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The People's Journal. .
a e - - --- -.- -.a town
Cot . Bruce, to L
P lckeIne-l II... ............... .2 D .
Fryor.---............ .................. 10 to 15 frion
B ttter-----.. -....................................,..10 Ef
Beo. as x . .... .............................. 20 his 1i
ilams--...... .............13
-Mrs. J. F. Bannister, of Catocohoe, Nich
is very sick with remittent fever. Mi
-Sutiberibes NOW for Tu JOUIRN/', visit
and got the BEST paper in the county. Mi
-See notice to township Pension rop- guest
resentatives. gy
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in !' sley lug 1
Septomebor 3rd and 4th. Mi
Josse Crenshaw, from the Cross Roa-,3 Eri
section, was in Pickens Monday. pond
-Born, unto Mr. and Mus. La' .enr -son, (
Gilstrap, on the 22d inst., a d.ugheer. of M
-Bring or send us your job work. Mit
Good work assured. guest
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs J. H. Sea- 1"y' 1
born on the 24th inst, a son. Vile.
-Strayod-Pig (malo), six weehl old' r .
whito and black spotted. Peturn to J. ionts,
B. Holoomtbo, Pickens.'II
Mirs. W. D). Jonles, of Briggs, wifat ofSpn
Ex-Coronor Jones, And two Bso8, Robert AjO"t
and Saiuel, have boon on a visit to S.
1). and E. D. Chapman nd family,
Harry Steele of Atlanta is visiting rol- Ais
atives horo. guest
--The JoUiNArL is now equipped with Store.
one of the best job offices im uipper South furil
Carolina. Remembor this when in need
of anything in that line. Mrt
-P. Hall of Groonville, while oi a Obiel
visit to his fathor-in-law, J. W. Paco last trip a
wok list a line mule by death. benet
-Tim JOURNAL is the BEST and most Mr
readable paper in Pickon-, couity. it i. in tc
also the uost widely circulated. THIS probu
IS A FACT. in thc
-arf, the 18 months old infant son P.
of Mr. and Mrs John Finley diud at cycle
their home, Milo Crok. Tuonday morn- and b
ing, and wias buried the following day wheel
at Crow Creok.
--The County Commissioners wil .j
meet on Monday Seitember 2nd at 10 o' vi
clock a. in. A ill Boord is expected to Laur
illet promptly At that hour and alt hav
ing businoma with the body are requested Mil
to meet there that day. have 1
-The County Commissioners at their . 1
special session Saturday, reached ai st. ladies
tlement With thit( gentlemen in chargo of w"" '
th raiuge btsiness in this conty whero- Mr.
by a license of $75.00 was determined gage
ipon. This amonit has been paid. now 0
--Servioes at churches are sometimes will b
seriously interfered with by the presence call
of dogs. The dogs havo no place in town.
church and ought to be left athome.They Mr
distirb the preacher and distract the at- enout
tention of the congregation, my a
--If you have anything to Roll, lot us coirs
tell the people for you. We will be glad Eisle
to make terms with you and will make it every
to yonr interest to (to business with ust
-An up-to-date, competent school
Teacheir is wanted to take charge of the a few
school in Roanoko scbool district which Hag
has funds to run for or five months. toonne
None b thorough teAchers need make tht
appliat . Apply to W. T. O'Dell, as a
trustee, Roanoke, S. C, very
-The application of J. P. Watkins. R.
of Central township, for the establish: of an
mont of a distilery, came up before the flue.
Board of Control Monday 'and, being cabhi
liberally signed by the freoholders of there
that township, wvas approved and for- Carol
wardled to the Stato Board for action, when
--The paper that reaches the people Le]
andl is readl by them is the paper that with
will bring you returns for patronage. engas
Our circulation reaches every section of that
the county and the list is growing. Sauli
-The meeting at Becthleham conduct- Le<
ed last week by the Pastor, R1ev R1. R. the V
Dagnall, assisted by S. M. JTonos, oleoed last v
Friday night. There were cleveni acces- to tho
sions. Theli meeting wVas an intereu'ing so
one from the beginning. Mr. Jones8 left gate
for his home at Townville Saturday o, w
-Thomeeting of Stowards and trust -s
of Pickens Parsonage property calle to Iy
meet hast Saturdayafternoon in the office olr
of Judge J1. B. Newbery was not fully
attenldedl and inasmuch as important Mi
business caine up it was decided to ad- two<
journ to meet again next Timnrsdaiy are g
morning at 10) o'clock at the same place. M
A full atlondanee of the trustees, especial- tie or
ly, is desird. ardsc
---To% aidvertsers who want their adver- Tih
tisements read by the largest nuimbc.r ter
of reaaders,wve ill saywvithout a particle-of I hint
fear of contradiction ahat THEm JounNmr
lIas theo largest ciracilation by nearly Th
doule of any paper in Pickens county. (19n
Our books are open1 for inispection, wilt I
-The County Board of Commission Mrhte
era umt, as herotofor-e advertised, last
Batu rday and tranasaoted 501mo priessi ng "-an,
business. Friendls of Spervisor Ste- rip,
phiis wore glad to see him able to attend mk
to husmnss again. Though weak, Mr.
Stephens exerted himself to be present Mr
andl attend to his usual duties. She I
-The Libeuty Township Singing As hier i
sociatiolnimet with Enuon church last Snna- sistr
(day with M. P. Rogers, president. Man11
Prof. W. W. Norris arranged the class aiunt
and led the muic twenity-fivo inutes, the i
Ho was followved by Professors Porter, , ,
Ramp~ey, Lestey and C. 0. Foster. The I
next meeting will be with Flat Rock !nl(l
church on the third Sunday in Septem- ini o
bor. The singing was good and enjoyed Mr. 4
by ill present. -
-A conmendable movement is taking Mi
shape, having tor its object the organi- iting
zation of a band at P'ickens. Bhusmneas and
men look favorably en the project and couhi
will doubtlcsa encourage it in every ire. pears
asonable ,way . T1he town has sufficient eoun
talent to insure a succss to such an uni- alwa
dortaking. Mr. J. EI Parsons will
probalhy give the pirelimimary instruc- A
tion in musio. This means that it will occul
be thorough ly trained whoi
-Mrs 8. E. Herbert's visits to Pick- hom
ens in the interest of the "Christion Only
Temperance Workers" has resulted in ny n
the organization of ia branch of the or- Dir.
dcer at .this place. Th'ere is already ani Clhu
enrol bent of 81 members. Meetings boer.
will held at the Methodist church beau
every Thursday afternoon at flive o'clock. and
The ohmurli bell will ring a few minutes banl
in advance of the hour. Tihie organisa- to tI
tion was perfected with Mrs. M. J. Har- brid
ris, president,Mrs. C. E. Robinson, Mr's. tors
II. . D~ag nall and Mrs. 0. W. Earle, qual
vice president, Miss. Mary Dagnall, glan
corresponding secretary, Miss, Corrine has
Newton, recording secretary, Miss, Ese he v
Earle and Miaa Floyenoe'flowen, 0o' cong
SAantat and M4iss1 Beasi Asinora treas. warc
. I. Bontz, of Gr 'uville, wr i
last wook.
. J, B. Olydo is on a businesS fril
Lvonia, Ga..
. R. F. Smith las returned fror
. M"Carly is spendiig tho week wit!
1a and rolatives in Laurens.
L. Hamilton, of Noir:s, visited al
OMO Sunday.
s. Martin Nicliols a;'o guest of ilre
>As' Mother, M-rs. J. A. G1illilandi(.
mSes Lucia and Mario Folger wer
a1e in E sley last week.
is Orai Roiax of Paeolot. Ala, i
tit tho homo of Mr. A. M. Filge2
;s Lila, Neivlthas rt eAined frem vis4il
riondd ill :artwoll 0.1,
ise Mildred Poison t.f N1oton a1
Iendersou of Burdino visited A-1s
Wyatt, In at Aonila'.y,
Bsrs. Jaiicts Cox and (hr:o nc-o Pi
s Bolton, wore vute-si at, 0.o Iom
A. G. Wyatt Mouda.
is essio Gary, who lias lwaen
at the homlic of Maj. 1). T'. Brac
as roturned to her lioie in Greet:
A, Neal, Jr., who holds a pa.tioi
ashiigtol, ). C., is visIting hai 1.1
Mr. aind Mr. WV. A. Neal..
J. BlItonll Watson of Adersui
Sunday night and a p >;t'on o
aly ill town.
a Pearl Russell of Willia.nt mi
Eunico Russell of An nar
at the home of Col.W. A. Neal.
Pood & Co. are 11"n!- their ia v
room with a vety coimpleto l' o
uro, and vehicles,
c. 13. 1). Lmnilmit lis gone (a
Springs. We wish hur a pleas~ai
id thtt, she will come back gr-it h
F. MAf. Welhorn of lolai, 8. C. wa
nn I Tuesday. Mrt. Welh-orn n\ 'I
bly locale iear E asly S';mae tile
llear fulture.
J. John1!n, thlemchnranb.
repairer, Iad hils facce bad! v ti
uiHed by ' thle iir st-in ag ii ali elair
in ls shop last wvii.
A. K-1nnedof .Jacks olv lilte, T< .
I Capt.. A. 1diiogei; hist wedh.
.oinedyis now visit*ing relatives ini
ns andl thor portions.i of the State.
se Lucy and Nellie lBrairton. whoa
>eln visiting at the holme of Mar. E.
itol, have left. Tlese youn '
have iniumors of friendk he-re whio
torry to seo them leave.
C. M. Folger, w-ho has haa.a ia.
in railroad work ont West. '
ngagod iwith ]agood & Co. aaml I.
r pleatsed to havo ill his iceb
Ind see himi11 whe.i they cI>m la
Editor, I suppow-e von h1.i
:h'. complaint ahonit rainl, wil-oil
lding to the general birden, ht (,
S1 might as well Say, it lalias i
y oceasiotially. Ocea-ionally mam
tweenty four hours in hls ca
i. I-agler, of Augusta, (a., si en
days at the Mount nai Viow. .a r
r is well known inl toawn, as I'e wo
cted with the contractill (olipany -
milt the Ea1sley Cotton Mills, ait
suiperintendent onl thait work wo
F. Lenhardt ha~s aoilut [onie-foor't I
acre in beets, whcinh ce:- -inly
Ho also grows fine Iot.c of oaacins
go and pototoos, which shows thas
is no use1 be~ingY deupendent on Nort I
ia wagons for winter cabbaage
we can grow them'i at home.
and Boggsa brs necepted a posit-oa
theo Southlera Ralilway., imad is wao
ed in the ciapacity of a illagman fo
Domnpany on their line betweoo
bury and Asheville.
nu Siesis, wh'lo is M~tato Deputy faa
T. 0. W., paid Easley Cama vis
'ouk in the soliciting now mnemaber,
order. It will well repay any1~ paer
ha) desires lifo inIsuranico to investi
thu adlvantages offeredl by the W
and Mrsu. Smith are visiting the'
5ses Mi\fiO andc Aliceu lackmiin
if Atlanta's attractive younag hul ie.
uests of Miss JTennie Waklin~u.
a lBcttid tiliflill Finiley andic her Ii
os aro guests (if Mirs. E. U. Richl
3 health of our town was never Iac
Thle doctors linid little toa do a1
drug store oaf Dras. Sm ih & Shiel
is ii coura'e oif ercecion am11
de ai handltsome struicture1 when~i coma
Cloyd, the Ma3Cormick reape1)
las beena in oiir town iion a bus11 ines
WVe are always glad to see hajim
s a jaolly good fellow. 11e oftci
Suse flying visits.
s, Hyde leaves for Cinucuina 111 toiday
as been sponiding sonic time witll
rathaer, i'. .I. Richlardsona, andic he1
o Rtichardson wiill acomany~ a lhe
and1( sp)ond a fewv months inl the city
omo11 of Mrs. Hyf3de.
ii bank( is nes ring comleation iam
cani b)e donco by hiavinlg thiis ban11:
r muist. It will bae presided over b a
Jairtor,anud [as cashier, we lhca Mlr. IH
iirley, wihoso sterling worthl is wet
nI in this counlty.
so Mao D~uPreo, of Luronis, is vis
friends in our towna. Shic is brigh
aappy and makes 11s wish that sha
I reminl, I)and I j udcga from all ap
olCes that 0ono yollng iani in thIa
try wouilld liko to hao her remal:i1
y's. *2
quiet but beauiit ifnl home weddci'i
rrod ill ( ireenavil le onl the 15h maaast.
i . ( i('argei Morris Iad is
chio MeCordi were mlarri alt. th
3 of ber sister', Mrs. T.* I. D)awsn
a fewv were prest'aat. Theaa aereOii
as most impressC5ively performeld Ib.
Wardner, p)astoar oif the Ijirst lIayt is
:ch (af wh'ichl the bridelas 'i5Ila ma
the bride and( groomn stoadc maidsat
of potted~ plants wichel iada mnteiala
10 loveliness (If thle occasioni. ITh
I is one of (Grooniville's ownI da'la
anid isa loved for her Ianyi) nob11
ties. Mr. Morris is a niative of lE
1, born and reared in Londonal, bai
Dade his bomne in Greenville una
'as I a d of sixteen summeurs, Aft<
ratuilations were over tho us
dniIteId nth 4in rom 0nX e.
11,AZIL I:
Clops'm look pr-oiing~j anld hevalth
good inl tii Section, I ougli cott-n
shieddaing dto to too matchol rati.
L tti hl y vli eting . W. It. Ste,
arut, wtie, )lt child witm vititl'O vig fro
at visit to Thus3 1 ice, 1 1., 1110 with
thingerousm ixpwrivnen ;Uig, ,astot,
fot d llt. evynii l,'ail aI -0 d It he rivr
rie a111 in undelahig I oross the wa
O was ihinl) il (ut.i i . bolmos limi
e cut, loos.; ti fiyi -i l h e-r We
re -(t )1 hnYtt jut is te ..rwe safeilhis
(,it the wagon wayls cairt-ei ,-onilo d
tinne dlown thlt strenin before it 'onl
be revbiniecd.
L) Ar. Jern S. Parrott hotsi retined frc
a Ipo 1it 1tri) to (eorgin wher he vi.,
et' rolitives. Mur. P-a ol rrot'ti it . 'just pass
.4 his 8011h year iit i:4 still strong,. Tis0
. his fifth i.rvip to Geworgia.
M Ir I ). I ). W inchsteiwr .111( i c
P'-ickinsy Thonils, ( 4.ii ty hvu
:t.r"i1) fr:Ilt I t w
vardl, N, (C.
Ir. J lack (fDtl il,.l . h
rean-4 i Picktis al w r
(~n Se r :. in 0 h 1r oni a v it ill l
st tint 'ci Il lj i j- -- C
v!" "N tort. v[ , ()
till11A i-vav to- It~i "til . vIi Fi t a lii'
li . .%i lic 4.111, oilli a w6tl
- , 1'-n0 ('1h- Jv n i I
vtii f !*-iti li -r .1 S. t:ilti
irt, .1. ie nw ti t r l a1
in u.1. i i a t 1a;n-' F r who
- itt 4I 1"it; f ' i-ti il clt il) lt' til v
h v nill inimc ar f ol
i(l)f Owti",'tl'i ti'tl l o t c'lv.tl Iiih
Tnd it woriter v r pn . cr; t n. fl
nitt ii Ith' I '-h. tI 4 w: t1t )l
hi0 l t . i ; - it!i ln i Ih - -
'I) 'it1(''I,1-( II E N - N |-:' i'..1).
e in w wha' we ..e M b>i ., % \144b
t i i je it l t. til :n - i . t'el, 't.Iiil
IO of t . ii- i . . i l
ani il it wouhi h I l rtl r I ere ii t'n l'ft
(t' nliv ' pr-.11114 in this i ech
hA t w.-i' li viti b I n't ii w i m i
N t b i -.I iw i , ' 4 . , m n I l Itt
.\!r.i 1 :a.. i (- . \. lit I '' i' :' II ' tv irl n ~ v;
iti - i. li s it. r
ali m ( D r e -.c- 3 v -, Or (Tn'en tliih
w Is! th e 21..d, g- .\ , lo t hemjj li
*i;.nt h-ot w, nli.,
ilul)tv I :N W P I, WI \, ( .i Iv N T
. 1. -1.
Th' p-ln l.9 0 1 1 . f I .. I t c ( a kre
190 . S c~i et .laiw ay i ll sel ro. i il
y e pt br I, rlv m10tu l iLt .
it ecln is l :11anca'43 l414r(ts1iip 3an14 person;4
i sacriice. will go r 'oward wiakentig ti
1 tritstees44' tu p14ple to tlit worthi 4
v eachers and h41 sh1' I ne of not piaying thi
helte 11CIII 111 n( 11. :,Iui1"' pelnnaln t ell
ploy liec4 t. ILet 0!: ita l. .. h .Ai iII II
4:1m ilno-nt1 43 h1.1 ' Achools; if tiht.y- N% i
ant a pp u t - : i for thcinoselve 1)s 1n
1 tit -Y V ilt - people to appreciat
4 in uni , hI ol.? 11' tie teaiche., w;
Ill III nI - 1' -:: : .l to tikkt :4 vanta1.,
o o n ( pp.);! :it y fi -r "hlighercl v(cr ttntal
r w jtt :-hwn. non'h. :henl by their V41141s p
I Ik . .. t, 44 , 31444'~ (4 444 i i ll litil
li V 444 '. 'as 11H .''.i-c nI n 4iie s In bin
R 'l I .slit with t ji 1:4 - t 1tW.-,i i ili 44 1144
d 3-h ion Il 4 h4 1 hi biren. W oin is n.k it
hhune-4 'I ill- Il 4 otnl teinh' . l inl
m 11h n 1 :'ii3 I- tl til- n ed oIfI chIII i o in a n
44S4- I I r<' li 1st .'A cl;p i s 41 their lice,
be4 T m . I4n34 in, as they live ti
i4 e 'en 4 44 lt ' ir ie n l ii lities. '1
It hrs nf NO'In 4 by atendin tho min
1ecr scho! nayprllinaly i ::cliece Ihl,
-1'.|.l a l ti, (lblei ..0 i rt! derd linc-i
I4. it ' 1.01y. M-y each neil feI 1,l 1
a: ;on~iihyand the, duly.
W Iia -4 i4 1 . 444.- 1 nndt44 3344 <'is4 titi n (
a %%1 4 ''r . V.- :! Septen'lis i any 1choI'
II wtaw ill - -;.m, ! h), thei 1 tt t' s 'S !f et(v a
I ol'ce :111d t.xiw- () .tlte schol (ln lth
- .4. :h tof' .l t u4 nt'n' 144ill after tIe cli'os (of 14
tsi. .1ner cho . ii hherwillih y wvi! be pre
veI .in t nn r n : ierami am : 't4lin4-. a
-e t Wr k fori lthe wh ose h ir- ottat y .a 1:il
l.-V. I ainl I i- iv "arnle'14 , patrio1le 1114 1
, 4 'it 3 '44s u ; oi't lw wO il" 14, 1anili-al
t h wo1, i In'rk b. eeit l' the teachers innn tI,
s ol iii r 144 .4 is. ()it tlt otlier h:nnil.
It c 11 .: 410 1. t C Own 34) CO-41jira.t \vil l l4e
iy 44 4' 13.4ir t.e cr 14) a 44m 1 I hip
lb:. in : h .:: I4 l 41n1. Ie 1al that h4' o,
AY s i i 1 in n n % wIll vo - o14 pay tI
b- r I their Ic , liti s at the- sii4n1
.w 1o. Thi, i.- ii.:ht :- 1the chibbien wIlI
li a 444 y t ) thll, ! 1 1-1 ii. 44 i is : on til
l(es- t.::n -h 1 a l the s i i t 00, lc~wh
r, who Hr o h tt ilit:,( (1 1, It4to atten1 b
11hen , w nio m e i"o Mw liutiv b
T h i;.: '- .l i n . p .t ,t lrm
tha. 1l.n-I3.t i < - -, : .T 4Ir. 'ITIn-':n' lt
ti 3nni 5 4444nt11 -. ..;. 14 i:n m 1clH in- 4nti
..s:' , - )1 114 4t41, , 1Illnt4 r .sl h. r 4 ,
S car. pa-d( on'y ;; \ t ;c ennll i ': ni
4ttei la'l Ibl.- ell 'ii44 4s4,;44 tihe I)4vi4
44 44 l44- 4 4' .11v ".' 4~ I,(1*44444 til. .1. I(
Ill y at lni I l t 4 w ave 0nr[l . 4114
. i:i... .1 4h u i f r 1' 4e1' , n , hal4 4
In:t'. :1 i; - . 11 on- 444) h :l
l11:0- yv.ir lIxt ns bk lak .'1 rI v i: :n
have ph1 4 ) 4 4' ! . v i .
( hn l- . f'l 11.. cihy iof th 4 ' 1111m11t. r 44 h4 , 41
iin p m. i., 11l inp ti t 1')' r to :n . . 1144
\ nhic b I'; n I4I-"r up I 3shie 43 - kh. l w3 iln
Iln c4. ii e it is t u tis l :lt t- . S w
cial vIll rt. \% ill bll nw l.: 1e , 1 . . t I I .I s i<
i ch v t I :i 4I4'l ill I iheir1 o. lint'ry sch.I I.
t lin i ni t I lll w niu n. in 4 1 3ill s41114
S:,I I I I I. , 44 44144 444 I , . im Ii i I I( ! M3 ''IIIO 1
.sitI.. . The ai n;-hiri t ill 14.4 t isubjec.i %\ I
bit- I 'ady ' i . li nlu on by the oein4 in.
(.f lihc l'ick ns -chol, '11:d1 1\1w i cb nw.1
the basis ()f c rtainl in 4c4tru 4 i3 4. It will Ibl
a1 great. hecneilt. 1) lcn-heris :11A puplils tik
whI nI Il WI w k 4 11 1 4344 y i hl 11b' n v ii i
4 q' -rly gr:nleil n:d 144 th h-I-ii n ro . l
(3b::-u 4i ie 1. To 1his ('14 I4 all Iw it. 1' . o l 1
It:( ., t Ill ran t,11w lIha1 ah I h IIl t ~ -h r thIll
at . (.ill the. -unnner ,eins ol it. E.,-2- v Ith
.JE)1 .3. 3C II.\ \N.
I It Sn' r44l434 en of E. Illn l 44.
Q' \, oi) I 44 ll
'' 't.41'.: . :: ,, ( ),..n :Iin in:Ti' ".
'' . ('h-veht n , 4., "' , 3 1 ul, 1)444!
urn Hu-Y:;"ne etrievbwin
4 rip 4,4t4 ;' t.l n n its hilt s I
I n ~ 4 .1 - '4 4 n .4 3 14 ' 444 n'. 4., 14e :$
inh. Daes f als ep7t,
A. . ..y d it I k ts
414>34 4ent at!l inn of C4epoit, a''cn x ln4"in:
i. '0, inayl he seenr4)ed. I4~ iti'3. 14
I .Fo sltili inf.13 in na414 ion 444.'4 14 on3 I'r ud
,. 4b14 :n~ Iy 4;;un:4t Sou)4th r 1444 Iallwa' y (1
-e W4. 11. T1A.(oi, .\.. (1i. I'. .
..\ti:antn:t,, ( ,3.
4.. 114 W yt.. n-l, 4 :.3.I, V,.pl.
44 i. h44 uil:4 1(11 tu a n il s t
-iii. '. i~4444 nlreu n 'nt ra t If on
3n a I 4b i 'ep; !~>th ' 4434: I ~ incl sin
4 ''3 th-4a4.4 n formaian 444to rat
In.h4314h-., ele.' )3 n n agent of tirt'
Southern' l4 4 w4 y. \\ii '. I [. T4 ay44h1m,3
74144Ip 4's A.I0 (1. .4 .\.,' .\t~4) hinta ' (it
44 I ' > ". .\. I' rown, if I)4nl not 'is ill
. 4 - ' 44 ' 4om-e~ i4n4344.4~e )'4). ,4 m-pi'I"ii
4 uhit. 44d 44r4a 44lisi 434: r 4' -e'3r ', u :n-1
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3in'Iirnly w -1 enn. 41 m hn. I lil n~'II434 341:
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I 34I, 13 :n i'ph-ini f'3. Iorid' 344 li e . |-'
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I ' ifili enr . ()n:'. t i':14 h243 & T'lrnny
-- 1'alb' im - 4i1'p (l.li .i a .4I:nin olleS3UIneln 14444
- illvertr ' Ii; bu ~. I inA ' N.
a 1144e l'il i n lan-44 Ii b13 - lix4'r, Ii fy~ ln h<n
y nblnood 3', ,i ' ie 'I .:-: i, ro44144 14heek4 , ichm
nwas n redn of- a)' '.t nn-h ilic 34ub1 (n41441
Iive Tabb11 34 n liIi had143 prevIounfy 1t, ri)
4'<iIn ' i4h44 lrelief 111 -'or:ign *al b ( ;. W"~nj~
. The' y '1~' 44.3 < litIl llhir 4(;.4f.j 44... 4 3en
The .3 ' o l i niinle 'i omb1i tin the'': warb4' n'
l'3pm , ''4.' ywheref'' '~n isf ni:im b34 n inir'oen-4:43
. does the 11-..IThi w ndru: (Jomb i.;
,l'h rM n l :'4p' for : one, 1,:4 lis I sj.i
- 440 3iu 4 :44i'C-nan w no
A Pale Face
Is apromIneit symptoni of vitiated
blod. If covered wLbth pimples. the
evidneo Is,complete. His nture's
way of warning you ofyou rcondIt ion.
- Over rTOinn tectify tl'l disortl(ers ll
thle blood, elight or severe, of long
33ttildirty or 1 ecerat 0rigin. Its thirty
e0rs record gtuarantcts It-, eliency.
old Cv'y here. Price t1.00per full
- 33uart tiotte. Prelprod only Uy
MI'(11(h MN 1ICt ( ('OMPANW,
F 33 fit ' I i ( I I t
3. 3 ' . for (3 "I "k 1;1 1:,~ II: 3 .
1:1 v : \, .33 ke 3 3 . -r. (it
Ib o dier <>bi , '- . i IIa ch !d ill
Iu Dili i - _hh. , wah -M . r n i Iorai
inf3 a iin 3.Th I'. w3 o. -1333-l~ vo **3 3 3..ll
113 oI .eiin. I to ;; h t If
33'l 3'I 33i 3*P~l' , 1. 3133 3 ', 3 I"i . :tsI 33 31 -
Ih r ,im d v o t w l m , i l n
t I fI I uoi o b ,a e f u~
:we1,1 in I o dr*,a . n i o ly
ll. 131i- ibl h3 I h c'..\. I. , :33
i-. !~w 34 n 3* y 3 r v ,- - n-.
lit ;;Il b r. ! - h w io i1,
EU 'li. - I.\ fi i Ii ill \- \
N ll(\ F I ll W ;\* !! II
34"w de3 by3. \\~ 33~
N I' (' 1 ' 33 I N 31:.
4 . t . 1, - : I
I- ' .
1.416 3.
d l. irict 1 Iby r
tho to . tD
1.i i h ;t dit r-:r
31331111 1 4 O w ;3 1 '-' 3
a I raI III th -a :'No as
S104.. fil I!. T1, 1rki .. T kil
be ItiiM -nehd 111 alw : o-l in Ilf ,iv
t ol l i n l r f I I i0 - , I 1 h o n ; 'lw h n \i ll 1 - *
or i. khe ;in is [%I i ll- n w; t e D i, .
he313:313 vu .I ' u ;3.
I T : tI - I f, rr . e ,
:I I 1. . h t h ,I r
sh3331 ha33' the3 33 31 ::3 an 33 i33. uihi
1333 , hii.' r33 , 333 .: th3 e3 l. ' I 3 33.3
till' 1;,' 1:3.. :n.1 1333)r .,3 . 33 1
the t .23,33in 3.. . , with3''' n
('333?.. 1'' dividends to3.
.31 3,3 ..1 --;331 'f 3 333 3 1~'' l. jie. t D )
3211. -1:3 Ih com io :31 . ! 333n 3,33
la,i m ;333f1err. 333333 ' 0)b.
< iv3l,'3. 333' 3-n- 4331n beoe :yp u, i
I ld to' 3 n~ o lei
1 '11)I. 3'1133 Tinal '.3e st-a-khohler of te ('.3m3
pany33 shal be3t3ld tosh.;rl. ~
his pro' ra3ta.3 83mr'e of3 1ai31 ien '31 f3 prefer3 .3
.1 y 333d r' o f 1 iu- Ilar o.3,4 f 3);re :' .
I'.s. ::I I :3., 1.3.3l3- . ( '3,1l ..: . l
"Knowlecdge in. Power."
'MONDAY, SEiPT. 2, ~1901
1x13t4 a unusualI33:31 I3 3lly pr433p2343;.w 13
.3. 1 . I iN . n
I I I.. 1l' 3wn.
N . In Ill T.\T'II
3In:.33 a n) . '3 \. I- I
Il I inn 3 33 .. .. ... . 3 .. .... -: 33,
II I : , 3 '3.. .... r 3 . ... .- 3 3; ,
I I '33 . - . ' I . I 1
I':n p m .... I .. I 3333 \ .... ': n y
.I n p, 1I... . 1 i -n . . . .. . 3,:a
1:I p 3 3.. . . . . . r ~ . . . .. . ;:I' I
No. .14
No. I. '. m ~ hS.n~r iiw
N.. 11.
N.. ('3.C:nn :-r's with S'3uthe33rn liai3lwa3
3 ".3 \3I13''.3
-O .li! I i ('31.i 1-3. (.ith3 1 8 113 S th r 3l1wa
y31.(1')o 33) "' ~tI, 11j 131 1.tl~
ws, Etc.
the way o(f arming unpie
Just Peceived I
r1c you boly.
Morrow Co.
Phtons and Wagons
S acrifico!
11i ror. it, but. en. v i na se oryo r
rth itbe k.('111r01a111, Tywon &t
., -~ ; -I irie lIigh (r;iIe \V -g0onl, the
en4h4j ro, Taylor :od ('hA tlnooga.
1-d, iandl we re 4 going 6o Sell ou' r
I ) 4 11 44r O 1 repository :I fill
. .!1 4 w h I itr t I 11 u - Ip r. P o ll i v
-oe-~~ an er w, \V-1 am -aLa
Si:: i:" v'li 1441, 8. C.
mcE SLEl
is b'4 hext heason4, so) 1 CUT'
4,d uced:( :i 10 (' -uts.
SpI!e didl vau,
411 ''I' E) ) H'NTERH.
nl - !l~4 to en-rry a slinglo pair
ces,~ \'*lvo I 1iIbbons, etc.
~A RK1~I,
(;reenvile), . C.
& C(7).,
I ar i'e4 s 'II ' 1 :4 4 1 give Ilhe Iowe.st
S1. f 'l.\ I.T1I1F8.
onut of F'rshi Tuniip1) Seed froin
C kua g.>s.
Cind for 25 cents1, or' oneI dlozon
d and overy .Spool i8 Warranted
IJ1.\ P'.
5 cents a p jounid, or' 2 ponmac
10 Potuids fo uPji.00.
Lard, Sug'arl, both grahiuliated'
th inJg to sell1 in thle in~ O
Urn at1 Id( ~ rubi R~oot.
?R J)O S..
'8 1 OIJL
Grain Drills,
Disc Plows,
Hay Rakcs
Chilled Plow
Hill Side Plc
lai lact aniythfin; youJ want inl
ments, and the prices are right.
Big Lot Fruit Jars ,
(.t O. Prices fbe
3TH eath r
A t an A bsoluato
a our --tor' is 41. 1) .' ' . - I>m- n-(
a(; .,) ec u
H .s ar one .s t W4ri ~ .,o 0 .--1..
S -ah r:01\V.N 1:a, ih-a,-r e-I i~
Caihiag., ,re ys(" L~uggihes
tuvli h-rt of moh.
1 i I tan n ta, ,.Ia n i
ir' a 1, .i-. . m1 a
\l I- ands ol ~ i~ 1;, asns
7 t -ii I I er i I ( - .
.\ - ii \' .a1 2. Ca iI
I t I s i v <- Ilu . . a
1. ii1
WA L'I'I.:'w. invi h the.:
. f vv o aii I 1 r 1:i C
Welto utr cve a~ full e r
a reliabi company b oh ib ka d pr.
.I )n't '1 yo -u t a t. lools of IDest Th'ii
foir 50) i iets. We I hnde ,\. Meririck's thr'e?
to hor free from1i kn:ots8. Try it.
A fewv mor, SI~ A\ WV I lATH fo1 go~' C
W\( ha vi jist rei'Ov(ed I 1)1arrol of1 Ilar'.
for 25) co.ut s . Nicea (GrI~een C )IJ. 7, 8, nniid
a Icket Molase.'s Fl'our, 1Rice, Iiacon
(h ickono , .algf, 8 ad~~'t ., ( ai i ng, b t iP
Yoursu Iruly

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