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Hemphill, Latimer, Hender
Strong Arguments Agai
the Commercial Democra
(reenvilIc Mountttaineer, Aug. MU.
The Deiocratic mass meeting in
Greenvillo on the 28th inst. was con
ducted in the most orderly manner, and
the audience showed a thorough appre
elation of the caln, deliberate arguments
of the gentlemen who were appealitig to
their reason and coniion sense, not un
dertaking to intlane their passions or
excite their prejudices.
The court house was well tilled when
the speakers entered at 11 o'clock, and
innediatey afterwards every seat was
occupied and many were standing in the
aisles. The meeting was called to order
by lon. J. Thos. Austin. county chair
man, who requested Dr. T. M.Me1t. n.
pastor of the First P resbvtet i-ui church
to make the opening praver in ni lob
the favor of God was asked up
country and its peontle,and that a".
be guid to the setection of 'd
and God-honoring men to aduun
affairs of this government.
Chairman Austin sai.l it wzi. a !v
of regret that the inlumiit w
kept so many from attendiu Z to a'
he was glad to gret th ui
here assembled. wno are re
argument upon the ie
The gentlemen who h -rx
swer to our
great tjuetion wi'a
public. and thv arec
careful hea f thee ar'' .' tf
Hon. JTohn 1 Hat'C N - tilt 1 k
troduced S thOIL' 6ea
he was g:a 'to inet t t 'it
Greenv,:e. The Pie n it 'Vectol'tn
prosperous and had: inde re or
in 95 years, and meargue.tht i. -
prosperity would mane It ne --a V
change our p 'Itical plri n pl lia'
we had more dl IarS thaln it.
True, but why shoul we hve.
mocracy on account of i o n
dollars ? Is it neccssry I tUlk
Republicans in order to keep Im all
Do we need expan):n I this o:n
not large enough :- Ihe 1Pi: ,:
lands are 1i0, ml c away r, ''nve
capital of the l'nitted States. Thei hav
already cost us 25' to O' ni' in-,. and
we are spending $S5 ~i m thoec
islands every year. We are spending
* I PlY) every day 1or eh'eg ranta t com
mu nicate with the ariny we, are suppo'rt
ing there,
'ile race pro ml. i ins i iiieatia t h11t e
co-ipared with the undertk ing to gov
ern 10,0,oi 00 pci ple wiho i are tel ti ou
sand miles away ftrotm us. Four genera
tious of Anierican a have bee n pay in c
pensions for the Hevolutioinary war and
four miore gee Itrat ions will be pty in t le
pensions for the Fiipi no war. ()ne ti
our Senators said that lie lctan ged his.
oipin min in regard to the lrParis treaty be
"ause the FilIpinos tired upu the tLag f
our country Our army was there to
conquer thet, and it is pusillatmous,
contemptible atd cowardly to claiin that
they had no right to resist the i nvasion
of their iative country. It was right
and proper for thei to re-ist under the
Our friends say that expansioni is ai
husitness pt'Oposition. The tmil of ilht
P'iedinont tareniatnaged satisfactorily and
their presiidents deserve credit for the
developnient of this industry. 8o long
as they use thu ir own tmoney and tan
age their own afflait s it is well, but w hen
.t comeis to using the power of the gov
c.rnent in their behalf the propositiotl
is very dilferent. It becomecs a queistiot
of great political imtant'tice whethie
trnies arte to be sent across the seas to
stitmulate and protect these private itr
eats. Thec one hundredth part of a tail
is our share of the prohits itt thmis trneat'
There are varieties ini expantsion
England, I lolland andl l',elgium havy
dense populations andi they must ecx pan
their territory. The ptressure' (of suiis
tence naturally urges t.hem to go out
Europe has a population far in excesso
the accotmmodationis in its area, hatt w
are not in that lix. All thu area produc
ingt cotton in the Bouth at this tin
WOuldl not covet' otte-sixth of the terr
tory in Texas, tand there is an ainitost ut
limited opportunity for' expansiont of lbh
kind ott our cotititnent witint the I' nite
States. A farmer with ten boys maiy in
have land upon w1hich to settle themi al
but there aire scores of others arountti wlh
have surplus lands to rentt or sell. Th'i
cIounttry can fturntish homes for 400~t,000t,t 0
people, flye titmes its ptresent piopuiitiion
and( not be at all ctrowdedl.
Mr. IHemphdtill related tan anecdiite of
church member who( wits tarraigned up, i
various charges, includinig dlruntkenntes
gambling, stealinig anid lying, to all oi
which he plead guilty, but int mtitigat ior
of his nutmerous offenices lie told the pas
tor' that through it tall lie had ntever' ost
his religion. Mr. II etmphill urged it pot
those who were going astrag' ini politics
notwithstaniding their laxity' anid tregu
larities not to lose their Decmocracy.
He stairted to discuss ship subsidies,
when Uapt. J. N. King asked him to tell
what we must do with the Philippines.
In reply, Mr. Ilenmphill stid if IDewey
had sailed out of Manila hiartbor after he.
destroyed the BpanIsh hleet, no one
would be staying niow that we ought to
go back and take forcible po~ssetSiont of
the city. H~e wouhld get tint (if the islandsl
as soon as a govertinment is estahtishem
that will suit the Filipitnos. it' hea':rd
of a man sayitng that if we left thetn.
France would be willitig to give two
billions of dollars for their possessioti,
and yet there was not a daiy int the past
two hundred years that aniy great nation
could not have obtained their cotnt'ril
because Spain was not in a ctonditiotn te
defend her title to the islands. Englandi
did take possession of them one hutnd red
and twenty-five years ago, when it wat
trying to subjugate the American colon
les then struggling for freedom, but
England sold out for $5,000,000, just one
fourth of the amount we p aid for them
Mr. Biryan said that in buying the Philip
pines we had paid twenty millions of
dolls for the option on a light, and we
got the fight. Mr. McLaurin was in
favor' oftholng on to the islands, let
the cost be what it will in blood tand
In concluding Mr. Heomphill told the
story of a man who was informed by
telegraph that his mother-in-law was
dead, and his friend inquired of him
whether to embalm, cremate or bury the
body, and his reply was, " Embalm,
cremate and bury." This was what the
speaker wished the people to do for
Commercial Democracy in Sout'' Car
amid hurrahs for Latimer as the climlies
wore ringing the hour of noon. H~e was
delighted to be in Greenville. " This
. J.
son and Johnstone Make
ast the New Poctrines of
ho launched forth, " has blackguarded
me for many years." lie hal not had :a
chance to reply to it before, and he gav'c
some instances where the Greenville
News had done hiin an injustice, refer.
ring especially to his recent speecli at
Wham's Lawn, where its correspondent
said he got so tlustrated when asked 21
question that he did not know the dif
ference bet ween expansion and ship sub
sidy. lie then went for McLauin, whc
would not come out to meet his oppo
ents, and said the News was constanit
misrepresenting hin, while they were
urging " fair treatment " for Mcl laurin.
Trace it down and you' I find the Green
Ville post otliee belhind! it lie did not
want to go to the Senate if he was not
qualified. Ile then recioun nt ed what Me.
Laurin wanted them to do, which is to
oina the Repliblicaln party, ald he illvit
ed anyII one to deny this ,tateient. Me
Laurin wanted toi go into the llepubli
can party. Ile toncieed upon the tari!'
al bruollclt ill tilt refls'ad of the Repub
n ; ia rity t. give tLe Clhiarleston
en cnused " the Philip
Il, e walited to show
icipuie Melailin
for the people
i e:L. ted the two methi
\pointekl otit Ilefore.
": I ry (if elnaelingr treaties
\ - 1 lmiuin lleve h iad ill
his lifee e. Cheered
I e gave a pungent ac
tl i litical a r-ibatic
Ii n tir-tindat told hwin.
hini l fe f h ,atl h tl t I it i
t pi t Otliee de, artmini !it Wshi
t cit ust h vwer l' uV l i t : 1
i e ug il p with it. l I i5 c l1lil..
n*Iillst i' e M id t ew l:htasr i.ieiCr witIi
in useig an l f,'I all
u t o,' fact. the w-I (,1:1 11d :llid
!;had been appw~t:;Mt c , l l !u:InI
eaill gred u lle bcl lie s idl
Mi'iatlin had hiiit iit oil lhalii
-Md firted a fewsi*itsw thethe
ne. -ial' whell he hear that wNe waelt
, . h e o li halt ri l il lt
,at f 1it a i whleil ht'ane w:ia
iitellt 1l ti-uf'h ie-'li . e opleN into tin
this cs lie helvev d M1el,.ulrink% Sick.
Set i I i 1 s L) il h as I flatv iI
rila tet 31 aa lfil t'.1 vN >tingr t') r'atif)
the 'm i t'ar ijiray,:uL aid eit lptu a1 pri
Vale eary1 f w12 ill tell tille a 11u et
lialsli as hiiself, w1t w as tice. :% "hill
ig light ill them littlwicant pa-ty.
Sn leraaurit l ha t hellad t- ythtcig h
wal not h :e waythMiel to, p Wilith. Ili
histarted nut opisi the Iefr
iativ 'ill palt. Ilk ha i utli taniP- o ull
ihe cami iil ati the W. 1). KvaIt s iltim vIil
ed hhlit tiIv hnul ee n ofpsed toh e i
dispensriyl dy afte tte l alington trof'le
oliallill had cai to Gillatessineu
StraZit Midi Ta h1 t,1- andl hiiimself and1t hart
tl'ield ti t hi l tm ei n a ou . Mrtlam tile
with ihill to tad tihe people iito thlt
P'opulist par-ty.
th. Latiier .aid hle wavlvs inl favol
ibufil uiteitg uv t I t o i lill possih i
Sioluth Catlilla , al 4 a lit n 1tch uv e
i olIa it 4f hoille aiiii flili ti capital '
tienat to buby ai' nutay a osilealit
iiitforc tni bit h a~ thet o
huwsi byn jtinng hd with 'ti ith Staen
W hra ti ( lairt ai it Anl inciplits r ii
wtaltil all ihes preideati i l hei i'iici
th col 'itl ~ l tui s ill ttf then Ait
theism ws tstiil t. S t-ilti aio of
I tg aliecil adt bd eni alI :'' fr everyt u i h
placed int thunatinal traiury. I
tantitwinitel aliklu e t elaurit atn
cncluded with! ite arunt mitat ii
taet, ahed~ all tispeut inich sil tit
il'htilipp~into tweswoib biatethe. Nlo.
ioatthet laisc by r ldiatrytt butt ti
I euail telgw the Unti.''ited ta too.
Wn hen ha irin a Ain i ntri i tec
todS liO l tha i''llel' irseltt, Iliti he
twlb rin it '' onty he toltiika ''I
waitand taliniii apl andilto i was evien
lii tha eth ceopl of t i c ouncir ty had. gI t vi.
thei'.sl f is it t cfith NI c Lu ttria eaupai
whe mt n l. ' M tatr i i el iee isi'il
etime listit speech ino ' he *nutiiih
'tem ilcici ati inawwenited a o Cc uemi
hisir opponentsth was nottifie. IT
falt wI like to elgion ii in arg1)1
luant mlino:te! hat fais, npotgentertj
upTesem ni titg ha sw tha the epet
le werci iiu'lidi lot go to h e S yata
'iii liallse o l lie timhl referrd se to i
imtitrtin Xil~ig the elessness of tolho
awaktentd for the titaion lnl wel
weownt int these tniaittor Nobtraid
anted fo asMr oMr aurinn butb
woul tell i'thetuh Tpp ie n he*. itoo
joep o hetshe seauin hadtit ~i pente
audieaid thawtwhie preintling thiem h
wasohueting:a "fo:r ailhencat t"i 11.
wne the( jIln to kni int outh fates ahcr
the psatt eaner gi these ptiep le it p
traty res.ne aMe aurin'o thnrt
(rnt over tohe ray awd loproeedd ti
rleadt thheppoitnpeec of prteeuio
foeyer pinh illsadtony afew day
tbe falaes Tgreat a ratifie.I weeta
id.lier wtedui te lo ith txai
heloliio Meieauiel Twas aIteocra of
cut th--l daunerthat the uniemofti
ory wite d~ea . Met t ain, Wiadrsan
No otte needs to be told to try to cure i
cough. But any one will be glad to f(
e told of a means of cure which will el
e thorogi and lasting. Dr. Pierce's
ol(lenA Med ical Discovery is a medi- sf
ine which can be confidently relied 1
n to cure diseases of the organs of
espiration. It cures obstinate, (deep
Dated coughs, bronchitis and bleedinug
f the lungs. It cures when nothing a
lse will cure, antd the local physician Li
Ays : " There is nothing more that we g!
anl do."
There is no alcohol in "Golden Mald
:al l)iscoverv," and it is absolutely free
com1 opium, cocaine and all other iar
The dealer, tempted by the little more
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rhen the " l)iscoverv " is asked for. No if
ibstitute medicitne will satisfy the sick
ke "Golden Mledical Discovery." It
lways helps. It alost always cures.
"'rwo vet-s ago a severe cougii statted oil itte
M'd I wss also bothered with ncatarri." wt-itcs W
Ir. F. Skjl. of Dantewood, Chisago Co.. \tinin. tl
I could not sleep nlihts. n. the cough wats
'orse at uight. I tried several cough titedi- i
Lnes. but to tio avail. until n year n o, whenl I i
6t so bad I couhl not breathe Mhrou Y lny tose
t ttines. I thet ried Dr. Pierce's Golden Med
Al i over '. Afi r takini right bottles of ir
Ir. Piet-ce'll oldet .Medical Discovery. anid at
3te saie titue using Dr. 5age's Catarrh Rentedy ai
ati a well man. I can thatik Dr. Pierce for my
ood health. and will rectseonctid his icdinics
> any otte suffering f-osti the saitte troutble." ci
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets eure con- fC
ou can buy it here ? Our tariff is op- v1
%ting to make a high home market. He W
iought that equal rights and no special ta
rivileges was American Democracy.
Ir. ,John B. Cleveland says that we have
> ship our goods to Liverpool. and I
ience it's shipped to Brazil. Why? a
ecause the British manufacturer has f1
tdied the Brazilian country. He man- 0:
factures the goods into packs that can i
c put on the backs of mules and taken a1
ito the jungles. The vessel could bring I(
ack coffee.
Now, what has broken up the trade ?
'he Boer war, the famine in India and
Ll Chinese cmbroglio have dieturbed b;
ac markets and destroyed them for the g.
mc being. Mr. Cleveland looks only
t ia temporary ailment as If it were a i,
ermanent disease. Mr. Cleveland said T
e wanted the Chinese and the Philip- a
inc trade if we had to fight for it. How
an you establish trade and commerce
y driving the people into the jungle ? b
Var is destructive of commerce. They C
annot get commerce through agencies 0
hat are destructive. n1
Now, a word in conclusion. Whoever a
in South Carolina imagines that we have
ettled the race issue is profoundly mis. 1,
aken. The constitution simply dams up
lie water for twenty years; nothing
noro There sits one who along with i
no and all the members of the constitu I
,ional convention helped to devise this 1
)lan. We tried by every power to solve C
,his problem. He described the troubles i
)f the convention in dealing with this
vital problemn. His picture of tile Con
federate soldier who was ignorant, yet
had to be cared for, was exquisitely
The school hou..es are turninig out ne
groes who arc able to read and write,i
and there is no means when they come I
for-wardI by which you can disfranchise
them. When they come aiid you divide
whlat then ? There is a deeper danger
than domination -that of the white man
being dlebauchied by tile filthy hunt fori
negro voters, crawling in the dust to get I
them. As the years go by the number
will be0 greater and greater. I (10 not<
say this ini bitterness to the negro. But 1
whien yoti are asked to divide the white
1peopl1 of Slouth Carolina, point to Vir
ginia with Its Mahione. I ask you to
crush out this effort to divide the white
people .vithi tihe gifts of patronage as one
mieains to the endc.
The Millionaire 72 Years Old and
the B~ridle One-Half That Age.
Hleniry M. F'lagier, the Standard Oil
millioniaire, was mnarriedI to Miss Mary
li tily Kentan, of Keinansville, N. C., at c
her home, on Satturdlay, Aug. 2.l. Elah- e
.)rate prieparaftions8 for the event have s
been undiiter way for some1 time past, s5
bttm have beeni in secret.
Ketnansville is a country town in
t'sasterni North Carolina with a poputa- ti
Ion of 500. It is ten miles from Mag- b
iin, the nearest railiroad station on IE
lit Wil mingtoni andt Weldon railroaid,
branch of' tile Atlantic Coast line, mI
mid can only b~e reached by private t,
Onveyanelc, whichl also affords thle
mily meanlls of coimunication With the
utside world.
Ini this beautittully sequiestered~ spot
the 01(1 Kenan hiomesteadl, where tile
iidie was born. Durimg the past sum
aci- it has been thoroughly renovated
ndt refurnishedI, prepar'atory to thle
Only the members of the Kenan
tinily and a very small circle of close,
itimlate friends were presenlt. The
eremnoiiy was performed accordling to
Ie rites of the P'resbyterian church', of
Plhichl Mr. Flagler is an elder, andl the
oenan family are membere. Mr. Flag
nr arrived in Wilmington, N. C., Fri
ay afternoon, where lhe remained
uingi( the nih and left early Satur
ay) mornl'ingl onl a special train over' the
ttanti c Coast Line for Magnolia, and
icnce hby prlivate conveyance to K~e
anisville, wvhere the ceremony was
er-formed upon his arrival. It is said
it the bridto received as a wedding
ft $1,000,000.
Miss Kenani is of an 0old ai'istocratic
>uithernt family and( oneO of North Car
inia's mlost plopullar dlaughlters. She
about 5 feet 21 iches in height, and
ill weigh, approximately, 125 poulnds;
htl conmplexionedl, with dark hair
reakod wit~h gray. She has an ox
edinagly pleasant face and tier exquis
ily gracious manners has won for her
aniy friends andi admirers thlroughlout -
e country. She hlas a rIch, mello1w
piano voice and hats gained some y
puitation as a vocahlst, having do- IN
thitd audiences In Wilmington and bot
tier Southern -cities. Her father, "
iptainl William R. Konan, was colloc- or
r of customs for the port of Wiming- on,
ni, N. C., undei Cleveland's admnin- dre
ration, and her. ucle, Tm a ,
McKinley and Mark Hanna want Um to
divide, and then good-bye-whcn they
get a foothold -to the solid South. Hte
could not, would not, believe that the
substantial people of Greenville would
ever go into any such endeavor. lie said
lanna and Mckinley, who were backing
up MeLaurin in this matter would laugh
at us. (Vigorous applause ) Mr. lien
derson cotelue with a story illustrat
ing the wind up of this tight. It was a
new, clever and apt perot ation. lie
concluded amid not only chieers, but
hand clapping.
Cs I . t i Fo0Itt;R .10on1N s'o%. K.
The last speaker was ex-Congressman
George .Johnstone, of Newberry, who
said that he appreciated the invitation to
speak in Greenville, where he had so of. '
ten appeared in the last thirty years, andi
to whose peopt, he is indebted for much b
kindness and courtesy. When invited -
he was purisuing his destiny as a private C
Citi;en. When the invitation came he c
felt that lie would be untrue even to his
country if he did not come. Ile was in
vited here, lie Conceived, to discuss an 0
actuaiitv and not a theory. lie would C
therefore discuss actualities only. When s
he first heard of the propositions now c
submfitted lie thought them over, and.
carefully weighing the facts he had F
reached a canclusion. These new i
thoughts are called the principles of C
Commercial )emocracy. lie was aware
that many who propose them were lion- I
orabb. men and honest. (ne proposi
tion is expansion : the other is ship sub
sidy, one dependent and following from
tle other. True and honest men he had al
lowed were proposing thein. When a
missionary comes among you, you must
find out who he is and from whence he N
comeS. lie would ask "for whom did "
you vote in the last election ?" Let the
answers be "Wi McKinley." One ma0 l
had said lie hadn't voted for anyone, but
iliina hoped McKinley would be elected.
lie had asked hiinself whence were these v
doctrines derived. They were from Alex- I
ander liimilton. the great opponent of
Th ns Jefferson. Are the Democrats
at this datte to be called to adopt these
thing lie wanted to tell the audience
why neitheri he nor the people had been
Wr, ong I the past.
Progiessive and coiniercial in what
was tis )enIocracy ? Commercial in r
the, IFderal ollices of South Carolina as
the -iall change in the transaction. I
have wondered if our people could be
th biuht. I think not. When Alli- t
mice principles were being pushed they 1
thnoghit that they were right. Some of
these: mennow talking had been known
to say who had ever heard c f Agricultural
I )emiocracy ? Why condemn the Agri
cIltui at' i)enocrat ? Less than ten years b
I ag they were trying to push Agricultu
ra )kni eracy and the) now claim the
riuht to uirge Commercial Democracy. t
Didt not the genius of )emocracy jump t
tihet- lissibsippi and advance to Califor
nia ? lie pictured the grand empire that
iad been created by )emocratic expan
sion. )id the party of Hlamilton add a
single foot of land ? Not one. These
men are trying to make you combine ex
mansion and imperialisi.
There areonily two modes of govern
ment. One is by the bayonet. Why at <
tempt to live uis confound these two t
things ? If th,.re are any Comnierciil
)enmiocrats here I will show them thu I i
differunce. In Florida the people were 1
allowed to form a local government for I
thenselves 'Then other stars were add- t
ed to the American flag. Such is expan
siti. Now what is the proposition ? I
did not comei here to talk to you with
sftened words. I wish to appeal to
ur (l-given spirit. Spain governed
Cuba for thriee hundred years, nay, from
the discovery of this country; military
ssatraps andi despotism ruled supremo.
I)The dotwnt-trodkden peopile appealed to
a the civilized woirld. We heard the cry
tandi we said to Spain take yo~ur foot olY
of a struggling people. Whby did we do
e it ? A nation must lhe true, and we
it promnisedl the Cubans that we wouldl give
>rtfrediom and lo cal go ver-nment to the
II struggling cotry. And I am not ready
- t o sece us place a falreehood before adinir
a i ng ki ngs. Wh len we were st rugglinjg
a for the redemption of South Carolina
rom aliens anmd topresstors, w hat was
r* ytour raily'inug cry ? Local self govern
Sn, ient. Iltow no~w can you say anythming
id else ? if Cuba wants to) e ime in let hem
'e voluntarily come and nak for anne xation.
se Th row the Mon roe doctrinle arouiid her,
*ir What didi - e say toi the Filipinos ? With
es thle t hunders tif I)ewey-'s artiller-y we
a shoo t k fri ni thieir necks the thiraldon,
antd theni we Iandted thmousatids of sol -
diiers Ito hake thle p laces o tih Ile Spaiaiirdst.
I a thait commerlii ciahl tn i Ma)' bie it is.
( an i you ask ft ' yoursitiel vos what you are
not willn t dofor others? ?
i erisi i ecause we aire ihn-fri
liorte I tan ciomi:nt-rcinlism. We wounldl
tii iturt giois there to c'lthe the
cotirpste- we make. by our a >ildiers. Caii't
we ~ atcompldish tradii without making
th-ir-~l hrt tis ? We caiinaccomp )1li as
niuc(ihi) byI re.tty as t lie imtst earnest coi.
teria list coitht wish. Th'ley say we must
Chis ct innize thIem. Picture Chriiist in thme
un i'ormt < f a majorI genle rid of the Amtr
nean army3, ta:kIing w ithi himi gunls atidi
anununittition hto tt ropiiagalte thei giospel0 of
peace. I say t his wvith ap reverenuce.
Cant you do it ? No. They say ouri' Clii
itese t radie demandtsh it If a nat ioni comnes
toLi you to lift yotu upj antd give you self
governmnt , wou Ildn't grati ttle accom.i
~*plkishitore thant inthinbg else? Tlhiey
sayt) we needi a tiaset of sup ~pl ies Can't
thiat lie tinied ini E e same wa~y 7 Ce
tainly' it cman.
e TPhat is noit lime only) iinirctioni he
t t weie expans ion and: timpliierialim. Ii crc
. we ate, thec f eiimist repuli c, on w hich
f all ot her are paIittrne. Our ci- onstit~u.
>titin liimits power. tnlimiited Power ini I
r tihei h.uni h of any3 imin soon itbecomnes dies
s inotisnm lai tihe lihiippinmes 1t-dy there r
s is ino humiian piwer-, nio written law that I
-, standis fitwe-tn fh fiP resi denit andh the f
lFilipiis. 'Te President has absoilutei
Sptiwer tvt-r life a nd decathI in the islands e
Th'lere is niot oine powier on thItis cotiinent
Itoi thiyv ltha t tns ti guar-d the mairried
i-el at iion in the islandls. Marriages- cv
,ery liting else there - can 01nly be le 'al1
as the P resident permits. Are youi will
inig toi give any tmani on earth that pow
er ? A mtil it ary ordher from the President (I
can annul a nmarriage, take pro~perty dI
from tone and give to aniothier. Is there i
more despotic power in time hands (if t
t he Czar of Russia, or aniy man ? Antd all
this because you stand quiet and idon't
wvant Li) do just ice That's the new cvanP
gel. I att to you the fact ;you arc the L
only jury.
But thley say that what Is necessary to
this trade is the ship subsidy. I will not
go over the though~lts of other people. 01
'L'bey say that it will benelit agriculture is
in the Mouth, Every dollar I have is In- w
vested in agricu'ture. Tlhiey say this will Ii,
enable you to carry goods andh sell them'
cheaper tihan tither natioins. If the gov- '
emrnment is tti give ini millions a year -
to carry goodits, let's ask them If they areIt
willing to donate that nine millions to in
the wvages of factory operatives direct. tii
If the opierat'.ves are toi lie benefited, sc
then let us give the nine milliotis to thenm rc
d~irect. Wo~uld Lhey accepit that propo-hi
sition ? Woulidn't they say that Is so.
clalismn run ranipant ? Isn't It a known ot
tact that you caii buy a piano, take it to
New York a'id shiip it to BrazIl, an te
American receiving it, lie shippIng it toi
back, and vou can gti ti ca erm than iS
6an, is the present clerk of the
orth Carolina supreme court.
Flagler is seventy-two years old.
[ins Kenan is a charming, highly edu
tted and very attractive woman of
irty-six. She is a member of one of
o best families of North Carolina,
)ing a daughter of Captain William
. Kenan, who served in the Confed
'ate army during the civil war.
Flagler secured a divorce from his
sane wife in Florida the week before,
ider the law passed by the Florida
egislature at its last session. It was
)enly cliarged at the time that the
w making incurable isanity grounds
ir divorce was originated and passed
pecially for Flagler's benefit.
Mrs. Flagler is a patient in a private
nitarium at Pleasantville, near White
Lins, N. Y., where she has been for
iree years. Iter expense is $1,000 a
onth at the sanitarium, and Flaglor
lows her every indulgence. Her fors
tne has not been touched. She ha.
fis fromi her husband representing
The names of Flagler and Miss Kc
in have been linked together by gos
p for a long time. They have been
arm frieuds, and Miss Kenan and her
other have been guests of the mil
anaire on several occasions during
e past year.
Henry M. Flagler began his career
a day laborer in the logging camps
Ohio. It was hard and arduous toil,
ith many privations and disadvani
ges, but they only served to develop
ore fully the spirit of determination
id energy that has characterized his
ter life. In a short while lie became
terested il tie oil lands of the State,
id by careful, conservative invest
cuts nanaged to accumulate a nu
eus from wh'ch his presen'. immense
irtuie has sprung.
About lifteen years ago he first came
the east coast of Florida, and with
i eye quick to note its superior ad
intages over other resorts if the
orld, lie saw tbat the tide of tourist
avel, then flowing steadily to Califor
ia and to foreign countries, would
)eelly turn southward, could proper
.comodation and transportation be
irnish ed and the superior advantages
i Ibis section be made known to the
orld. With him, to think was to act,
'd to-day the east coast of Flor
a can boast of a hotel and railway
id steamship system which for com
irt, elegance and style is unsurpassetd
( that of any other country on the
When Mr. Flagler first went to Flor
a this section was all a barren waste.
here were no hotels, no railroads,
a thriving, prosperous settlements.
(here Palm Beach now stands was
ut a gloomy backwoods; the Magic
ity was unknown save to a few trad
i's and the Seminoles ; there was
othing here but oblivion, wild animals
nd insects.
To-day Henry M. Flagler pays near
r one-half of the taxes of Dade Coun.
', and there is no enterprise tending
the advancement of this section or
s people that lie does not substantial
v aid. Whether it be a church to be
rected, a road to be built, or whatever
t may be, Mr. Flagler is always to the
ore. Ihis hotel, railway and steam
hip investments in Florida amounts
o many millions of dollars, and be is
pending hundreds of thousands of
lollars here every year. Mr. Flagler
B now a legal citizen of Palm Beachi,
tavmg registered there last October.
Kansas City, Mo., (lees not main
ain a city fire-alarm systein, but the
re dlepartmen t depends entirely upon
he telephone for alarms for fire, we
rc toldl by Thbe Electrical Review.
'Statistics show that Kansas City has
eeni remarkably free from destructive
ires. The chief of the fire depart
nent gives the credit for the efliciency
if his department to the promptness
ind correctness with which the alarms
ad exact location of fires are trans
mitted to the fire department, by means
>f the telephone. Every telephone is
a recognized fire-alarm signal. The
iompany also mamntains for the cityv a
ohice system, and police heaidcuarters
ay be promptly reachie.l at any hour
romn any subscriber's telephone in Lihe
tansas. City Exchange. These lire
ad pohec connections widen thbe scope
f the telephone, particularly for re
idence purposes, and they are of
peciail advantage to residience sub
According to stat istics prep~aredl for
te home secretary, I1,700 children are
tirniedl to dheath yearly in the United
D~uluth flour milla are preparing to
ake 10,000 barrels of flour every
renty-four hours.
Half- Sick
" I first used Ayer's Sarsaparilla
in the fall of 1848. Since then I
have taken it every spring as a
blood -purifyin g and nerve
strengthening medicine."
S. T. Jones, Wichita, Kans.
If you feel run down,
are easily tired, if your
nerves are weak and your
blood is thin, then begin
to take the good old stand
ard family medicine,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
It's a regular nerve
lifter, a perfect blood
builder.. $...s bmtt,. Al nage.
Ask your dootor what he thinks of Ayer's
olf amily mnedicine. Foawtio s a dvcea
we will be satisfied.
J. V. A TUR co., Lowell, Mass.
Agents Wanted
r theoi,11%' OF I1OOKER T. WASH
(iTO N." Written by himself. Every
ly buys; agents are now making over
E3 per month ; best book to sell to color
pebeoe ubished. Write for terms, I
aed2 et for outilt and begin at
e0. Please montion this paper. Ad-I
.L. NICHOLS & CO.. Atlanta. Ga.
. 'A
For Infants and Children.
[he Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Coleman- Wagener
Hardware Compapty,
(Successors to C. P. P'oppenheim),
Whoiesale anud Retail Dealers in
Arms, Ammunition, Agricul
tural Implements and
(.)f every kind and (lescription. Send
postal for Prices.
King Street, Charleston, S. C.
From the Up-To-Dat.c Carpet House,
1517 Mlaiii Street, Columbia, S. C.
Write us for Samples of anything in
our line. Goods shipped any where in
the State free of' freight. We arc al
ways busy. No (dul11 days with us..
When in Cohimbia, conme andl see u
Anybody can show you the place.
Business College
Hook Keeping, Short H and,
Type WVriting. Expert
Teachers. lteputation
Send( for (Catailoguec.
W. HI. M'ACLElA T, Prceident,
(Ollicial Court Stoiographer.)
That will pay $25 to $100 Dividends
Monthily is a thuoroaugh, lpractical Busi
ness or Shorthand training at
Stokes' Business College.
Write or call for Catalogue and full par
ticu lars.
09 King street, Charleston, S. C,
(Cheo~ Bo~rd.)9m.,.TmtscURED.
On farmi'g lands. a~asy playmoents. No
3iimmissionis chiargod. Horrov.er pays ac
-tal c'ost of ;erfecti ng loan. Ii'e rest 7 per
:eut nj , ar.:or dinug to secuiritv.
Ce1-mL ma. 0.0O
Ei, S. C.
(idge. Unisurpassed 1-ea'thfulness. Moun..
molhool was fonudd-forty-seven years.
inted. Kiegant. large new library, Rtead.
m., Diming Rloom, Study Hall, and Audi
ufortable Dormitory anid laocture flooms.
>llegiate courses. Muisic, Art, Elocuation,
Dgy, 8tenography, T1ypewriting. Primary
echniical skill, moral worth, Chir'sian
Conservatory of .\usic headed bya
ted in America amnd Germnany. Yai
P. JAMES, President.
IVVER SIT Y. 1901,
aE, s. C.
leterces of Hacholor of Arts (B,) anid
R Ioom. P'hysical and Chemical h~abora
enses5 rodluced to a minimum by the me
:)n on request. Address,
.MONTAGUE, Greonville, 8.O
reenville, S. (
of South Garolina.
te to hoarding students. Limited num
will pay for board, roor.-renit, matri
professors and one lnstruictor in factil
leading to degrees of II. A. and M, A,
or Information of any kind to
SPENCER Clinton, . s. .
AMegetable PreparationforAs
Similatfing fterood and~legula
ting iheStomacis and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion.CheeruI
ness and Rest.Colitains neither
Oium,Morphine nor Nineral.
&nld/,. $,/r -
A.v wtn yz
II1 tied~ -5
Bii&u-Wa o
A peifecl Remedy for Conslipa
lion, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoca
Worms,.Convulsions ,Ueverish
ness ant Loss O F SLEEP
FacSiile Signature or
We have a number of
Elegant Lines of . .
Ladies Oxfords
Which we are determin
ed to close out. Among
them are several lots at
$3, $2.50 and $2, which
we will close at,$2,25, $2
and $1.50.
Will also close some lots
of $1,50, $1 and 75 cents
goods as follows: $1.50
black Kid Oxfords at $1,
tans 75c. $1 black Kid
Oxfords at 7qc, tans Oc.
75c black Kid Oxfords
50Oc, tans 25c.
Pride & Patton
Greenville, S. C.
Ovvics AN(D WVongs, Nouirw AoUsrI4A S. C
Doors, Sash, IBlinds and BuIlder's
H ardware,
All Correspondence given promxpt "at
EE-M Medicated Cigars
EE-M Smoking Tobacco,
For users of Tobacco that suffer with Ca
tarrh, Asthma, or Bronchitis. We guaran
fee an absolute and permanent cure of
Catarrh and it is the only known remedy
fur Hay Fever. If your druggist or grocer
does not keep it. write F E-M 0 ., A tlanta,
(Ga., for Free Sample. Tfradc supplied by
Gireenville Drug Co .or Carpenter Broa'.,
Greenville,8. C.
ante of positionsl bak b y 000 uo r
COrUMBIA. 8. 0
LocatioBeautiful. Near the Blue R
Loato. tain water. No death sinice
Buildings ""lared. "en""f"'- Reo
torlum it seating capacity of 1,100. Con
Bath Roomis-hiot and cold water.
Curriculum. Ig "~ tte[2
Depatme tKindergarten.
tFExpert teachers, selected fori
acu y- o, "on and social excellence
experienced and disti,iishxed dlirector edluca
For catalogvue and pa. :'oulars, wvrite
1851. FUR MAN UN
-:- A. P MONTAGUE, Phi.l
Two courses are offered leading to the<
Master of Arts (M.A.) Library anl d Rcad in
bories. New Forty-Room. DormItory. Excp
tystem. Catalogue and chiculars of iniformati
DRf. A. I
For rooms apply to PROFp. 1-. T. COOKj
Presbyterian College
Next Semulox' opens Sept. 26, 1901, Special ra
ter can be accomlodatedl in IDormnitory. $i00.0;
ulation, and tui'ion, for Collegiate year. F'iv<
y, Mora influenicL good. Courses of study
. inoComme rcial Course. Write for catalogue

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