big Lot Fruit Jars
(G(tol 1 Prices b
The Heath-Bruc
Carriages, Surreys, Buggi
At an Absolut
Harness of a ll i : l c
.ti\lon :kn! v - n he r inal f ig' i 1
.i u eh l o a n, eb as bv IenIv I r r4 l 1
Nowi i<i 4h4 b -tV ni forll: VII ll in 41vehIiile w
ntl proltord no p liI , eit I
( 4 41111. it) nI l , w I I.- \V I w l u e r e Vm r ..
Ill our ow w~I( a (l:. W wi i lii n tit Ii
Alld kitu tetul .o ril. W4tIIItn je i~O.
7t 'e -urt ner ~ g oii l~ .4l4I a k ns..i c
All olorel lo Mutli I~awns ai 111
Afi~jrc8Wll (It)tsgod relu ork to 7cn
WA LTI-:l lw. wil Li.
a roi~ile Crn ~ItV IiWli im uk ald
. on'01w nt te poJ trad4 :'1er yi
to h fre irni k~t finh i.
( )'h d toGJ; in f p re o orj hon m.jjr
\ric . .Ig-liios ryCi1' I ) iu (
for 'l'y our o ursil l~ i 4 (a1e ,
Wod lvo js rcivda o. s
.Dvont yon wt s spYos ~ot'
to ha ree f o nts, Trly it
A(ewmoe TA &ASIo
ows, Etc.
i the waly of Faring ImlCple
Just Received!
!fore you 11buy.
e-Morrow Co.
inl ouin Wt!s We ill Sell
Is, Phitons and Wagons
e Sacrifice!
w1r4d fil l , eninb noiu'i -1ii s 'e for your
':t Ily i 1 1:h I bok, C 'ourtlan d. 'y)Ton &
, o., .is Strict Iliith ( Nint Vagon8, t.h
io I wensbilo Taylorm nal Chinttanimp.
fall kind w11141% are goinug to "ell our
I wll ver I but w e Iave a few huarg'inI
1it ie, owin ir owit ruomitory mild
ES & McBraver,
ashi (Goods DepaInrttnien~t.
Un atit i0es~u Sacifliucd
:odst. to ntext senso(n, S( y (0IJT
mts. Spleid~~i valuo.
Snt intendtt't to carry a single pair
s, I ites1\w, flve Ribbons, oe.
Greenville, 8. C.
& C O.,
kintds of
cai w~ i lt h41 our 4 addre~ will bring a~ manlf
&~ CO(., A niofersoni, S. C.
[trnoit~ of' Fresh 'lTurnip Seod front
btread for 25 cents, or' one dlozen)
'o'ado andb overy spoo~l is~ warranted
W, t MA CK ICAIi; 10 cenfts
I )Ce, 15)cos pound, or 2 pounds
.nd I1) Ipoundis for $1.00.
anything to soil in1 tho lie of
ar Grass, and Grub Root.

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