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He Denies That He Was Evc
Disloyal to the Majority of Den
Senator Tillman was prevented froi
speaking at Spartanburg on account c
the accident to his eye, and he furnisl
cd the following statement to th
newspapers which he had intended t
incorporate in his speech:
There has been more or less strer
uous effort made in various quarters t
cast imputations on my Democrac
and to charge that I have been diE
loyal to the organization in the phaa
Senator McLaurin 's supporters seek t
defend his own treachery to the part
by making these charges, while on th
other hand some of my old political 011
poneuts who have never been able t
give me any credit for anything tha
was worthy or good, have joined ii
this accusation, and I therefore fee
that it is nothing but right that I shoul
let the younger generation of voter
who know nothing of the facts, hla
the plain truth so they may know hov
much credence to give to thew
I made my entrance into the politi
cal arena at lcunettsville in '85, purel]
by accident. The agitation begun thern
and followed up in the News an(
Courier in a series of letters and ad
dresses in advocacy of a farmers' col
lego took a political turn in '86. It!
the Democratic State convention ol
that year I had a large following, but
we were beaten by those in possessior
of the machine, (the ring, I called
them), and I was among the first tc
move that the nomination for Gover
nor be made unanimous, and to pledge
my support to the successful candidate,
Continuing the agitation which broad.
cued into a demand for general refor
mation of the State government and
the abolition of various abuses-we
were again beaten in *88 by a very
narrow margin because Attorney Gen.
oral Earle, our candidate, refused to
allow the use of his name after the
balloting begun, and I again moved to
make the nominations unanimous, thus
showing my loyalty to the party ir
State affairs.
In 1890 I was put forward as the
nominee of the Maich convention to
run as a candidate for the nomination
for Governor in the regular Democrat to
convention, and the system of joint
discussion was inaugurated. I was
overwhelmingly elected in the Demo
cratic primary, and although there was
a b'.lt and effort to elect an indepen
dent candidate I was chosen Governor
in November following by a large ma
jority. The Alliance had been or
gamzed in '89, and was a very potent
factor in the success of the Reform
movement, but there was a very power
ful political current flowing before the
Alliance was born. in '91 I discover
ed that Ben Terrell, the lecturer of the
National Alliance, was systemattically
going from county to county sowing
the seed of third partyism and preach
ing the doctrine of " voting for Betsy
and the baby '' rather than the Demo
cratic party or any other party. This
led to my challenging Mr. Terrell to i
joint discussion on the sub-treasury
and other issues upon which lie was
b)asing his propagand~a, and the deblatc
was held before the State Alliance in
this city. I pointedl out in the (debate
the danger of the white people of Souti
Carolina risking any division as long
as we had such an overwhelming ne
gro majority, and~ insistedl that nothing
should be (lone of a political charactci
outside of the D~emocratic ranks unitil
we had held a constitutional conven
tion and taken step~s to safeguard white
I demanded and secured a pledlge in
that meeting to make the fight agains'
Clevelandism and the other undemo.
cratic p~olicies that were being urged b3
the New Yurk wving of the t.arty inisidhI
of the Democratic ranks, andl there arn
hundreds of witnesses to the fact,. Th<
result was in '92, notwithstanding thi
Alliance was in absolute control of' ti
political. affairs of the State and ther:
was an overwhelming sentiment in op
position to the Democratic party tenet:
as they were then promulgated b:
Cleveland and his crowd, there was n<
effort made to organize a L'opulis
paity except, in two counties even afte
Cleveland had received the nominatio
at Chicago. Our State convention ha<
deniounced him as "a prostitute e
Wall street " and dleclared that he wia
not a Democrat, but when lie receive
the nomination I returned from Chici
go and counseled acquiescence in Lu
result, and I make bold to assert the
but for my influence and the iniluenc
of the men allied with mc the Stat
would have gone to the Populists thai
year by an overwvhelming vote. Asi
was, South Carolmna was the onl
Southern State where l.?opulism did ne
'make a bittet fight atgamns, the reguia
Democracy. I spoke very bittecrly (
Cleveland's policy and proclaimed in
desire for a union between the Scull
ern and Western faimers and (declare
I was ready to lead a revolt agairn
the Democratic party as then led an
leave it if need be whenever I saw an'
where to go, and made albslon to "
light in the West " as a signal.
Jn the meantime I set myself zet
ously to work to secure a constiti
tional c.anvenitioni so as to take steps
disfranchise as many of the colore
people as we could under the 14th ar
15th amendments. Uuring the p~eric
from '92 to '961 there was bitter at
oonstant agitation in this and oth
States against Cleveland's poliey, at
I denounced his betrayal of thre D~em
cratic party with the bitterness that
felt, I proclaimed that If lie was
ve mills are closed on campaign
of as to allow the men to i
of speeches, there wouli be no i
rig any one going to speak at nigh
In I am resolved they shall li
at truth before joining the Rep)
%w party.
ot I meant what I said and hiv
id ing to regret or apologize i
a honestly believe that if such a
0- made by aly considerable iuui
the mill owners of the State
le will resu:t ii legislation that
,I away with some11 of the special
0- leges now enjoyed by tile mills
s8 people of South Carolina ire rn
10 welcome capital for investment
, or any other maiuracturling ill
1o but every freeborn South Car
i- will resent any effort by Northei
Io talists or Southern superintendei
ic presidents to dragooli freebori
is m11en1 into becollillg epublicans
S111111 who Walts to join the 1I1p1
. party and vote that ticket Imsi a
it right to do so, but I again Wai
., who think they have a right t
the free white men in their eip
to to tile ROpublicall caplij to talk
C how they press that idei.
I warn the mien, many of who are,
,- ways have been i my friends, to
d closely and weigh all of thiese Iu
it fully before voting.
iAn Atlanta Man Twice 0
Position in Treasury D<
The ollicers of the Treasury 1)
mient ill Washington have I
stranllge experience. A few n
.ago ill making a selection floii i
the elhgible registers of bookkcep
ithe civil service commission lh
,tentionl was attracted byA thle o11
cellent paper's of a youni g man1111
Mlanta, Ga., ald as they were so
ness-like and preselited Such aI
clerical appearance lie was selecte
tendered a position at $660 a. ea
due course of tiie the (eptariwe
ceived a comnunication stating t!
that time lie was so busily en
that lie very IClucLantly decliie,
position. A few montis at terwa
name was again certilled, nd bl
agaii selected and tendered a po
at the same salary. IIt. again,
very courteous and business-like I
declined the positioni for husinet
lie appeared at the departu
day or two lgo alid clhledl oil the
er olicers, and after paying re!
and thankingu them for their seli
11e stated that the r11ason lIe di
take !lie position at the tiunes teir
was that lie had a business po
that was now paying 1m :.5
year. Ile stated that lie was b(
Pennsyl vani ri ad drifted frolm
to vilmington, Del., where hi
tered the Technical Institute at
place aid completed a four
course. Ile obtainled thie lleall
his college course by sellinig newsy
in the l1orning.i and afterilools I
and after classes. After limishii
Course at the institute lie went
lanta, Ga., and enigaged in his p]
business. JIeIing iin ai positioni
joy a rest f'om his hard labo
stated that h1e was Iaking a vac
which included a trip to 1alifaxi
Scotia, the luiTffalo exipositio 111nd
places of interest ill tlit section
counitr'y, and1( beig on las retuni'l
and1( passinig thiiouigh Waishiinet,
cal led at the departent1)1 to expn'
thanks for' tihe twice-olfer'ed apj
ment, which, unlder' the cticust
lie thought, lie ver'y wisely declini
The veterauis inl thle Sercar'v'
spleak of this case ats the mos~ti
that ever camne under thieir olk
-'LlLF I~ FA LCl
i' lSoine w~omuen at'ri ot so i'cr a:
5 palit, themslielvYes.
I It's ai short 1lane that 11as 110
-in it afitel' it turn'IsI ito thle siiadtI
ie Thieir arle two thinlgs ai womal
e not be tempijted to betraIy--th
ii she loves andt her age.
L II' it weren't foir thoir wives
1 men01 wouild havte breach0 of p
n suits on (lieir hanitIs every week,
tinlk thaut men01 wo'ildn't be sbO a
tto llir't with themil if they (didn'
hi thiere was iio daniger' of theii lia
marriy them.
ii Wuomni havie 11s much01 use f<
.ias they have foir musc1les0 on thi
e like Ia c'ir'cus performier's,
t The L ordl made lii L~e babie)s0
. and1( helprless so they couldii't, I
w lomen~ whoI( chaItter bably talk to
~ A w%.omani~ isn't half as5 afn haidl o
ing ats she is af raidl of halvi I
tink she doesn1't need( to be0 g
.from danuger.
o Whlen ai iiwomanI exercises four'
a of wveight off' playinig tenniis ,shie
p to talk abloult the timle she was11 1
Il none1 of her clotheos wvould lit, lhe
i. If' every gi in the world w
:hI every man11 would 11ind somiebody3
111i love with.
y. ecauise thiere wasn't any '>ther
af the garden.
re Making love isl as dlil'ferenlt firo,
ic ini love as clam chowder is from
er late carIamels.
)(d Wh'1en ai wVomanI wanlts to ctn
(Id er llll woa's heart, upi and( chloj
1c11mnce melat, she says shio hasi
at low, sweet voice t~hat whien she
st to you you foirget all about her
g WVe arce goinig away foir two
or' Mary."'
ir'- '' TIwo weeks! W'y if ye
its nu111ch style ats 30 pretendl you'd
ke for two mon01ths, an;d give a girl
he ...Indianapolis News.
Denocrat I was not, and I merely gai
voice in all of my denunciations
Cleveland Democracy and threats
leaving the party to the overwhelmi
r sentiment in control of th e State.
L- other words, I was absolutely loyal
all times to the majority of lily folh
citizena who were Democrats but ii
n of the Cleveland typo, and what I si
f about leaving the party then w
the prevailingsentiment in South Cmr
0 1 made a speech at Memphis and o
D in St. Louis, in which I denounc
Cleveland and his policy as undem
cratic, and proclaimed my willingne
and purpose to fight to recapture ti
Democratic party from the wrecker
Y and failing there to Organize i genuil
Democratic paity, which should mai
tat the principles of Jefferson, ti
father. I announced this policy as ti
spokesman of the Democracy of th
State on the floor of the Senate on tl
lst of May, 1896, in a debate with J
13. Hill; I announced it in a speech
Denver, Col., in one at Wichita, Kani
at Lexington, Ky., at Dallas, Tex
and Atlanta, Ga., in all of which i
slogan was " 16 to 1 or bust." Tli
South Carolina State convention whit
sent delegates to the Chicago couvel
tion it 1896 was so thoroughly imbut
with the purpose to have a (liffere
kind of i)emocracy from that of Clev
land and his followers that they sent
delegation to that convention with ii
structions to withdraw and ieturn hon
for further counsel in the event we di
not get a platform to suit us.
I have never at any moment or an
time or any place given voice to an
feeling or sentiment about the Dem(
cratic party that was (lisloyal to thi
will of the majority of my fellol
)enocrats in this Sta',c. I have al
ways claiied to voice the will of tlh
majority of the people of the State an(
to be a representative of the majority
and every well informedl mal in th
State know that what I have spoken i
capable of proof from the records, ant
therefore I repeat what I said at inioi
that any man who charges me will
disloyalty, or with any purpose at an'
time of opposing the genuine Democ
racy of South Carolina, as representeI
by the majority, lies, and knows h(
lies. I am called a Populist now b3
Republican and gold bug papers thai
are so much in love With Coinmercia
Democracy. I always have and alvay
will spurn Cleveland's Democracy a
nothing but thinly disguised ltepubli
canism, and McLaurin's Dlemocracy i
even less respectable. Cleveland neve
played the hypocrite, while Mci.aurii
was as eager once to press Populisn
pure and simple as lie is now to advo
cate McKinleyism, and Bowdin, tlh
apostle of Populism in South Carolini
in 1892, was the first man lie gave r
job to after his appointment to tlu
Senate, and it is said that this sani
Populistic leader is now a strong sup
porter of Senator MeLaurin's last braim
of politics.
Some of the iiewspaper elitors am
other ardent supporters of Senator Mc
Laurin have been very much sliocket
andi outraged by what I said at Unioi
as a warning to the mill presidents no
to attempt to coerce their operatives
IL is considered an unpardonable sih
that I shoukl dare to threaten to inter
fere in this matter. What I said oi
that occasion was for the purpose o
warnmng these men against attcmptn;
to go too far.
I recognize the right of every imai
to try to persuadIe others to vole with
him, but I dleny that the employmen
of men in mills carries with it, the righi
on the p)art of the owvner of the mill ti
coerce or control the votes of the em
ployes. The relation between Lh
mill owner and1 the worker in the mil
1s one of imutuanl advantage, and th
mills were not hbuilt, for the purpos)0e 0
giving employment to labor, but for th
purpose of making money. All mt
who wvork in the mills give labor 10
the money they receive. The interest
of the mill owner and the mill han
may be idlentICal oir it may be antag(
nistic. It has been common in th
manufacturing establishiments to b
dIrivenl when they cannot, be cajole
into voting the Republican ticket, an
the threats of dihcharging laborers an
closing down works in 'T6, andlcy evi
the last Presidential election iio doul
securedl McKinley's trIumph.
~liTe ownuers of the cotton mills ti
ehave sprung up) so rapidlly in Soul
Carolina are in many instances Nortl
I ern men, aind possibly more Norther
f capital has been invested in this i1
I dustry in tihe last, ten years than lion
I capital, but, that (lees not carry withi
- any obligation on the part, of the oper;~
3 ives to vote for a Republican wvl
t conmes either Openly or in (disguise. "
B The mills im South Carolina hai
B beon treated by the Stale goverminen
t which Is Democraitic, with great hbl
t rahty, buit if their owners attempt,
y dIrive our native born South Ciaroim
*t D~emocrats into the ilecpu)lican can
r the other D~emnocrats of the State w
*f not calmly submit, to it, and the oper
y ives iil be the first, to resist auw
-action. T1hiere is no proof ini the wvor
(1 that manufacturing in South Carolir
t owes anything to the Republican p~art
ti The mill operatives are niatives
-this and adjoining States. Tacy a
a as thoroughly grounded in Demnocrai
princip~les as the farmeirs oi' any oth
I- class of our citizens. They are as g~o
~1 people as we have, and I only declar
Smy piuipose, if ani attempt to coer'
d , them was made, to go to the mills
dnight, and explain to these people ji
d wherein they are being misled or beij
d unduly influenced or driven. Ini doi
3r this I do not, propose to array lal:
d( against capital, but I do iL for the p'
o0- pose of waring capital to attend to
1 own business and not attempt to ma
a Blavna of our .ht. pope I
ar tie
iced of le Receives L, tters From, Old Me
But anid Trics to Antswer Them All.
lhtyare niot all da(l . lii fact, the
Seem to inuli tiplly av; the ycars roll on
c 1o iny Con tem[it pola 1-ies, I inalln. I receiv
'. niore Iltr ront 11 old men than I eve
ove Is did, auii tiey wi ite wel, aiii g-ivu Ion
tate( of Upistles. Wenii 1 a m11a I1m ets 1olol ig
hlt it ilthe senIt ies he feels hmnesome, n>t
wit I. (o with-statiling til: near preseice 0
pr-cibiiiren mui radhbrniTh coiln
ahe lionl s ol ins l youti areIS gone, aLId so
-ny to *Ielic of, thleic oi men unlel 14)lilsom lltell
lu this i(lves to me- fir syimpathy. I like suc
lettels and try Wil tl' to answer- themall, !u
reitilai I(Ititism in Iv armlY g :unI halm
II (1)1 crnllips 1Iy replies. Ine ill gvi1te'gielh
r'loml Alabanma stgys het feks ette alt#!
iyt fli has writtin Im o he is a naIiv- Gem.
liAn .,ioi andi love(S hu peoole aral her-1 kb
iict "'''hil' awls 111(S c li il i' I'l o
--iory wl anlal his visil to A tiens
driv where his 11ele Elizar Newtonl livuI
(ir d( how he inet mile t here ill I Ilk! Iort ies
l, ll- -11 '11 1 o Gnunll, :111i a D a 1 111-l h s inlol
ai1 ck ( lI(roi :1111 1ily W ili s w
iarried mll, rloie l' tiiLi 1si1n 1 and took
charge of, thle blnd1 aslninl lw
lhe leal Dr. Church prach a was
fl' sclhanned(2 With the iuisic of the 4ii chir
wheIe Miss Aln W.11blell A .i li
Pringle o11l other preutty gir:s sng
C and i' I hmv a1t lol, 'i11 1 w
blig hloo(nse Ital at hug "( 1 mum
,h ' o n 1 11 - ll hils throatt, n .. h.0 -, and
(le7 r c d h4w hle was a 101oong ate of Tmll 1Nt
!part- woodl at I-nr ndl - ela- nmte of'
HIi.Nhop) Key tol Judg A. 1;. [,Mll..
epart- sliIct, thle 1111 hor of 1(;eorgi it. i
ll[awas thle presidlent ; and( how\\ he(, r emovedI
sotl hs to Alabaml a inl 1.9 a(1 l 4 i-m-28 .1i1d1m
mec of, has sevenl daugh 'flters mui no sons.- ;111(
1rs,1ha tenl orphanl grand(chiidreni -u(I has
:ir a- 11) work endy13 ainla tel( to ,support atuid
lit c-uente thengl but) e er1ee alinI larely
fr 'o eas 11 rom ally Iliid of his ' otith and
-is .t tilnes all i (lepresseA aoi longs
iea olr 3ypathy. 01.r old mall, I wish
i and14 tiat hle lived ial.r ie, t or I woulhl visat
m111111 a(d ceier hii up1, anil tell him
t re ance(otes aili antidotes, and( we woullI
I a talk ove. the obl tiies m;til swap c'I
a lg ~ stories alt( brag abiot tile goo(I
111the ( obldays when2l there1( were 1(4> telegrai~phls
t-d his or telephloneis or bicycles., and we (lici
Snot Vallt any; no sewinl., ilimehines or
U Wili -stoIe cloIes, and we dhin't n1cee( ainy;
inl a lit) football or !aseball or buzinl or
e ittr icl0es or appenl(licil i. Al ill tlmse
s i-ca: das cano Tomb1 and StphenS 1111(1 aunt
.iudge .)ougherty ant flowell Cobb
111 a iai IWalter C(oluiIt andMit spake to tie
ropeope hiace to fatce, antd Such elo'0(ji1ent
Ipects :1men as George 'earce andi1 Islop
Mctiol ( s 11111 .1 lsse Mercer aild l)r. Iloyt
i lt) al't Giulding and Inges p~i-abu4t to
dereCl them. YeS, wi Wc I woiI talk abiout the
(itio ays of our boyhood, when there was
000.a no gas or keroene or f-riction iatchies
>rn in --lothilg but cadldies to -ive u1 light,,
th1ere and1 no Pron1iehielsus to steal ire I'from1
(2n- heaveni to lig hhe vith. Shake
hllalt speare1' knew how it wasil for le wrote:
'Cars' " How far I that. ttl canll e thkiclbrows its
s for bealins'
1I' So shies a good( deed ill a nan;lity
as 1114 i Shakespelale wrote b liy Cidle
o At- light,wIy sh(touhin't, we? Anl Ile, too,
'e(Sent 11sedi tle lint and steel to 1ak1-1e a H iHu k
Lo (In- t( light thIntoot. " '(ek Y"1ur- "It mit'al
rs Ie iveep your pwder dry" as t er a\\a
Ilion , ' ,btekson's onier at New (1)ritalea n \\Ihe"
Nova I was a you1ng llue 1crc1hant gun-1ihats
other were'( Hs con(11non1 HsI inarbles, a (14 I so ld
ofhe them11l: 1 atli( the 11ame piri'ce --i10 cent s a
home1( dozenLi. Vt onlderful, wor1ilfl alre the
an112es1, I1. 11th goodi 11 Ih tilnes, it I could1(, buat I
icd, woui enjo y seein11g this8 gtenerat ion all
Otlice set1 badck about s ivetty years7, julst toi
IiiqueI about11 a weetk. My Aibaman i rin1
serva- and (Jt (2b er vlann 15WIouhl( be. tic.kled to
death11 to see( the( unliversl'1(111 dimy Il
railroads ori te2t1'lelrah,11no1nutil but. (onet
ai weekJl-andl 25 eents foir a single Iet
~-~~ ter. No dlaily newspapers ill te Stat
I thecy and11 only four1 wee(kiii, with nosenSa
IO(1Swouhi~ he no0 cooiking11 stoives, 1n( c'oa
no5 l steel pens or' envldopes, ori e'I'aret te2s
1111reInlehInber wiIciI (,OLIoiI was1 llmeked ii
roun11' balehs with ai cro1wbarHI. l'hec lt
hag wvas Iatitc liist ita l was suspildet
romise5( froin a1 hole linthe1( 1ein hoIuse2 tioor an<1
o 0Unele .11ack got dIown in it aoli packl<
tile cottLoln hald( as it was throw 1(Wiit
himo 11. lle packed two bales a day aIlt
they wihd-h ntnsec. w
.r loic1111 live more1( were'( cro)451ed (il topj 11(1
rtoi astenewd douwnl withl ai lng ple. Al
rans the lit-tie sp cs wr511(t5 W i't 1(21 w ith (20r
.t twe with aI tour or' six~liirse te:1un n\ won4
1111ti (1ta we~ bols were21( happily t4o2
IlihtW bilgI andi 421ny lout a)11ll nighit ant( 2i llt
raw head aini bloody11 hnens. It- wa
(o sht')i w as bro'iwn( sugariI, for whIIite: sugai
wasn11' invented', e2x4cIp t akuII ellei
iS1' ich, lf y-lwichl 111 'p11 up1 inI tin
to fa11ll piun 'cones4 ai ?cvrdwt h
paper. That1 kin was4 for1 rich' (12 o lk
'n was (1 Wi v'ery prezbious1.. it wais crys
nm ntallizedI lhke these5( little squarei 1h11n1
. thahL t1are conunon10 no1w. When(1 ou
I igaro it was good. Mlost anytholn
was1 goodlL t'en. A sitl ick 117tipe4
suchk a (:y11 11s1 a rar11( reat. .SO was half I u
face' rs~,:' tuill theill NIpM anlla111
was 41oo lien, or our1 appllies ha5 11
wceks, noit been21 sle t 12Wit d Iake l cuS 1
8wee:IIitmat, 11s ~they are4 Ii.w. W
had1( a1 loveat sa->;fras1 rooIt ano1 an147Uheai a1n
so aay sugii'ar btis aui d ltocus - 10a d w1 ibi che1(2
a reeL,." i rie 1.'i the1 114 in~side balk of1 cheIstnu
I trees and14 slipper21y elmnu. We wer'e a1
thing. My Ahlbama friciad is sad, not
it oily because lie hIts lost his youthful
coipaniols, but 111s yOutfutil IIppetite.
Ilven &linit-er cakes have lost their relish
.un1ia gaern, of sweepstakes andl town
hilI and bill-peni their flsIcilatiol. I
U envy the ilIppy chlulreln 18 they ply
ar1,01114 11n(, hbut 1 am hppy too, inl
tIrving to make thein happy, Ir I kiow
that there Is trouble eniouigh ahead of
tinill, Ifo l an that is born1 of a1 wo
id ffew <hys Clt II ull of trouble.
IThebest we can do is lo (10 the best I
we cll toortif'y aliinst it and take (
the hadl with the good. Try to be (
a aI n t1,1114 s'ene, for liife is ull (' bless, J
in-. atld we( sho l selm~ol orn1-selves 1(o
iagnify theln andl be 11imikfu1l. I have 1
to fegll the pioor littlehywo
'ilk-lt, u i (lte straw , ar ] 4,11v (.1114 U
wiluily tligit hi k 1io luth r lai .111 old (tor (I
(1n thie straw to) hohl it <lwn,) Muid he t
sabi, "lother, I reckoi there are Soie (I
little boys- who lutvent go(t any% <loor, to) I
pilt (over. thil'." It is aI gotil wa for
its think :ibuiit. t oIse who are wors14 8
off than:1l we ar.)'e, anl4l 1ily A la11ma m
lrienil kilmws tlire are thiolusaiis of b)
themu. 1
Biut I inist ,t(lp, for it, is hair to b)
Wite lI herful lit t I hiese glHoy t
dIys. Tvhe weither is twinCS9iIg anil C
that lielps Iy .\v Alainniia frinil to feel c;
si.i. L(oh say's that Li iulin, wet raint is r.
wo .ll 11on a t lli a loig dry u
<lrouighit. We ini'i i'.t seen1 the blessedl t<
SunShinle for four hmi- cIys .11d (fte <I
wini Ims blown ([o i ny pretty butter 1i
hevan arbor llat to the grantll. L .
" lmv <191 you tell the waiter you r'(
waineud Ulmi roast hweef V" " 01h, I1
toil 111111 to have it aI ICr as III ol <l
maidl's birthilay." - lhihlelphia E-venl- (11
ing Il ll ti ,
" I t hiolht you Sait t hit girl .you in- c.
troiltiett lile to Is iloil IBoston.' s
,Well, isn't she ?'
No. New oLk.'
Why, I Isked her it she wLIas a fol0
lower idf limer1sonI,:i .1 sheKIl said, W\I.
tea I's hI playiIg oI ''-- -Clicago
.Journal. C
I 1 Suppose Yol wellt 1(0 m801le ex
penlse il liltingl up yoir iloue sEo as to
iLake your Stnner boalrlers coinfrLt
able?" CA
4" Yessirice," Laswer larmter Corn- P
tossel. 14 1 ha<d three therlmiometer6 0
hlui't especial for the place. 'T'hey was a
each u'llaranted not, to register no I'ih
ur thnLI seventy <legrees. I t. cist a little P
auhnbut it pal in tLhe long u.
Cllicaigo ltst.
The <irector of the luf11fallo fla Exp]Ci- U:
teiin was <istirbe. p
" We'll hilve to triple Our clectric j
light power," 1e asSerted positively. ti
", Why?") asked the uif ormied sub-) o
" Gool ieavens, mal I Ilaven't tL
yui Iandle news?" <liantlei the k
<i irector 1. "1 Genenil Nelson A. Mliles
is on his way ire anid we caln't. Ltfond it
-!? t v our lectric tower eclipsei.- w
(Clicn..fo Post. I
it Was late, and getting lIatr.
lmvfver, 11 that did not stop lute soutal
()f 11n1111b-41 Voices in) thle parlor.
Lanwhiiile the gas ilieter work ei I
Th'le pate1 r eiidiuredi it a1s Ilng a1s hI LI
coub1( ;iiii then resolvedl onl heie I mlea- LI
sur Ies.
'" P hyllis,"' he Chcle fr.on thue hleadi
of tetar. " a h nr iIpaper
"(1 Lii , stirL replieti the liorily iit
onthe I Lhily liglo, "' we arie hiohlinig
And( the0 (Lutter wenlt baIck to bed)
witierinig if t(hey'1 Vn woub kee p houIIse or
lhve withi huim.- --Coloradio Sprinlgs
D runmner --i is pret y hai~iI to get aI
Iliindlond (I'LIan sLa htW!) -J'1on het.
Wh iy you can't wo rk e;veni Ih e sn1ak e
hui C racket anly in ior n uless you ca rry
theC snake to the drugtI store and1) Itt hlim
Mtissioily (Lamongi th liIstimmau~lx ) I
-I wisti y'ou woui tell these peole<
theirt faICes areC dirty andII uneed wasthin~g. I
1'm afrid 'i tn't do that, sir. (li
Cal)isionary~i. - h nt
dayi~ ofi twoi weeks Ii is S-year-ol 5on i
'loudlIy welcomieiid him l.t
IL t l e we-kll''tklf, telo ' ~e
"'Nohing avt ll. io'v le boe ood.
,ILIea ini(;'s 211 vi-lit, itil)1 I tIlever saw1
Ina)2 beLave is slit has this hiile.' --t
'' 'lhi in' ii' tn. ie lii 1121ki'
- "A'ik- whar' he?
I "i . Sphtin'ris. 'o asilie~
I 'di >, inegiisonii- .1< fo;I lIY 111 go(li
tine a 1i .IliIOl<.ea c ,latia
School Warralnt8 Cantnot be Iqsit<
UnileSS Motley in Hand to Pr
The Columbia corrlespnln ft
Ai s it (m"i i says :. A : a1e wi<
will intterest at great Il1aly people, Ji
which will u0Van a grtal tto cur 1Ctid
Iuterests, hals beenI <lerblee by deLt
1,arY. 111! h10hls 11hat1 the warrntsl I
mued in paymnent of char supplieg :n
tull and voidi. The decisionl was reI
lered inl thle ease of the I m tt it)([ i:
hange Bank, whichl hiel about : :!,l1:
uige (Gary in his opinion says :
"This is an11 appliention for a writ
)i118 laus requiring( Fraink WV. Shu:
.5y, astrasre'o Lexitietonl Counlt.
Spay to plitilT certain wairrnulit
rawnvI by var-iots hoanis of school
'istees for the Sevel! schiol listrict
' lxxingtol C(' sti , a1111 approve 1bt
le county supeurvisor of -Saidl county.
"-The. to lae are Similar Auld as t
1111M itletions arl Ii o l tijbth I
asli eti by c ionsel 11.ta loth o4mubl
eI heard togethr. Without umbr
it ing to sltlate )lully the issul ls nr l sed
the pleu ing , I amlt satr iliteI thit
ie whole. Cast! caIiu . h ispose-I of b3
n11 1i lrIln. tile nu,1in Il! 10stion x in til
Ise, which Is thet, valbdity of1 till- war.
Ints oterII I11 evel sch m-14 1)1l distr ict s
pit t hit cu inty ttr 1,x I it- I t ' in
m ( 'miunIty. Thel sal warnuits11 -ven
rawn at a perttitll ralz'illg Irmll (11
; 0ith iolf ih 189-S, to the 211t 41
n r 9, an in I ot r it'e Iyablt
kiillary 1 , 10
"Ih se 1 cnt tit on If thdfnlan t s1111
it the severa boniv m if trustes hIml
I) power. toilr-aw Saidl warranits, fill thet
:son itha. saII n ,;,icti weT in excess of
u fund"s :pprp)ri-atel to their school
stricts at 1the ti ltne St warnilts weir
'awn ll114 are therefore voir , anel that
IIy warranlit tt n1tI ll. to be loi diue at a
ture hi y is in t he- a11t154 'e o a111 certilt
Ie of italebte dIness andl under the(
latew of this Stalte isva.
")iid th. sait b nI1 I.1o)i44f truste es1
4%e the power it dntwiliI ' thhir wvarnitH
I Ihm county treasurer. (n fund"s not
(.t on11 : hai1 applienblet [i illthe pay
ctit Of t ilt) n oWI Of t heir a4111d
hool i tric'l' ?T he authority of
only Ima(IS of trusteis to contract i
trivedl fromn this Statute creating themu
which th y are Ii'n)hibiteil from
akinlg conteatts for, anly year in (!X,
l of the unIIIltls tor that year. Th
roviso ()f Section 5):" of the School hani
' 18;1t is ti i llwi s : l rovslle , O iut
ti' emtraels which hoatS of trustee
IIl make ill exces o1 the unIls p
r1opr1iate to thiril i I t Shall h4
"laet, us now%\ 14ook into theconra
niteredl into by th1is haand aind se
tinl if such contniet comes wvithin itItlo
rohlibited by thelAct The w.1ara
snud~ by saidl board shows on its, facl
1,a1 saitd hand purchaised for. the, usev
r their Meliho district, either in D)e
smber, 1898, or in .lanuaryl.3, 89:1, cer.
in Charts for thle use of Schools
iown as lias's Arilhintetical Studly,
"1.11 certinly was.1 th i- poII se andl
ltent. (11 saidi hoand that thes charl
ete to be paidl forl out of thet school
mail finr which they wvere pmrchased.,
imiing, luw v rut thilt of (I such
archasl~le that. 1ter wa." nol fum1I) appli.
dble to the paymnent (d "Iuch pur11chast.
IVY atlemupt to avmni the-ir <hlevtlua b.)
xpressin1,i th 1.al warran , a th
Te United States exports an aver
d aige of 750,000 tons of coal per month.
Last year Germany imported from
Italy $2,500,000 worth, of grapes for
to table use.
It is said by the knowing ones that
the best peaches n Georgia Are pro.
etiuced from seedlings and not from
Irafted an( budded trees.
e The "heart wood" of a tree has
I. ceasel to take any part in the vegeta
ble economy of the tree. Its only use
.is to strengthien Clhe trunk.
The Armenian language at present
inl uise aiong the ol)pressed people is
atid to be n'elose aIpproach in construc
tionl to th aSyriae and Greek.
Ofrthe couicts in the Kansas peni
tenthlry, seven are women serving
time for murder. One has a forty
yutrs' seiteice, alnotIe thirty Jears.
William A. Anderson, the Demo
cratic noinee for Attorney General
il \ irginia, is a Confederate veteran,
aId lost a leg in the battle of Manassas.
The l'eabody (Mass.) Historical So
ciety is to erect a monument in that
tovn to lie memory of John Proctor,
wli was execute( for witchcraft, in
1 .2
A telegrami fromn Ponta Delgada
t ates hiat, the international mete
orololetal observatory in the Azores
wias inaugurated b)fy the Kilg of Portu
gal oin duly 10.
I ii ; suit in Baltimore it is alleged
Ihat han ks have discounted a million
diolhin's of worthless paper for a Mary
hni lIimber dealer. le was some
what of a financier.
Forty millions of 1)popl) are threat
el wit ih stitrvation in Russia, be
cause of crop) failure, and it is said that
it will be litlicult to relieve them for
wat of goud roads.
A new kind of tombstone has lately
ieen introduced in Colorado Springs.
It is of bronze. A lid may be lifted
showing printed matter and at photo
grl)l of the deceased.
The tmbrellai hats taken a firmn hold
upon the natives of India, or at any
rate tupon the Bengali. No less than
3,000,000 umbrellas are imported into
the couintry every year.
EIli (reen, of North Judson, Ind., is
rapi(Ily turning to stone. A part of
his body is said to be as hard as rock
already, and the physicians declare
twiere is no hope for him.
It is reported that 25 per cent of the
lBor prisioners5 died in one-. of the con
veentrittOil camps in South Africa in
three i moniths. The work of extermi
iition is Iroceeding at a rapid rate.
The memoirs begun by the Empress
l ngente soon after the death of the
'rilce Imlperial are believed to be now
pritcticully completed. Her manuscript
iats been seen by no eye save her own.
E(iward Kimuball, who died in Cli
eaigo the other day, wits the m1an1 who
first tililed the thoughts of Dwight L.
M->ody Lo evangelistic work. Ile had
raisel (hlurch0 del)ts to the aiount of
: t,11)000,00J0.
'eter S. McNally will, o1 next Sun
day, bgin his atteipt to swim from
lBiton 1i New York. The swiimning
dlistance will be nearly -100 miles. Mr.
McNal ,ly expect,s to imike the trip with
mi thiirty days37.
Sir Alexanduer (Condie Stephen, who
'hats been for' many13 yearIs IBritishl minis
ter residenht at D resdeni, is about to re
Iir fromi 11 tile dIiloma~1tic service, andit
11as beeni apploited a groom ini Waiting
to Kin iii' dward.
IL is worith notin g (hait mn the gradu
at ohg (class at the~ University ofVer
mon11t thiis year wats aL youn~g womnan
Iwho sul pportted herself doinlg housework
throuigh thle entire four years' course
eL xi by woikinug at his trade of stone
cutter. TLhae Li me has not entirely
e jutssedl in ailhl the colleges when others
Sthan1i the wealthy have a chanco at
ci education.
t. Miss Clatra Matas, of IEast Orange,
. N.1 ,., is reported from H avanaa to be
t tile Lhiird victim of inioculationl with
.yellow fever by a miosquito's bite. She
t was at tramiied nullrse, and is said to have
ii ubittedl to t he mosq(juito test on three
I diffrtciiL occait~ons without fatal re
suilts. Ont August. I :th she was ac
I ciieth3y bittenl and deovelopedl yellow
lever of the severest typle.
-it. 1I. Weddinlgton, a 'Union County,
S( N. C.) farmer, who dIied1 recently,
wats not Lroubled by the race issue. He
hived ini tile kmidliest relations with the
niegroes and( ill his will lie gave three
Iracts of land to three of his faithful
colored se.rvanits, leatving moneyl0 to
others. TIhie remindti~ier of his estate,
amnouant oig to ,';00 acres, he bequeath
ed to the Methodlist Church.
It will initerest readeiirs of Dr. John
A. Wyeth's Life of Gieneral Forrest
(IbIirpleirs') to learn that the constitu
tionalll :onlvenltion of Alatbama, which
a met in) theC darly part Of tihe summer,
recommndediC~ 0s a designi for a great
seal of the State the figure of a soldier
inl the uniiformi of a Confederate gene
ra li in horse, with a young woman
bind~ii himii poiting forward ; the
leend to reiad, "I'll show you tihe
-way." It illustrates thie story-told in
D r. Wyeth's book--of Emma Samson
- shiowing|"'the fordiot Black Creek to
d (General Forrest.
For Infants and Ohildren,
' The Kind You Have Always Dought
at Bers the

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