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lie People's Journa
Corr. 'ed weekly by tho Iheath, Bru
AMy..rs..... 1
MI. . .. ,20 to
...... 10 to
. . ......20.to
-r.W. F. Austin Pick
qpt 21 and 25.
--Mrs. James Stausell, aft, two we
-rious illness is recovering.
--W. E. Dickens is here. Mrs. Dick,
, iwell and their little daughter, Sue
ek Wili scarlet fever.
-Read notico aid program of soo(
ivision, U'Inion meoting, to bo hold
entral, Mt Tabor, 28th inat.
--It must bo borno in mind that
)ituary noticos of 11101 0 than ton li
lenth, Will be ohargod for.
-I)r. Long, of Catecchee, one of i
-ogressive physicians of lower Pick<
tilty, Was in Pickens Saturday.
-lPickenis is tile market tins seasoi
diton andiicanl afford to pay and will I
e h kighrest, curret prICes for tIat t11aple
--A lmachine shop and foundry till
w direction of A. T. Weisner, is a i
iterprise in Pickens Which fills at long f
-WV. E. Orliln is now Withi thle Ilea
..nie-(Morrow Co., where his experim
od courtesy miake him at much ap~precial
--The Pickens band movement cont
vs ,o rt iel elOlUralgement. The |ll
4-serVes to sIleceed, anui( its ILroi1oters I
he commended.
-Miss Newtonl, liiuglter of M1.
htlton, residing two imles below Picke
siCi, tlreatelled with fever. The cl
is nIt fully developed.
-.liarried, Sept. 91, at (1alhoun, 8. 4
ir. 'Thos. Barker of Pickens county
liss Willie Davls, of oconee couni
b'. Gotut, Magistrate, ofliciti ng.
--The Liblerty Township Singing As,
:ition bIt I forth ait Flat Wtoe on thle V5
Ist. .It is anlt organization in which
w(rs ot good 11111sic, ill its territory, a
---.J. 1). Moorn left this week for U
irthorn mairlketi to lay inl a big stook f
t-, fall an11d winter trade. H1o will car
full line1 of all noecensaries and au
--Each week, We Iopc to give to n
1:1 r. the he:ellt o news direct fri
Vashington, throligh vnich they will
liI ed 11s to the absorbing Questions
tit f4 rim the seat of governmeit.
---Now that the money 50118011 nlp)
ehslet every maln Who 1has onjoyed I
..iilgeico of his advancing morclhi
tiate hjis plans to pity upl promptly a
t any old dobtsi exist strive to m(t
110111 also.
- Parties will bear ill mind that I N
Sinl Piekens on Woednesdays and Sitt
lays of 0 ich Week with 1ic0 choice fri
-inlnts and solicit i share of your patr
igo. Yours liespect fully,
J. R. Kirksey.
-(eorge razele has sold his fArm
I'wielve Mile to anl Andi~ersonl purcha11
vhoi wil\ soon1 move1 Onl it as8 a permamih
eident . Our counlty is drawing heavy
i'lesonI and1 weO welcomie ll suchl si
' 1ants.
tiedi at his..ho:
rI and was hur:1
-A pro'ltractedl mee0ting will be bhil
lbor, bueginnlinlg tile lou~rthI Sundayl1
1.ithrig tile week, iucluding thle fifthI St
by. 0evi((s duinlg the week will
wllhiat night1 (nly). Thei ilastr will b~e
-There ill be a1 union101 service ini I
'spict to thle de:'d Presidenut. Eve
lily is inv'.ited to aIttond anld it is ho01
IlilsineOs houses0 w~ill closo0 anid join
1e HoIy:Cen.
'iieens merebanli~s at all laYui" iii
1111 linei of1 just thle kinld of goods11 the p
Ie w ill enlt for duirinig tihe fall! seas<
)hm'L pa~ss thlem~ 1by wl e I you aire 011t
II hmve etieient, clerks who1 ill It
.lilasure ill shotwin1g you1 thlrongh thleir
-A meet01ingl of the TruIstees of the Pi
hll churchI nex.t Fridlh3y alfternoon11 at 4 p.
\. I trlustees 1are reqinestecd to 11e present,
t1is desired toI takeL some1 steps) looking
'he b11ll will ring a hal11f hour blefore ti
--Mrs. Minia Gilstrapl iedo at tile ho0
f.lohn11 0ilstrap, near (Golden Cree~k
Ile 12th1 inIst., atfter a1 short ilhness wit!
I mp1 licatIion~ of trouItbles, and11 wals hur
hie fo ~lowing Saiturdaly at liuhamahl ce1
-ryI. he~ was abont (U0 yealrs (o1l and (
rilli Bapll~tist chirebi for several yet
he leaves slurvi vinlg oly 1 ne 01 son, 'Th1
PIelfrey', a1 child( by 11er 1irst Inarrliag(
-Mrs. D ianla Jam~lOS, relict, of tile
elorge W . Jam11es, died ait the hiospi tal
10 insane1 lat Columbtia last, B~~lada, wh,
1ie1( ha en ta1ken 113 only abot two wei
-folre. She was ablout 84 0lear o1ld I
III heen1 for many13 yearsF ai membller of
atit,~ chur1ch. 11er remain11s were broul;t
1 Pickens and1( laterredl iln thte Sect
'ave yard( Tu'Iesday evenling. SheC left
ve05 attend thle funleral services.
.\iss Dessie Morris a dalughlter (If F.
.orris, dlied lt, tihe h1ome1 of her1 fa1ther1
is8 0ity lnst, Fr'Iiday after an1 1lness ofI I
all weeks with typhoid fever. She
Ilm~t 18 years5 of aige, and1( was1 highlty
.0emed( by her frienids and( relativesv
deeply3 regret, her death. She wvas a m<1
''r ofl Roberts1 Presbyterian chulrchl,
er remlains1 were inlterredl therle Sunday
rnoon, lley. .1, W. lhailey conducting
melIt ai seryices.-Anderson Intelligemi
elt. 11.
--Thle open1 mloolig of t.he Y. M. O.
.t Sunday afterroon was unusn
oil attended, and1( pr1ov')le~ed cdin
iteresting thlroulgh~ot. 'Te sin~g
as spirited(, and the apeakors acquit
omnsovos admnirably. Theli address11
"'il delivered and was Jisi
iover more at hoi
-"1n andienco de
uient addre
blich . "'o moet
isOn 01O "'(an:
>n of the Y. . "In
okens these ops -nori
g in interest, whios, by
era lsed attenda~nce, day
ruloon there will be aUe. pl
Tle following official Statoment as t<
the summer school at Ensloy will bo o
1.4 All entered the first day except tihoso
1,2 marked otherwise, previous att(lndanltc4
at Summer Schovola montioned.
10 T. J. Adams, ledmond, Miss Conyor
20 Allen, Central, B. A. Allgood, Pickons
:1 Se t. 9.
-- 1111t 1lamioBalletino, Shevriff, 13. A, Bonit
.as l0y, Easloy, Sept. 3., Daisy Rorroughs
Praterv, Sept. 9, Pickens munmer sehoo
2ks 1899 at d 1900, Jamo Bright, Aynard
Veda Chlildress-, Thoma111svil'lo, Sept. 9
J. M. Eutrekin, Praters, Piokens sum
mns itor sclool, 199.
is Dora Farmer, Itaynrd, Lila Folger
Conitral, Sept. 3., Lem Ereeman, May
ind nard, Sept. 9, 14. WN. Garrison, Green
at ville, Pickens summer school, 1899
teiahos ait Spocor, Ada Gillospio, Pick
ons, E'ssio (illepi , Pickenti, Picken
all sutmmer school 1900, ItN it (ilizenor, Ens
1(es ley, Sept. 9, Picketn summer sclool
1899, Lulalh (lazomr, lEasley, Sept. 7
thie Pkesunir elloo!, 1899.
ms Jolth N. Hillum, Liborty, ). F. Hen
dr:eks, Field, lila Hendricks, Tabl)I
for Motilaini, L'ickienls summlter school, 1909
may Lonorat Hendricks, Tablo M1ountaml,
Picken uminltitier school, 1899, two weoks
Mlla Ilotendricks, Fiteld, Pickens 81111
ler tmler wthiool, 190(1.
W IIm Johnison, E'lsley, Arthutr Jones,
Mica, .lBerta Jones, Kings, Sept. 9, Pick
Ons stimmer school '99 and Otone 1901,
- Bottio 0. McMtahantt, Piedmont, Sept,
lc 9, T. May McMahan, Piedmont, Sept,
'd 9, Greenville summer sclool, 1899, J. 8.
Millor, Piedmont.
jl Mrs. Mary L. Ott, Easley, Gireenvillt
an summer school 1899.
r 11. A. Price, Stinny Dale, Piekens
summer sclool about 10 dayn at eatihi int
1899 and 1900.
Miss. Unity Rigdont, Tablo Mountain,
Vi Pickens similmor school, 1899.
se A.. Vhito Singleton, Taber, Oconeo
county, Oconee sunimer school '99 and
., 1900, Julia Smith, Easley. Sept. 9, Pick
to ens1t, summer siciool 1899, S. W. Smith,
Y- White, Sept. 9.
Pearl Wyatt, Easley.
o. Total, 3-5; men, 13, woA,% 2
th In addition to tho above tt alcors, iIth
: followitig school girls, aged 15 to 18,
re who intend ultimately to tacht, htavo
beent adtmitted iand ate aking the regtt
Itulr course. They will enter Ealety
tr (Graded school inl (ctober, uxcept Miss
.r Ellis who goes to Chieora college. Tieso
b if tlhey were counted would mial the
enrdlinent 39 upi)-to-date:
Willie May Ellis, Easley, Sept. 3.
r Mary Lesley, Lucy 1E. Manldin,Stew,.rt,
mi Lou Ellen Niclols, Easley, Sept. 9.
he A number who iavei attntded previousl
i- couinty summter schools are 3 meIn and 11
women. Total I4. Besides tlhese, 1
. 1.1man and 1 wotman attended summner
schools without staying to th0 end,
ut making 1G W0ho lave received prOvious
m,( summe1(2r sehcol instruction. Of the 14,
tie e'levein have ittended Pickent summer
school of '119 or 1900. Two the Green
ville school of '99 aid one th Oconee
t9 sumier school of '98 and 1900. Tihe
Ir- Oconee summer school has boen t.ttond.
sht oid by Otto if the above eleven. Thome
M- who ave atttnded two previous summier
schools tire Misses Disy Boroughs and
lerta Jones, and Mr. A. White Single
ton. Of ite 35 t wo havo not yet hold
Scertificates atnd thirty-throe hatve certifi
enhtt s aIs followvs: F"ir.t grade, 22; 9 ment,
3t13 wott; s(econdt gratde A, 8; 2 meni; U
tIwomten ; stcont3 grade IB, 3; 2 mten, 1
womnt. T1wenty-four ltught school last
yeart elCeen men31 rtnd thirteen wotten.
td Tlwenty. seven wish to techl during the
me2 current schocol year, nine( men3t antd teight
Ite eent womion, Foutr aret untcertain itt thteit
, plants, one nmn anid threo women. 1'Tree
tare going oIl' to college, two men~ and
otte womian. Sixteeni are already emil
ait ployed for the year, six tmen tti.d tetn
li weoen. Seven't oIf (to are being atided
meC finaittally by their schools to attend the
121- siumer schtools. '.Lwo mnore may he.
U" The namtes of the schools whtose teach
asers ate alreaidy empt~loyed antd atlttndig
tho summtter school, are givon below.
heo Wh~ere the( school has proiseti'id Ito aidi
L)e. Ith teaer int attentdinig thto stnumt
he school 1(titheountt is tnoted.
ry. Amb!cr school, nto atid; Ca:rpenter
ed Cri ok school, e'xpenises; Croswell schiool,
in .8.00); Easley cotton mill, to aid, Glahtss
Mountaint School. 68.0(1; Mautldha school,
Sno aidil; Marttin sel:ool, 86I 25; Mt. Tabol
e.school, exIpentses; Oolentoy school ntot de
m. jei lcd; Reuniiiont schto, nio aid;Rlubhamnal
for lcooI, 85.00). Sinloht school, Andersor
tcy e< ; Six M ile schlool, nto aid
tke TIX ltool, tundecided; Wiiyc<
es- sel ott co)., tno aid; WVol f Creel
ek-t'ity ntino attend collegeo
att | 2 4 z.s follows: Cht icora, 1
im. C<. ao College, 1; (Greenvilhe
ta ic e , 2; Witnthir.p College, 1
cht. Ag ~ 'llege, 1 ; SothI Carolimit
me1 Co s ll College, 1; Litatttt
hum Xentrad Giraded Schtool, 2
mie Ent . School, 8; (Gr(eenvi lh
ot| (Gt I, 1; P.ickens (Gradet
.i 5: SI-, N. (1., 2; W~estmuinusle
~ ab tthors htavo incereased t<
tool. 00 hats beent dividedm
to - Dratwitg, Englisht anu
G i It, itn or'dert to pormiit o
til otn thte ptinceiples 0o
f-to: tool mtantagtetmnt art at
ere teIt-olo school in a body.
13 lk -Itourms of recitation at
Ithe bh ~ < ts r'eitttred to h htantd
ght od ibject every day. Alto
mat ge of (tho (lhe teacher't pupibt
itt iH oicluintt tot' 1(0 or 12 htotuts of thte 24
8li a.I m., Fir t. 1 3 11A
9 .30-9.30i. . Seeliont A., (Grammar anfld11)
SCottpositiono, Mr. McheIant. Sectijont It
'Iho 9:3(0--1(0:3(0 ,ootion A, D)rawing, Misi
im.. Gtigntard, Setc lti B, (Gramtmar ant
uit Comnposit ion, Mr'. McM ahtan.
af. 10):30-12:30 Sectionts A and 1t Soo
the management, Mr'. D~omnick.
wer, 11:3(--I11:3(0 Section A, Geoogr'aphy,
Mr. IDominick, Secliti It. Drawintg
A. Miss Gnuignar'd.
1ly Recesses of aubout five minuit0 es1 b: wee
gly periods. Dismtission at 12:30.
inlg MOnE~ AnOUT TiHE HUMM~f~t s('IloOh. A'
ted1 EAsLEY. A P'rEA8ANTI SiYni'tlsE.
tip- Onls Monday motning the teaebtrr
t n attenidatnce at (te Pickents cunIty situi
on-1 nmer school wotre surprised, uneixpctedl:
E sni~prised. Aftetr the daily program wa'1
fimtshod (tho insitntors of the summeti
li sohtool announced thtat all were cordiall
iv imyited to partake of a wvatermeloni feast
Thtis feast was certintly enjoyed by all
atgis thet melone spont Bunday on ice, WV
s udentsA were (1elighted to kttow that ui
ofvisitors were allowed-oni thtat day. Thi
th treat is ovidotnce of the faet that thte in
(Iostructors are exerting every effort to mack
atour counity sulmmear sohool ver~y pleasan
as well as profitable, Only about fort;
teachiers were present to parlako of thi
T feastj but they are reoelying inltellectusg
fod of the fineet variety ovary da. W
privilego we have of rooeiviug suolh
thorough couso of instruction im Gran
mar and Composition as is given by ot
efilien t, er.orgetio and enthuaiastio at
porintendent, J, J. MoMalitan. Ho ha
utidoubtedly elevated the teaching prc
fossion in this Sotte; but our teachoi
should feel oapocially proud of the intei
est he has manifested tit us.
Geography is taught by Prof. H. I
Dominick of the Easley graded solaco
anid we firmly believe that ho thoroughl
understands Fryo's Geography and th
modern method of teaching it. 11
with his relief maps, has changed thi
difiloult subject into a logical, interestin
and pleasant study. Prof. Donini
having had a post-graduato courso i
Philosophy and Pedagogy, is at hoar
with Landon's Toachinig ani Ulas Maia
agement. His presentation of this a
inuport:ent subject, which is now to mi
cannot fail to be of much and lastil1
benefit to every teacher here.
Miss Unignard of Columbia, our eli
cient drawig teacher, is inl overy Wa'
qualifkd to fill the positionl which 81;
holds. Tiha need of this cause 1has8 lon
heen felt, and tho progros mado by th
pupils uider her guidance hai been vor
creditable to both teachers and pupil.
A Pupil.
A constant and appreciative visitor a
th., sessions of the Summer School is thi
geit and ever young Maj. Ton Russell
Oolonoy's ellicient teachor, M iss Lon
ora Hendrioks, of Table Mountain, is th<4
orgalist of the Summer School ait it
morning exeriise.
Miss Wyllie May Ellis, who inisheil
inl June at the E Isley Graded School
will go to (hiora College after the Sum
mer School.
Mr. J. S. Miller, of Piedmont wh<
lives inl Anderson county, whore h(
taught, aist year, will enter the South
Cairolina CollegO fit the close of the sumi
mour school.
The attendane, from day to day is al
most perfect. Of 38 enrolled, only twc
have dropped out, Miss Lila Folger o
Central andl Miss Pearl Wyatt of Easley,
who stopped before the cnd of the fird
Mr. James 13. Davis, Greenville coin
ty suiperintendent of education, spent 11
day here last week inspeetng the School.
He has accompanied by all eflioient mem
her of his Board of Education, Mr. 0.
B. Martin, Principal of one of the Grad
ed Schools of the city of Greenville. Mr.
Martina is, a native of Pickens. He lived
at Central anad for several years taigt
in this couity.
Mr. It. E. Nicholson, the superinton
dent of education, of Anderson county,
has written that he will visit the Pickeils
Suimmor School during this week. He
Wishes to see the waly the work is done,
and may he firther interested because
somc of his prospective teachers aro in
attenLdatnce. Tho following stidents
havo soecired poisitions in Anderson
conity: Miss E. Johnson, of Elasley,
Missnc Bettie and F. May McM than, of
Piedmont, Greenville coiluty.
MA-. W. W. F. Bright, efficient county
superintendent of education, was with
uts again to-day. rThis is his third visit,
count:nag the daiy of the opening. H<
expresses regret that the situation pro
vents his attending ever.) day. However
he has a proxy here who can give him
full report of every feaatui-e of the wmoil
fr-om personal ex perienace; hin daughter
M iss Juioi, haas not only boeen on hiana
to sulpply books to the student, but1. in a
regular- studenit of the school, who hat
revear bjeen tardy, 1s ini every dlepartmenl
and in one of the bent.. In drawing, shci
in becomaing (uite iai alrtist.
Supt. E . L. Hughes of the City Grad,
edl Schiools of Greenville has notified th<
inastiructors of his itentiona to spean
a (diy with thaem, observing the wor-k,
'Thie iintructors naotifiedi him of a desire
that he0 shiold deliver ant aiddress5 to tha<
schiool and the people of the colmmunlity,
Hhast accepated for- Friday nlight, the
20th at., at the Prcbyterianu churcha. I
in hoped that ther-e be a large at
t endanc~e froma the surrouandinag counaatey
Thlei-e are fowv speaker-s tin iintorestinig a:
Mr~a. Hughes. lHe in welt known ir
Piekens, haaving conducted institulte
here inl pas1t ycairn, anid the hiainag heci
Prmncipal of the Pickens of the Pickon
county Summeri school last year.
Sever-al commulnicaitions ai-e left on
thin week.
-Come out, to the Y. 31. C. A., aex
Mr-. W. P. Willis lont, a valual lhors
last Saturday wivle ini pasturaio. Ho acce
dontly fell into a ditch anad died fror
aiajuries. Tis is a sevcero loss to Mr
W ~illis,
Mr1as. W.D. Lenaraadt tias r-eturned1 froa
Chaick Springs looking both halo an<
baatly; she reports a pleasant ataty.
Since the last fwv (lays of sunishinl'
king eottona las been burstiang faist am
shiowin~g its fleey sttpl wvhichi will soot
be read~y for the araket.
Farmers aroiund lire haave been mnak
ing good 11so of thle past few dlays saving
fodder iad hiay,thc hay crop) i very go<
in thais part of thae c'anty which we at
Mr. Jaimes JTohntsona lai rouited Mrs
Mamiio Mc~aihan's farm and wvillon b01)1
in our mfids5t. We extenid to lhim a cor
dial woeloome.
Thais secetioan was shiockced to hara thas
oulr Pr-esidenat McKinley had beaen shao
at Rutale N. Y. We wvill be glaid to knlos
athat the aittempt~f wvill not pirove fatal.
Whaat las bocome of the correspondent
who kept the Journal so intorosting.
havo nuot noonl whoe they have set-ta
their roesignuatioins.
Health in our communaity is not s
very good. Thlero ar-c somne cason o
I aralet fever- arouandl.
M.essrs. Hlarr-y aind Jamecs Stegall pait
R evci. J1. SheiWita visit last week.
Mr Ebher Ahlgood i-etuarned buom o fron
Chiarlottoa whoa-c ho haas beena for som<
timeat, lhe (came oin 28thi inast.
Mri Newtoni Moody anad M'isas Jatnii
Moodty fromi near Piedmont wa-o aar
i-ied at the residence of the ofliciaiting
tministor, R1ev. J. W. Sheriff on Sopteom
ber. Their friends wish them a long~
an prospeil-rousn life.
-Sevea-al Piekeonsitos wvere soon going it
the direclion of the qarray lasat Fi-iday
SIt must be a tei-ror juidginlg by the mwa'
they all runi when the blaists are touchet
- Mr. Ban Farmer was happily marrie<
to Miss Stcgalh last Thunrsday p. m. a
the residencae of N. J. Shierif Rev. J. W
Shacrif ofili ating. Both of the cntr-act
ing parties ar-e froem Croswell.
Mr. Clifton Parsons of Liberty is noI
ttele'graph opoeratorrat theo quarry,
rThe Re-Union Sunaday Bohuool is stil
s in a pospaerou~s c'onditiot', t1ie meetin1
1 time htas been changed to 10 Q'olook a
a m instndO Ib aft itnnn. A npnen
a -Tihe enrollment of the Graded So
- continues to inoreaso.l'Thoro wero se'
r neow entries Monday morning, and
1- enrollment now is nearly 90.
-Tho Puplis of the Seventh, Ei,
s and Ninth Grades last FrIday afteri
organized x Literary Society for solf
provement. They hold their eletiu
. ofileors which resurtsed as followa:
Frink McFall, President; llrai
y Taylor, Vice President; Jonnig L(
o Secretary; Mattio BIowen, Treasi
3,and an Exceentive Committee consiE
. of Corinino Nowt->n, Brandon Tay
g Hester C(uroton, Jennie Lewivsand V
k Dandy. ex-ofllcio.
. The following is a list of letter6
il ninilling ill the postoflice at this plaCc
, uncalled for for tho month ending,
E. A. Lesley, Mrs. L. Ilender
.Charlev Huguon, Harper Loggons,
Caria Tribble, Mrs. Harvy King,
D Woodward, J. Rowland.
Persons calling for the above
Sploso say 'Advertised."
A. M. Momus, Postmlast(
The second division of tlho u
Sineeting will meet at. Central, Mt. Ta
oil Saturday 28th inst at 10 o'clock.
The introductory sermon will
* preached by 13. F. Murphee first Qu
Call offensos ho forgiven unasked
Opened by J. B. Tramol.
i Second: Are our Baptist churchos<
tending for the faith onco delivored
the Saints? By Rev. Holland.
Third: Who was commissioned to
into all tho world and preach the go
to every creature? By M. C. WinchoE
Fourth: how wore the A postles
witness for Christ? By Rev. W. C. I
Missionary sermon on Sunday by I
W. C. Soaborn, Let everybody att<
a good timo is expected. J. C. larrot
There will be an Old Folk's singin
Six Mile church on the fourth Sun
ill September. The older p )oplo
specially invited and requested to bi
all the books they have, The yoi
people are also requested to Como i
bring their books. We expect to di
time with them. Tho professors of b
classes are invited. Bring well Il
baskets and bo preparcd to stay all d
J. W. 'I
L)st, oil September (th, One li
black hliouid, white breast, yellow (
over his ''ejyes, very tine hair, rcspombi
the namline of Roy. I will pay live (101
reward for any information leiding
the recovery of said dog.
Sept. I6th, 190112 j. W.% EAR LA
I will Itpply 1o 1J. B. Newhery Prol
Judge for Pickens count on the I
daty of Oct., next for a ilimal settlem
With MY war, Willimi Allen and a'W
be Disini-sed as guardianl Sept.. 11
1901. W. MI. Ifagoo
Sept11Owl Guurdiui.
There him been considerable inq
of inte as to whether it was unlawfu
slhoot bull bats.
A (Greenvile rep)orter last Saturday
the offico of C. F. D)ilI, president of
South Carolina game protectionl assi
tion, found a cop)y of the sta
in) regard to such lawvs. It is a fineI
$10 or 30) days in jail for killing
For the plast sevoral wveeks qul
number of the sports of thle city I
been spending their afternoons shoe
bull bats. It will do well for thlen
be on their guard or tihey' might be
secuted. Io killing them they doini
public injustice. It is said that I
live altogether on mosquitos and g
and that the denth of every bull
means that about ten thousand or a
lion gnats and mosquitoes aic allowe
E. 1B. Mundamy, a lawyer of Hienr
Txonce fooled a grave digger.
s says: "My brother was very low
malarial fever and jaundice. I pers
0e1 him to try Electric Bitters, an
was soon much hotter, but contit
their m until ha was wholly cured
am sure Eleerie Bitters saved his 1
t This rceedy expels malaria, kills dii
germs and purifies the blood(; aids d
tion, regulates liver, kidneys and ho'
cnres constipation, dyspepsia, nor
diseases, hidney tronbles, female
plainits; gives perfect health. Only
at 1olt& Tornlley drug store.
Anl examlinationl for Toeher's Ce
cates will be held( at Eisley oil Satur
a Sept. '28, 1901, 0n English Gram
I Geography, and the Sciene of Teac
-the branches taulght in the Sun
School-and at Pickens oni Mond'iy
Ilowin~g on Arithmetic, Algebra, Hist
and( Reading. Th'Iis will 1)0 the on1l
amination until February, 1902. 13
-forget this-it is impjortanlt.
County Supt. of Edueatior
3 Th'le Most. Widely Btead Newspap11el
Amic a.
Time has dembonilrated thi.mt I lie TI
t a( Week World stanids alone ill its C
6' Othier I: apers have imitated its form
v not1 its5 succ~ess. 'This is beause it tell
the inews all the timle and11 tells It hn,
s ually, w hether that. newN lbe pol1Itica
othlerwihe. It Is ini fact almost a dail
Sthe pricel of a1 week ly anld 3yon canno1
ford to be wIthout It.
R~epiublia and11(( D)emiocrat aliike can1
t he ThrIce a week World wIthI abtt(
conutlidence ini Its truth.
> Ini addlt in to new~us, It p)ublishes
f c!lass5 serliaI storie< and1( other features
((d to the hoasnd 1(1i reside.
The Thiiice 2a Week WVorldN ' e
subhscription pr-ice Is onIly $ 1.00 per:
a nd( this palys 15 paper s. WVe ol~er
Iunequalled newspapiller and11 Tlits ,J
NA i. together one year for $165,
Th'le regular subscription price of
two papera~I Is $2.00.
Citation Notice.
By .1. B. Newbery Eqlu1ire, Prol
Whuereaa, John Roper made
to me to giant h~im Letters of A dm
traltionf of thue S-atte of andl eiect
AlbsAhInIm Rope'r, d eceased.
TussEet AulS THERK1EFoII to clte
aal 0h1I al1l and shi1gula21r the in
and credltitor of the saId Absalumn Rc
I deceased,that they 1)0 and appear be
t me, In thle Court of Probate, to be
at Plekons Court 110onso, S. C., o
3rd day of Oct, 1901, after pul)ica
hereof at 11 o'clock In the fuu'moo
, ahew cause54, If anly thovY have, whls
nild Ambdulntratlon should not be g
I CdGveni 41nder my hand aind *-eal
I l4eh daiy 01 Srlt Jh 1tI Ii thle I
r' ' laNeboi v
hool UM
An American Disease.
n of DR. S. WEIR MITCHELL is au.
thority for the statement that nerv
adon ousness is the characteristic mal
wis ady of the American nation, and
.'. statistics show that nerve deaths
ire, number one-fourth of all deaths
ti rg recorded, the mortality beingmain
ly among young people.
e Sarsaparilla
July is the grand specific for this great
American disease, because it goes
son, straight to the source of the Weak
i*ts n o a s, building up health a n d
o strength by supplying rich, abund
ant food and pure blood to the
will worn-out tissues, rousing the liver
to activity and regulating all the a
r. organ.s of the body.
" Thichigam Drug Co.," Detroit, Sek.
Uverttes the amous little liver pilU. SC.
For Sail' by (I. W.arh,
ery: Josa Westlhafer, of Loogootee, Ind,
for? is at poor m an. but he Hays hto would l(
bo without Chamruberlaii 'a Pain halm, i
,oi- it cost flvo dollars a bottle, for it wive
to him front being a cripple. No Externt
application is equtl to this liiiiment fc
go stair and swolleni joints, coitracted m1u11
spol cles, stiff iock sprains ind rh1eum1a1ti
ter. and niuscular p'ains. It has also curei,
to numerous cases of partial paralysiis. .1
iea. is for saile by G. W. Earle.
tov. If you havo anything to oxhibi
1d; at the Stato Fair send to Sneetar
Holloway, at Poiaria, S. C., fo:
a premimii List.
aro Tako two cu1ps of hot wiater half at
Ing hour before each meval aid jnst hofort
1119 going to bed], also a drink fit waiter, hol
ind or cold, about. two hours after each mI(ieal
ido Take lots of ont.loor exerciso-wil k,
oth ridoe, drive. Make a regurlaar habit of tii:
lod and in mfalny cases chrohnie cos(tipaltioni
aT- may bo cnrod withbout the use of 11an.
nedicino. Wloean a plurgative is requil.
Cad take something milh and gent'o lik(
Chramber lain's Stoaiiclh and Liver Tab.
Vgi' lets. For sale by ut. W. Earlh.
"Some y18 ear11 s iago I was on1e of at paa
that intended mamking a long hieyele tr'i1
satys F. L. Taylor, of New Albany, Brad
[M. ford County, PI1. "I aIs4 taken slid
Pate denly witih diarr'haoeai, anud was nbout f
711i give up tle trip, wihenr editor Ward, o
c nt. the Laceyville Messrein ger, su ggeste'
to that I take a dose of Cilarraherliana's Colic
4ih. Ciolera and Diarilio I tenedy. I pur
I. 1hsed a bottle and took two doses, on<r
before starting and oar the route.
, ma1de tie trip successfully aid never fol
'. any ill cilect. Again list sijummor I wa
ury almost completely run down with an at
to tack of dysentery. I bought a bottle c
this namro remedy and this time 011 dos
at cured meu.,' Sol by ( . \V. Earle.
tulte Thea busiest tund mightiest littl ir hin
of fthat evor was mando is D r, King's Ne
bull Life Pills. Thesoc pills chanrge weekrno:
initonstrenrgthi, listlessness in to ene1(rg
ti a brai -frag inrto montal power. They'i
ave woirderful irn building up thre tiheoni
brag Onuly25e per box. Sol by Bolt & Thrror
to 103'.
lhoy "'Lately befell a railrorad laborer,
rwtrivites Dr. A. Keilet I., of WVillifor'd, Ari
b "t'His foot was baidly ernrshed bait liael
ul-lear's Arnrien Salvo quickly cured in
toIt's simply wonorfuer'rl for .lirnas, lioih
Piles and aill skin er'uptionus. It's tiL
world's chaminpiorn heatier. Caire gria'r
ita, teed. 25e. Suold by lBolt & Thlornaley.
"vta 'Anm ful raxiety wans felt for thae wvido
uand- of thre brave Geeratl Burinham (rf M.-.el
i hie ins, Me., whren the doctors saidi ai
rued would (lie from Priouimonria baefore muor
fO' fended her that fearftul night, but ad
cas~o beagged for D)r. Kinrg's New D)iscover'
ges- whieh hadl muere thlani anco sav'ed hri lii
vols, antd lurech' of Conrsuip ion. A It
vou taiking, she slept all nighrt. Fuar'ther u1
22om~i entirely cur'ed her'." 'Thris marv'iello
50c muedicinoe is giaurateedl to crur'e a
Thruoat, Clhest anid L~unag 1Diseases. Oar
rtin51 (n $1.00. Tr'aial bottles free it 1k
dany, & Throraloy tdrug store.
WAurN TE ).
arnor lids for Gutards Cournaty haina Ganrg.
fol- Thea C~ounaty ('onunai~iiners u itll,
Mry, thir meetIng inta he ir olice at theia. coat
rcx- haunso, onI Saitturday1, Septemberret 21st, a
on 't ceive bids for the phica(E' of guaird (e<
two) for tire yeaut I1902. Each lbdder w
be r'equir'ed to sutbmrit ihis prr'oposit ionI
wrliing atard sale-hl. Ilimay b handriail
to ary oif thIe t hree conttrissione'rs ran
theay will he' atttendedc~ to. Thre lionir
tese rves thle riplaht to r'ejrct, antd all hrids.
Also hlinley.
ii liy thie Ilalrd oif Conarrnsioner's<
l'icetns cotunaaty, Iwovu gioad murtes for' ua
awc tof coaunrty, weighrintg one thiottsar ha
Ilis, twelve huaralted [1 ,(00 (or 1,200] poauna
butt 'ea. Any onie Iniavinag tih' sate toi w
Sal ta liar have t hemr on brand at. thle comn
ra r'ti house err Satuat'ray, rca Se trr'er 21ht, 1901)
or. ' ' ). STlEP'IIENS,
y it "rvmisor'.
lute MA N
ear sa%, S. C.
arin Offers to thea~ genteral pubi
for hnl. ses eithe by'' i thne roai
1the trau.t or 11 wo''rk isa garanr ttee
whenr I- thae woark , atnd ir r<
ters to a S toi hais quai Intio:~ap
aid thlr ll piersonsa deasirntg
reliabih. rr buildcer will do we
lito to see ha >sing tratdo erlsewhrer
hldk kids
th Dried ed Lumber deli
ni to 'ort notice.
ie Part g Lumber of ti
ran, above 'y us at least t(
tiM days ba that the lumlbi
SEE 01'
Grain Drills
Disc Plows,
Hay Rakes,
Chilled Plol
Hill Side P1
1*meals, mid( thle prices aie riOlit,
Big Lot Fruit Jars
G;et Our l'Iic(s be
A"r -A-SA
Carriages Surreys, Buggie,
At an Absolut(
111101l l)113 Stovh is DAl3(l im",&, tahe (oiii
.i li
%I31 , .;34 ~ gIt otlher itiie fluge.
PRKC hillT F
H' rill S{0ideI ll< V
Big (ltsItL ~Y1ot Fruit JarsOVP
\ 4r5(( V At a n Absolutei
Al It-ae ui We r l a.-u, SIlI-a per grach' th
imrt, rlor n pro ilot. u w r,1l
yet Somemberl we1r313 iaa no hoerntor <
do A.w ~ir ewl 1el1av in.w
S hly to ..e h .epl wh te- hy iht
It Grand i'ound *'y in'thli\\X
- l olrM usins,1,wnsanL
( i t osn tp y m ocryoe
Til llIC nsao w ioyun
All 12 ad1 etsSnnrG o
Al33cnsgos eue o7en
7l an et od eue oA. e
Laies1fet n evssa 0c
A. K
1( 13l'1 I
n i i(i~g 01 (1(C um) massJ 3130,
jd i CYi WYl O ''N ~IN A I)C ll
Tuni 8iih h
"4 "If . vo jee (' d anthn i i 'i ?p I
- with de5gn aond pV~ll1( oricks to orlleW
ItY re m kos for t.e
A.T u mrn SI'p II'Stoo
Wo hiavo iust received arull asort
ac r 3l 2e coun, th in~a) blk and
'Jn't ou wdantRo oa sool CofetT
for 50 cents. NWoenl Merck' 7,hr1
ato bffro m nosuTy.t
Dofew fore iSRW IIATS y ou gov
for 25uckontEs. Nie Geenx (Cioffee , 8,t
Your8 truly,
I5 1
:ws, Etc.
the way of Farming Imple
Just Received I
fore you buy.
Morrow Co.
il our. inisine s, wNe( will Fell
1, Phatons and Wagons
) Sacrifice!
voi for it, iit, coie aitd see for your.
a'ry It! e I ib.wk,. <!nrthuul, Tyson &
&e., as strit ii uhl Gride Wagolna, the
t )weisbor , Ta N I'i :i ili (lint hattanooga.
all kitd , nmi n' e; 1rV going to iell our
y well o'ver int uA I have ai few barlIgalins
I k hire, own' ouii Ir on n remnitory and1(
have for ca-li or good waper. Polite
avI ve ine :uil -et us. WJ are always
>n or~ not -1
18sh Goods I )h artmieni t.
it i n Sci f C i(ced.
1tnd1 to next seanson, so I CUT
adl tho goods,
4 reduced0( to. 101 (cents.
iits.. S3plendid valuo.
> ot intendI to carry a singlo pair
N, iCC n \es, it Ribbolns, etc.
( reeniville, 8. 0.
& (JO.,
Ikindsl of
I Cii dI wit h oliiumiress. will b~ringi at man
90 SPECI.~lis.
E &(C0., Amdirson, S. C.
mn(it of' Fresh Turnip Seed from
>r ekIagos,
)read1 for 25 cents, or one dozen
cad and( overy spool is warranted
Irge, fat MACK(EREL4; 10 centa
,15 cen-ts at pound1(, or 2 pound~s
nd 10 pounds for $1.00.
on, Lard, Sugar, both grahulated
anlything to sell in the line Qt
ur Grass. and Qrtah noot

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