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President McKinley
President McKinley, while on an
ollicial visit to the Pan-American Ex
position, was shot by an anarchist on
Frida3 afternoon, Sept. th, while
holding a public reception in the Tem
pIle of Music.
The would-be assassil lired a shot
which entered the Pr silent's right
breast, lodging against the breast bone.
Another- shot was fired aL <nce, which
entered (he Presidlent's abd(omen. 'Thle
assailant was immediately arrosted and
was thrown to the ground, and quick
as a flash twenty men were upon him.
When rescued he was covered with
blood from ia gash inl his face.
Tihe President was shot4 by a well
dressed man who wore a high hat and
who, while shaking hanads with the
Presideit, fired the shots with his left,
haIind, the pistol used b1(ling concealed
in a handkerchief.
The man afterwards gave his name
11s Fred Niemann,'and claimed to be
from Detroit, Mich. Ile admits that
he is an anarchist, and says that le 's
of Polish nationality.
The assassin was immediately seized
by Detective [reland, who was stand
ing near the President, and was with
difliculty rushed off to prison almost
before the crowd had time to realize
what hai happened. At the same time
others present turned their attention
to Mr. McKinley. Ile m as carried at
at once to the Emergency ho-pital, on
the grounds, where physicians exalin
ed the wounds and probed for the
The examination developed that one
of the hullets lodged against the breast
bone and this was abstracted without
much dilliculty, the President standimi.
the operation with great fortitude. At
no time did lie distilay Undue excite
ment, and was conscious throughout.
The news of the shooting was kept
from Mrs. McKinley, who was at heri
hotel, until all doubt of the President's
condition had passed. 11cr own physi
cal condition was such that the physi
cians kept back the news, fearing the
shock would mean instant death for
in the meantime, however, the terri
ble news had spread like wild lire and
there was the greatest excitement
along the immense crowd on the
grounds and throughout the expo-itioni
The cry was started, " Lynach himl
Kill himil" and immediately an efort
was made by the crowd to reach the
prisoner. But the oflicers managed to
.t Nienn away after ain excinileg
struggie and soon ha I him well on the
way to prison nid the crowd desisted
atter seeing the futility of such an
At the time of the shooting the Presi
dent was smiling and ini his well kn<,vn
happy mood was siakiiig hands with
the long line of people that lad gather
ed to greet him. Althougi the Previ
denit was accot upanied by private de
teetives, who were constantly on the
lookout for Rsspicious characters, t he
assassin seems to have founid n1o di lli
eulty ini accomplishing hiis diabolical
purpose unde Ir the most favorable cir
cumflstanlces. Coolly and wit hiom
warning and while recei ving~ thle cor
dial graspi of the Presiaent' s hal lie
fired two shots in r~apid sucecessioni
piolnt blank at his victim.i The fact
that lhe used his left, hand mi liin g Ithe
shots is all that prevenlted his aimii
from being mre certaini.
When the Priesident wais shot lhe Iell I
into the arms of Detective G rry. 11I
Manual Training in the School
Days of Bill Arp Proved a
Manual training is no new ilung.
About sixty years ago we boys had it
at the Manual Labor school in ol
Gwininett. We had to work with our
hands three hours al day. We wvork< d
with the hoc or the ax or- 1)1lowe.d cota;
andl cott 2.1 or hliald wood or (11( some
kinwi of farm work and the thre-e hours
of manual labor- was intended to paIy
for our board. Buit that wvas a mis
take. Th'le boys didn't (10 one hour's
faithful work ; they frolicked.- Capt aini
Garmany, thle 01(1 hero of Shephierd's
plantatin (durinig the Cree k" war-, was
the'py. ee~r and lie said 11e had rathei
fighll.ilans thlan watch thiosei boys.
He wasl a gooid-heartedl, br1ave man, but
lie couldn't maniage a hundred bo3 s
who hadn't, been raised to wor-k anld
whose fathlers were rich and hlad ne
groes to work their farms. Most ofi
these boys hiad been wild at home and
hiad been sent, to this school to lbe
tameod and reformed. Poor Captain
Garmany. lie pleaded with thlem and
took the foremost row and~ showed
themn how to hold the plow or sp)lit rails
or grind the ax, but when he was watch
mng '111( traininig one squad in one field1
anlveher squad iin another field woull
slip off anllI go in a washin1g. The old
fashioiied wVaigons hand Iynch p~ins to
1h01( the wheels on1 andh somietimels the
boys would lose a lytch pin oin the way
to the woods and the wheel would
come off and thecy would go back to
the black-smith shop to get atiother
pin and fool away the time until the
Seriously Wounded.
quickly aked lie oflicer the <ptiestion,
"im I shot ?" The detectiv u ut-il
tonled thle Presidenit's vest andl seeino.
the blood which Ilowed f hm his hf)( V
replied.,"I fear.)you are, Al t. Pre-sident l."
The wouid-he assasili ficid the :it
through a haniidkercliel which (-,-i
cealed tIle weaponl. 'I'he a.-i
grasped the ight. hand of the Ii -
dent and as lie did so fired with is
At the lirst shot Mr. NcIinily fell
with at bullelt inl his Stomnach. Thl
111111 ired a second time -S as ti he I're
dent, was falling. At this poilt Dc.
teetive reland riushevd upon hiim and
ktocked lti down. lie sIruck tilt
manl a fearful blow vithl his list andi
prevented his firing a third s!hot. li
stantly twenty men Jumped (ot N.i
niann when lie had been thrown h
Irotlaidl, and whenI lie was re-scudI
I'oi them his Face was cut. open :and
covered with blood.
It wais fully two lours after tle
shootinig before any necws of10 ( v'I) a
slightly enicotraging. iature wir
eeived by, thle an1xious crowdl anld thi;,
came shortly after 6:30 in the shape or
a statement to the vffect that the
President had passecd f'rom nmaler the
inlueance of ht e at sthetic w hieh hai
been adilmi'iet'' while prin for
te bullet, t 'o1 ww- re 1tm easily.
At i;:. a.oter hi'tin was i a5.1 1
siain t)e :esident's cIdition wa,
still morl favortable, itli that tile phy1"
Silians cntertaied Irollg Iopes ot4 his
recovIer'y. Thi- new%-s bruht
forth a f:i. 4 ot of jOt frotin 1'i
vast asehI it , ,I t riil:ltl.s atad wvas
e echoed iti ltu tt il. the tit v. The.
Presideit t 1i. . I ', tiioll well a nd
his coutra;:i .n 1 raI wil power Ieat
ly assistet tIl physiciant int their
The l'reidlent andi party hutl heetn
spendin Ig the day at Niat'ara Fa:il, an
this trip seemedt1l to )e to li.nI tie ntt44-t
enjoyable part. of hi-, Visit to Iufilio.
The party ft there at ) O'Clock ot a
SpeciIl ta4 iill 0tn Lie N eV Y1rk 'CeItiral
for Lewistwm, where they took a sIJecial
car on 1::e G eat Geor'g-e roai lot'
Niagata Palls. Arrivini' at. the falls,
tity wer drivel :.uratill (Goat ishaeil
and to the intr1!r:4 It1 tIal holtl for1 din
nur. After ;,inni.- ; visit VWUt tItIde I )
the pwer tn-e, ;1": which tihe seciatL
trainl was : ):i b .1rd cd f'or lite re('tur
tripl to II, , hmpr(Y arrivi'ng! there
shortly al1 :j -. o'e 4et.
Arr-1i Ving, inl BHuffaI(, (lt, I esiden t
and intp- eai~nd-e od
ExpAstil .rina Telrs~n
recep ion :11. the FV It 4 ltly b i I t
4 o'clock, ; l 1 w 011 1 aLt cVC I -
o'clock. ()ie hullet struck him t 1hm
tipper ILio o the breat h-e . 1.4144
ilg and iot "penetrating. The see .;d
bullet peit-1trated the abdinenIi e
itclies below ti left 1l.le atil one'
ain I a. hlf I tine s to thle lefIt. of tt
mledlianl line. 'Te ahbilomen'i was openelttd
thrioughi the ile of thie bullet wIomntti.
tra''' the stiin:teht. The op'emaog in
h' frot wal ofI ' thle stmlach Iwas t'ar1'
fuile closed wni'~h stil sitt'tc-, after
w -ha scarebi was1 DDumile for1 a1 hle in
fonda andt also 1)l'osedin tDhtt samel wayV.
'Tile fIla'ther ct'Lttse tf ~te butllt couIld
Itm(ItDt h d ''iseed, ailhougi h'careful
t)n C liours were out1 and1 Dnot ai load of
wood hauled.
Captuam1 Garm11an1t gav e up1 ini desp~4l1 r
befiore the year was1 out and4 they trlt4i
another wyithi no bet tr sutccess. as5 a
genaeral rule a irich'1 ma's sonli isDI nt
goig to worlk withi Ihis handi (s. We
had ai veriy line lot oft b4oys IarI m the
best, fatnh es, suich asx thte (ulin
andit lloits, (It Colhnut bias; the I,mtboIls,
ol At hen s; the Albms14, of1 Clartkesv illt;
the I Ielie'ikst, tof Hutts, and14 a lot o4f
llarrCiss ad IIloyles atnd \\ otforads anid
.Johnisoni, bu1t thiey eatI mIore i tan thieyI
had11 uiinaugurated it and1( was1 rteiudett
of' th board011', had1( to loot thet hill Of
G:.000I lfor its failutre. Sincee that day
threeC 1hour1 oIf work of aI tiebi matn's
sJonIIV wo't feed him i. Iliiu.t, ese how4'
didnlt't turnut hadIII~. Alost ofI themn
mdeIiI gool Ischolar111s aruIl gotd ci1tizens11.
Thtomas Alhon beclome cotitnptroller
genaeral of '.he Stale, NedI Gtuthhntg
wa/s coloniel of thle Nmiitht(( Georgni m1144
William T1. Wolord a brtigadlier lgen
oioni, G ib "Wruaiht antd I ll WArigh It mal1)
I lRamsaiy Ale xanderi'11) and JanwIs A'la ltie
beci'amet j udges of' thl c tiit courits.
I wvas rttuinating abou)tt good4 oli IDri.
P'atterson, 011'ur' priii -how1 fai t'
andl~ someltimnes of a ho41t Iutr t la r111
nOcin, while we) weire htiitute:iillg alon14
through Caes~ar'sI IoDmtarI te i). he'
would go fast asleep) itt hli." (bjirt andl
we would sktp a whole pa1agraph ;.tlI
keep 0onreadimg and sktpipog unul tis
book wouldi fall 0on the tloor and41 wak)
him up. Thnn ho ...i.u. hu_ _ _. tel 1hI.t
Society and hoV - (! a. mtnt i
FrIday -evenling! weI-: -ill(a.:
"ald li "slin l i ri at I II I it i I tII. t-. II
" dozen1 IIf t ftli i t were f e
it i t. an 1 uI I I wa i I1 ' tIt n- I -J. -S, I
was ri , 'ti o rl '1116 i \i.i I' my i r la-i
[lin: it- Ii I l l 11 -v ,w6 a1 t ilh ti ii.
ho iS. I remivnber whei, o ii. gi itnit I
was Itwh was lhl ., - - ii- m
ev rlivedi ;ttl each hI % h1,1d ha) (h o
a1 difl.t ret.t 1un1 . ;tf a ivii r h-- i s 0111
jf two w inior wann I Ihe, om. lnt
D l l tf iirjn tl 1: i Ill , I f i. it .
N Iy fath1,er tol lilt I I w~ v.
l'i nklin ;i: i I v nev : b. . -
piInflt tinI, f-rx i cI.viwi Id in I
1ha I lit!ttti Ihe wa lt - 1 it tt : i d 1i 1 1
thl t . t tells (4. lit- \\l t I it -
util t bI of t i, i i cii n i, 'li I
l , was it i - 1 c Ilk. ' , I - I a II I -
litho wal i , " i I it I r
w nI lw \v- w .; - i, hil , -
ill _, ()Ili( - ' i, L i it tI - p i n ' i 1( 11 wt i -
wa*,Is not - tI ,sm II b I him rk (I , -1u14)1, r T
r it ; aftr 1 w1 y in I t . - a 'I
hin C id ;;, :lict.llit , i igg . i
\ i libt if Id i
was '41 y-;us IN; 11lonlhd' '1.. Kim.
-y lv ;tiliat (,; I/.e t i : I. I, . . :nI I Ilit
I ctic - t i ttt1. !* 'I( - 11. t ..ii I 1 --
e i ur - tIl I ir i . l'l-nl - i . n
f it i i- tll ii _ i lr. i li: l: h:i - -
t'our lihut1 ti man i tt - Ie 2is i,. I
live : ;e i i fit6 i-t titI lii
ul t er <>ti lib h tipi ; it i ;t ;;. iit, 1 1:i
Id Ith \l iv si t f W i .-i l ia -i'n .
17 1.1 fio ii 11 li th . n ri; i l 'hi .- l'
Iphical :owii l t. t i -.l till A .I ln I ; W
,il.Elit t if Illi I w,., iit pl~ fill-i
jienf eilitili, in t i iii Ittd cl iich..1 a
and V t, iiler'eftii . ill Put, I-i ulln -rt
Hd insiat:e i~rlo h o n
i tw | 2-ti t it tit--t i -t r I
to Ill vvin w:u-, hut 1:: ,1 - n .n
:am l si _'.cd ! hc I la a
OlWti wiai It' - 11iii lit! -111(I - i
iite .itt aiit li-a I li i i -t
li: i>3 d w i it r- aT "n ii' to
l ilt ~tit l iii i : i -
he on itu o a Io I
hlt'ftif t i-ti iii wi-iif i i i ft , - .
-htillU iit li a ciiit ii.n~s a
hi dwn to) ti, d~ay.
W hat ak nrdW( i- Ih !ni - ;
u n\- leto t tu c l 11 il '' I h I: - k,
hNit l 'l r( ( n' i I, y i til- a l
'in:t r it y IfT,! n
k ait l l e f lrir i
liti a n ti fI ' ' - \ : is n
I '44 - :t . il . 1.1 ei |: (I eell fei l'ille
- M f'l('ili ogpillioli
n h Ie, I wehe i t 1ht! II
Io 4 I.or I icia Is are tal,
Ni h~'1 i - '4 %I ri. .N44~ i'olitc'- i. I(
ti it ;l- eetl t ii-i f ti e l'r il hi
;11 II- i1nic { ,il~ ig .
Sii ' 1 \'4 \ll. I T - ;I i s itiet- i I I(]
ii thu ..1 .llt'iii .\ ie i c1-.~i!-4 4lUt
41.id l:: I--i''- - II 4111 *; i i .~y li ' i
I l e l iii- |is il i \ lii' e i .t t ill:I
11441 I.' | li t 411' 4iI il *I' .
Ili i *i 4 'I-i 4t lle 14 l i.il. 4- .I i '; il t. J Il
4 W I i \t
|ii .\ li ; into taii -I 4I i
i '''
I 11 I, k ! I I I i~ I Ii II
- II I ;I I li te v 4t1l - 11 r v
l4 '4l hou, hero I es;iu -2 . i:e t
i -1 I Ii:t -t r;e e l I I I I
.l 4 \ ' I Ii Ii (- l );e ,.
14%' 111 it I III, III-,:- \Nl jell :11
1 1\ 4\ - 111 l t 1 .:1- 1 1 0 t144tlf .
Ili --it .11 11 it m 1! -4 t 1 41i W 4' l4
S Lt -. I lII I
It('p, Iv4 .1'' 1"';~ .41,11 lIle
it1 11.1 :, 1111 4-. 1.1: 114 4.441 a i
IN III i, '' '4%' p im wle II o I444 M al l lli
, 1 t 1 :.- 11 4
I4 4- v 4' ;1 ' I II c 11 141 4 and 1 111 :111.
li t*I \1111 M
t. lit 11,4111
Itt I. 1 1
i I w i I i
I i I 'AI I IIel''I: Ic44-1411
I11- I 4 lit I I k, t Ii I
w :11 I f 1 I Iw t
'i III 'f ; I Ii ; I t I i t e4' , I 4a Ii I II
I1 1111 . 1 1 1 I A II I.. I i
I' 114 ti I I i i \ i 1 -11. am
\ t I I I I I 41
}|~~ It t*
i \-4 4I~t .i til4- -14 ~ t lill
441:. t1 l I' 4 i', 11
1,4 1 -11 t
1 ' I - '** - I
- 4 .: \ *I' 11:-''. -i4
il 'It\ *4. - I l -I t il 1411
* I I I 111 41 It -1
lt i i 4.- 1' i tI 4 44 ttii
'4i4e41- t 4414\4 \ \\41 ('4 ii: 14 [
4-.. t I' W 4' -:1 ..41 ' 14.1. Il l
-' :li \l- t 114 \t'I~l
I-Ii I' II':41.. 411'4 ~ i tl li. 4
.4 '! - 4
.Ili 1441 -.) t141- lt i 4'1i4 \~
ci e 144'' 41 i'41
~~iII:Ili-4-44i 41 1444414 i- 44
\\ 11%' 4 - l~41,4 i t114
I i \t~~ 4:1V% .411 (II 54
Il4chA X.'~sl%\: hiLt' ljtII I
wha batiisI
4 441 1 i 1 -1 111 ) Ilk I .;'44 1t't- i
l 1 1: 41 1 r;
-4 11 44 w aI ;I-'V -.-1
i It -
4 .i it III, 4 t i
.II 'vtj 'il 1 i t ill :1 14 ;1 !
4 ti l '. .4- V il li'e4
tiil'I, 1.i4.
:signed h tiu- Great Patriot anud
'Auittes111111 00o r 01 Iliis Dvat ti.
.M r ,. W i t 4r itills, 144 j't. iiiit:,
lvv , t \ i ilo ht. isp m\ ill.- ill ;
tin:! '-kelebl:
t:l '.'l~il: ii- 4444444ll ' .. 421 'i t ,\
tv t': ~~I. 4 lft'r of i t ii a,\-i 1i
It 4 .al M ii n \\ I a1oll4' iii Itl I
ik' }ti' t ii i I < l'4. .
Imt 1 1 li . 'I'l', ill fle i I-1
Ik f-444 II it i' 14
\1.it I \% j ; t1 e i t ;it
vii I I4:4I4 I I kts 1*1lV , I'', I4
I I , I I . I l'' i \ 4 j (4I4' II4
ttt 414:44r :444i li't'E ii 'yi
I- I 4 I ~ - w I4'' 44 c It I 4 441 1 r,4 )-I II
1441~~~ ~~~ Ii I4 II I- w44144 .\ - i
b - i li I 'I ' li IlII II
if I - I444W - r1 j I I ' I.
lii' tt' '44iV -. -444 tilt'44t'i-.'' , :4'4
b. r r , i t bI I it,
- ,I II l |I11 1 11'
hs4 t4; I Ilt s4)i l..it
C' I l it - i f v w . I.
444 i an.' 4 it.. ii . t 411 4 We : '. tI illig
'4 i V - 4 'i ti1 : i lt V. It i i Io a
S It i k wiIt- '- | n
i . . i . ( . ;
~ 4 4 4 \ 1 144444 ('4 444 ! t
444. 4: e-t4'44444ht l i-'\\ I itt
\-44l ' :. I '1424 14 44 1it- lit-i-'
I i~4 . . 4 Il th ' \V.
4:4 4 ~ ii' --- -.-'1 i ,4 441 ! It-I .
1t ..-' 114 4 44:441, I tt
Ii ll t 4 leI i4 .'' .i ) l e
i, N~t - 4' .jl - :1 t-f l i . ;
- 4 - -'':'4n,4 d (4.4u.
It 4- t - i i i ' -
U.i :Iti't 114 4 1 - tiii \V is
i 4tt' . 114. 44 -
4 4 ''44 144I i ,
'4 \ \~-1 i 4i 4 4
1414 4444444 4 1 It- - ,
I : -- \ 1
b 44il - 4 1..4t1 44i4
- 4 4 til 4 4
- t444 .1 it --4 - t4 -
44 44 jii| \I' i \ - t t 4
4:44 1 ' -4' t: 4 4 hI 4i h 4444 --
11 -iilitt \444444'i .4411 .
4:44 41 1144 il-. t .. 4 4 il4i
4 ' ' 44i : 'i li 4 4 44 lit .4
4,441 ttt .lil ".'' rI 4 4 'ir i i ~iie
bel 44 1 .1'i 'ide' a - 4 i 14 |'-'
a44441'' lI 19' 'o -i-i' a I lit--..
'\Vit44 - 4 le i b i i ;;;it :i lit-:
1.e41 i444 44t4 11 r44 b'~ iinas .|444.
'44ee lili:'.4)4 4t II 1t4 tl Aliii-In,~
and i-c tsI. l l 1 hU 4 tl I I8 ru W I- t I
I to 1 1 I I ;. It". I tili -( i' I I' lI I
I ; I I i;L t : j aI' )I .4s Ilii k till I % i
i st 'i!' ii IJII jIlttIItuli' tIf Ili' l 11i
\ i \ li j ttiai. T h Uitif t I ; ill w i i4 1 '
hY v it- le 111111011, i'll l i and li II" o-2 1
;. lo' : 1 , I la t ' 111-9 T ' l t ill 1 11 1 t '11 I
- 1 - , O l ; il .l l s i t , 0,1 1%1 4 ;; d I 'cl tIt(- it
vast 'ille i i 1111714 i 4 1 - 4 ;,1fIl - 1 e'111- --
1:11. \ro i Il,
I > l- 1 .t ! n In , I' I ii :W h i'I I : -
l it 1: l o | ili t t l'lilj\'. lsita i s
i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r Ist*c al a- lls'iil'ed 1Il tlii
\- I. I\ IN I
Ui 1, :1( [1l:
I l I- w i % l . lii'i ' I 1v 81VA
li it, I it 1: 11 i. I L 1 I I It
:. liL Li NI I
1;1,' Iti UIPI 4 I i, t Tille qI
I . v t sl t r It I
S i I I haL l'l liii L /' .ai LI'
N I' (! VI !ti
'it' IL I 11 - ,II i W tit ii:ubl'' Ii i 10
LI t \ t t ' vi -\ li l
; i i d it' I
\V I1 v 0 id I t i t ' s .L I I
L - 1 i Li | il i I i 11 L i I r : '
.v' 11': VI C 1111 .II I r ,k I
\V lit 11 iL c.I1.I vr Ii ' ni 'ild tit 111 hlcl i
it Ill v i ll. it w lt h V
d;ttil the Mst ofth v(uc
b1 ,: ll1 ' 1 Il -, -1 %V1 IIii Wh ';
\ c 1. In I \ I i t I .I :li t 1111 it dlic I I t 14W
1i ll1t i 1i 1:11 t 1 i ll
t It
C' ;14 'Till IlL!l I !(.\ iii t ilt hlet W W
II ii' i!I i LI't at l fil- I 'llit I Ifr~i-.ut ~
1 IL d I -t -it itl I-, 1 i ;t : iI t i I
T ,)i 1 hcrI 11:t 1 l :1 W Wi hvi l1ii ' I 111ot ;i
I i I : i 'l ' I - lI ' l it I I i
A ii *rt tIlt' ii I .1111 L I . t
l i t il . li ili I ILI t t\
I i guide I Ix A at- ,nI i'll ( I' t liti t
F I i i Wi li I l n litC 1 3 I
't it lII It 1, 1 LIP I t
rLi ti I l C t ILL' I I i 1.0, t i A I I
h'~ il? the wh1Ao f u lor Tu-ld i
l l. tiI t l III ' tlIli. 1 1 op. IL I i 1,111i
p i l'. 111 a i ii- LI. liii' l 1 l'ii L I 'I Li I i t
. . i I I t i -161)ih U l I Iit L i ic i l t I
Itt i ilil ii ol CI l i m mt I ll ' Li li Ii li 1lt t
A i i ) de1 i it . 'il ;'I 1L1till Till lil l
FA ABOUT I t p-L.L1ii -I
i LtisiII Citatlvi ali' Fueriy Aretti
LI it t' i ' l.I l 'll~ . I !ti l t ill I i i I \
LI -l t I l~s t 1 lie AI liliiilLt- l i II : I
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.I tULt Il111111 S LYIt'C tilitI'ilig' 1111
"My mother was troubled with
consumption for many years. At
last she was given up to die. Then
she tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and was speedily cured."
D. P. Jolly, Avoca, N. Y.
No matter how hard
your cough or how long
you have had it, Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is the
best thing you can take.
It's too risky to wait -
until you have consump
tion. If you are coughing
today, get a bottle of
Cherry Pectoral at once.
Three sizes : 25c., SOc., $1. All druggists.
Consult ymir oloctor. If ho says take it,
theti to) a h says. If he toells you not
to tako it. thou dlon't tako it. Ho knows.
Loave it with him. Wo aro willing.
.. C. AYEit CO.. Lowell, Mass.
utni -lanla vtd work ill portions of the
th AtIilit (uilf States; and hot, A
driyN weather lai been unfavorable in
th litiiour and upper Mississippi
bvy, and on t(e Nor1'l Paciflc cOast.
l:t: m I he4tiat anid droughti in localities
4 (>khiloIm.a and T'exas have also boon
lvry d n illitlLal t1) erop4 .
I AL I (rl Conitiiu4s to s1how im
pr.t li, a1lltougli it was injured by
ad d litat inl por-Liois of Kan
hs huill''rd further decline in
IissOui1, il nce(Is rain in Nebraska;
IL lis sui llt'red injury by floodson low
la4Is in Tenmessee. Iteports indicate
Hit tie- bulk of the latc corn will be
rtl a in 4414 inlIry fromt frost by Septeii
hi l t t,20, It that .inie very late
Uii wdill require until Octobur 1 to
ill i1atur ite Crop.
A the111)111r uinfavorable week for cot
ul.t iltniedcultplaints of rust anid
Iethln .1rk! rTceived froin the greater
ri ll ,i1 01 (lit. ett'tt 1ri alid central Sec
un of the c0 1.1 n bell, while Okialo
Im :11,1 Arkansias report injury from
prelitrt: otpening, Ii Teas the
I rl% (ot1t1 contiitues to open and is
a lannipidl' pickid, but the late crop
ravly dtet'riorated and in it critical
w , wih cotuplainti of rust anid
Ii ui . iking, while retarded in
r'ian jud poiti nis of Florida, is in
1'' i t, in n lll y all iections, and
w1 Ih hvorable veather will soon be
Vo-lIy faviorable reports concerning
1 4bao ar ce'ivedl froni all sectiolls
4\.x4-pt hi\rylatl, where it is not cur
n asactoril$y, anid Virinlia, where
he .4 hi IS ina%'LrileiU. Cuting is
._ lenitl, aini Iihe bulk of the crop i 8 ill
Al- in WiSIo4nl.4Ii.
he1144 14in4 thily IeIpor't of tihe Statisti
viuM (4 'h die1l1itil'it of' agriculture
bow, lie :averalge cnidition of cotton
444 A uut 2 to hatv been 71.4 per
v-ni1, as comip.trd witlli 77.2 oil the
2.h 41 . July; 2 Oil Septmbur 1,
I U,; .4 iiOn Stlctlber 1, 1899; and
a ten-ear avrge of 7-1.1.
I wa'li 'LIM W Is Il impairment Of condi
lio Um 11durin Attugust 'amlounting to 18
mli polint: 1) i Oklahoma, 8 in Arkan
n 4i Alabiamai, 4I in Virginia, 2 in
1na: ullt l.ritl.i. O n the other hand,
1llwr' was an LI impro1 4'vmen'It diuri ng the
miint h ini Georglia, Southl Carolina,
uIts, r"esp4(e %ctively, .'l lissjsszjp
A 4e4L41 4lao belo4w the ten a iveraige is
n'orte m41 ai Ium4jotity elI the State's.
1T~I dellmy la la p~oitsi in Texas
u44ni rkan I "s, tG in North C.arolilna, 3
41 Tennelsse5i :1114 V'Irginlia, and1( 1 in
bilu41ona am14 lrida'il. Inl O)kahomna,
thi (4o141itio it s 1.0I podints below the
ra LI''e of live. years,9 andII in Missouri
44 lG its bielow the~ alverage of the eight
34 .14s for whlich sili tics'i ar'e available.
(n 1the 4111or hii, the conditionis in
("i'i4 Aisisipi, South Carolina
ai441i .4Li9ianal are' 4I, 13, 5 and 41 points
ab14v4 the14.sr respective ten-year aver
a 4es;am inl Inianili Terriitory 1 point
above4 Vthe1( atverage for live years.
IAscoI~imared1 with Septemuber I I1000,
condi11tions ait thel close( of August were
les Ifavorable41 in Texas, Arkansas aind
)klathoma t) thet elxtent. of 21, '4 and
10 pI'ots, respeMctively, and14 wcre more
a verable11 to thle extent of '28 points in
isiipp i, 20) in South Carolina, 12
II Georgia, Ii I ini A baiama and~ Mis
94144ri 1 inlI.'4 4 Lo iin, 1) in TenntCee
II I 4rid am1 i 01t 'InI IIadiaa~ Te'rritory.
1Th4 atveragest. of c.olnition ini the
are repar.I'tedh as followt Vir
'4ia. "2, Nortth Cariolinaz 8:2, South
Ai 1444. 75, .\l ississippi1 88, L )uisiana
* ,4 T1xa 50 . ';, A rkilansas 6 1, Tleniinessee
4 :(4, lisri 75, O klahomta (iS, Indlian
ll41 y Iu have an~ything to exhiIt at
the 5.14 State Fa itn to Se'cretar'y Ilollo
w .ay, ait. l'4)nwiin,11 S. C., for' a P.remiumn
A t"range your1 plans early to attend
thel :33rd Anniual State Fair at Columi
h iti ( let. 28114 to N ov. I at.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought

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