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Author of "Cih
~ Copyrit., ,by larper & IIr(
. -.1 -- --I -
lA E'NTE 1-2ECI.
6 WILL his to in1eky. w olutd
never heal': '1114 flits.
and 1. who should he I
up1) 1111d (oing, aim caged 4
like a tiger walking back and f'orth
within the limits of its ielosure."
This was lily complhint as I paced
my rooim one ilorniig shortly tfier the
accidental reopening of imly woundit. Mly
imipatience was not without cause. I
had gone south, as 1 have said, with
two objects-to find my enemy and to
gather information. I had falled inl
finding my enemy, but had gained a
complete knowledge of the points es
sential to the capture of north Ala
bama and was carrying it to the gen
eral on the day I was shot. It had o:
curred to me before setting out that.
after finishing my military inisslion, I
might still wish to continue ily search
for my enemy. Besides, there were
other contingencies, such as arrest or
ilness, which needed to be provlded
for. I had therefore arranged that the
general's favorite scout should he at
Huntsville on the morning of the 1st
of April to receive any coniuniention
I might find it necessary to transiit.
If I were prevented fron meeting him,
I was to send a messenger and had de
vised a code of signals by which he
might be recognized. The appi lnitti
day was drawing near, I was int :blit
to keep my appointment, and the're Was.4
no one at hand to whomn I could in
trust the message.
I chafed till I had exhausted lly sinall
store of strength, then threw nystelf
on my couch. Little Ethel einit iin
and, like a soft ray of sunlight lrteal
ing through stormelouds, tirne-d my
thoughts into gentler channels. She
held in her hand a bouquet of iowe-s
which, it was easy to soo, she intenled
for me, but needed encouragenetnt io
offer. I finally Induced her to du so
and to admit that she had been out a
long while looking for them for n. vs.
pecially. I trieli to unloosei 1w,
tongue, to induce her to contlide in m.
but in spite of all I could do she r
malned shy, and there was ever pin-s-nt
that awe she had shown before or i,
who had taken a life.
"Why do you look at me in that wia "
I asked.
She made no reply, casting down i.r
ey.a at my brown hand, which hie-d h-r
dimpled fingers.
"You mustn't dread ie beause I an
obliged to fight," I continue'd. "These
are wartimes. There aire a great many
soldiers in the land( wh'lo think not1hing~.
of killing one another."
"Don't they ?" She raised lher eytes,
wvide open with surprise.
"Of course war is cruel, but but it
calls out much that ia nlce."
"When they kill each othier?"
WVhat puzzling queLstions to ecome
from such unitutoredl lips1! 1 It atast
ing about for someit explanatory replyh
when a sudden initerruptioni relieved
my emibarrasseneit. .\ negro hasv dash
ed into the roomi, thirough It andt out
uf another door. lie was followed by
the w~hite boy I had noutieed onl tilt dlay
er my arrival, who was scre'aming:
"Doggone yo', Zac; Ill break t'very
hone' in yo' conisarnted blalck body!"
Tihe wvords were searceely out when
he shiot thlrouigh the dotor by7 which the
fugitive had vanished. I.ittle IEthel
lookedl after him wvith frighitenetd eyes,
evidently dreading a catastrophe.
"Whlo's that?" I asked.
"Your brother?"
"Don't be alarmed. That's only a
boy's passion. It won't amount to any
"He says such dreadful words."
"Thiat's habit. He doesn't mean any
thing by it. But it's a habit that> should
be broken."
I soon got hecr quieted, and she prat-.
tied about her dolls, her playhouses,
sonme pet rabbits and a nook lin the gair
den where she kept them. How singu-,
tar that war, which absorbed all about
her, should have no place in her mind.
Amid all the turmoil, the rumbling of
cannon, the tramp c I' men and horses,
bushwhacking, skirmishing, battles,
this innocent little maid was strangely
out of place. Her mother came in pres
ently and took her away, tearing that
she would annoy mec. I was loath to
part with her. No healIng halmi hald
been applied to my wvound so soothing,
so grateful, as was her prattle to my
fevered brain and chilled heart.
They had scarcely left mec when
Buck stalked into the r'oomi. hut hoy3'i41h
face as free from passion as if he had
never been ruffled. Heo had made sev
wral attempts to visit meW, nlotwlthstantd
ing that he had been forbidden the
room. Seeing the coast clear, lie sill)
~ein unannounced and began a firo of
"Does it hurt?"
"My arm? Yes, It hurts some."
"rm glad yo' plunked him."1
"Why do you sympathiize with mue in- t
ad of the other? You have only seen
Sa few times."
This was too much for him to ex- a
plain. I could se.- that he had concelv
ed an admiration for me, but he could
lot tell why.
"What did he try to kill ye' to' ?" he
"Welt, perhaps it was because my ex.
hntence annoyed him." d
"What did yo' want to kill him to'?" d
"I found it inconvenient to have him
shooting at me."
"I'd like to shoot a man. I shot a ei
rabbit once, but that's purty small
game. Pop, he won't let me have a se
gun yet. He says I may havo one at
when I'm 10." et
"Buck I" called a voice from the hail, te
The boy dropped behind a sofa. An old a
aegro woman entered aa04 looked he
aUannd- -
the t
Black Hair ot
"I have used your Hair Vigor
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You can rely upon it
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$1.00 it bottle. All druggists.
If your <riiggist cainlot Supply you,
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you a bot tI.-. Ill. sure and givo tito name
of your nearest xerxre-s ftee. Address, "
.1. C. Ai Y CO., Lowell, Mass.
('trai n.. ii' n .. l em lli d secrecyv---"I tinl
AIl prove. tol you before1- nlight n1o. not
efor n night. ulilt sooll flint I h141 ila n
tillr objeclt. I will no loniger re inal i
1 a hoisth He inuites of whiclh"- I a m
indv at Ftep toward4 (he dloor.. that
"Mr. 1iran d irslk"t ' coli
"),Il8s St:111fortath!" not Ic
"Ill lidditioll t) snillhig unler falso The
olors you arte now golng to endanger from
oir lIfe hy"
"Fildge! Whit is my lIfe to you?" I
Lin ) , I pe i11 I Iigers'. tie
"A gootd dea .lust n1ow. It Is unll
le'nsanot to hav' 1 personi die on ole's
I was I;II no condition for this e- ..
IlI! 4.r. .\ l/zzlln. wIs going on lII stoi
1. var it t31 ii lin1i g senislitlon In lily fl
inh0s. , kntes we giving way, ..
ndt I was 'bli,:l to sit dtiwII on tilt any
or. Il ok d li;ingly 111 : bottle of ,,il
rand v that stool ol tilthe table. but was hynr
>1) .1'dtoa k for it .na1 u m nt y i
n( l Ii i1 ii t. III . 1110MIt'lt
lolra ,.:Id pmured Some of the liqulor ..Y
itO :1 i3bh :11 d iil It to tny lips. of iI
k1:1 : reviv ing dia ft. She put thiit
LTr han tlin my shouhl.1V nui'1 gently 1)011
)lr004 me to I e down. I N
"T1hiS m11US.t 1t O'cur ag i. ih char
1. ''Y a re no' str'ength to go. and a s11
have t I. t- you while in ,
Ll toll k t u her haud. NO
"la. ::by " h n Prs
s nk tn of ung the A
"I k1 -wouhl. neennse Ereml.
I:. ll : i
'It dow n It, -
- tes
-77'- didin a pc
"I vIsli.'wni.-t asky. D
"., itt."
IVIS I Iti't' Ustion.".
l~ttt t~ 1 frItm the)4daytifu.'
Ia ili 4. rc i '4l ly replyht. I k I S by hern.
.1 la-r ..'h
5a heroin :11 iuiteil wtht the t' sIaIt ifo
t'sa vaII. 1I pha-54Ie."l cre." ~H0 ~t'
T)iH' liit of one1 <lnetkio havigtbeen ,a
ve41rse ledi this Itlie ct1( 10 f tash ion 114
\ri ht wet-e youi dlit ng1( ftr? 'Blalt<o h
oh okigg i0 om' IiI'ntaI one."y ,~
i t i' not rply tocl foe. I. baitin -
ngi~t it sine 3in ty whlh t pu a had
llt' 1i itel( youi." COaiOree tl,"wl
ni rnet anskrn, u Int's grea tuot.(les
Ieu myit ian at linuttsille?
'"Yelu will 54ep4 wha 'I tell you a eIr
iret':" milliIa 11:1 1:1 (il i
''Iyel. no dIl 'i' yO. I)o 3
"OWThoadl him. l to t4':
'G tap i l.l'I-ItIV"
's Pwa. Iat'i seho dresrae statsf
fl -
..1Tal..--------.-1---- I -i1l+i oi
io p. A. MITCHEL,
attanlogl%" IChickanalanga," Etc.
1to _144i2
"Yo', Bucl! Yo' hildin sonewtiar.n
o' naw'll spank yo' sho' er she cut chi
'0' hyar troublin the geinilen. 'oni
ut o' darl I knows wvhlalr yo' air!"
I was about to inter'fere, but a natu
al distaste at giving away a f1ellow
reature caused 1me! to dlesist.
"I thought I hetarn dat chilei talkin."
rLhe wom1an (Stood still a iionwnlt-1. hut,
bearing no soind, lunbered4I (t4ot' li the
room. The hoy Ippi41 tll tron1 his
hiding plice Us soon ats 'lhe lini g-in.
"I like yo'," wre tli- first words he
uttered. "Yo' wouin't tell on a iller,
Would yo'?"
"How cOuld I we 1 io le glad I
'Pluiked' my eneiny? Is that your
namny ?"
"YS; that's ILib."
"Nursid you froit na h1y?" o
"Yes, :iIi sl 14(kon1s she's goin to
nurse ie till mny if."
"Is your ialie iuekinghaIll?"
"llucklinglia III! No; I ali't got ally
Buelh (loggole ni'I tlne as t hat! .\l y 24122ile'
"How dlid you ihappen to get tbat
"'Cause I was horned thar."
"In 01cke."
"Recko4n 't Is 1114 sa live."
I con titelnplat AHuck Ifor awilew111 h111
out her11-ing an.2 N ft* the 4p4 t2 he 1
coitiIIIeuI to lir e al tll.-. W h V 14-t inl
trust hiin with ithe s11.;1:1I? li-r
w ts eovry r 0s1 why I ol tl III,
s0 excl1t tht1: i- w s \% v4 - i to n1.
and I kuid ill, (Inc 42 ls t. -u' . h\\ Il
I was h-1l111-rat:ingv 1.h11 cmn: in. -mur
pris d h n:i gul 1d 4 1 4: . 444 hi 4i utt'f thi
rooi ' :4 .1h11 1w h . L
I heard tei t i ll iln th e v nra 11:1.
1t nll fl l t - h1 1 l, t11 141- l in th
s11rcas... :2 S of 4 --l. I ary n "' l -
den. Thm 2h"> hlm l -\ ilh-'t' 1 been 1 ,.h 1
to presetivl I ra vin_ what Nvws beting
doe o uhlheret was at hurry.ning,
to a1l fr!, :and I w th1.%\ . lat s Inl th ing
unuiisituil 1:141 . .IllnI d. AIt4 r I l 11:14
been l td4111141 I I.'-], whI to hadu I inan 144 -
while. e ; i',-' "In 11N d sky eapnlor,
al 24ppel 1-2.? 1 1. il, grutuI.
H 24:1 I!;, - 1.~i 2444 --:1*I'' g
It erurelto~w h~gIl ic:da
CO I l ilRtI! i , 111:f 1111,101 '"tsd un e
roof oif' i:.y f r - :i w\.as tic -
min1", a. ta ge
-124 t' . -
t e ur wnan
poef frtele le ooeh a
bee4intrute not~' to talk to mue abouti~
t he n la ys ! 4 'te i I u t 1g e tpu r g e g 2 4 1 1 1p ,1
"Iuc'k,"' isked, "'who e'lne to the
house aiwhile' agoi"
"'Wasn't an2yho0dy ('4nm11 to thle hoe
awhlle algo."
"A sick man,11 wasn252't It ?"
"No, hie wasn't iiek."'
"I thought you saitd 240 One came?"
"Of COurse no onle eaine; he was ('22r
"'If yO' kniow SO 411.1 muchbout It, 31r
Brandystone, what's tihe use o' asl:in4
"You adm~lit that whoever he was Ihe
wasn't sick?2"
"Of course he wasni't sIck. 11(1w
could ho be sick It lhe wasn't anv
There was a suddlen rustlIng In thel
ball, and Helen swept Into the room.
ber eyes flashing fire.
"Buck, leave the room!" she COin t
standed in [10 unceertain2 ton14. luck
uave i Ilanco at his~ sister\ wbihtl 11
hiin he had better obey3. and1( wal1ke'd
out a'eluctantly.
"You have been listenting," 1 saIt
"I have not. I wa'us coting through
tbp ball and heard y'our last remaitrk."'
"And you2 Infer that I was tr'yIng to
et a secret which does [not at all con1
bern m11?"
"I most assuredly do."
"You are mistaken. I care nie mor42e
or what occurs in thIs- house t'hani for i
he 'color of' the dlress you happen to
rear. I Ivud aznother' object In liuies- 1
Ionilng your2 lbrother."
"I dare say you1 had."
"I wished to discover)if be could keep tl
"1 (da2re say3 y'ou (did."
"I have Iitend~ed 'nothing dishonor- 0
"Fudlge!" She snapped hier 'fIngers I
ud tier eyes at the same tme. &
"You dott't bl'ieve mec. Very' well, I n
an't helleve that you were not eaves
r'olpig." C<
"I waIs not enavesdIroppingl" she-cied w~
atly. "You have the word of a south
In lady.' ['2
"And I was not trying to get your' b
cret. You have the word of a"- I
opped short. I hiad run against a ki
ag. She gave me a glance of con
rnPt and triumph. Her hard wIs upi, a
little to one side, her' nostils dilated,
r breath slow and measure(1.
'Miss Stanuforth." IL said-I mwa near
She kept her eyes on the road, watch
rg a wagon that lumbered by. "I
ion't know whether I would or not."
"You want to know all about him?"
"I do."
"In the first place you would like his
"It might be well to begin with that."
"Then I can't begin, for I don't know
its name."
"Not know his name?'
"What is he like?"
"Tall, well built; square shoulders,
vhich he throws back like an officer in
he regular army of the United States."
I paused. She waited for me to con
"You would also like to know wheth
r his death would bereave any one-a
ather, mother, sister, some woman
vho hangs upon every word he says
vhen he is with her and dreams of him
onstantly when he is away?" I spoke
he words bitterly. I was thinking of
ay loss.
"Yes, I would like to know that too."
"I can't satisfy you. I have seen Din
inly once and then at a distance."
"Does he wish to kill you?"
"No; I don't believe he is aware of
ny existence."
"Singular," she murmured thought
ully. Then she turned and looked me
n the face. "lle has occasioned you
ome great sorrow-done you some
nighty wrong?"
"You promised to ask me no more
"True. I beg your pardon."
Another woman would have pouted,
!oaxed, done everything but asked
openly to have her curiosity gratified.
lelen Stanforth was made of sterner
Ituff. She stood looking out of the
vindow without another word. I wait
d till I was satistled that she was too
)roud to ask for favor, then started in
tgain with the purpose of watching the
levelopment of some other inood.
"You are heart and soul a Confeder.
"I am."
"And you w Ill not excuse those south.
ern men and women who differ with
"Yes, if they do it openly."
This was a cut at me which I did not
eare to notlee. "Have you ever seen,"
1 asked. "men forcel at the poilt of the
bayonet to enter the Confederate army 7
Have you ever seen families trying te
leave the south to join those with
whom they ailliated shot down it
their tracks?"
"You are a Union man, or you would
never talk that way," she interrupted.
"I was born and bred in Tennessee.
"Yes, in east Tennessee."
"May I not have seen great wrong
done and yet given my heart and soul
to the southern cause?"
"You way. but have not."
She was getting too near the truth. I
must throw her off the trail.
"I will impart one wore piece of in.
formation with regard to myself. Yot
have promised to ask no more ques.
tions and have kept your promise
You deserve a reward."
I took from my pocket a letter and
held it up to her. It was addressed to
-th Tennessee Cavalry,
Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Hecr face lighted. She did not know
there were Tennessee regiments in the
Union service. "I knew you were a
soldier, and now I know you are a
Confederate." She put out her hand,
but I did not take it.
"No, no," I said, "I will not take an
unfair advantage of you. That evi
lence is not conclusive. I have shown
t to you to prove that I may be what
[will. I could offer as good proof that
C am a Yankee."
"I don't care who you are, you are an
bonorable man."
"I see no reason for you to assume
"You have said it would be easy for
vou to prove to me that you are what I
wish you to be?"
"But you will not. You have reason
to remain unknown; you have a great
purpose; you have been robbed of some
one you love; y'ou have suf1'ered from
ionmc of those outragos in east Ten
aessee that papa has told us about.
rher~e has been a cowardly murder.
You will be revenged. I know it; I
reel it."
She was splendid in her indignation,
ser sympathy. I protested against this
)urst of confidence, but to no purpose.
WVere I the veriest demon in Moloch's
rain no one could convince her of it.
wvas not learned in the ways of wom
mn, but I had gained an insight into
his girl's nature. Though it smol
lered, it was emnotionai. No light kin
lling could set It aflame. There must
)e some strong underlying impulse.
E'he purpose that I had revealed to her
3ad taken hold of her imagination.
But it troubled her that I should
withhold my secret from her. She
rave me an appealing look.
"Why do you not trust me?"
"I do trust you. Am K not at your
mercy? Should you inform the author
ties that you have an unaccounted for
man under your roof I should be ar
rested at once."
"I would never do that."
"No, but will you aid me in remaIn
lug incognito?"
She was silent. There was evident.
Ly a question which she was trying to
olve. "Would tha* be helping you to
till your man't" she asked.
"Suppose it wouldi"
There was a dangerouis gitter in her
iye. Perhaps she exp~erienlced a fasci
~ation in being thus Indirectly a party
*o my work of vengeance.
"You have not answered my ques
ion," I said.
Still she was silent. The blood was
owing and going auroralike on her
eck and cheek. Presently she drew
ecr lips together tightly as if she were
triking aln enemy.
"I will."
0 flU coNTINUD4 *
~t Fever Medicinle
mingle day what slow quinine eannot
stiigcnrait to the feeble cures
utjy. She calls himliern, but he
He's mine. I got a big dog too."
lver mind the dog. Could you get
our pony and ride into Huntsville
, w
ait eot (1ill f tiewyaper oI aned
mornng'sss.5 Isaneit
ms'ter yolooksing~ at u th waern
maln body of l* the Yaneevae maebin
hll e I
i d t Pit u it tiwn wtler ort h awll
ess oi( the dralm menra brack.
ollnt ANii',* i t C llit s ie pa ero
tn hrd ls e. ISc'i'' t
msan tme ioiigt tleae 01'(1
iking ot ot the eaing ad hac hin
ate was the 1st of April.
tw, liuck," I sad, "get out yoir
Stheni come to ine for instrue
Jok i-hiyar, Mr. lrandy-Branity
, .ll t lrandins tne, if yo' got
struellons I reckon yo' better give
o mie nlow. AlebbIe If I comle back
that doggonl e ole 1.1ai 'I 1 om e III fill
tile oui t.'
ou're right. Rteach ie that sheet
:te paper mnd a book to write o -
thin one; o a penell. All rigut.
t say a word tIll I have tinished."
ote a message in as irninitesnalt
antlers as I was able onl a thrd of
e t of paper:
hine shops at HuntsviUe In good order. Pi
: t loco-notives Nearly a hundred cars.
re in the town. Teo the east road runs
1 with and near the pike for several uiles
i hamy to cut. To the west party to cut
ad mr'ust rass round the city on the north.
gathe-rit- a'11 possible forces at Pittsburg
arg, but several thousand nen at sh t
iut ne:ter address nor signature to
s none was necessary, and they
lA be conclusive evidence against
f the amessage should fall into the
ig hands.
uck." I said. " ount your po
ride to lluntsville. A few min
before 12 o'clock go Into the Hunts
e.~ n the touar. o the est radru nd
nthe arn allery Atk f12 o'erlockle
Sad wth blckT eweston par tond
antd bet asrod wtl wacity on the rh
ry. Dnt say thuandthing ato haim.
ut aneiater awhdre norl sgatureme
'ilnne? waske tessay, ahdstey
>f bewoner.i"Whevidene sagins
et; maisag should ifalle's thea
wg anh'ld a,'t' .lu a.
u,"I yo usay 'Rmoun you're
rbdyt asknsilou wAt ke in.o
efer 12n o'clotck ito the Huns
homteachuingo.-You bust bric
et's the wor?' and yu stair hand
'nthe nt galeryA supos 'clock
ujwith tlac eyese loeard ando
irough ter illgu wlit one."
>ut hon' sayanyhingh hi m.esn ilb
land afterfectly. he s set
awa wither th" nuntoWhatl hiny?
anythringo shoue, if wrong the tha
rher itangr.' wT thate he
by sklwing yo rohedat klutofa
her it wasnt the ying the hassa
'hatn hasscrte? What's a seze
:l'i teahin and. hYoarhe mut say
dIy as ighte hben hepolnted
iut the wotld' eaecti youca miain
thibst noe Now, abltyuptose ash
withg th d iOIld earnd ou
'ug some udiaour wt.m.
learnedoo It pamecly, rexlaied s
asyhinagon" should have it
rathe commnia'te wia ter thape n
to R:Ipo t. a roiled Itto a y
anver, it ieave tile lnotorro
Ging and, ittl hay m sgemie
esb hie goimde mt'adrcoved utla
dlre asnd ea tobete apoomntd
:s.l~ Sho tedd e work ue i misin
tchbesto hers abilitydbuboutwar
yng cridn hered hein wouldi
om bilung ookr nth, aemr
ay. Se was goe trI typel hfa
dtoer woma-talllt rathery tan head
soimpsourtai a atte to akeoy
'evrts llvolenae hreahoforow
h.ng aer hif and eyesswee ais
e snh, bhie on' herscoveed wasl
)mehtolr. else." ssmehn
ier and. beganuld set that praony,
5,Shettnled to av hermet wokldi
yanid otve look u afte.n
het hr he yoothvken about?" 1r
,ing a t hee movigjechwih
ore direcne oss habemr
Slyn you amea tu Atabam o
ter woman-aiel, hi?" y ha
nThr holdrld'S Gra t e,
ort anll ormsof each forNSON
1ime 1 tcr hanuin and e i as
doz ind.0 Iays.It' selend thrat paein
hadae yuninki aou.
ii C'u ( siTdhi R ?" CRT
4SWR;jI 11 ok31! 111
AVegetable PreparationforAs
similating tae'oodandRegula
tingthe Stomachs aid Bowels of
Promoles Digestionfcheerful
nessandlRest.Conlains neither
OplumMorphine nor Mineral.
Aw"sL &Wf*,
Woe ,CoVutin
Aperfeci Remedy for Constipa
Tion, Sour Stoniach,Diarrhoca
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSimile Signature oF
We have a number of
Elegant Lines of
Ladies Oxfords
Which we are determin
ed to close out. Among
them are several lots at
$3, $2.50 and $2, which
we will close at $2,25, $2
and $1.50.
Will also close some lots
of $1,50, $1 and 75 cents
goods as follows: $1.50
black Kid Oxfords at $1
ians 75c. $1 black Kid
Oxfords at 75c. tans 50c.
75c black Kid Oxfords
50c, tans 25c.
Pride & Patton
Greenville, S. C
From the Up-T1o-].itc Carpet Hiouse,
1517 Main Street, Columbia, 8. C.
Write US for Samples of anything~ in
our line. Goods shippedC~ anywhere in
the State frec of freight. We are al
Ways8 busy. No (lull (lays withb us.
Wh'n in Columbia, come and see us.
Anybody cant show you the place.
That will py $25 to $100 Ilvidends
Monr~hly is a thorough, practical Busi
ness or thorthiand training at
Stokes' Business College. I
W%'rite or call for Catalogue and fll par
*1s9 King street, oharleston, S. (O.
a or. sITUATno1s secURED.
j.. io esautiful. Nearitle Blne Ri
5..oct io- tamn water. No derithi since
Buildings ""ue 'e If'.Rn
torlum wit h seating capacity of l,t00. ('om
Bath Rooms--hot and cold water,
Curriculum. Thborough work- F'iic
Decpartmnent, Kindergartesna. ulue Pdg
experienced and dIistinguiished director edluca
For catalogue and particulars, write
1851. FURMAN UN]
''?wo courses are offeredi leading to the da
Master or Arts (M.A.). Library and Readling
tories. New Forty-R oomn Dormitory. Kx pe
system. catalogue and cheulars of in formatio
Opens October 1st. lI. A. P
For rooms apply to P'R('. HI. T. ( O00K 0
Presbyterian College
,a e , ". -.a u. I) rmni 'ry. $ liltil
ii I ~ '. oI *lle date year. F4ive
' M. i it IaC good. t.ouirses of study
Finni ('omn crcial t;ourse. Write for catalogue
For Infants and Children.
he Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
AUuU8I',%. GA.
JFFfCC AND WoR.Ks, N) t um'A UoUW'A, 8. (
Doors, Sash, Blinids anll Rilder's
H a td ware.
All Correspondence given prompt 'at
Hardware Compiuy,
(Successors to C. P1. loPpenheim),
Wholesale and Retail I)calre ii
Arms, Ammunition, Agricul
tural Implements and
)f cycry kiruI and description. Senid
fostal for Priiecs.
King Street, Charleston, S. C.
EE-M Medicated Cigars
EE-M Smoking I'obacco,
for users of Tobacco that suffer with Ca
arrht, Asthma, or Brontchttis. We guaran
ee an absolute and~ permanent cure of
3atarrh and it. is the ounly known remedy
ori.lay trever. I f your druggist or grocer
Ioes not keep it. write EIC-M I 0., Atlanta,
a., for F'ree 8ample Tradle suptplied by
~arpenter Bros'., Greenville, 8. C., or
~rutchtield & TJollesoni. Spartan burg. 8. C.
Agents Wanted
NGTON." Written by lumself Every
ody buys; agentH are now making over
i100 per month ;lbest, book to H IlI to color
dI peo pIe ever p~ blished. Write for terms,
r sen d 2- cents for out lit and~ begin at
nce. Please mentlion lbhis papler. Ad
J. L. NICEIOrGs & 0 , A tlanta, Ga.
HRLESION 00MMENlft 80 0 0 DL
(Y. MI. ('. A. Building.)
Ing St., - (3 brlat2', S. C.
Sentd for catal~o?ue n~r di termi.
)CtMlITIONS I PO 1'TlO..!! NO tu lOi'T
More callIs thnt we enn piblyt 3'fll. G utr
atee ol posit ins backodl by %$i)ie. Cou rst 5
ttiXei l if. Euter un)l t irne, Cid liloguc frr o
chiruss (C 11.\fN liA FtU1~ tN fYs ''t (i~g
i. s. C.
Ige. UTnsu rpassed Illalthfulneiss.N .ioun.
:hool was founded--forly-sevent years,
tled. Elegant large new hibrary, IBead.
n. )i nintg foom, SItudy Hlall, atd Auidl
Tortable Oormi tory attd hecture Itooms.
Ilegiate coutrses. Musitic, A rt, Elocution
'gy, 8tenography, Tly pewriuting. Primary
schn ical skill, moral worth, Chtristian
Conservatory of Mustic hteaded by an
ed In A merica and GJermatny.
. JAMES, President.
[V ER SIiT'V.19
1, s. C.
, la.,l)., Prestlent. -:. 5
t'rees of Rachelot of Atu (tl.A.) atnd
Rioom. P'hysical andl Chemical Labora
fises redtucedl to a mintimttm by the me's
ritt request. Addlress.
MONTAGUE, Greenville, 8 0
cenvlle, 8. C
of South Garolina.
tC t boardint studentIs. Limited nutm
will pay for bo trd rCom-rot, matrl
ptrofesisors and Otne insgtructor In faciul
Qadinug to degrees of IT. A. and M, A
>r Information of any kind to
SPENCER Clinton, 8. u.

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