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The People's Journa:
-An infant of Joe Thomas died Tut
day night.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in Easli
o Folger'after an illness
'r. and Mrs. A. Mitch(
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. P. I
Mauldin, onl the 30th nit., a son.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Lawron
(Gilstrap, on the 22d inst:, a daughter.
-Mrs. 0. W. Lesley whoso homo
near Field Postoffico is very sick, her r
cuvery is doubtful.
A few interesting communications ha
ing arrived too late for insortion will all
pear. inl next issue.
-We add to our church directory th
week a list of the appointimients of Re'
J. P. Attaway, West Packons circuit.
-S. It. Day while chopping wood Iat
Thursday, 5ti inbt., had the tnisfortns
to cut his right foot severely on the it
--B. B. Clark and Leo Burgess hai
rented the Burgos place near 1Pumpki
town, and will cultivate the entire plt
in 1902.
-Six converts were baptized at Sec<
na Sunday, September 1st, having uni
ed with the Baptist church during th
recent revival services.
-Alonzo Brown was before Coimi:
tioner Lowis on the 2nd inst charge
witl violation of internal revenue lav
Ho was bound over to court.
Joe Parrott, rosiding near Six Mile,
very low with typhoid fever. His br<
ther, Willliam, aied of the same troubl
about two weeks ago.
--Mrs. Amanda James was, on Tim
day, Sept., 3, adjudged a luntatic an
ont to tue hospital for the insane. Sh
was carried down by B. T. McDaniel.
-Mrs. John G. Wyatt died suddeni
at lir home ina Greenvillo on the 3d ins
Mirs. Wyatt is remmbered by inan
friends in Lickens conty amotng whot
she one lived.
-The Methodist church is now boin
brushed up and repainted itt neat ordei
This it-ded imnprovetntit is being don
through Col. J. E. Hagood. Fnrra
Saiders is workman.
-Nows has been received here of th
recwnt death of Harrison )urham, brot
er of L. U. Dulmrhtamn, at Dalton, Ga. 11
was deputy shaeril of his county. Fi
particulars have not been learned.
-Notwithstandingy thostrenuoutis wor
throughout the State in behalf of th
Charlestona exposition; the managers C
the State Fair aro preparing for the be
exhibit of the State's resouces tid prc
gross ever given.
-The County Commissioners advei
ti4 for Ia guard for the loliuty chain
gaug; they also have in view the parchas
of a pair of nmieths for county uso. Rea,
their notiecs. The next business meet
ing of the board will be on Saturday
S -ptellber 21 tt.
-Theic will be a Sunday School cole
irution att Tabor on Saturday before tie
fourth Sundy in September, the sam
being the 21st. All are invited to comc
bring well filled baskets and make th
day one enjoyn ble to till. Some speaker
will b onl hand iad anl unusually goo
time is anticipated. The exercises wi
begin tit 10 o'clock sharp.
-The veterans, tat their last regulr
met ling, adopted some pertinent result
Lions endorsing the maove~ment for a tao
dliers' home. TIhe idea is ttaking hol
everv where but seemingly 1.o more it
teoisbing manifested tiny where tha
by the veterans of Pickens couty
Read thle reso l utionis aind think seriousi
tahout the wisdom of the plan. Riea
the esaoltiionis.
-Johan Hendricks came in last Thurs
day frotm the Oklahoma country whter
he wvent to take a chance in thle late goi
etrnment division of new lands opene
upi for settlers, Thla division was mad
by drawvings buat Mir. Hendricks was nc
fortunate enough to hold a winaning caird
He raw much of the Western countr
dturing his trilp of tabout ai mon0th en
speaks favorably~ of it.
-Pickens Graaded School opened Mor
duay morning, Sept. 2d, with a large al
tendauce-larger, itn fact, thana wvas co
peted1 tat this titme. The1) followinag wa
the enrolhneont lby grades Mondtay (opetl
ing) morning: First grade, 12; secon
gradal, 11; third griade, 2; fourth grad<
12; fifth grade, 9; sixth gratde, 6; sovent
gado, 13; eighth gaade, 8; nitht gradh
5; total, 78.
-Supervisor L. D). Stephens has bee
somewhat hitndered of late in thte di:
charge of his oflicial dtuties by reason<
the serious illness of Mrs. Stephetit
Ho has, haowever, so miantagoud as to hi
at his oflico whena most p)ressinig bulsinetl
regntiredl his personal attention. Mrs
Stephens is better,taougha still very sich
Mr. Stephetns hopes to lhe able hienc<
forth to give tmore of his time to ometiu
-Solicitor Julius E. Bloggs has bee
seriously ill siteco ltast Thursday. 1i
was compelled to take his bed and aft
consualtationa among thae phaysicinans
charge it was diecided to transfer him
a sanitariuma in GAreanville, where bette
facilities were available for tretating i
case. is suflrorinig has been intonai
bunt the latest reports indicate that loie
resting easier antd hopes0 tire etntetine
for his sp)eedy rostorationi to accuistome
health. is friotnds everywhorc wvill l
grieved to letartn of his sickness and evet
biody wishies for hinman early recovery.
-On Saturdavy, Aug. 31st, revival so:
vices wvere commeniced at, Twelve Mi
at the torning hour and1( continue.
through Sunday, closing the followiin
VTursdlay. It wias a mfeetng in whai,
all seetmed truly revivedl, aivainitg ita ca
nesttessa the camp-meet ing services hli
on those gronds ini the best days of tI
ctatp meeting timeas. There wvere atitl
accessiopeS, twoi of whom utaited wvitha II
Baptist church, with tas many or mci
cotnversions. Theli services were condutc
edt by the pastor, Rev, R. R, Dagnmal
assisted by Rev, W. E. Wiggins, of' Ea
hey. It was an uuasally good meetira
andi~ through it the church hias beon woi
detrfully upbuilt.
---Late Saturday evening, Henry Hei
dricks, in charge of thec Galstrap fart
four miles below Pioketis became tuvol vt
ini a dispute witha somO tenants (Lolli
on the p~lace', one of them a woman, r
spectinag the division of some of tI
crops when in an unexpected moment I
was attacked by the womatn and a grev
boy, who succeeded in cutting hima
verely w' h a razor and knife, hioldin
hm at t i timne. Mr. Hien dricks ma
uged to free himself irom their hold ai
accu ring his pistol which lie carried as
moans of guarding, convicts, firi
three shots at his assailants woundit
one, two balls taking effect, one in tl
right breoast, going ditagonally throut
te negIro's body, the other entering ti
hand, The negro is expected to reoo
SS 110 vitl ts ti ave boen inj11rd, E
-At tihe tmn of going to press the
Le condition of Soloitor Boggs was not
qutto so good.
e- -All commutnication shold ho in by
Tuosday noon for their appearanuce in
'Tus JOUINATL of that wook.
-Help the band movemnout. It is an
effort which, if sueemssful, will give proe
tigo to the town and entertainmont to
the people. Th promotors are oncour
aged by the the liberal contributiois al
ready made, but they need a little more
. el) to placa themt on solid basis.
-Persons wishing to hold teahers'
3o certifloatos would do well not to forget
that the 1 ist examination of the year will
is bo held at Easloy on the 28th inst., and
. inished at Pickons on Monday follow.
ing. It will be February beforo another
V opportmity offors. Soo announoement
In anlother column.
-On last Siinday, at Griflin ehureh,
8 thoro were five candidates for baptism to
whom this impressivo ordinance was ad
ministered in the presenceo of a largo
gathering of peoplo of all denousIna.
tion. The candidates wero young po
pie Wh1o united with the Baptist church
during the recent. revival services con
ducted at that plaee by Rev. McDaniel.
0 -(The school whil hIMs boon ill session'
in Now Town district,near Pumpkintown
under the diroetion of T. Christie Rob.
inson close.1 Friday, 6th inst., having
rounded out t very iconraging term,
Mr. Robinson dOsires to publicly express
o hiss gratitudo to tihe patronis for coirte.
Hies manlifested inl numerous instaneos &
1. and to congratulate the pulpils on their
d conduct and gratifying progress for the r
-Coroner Iarons was called to the res.
s idence of B. L. Waters, near Flat Rick,
I. oii3rd inst to hold an inquest over the
o dead body of his son Joseph Waters, ai
Ial about fourteen years of igo. He Wits
found inl deep well, holding several i
feet of water, about one o'clock the night t
before. The jury returned a verdict in i
effect that death wits the result of anl ie- u
cident with no stispicion of foul play or c
Y suicidail intent. 1
-Absalomil RIpcr died at his homt
near Field lust Saturday night aged 84 t
years, and was buried at the family
burying ground near by oil Monday fol- '
lowng, the funeral services iing con
llicted in tile presene' of a largo gather.
0 ing of friends. Mr. Roper leavos silrviv
ing only hi widow and on2e son John
Roper. He was thric mar-ried. le wis
0 on2 of ihe ol tiie, substantial citizenI
- unostentltious bu2t at thorough man and
0 christiani gentleman. V
I -Recent developomtients have brought, 1
to light interesting details e )ItCnrninug f
k the disal)pearancleo of Tom AlexaIder
0 soil of tho late Elisia Alexamder of this I
f county, who lived near thte Keowee. Mr.
t Alexander disappelared from thi coiltry
in 1812, wh1en (iit a1 Child. Iu'itiess
search was illade for himi and all reason.
-able eflrt exitatisted ill the search. It
was a thorough mystery until recont ly
a whenit was learned that hie is now anl for a
many years hias been living in Georgia o
- where Ie married and has roared at faini- i
ly. It apptars that ie was 0toln, sold
as a slavo and so served until the close y
of the war
-Those who witut some evideneo of g
a what can be done in the way of bringing 2
lup old fields as cotton hand cat finld 21u1 r
n excellent ohject lesson by looking over I
s me of the crops of Henry Hendricks x
1 on tle ol Gilstrip 1)1:le. By Scientific I
j terracing 2und judiciois plowing Ie has 1
brought up, among other worn-out land, A
a field of thirty acres which will at i rea- I
sonablo estimliate imike a balo of cotton I
to the aere. This 8am1 field would not .
Iaverage half a 1)al1o to thle acre whlen Mr. I.
Hendricks took cbarge. This lndl is e
now in suchl condition1 that with reasont- 2
able aittention it will continuie to im
prove. Wle the cost of improvement e
so far has been thiorong h. it htas n11ot bee a
unusually expensive. '
0 le PFRSONAL1.v
OBo olt of Greenville visited relatives ~
hero Sunday,
0 Waiter H. Griffin, of Greenville, spenlt
t Sunday in Pick-ens'.
- Miss Bessie Shanklin, of Easloy, i8
visitinlg at C. E. Robinson's.
1 . T. j Mclught of Mayfield, was in
Pick-ens Tuesday on business.
- Mr. I. J. Newbery is spending a few
weeks with his brother, J. BI. Nowhery. -
s Mr. WVm. Dangnall, of the Railway
Maid Service, paid hiis fat her's famlily a
LI shiort visit last week.
, Rev. R. R. D~agnall left Tuesday eve
Ii ning to joini Rev. WV. E. Wiggins in a
, meeting at St. Paul below Ea~sley.
C. .M, Rigsdale of 11onea( Patht has
a bonght a farm in Crow Creek sectioit
i- and will move his family here shortly,.
If Hont.Gorgoi E. Prinico iniimber of the
-House anid promA~in~ent lawvyer from Ant
e derson, was here I'uesdaty onl buisiness.
s Messrs. R. E. Bruce andi Ernest Fel
'ger are in the niorthernl markets looking
out for the interests of their customers.
JToo E. Ki nch, Jr. , who has been en
the T1oecoa ((Ga.,) Record force, for bte<
past5 five months, returned hiome last I
week and has aecepltedl a position with
Cr the .Journal.
n D)r. and Mrs. R. A. Lancaisler and(
o daiughtters, Misses Auric and2( Virginlia,
r after a1 pleasantt su mmer visit to Mirs.
s Hollingsworth, left for their home,
Galinesville, Florida, Ttuosday,
s Eairlo Stephens, son of Supervisor
d L. I). Stephens. camne ini from Utahi last
d Friday night to visit his partts. H~e is
e railroading in his adlopted slate anid
y spealks highly of it andl his surr~ounld
e Rowven, Earle M1illen, T1. Chlristie Rotbie -
g M~auldin Pickenis county's rnpreseni tation
hi in Clemson College left Wedniesday to
-take upl their dutties for the next school
d1 year,~
LI Miss Mlary Berry is visiting at Mi.
'0 J. 0. Howein's.
1- Rev. T. C. H~oltzAelaw is conthietinlg a
I, imeeting at Mt. Carmel.
+- Mrs. Lucy Stringer anid daughmter,
g Miss Eva, of Bo'ltonm, are visiting tihe
I- family of Mr. E. '1. lloleombo this week.
The two-yeaIr-ol eh ild of Mr. amnd
1- Mrs. Silas D~avis (iedl last Tiuesday with
1, s0caret fever, amnd was buried lit Mt. Car
d mol.
s) We kno~w that autumn is hero for we
3. see the farmers ate pulling fodder anid
1o cotton wIll soont be open mind ready for
to thte pickers. "SiinUfl" n
'n ... ____-----4
0- IIERE'd1 AN (P1)tl'1JmTY.
S '1 The 8outhern Railwa y ann1oneulIs
3' greiitiy mredneued rames to the1Wll~ Pan-Amel
a ,o loultes, via Clucinnl ornt Washmlington:
id Qnlekest time, beat linme, Puml~lmn Sleep.
ug Iig Cars and~ DInin-g Car's on mall thr,. utih
1to train8. Tlckei f eu smale eivery davl n2211l
[hi close of Ex positon, wIth trn-mmst mimlt of
so ilve daiys im bothm direct lons anud linalI lm
Or It of twventy darl~ a frnm (ter(I me
F. E40. Pickens spent last Thursday
with ls parelts.
Mr. 13. 0. Johnson spent a few days
J? Atlanta last week.
V. A. Howard, of the Southern rail
vay spent a day or two last week lire.
State Sutperintendont McMahan is in
tiendanco upon the teachers' sohool.
Miss Mlattio Lou Johnson of Green
lille, is visitimg at the homo of I. C.
Mr. W. H. Pickens and son, Olin,
undo a business trip to Liberty last
Miss Mary Russell, of Anderson, vis
led at the residence of Col. W. A. Neal
last week.
Visiting 'Mrs. J. 1%. (Geor at the, Mojun.
:in View ilotel, are Mrs. Lucy Stringer
mud Miss Eva Stringer, of ]heiton.
Misses Fannie acnd Pearl Johnson left
or Atlanta last week where they will
peld some timo studying the latest iand
1ost poplular styles of S uthern milli
'rof. 1f. 11. Dollinick has arrived in
S3ey and at the close of tl) te'achers'
11tiool Which is inl sesioi here will again
Issum' principal's chair in the graded
Mr. anl(d trs. W. ill. Hangood, W. C.
hiuitl, Uaid Misses Lidat Folger and ((er
rido llagood aire o at trip to the lan
meriean exposition. Mr. Ern e'st Fol.
Vr, of Pickens, was also with the party.
M1ay of Easley's peoplo Were saddclen
d to hear of the death of Mrs. John (,.
Vyatt, which oceurred in (Greilville on1
Iho 3d inst. Mirs. Wyatt was at sister of
1r. W. W. Fond, of this pliee. Her ill
less was of idioit diitation, and terai,
lated a true ant(1 uIiseltishi life.
Mon day, the first (1113' of the Teachers'
nstituto IIssed (ll' l)eLsaitly. Tetch10er's
' tle niunmaber of oigitteei or twenty be
Ig ili itteidtaineO. Tuesdany, at lirgo
umber came ill anld under Superintend
lit MeMahat and Prof. Doiniicik's si.
ervision the I lustitui( has alreatdy begun
a show its beneficial ellects 11pon aill at
3i1dan11ts. Looking 11pon the youthful
ess of the large numbnher of nttentdlalts
f the Institute, an old-timer said, "This
I siellt ntially a younhg folks' age. And I
ftei ponder2 the !l2L'et whit hl their influ
neO 11d teachings will have upoll the
Aligious :mid political ereeis and111 opin
m1s of the filture. Sonwitimeutsx I think
lilt the llljority of theI salcrilfie the
n14airaiee and hasting qualities of I 'the
-ill he' to thei hurried illipatience of 'th
ow.' Where this spirit will ceASe and141
'lit its eflects will producee is hard to
>resce. It imIay ill its owi hurried i
.tjieo destroy thl1e foia of discontent
'hiicl it genorates, buit entertain grave
ou lbts a long theso lines." This stat(
leit is volth serious (01n2ideration.
The three new brick buildinlgs inl town
1o about. ready for tho roofs; severlIl
ther buildings are tlso being pushed
One week put. to good use by the far
iers, the sun1shin e1 ham elabled them to
ave i qultantity of fodder inld hally ill
od conditioni. UplanI3d co11 is better
1h111 usual. Cottoll is opening nomlle,
ot eionugih to pick. Old 'ottoll is fiirly
einited, whiie the late cotton halils rui to
('eds too and tle holls are scattering;
.ost of the crop is lato ill this secttio.
'en vines aire fine and geneirally fr'uitling
'o0l. There is ia fair prospect for a goot
;1y Crop being saved this year as thero
2A beell a numii1beIr of Iowilg maclinos
old anl-d the hay is good. We had (Ie
'est, melon crop this year thast we have
ve'r had(. Th'ley are getting scarce though
Th'le pulic r'oads wiere nlever' ill such a
ondition in th1e summiter, ill places they
ro a success5ion of gullies and .mudhloles2,
omne of the holes hlaving the meid throwni
ut since0 the rain. Our' p~eopl had1( 22
rell begin to study the road problem ats
nill sometime haUvO to be clone. Some
tiggest letting the roads out by contract,
sy a contractor for each township and
at him nmako that, his busindss; to keep
he r'oads in shape. Others suggest the
fortha-westernu systeml, viz., let every'
11a11 keep up the roads thlroughl his farm
v'ithout regard to iage orI loniditionl and)
llowt all tenanllts to either1 paly commuflta
ion1 tax, as now', to be lpilhied 011 roads
broughi thle farms where they live or
v'ork as5 11ay3 suit thiemi best. We wiould
0o1n have much better r'oads un cder this
ysteml no( dloubt. Every land hlolder
rauld kceepi his road~ 1m goodl shape tho
'02a1 rounid by dloing thie work ini season.
A very cheap excursionl is boing adtver'
ised to iun over thie Souhern Itailway'
r'omi Gri'eenvi lie to 52avanna 11on 1 Septem
ier 12th, taking oni passengei's at all
>eoints between ( Greenille and Pr1moaperi
y. Thell rate is r'emarikably low, a2nd it
vi'il be well foi' 2al inlteresitedl to exainolil
he circulars which are 1now beinlg dis.
Savannahi is a beautiful city, and~ not
'd for' its par~ks and1( delighltful seaisido
'osorts. Thle eity 1222 an exeel lent car
ys'temi, ma21king direct connletions for
l'huudox bolt, a1 pict ncosque to~wn oin
Wlarsaw nyorl; for the Isle of [Hope, a
imihlr resort, to Thunderbolt, fuinnous
or its fislh anid (lyltors5, and Tybe,
v'huse hlea'h is regarded by mnany 1as
ql1 to Lonig I ianchi.
Accouni ct Anom1111 lAEcampm)Ilent (1. A. 11
ipi raite fiomi all points etn its lines t~d
2leveland 0, and1( ieturn'2.
Followin~g ron1 2nd trip rates1 froni points
lamed : AIn der'son, $21.65S, Camden, $22.
15, ande Icorr'lespondo(1lighy loiw rates fromu
ither01 points. Daites (If sale~s Sup 7th1, to
Itih., 1meh isive, good to1 letulri .h'avinag
.levelanld 214ot 12ater than11 mid light Sep
15thc, 190)1. Ily -depositing tickets with
Iint, Agent, at Cleveland, .on 01' hefore
2 1noon1 Sep 15th anSld pa2ym1enlt of fee of
) cents att t 1cim of dopoit, tan oxtensioni
If inalI limiit teo 11nd including Oct, 8th,
901, may b14 seenirod.
Forii detailed information cal1 l n1' ad
hross aniy agont Southern Railway or
E. B. Munday3, a lawyer of Henritta,
L'ex., once fooled a grave digger, He
sys: "My brother was very low with
nalarial fever and jaundico. I persd.
id hiim to try Electric Bitters, tand he
vas1 soon1 much batltr, but conutinued
heir use until he wvas wholly cu red. I
im sture Elecrio Bitters saved hisi life."
L'his remedy ex peils malaria, kills disotnso
l'orms and purintes the blood; aids diges
ion, regulates lver, kidneys and bowols,
m'ros constipation, dys pepsha, nervous
hiseases, kidney troubles, female eom-.
plaints; gives perfect healith., Only 500
it liolt & ThoIirnley drug store,
A sltrike is im Pending amongI the
The most difiloult question to be solved
by the district school trustoes appears to
bo whether they Rihll run their schools
continuously till their money is exhaust
ed or whe funds are availabtlo sutiloient
to employ a toelcher miore than threo or
four month to divido the timo between
the iummer and winter seasons.
From my obsorvition and experience,
I unqtialifledly urgo, when it i4 possible
that it. is much better to coniitinuo tho
nchiool in an unbroken session, I becaus
the advancement iullde ill it liort term is
lost im great measure during a long va
cation unid must he mado lp beforo any
real progreon can be inade the noxtitorm.
BY colitiluilig the seliool for the fiilH
limit of time the progross of childrel i
also conitinuoi s anid epovilly so Witi
the primary pupils who are unable to
colitimile their stiuldies miiitided and are
practimilly ait the beg-inning of the second
mession where they wero it the begii:ning
of the liht, while if they are carried
ahlead throulgh aill the timlo allowod durl
inig oe(, whok year some1 substantial pro
gress imight bo nmado front which they
could help themselvesi to further devel
opimtent. I ihink iti wise plan to riu
thei schIoOls js it as 1lng 11s poSible, an11d
if finids ar not it hand to run them a
profitable length of time, it would prove
(econloilly ail a step of wisdIolm to discon
tinu( the sc-hools altogether until enoigh
money wl acciiulatesi to rtin thom long
enough, withi a competent toelcher, to do
Permanent goodi. x
Sunday Sept. 15thl. Open ileeting at
Puresbyterian church. Address by Dr*
A. J. S. Thomas and J. L. 0. Thomp
1on. Let everybody como out.
At. a regular meeting of the Pickenls
County Pension Board the following
resolution1 were unanimously adopted:
Resolved, st. That tho veterani of the
late war betweorn the States iavit a re
1111ioll at. this place oln a day to be noelt.
e(d by tho comilittoo Oil arringelen1ts,
in August, 1902, ald we, the lundersignt
ed veterans, llgo the d01( soldiors of this
coiity to tako part ill this meeting.
Resolveld, 2d. That we respectfully ro
(llest ou1r representitives ill the legislt
till to suipport it bill for Ithie establish
m1ent of at Soldier' Hm011e inl thin Stato
1111 reffnest themt to Vote for and u1s1
their ilnillele'! for ttie saml1e.
l1omolved, -3d. That the County Chalir
1111111 of the Pension Boarul, .udge .1. B.
Neowlberiy bo, and is hereby re(ulested
to appoint 91nec veterain ill each township
to cooperate with liiscelf ill irranging
ftm aid carrying out iill 1hm detilis in
connection Witi the proposed COunty Lu
uilioln iiext ytrtI.
J.. .1. NowLerry, It. J. Johnson,
J1. N. Murphree, J1. D1. Ml. Keith,
J. Li. Lewis, S. D. Stewart,
S. T. Prior, 1). F. Bradley.
With thel ai( of at llicropihone
you emi hear a tly walk.
Died of brain fever, A ugust 27th, a fter
an illness Of two weeks, little (Garliold
Finley, siged one year and eight months.
le wis thel only chil( ot Mr. and Mrs.
John Finl-y, of Stewart, S. C, What
this dear little one suIfered wordS seell
iilaleilutte to express, lo roceived the
most, untiring attention during his ill
ness by physici), friends and loved
1nes But alas, it was ill inl vain. The
remains were laid to rest ill Keowee comii
story August 28th, in the prscei- of a
goodly number of relatives anid fricends.
The bereaved ones have the symp11athy of
111a113 friends. KANN u.: M Unrilitn.:.
An ostrich which was lately dis
sec3ted ini Londonm had in its stom
ach31 a smlallI prayer book.
An exammnation for TIeachier's Certifi
cates will be held( at Enisley on Saturday,
Sept. 28, 1901. on English Grammar,
Geography, and the Science of Teaching
-the branches taught in the Summer
School-and at Pickens on Monday fol
lowing on Arithmetic, Algebra, History,
and Rteading. Th'isi will be t he only ex
amiiinationt until1 Febrnatry, 1902. .Don't
forgot this--it is impor)tant.
W. W. F. B.1fii1H1T,
County Supt. of Edneattioni.
Mrs WV. C. Vanmderbilt, jr. , is
disconsolah~te over the loss of a fav
orite brindlho pup v'aluied at $500;
whieb sh~ows that even the sichi
Aceount Aninual Convention, Ni)
tioiiit IBaptist Associai olln (3(olored(), (Cin
einniiati, O., Sept, 11(hi, to 181th, Southtorn
Rw'y anniionnt)ee rates of one first-class
fare for te rounld trip) from1 all points1.
on its 111108 to Cinlcinnati and11 return;
datos0 of sale Sep 9th, 101th, and Illth.,
tinial limit Setp 20th, 191)1.
Spain is btuilding six newv war
Mi Editor. -Allow me to speak a few
words in favor (of Chiamberlain's Cough
Rem)edIy. I nnu1hered( for three3( years wi th
broiichlitis and( coiuld not1 sleep1 it
niighits. I tied neveral dlotors amI1 var
1i11s 1pa)131n1 meldic3in~e, butt3 toul got
nothing to give mc aniy relief utnt il my
wilt) got a hbttle (If t hiis vauluaible medhi
eine0, whlichl has comletely relieved mie.
-WV. S. Brook manu, Bimgnell Mo. This
reme1)dy is for saue by (I. WV. Earle.
Only nnteemn of tho seven ty Ber.
lini tram in mes are no0w worked biy
horseC traction .
.Josh WXest hafer, of L oogootee, nd.,
is* a pouhr imani. but be1( saysv het woiud not,
be0 without. Chamberlain'4 Paini Ilia if
it (3'.)t. five dollars11 a bottle(, for it, saved1(
himi) from beinmg a crippl-. No Extenal
applienttioni is eipmial to thin liniment, for
stm Itiah swollen31 jointts, contractedl mush
clon, nti Y nuok spirinsi and~ rhieumaiitie
mnd munsenlar fins. It hits atlno cured
numierousn cases ofJpartiatl pairalhysis. It
in for sale by Ci. WV. Earle.
T1here ara 1700 Indians ini Ai
zonalf owinig farms,,
We deal in LUMB3ER
of all kinds,
Dried and Dressed Lumber deliv.
ered on shOrt notice,
Parties wanting Lumber of the
aibove kind notify us at *least ten
days beforehand that the lumber
inay be0 thoroughly dried.
Ai American Disease.
thority for the statement that nerv.
ousness ii the characteristic mal
ady of the American nation, and
statistics show that nerve deaths
number one-fourth of all deaths
recorded, the mortality being main
ly among young people.
is the.grand specific for this great
American disease, because it goes
straight to the source of the Weak
ness, building up health and
strength by supplying'rich, abond
ant fod and pure blood to the
worn-out tissues, rousing the liver
to activity and regulating ala the
organs of the body.
"The MiehIgan Drug Co.," Detroit, Wteh.
- verettes the famous little liver pill. ssc.
Form.l by 14 Y(. W. M.arb.,
Tako two cupsm of hot, water. half :InII
hotr beforo (eh m11101al and just, before
goilig to bed, also a drinuk of water, ho1
or cold, aboutl two hiours atfter. eaChl mealII
Take lots of outdo'or exercis--walli,
ride, drive. Make a reguilar halbit of tii
andil n nimany 015Cases olutn jit.e constipation
muay bo cured wit.hlou t.ho use of an
mtedicineo. Wlten at purgative is req1ulii-.
ed lke soimetling mild and gont.le like
Cinunbelain's Stonach) anil l iver Tab
I Ols. For sale by (. W. l' e.
A narrow tiro will dig a rut but
a good broad tiro will roll it shut.
ANI) i)la iitloI;A.
"'Soie y ears Igo I was one (f a par0y
that iitentled manking a long hicycle i rip
says F. L. Taylor, of New Albuly, lirad
ford County, I'-.. "I was tikein sitd
denly Wilih diarrhova, anil was abhoult f,
give upl) the trip1, w11en ditir Ward, ()f
the Lacyville Messen., suiggsted
that 1 tam a do (o( Cuimberhian's Coli',
(holera and)1 Diarrho .: I Rvtemedy. I. Itr
chansed a 1)bottle and t oi two doses, one
before stairtting and oi the Iout e. I
11111d the Irip sIuccssfttlly a1d never felt
any ill offect. AgainI lasl sit iun innr I was
abniost. coru1plete.lyi1.111 run "iown with aII at
tack of dyseniti'y. I bollgit i bottle of
this aaneo renedy aini this tieiv ()011 onlose
cured me.,' Sold by ( . W. Eaarlo.
The <lepth of a road is moro t(
be dreaded than its length.
Thilte bl)siost and inigitiest little thinp
Hiat e'vor was nado is Ir, King's New
Life Pills. Tlese pills elmnget wekniest
iitostrengtl, listlossIess into tner'gy'
brtai -fg into mtie:ital 11OWe)'. Th Iey 'n
wonldertl-1 inl bianking ulp the the( hevalth
Only25e per box. Sold b1y Iolt & Throt
Edmond Audiau, the Frenel
Coniposer, is dead.
"LI.ately befell a 'I raiload laborerI'U,
wr'itos5 Dri. A. Kellett, of Williford, Al
" His foot,111 wasbiy Olrusheltl buit Ih l,
Ien's Artica Salvo luicklv' teured bin
It's simply13 wonladetrul forl Rttrnas, hlih
Pijlos and4 1al1 skini eruiptionis. It's thI
world's chaii~iI~ on hlerC. Core guarai'i
tod. 25c. Sold by liolt & T.ihornley.
The footpad naturally breaks mi
to a shoe store for' booty.
"Awful anuxiety was felt for (ho widos
of the brave Gcnoral Butrnhaitn of Machi
inos, Me., whenlt tho dloctors said1 shi
wotll die4 from Pneumniatii beforo morn'i
inmg"' wtrites Mr's. S. I1. I ino( lni, whoi it
tended heor (lhat fearful n ight, 1but, sh,
begged fot' Dri. Kinig's New Discovery
whtibi hadt mere than oncei savedco her lif'e
and1 edo lieu' (If Colnuupt lion4. A Iftei
tak ing, slie slept)1 il tiiight. I urtherot uts
enu~t4irely t enr'd hert." Th'1iis nmirv'ellont
med44iinei~ is giIl'~uanteed to cue 0 aItil
Throiat, Chestai utda Lung I )iseases, nI)I
i00 and1( $1.00. 'ITritl bottles free t 11o
& liThoriley dirutg store4.
(il'ii b for'14 Gal Count~ (I ('hain Gan(g.14
1The13 ('<ns14y 1.1' 4Oielnersill, lii
their11111 i ieitg i i h ii 11e t thle (co141
hus...s 4)n Satunhi41 , S p tember'l 1 , nf
NTo) for( theIr 1'O.Ec hhhle wiB)
writ14 n and e h-1. I JiII11)i, 41niv4 be4 ha 1de
S.e wl B MAt N N, o helor
reevs h i;;hti8 to .t an albi
lekenlso~un, to gioo muilsfor pul
for counltweighin onelui'b thouand14
traelvett hudred. l.l0 work I,00 polirund0
each. Any 1 o1 e li iving 4 he1 am to hi jalllltol
enn1( haveoo them on1 haml'i014 at t cou
house on14 Sa0ttulayl o lepiimer 2V 11 1901
T(okns.S. 0
A iltC peron havin Vclam agant the
lte of l T. Youngblod, decasteda
Grain Drills
Disc Plows,
Hay Rakes
Chilled Plo,
Hill Side P1
Inl fact anythin- you want it
ments, and the prices are right.
Big Lot Fruit Jars
Get our Prices b
The Heath-Bruc
Owving to4 soon- prp<e *'' in
Carriages, Surreys, Buggit
At an Absolut
Until 444i stock is reducived. Ihm'r take o)l1
st' f :114 10
Harness f k cis. W
St.i4k-hel41'r and4 Weber;~ :4., cheaper44 gnle41 ti
-o N ki t 4he '.1 .se:-)oin for selling veihicl.s 4
par(, proli, fir no% protiil.
The 1 .ason for Mih-. :111 1lor4es is pn
yvt. \-I I r 1 :: 4 14mo s' h 'o411 (4r i
41o 11mr own W~i e. We will .sl ant u hingl .. w
:44441 li 41k I roat1m n1411 to() all. W hen- inl 4 re
hgl to seev thel people whether~l thwy wi-1h to
- Orand Rountd Up ini thel V
All! CJolored Muslins, LawnIs and( 1
It doOs not pahy ine4 to e crry over
vL TE PRliICE ini seasonIWI wi le you ii
All 121 and 15 centls S3uiner (Goo
All J0 ejn t8 goods(1 redneedU~ t. 7 Cot
7 and44 5 centsM goods41. reducedl~ t'4 o E
Lnd41 ies 15 cents Untderivests at It) e
A good 4( Vest ait S cen ts.
A nlo lnly Iow Crii, ShlO-: al'il on1 titI
- flo rices wil (10 hnwor~k,
Some go agisi lbolr
A. K1.
W 'lTvl W W Iii
kf nowni 14( lt. ieg I rn )l mal employ i4
Tuni 84ih
f you nah et- anyign p ly hL ir Ib a)11 p11t(
wifrth dens. mrindecrick's hn. Wb
tobpriee rmkos. TryryO F.CN A i) (.
A few ~ 'ur, o inorS''AVJT to
We havo just received I ai' oful
a JL oreableicompan, b th i bu4?lk and ~ 41 o
Don' ou wanto~ 6splf Uesi)t 'l~ok
for '5C~ cets. Wie handei Merrick's tb
to1( bffromnos Ty.t
Dahor 8 forgo 25cts; cheapi as havon
Chuickens, Egs Bueeswax, (.G'insong, St
Your's truly,
Ra L INE '
Dws, Etc.
the way of Farming Impic
,Just Received I
oeyou buly.
e-Morrow Co.
ill I)II1' lll-Iin-s.-, w! will :I-ll
I , Phoetons and Wgons
e Sacrif Ice!
frll . it, bult n d fill- yourI1
earr~y tilt' 1-lomhenk, C'omrt.huni, Tyson k,
:1, &ca Strict liih1 (;n.:ill W ag-onls thll
qolin liens oo Tatylort :ai Chaft.n nooga.
:fill 11141 %\-(! wII- iroillir t() fjell Mir
.-ik hirei- own[ our1 Own rioioyanl
[- h'ave filr (-:-41 ilr Zqoil 11:1per. PoIlite
1-1 1 -vie II co l : l . u . W . a are always,
.) ly r <).
..E & cB AY R
rod Platont sasn WaonsCU
e arice! oi sns
hui fs, isaces, \' ut Ruibb ns oteuu . IuII
Gree:lnvl l, S. C.
Wilh ods]),u . WiTn
I'l hsil O!. O H
o1 W i i ilirIt arr-; wil H~inOgi n man
E.I & 0., AnderstI~I uot, S.
('readfor icoat , on0dz.
t010'ond o $10 O't
On, Lard, Sugar, both grahite~d
anything to soll in the Iint, og
ur Grass, and Grub Rloot.
R. ,

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