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The People's Journal
ted weekly ty the .lleath, Br ue
.. to S 1-.
.......... 12 1.
ailcke s -l. is............... ....... 20 to 2
Fry e . ...................... ..........10 to 1,
lin tite. ......................................... 1.
Beesax............................. 24
Hamuis............ ..... ..........m
-W. F. Austin will be in Easle&
Oct. 1st and 2d.
--Dont forgt your subscriplior
diuts; that obligation is as binding ai
--Pay up your subscription as prompt
ly 11 posisiblo; wo need money like otho
-If yoi don't get your paper prompt
ly, please let us know ind we will cor
rcet ia trouiblo.
-Advertisors are reqnested to consid
(r the advantages the Jourinl olfors. I
will be to their interest.
-Prijo and Patton Main street Green
Ville, 0 iml supiply you with shoes of evor.)
kind. When in Greenville, give Iliom a
-Itead what our advortisors have t(
say. They speak of the right hind oI
prico ol ill kinds of goods througl
those cohmn.
-Maij. J. MI. Stewart, preached al
Enon Sundy to a lar'go anld attentiv<
(ongregalion. le relieved the pastor,
Rev. Alel)aniel.
--WhilO the MlOthodiSt churcb is Illn
dergoing repairs the Sunatly School of
that denominatiion will hold sevrvicos ii
uniion with the laptist school.
-1fovey Neoly was the first man o1
dek with a new balo of cotton. It wme
ginned at Kelly's gin and was bought by
the big storo. It brought 8.05.
-The Summer School it Easley will
(los at the end of the present week. 11
l111 beien a1 "kf11ast Of r-ea1IOn ani1d a flow o1
SoUl" With en CnthuiisiastiO teaceluurs.
-Cuth1erine Cannon, colored, wife of
Will Cniop, died at her home )on
T wolve Mile last Sunday and was burcd
the day following at lethleliei cene
--Parties will bea-or in mind that I will
lie inl Piekens on Wediesd.lays and Stlur
days of e ch week with nice choice fresh
men&'iits and solicit a share of your platron.
age. Yours Respect fu l ly,
J. I. Kirksey.
- The milty Comminssioners, il pu1r.
N1111niO of ir'raigemilents as advertised,
hebl :a colled meeting last Saturday ind
looked after anctumulated busiiness. A
good iumber of cilizens wro in town
on 11u1t account.
- -Pickeis people going to Greenville
to traid will do well to look in oi A. K.
Park inl the West End. He is a reliabl(
dealer find will tilk pleauro in laccoimllo
dating all callers for dry goods of which
he carrie's ia full liue.
-The lmonev season is at hand an(
people are mAiinig arrangements to set
tle up past debts. Don't forget your pa
por imimaking other Ipyents; we havt
wnitkd pitiently and tried to servo all
subscriblrs faitifully.
-This is a time of close compelition
in busiil O's. and busiiness iien adverlisc
for the pnr)posi of poi'iting prospective
piuMdasers to lio opportunities thoy of
for foi SavIng money. Reid what they
say; they have calculated closely an-d to
Wu of choice bargainus.
-Commissioner A. y. Walborn, on
acouni~t of sikkness ini his family, will
be unable for several day13s to give hus
personal attention to matters apportat:.
mng to his~ de'partmenit of the coluty bus1
iness. M~rs. Welborn and all the chiih
dlrein arc doWn wvith measles.
---Mr. and Mrs. L. L4. Keister and(
children have r'eturn'ted to their homo in:
Central after a pleasanlht tr'ip to the old
homestead at Strasburg, Ve. Tlhiey alue
visited Washington D. C. Mr. Keistet
has gone to Savanniah to resume huis
work as Chief Liniemni~ of the Plant
-Under the earnest preaching of R1ev
0. J. Cops land, much interest is being~
mniiIfosted in thie protracted servicu
which commenced at the Raptist chuireli
last Siunday. Business mon are giving
op3portunilties for their emp)loyes to at
tend and the day and night mneetinugs ar<
attracting goodl crowds. Thu servicci
will continue t hroughout the week.
- -On the ihrst Motudy in October anu
ever'y first Monday thereafter a hors<
swappiers' Coinvenitioni will bue held a
P ickens. The headquarters for all swapl
per's will he iat Bates & Freeman's stabule
All swap)pers are' eairnestly uirge'd to bh
eon hand on those days. A big time ma;
he expueted. A premium will be givel
to the miost (eergetic and( succcssfuil ex
-Ren P. Glrifl'in, living one mile t<
Itle southwest of Pickens, has e'xpei
mented wvith the Improved King varwtl:
of cotton. Hie hais on exhibition a plani
wuhichi measures 8 feet, 9 inches, andi
correspondingly fruited. It was growi
oni ordinary laud but was well cultivated
Ronu shows this as a sample, claiming t<
have a considerabls quantity that, wvithli
hite season, will make at least a balo t<
the acre.
-EJasley GIradedi School will open nex
Monday, Sept. 80, 1901. We heaur tha
the opening promises to be the largos
in thme history of the school. Eigi
graduates nnud ex.stuidouts of this school
are nowv in attendanee upon the Couinty
Summor School, This speake well foi
(he Easloy school, and the work it is doa
ing for our county. With the same
teaching force fresh from the Summel
Hehuoh, we predict a most succssfu
~~Tabsdor chiurch was thu sceno of 81
enthustustic mea meeting of Suindaj
Nohiools l.ist Saturday. A goodh crowv(
was present andu till joined heartily in th
purogramu, which consisted of speeches bi
Iuvited gentlemen, the pastor and lo dei
o)f the TIabor anid iDethlehemn schools.A
boauntiful dinner was suipplied by the
thoughtful ladies to which all were in
v'ited. Thoe xercises were greatly aidot
iby tho excellent music reindered and lih
day will be long remombered by atll pres
- On Wed ucaday aiid Thurisday, Sept
1thi iand 12th, by special effort on the
part of 11ev. 1R. R1. D.agnalh, a reuniot
of4 his immedIate family was had at his
home at this place. Thters were preson
Capt.$. H. Dagnal11, father of the 1Roy
ADagnall, who0 is 90 years of ago and no0v
has his home in A tlanta; R1. E. U~ngnahl
of Hickory, Yorkc county, the eldest son
W.A A. Dagniall, of the Railw'ay Mat
Service, whose home is in Atlanta(A. H
Ungnall, Esq., of Anderson, 8. U,, ant
Miss Mary Dagnali, of Picokens, besidei
Reyv, and Mrs. Dagnalh. This is the firs
time in eight ye urs that-ell the memberi
of this faiuly havo tbeen together alit
theo occasion was one thoroughly enjoy
ed,~ Mr, 10, K, Dagtall left for his lhoi
-Tho Piokins railroad will run anl ox
' tra train Sept. 30, leaving Pickens at 4
P. li., for the benefit of idl wishing to
attend tho circus. Faro for tho round
trip, 40 cents.
-Georgo Roper, living a fow miles
west of Piokens, while at work on ai
building, fell and dislocated his anklo.
He is attended by Dr. Etle. His injury
is serious on nocount of tho ago of tho
ptitient, ho boing about 70 years of age.
--Hon. ., J. AlcMahan will deliver a I
lecture at tho Presbyterian church in I
Easloy, Sepc. 20, beginning at 7.30 p.m. I
Everybody is invited. People ar) spice- I
fialy invited from Central. Liberty and
surrounitdingif couintry. Let everybody
go that call; it will be a tro it..
A. W. Folger, of EaIsley, was a guest
in Pickens Suniday.
Arthuir (hristoplher, of Eaxley, wias in
Piekens Saturday.
ir. and Mirs. J. MelD. Bruco and I
chl ildron Il1r) taking in tle Buitlo Expo
L. 0. Mauldin la t Monld 'y to tail u
hlis studies it ilte Charieiston Aledical
Cleilon W. Mallldiln left oil Monday af- I
tornoon for Aimitpolis, AM., to resui0 i
work at the Naval Ac:demy.
isi Es Mfary Allen, daughter of Rev.
Young J. Allen, a vei'aun Chineie mis
si Hna12ry, is v'isitinig froends here.
Jmes (61rilli, Son of Cal. .11s. A.
(irfili, cain1 ill from1 Ilissoll, K11o8as, C
last Saturdaty to visit his fathor and fun.- c
ily. I
Mr. I. E. lruee, of tlie lI1th-lrnee- I
lorrow firm sli;i ret 1rred from the nor- 5
t4ll'nI llarkets, Yli. e t 11W i m ly omitlo I
extenlsive puirchases to meeol. t'he domlands
(if their 1lt1l1omers (1hi. fall.
.Ben T. McAl)aniel who reenlfly re
(eived( the up1intment as storekeeper
and1( gantger at Columllbia inl the nlew anti i
tinlilelso distillery' at Chanit place left to ii
enter ulponl his diolies last evnling. H1( at
Wa acompanied by Iis family. Wo o
4onAgrat111to Bllen oil his good lu0k. 1:
EhA81 11Y. I
irs. F. W. Wageier, .ir., of Clhirleu
(oi, is a giest, it tit) home of \V. Mi. t
Mirs. C. M1. lilzalock ias retirled from 1:
a week's visit to relatives an1)d friends in c
(ireelvil:e. L
J. ]osmlillond ?,lariin, left for Clincinl
inat i, 0., i few days Igo to elter a collego
of PhllarmnI1ey. F
BIev. V. W. Wiggins ClOsIed a1 very
Wcessful meeting at St. Paul's cliirebf
AMonday tho 15th in1st.
Messrs. It. C. and A. 0. Folger, of
Spten r, N. C.. anre visi'i ng their nuihf -
Or, Mix. L. C. Folger.
Geo B. 12hanulton, of Norris, visited
his parents, Mlr. an1id 'Mrs. A. R1. Htamil
ton one diy last week.
Mliss Annie Thurston and irs. Ed.
Oweni, of (irenville, are guest 5of 1ms.
W. W. Rlobinlson, oI Mainl street.
Me xsrs. Mairsliall llam ilton an(d Samin- t
110l Riobinlson left severl days for Spur- 2
Spartianburg, to enter Converse Commer- t
(4:d1 School.
Mr. Thos. Woods aid iAlis Maanie
Mlullinax, of Solith Easley, were linited
ill malltrriatge by A. M. Folger, N. P., oni
Suinday evemling, the 15th1 inst.
Tuesdly evening, the 17th ins t., fite
elegant home of MIr. and Mrs. \V. IV.
Robinson wats thrown open to n large c
Iinnber of cbosen guests. The ocea:ioni
was the celebrationi of the crystali wed.
ding of Mr. and14 Mrs. Robinion.
Through the beautifully lit aparlii2tmt
floated sitrainsx of sweet music, andl ipt
le2t the cheerinig hmlghter of rolutix I
men01 anud hlandtsome ladies who had1( gi2h
ered to pay13 their respect'ts tol this popu.1 V
iiar coule~. Many att.dl cegantI were tile 8
precsents whichi frienlds and1( guestx he
stowedtl; antd chate~t aind eloquent thet ex -y
pressti of friendshiip to wich the lips e
of t hose assem2Ibled gatvt)1 ut~terace onl
that aulspicious occasion. Delicious ie
f'reshiments wore served during the eve
ning. Tie cheering hiours passe~td all t)
qluiikly, and~t the guests departed with
little heart thriobs of reseinmout agalinst
TIime, becausol it would not, tarry that '
they might linger yet awhile in the pleas
lant p~laces ci light and1( song and friend i
The printer is supposed to occupy the
samne position in the world of news that
a snpe'rior onlieer occupies in a military 1
1 organiizationi; and liko tiheamemnds of h2
tis superior officer, theo printed stin- a
tences5 of lte prlinter are. un~chanlgeable
for~ t h ime beIt'g, at. least. Thfo (2om1- '11
mianuds oif a superior ofileer oftenu throw I
- whiole lines of buattle inlto tonufiuin anid a
.1 near as 1mu1ch 4201nfusioni amnong xc. res oft
neOwsp)aper readerx, for inlstance4. "' Mr.
TaylSor. hats goneC to. IdLaurens2 to I21ut a
new home14. We ale sorry to los.M pi.
Taylor bunt. trust we will get soone014
Sjt. tas good ini his stead14."'---Tim Peop)les
Jfourina, Scyt. 5th1. Now thetro ix nao
kick uggaintst. 114he 4 wordig oft thle abo~ver
ralngtationi but obj~setion are5 ent1red be lli
-ein ig the fact1 thait it was writtenu else. t
vhiere, it isl instantly perct(thtile h-it it r
had 1no rightful plice thereml. Butt even i
for this your correspondenit would have
entered no~ objections. Had it not ap
peared that he0 was trywig to cast somei I
r efleotions upon friends anld 'follow-citi
zesyorcorrespou dent would have
Ihtro are but two ge'ntlemenl by theio
name of Taylor residing in Easley that<
your dorrespondoeut can reocall. One is<
thio 'llCient scretarys at the Exsley cot
ton mills; the other is Mr. N. D. Tlaylor,
the photographet. Both of these gon'
thlomoni aro) still in Easley and p~ur'suing
their rospootivo v'ocation1s. It is nieed- C
loss~ to say thait nleithe~r of these gentle.
meni 001nt4111plate or hav Yeoccasion to go e
to Lnurens or anlywhiero else to seek a t
ne2w honme 01 positioni. It is to be r'e
grottedl that thiisitem appealrod out of its
rightful place, for a n:umber of p~eole
were led to b~elieve b~y it that the gentle
man referredh to wais Mr. N. D). Taylor,
the phiotographler., thle 2onlsequeonceis his ~
business5 is likely to be iinjutred by it.
I trust that this will contribute to the
dlissipationl of the isitako. i
[Thlo ero riferred1 to occurrod inl this C
ofiloe and the Easley correspond~enlt is 'I
not to blame.]
Jia~in has done seo damngo to fodder
and opening o ttoni.0
Mrs. James Stausell, of this place, is g~
seriosly illwithi fevetr; shio is aittended 'J
I Miss Unity Rigdon has closed her r
flourishing school at Ambler and is at- I
Itendir~g tho summer school at Easiey, e
The one dollar COmmutation tax~ has
been weighed and found wantinlg. Some 11
sacn thing and som)o Ilnoth~er, but .3
owght days for all from 18 to 50 youars of
- g are needled from white and bliack to I
place ont raTh in auch. ep as te )
Mr. Lem Freema lint withdrawn, to)
nter Furuni University next week.
Mr. W. E. Findley, who took a courso
n the Piokeons summor school hlt year,
isited us near the beginning of the ses
ion, but did not enroll, as he is to ontor
ho South Caroliua Collego this fall.
Mr. Bright wrs with us again Monday, &
tun will return on Friday and Satirday, t
0 superviso the winid up. It is rumleorott t
hat another picturo of the school wih I
lieu be tkon, whon the "Only Origi- a
tald" will be in it.
Another visitor on Saturday was a
'oung tenchor who beforo sht had be
jun to teach showed her professional
aubition by taking the colrise inl the
?ickens County 8ummxier Scloo!, Mliss
lostor Curolon of Pickons.
Miss iDorsie Boroughs s)ot a iy (
witi us las week. Sho could not eitcr v
his yoar, a1s lier own school sessionl over*
apped thae Simmer c'h2ool by two
vreks;btt, sh1o Wa1s one1 of tihO faithful e
tudens in Pickells county 11111mLer
chool of 1900.
Miss Mlary M.tinl, whose school near e
ltsley has beeni ill session for 01110 0
2me, spen2ds every Satirllday in closo obl- ti
erl'vationl of tho waork of the Snumer
School. Mtiss Marlin af teaded the first e
essionl of the Stat' Summner School at.
%oCk Hill, ill 1899; sh graduiated ia
Vinthrop ol lego the ycar proviouis-.
There is another teacher in Pickoiis
ounity who has.not let a yeIr pass with - ii
ut attending aI s1umm1er school, M it p
aisy Horough, of Pl'rat3r8s. ''his is (
er. third sossion at the .'ickeis couny o
ununer2201 school. In her ex' (XcellencO as , h1
Ideit 11v shows the eAlle(t of her prev
ms13 snmmler school trainin.
On Friday, Mr. N. 1). Ta.ylor, the V
hotograpIer, calne with his caler.' to
ike 21 lu'tur of tho school. Soie of 1
10 yomig ladies sceied to have hild 1n 11
lklingr that thlis Was to be, and weru
LItorned Witi fresh hats. The grouip 0
uight to h2vt made at pretty picture- I
arrinifg the men1. Mir. 1right was not h1
resent, inch to the regIet of all. The C
ieture will probably form at part of the s
0hool exhibit at the Charlestell exposi.
on. A
Tho lecture Friday niighit, at, the Pres- a
ylerianl (.hurch.1 by supt. E. L. Hu1ghes,;
I (firen ville, was well i ttended ani' 1.s
n1,t t with initerest. T1ht! 821je(Ct wHas
I le Cunt'y l1ome." Mr. Hughes
poke of the great inlii of the world be
in ('rt1' Ilkalays l'ouIntly bred, the had.
ig m2en1 of 111 the cities having com1o
r'om2 the country. Mr. Ifughes is very
op1lar lie, having beei frequently
"gaged in soimer sclhool or institute if
ork in1 the cointy.
Among the visitors at the ses9sion of
he Siiininin'er 8ch1ool on Saturday were tl
11. W. E Dntdly, PIincipal of the Pick- hf
i2s Cr(iaded School, an)d hig (wo 21hist. -
nis, Misses 3lary Swannit and larie Fol
er', Miss Swanl, wilose holle i Selecl
Vent, through t1h3 Oone county summ1r (1
chool hist year and th yeaor before, and 1,
his year ailded the 1tato 111Su1nuner c
ichiool lit ConVerso College, where shte
ook a ht avy cour2e; gralmiler, prilily (
[lethods, draiwing, aind sight-siging,
>he lils thu1s attendeild i tmlm1Iler sch1ool
ve'ry yeari sin'ce. the systemii Was put, In t
Mr's. Caroline Burdine is agiiia seri
usly ill [it her h111ome.
Mr. Olat Lathemn, of ClemeInt, left for
shev1'ille on Mlindaiy, 16112 inst.
TheIi Lathe 11 chool100 keeps a lar1g(e at
3Indanlce m1 spite of , the busy fo(kler1f
nllig time.
TheIi( Lenhard1'tI 5(cho0, unlder thle super-1' .
ision2 (of iMhiss Nani R1121 oper', is pr1o
ressmng meiCly'.
Miss Ola Major', of niear P~Cieon1t
'ais thle guiest of Miss Lecotus Ponder '9
ni 1ast Saturidaiy andt Suniday.
Miss LeotI2s Ponder' is home from all
xtenlded v'isit amiiong relatives in Gireenl- ~
ill anid Andersont11 countties. .
Th1ere was11 a ba2ptiz/ing at1 Mt. Carmel 0
n2 Thuri's laiy, 1 2tlt inlst. Fiv'e were bur
3(1 withl Christ inl thle liquid grave.
Mr'. Toml Chiildress, of Thomnasville h
1( il 1n las Friday morning (If a1 pois-8
nod( armi1. HeI had been sick only a few
Cutting hay is thle order of the day
ow. J. K. Lat~hem and J. ]B. Maiuldin
av'o bought a MlcCormick mlower eachl C
aid aro' cut1tin~g lhay by tile whiolesatle. '
Metiiis r.~ Fors Ponderii and(131 Ruped
ub~li( Thomas visited tihe Missos Hillnts'
liHon. C. If. Caripenter's the 111.h2 inst. I
Miss EIlima Canada(1l, (If ClhrOlon
h11 hats been spaending the mmllller atl V
fender01sonlville, is the( gues3t of Mrs
M. Tihomais, of Tlhlomiasvilloe, this
Mr'. MaritinI Buridine1, of (1Irey ,court,
,aurens c2 ounity, is v'isitinlg fr'iends and1( e
31 ltve (If Neoil.bnor1ea. Hfe is onl his
-.13y to) li~taito, Asbeville 21121 (other a
luee o'5(f mteetE.3'5
[,l'ole (If thiis 80012011 ar1e vo0hmtein'Ig h)
a wor0lk the roa~ds and2( they3 hlave t hem iln h
lodte~1 g(od lix. Peop1le of (other1 800- b
ion21s slahhi tak theI11 hint and( mIovo dlilt
with the samo11 shov'eI.
Exper'inceI is a doaur schlool and1( people
Ihave begun to learnu 801me thlings, VIZ.,
lot to vote for the canldidate who howvls e
liat one doliir ori thr~ee da ys will wvork
he roads, but to vote for a main that's r
n1 faivor of Lnolve day3s or' four dolhars, h
ir two dollars per~ head3, and a Ilvy of
mne to three mills on property,
Thle cotton mili started theoir nlighit ruin
i the 23d1 inst,
Job SmtithI, jr., has comm~leced the
r'etion (If a hivory st j us suto
hie dlepIot,.ujit8ito
Thio railroad athor'itics hav proi'Olsed
> buid a now depot at an early day. It
baidly mooehd.
The first new bale1 (If 0ootton gitnned1 by
,llbambhn & JhoIQgs,on the 17t1h inst., w~as e.
>rV. T. O'Do11,8
Th'lO two 1rral mail delivor'y ro(utes go-n
gs out south (If here into Anderson e
1)212 y, are'( to be starteo) up on Oct. 1st. "
'his wvill be a gr'eat convenience to a tl
rge section of counltry that have here. a
fore had only limited niail facilities. 'I
Everything is qJuiet mn this neck of the &
'oods, eoept the noise of progress
he new br'ick stores and batik have been 4
overedl and1 the plastlrer's tire now en- 1
nigedi in puttitng the walls, ate., ini shape1. P
'lhe btmnk floor uns11 beeni laid in cement, al
Chanmblin & B(Iggs havo added some
ioder', imp11rovelmonts to their innery as
'y alddiig a suction apparatusan danoth- s
r. lar'go gin, makimg thr'ee large gins C
jth an inproved seed delivery and ar'e
ow~ pr'epared to gim yourt cotton while g
TheIure is talk of a filopilhno lino from al
ore to Anldersoni by way of Wilsona & a1
ulaitii and Paesmore'8 13ridu o, in Au, (Q
leraon cunty to Martmi Rhm. uni.M~e
s . An American Disease.
n- DR. S. WEIR MITCHEtL is au.
r- thority for the stateient that nerv.
?al ousness is the characteristic mal.
ult ady of the American nation, and
rr statistics show that nerve deaths
AS number one-fourth of all deaths
n. recorded, the mortality being main.
ly among young people.
to is the.grand specific for this great
American disease, because it goes
straight to the source of the Weak.
ness, building up health and
V. strength by supplying rich, abund- ii
Mn ant food and pure blood to the
OS worn-out tissues, rousing the liver
to activity and regulating ala the it
A. organs of the body.
it- ** The Mchigma Drug Co.," Detroit, Melt.
0 LUverettes the famous ltilo liver pill. aSc.
ed10 r ale by (. W. I~ ar,.
I will exhibit iy m11111i iery and niotiomiti
is- on Oet. 3d andII 4thl. Yoi are invited to
P- aittend. Very lRempect full y,
t30 Mrs. M. J1. Chapman,111
io Sop)2(v2 Liberty, 8. C.
1 -*
Josihl Wosthalifer, of Lroogootee, Ind.
ly iH a poor man. but he Hayti le would niot
10 be Without C(luhnberlain'ia Pain B1am1 if
e it c'.At tive dollars a bottle, for it naved
. him from being a eripple. No Exteriial
It. applicaltioni iM e41ilal to this liniment for
stit and swollin joints, con tracted mull.
eles, s~tiff neek s~prains' and1. rhfeumantic
)d uid imusuIilar paiins. It hai also (1red
nuiieroto ease ,.f partial parally4is. It
iN for siale by 0. W. l.:arle.
V Take two eipi of hot. wvater half an
- hour l hbefore ea1 11h meal an1d just. before.%
going to b(d, also a drink of water, hot
or cold, about two hours after oeh meal.
Take lots of out.loor exereise--walk,
ride, drive. Mtke a regiuhir habit of this
and in many eases 0hron'ii ie constipation
1111Y be cured without the l(e of Iy
imediemiie. Whlen a pirgative in reqtiir
or ed take somlItitig mii tt ald gelitleo like
Chamiberlain ' Stoimitch antdt I Aiver Tab
n, lets. For sale by (1. W. E]arle.
nt "Some yearsi ago I wasx ole of a party
or thaitt intnId mnakintig a long bicycle trip
y says F. L. 'Taylor, of New Albainy, lrad
ford Couinty, Ill. " was ta keni sud
olenly with i diarrhoea, and w.as ahonlt, to
o- give up the trip, when editor Warti, of
m the Laceyville Messenger, suggested
tis that I take a o(se tof Cinmberian's Coli,
ut Cholera and Diarrhoot Itllmedy. I pur1'.
Ohasel a i ott le atit took two doses, 10
ed before sartiig andol ton tle route. I
(1. made the trip successfully anid never felt
,T. any ill elleet. Againi last. summer I wa
0. almost eoipletely run dowi with anl at
,a tack of dysentt'ry. I boui-hlt a bottle of
..this 11amo1 remledy and this timie ono. dlose
Cured me.,' Sold by (I. W. I ile
ms Thle busiest and inighi jest little thi
)ut that evor was made is Dr, King's Ne'i
;Life Pills. '1Tht4t pi lls chanige weeO5knes*
irn initonstrenigth, listlessness in to energy
60 brai -fug into monital power. Th'Iey'r
tid wionderful in) builin~ig up the the heoalth
u. On~ly250e per box. Sold by 110lt & Tiron
Iho 1eY.
tn "Lately beftell a rai lroiad lboer,'
as writes Dr. A. Kellett, of Williford, Ark.
dl- "Hisw foot wias badly3 (irtnshed but, Blutck
er len 'n Arnien Salve quick ly cured hiiim.
ie It'n simplyh3 woniderfuil for' Jlurn, Boils,
oc Piles antd all skhin oeruptionis. It,'t thIt
ill wvorld's champion hiealor. Cure gtaran
to toced. 25c. Sold by Bolt & Thornley.
"Afnul anxiety wvas felt for the wvidow
I of theo bravo General B~urnhiam of Machi
ins, Mo., when the dectors sa1id she
3k wvould dio fromi Pnonumoia before morn
Lb inig" writes Mrs. S3. II. Lincoln, who at
10 tended her that fearful night, but nhe
is- bogged for Dr. King's Nowv Discovery',
1) which had( nmero than Itnit staved her life~
ill and( enirtd her of C~onsumpllltioni. After'
taking, nlie slept all iiighit. Furthier usc
onr irely en red her."' Tis mSlarvellIons
r meOdicino( 1s giiaianitectt to c1i1rotall
h 'Iiroat, Cliest and liii g I)ixeases. Otily
at.' andl 1). T1rial bottles free at Bol't
& Thuornley tdruig store.
-. S. B. MANN,
u-. (Oj'ers. hIs striceso to the geo ra pubit Jtlit
0- for' hti ld ing puiirpo~sts oithlir by thet ''''n
tracet or thte daty. A Ii work~ la guiarateeda
wvhetn het81 superiits the wvork , an thieit re
(ers to is patronts as to his qiuaniileatjto
ando thtronghnettos All persotis destrntg it
reilial conttraeotor or htnibIler il do w~ iellI
ieto see hitn btoro c'losing trao elsewhoro.
We deal in LUMBER
ho of all kinds,
Y- Dried and Dr'essed LumberCI deliv
ered on sihort notice.
n. Patrties w'anting Lumber of the
in atbove kind notify us att least ten
days bef'oi'ehand thart the lumb~er
may be thoroughly driedl.
ho Table Mountin, 5. 0.
T 'iil. NxIW YOlltK WORtI,D
>d1 'Te Mtost Whblely Read New~'paper in
I Amierica.
." ime hias demiottrated that the Thrbice
oa Week WVor'ld stands alotne in its clasp,
8- ,Other l:apeors havo ImItated Its foi'nu but
H, !not its success. This Is beenno It tells tall
1s the tewVs all the thne aind tells It Impanrtl
a-| ally, " hether' that tnews be pollticaul 01
loc otheriwho. ft Is Itt fact almost a dally at
the prIce of a weekly and you cannot atl
ford to be wIthout It,
[I- Riepnbliocan and Decmoorat alIke can r'eado
y, the I'hrlce a week Wotrld wIth absolute
r, confidence in Its truth,
g In audtit t~o news~i It puIbllshes dret4
er class serlttl ttor'ioi anud other features sluit
j- ed to the home and fireshtle.
, The 'I'nco ia Week Worbhtl' rogtil'
~. - anbsciption price NI ently 11.00 per' year
is (OgCLther'QI 00 ytt fot' $w1
th reu~ suIr'|4i 19Q 4
Grain Drills,
Disc Plows,
Hay Rakes,
Chilled Plow
Hill Side Plo
In fact anything you want in
ments, and the prices are right,
Big Lot Fruit Jars j
Get Our Prices bef(
the Heath-Bruce
* e
()y* i l :t
Carriages, SUrreys, Buggies,
At an Absolute
Unltil our stock is revineetld. hm't take ouir w<
Harness of all kinds at. cot. We car
Jlone, .in! varo 11i otler itu:kes of Bgl es, &
SIbIE an We14bhr noI4 0be11 grade the )1
Now k Ohe 1:vA1 Sevon for SellingV vehlices of al1
part, pr-ofit or nlo prolit.
Teseasonl for Miules :nl ilorses ik prlOt.
yet. lviuitmmher, we pa:it no lon)se rent. or eill
dn our own W: ir. We will sell aliy 'thiig we.( Il:
:llli kin r.. mn11 ll iti t. W4 l v ' il to $voniv
Iu Court. ohh rer :nliv41 .Il4*ck41 Stsreets.
.AlIl Colored Mutslin9, Lawnis andi l)imu
I t doI not110. IOIy me1 to carry1 ov'er go()
TII1E P H I CF ini s(aOnso whlile you need31
All 1 2e and 15 centIs Suinunor Goodsr
All 10 corits g)Oods reld1IC(ed to' 7 cenlts.
7 an d 8 cents goods roducwed to4 5 cen te
Ladies 15 conIs Undervests at 10) cent
A goo(d Vest at 5 cents.
AllI of miy lowV cut Shoes are~ on tho SA
if lowv prices will do the work, 1 do0 m
Some good bargains in E mbroidl:ris,
knowni to the trade and( lhI uin on
to0 nol) the w
If v011 need hnythin in o uI line a~ poemaI ca
withi de-.Ign andu pice o vonri 1home, We bw
Paices. PffIRON iF'INUINGi ANt) C.~OPlNd
Your., for trade,
Turnip 80
WVe havo ju3st received a full assortmo
a reliable company, both1 ini bulk and pce
Don't you wan't 6 spools of lBest Trhre
for 50 cents. We handle Merrick's threa(
to ha free from knots. Try it.
A few more STRAW HATS to go C1
Our stook of Grocerius is co npiote.
We have just received 1. barrel of larg<
each or 8 for 25 (cents; cheoap as bacon.
Try our Golden Rtod Roasted Coffee, 1
for 25 cents. Nico Green O0ffee 7, 8, and
JBucket Molasses, Floor, Rice, Iacon,
and brown.
Don't forget us wvhen you have any
Chickens, Eggd, BeeOswax, Ginsong, Star (
Yours3 truly,
ond established from Andereoli. T
1 ouil b a great convenlionco to a )ai
oction of country and wye hopo to soo
LI operation.
The roads are still a serious matter,
to understaid that the public ful
lave been OxIausted and the roads i
tot worked. A general call for volt
nors to finish upt) the work is now in
ler. Let each community now qpp
o th patriotism of tihe citizonA and I
ho roads in passable condition to m
wt our crops over. The good work I
Iready becin commenced in this se(c'in
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Robertson now<
upy at handsomo cottago -recontly co
tEructed on1 Hotel Ridge.
The now barracks are rapidly neari
mtttplotiont, aid will add greatly
lemsori's appearance ind its studen
Mr. Jhnl T. Bowen and Cleonl I
Jauldmn, foinier studenti of Cletms
ollege, -ittnded the opening exerciE
't th- 11th inst.
The facilty assisted by the Y. M. C.
>1 ye aI reception to the ''rats" last 0
vei itg; afterwards refreshme10nts wt
erved to atid greatly onjoyed by the:
Otn ncoutt of the unfavorable weal
r the new barracks were not complet
'y the beginning of the session and
resent four students are allotted to
Thm old stuldents have ceased dlist-u:
ig the plealsuiresl of viie.tion aid tire al
lying tiheisolves to their work like tr
aruolinianls, while tlt "'rats" sit in sol
bWiiure spot, thinking of. "the home1
11t behind mec."
Clemson's ninth Ression wias formal
egit ott Wmdtneisday, Sept. 11th. TI
xtensivo preparations and the larl
timiber of stdents will make this i r
ter termi for South Carolina's best a
ronitd 'college.
President IHartzog jovially remark.
,at the matrimonial microhe had play,
avoc withl the faculty hately ; this %
opt', will not prove so detrimental
lom113on1'A ilteres9t0 a1s the scarlet fov
,are of last year.
IPilcens counity is represent- by
Bowen, 11. Eid. Btowen, T. C. 1tobi
)m1, ). . Earlo, C. It. inigood, 1). 4
[umubiert, W. F. Maulint, 11. Ht. Ah
ice. It. I. Miller, S. M1. Robertso
C. Stewart and .. F. Williais.
Plickens lBoys.
Mrs. Johm M. Crenshaw is vivitiig h
kother at Matietta, (a.
Mr. Jesse Roper, of Tableu Mountai
t improving his house. Alonzo ai
Q. Edons atre his workinti.
Mis Eliza J. Patton, of Table Mon
uIn, is very loW with scatrlet fever, b
; improving. There are a few oth
uses of this fever inl our section but th
re doing fairly well.
We were all shocked to learn of t
eath of President McKinley. All pe
le who enjoy our peculiar freedoc
ught to be above such ain act as ti
mod there is no excuse for this violc
eatl of tle Chief Exccutive.
l'his community was tetribly shock
m the 14th imst., to receive the sad
elligence of the death of Mrs. NI.
Wkelton, ef this place, iother if S.
;kelton, of Liberty. Mrs. Skelton v
ip and about oi Saturday morning I
01 hor death nnd was seomingly
rood hietilth, but about t3 o'clock it I
Ifternoon she was seized with a seri
ase of ap~poplexy; she wits con1sci
mnly a fewi hmourms and p~assed away ab<
nlidntight. Shte leavies eight ehildri
our1 sons5 aInd four1 daughtter's to mom
ier utimtely deaith. She was about
ciars of atgo and snirvived her husba
bout 9 . (ears. H1er reminis woro :
arred at the Golenoy cemeiter'y and t
uicral services conducted1 by R1ev.
'yroe Singleton, of Greenville cotini
ho was a'i industr'ious, upright wetm
ossiessing that rare tact of businc
bility rarely seen in women of her c
cation. She wias a cotnistent membl
f the Baptist church anid gave evidlen
f a full assuraneo of 11er1 noeoptan
-ithi God. I would to God that we
ight follhow Mrts. Skelton 's example
ei' chtildreni and all mankind.
ept. 16, 1901. Looker On.
This Aissodiation met with I'lat Roe
hurch, on Sunday, Sept. 15th,' wi
.J. Robinson, President, pro temn. T1
Ilsio was led by' the following piroft
os each 15 minutes: T. F. Nelso
eD). Weas,I J. C. Lenidermanl~t mi
T1he Associtationi adjourned onie hto
nd thtirty mlinutes for (dhinet, afl
-htich it was called to order by
'residenit and tho mulhsic wits led by Pt
'ssor' W. A. Poriter', 'T. B. Owens, Mc]
uutos. Mr t. McMatini presidedl at t
'1Tie sintgintg was graind and enjoyed1 I
latrge' congr'egation.
'Te association adjourlnedl with pr1ay
y R1ev. T. F. Nelsoni to mcot, with R1
amahul church the 2nd( Stundlay in Oct
er. Rufus Itogga, See'y pro teom.
All porlsons having olaiths against l
state of William kHunter, decensed, w
resent the same properly aittosted to t1
ndorsi gnted by the J1st (lay of D)eoet
01'. '1 hose in debt to said estate w
lease make paymnont,
ecp26t3. 1). F. Bradley,
I l'ava for sulo several desiral
racts of good farm laud near Easle
t will be to the interest of prospeoti
myers to sea mec. If you disiro to si
r ehanigo for land see mc before ui
lortaking to do so. Caill on or addre
V. A, Hamitoni Easley, S. C.
E. 1B. Munda y, a lawyer of Henriti
ecx., onice fooled( a grave-digger.]
ays: ,"My brother wvas very low wvi
imnlar.ial fever and1 jatundico. I persus
I him to try Electric flitters, iand
'aS 0oon much better,.but conttinu<
ioir luse until he was, wholly oured.
mi sure Ehecrio Blitters sauved his life
'his remedy expelhs malaria, kills disen
erms and purifles the blood;~aids digc
0on, r'egulates liver, kidneysand bowel
ures constipation, dyspepsia, norvoi
iseases, .kidneoy troubles, female ot
hiitsj gives perfect health, Only 5(
IlDolt & Thornlhey drug store.
An exammtation for 'reacher's Corti
utes will be held at E'isley on Saturda
opt. 28, 1901, on English Grammi
'eography, and the Solence of Teaoiu
-tho branohea titught in the Summ
oh.ool- nd at Pickons en Miondity f<
>wimg on. Aritmetic, Algebrat, liiator
Id Rlfording, This will betteoonly c
ntionutl erar,10. o
ws, Etc.
the way of Farming Imi
lust Received I
>rc you buy.
-Morrow C.
:R 11 1' 10 1
mllr bus4iness, we will soll
Phtons ndWago-,
Sacrif Ice!
rd for It, but comne nd see for yo
ryJ 11he' llaho.>ek, Courtland, Tyson
-,as strict, lilt-rh G'rade Wagons,I
lvensboro, Ta.1r anl-md Chattanooi
I kinds, :11d we are goling to lsell(
well ove r b111. u% e have a few bar-ga:
k hire, ownl our Ownl reosItory 11
v! for cash or ypoodl paper. Pol
U4 V1n111 i l See W W3 are alwI
'' to next seas~ (onltfl, soyIoC1
tho;i ~godsla~aUmd Vgou~
edCI uce t 10, Tt racrnt oo
IC I F tlICE Cl e t ONigTo El.
wet itn hto carryiiv a sie r
Gv.f r eenv~. i l ,Ole )rpc. Po.
ii '' * uui W tu L Lc Et . Wtj II ITii'
:is &of B AY R
u ito r alcd.rs lbigam
SPE to A LX Tl8.81, 0IC
adlcl for 1 cents.roeds
I. andier spo. arat
6 fat~cj M COERER1.cs
thingen to aely an thsing .i
3rass.and GrhHna'

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