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Was Much Worse Than War
Carpet Baggors From a Southerr
Point of View.
Thomas Nelson Page's contributioi
to the September number of ti: At
lantic Monthly shares with that of ex
Governor Chamberlai n, of South Caro
hui1a, the distiction of being the mnost
notable of the Atlantic's litne series oi
'The Reconstructioil Period."
Chamberlain was himself one of th<
Reconstruction Governor3 of South
Carolina, and was in ollice wihen Gen
Wade IIaipton iade the miasterly
Campaign which restored the State tc
the control of its real people. Gover
nor Uhamberlai (it New Eniglander,
who had moved to South C.roliina
after the war, and who ias since move(
back to his old home) was quite i
partisan in those (lays. lie foughlt
hard on the wrong side. lin his article
in the Atlantic lie nade a clean breast
of the whole thing, admitting that I
had been wrong, that the treatilient of
the South during the Reconistriuetion
period was shaneful, and that the ad
ministration of the carp)Ct-baggers vas
as great an injury to the South as the
war itself had been.
Mr. Page approaches the subject
from the point of view of the native
Southerner. Ile writes in a temperate
vein; mndeed, his reference to Ithe icar
peL-baggers, while unmistakable in its
import, is no more scathfiniig than was
Governor Chamberlain's. After rc
marking that the people outside of the
South before the war had an utterly
mistaken conception of the character
of the Southern planter aid slave
owner, imagining him a lazy fellow
who cared for nothing but hisi pleas
ures, Mr. Page observes that the war
had not been in progress nmy days
before the North and the rest of the
woild was entirely relieved of this
wrong impression. But, as Mr. 'age
says, the strength of the Southern peo
pie was demonstiated more stiilkingly
in the wretched (lays after the war
than during the war itself. We quote:
" What the South really was she
gave no small prool of duiring tie war;
she gave even stronger proof after the
war. Without ships; without money;
without machinery that could produce
a knife a blanket, or a tin cup; without
an ally; without even the syipathiy of
a single nation; without kInowledge of
the outiide world, or' indeed of her
able and determined opponent, .Ahe
withstood to the fiial grasp the viast
forces thrown against her-endiring
all things, hoping all things, until she
was not only overthrown, but actualyt
W(ostroyed. Vhen Sherman inarched
acrass the South to the sea lie foun it
to be ani empty shell. At that same
time the campaign from the Itapilan
to Appomattox cost Grant I 24,000 inca
-about two mien for every man that
Lee had in his army.
".But as notable as were the intre
pidity of her soldiery in tie fied allnd
the endu ance of her people at home,
they were not equal to the resolution
and courage that her people displayed
in the great and unrecorded struggle
afterwards. The one was a light of
disciplined armies, with an open sky
atand a fair field, the endurance 01 a
people animated by hope; the othet
was a long mind desperate struggle,
with shackled hands(1, against a fue that
in the dairkness, unknown to the rest
of the worl, or with a sort of lindl
applrcval on it part, fastened on its
vitals and slowly halppedl its life blood.''
Th'le distinguished writer is sure that
If Mr. Lincoln had lived the country
would have escaped most of the biluni
ders and follies:land crimeskof thi llecon
structioin. Whatever may be sid of
Lincoln, he had coimuon sense and ap
plied it to the business of government.
His death let loose upon the Sotuhern
States a horde of fanatics and unplrin
cipled schemers, against whom the
forces of conservatism, deplrived of
their leadler, wvere unable to nmke ainy
headwvay. Returnig to the impressiv'e
language of Mr. Pagc:
" The whitec race wvere disfranicisedl
and were not allowed the franchise
again uintil they had assented to giving
the black race absolute eqnulity ini all
matters of civil right. T1hiis the leaders
of the other side v'ainly imagined
would perpetuate their power and for
a time it abmnosf. priomisedl to (10 so.
T1hie result, of the new regime tus
established ini the South was stich a
riot of rapine and rascality as had
never bee~n known in ihe history of
this country andi hardly ever in the his
tory Qf the world. 1lwouhld seem in
vestigatedl it for themselves. The Statecs
wore given over to pillage at the hiands
of former slaves, 1led largely by adven
turers whose only aim was to grautify
their vengeance or their etupidity. The
measure of their peculation ami( (lan
age, as gatigedl by figuires alone, 5 aug
gers belief. Unhappily, the credul ity
and ignorance of the negroes t,rew~
them into the handls of the wvorst dle
mont among the adventturers who wert
vicing to become their leaders. Th'li
man who was bold enotigh to bid thi
highest Outstripped the othere. Und~e1
the teaching and with the aid of thes<
leadters the negroes showced simans o
rendering considlerable p~arts o>f th<
Southern States uninhabitable by the'
whites. Had the lat ter giveni tlhi
slightest Sign of being cowed or o
yiu ~mg they priobatbly would havy
been lost forever; but, fortunately fo
tihe Sotith, they never' yielded."
All of Mr. Padge's article should1( b
readl by those who wish to get, a cloni
accurate and good-.temnpered dle5uril
tion of the sufferings of the South dIn
ing tbe Reconstruction. Not with b)e
ternoess, not, witlh vindictiveness, shioui
we remember these sutierings; but, w
should reieilber them, neverthiele:
We should remember them in ord
that we may escape over havitg to
1-brough sueb an ordeal again. U n
- we live put about tihe ballot a Hll
I guard which will protect it from tll
who Jack the iitelligence and char)
ter which a suffragani should poSs
we cannot forget these things withe
Two of the most famous and pr ,l:
bly the two ablest. Reconstoi ucti'
GTovernorsi were Daieil 1I. Cab
lain, of South Carolina, and Adelbe
Amies, of' Mississippi. They 1im
givein recently vCry ston tcstimo1411
aga1tist the scheme which they we
Chosen tIo assist in carryin litt, ;l
which they found to be based utpol sUi
fals3e prinu ci ples that its complete failu
WI not, sUrprisiig.
Inl the Atlantic Mont1hly a fe
m1(onths mgo e-Gover.nor Chalmhibual
-30, forth that Zachatiahl Chiandle
1ery L, Wi!soln and the other org aiI
Zers And directors of the (Reconstiu
tion mlovementIII were- anmm11ted nleitll
by lova of the Union 1nor by, a dee
miiatiou to seclre j ust ice to t0lie n egr
but by hatrd of, tI,e whitte peopl
the South ailt 1 determiIiatioln to hum
litll tlem as iucI as poible. T14
chief aim, f ri jecons iitIctioii was " I
Putl thle botiom rail onl top."1
CGovernlor. Ch1amlberhtinl content~
that the policy which was directe,
againl st the South f s zeverai vemi
afl'ter the w ir w:e, fro i very 11,iit i
view, is discredisable to thle 3-1 tatc3
mat'shin (f i11th(r as it W-ts I
tieir 111,1191 of fai ss to a1 l ple
Sx-t ov rnor AIme, While not so si
vere ipon ''hola St''s COt i as I
e:.-G vernlor (ala inbo-ilii, is quite a
emphatit. in his con)Ilumnation (,J re
1m1111., th1i hw cam . it) the S 1m; tror
New luv m with, prom-lve
tio-Ies. i'vuih e xperi kiec e p oved to hl l
I r l I I l t i ': V tI Ie * 1 b i. he e:1 to)inn l1u) i
lationl e uh el *.itt he nl e g~ to politi
Oal ispCali!y wI h the wh ilIes. Alte
seei;g 11 1 e:y !cmiel :n1 han lhh
to te" IIt het wals covee tat it waw
in hs receti bo -! ml his alminis
I rat in as ( ()\ ( .ve: 14r of .\ltskinip i, h%
rec a' 1 s his (''0 e\ (io thi it' I p olitica
part-y inI 1,11, -ouar. Iy kv, ml:nlet .
greaut1r !binndel' Ino did the XIepulil
(",Il lu rly WIhIe it :e111mt ed!1 to pla(e
tile ee:1ro onis ofb po ctIal eilualit
wilh the whit(:
It is a1 IV Iy that mo lilk Cha;:Iihet
ai) ain1 .\ :, ~ d ia. 3o ' Ce ;hle 31i1h
c Itt i'n of the i e 1 'iciou thieorie
of l1'' .-.: 3eti* n is cr dita le ev l
1dgefield County Taking the Lea<
in a New Reform Mlovemeit.
A practical 111-1 deter-Imiin(d effort i
hcing' unide1 in ldgeliel to haive;
(41p111lte oVIhlintl 13112 of1 it Pntire rom
system(i, so' 1as to -i1Ice. it ( 1M del ant
modernhi'!1 lines. Mr. I.I C. C l ihlleioII
in 11a1 inr1rview with a lelortr oflh tih
August3a Chrolieb . his ivn the foI
l'ing account (it the good rls Coil
fereliee wihich wias hill I iectitly a1
E'.l sit.hid and which w's a coinplet
Thei(:Ii meeiig was WinS3) 3xceet iingly iin
tel ilit 44)ne, refipresent1 ative's of pr ob
ably) (every' nieighbhllood ini the coiunt
lbe ing prlm~elient, an1 I thiese: reparesenuta
nessM me1'n of t hh i eighb1 4)lorhs. The
camlie togethier on1 3 (a cal urely f'or thi
the Iois~~, .1)nd much(31 colbidence it
theref'ore, iiowi telt, after such'1 a1 dI
pos3 i tv cha1ract. r ill b Ie donea.
Thei( lead ing~ businevss people11 of' th
counlty hok upon the ma31tter' as one
hine s and33 de1( I4velopmentii . LailIls at
now wIrt soi .( muich. T1he pieOst 3in b~
what31 wii :liio-rease the1(ini? It is~hi beiv
good1 ro311ls will do Lte- reilhy goli
reis0i1, reIs.3) 11 h ilot. by eniginleen'
with only slighbt, ri-.cs inistead of' hilh
P'rof. lllmes, ot thle Un ited Statoc
department (11111 of~ atic'ltr nuLIiClide 3n ii31
(dress of muilch force 3t the 106:01d1e bi
inec3 tig, and1( he said hle hi; heen Iiov(
Etdgefield Couniity c4)t1 iderably, sudl
cienitly forit him) to da3y tat he hlleIcve3
the roads1 of the coun ty couild be res~u
veye.d b~y a1 c3ompetent road31( enginet
andi( none1 of them11 haive a1 grade 01. 1m10
1.han11 foutr percent ;1 thaut is1 a11rise 1
mioret than four' --feet, in one hiundre
an ywhire, and1( thiiWls as as step as8 al
road11 should he. Ati,'rsent I the~ 1031
are0 sown with hills of tenl, twenty a1)
llhnesl 53aid the enirle sys5temi ougl~
giicurs-it t01ok braitis5 and1 31 lot
themi toi propely locate- 31 roadl s','ier?
lie aledti i'1(1 atenion to1suc phI3IjtIn:e
that ti~wo horses (3(ub1 pul1)l1 easily oni
level reqjured four imloro horse's to1 1
hitched to it on striking a h31i'3 rii
on ireaching a rise of tell feet iln 01
hutdr'ed, 0(13., but1 that1 thiis fa(t, w
geeueraly not appareni' t, lhe(3ituse 1tenu1
3were not II)lded 'is they3) could( he wi'it
out. thel hils. I1(e adviseMd 13ons1ta1
wvorking, the use( of malichlinery', t he 1la
itgo'eay over' the sand)1 remis and1(
sand over Ilay' roaids, unti1the pe3lop'b
C were ready for- macadlam. lie (fill n
3 bhcheve ill (lie (contr(act :st(' im.I
r ad(1vised( taxationh to) buil Iproper rom1
- aying that in all (listrii('ts where'1 ''(
e ronds were'(mad~e-- -1roads1111O apprximt<
' -level, fhard and31 smoo(th, wtiouit n
(itay seasOn-the peoplhe at IirsI <
-jcted-1'to tiaxatji, bt aflter' t ('i
work Was (done, the~y chunore0dl fir t
(levying of the tax and conitinuianice
C the work, lin had neer.. na o
,s. ty or Lownshi) which taxed itself'
er for macadaml, though before compI
"o Ing of being poor, 1h. afterwards
til gretted the expenliire. It co4ts I
-to use had roads 11ha11 it does to 11
S gooI oies, he said.
C- " ProfesorI 10llhe1s i's the State
.s ogist of North Carolina, a mau of
it wcieltilie attaiinnen ts, for 8oml(e I
beiung also on the lecturers' staif of
a- l'tedi~ataricultund departml
i Ilki visit was muitch appreciated
T- will ( great g.l
rt ongr'elsini Talbertpresided <
ve tle leeflg, makiig an earnest
y ,for*(I practical actimn. Senlator B5.
'r Tilnlillai Openedl the addre'sse, 1)(
(I Followed by 'rf. H~ohnes. Sell;
1b Tilhian said it was necessairy to
e I ti ly overhaill the road sytem of'
Cun nyI , having resIrvey( and
wv lovnted. It was Iseless to coltillu
n work roads that were in the wr
i, places, whbiebl could iIt. be mile "
i with :my% a1mount( of1 work onl acCO
(oi the hills ;Ind upon which work'
-r)oon wahd away. Hie thl.uehl1
r- collnutatioln fax sbould be levied
Acdt( of roid duy ald a Ir:lperty
Silaposedl, aini tile who!e Nsytem
I- upon a (;ash basis, uilng liredl sIlu
o which shouild'l 1W keit, ConllstaltlV
0 % 01k. lIe spoke for twit .en1ty mliinll
ul-riu, acionl ()f thleprpryhh
Sanld Voters of' Me county to put do
Ia proper sy'st em of rOnd', as it wo
l deerease tle co(.t of hauling, inere
I, profiits, ineicase Lite valie's of ha
Wi- ml lirgely lielj to biing lro-pe'rity
O'en. M. C. luller Aso addres
the meet.in, ai aid lie agleed w
- 'enaltor Tilillia and P . I lol Ies t
i wml. the mystei oh Ed4. field Couw
s.necded m11ot was to be r'(',uIrveyed r
rlocated( a lie 111(1 hrIlir beht I
pinlion. lie could no :[-ot think
J h his evrl titile Ie lodei about
mI 844 aprenit hmow 4 asily bad h
-idd b avoided. lie W ted t he
-mit)' cnlgineer il ever(11y countV in I
tite. lie had wriitti a ieries
r r ricles I the Ncwa anl Courier seve
ar'e :i Ago, in whien lie undertook
-11how whI-ia 1 grcat, loss, Oh people
,fit MLate wei Suiing on acc'unt
b4(1 11ad; he3 halt estiliated tihe c
-I repails it vehib-l5 in vl ious col
I in the State on account (f 1
[tzjl.11 the 1i tre wer" appaillil
Iland could n11ot have - any r t v
\it'W the chilni'aetler if thIe I'oads n
- \i.tII'' h Cig }iI iitteV to rein;
r1 ater y.rI n the rm nI 11 ty.
i oe S4la rfIreally i il e'a 11
Ckrial11 pro, cIly 1i .1 or r1eals. (I
awould cost, SolInet lhil l I I1
3 were't worth the1 cost.. 'iut wh.Ia Ie
Iw.l.S done! shonid be donle unlder as p
1('Ct a .ystcm s18 possible.
Gnilc iii BiLler iltroduced a res
4 ri4t, which le lilat Ce.1rc'flly preal
before the Ileetilg, ai'ng tie Le',
I iatille at its 1,ex Session to pass a I
adWhng, the ditties of* attention to I
iIMprovelenlt (if the State hllhway.
he ollie If thi' Iailrild comIIiulssic
ina.kilng it thc ". railr-oadl .1.dl high01
v.onm l!issionl ," requirin. the Creation
Itic offilcls o1f t1he(- county engilleers I
nuiktng oi retin- of' the conlitioni
higway inthevar-iois counties.
This s(ge4tirin of tuiel'af liiti(
hhiIl he net With faivor. Ma'
huseitts, New York, New .Ilrsey v
oiher N orthernli Stait es have State li
Way cI' ommiliis ionii whieb't n.ie do
wonderl~cis ini thle mapr~iovement. of
hiighiwayis oif t hose Stat es. Ma'
thui'setts ijp'uii .i;00t,000 a year
ither' roads in)11 a ulLrs of' the St.
U 111er' its crmm li slioin. WVe haveI
an1 cIra of' r'ailroad buildin.; that has
smh~ed the attenitin and1( enlergies
thiie peop~ le fo r yearis, but niow ra iir
hnl~IIlig is tai 5ng' caire oif itself,
! 'e peopile of the eire~' counlltr'y
publllic hiiglhw'ay as1 they didi before
bieginnin) g of railroad1( blding. I
0on)lyihi the lust five or eln y1
Ithat een the N ormern Slaates halve
'sumed '4I t ob11.Liile at tenltion to
phel roads4, New~ .1ese bi't'legini~
thei.. wor k ni I1891 and( Alassirachiusi
1'outhI Car'olina' in 1820-301 had a SI
a11n any~ goodI road.Is wvere built.
r ,. E-ov'erntor Sheoppiaid mad14
pirite lbd anddress. lie believed ina
Lincrease'I~ of' the connlaIL.tion) talx
1b vy o f a speial properl~tty tax, buIt t
r car shfub i he e C(xer cisedl not it. m i
f Srom11, B.ainisforid lad May~1son sp
yCOimmu)11tation11 ta.x, and( pr'ope pr'op1 4)
Sle iy . Mr I. Stiroml 'insisted f tha
(I ' ids shouhl be recsu rveycd and r'
>ri etel as it wa's the uitm1o.st of ex tnI'
it .rn(Ce to try3 to make giood roadsI~ Ily
.. his, which were alw ~ ie s wv.ahed
,f' p4rices. Mrt. Malysonl was oir a j
p .itolid rea'ch( thle factory, !b1e banik,
raIitltroad, thel alien landiowner', am41
a who wotuldt lbe betefited by goodl rol
a. at presr'nt only the indfiiivial, n1o
It Ie how po)4'or he' was 1)r how rich,
2 ill the wi'k of' builing aniid kcee
ic uip the roads,18
is mani of tile Staite dlispensar'y b)oarIi
1' con1tr'ol, said heC believedi the t
it hand com11 to) act, 10nni pr op<
y--. thfat a coinnalit tee compo esed oif
if u'epriesenita.tIives fromla cal:b te
le .,lhip iln thet couinty, shaold r
ot andil stud~y a.ll plhns of' w )rklinl
I., imethuod to the0 people( of Ithe conii
I)y ilent to Lbhis, wich i(Iwas nI'ee
tA prloviding for' thle itonledfiate 1r1'ui
b-' tion oif the "4 Edgefich II Good i
'si 1 Associationli," wiV b 114 ho141uld ha
heV cetv comminittee compo~lsedh, a
of W lliam luggested, to im'mif(
mI- t1( ake1nians under1 i'considerna.u
InIorec bert being imalle piesidClit, 1ion. L. .1.
111k Willhamns aiid .1. W. 'I'l IIImd11( Vice tl
presid Ic ts, ,1. 1I . Co1) bur, secret a ryi, cI
:col- alid ana(i i executitie commiice of l two i
filue from11 each1 town1Ship. Thlis CommitteeV 1Y
ime id tOlie eliceis will meet at i n
tie oil sales (hity inl October and(I cvolve gi
ent. plans to put ELdgefield County oin tle a I
and high roa to prospenty. The mlieiber.is h
of the commnittee declare they are g1o- t4
>Ver Ilg to woik, :i14 thiat hP, no one maty fear'
lea hgging. Ge. I . C. Iutler is a mlem
I0 her. of the conmuittee froml Al~~ielithe
ing Iownsp, and the committee tho -A
tor out is a stronig one."
to Worth a Quarter of a Million Dot- .
(Mir W
lars--The Mystery Never Cleared iII
SUp. d
uint E'd
vits The recmnt Lheft of .2t0,000 Worth m11
a of gob I bars from the mint in Sa ai
in- I''anisco) thle Lobbelrv of over a as
tax qatifier of a million of dlol-ial's, also in) ell
put golt birs, from the Slby Niithing gi
aids Works, near Satn FraIncisco, calls to m
a iiiiii the (liscovery of a hrge, but un -Si
es, known, quantity of gold Iars in1 a IC
ers ho,use which wiWas beingiu5 dIemiiojklied in I
wn Oaklail, just acCross I Ie h ay fion Sarn Iml
Il Franicisco, said I Washnugtori corres. h(
ase poldelt. st
ds "I wits enigageI in newspaietr work
to oi the coaist, alt the im iic a khintdt, m;
inl fact, ando.( I aml cPniversait witli ti L
6e( particula-s fr-om personal knowled' sh
ith tl)uglth the (lSCoVery at the titim ex- ha
hat ciLed but, little local iLteLCest, an1d o Ie
i markable wits it tiat it was dotib)edI in jI
1l sone quarilts. Subsequently, how- i
his ever, the truti iwas <lve(ill(l. 'I'ople e (I
bl bars, to al estilatcd quIatity of ea
it 150)0, Cwere actuialy foiid , bit to 8p
i iotm i th)ey 1d10 origillaiily beloilged , o t
U a by w1o.n1 tlcy Were st(len, is still a 5Iu
lin i1ystery. As it liappendI aboit tell yo
fye ar's ago eatinnt uecall the natmes f
daillie partiCs iwitil actciar, thogh I f
to Mnce kiew ihem, evCIerlh frt, of, course, te
--il)h g iuIC alt tile 1ti11 to keep the eI
f li' at secret. th
Lt A two-story fiatie hotise oii Tenti t;
tilt-t, ini Oakland, was owned aiI (c- jIl'
cupie(I by at tiimly, the Il-aIt ()I which nlil
at the tilne III <jestion, a1ld Lot- a greiat ell
StilatnY yeits, ovr twenty, I itiki, wats 'I
l enploy in Lh1 Satut al ''atlisco 11111i. cat
Il rciiemiember the bouiwa well. Th ild '
lemanl diedI suddenl!ly andm - he hone wals
the a on~ce Iiuho by Isk hIrlus. Th'le neiw -orn
a ownler biegranl tearing it dow, mend so
od i: g r ipllciig it With a buin-ess strue- i
c r . Iiggiing awai thlm iowt w'als iu;
i-u-r a I Ltai an 1lborer emneli ujponIi ai gold as
er- har hitien in the fouitlatihm1s. I Ie of
coveredI thie batr uip n ithi earth andI wtuLt e
Oin dIigginig, but soon uneatiicd so N
el mny other secremtl 1rs tlatt his fin1(d ed
was dIiscovercd by three other iiien em- pl
plOyeI with hiin.. They itt once en- te
he tel into secret compact to collect the 0h
bat rs tlieuselves and miformlo i o th
to else, especiai ly the contractoru atmi( the
owner, of the grieat anditl tineXpeclcd I aui
wealth with inch hy lin so suddtlently ni
become pjossessedl.
Th 'I'lle imieni werte a.11 labot ers, I wo be- N<
of la.r 1talian s, I tlink. 'I'iey wer iC S - a1
Cesisful inl gettinhg tie gobi atay from gi o
the premise8 unIltObser-vei by oPtlrcs.
il'e lin-t intimtiauti Mat, soietling of to
theL ise four1 i men wiat' 1t ht' V <pttiL worik se
tr good andmade1h1av llycl f i'i lly estenCi tos 'e
11 ieal esit it e. 1l T' pur11 'ch1astes e x-. -O c
ttstoriIy, hiowverI' it, was as~cer Itamed i tat a
ltheily haid ini fatct foiiiol thle gold ,111u11 2,'
they- were, unider legal adiv' ceC PV coner. or
otthe possible oweIromt hatig chltimi ht
to i Pt iiulpoet.y
"ini thlis they wer-ie alil suictcessfl. Ie
a in laet, luck ujpp'earedCI toP bet wit hi them. ir'
tl~No one11 camne for-wanil to chatii thle at
hohIleni t reasure for11 the ver'y g toil rea- i
Spers~'on oin the faie of thei ethi' wyhol V
tehadt kn n i of1 i ) its- I whereaboutis wats LIh
-h <Ilad. Onte man11 bough t aianch in tic wv
mgceniit t l at of iem Statett for $70 ,000.
.- The- lahan liv in in~ii Oakhlmd b otight sa
'it e e huo furnishedt i, luix u-i- in
te 0us1y, palyinog $1 ,000 for aL jpiano,1 and itl
t b ionight hiis wife an1 unolimitedut ujuanutity N
of' tdiad jewelry. or (1
a ; 1 TLhe1)( ok litge, hioweveri, thatt stol- a
anl ' e gold birmigs to its ipossessorhP hadl mi
mdit iluck ini thu end prioved ItIrue. Ini less i
i"at thanti fiVe yearls the ianich OWnerci wais mi
ike bait) nrupt, andi~ tiie r'aiichi reierted to ii
ve itIs onigaina 111ownerCIs (u on CforIcisure s't18
ke, 'The Itlianil lost ll of h18is property andui 1
'of rtonei d toP live ini te little cot taug inii
niyL3 Nor-Lth O)akiand he had vaetied for' is w,
the line house. The only thin.' he pt:e- vi
1110- served to rnnniid hin oft the- dauys of rt
Iva h'l iis Ilect inrg wealth wits af Til ish uriug tir
the wortIihubout 61,500IJ, whieb hie jIulced Iw,
to on the llooi' of the cottatge, andul wouildi ha
110 not sell when atll clti had goneui. . d<I
the( wvealth ini f'ast living~ amuli gambti .int en111t
I all die'd a pialuper ini It hospital ini511 attle mi
1(18; The ciareer of ihe fouth mn l I e i n' t, e<
Iat rcll Iatcuriately , but 1 k~ ny thatl lie, h e
lg oiwnier, by the wvay, dlied a miasiralhie f
a1ir imen ito iVet- andit wais buied biIy Itie
of(P townt in tihe p)oLter's fld.
ime0 1 The gold, of coturde, dl1id not ig--iL
>sedI fully beloiig to the moan iwhot secre'ted~t
Itvwo it in the waills ol the hi'itse. I was
wn)- stolent froim some3 onI ail if is had,1
lutet been taikeni by the mn who had) Ior
aiit nd c mery owned the house his he irs1 put inu
lbest I no claiim for' it for- thie reasoii thiat thiev
iity. kne1w itt did not r-ighitfull b )'elon g tA)
Iiza-i- lecrelted it, hiowveer, ats he hadl livedI
011ds iim the hiouse tot' miimyi y-ears, hiad built
alit it himnself, it' myi reiaClection is(1 cor
NI r. reeL.
itely " Since iie hadl been for o) klng an
mfl~pove of the mint, the general im
rMssion at, the tilm wasi that he I
olet1 the ro(I, at bar11 at a time, Ir
to mhint. vakults, bringing it, hi
hen Ie quit work aIt Ight. V i
lis exph1Inlation) was genierally
1pied the singu3 ) ia.r pat, of the ulysti
1114tt if' it weure true Lihe goverla
Ode nlo 1ort. to 1un ldown the th
Wr Wa any stIci large shortage
>I hars ever'. discovered an1)(I report
the Sall l'ranlaisco mnint, nor ht;
-14n reportedl to tis <a.-Wsi
i i:-tvein Star.
11 Iiteresting Plhase of a Sout]
cruier's Fortune.
II 1lmentis il .\1anufacturcrs' Ilmo
"That houise,'' iaid i W. (I. Newma
Nerv York, pr.inlting to thle imuni<
14~~~~~~~t t 111111 eaII 1i! I hi(
liChe ha INV Ibli!t il Virlinia, ywb<
c )8 >lt, ne veral hnIIII(rell Owusai
hI)r11 I , till! h i fllihnelt of a proii
tie to m%-weteal Some yea,
, af ite walerin:, arouni) the mil
a stilm bo)y, theun as a ma1,11 andi
plaill, I Ifell lIn love Withi it Vir.ili
11. ity thle way, I was born-1 inl Hiel
11(1, inl o it Ws1813 natural to iild n
eethe1:111 inl that 'State. While ei
av r to1 pr-IutiC I her to 11' '.ye
tohl IIeIr tin1tt it. shte woli Ibe)con1
v w if e I wohl sm lay builk k4
I oil the IIIII ()In wilich We Were tth !
un41lng thle flineSt<w lig i '
lin, anl (In)e inl keeping" with ff
Igu ilic n v11'e whieb isi a iforde i
it pt.She sil 'ye,'" 11un4, thouig
Shlo wId I') %ant ten or tw vIe years,
vi' nlow rtlt-int'I lily prollise,.''
The story was intersting elnoughO1I I
itify I4.1teli1.t a tew things about
III wlh I rom1 a s11ilor boy 1has reacl
that 1de 4)ge o prosperity) i where h1
,I afforwl to o~wnl as a phaything
tlil soick larin f (d1).o acres, aua
crowin its usit attractive hill wit
uIthful lover's in oiise.
ITw1 ve mr til y t. 4 II I lthe .\lat
tuitrerus' R liceI) n ft4 n pu ib l h c t
- tro4 .l . J . 'NeI-N 111 u, I thiniin
iinner4 N o S ibuy N.I t ',ch'i
it lov radl copper4L anl 11 obi S Ires,
it Statu woull fulrnish a wo(irlill
Ihious ( iel I for capitl w\ lilnIve
1 ere1 foul( wilbgilil to 4Inym3
4lugh1 1t) 4rcel a _great sinll Itn l 111,11
.:1 14) tiote best:. in the '(wri, and I
I.y onl t'letir tIlinlw" opetallolls ill
respe'laln seule id mnagnlitu14,
'h till illiitt'tl <j utt41ily (4f low11'-13
Is whiyb enn1 he 6Itual1411 erle wVI
Ile hIll v rce-Ili in itI lit creation I f 44 va
alin g itlitt si u llinh. 11 4r114 : Ilit ls , y i'- e .
a lieul luatrvest to the Stt lasi we
to tll .e 'ltveti l as tle h i:rt
.t111 1 h -vtier', iu as rI onte :.
r itl ak 1 e1 I y sueh aI roj
Ith ( .ar i isIi- 1 views 4 werel regar
as too) op1tin1itic by tilt - hewal p
.)114 11, 4 111 1 1 llIn tIn i~iI
. They - l l 4 e I h 4 14oot I
Itinsl but th.y were skepical as
I correctness (if his juldtmlenlt
1J-ut W. (i. Newnl had ila abiiin
tll ill his brotile , a4'I M i fewS yea
I 1 ' tille imI4 e w l fit-, was ill1
1111 i take ii' IV las! 11<eveloplliLal i
otill Citrlillit (II tIhu scalle ho Ioll
vo cI t by .e, Newm1n4 . ILt I
hack 6)a \\. (I. :ewillmlli,
ol'.l ill lilebhili. ill iS 1'., Ie we1
'ea at 1113 11 lftln s (f age. '
ral year. hie had the ogh life<
thung enWith Inutny vairi I!:
'' l 0)rie 411' I . Bu i I a . yletermiinui
1'4! l M r. he~l'i~ll, ' ove 1a4l1 ,1ially <,
els,113 i allo t:4:w 1is a 14all)eN 4to 'tia
LJIO-ton s hip when4)1 hXeI waso ten
)it l u14 l't i. AXI) h 1111 in 11 he1 1111
settlet ill4 ( e <r il1X8 all
jls )oli .clI t o 1 tilli i 'e ill
L141 Iof 114 gil r tetiLl 1.)4 111 4) twri
)tllkis b r)41 11 1 '1 .I114 1n.1)43 llev er til
41)i41 takit i 1110 it 'tclty ago, wiled4 t 'I
441 by ellallel e, alai43 he14 11< the11 M|ll
why1 he1111 113 bIlt his344 lne hoineV
"Abut 4)141 or)441 ight y11r' ago'
il Mr4. Newnn'in, "l411414 wal nueess
1i then ull icil tuy413( attenLhoi l to144
lith Caro11.lina)1 iiig 4rop1sition.
aizr The Wnol' GrpeaCtswi
Caita fork of 13,00,0. TX
For aalt foprms confirmril all
brothg a~l . htimerlul and I evr
u.c Ii theli greatu boom'4 44 f copp24I'y1
0, oh as1414 h)444igh aI :-N, but14 a4 s l
i for take Iwo yearSO'. ea'st to e
ve lolet. a ith.14 1all4 yu. oel ru
Se.outs 250 tonsB per danfr i
ai | 14) os per day, and we canl now seec
)m . a elc:ct . prt 'lit. assueed of' over $1,000.
11 4)v a e:r. Tiskt k w'hat we have ac
jic cilpistd . awal in doing this I have
MI <dcinilstnita tIhat Norlh Carolina of
I Iets a Iill itf wonderful iuoney-mak
,ut L ihi- for- lniinmt operations
c i caIiri-dr oI II s ilii lines."'
of, Newsapr gossip anuks AMr. New
ed man aso ,evir- in n lt'; :a milhionire, and
it it this thav, wheii New York is pro
is interesting it) kinw that a man from
fhie South abisItelty withiut anly coI
iections or any' backing to ahd him has
beent able to pusb hinself into tihe
.millionaire colulinn, on11 e qually !,ratt
fyii.'eIlhat two Southeril Slitti. Vi
itia ats th phire of Is flfilbuent of
his promiise' to hik swetheti'art. and
Northl Carlinla .1, theu pince whelre, ill
i n ry' f his brother, i- is dev ilop
-it, a vast minling- induurysu--ae bemai
ik ' lustljled hv (it investitit , of' his
Nvow Yoirk-mille fortune111.
A Il ur 1 ha <1 uit chew %vin I o
y acco aler ltorlty yearW . itlid tigounce.
There. are morell ne1wspprs pubfilsh
sa ll i I m va in, prina t' hm t I e Popul
e hii than ill anyi t r t inl the
1* Union.
-A wealhy rient1 of, a town inl
lillee ('t talsy, M t i., has ieah-t(e a sitv
near his own l h11olne .t114 is bouiling for
let'f it ilis titiwtn b7,5als ian elahf
rate (0111b.
'I t i - llaeint wtiii hiave 1 i ti llitt
0 bIted co . nsideraille wIalth inl this lou
a1 ry lef ('a.", a few% dlays ago f'or
. hin a to live tu i t)jo it,
l l IInorial (i the Ilat. Seii itor
a tphe t l .t' W hiit , a, Cali i a 1 , in
dI th ' I aItt tn h ' siz statuite i..4 to be
U'ahl, wltith t .' 0, 0 pol ation, has
-4:1l0 0,1[100 in Vest tic wo l ii rvwins.y
u arillint lu is near 'y lie ti ll a
i' a It o 'piti 4 ( oil a yc i ov .t.
i h pitllhition, but i i aste r iia
l litois llt i , iol.
ofTamaia tns alm0l ini- grea
il lilt) V n t at h ii t'as ibieen me tro l )e i s e'
a tiNorwIyI ha' I i nti uii higstt'hay :util
rmnii1s, whiei b ar! ke 4)pt int r mrt(4,( W a
Iti;,3 , 0ayear, which is dirt
che p, <>rh,. r()~,I are saidl to be ex
.11 \ iatnet A . i ill has been lected
ni ustute aphvcte bhl Cor 1tuany yearsi
nby SerinyIynn..Gag,,v whlose
d- 4 u ie tLo Wahinilo i s ed.'t hili to
jo- 'r iii it.
Iito laIti Ch a I t. I f. Spril on , rlle tly, on
ml his nin ty-i ir; . t oil irt day, laid the
founHi abio iat' t in e ofantx11ni 4 to the
stim ho Nviwd aIptist,(111 Church, in
l'rinces"s FredeincNi kgsi ofi S:ix
ony, daughflter. ()f (lte 'ran''d .iuk(- and
rICllehss o TuisCany, w11> 801ne day
will v tie atuel ' Saxoy is 'takin't
the 1 I I-uteal l s ta.s 1 .sl inl l hreden.
T Kind that thve NAwas Hupshire
i orcal 'e e iginal
"For two years I suffered ter
ribly from dyspepsia, with great
depression, and was always feeling
poorly. I then tried Ayer's Sarsa
parilla, and in one week I was a
new man.''-Jolin McDonald,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Don't forget that it's
"A y e r's" Sarsaparilla
that will make you strong
and hopeful. Don't waste
your time and money by
trying some other kind.
Use the old, tested, tried,
and true Ayer's Sarsapa
rilla. S.00a bolle. All druggite.
A k -our kIovi what tin thitks of Ay r's
4aarllit u. Il Iciitin-i all ikthout tlis grand
Wit 17:1111Y 1 allle. Follow li advico and
J. C. A Y i Co., Lowell. Mass.
We have a number of
Elegant Lines of
Ladies Oxfords
Which we are determin
ed to close out. Among
them are several lots at
$, $2.50 and $2, which
we will close at $2.25, $2
and $1.50.
Will also close sonie lots
of $1,50, $1 and 75 cents
goods as follows: $1.50
black Kid Oxfords at $1,
tans 75c. $1 black Kid
Oxfords at 75c. tans Soc.
75c black Kid Oxfords
50c, tan 25C.
Pride & Patton
Greenville, S. C,
From the Up-To-Date Carpet HouBO,
517 Alin Street, Columbia, s. C.
WrVite us for Samaples of anything in
)Ir line. (oods shipped anywhere in
the Stalte fCe of freight. We are al
vay~s busy. No dull (lays with us.
Whena in Columibiat, comie and see us.
Anybody can slow you the place.
Coleman-Wagene r
lIardware C(Jompany,
I (uecessors to (C. P. P'oppjenheimi),
Whlolesale and Reltail D~ealers ini
Arms, Ammunition, Agricul
tural Implements and
)l every kid nd des1(1(cHriptionI. Send
p)ostal for~ l'rices.
King Stre!et, Charleston, S. C.
EE-M Medicated Cigars
EE-M Smoking Tobacco
For- tusers of 'l(Tbacco that sua Ter with CIa
ttarrha, Aellah ma, or Jironachattis. We guaran
Iee aln absotlte~ fand permnanenat cure of
I atarrht and~ it. is the onaly known remedy
for 11 ay Fever. Itf youtr druggist or grocer
does totL keep it. write 10F-M I 0., At I antIa,
Ga., ftor Iree Hamplle TIradle suapplied by
'airpeniter tiroat'., Gireenville, 8. C., or
Crt Ih 11ield &~ T'oIleon, Snartanhaurg, 8. C.
'Thlat will pay s25~ to $100 Dividends
Monthlay is a thorough, practical Jiusi
nLoso or ShaorthaandI traitning at
Stokes' Business College.
Write or call for (Cataloguae and( full par
'l)9 Kinag street, Chiarlestoan, S. (!.
Feel Ba l facJ/10,0 Jage o
Dyspepsa. Wan oApetiessiof,
Strenglth. lonck oaf I10ncrgy, &c.? TFake a
few dosaaes of
Marf-ay's Iron Mixture.
A Geutine lilood Tonic.
'I'l ,.: .\!t U H RA Y 1)R (10 CO., Corm~vrA, 8. a. /
KAtual l st ness~ ZM'Ait TA; Ga
'un farmang 1ine. Featy payments. N~o
.mme~ine chargedt. Hlorrower pays so
Sa' cost of porecltingz loan. Interet 7 petp
a< r 'p, accordinag to eurity.
. N O. B. P'ALM ICIR & BoN,
oolumhta, 9. 0.
a i 5'i.:T'S Send For Oatalogue.~
115N '5 ? A ddress W. H. Mactent,
')~i (A i (Oflicial Court Btenog
t.'L;:MinaA, . .J rnar,) Pransrdan L

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