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to People's Journal
'T. J. MAULDIN, Editor.
intered at the Post Ofilco at Pickens as
socond-class mat ter.
Su(bsclipt loll, ...$1.00 a Year.
SiI)A Y. %E t'T. 26. 1901.
Through tl mediumn of the State
Fair all branches of indtstry, in
cilin, live stock, have been great
ly Improved.
*4 * *
There was jsllt tweiltty yflrs di
lerence, lacking live days, between
the dentaths ot Presidents Garfield
and M eKinley-.-oth struck down
)y al sssin's bullet
The premilills .rI(l t h 14 y ear
at tle State Fair have been ,oat
Iv increased and elu v lut iti n will
he slarp. De sure to get a prem
miin list at enee.
Th'leod " re llmetis the y ouul
had. And he is mnw of th. ab st
ai ld a41 il I -Z uil i '
D)e you1 wish to ac I th.oge
1., tarlm erZ f' rt1 i l te Sti' laii
* in - : ill diiv rI ii"l
r r- I viit tho -StaM
Vl.' ir, i6 t . h 1 v. t
Ie II r v hn o v Ile F
I.I9 l
priiinsu da! byth he tite ir
supa . !b tilii tof ;- diuear , as1l'
that thce- spi. th flaly if nitlil
I'Utl:(1l " W . :i1le yld t1 l-' e ih
.n t.i the fat. Take them ilt
sI h-e- w h a h puIHei > r
:ti 111( ti -est ~~ anndStt arde
T\.. vid i . 10 I v ' '.. ' h - horn
tio0it of iI- 911 it ! arie-.\ a ltiS f
a~tii 1 . -'hiel t r e i l d "' inxill -i
*tio, e ' IIIS a e'in to wu isE pli I
1he railns h~t e tl lutu
futh no t om i nelytlIb e ruts
edy o tfhay reing ith
frl adlu thoeci an l.h Itions Ii 't
thr oglhrae :al rle .y wei bV r'
einpld, i ini.-ly a tot..ion mi sn
The woiel t t oib- eiem.,ride
meiing in thor tptii ty ur) lt
dpatd reg trdn the droathcofPr
ident Mcie whire pnrinted
tht h psiit of aoyaltyishneih
terdeabnrsy. png le l
Ouhrn people yhol t forgo i
ofnuicns oty. The haoa
toys h~On the chapons ithiber
eykandevert oina adi ode
prWnbe hvere ad cotin icomIi
bmforeathionomth dy.fen fac
pition CommisuionCrrnieiiBaptis
CountCor ihsaf ers ue doain
grea ealons thew do nt tin li
frtherc nolte weoulde omc
tivof the wopfreito of ther e
everyigtth rea dinge ayt prepare
couat adverytingun itnshav
tod to draw capital iformatialgo
orhl developmaet alrfayo have
waly hingforthy, av the mrts a
withe onteninditon oafsd val
giving proucther puberlct o e
in osi obtif . abccompclishe
t eclonte oppotny they ave <ii
oxpifteig the abndanr rsorc
In answor to your correspondent
C. C., of Crow Creek, in reference
to the Tillman adwinistration anad
its opposing Corporations &c. He
says tho legislature Should not
have repealed the law giving the
tenl years eXempi l)t6ion to factor'ies.
Probabiv Ie is not awaro of the
fact that this was repealed, beforo
Tillimanls diy itn polities, by Ien
who inv some1 of Tillmtani's idolls,
I thi k. Let Its losk a little into
this mattoI. he le gislators (as
other oflicers) tako .1t oath to sip.
port the Stato anol 1'. S. conlstiti
tioin.s The old and now ones of'
South Carolina strictly forbid, ill
itlnmistakable langtimlgo, tho oxemp
tion of ainy proporty froI taxItionl,
exc(pt churclols, selhol and cliari
ta b Io i Ist tiit 1ons. Way back in
the eii glt iOs, I was one of a nuli
ber that workod earnestly for t wo
years, to get thig as I thought, atld
still think that abominablo thiing
rieInoved fioi our statutes (and1(l
how it got ther, is a1 m1)'stery to
r.C.C.--sillipose ouI a nd I
wei' to o to il state to inv(?St
inl any businii-, wo Should imiuire
a.tIr thi, omtos& amd
ho"I bl linidi the colstitution for
bhiddiu it, but. the people tellig
Iu', to ctin1 on, hW ul exempt,
w< ild w t llut ---cad rt-asion to)
kilwthemn to Le it treatllle*oil~s
Tlh tax's of I I m. r iu,'i'e wis elv
III gl1t11'PI c nilit i's are onlv abotI
ol le '' cellt. I 4av lever oali fI
f a 'ttoi m ill ma i )in lss I !.all
10per. cent.
M y mind has never' It lht'lied mie
withI it- hr1oadless hilt I ail '-lad
it. was slllive tly so as not to al
low mue (PP do what I had 5worn
nlot to.
I l i ve I i m1 % l. t slveral
schl - llo i iil s :ii acqui t -
ai sit o t- T i'dIll I I tx t l ine "l 'c ,
and the state (ann is i to) lo- '
ti i vt n1,1 ny inwr rather tilal him
in hin~ opinion.
I 'iti 1i.1 IIP I ll l(i ( lt' b)Iii'lI
PThliri arel~ mo Iuni who make iithem-l
lves is lI ideiclon ps I tf iying
> he igatt as t I he ml( l
tI th i th It wosh oi f, on y t1i
t' hetp'besttng sin ol tel wold
and a grt many will tax the poo
pl t11) buils the i li'onai r a i t d
t h, trlst whiu1eb is d to Isturbing It
imp Al Se th , Uitot - 6.1slatwils and
u il li . v a lyl e m nti
Wi ll U . C. Inot adill it the c(tt1ni
lllis lt a hvi - I .e- 1 b'uilti h t o ,ite
s ie--ti r1 eA of the tax e amp
t-)I o i ii n:' s nt i ng polites
than lo-for'...,
S t he folis no't bilt is an acc m
(lii siirp.'I ivtio till)'C ae illi
"4 it 1u1,' b0r of men oxpneting
Ilthe ex l i ts to get Inl t ou.
a ai, ani thty old hot lketo
trost tem.l If it woud agrow in
- mveit rant and cliberal''i ini
lur ies,211 IQWoted I ptIimotinga a
iiangous o ourav conro ho~'ar~.
I'oIniited ritii bleis ~vthauilt.s tn go
is I he sa'lao of she ilt am sch -
ho'i; will haint li t ionciirt Leuan
nia tt ti wt ti lie accuserit11
is a thired slav or auppt o om Pei
lne andi thus5 the itioo rinsi
isi bokin lanw ll ink in eah t
oP11thers 01 esiaion and tho f'olua
htip)in ciihition ic wbeng Isappd.
d iY o s ~uy wolde leaspt. a~c man
ahor fo wl ou eqiiidlreu toi
mona la to eron y u st
NonVhwi'oago to haveu lae fw Ii
-rhatanOtO of thea eathr ot Pi's
.S docatd iad a liilw baheor n
i ei U u'mtl w'i i he Ch relan tie
For) instae thoikeha in horror
-mgetnnin havbed, heAm
I~ ise ilrst twlil wegh bo go
Stnle o slare they win takle willv
0r iun th mouthiln i is te L et u
ar ffoi d t. e i'f g ih d y lie lit'
ain hero' pointhe eo rsiI'l
0 ol te higlest atye o iieit
ycivilityras thta ty truht up.t
inh our ls byhi man.1a o
'irathe .htirna jin th resol
h 'tian thi jet wit he I wrot
Ste wrife, but does th t changt'
al gomy onnot lant. Letustt
Fou0i'th:irJloots we grenatylory.
tha tI dyOLUTONS.~y o
Wheeanrchyhand laeanesl
shall ho rsolved bynth Christanitpyo
"rhumbn stimion te wthe ofl Go
o himowo ooth all tins wel e
J-wofeltatw ooher withath.
C, eon: ha wergaritheoi,
isan caero k ueM
Washingtonl, sSept. 23. 14901.
The nws thit P1-residjent Rloose
volt. Nwill ret :it )h ,t C lbine
in t-ivt came as someting of
s8.rnriso to t.ii) e n t ry ill .!ueneral
Perhali no chango wliich hie c
have mad% wI old it ve si rprised tl
pulic as Iiuchi as this uinlooked
fo1 consorvatjsm. itit i is anl ol
stOry, ts re.larss oe)vott, thai
the only lig, vo Can 0 111l ex
pel o' hon is the unfexpcted.
It is nto sqeCre timt aItt am
I wr do inLg c, msideral6i
squirming for at f.-w days aifter thle
realizeri Chat th imanl Whom thel
1111 shelved ai Vice Prosidenit wa.
1eally ioaded fo1( the White iloust
Thelly did notA likeo it. They art'
a fraid of him, :an t hey arc still, biu
ill in modified way. Tlhey realiz
that IHoosveIt is going to do w1ha
heo says heo 1will, and tley have tha
much t ) build o3, hut whother h
will do it in the Way in which ths
walt him to is alother qlUstioll
When e says le is going In-ad firs
through a plato glass Window ti
window hadit] btter 1 iiiurod, ani'
some1 of the iatlur'e of a1 cOnlserva
tory. They are aising imfant im
dustihS under glas:s, and that sor'
Wf thmlic, It wo~uld not, be nic.) I
tthe Itough1 Iider Should put If
bo))t through tihie sleltor of tht
shipping subsidies. I1Ianna1: SAy
I( will not1, bit Im ly be the Wish i
fithor to thi thought. It. is kiow
IllIt JRoosevelt is very Imucll inuter.
1-test inl tie( upbuilding of the Mer
vihanit Marino),1and Particuilarl.1
thmt of the Navy. Ife wishes t(
131nite t.h' counitries of the twk
Amleriens1 liilks. Thill) qulostion i;.
weither h1.) can join tle two wing:
of his own party so that they will
flap11 11n unison and take him whert:
hI( wants to go. Preiet McKiin
IN 111,v14, Said allything agiizis
tli. ose t cit ivo , wvi' I elit t r
i his life. Ito, r.ilinds 1o of i
reial'k of One Of' tlio cbarl',-tors ill
l'teol 's .r'rand". "Old men gen' r
i v get tie. credit for all the ((I
sra i lmli the world, hmt. it is a
mistiake. A voin1g man backsj list
is hari-d ai; lie p Ils. I1f hiI i.s op
-d to at tlilng hto fights it, tooth
t)al nail." 1I)osvelt is only f'i
ytwand that is the# kind of' a
'o1serva t iv e will ho whei lie is
[)nm at all.
Thl very exihranue o)f th ut
teranc1e of v1Varioll8 RepliblicaLn Sen
tLors as to the cantidence tleyhlav<
ill Ioos.volts, silco his deAisioil t<
ret ain the members of ti<
preselit Cabiant, is a Ilittle Sispici
01s It indicates that they havt
been searod aid now art) reassurod
Anotir thing which should n30
ble overlok(ed is that Roo.sevolts'
principal friends and suipporter:E
liavo) not yet eono oni the sen11.. I
is though t tha t when~ Sen3ato
I J4dge comles bauck fr'oim Euriop
there may be a chanlge ini the exis
There is no iioubt t hat Roosove
will b o st reniuous ini Saime dIire'el
ion, It is sa111 id tht he wvill fa v<
not onily a largeo navy but a stano
inig armyiii oh a str'ength eqpLla I
that, prov ided iuder thle r'eorgan I
ztat ion1 ac1t of1 laist w inuter'. W hetl
."r thel arm31y (aln be eilrw '4d inthl
Ii ii tly' without inter'feiing wit
the welfIare of thle pecople( as
wholod4 is one11 of thIe queilston n048I
Iyet sett led. WIo are no4) ready1 fu
any siu'h idals of military servie
ais i thoso whlichn pri l')'1 ini IEuropt
aml( it 3s doubtl fuil it w'e reall
wanit to) be. Aniotherci pilacei
wich~ thero: is likely to be s01n1
shaikmi g upI is thell seer'o st'rv ice
Pr'ident.I'h R, oosevelt, has4 beeni -
it IlltI,and1 it is stated tinat he ri
gards them withi conitempt, as
Ilit of inlcomipotouits, and1( will 1ma31
some11 rad1ical1 c'lIangOs inl that bran<l
ofI tile g. vornmifenlt ver1y soon1. ]
this C( nnectioni there is a litt
story' abo1uit Josiahi Flyn' t, tL
trampll detctOCi ve, which is interoes
in1g. Flynut, as most 1people kniiO
is a college br'od m1on1 who hlas be.
kniockiiig abiout ini the diisgui se (of
hobo)1 for tihe Iast. ten or Ii fte<
years'3, galtlierinig informlationl abol)
p~oss'ible the best auithlority in ilI
Ilshed 13n a1rtice .om110ime1 ap
wi'ch 11waIs a ter)Irible11 arrignmer
of the New York detective for<
and the Now York peoplo wvei
mad1( . They said they would shio
himn that 110 could not talk ill tlu
waiy abuut the police of aL gret
city: For two days theuy hunite
for hun. At tho ond of that tin
ho strolled inito the "Fronit Oflice
talked with thu chief ab'out an~ i
enitally. "llave they caught till
man Plynt yet?' llo was regalh
withI univarniished opineius of hiin
self and1( strolled out again in
slate of iniwardi aumusomniti. ThI
have inot cauight him yet. The fa
is that tho detect ivo and the seer
service men ar'. not as sharlIp as ti
criminal, andii unhti1L they ara-n i
til 1m10n who are reosouricofu
shr iewd and14 incorruipti bio make u1
theso forces, the criinial wilh has
abiout as good ai timo( as lie deo
Itwas stated by some corra
sp)ond03nts Lilat Roosevelt had1( po
itivoly said Lthat he woiuld nlot be
clandlidate0 for thJil Pr3esidencyi
I90 110.1 ~ has donriod this~ int10:
View poinit-blan k, but he admit
thlat what 110 really said wase somI
thIng liko this: That whilo hke wu
Vice-Presiden011t 11e had1 clonsidere
such a candidacy and( b)'gun t
wvork for it, but eineo the ti'agi
event which made him11 Presider
he 'ou~ld ntot make any nearu
1dy C1 Fle thJa. But it le
throught that lie wou'd not roftisc
to tako Cl;e candidtly if it Should
i happen to be OflIod to him, and
that is far as it. is proper for him
* to go at, this fiarl y stiage of al'airs,
An iiterestilng stateient, which
1 President Ro )8.mveI t it adl on Sat
3 urday moroing io Sen:tor Prito.
-hard, of N. C , Itopreeiitative
I Kuttz, of thles1am Strte and IRo
t presentative Gibs i, of Tnni., was
"1 ) going tic be Presidont of
ithe U I ito I stateal, and not of' 111)3
' section. f don't care that (with a
snap of his fingers) for sections or
I' ectiona1l hines.'
3 lie :1lo Said soiethiig of the
. Samte sort to S1mator Moony, of
3 M ississip)Di .11(M 1101). LiviniigSt-on,
t adding that ho was hallf soitht -
3 o'1) b y blood anid that h.%ving liv
Sol In tit.) \ost he hopd he n might
t represenmt. all sectionis.
SIsly, Sept. 2.', 1901.
jIditor t. l ou :i l : Plulaso teI I vonr 1
i'readirs that I'ekons colnty, has
. de-ided to gt ill) an exhibit for
. the South CM roI inat Inter State
t and \ietl Indl.i x 1positio n anid
wi want all pitriotic and public
spiritod citizenls of, Pl'ikens county
taid u.; inl .etting upl our exhibit.
4 hav b-en appoinltoAl to suiperviso
tle getting ny dt' the exhibit and
tny 0160 hillvinig anlly thing that
WOuld mako at worthy oxhibit will
Ileaso deliver ti'he sameic1 to me10 Or
W. 1". lIlasingim Iat I'ickens C. II.
who will take car'e of samIIe or ')r.
R. F. Smith at, Easloy. I 'amt a
sample of any thing 'aisod oil the
farm tha' would n'adc a creditable
.'xhibit and samples of mineruals
GrnIIi te & -..
N(w realder I titm, talking to you,
do not. think I am talking to somso
onoii else buit you aro tihe very man
I ami lookinig ifter; look around on
yoir' farm and sevd me your best
coLtonl st;l k it sijmple of' your host
t i ber, of youri wl at, oats, cars
of Coi'n, g0 1 , 111U pulngkins, sull
flotn er'S, &C, and bring tlhomli to
Piekens and lets make it croditable
exhibit and wo will pay actual
market valuio for iny thing that
hast. it Vlu1io to it we want the Sam
pltus by the11 1st (Oct.,
I'specl fully,
J. A. lNobinson agent.
I ioticed some time back of a
meeting at Pen(lle-ton in the inter
est, of a Soldi.r's' Home. Since
t!at I soo that our coity pension
board favors the monumnot aud re
quest t Ita ppropriation for the
same . It is n!t ogether som.-ithing
now to me. I havo heard of them,
t lu t -have neOver saw onie . Some
r' other' states hav'e themii, I supjpose,
e but 1 doni't kniow about the cost to
-maintain and build one, but sup
pose1 it would bo like aull otheri'state
Si Asti ittions, a great hole to 1)our1
't ion? W~hat ('lass of theo soldiers
-would go there an md whtat about the
"others who got penii~ons no0w. We
have now old hlpless soldiers that
havle"' marr1lied young womecn anld
hauvo a1)0 hlplos f'amiily of' childron.
b What about suich cares? Would
a~ wesend hliml to tihe State home)1
t and hlis wife and chiildr'en to theC
r. couinty home11? How long wvill we
e need( such a I.ome? We will1 all
801 soi'o5s Over tile river and rest
Y unlder the shade of the tree. At
" the fir'st thought on the subject t
o .ikthe legislature has acted
-wjsely in cat'ing :for the disabled
o aii' 'unfortuuato soldiers by ar
ranging thiem iln classes, should1(
a they decido the State is able and it
:ois right toi (1( m~ore for them, thenOi
h they can I givo e u' inder' th is plan
.1andl ever'y sildie can (11 stay at home
he with inhs family wvhicho is dearer' to
10 him i than b)1cad(. Each ciunty
t- could pr'ovide a special care to ho
>' givonl to anly that tihe pensi1 n and
'" th l abor1111 wtonm't ke'p up1 an~d lot
a himt go thero and1( can have them
:icare for' as we'llI as other's at home
i and( such1 soldier's wouild be better
ssat idiod. Th1is cain he (1011 with
oryte') little expense. It is soldiers
caring for' soldiers. ttSo let us be
0econiomical. We h ve men wvho
it wenit all through the war uintilI they
Clost a lRmb and then came home
' wvithotit a dollar but had the pluok
and they are~ "'elpin~g to boar the
t burden gracefully, but we should
tnot forgot them in our sympathy
for ethers. This is the thought of
at soldier andt would like to hear
from others. H,
SAs patradoxical as it ml av~ seem1,
theo faster a man runM inl dlebt the?
a furit her ho gets beh ind1. -A tilnta
1- ,Editor Semi-Weekly Journal:
I, iI want to tell those who do not
p know how to fatten hlogs. Put
!e your hogs in a1s small a pen as you
as cE~th andt floor it withouit too much
expense, and( keep them from be
)* mngtoo mluch crowded. Then have
I- your corn gr'oun~d into meal; never
a feed corn to fatten hogs. Get a
I) tubl or barrel and( make a mash out
-of the meal, feeding what you put
s tip today tomorrow, and so on. 1I1.
to each tub of mash say five gal.
s 10ons, put in one quart or more of
di the cheapest molasses you can buy.
o Keep this up all the time your
e hogs are up and you will find you
t have fattened yonr knaa well and
A Chicago preachor ias discOVCr
0. that SAItaI was the first. anar
Cha.. That. was Joh ii Mi ton's
--- -
Atlanta, not, to h outlono ill
the wVay of <1oi 1g tri buto lo the Into
Prsident, Mckiil ley. lits sttirted i 0
movenwont to build it creditable
110n1111nt to his Iemioiry.
Amelie Iives' irst. hIusband, who
was piaco(l inl all Isylumii, has been '
'o,01n1d to ho perfectly saic. But
there are things which should ex
Ctlis Olo 0l'or fhigning inSaitity
The wife of a Methl(ist iniister
in West Virgiia ithas been married s t
th r'ee, t lies. Ier iniaidenl name i
was Partridlge, her first litisai. t
was namil lobin, tii,, seconil S1par- k1
row an11d the presont one Quaye.
'hre are now two younlg obin erflls
one Spalirow and two litt14) Quay.- a'
IeS, and thle family lives on Jay S
St reet.. ThIat lady i, surely a bird b3
-Slie's a Bird. ce
A Million Inoro fris are in t1ho sa
l'nited Stated today thaln tell years frI
ago. This fact is bircugh t out in* Il
tile work of the lederal eensuIs8 )u,- fr<
rolaul, <ltailed figures soon to 'ol- 8
low. These will show approxi- M,
11111toly 5,;.16,OO0 farim-s inl tho l
ited States when the consis was
taken last June, compared with 4,
505,000 farnms ton years ago. Coin
pared with earlier <lecades, remark
able progres lils beeln inalo inl cut
ling u) icle Sam 's prai rio hills
and valleys into tillablo farins.
A writer inl thl Country (elt.le- F
man say that common grecn Cop
peras, 1)pl verized aiid thrown*Ii priet
ty plentifully about where til rats
travol and also in to their holes so
thy must wilk ovel it Will e1hiet
itlly irive thei away where '
traps, poisoni and cats fail to (is.
10(ltgo, tle posts. The copperas
makes their fcet sore and they will
SPOOdily leave, This remedy has
provol so entirely successful t that
it is a pleasure to mako it kr own
It is claimed by somo farmers that
corn stalks cannot be saved in the K.
South west as in the North and West
that they become too dry and
woody, anli oven it' shred(lded will
not he eaten by the cattle. Thev
toll us that uiles the corn stards F
in the neld until the corn is hard
tint there wvill be groat loss in
grain. They have, or at least A
many of them have, the idea that .
the corn must be gatliored and the
stalks cut afterwardls. heenause the
uiiversal custom has been to gath.
er t ho corn from the stalks as t hov
standl in thie 11e1ti. ff they wiil
wait, until the kernels are wtell glazr
ed , anad then't cu)t an ld shocek the
coirn cl1os!ey, thle sub)stance) r4'niaini
ing in the stalks will be su flicient i
to imature the corn, and thie stalks
themselvep will not dry out as they'
woulId stand nig iln the fieold. Thie
corn may thlen b0 pulled fromn the
stalks and the stalks hauled to the
shredder and mnade into a nutri ti..
onis hay, or they miay be put
through a cutter an7I made inito a
silage, and ii mixed with pea
vines will make a f'e.MI about, equal
in value to the whole corn silalge.
It is an enornious waste of foo to
let the corni stalks dry up ini (lie
Ft\El) O1.1,AIts itEW L:1). A
le st., )n SepItember(' <ith, one( Ila-g y
hhack htoundlt, while breast, yelI, lo os th
over his eres er 4 lin hat ir~ , res[i4)in., to
rewvani fort anlv inform'latio lol 1(ulitng to ag
the4 r'coverPt,' lfi.t SIdogt1b.
Sept. 1iithi, 1110112 J1. W. EAR L1*.
~Jud~ge for P'iekltn ii tounty on thu 17th4
lih.'y of Oct., nlext for a 11inal Setl lememit
wtlh myl3 w~ani, W~~iliam Allen: ad atsk to
be( Dismissed as gnanlri:ati Sept.. 110th --
1901 . WA. 1h. I f.,good.
Citation Notice."
II'y J. 11. Newbery' ilutire, P'robiate
J4.j ge. h
WVhier('n1, John Rioper)3a m1a l sit. til
to meC to gratI him I atIters oIf Al I hinis. 0
tation111 of theo E -tate of and1( elrects of h9
A bsamtm Ro4per, d(ceaseOd. wI
'TusI.: Au ITsuitSL-'1oitK to cle and 4( CIr
admo114. Iksh:1 all and sigalar 1' he .itnd red
and4( creitors~ of thec said A bsatlumt Roper, '0
delceahse'd,that theay ho and4( a ppear before -
me1, in the Court of Pr'ob:,te, to be held
at Plckenis Coutrt 11 buse, S. C., onl the
3rd dlay of Oct. 1901, after pulblicationl
heef at 11 o'clock Iin the forenoon tot
shew cause, If aniy th1ey have, why theE
said Admialatratlon should not be gra.
Givena uiiier liy hand and ~ii seal, thtis
I4th day of Set 101, hIn thl)e 129th
year of our1 lndepentdetnce,
,t. P. P. C. ai
~ SUra o on s.
P ickens Coutty }
Il y Jf. M. Jamtieson, E-i., M114 -istrate1 ini
undl for1 saidc co'Oly oif thew sal. State
TIo Ear:ile lIlarper', Notn RehIden t: di
by And G113. Wyat,of Picken11 en mttv Ill
the State of 80outh Caroli14n1, a111 mehanit t0
dhoig buIsineSs aIs Andty (1. Wytti la.
you, E:trie Il~arper, a:e indeLbtedI to him1 1
Ill the son11 of twenity. two andil n0 0110 Il
hiundredths ($22.00) dllrs ont an1 open i
accounIt,, a sworn Itemized copy of which '
Is haereto attached as Exhilt "'A,"' Iland
made(1 a p~Irt of this compj~~lat whlichi youn
refuse (0 lpay, andl for wliebl somal the a dd
Andy (G. Wy',att. aiske j'dgmelnt agalint fl
the nidi Earhe lIIarpelr.
I hese are, thleraefore to req hire you
the said defendalhnt, to appear, before mue,
ii nmy efflee, at Easley, S C., ona then 6tha
(144y tafter the so0-vice of tis summinons up-)
oa you, excItsn o of the day of such ear.
ylee, at.12 o'clock M.,t o aas wer to t ha saId
Comip'aj'.t, or jl4'hfgmaent ill ha given
Gilveni under mny hiandl and sea11 at Enta
ey.~, S, .1, i ? 18th~ d tv of 4Aug'it, 4. D., It I
'~R$ A , M ) (un
Vonen aS Well as Mel
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, di
wrages and lessons ambition; beauty, vig
and cheerfulness so<
disappear when the ki
neys are out of ord
or diseased.
Kidney trouble h;
become so prevale:
that it is not uncommc
for a child to be boi
"afflicted with weak ki
neys. If the child urli
-.... . aes too often, if ti
ine scalds the flesh or if, when the chi
aches an age when it should be able I
introl the passage, it is yet afflicted wil
d-wetting, depend upon it. the cause <
e difficulty is kidney trouble, and the fir
ep should be towards the treatment <
ese important organs. This unpleasai
ouble is due to a diseased condition of ti
dneys and bladder and not to a habit g
ost people suppose.
Women as well as men are made ml
able with kidney and bladder troubl
id both neod the same great reied
ie mild and the immediate effect
wamup-Root is soon realized. It is so
druggists, in fifty
nt and one dollar
es. You may have a
mple bottle by mail
e. also pamphlet tell- ntomo or s'wwp-nool
r all about it. including many of ti
>usands of testimonial letters receive
m sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilm<
Co., Binghamton, U. Y., be sure ar
mntion this paper.
7urnip Seed
...NEW CROP...
resh andI RELIABL
It'llT JAlS,
SADDLES and .l ENhL]h
)CK SA':l' and STOOCK FoOl:
For Horises and Ca"ttle.
OA T1RY '11118.
X.NS andI other Summer Good
To Co Powerful Cl EA P.
Pe stlr to See 0ur Line of
Valires, litt IRacks, Cont
and li, Horks,
Id a Lot, 0,tlher ol'ifil ThingQ
stock; (lnoughl to sow for'ty atcre
Betteri sow a good pntech now.
ill ~omol( ini hlandyIflor thle nex
sixty (days. Plenity for aull.
is handO(y tI lutre, too. I have
lots of it.
wiep 'everything in the Geonern
3re(h and(iso0 line, and (1will supply
u asi CIIEAP if not CIIEAP'EL
[an anlyone' else forthe ii me ~'ilc las:
goo is. 1 solietit y'ourl p)atirol
Pickens, S. (I
$K'H[omo 'Phone N'o. 24.
feb22 .f
Mr'i JBlitor'-Ailow me to sp'e ak a fm'
med'(y. I su lt'eed for' ihr ee yearsI witlW
miehiitis and ('onhll no't sleep
01hts. I Itriedl Hae ral do:'tor and var ~:I
thuig to give me any relief 11ntli lfm;
ro got ai boittlei of th is vinalblo medi
", which has completely relieved m'
W. S. Broc)kmantl, lHagnell Mo. Th'i
nedy is for :l by . W. Earle.
Persons have been known te
tin a pound a day by takin~
ON. It is strange, but it often'
Somehow the ounce produces
e pound: It seems to start the
gestive machinery going prop'
ly, so that the patient Is able
digest and absorb his ordinary
>d, which he could not do be
'e, and that is the way the gain
A certain amount or flesh is
cessary for health; if you have
t got It you can get it by
Voua will find It ust as us ful In sunmmet
In winter, and if you are thriving upon~
nN9 ttay0 % W64teis W M
Church Directbry.
Jielow wo givO the linanes of eLtrelies
pastors, 110 tlio ut11aysi on which they
worip, am far we iavo iifornmition.
1444t cucithireI is ilot onl the list selm LI'
essairy infor'ation:
I IA l"''r.
Piekenis-Itev. A. J. S. 'h
1iaY, 11 It. i, 1n. 8 p. m.
s. \ytdil-sday 8 p i
)r sevolutliRv. J. UE. '
on fore the first Sn iti, lily
d- 1i a. mi.
r Pte'Cre-e -2d Slit
unla:i p m;II Stila~y .4onel a4tuir
is day 11 Ia Iml.
it A14lle Creek- It v. J. U1 . /.fo tr i 4th slit
irtlayv :i p ml; smihay after fouirtht saturtlay
'n six A!lte-IrV. WV. C. n-Satunlay
:- before tiet xittl Sn11iay 2 P ; ) s't)I
1- ,nl ay 11 a1 I l.
10 Pra-Iter's Crewk-liev. WV. C .selani-n
Id SaittAy befor the thirti smliay 2 p In.
h C""lltI 1kv. 'V. C. Seaborn- Sata
beforel t he fourt-0h Sum1(iay 2 1) Il; 4thl Siunl
4I3l ' I I 1 Iml.
st Lbr-iv.11. U. Iflbockl-sg a
f ..<d sabiijmt h1s ;10 in r ing, II '''hltk -nigt, .
it %. 8 every siilay tt, 4 p ill. prayir Il -t
le ig, \ e'4in4eslays 8 p. m.
day 8 : I tii a 24t1 ; - it. Iun iy
8 ,, ;u i'prayer 1ineetiig Wetiiesdays 8 p It.
) I l v l i tera It. U. I .I. 4i13 4 1 t
-i sunlhty I! at Il: :1d i Stanay i3::, ) Ill.
ld lay 3:3 1 pIll.
TIallor-R1ev l?. I". Dagniall-4th Suitilaiy
I a i : 5h s nhtyil1 II it I l.
I.. ily --Ier. \V. E Niggins -- Ist Still
d4ay1 4 1lm.
e I'oii--Itev. W. E. W iggi s-2d Similay
d I at m;t 5 th Suilayt .1 y) Il.
~r Iie a I-'ev. Wi- ggiK---lat Siiay i1
d a in : nIhiti(1 y .1i Im.
Ant~whINe. igg'in4- Ithll 81untay 11
It in,.
I 'iekeis Cliirt - It'ev. W iggis - 241 Still
* Iirst. siuaiyh-- irieitsI ilp, II a i I I or
te~r's t ha pll 1::1 p lm.
St'e i n1114i 1N34ay - -All.. I1tethel,I I it lin ; Niw
I 3op , :::n11 Il.
Thir'l Suillay-- Po4riterI's Chap'l, Ii a I.
Sa leiIn,4 :t:si, NhKpil m. lit.
WV-sT iwNs ClIne'Irr- -iterv. -1. 1. Atlta
way, Yistamlotuttl., S. C.
First suncilay- -- .airview. 11 .1. ml -
'I' rliI swi la tv- -' lp Ilill, 11 a. Il.
F.ourt sm:lay -Ulihaiah, 11 a. ml - 1 Jh
tily, 2. 15 p. it.
1-3 I'.slii'i.:i: IA N.
First S1111hty--- ic4'keIls, I 1. ll t:u. 7 :2,
p) ill.
S-oorni 81unila.y ase ,11 a k .Il wry
Thii Siniqlay- C .iral, 11 ai ll: Iaslev,
1 1i 111.
I-ourllth ila ilmrIty, 11 aim I sey
7 ::) 141Ill.
F'ifthtil nh111ty---"'asley, 11 1 all tu, ti 7::'
promptly procured, OR NO FEE. Send mnodel, kethli
or phIoto f.r free reprort on patentability. Ib,uk "lIow
to (nitain U.s. and Forcient l'ntenlta and Tradc-.Mnrks "
FREE. Fairest termni ever ollered to inventors.
Anl suswascotidenstial. Sound adtvice. Faithfull
s-rviv-. Mloderato charges.
WoC. A. SNOW & CO.
Opp.. U. S. Patent Offi . . .... WASHINGTON, D. C. 4
.:.i'.n II xt sii. Huliiii o, N . Y . ii .
11i4. 1Tk t nu-i- vey ' 1 v 111' .o i.
ive'111 < 1,y iniibot h i . d ir t ion 311mI lie a flim-l
:ii I',l 31.enly l i:i', from. da-te of sle,1
Glit f uii - :I i4114'i 41 reur igo lel'. gis
h W J.iA.NK11. Tari't, A. (E . A.14I81
(1 l'43114C'i ' e,'8'.C
(1u-:k-:s (n 1 [: - -ut lalv ('i' JI
. 1tryhti .illnday t in Alay am t n.t st) 11
A Nia-nso~c -S em I.\eont v in It -bruary
s)t-',o .\ovnh A in June)8 ari tfori,
Mornhty inSeptemawr
the ct-co in alohy f the ou th lon
'lay in Jne aml he ix'h ADruga ater
Forlj't a211 h Mnl 'e n te 1ont01. k
Chamber(1lin's Stom -h --idLivd r Tab
NI. . AV Xswolern, CX. o. .
1(:-t ayneiworth, Iarer A.Rbinson
1(act1ie in "1' tCoutzsi'.2Atte p alt
DR.J. 12.A R No. L E,
OFlico Sioen disn sugSo.
Nractico ineca the Cioutlts.i lat
N J.1 CnEt wlio Presient.lnIWl
No.l Tilii. o.2
No. 1. TATO . N..

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