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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, October 03, 1901, Image 2

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Tuesday, Octc
No Cards I
Our Millinery Department ti
sion of Miss Tirzah luI IIIg"hes w
Eastern markets, where she pu
line of the season's most choic
no pains to make this departm
towns, and if you want a stylist
will1 do well to visit our Milliner
SEE OUR'~~""%W
Jt is; the most complete line
been shown in theI( county', and
We Cordially invite all tle ladic
w1ll receive a cordial wc(ome.
The eath ruc
I t N I i0 Il
t rmI i ntt :D o i i i hI4:mv. it
11tl0 l - l- I la t 1114 tt iA. t I 1
I 1 1'1 >\ .i t . 1i1
I tt il It i lt's i n il I ut I i -
T uly" one.
oit . t ( 1 'g1t01. : i-g hmd it ti' a tihe .
ow '11i t n ' i ite n tII in6 :1 w6'-1it
it a t i e t liiiit i' a i lgi usuall io
N-1ir halt'tim gs the ' t ter of it isi
. tIll U (111
h~oeec'i' nt i' o 'S ett i s 8tiiu' y isi
rthe isi o n f i I . e Il i
ito ' k ina he g no ; how i i-otytiiret' ith of ur
atc the' m lina-erlli ho t ' thil ('u i w ann'
~ ofte (lli~ty of i n dt'iii' t 'liO l I fi
rfobined rno
T h till r '1' 1 of :, it e-i , 1 hm S 'l a
rtfiut iio ~l tnlioinllt't ii i -n. 'lrio
le ice ofsiti of illi tijentey ]'illtl.
,rThs itcoatry.iigsbt omn n
iritlC'it ievtelt maytr to tiv i' o NIe lie'
sliught of Miijlo ' sJteet'e. Thlek tiiti
enoet'gilille b g laptr of n enI ti th t 11'
aro dlegatet heedieta 1o
ig-s u fim. imditsve or ofth'w'i i
comtesu atinh inclinning an nbot at th
Con fti hit ois . o late i endtoi t h I!
Thie tim'e area' pria t revival tumd dot
mor t ood C 'ithan nt pui'cdO agne ii.
thed oth.tefrintoom hv tls
Eportessio.migt the in ttes in
Poresideng Augustley, 1901, impran a1t
scoms'3,36 to is pase abnst tieunthed
byn Amorcantes. onh'pridh
Domoera0d te bions, wihl line. sp'lk
n3reof pickila in hits stonduet ofa
fapi's adurxlly sThuelac mth3r
Rie otavl'or steu latsit li onthsal
twdv tonertain pepein yearsn hs
~ when the onoiet mgee tho to.
~Iet scom that threig omeret ao th
~'easury its fulower Ti tabnle anar
.as rfaned fro eoin so heOrauseOQ of
ie in l o det tingOOO, them Sneh a
son sould nolne'ee hi. h
ber 8th, 1 901.
ssued, but
is scasol is under the supervi
ho has just returned from the
-chased a large and complete
, novelties. \Ve have spared i
it equal to any in the larger
Hat at a reasonable price you c
y department. u
of I )rcss Goo&,; tlat Ias (v b(
t prices tha t defy conilpttition. 3
to ( ;tttId this opelig. oua
e-Morrow Co.
I'I4- itielt Sial't r will imve Some n illi
liltyv in getI tng, h is future (.4onIntetc s av,- T
Ip datth irfaevh '
SHuntqwes 1 )Inment lue: b:td a (I II :ni a h I faI
w l 4 < rly hin; in 111 1the I l ig m hine Hln
\\'e cI.,rta in l h1,1m, tiat thI e Fi.lipillo 0
wilt no(t judge* [is by. ml -o '11 1f the 0'1n- 1.
Tr I n ,nil w o se t Ito visitI I I I I h his son
IuI re:,pIrt Io arve, c 4(O r 4 r pre(v iin::;
)-,n Ii4I in II f w vivt 14' i( Sp' cially bese.
\\'ith ill 4 4\4'pti n1 4f ('lov' niu ,
lr. It(e -wv ll i:< 11 ill lv 'r i lenl ice
II Ii wlhom litI lo rvo li I th , ( 'ivil war.
Th1s1 4 h1 l inark Ih III t l I:la sini 1f the
I.I I I v . t . N I Ipi i 1 in ,f n o4 I
sl i (IV I4w'et'1 I h y 114w 4' light I i
1ina44 l it ii1o1po Is 4 1 ni to u I.h- is'a i I Iha
: I .i s a I I N\. I a
for tl wleIl'4'4 p l i l to n iel t\ ( i. ea
444 -1:n4' r I tliti i guerri4 hi' hIn11011
o4f fluixr.
I' tI i(4 I - ra t,I4.vI I I I I ;'.- ti % I Ii h-II4\
x y ill 44 (I'InI gres, hu I IsII civil I r
fi i t 11 hr1444 h. W141(ithout thiI t hil
(444$ th4e unueableIu t corrupion of:c the11
fe'llo 1el ing4~4 ti makes it o wolx.u
Ii 441 r isonell ('4 1 ban i llri. (14:4 114'spa
aori) 4li444 neir4f (Ii re14iar 41 14 i' li4(4
te i 1bey coni ' al izluel i , ihyll 1-een'(C
1 hipp il, reminds u ire'l itably44es of im
llibi rentarksl by01' the ' paias atli 44441tia
4j44o 44 1)n44nin 14he behvioro t.1 hleg Amer-4W
man14 trop there.
The Court of4 hopir evdnljn
liendsi to44'4 be 0 absolutely44 fir, Nvi marked
contrait i th 'li'th'e aiud of:111 1thed Navy
he op.45 en ig'eao fori~g1 shoing 44 par-t1
but it14 11s 4 rportd that manye4 htir 114 rel
are4 now'14' I ihg ihe irds0. Nne havei4'14
been'i41 1 l titd for 44 sa li that i ag~tinst
are killing 11he young4li b44ird40s.o h ei
T h is the5 season1'4i when a1tll up-to dato440
mee 114 h'ei strenuous demand of' bus0iness.14
lyr te birst oflzii Otober t~hil (th4last
of41' Decembe thanll)10ti~ at aiy oseasn o
thne illar. i s i' i nt take. theIclll ng f
peiod, a' OICt time 18Cl of ronin pn wind
invg ptorodi' bus4ines o te ogyear.
1It1 Wi a flso aso in whuic-h by0) reas
Lirte ofroor circlation of onevo8 yh
mrch.ants ar ou ~rind n thems arae
mes a re don, oo t at a yohe
time, otint apositio to takent youvantago of
ail to come toin gholroscu ofe a~ do
nor and~ cont~fidnly expet a fuit ea
O - Iruyers hl-ave jiist illrivet
eVe- klnoiwl ill the hliSt)I' (d ou.
in this part of the countlT. New
ricS alnd We illvite 'evry 111 1u), WOI
Diothing and Cents' 501
Eurnishings. G
Never bcfore' has our' Cloth
ea (1c ritmlCil ent been so corn
:te. If you wear a stout we io
Ai lit you; if you wear a slim m e
. can 1it you. 1"he biggest
ock in the county to select mc
omIn and at prices to sit the
Itilt th wih
rchaser. Youiths and chil- bu
-en's Suits, single and double
-easted. Ioo pairs palts to
sold ranging in price from
c entfIs to $5.00. See thems
Id get hirst choice.
Thn-is generl talk of s4hort trop..
Lis n4ury provio true41, butl thel p r ucr.4 fall
'0 inl fairly goo(d shap --taInk to e(). fo.
i lvinIfg andl ditlie t applienttion, ()
TI.'he' big 1rst say tl: they sel 0m1y hi
ir urls rdntar d. CanI a re(- p
nul sin4'e or ler for 10,(H 1. car 4ods of m
Iei r Mai liIh.1 by o firm, 1h(e oside 11
41 4144.44.1 241l441hi? s
1 nwn- ::: r.
TlonJ i wh 'l (riticz. th meiical Ire;.tA
ill-lit 4f i'nr-s4ideit. MceKinley Shoulid Ie
iliber Iha, inedicin is 11 o t NU .c
s(ei44w'4 by :m means ~i'114. I I. it wi r4' we i
Mh1nh1 a.l~l di0 (if ol 11I.c it
i ii sh 01Ili Iial rep t11.4 1) ' ihe ill
\vrensed .-; wager 1p1 ;il ye .i 10o W( I)kmiln
ill 4'a i ry at . 41, ,(H14. This 1
<14 snt48 look mn1 iih Iik the deily w h1
hi:.i been4 hIingii; :dI 14nneh ahon)It.
irg Inga1it ider how 1 it.d vI
sh < s 110o ('arn4S his salr11y. T h11 .
Iam I -r r2 1w : 11:1 I II wl n \\ Iani I IhI
I ,(ng dish e th-phons 1:av'e 11en
Iu( in h4t we il (142-44rp a Icapital it' 1b]4I it
I :Sa ~ 2i ' r l'eidentl lioos',4elt was ar
denly ill fa~vo~'r f an A14merUin canal14 un1
der' Amer'ican2u prote(Iction;1 no4w 144 is4 said I
thle juie of) 4 waiinig to see'4 beforo4' "we
I)onle'1d.through years4i of11 expienc 14 ed'4 of<
c21Iitieslhip. "livel hone1stly, hutt nobody
1144d give\4 unto( e'very' man11 hisi 1due." This o
fo.14'lowe sIr ily ~ will insure4( to) anyonei~l a tI
hiigh place4'1 iln 1111 es2teem'1 (of his i follo(w ,
Ithrough~1 the' mdium.I41 < f the( faily3, in1 b
the144 24hninistraion lof2 411h1 I4'.lwsI and ~
oilicia andI12 the i ll I and over441 i ndugen
ing footh8 hl in this21412- countr'~y. A i - ,1'
('411 prosper(us comunmlti it v11~' is ao uliera it
he~''( ubtefi4m t'ti progresis of ou homo 11
't'ei for e1'0opeativ whork in11 bu~ilig it;
ple is theI l ut414 'io of a4lllh 114 < a is 1of
unntoen progess 1)44 f4'llblb*ie~j
1l4lThe.~ merchants4g1 who( aro1 n4ofpakn ito
faie you throughi ThIo JournalJ (If nd il~i rI
ontleme apicadimen of tliabl4eI14 busies It
ina81olec Thrgouthmh of croplos widI
liakingp and scarlomy .sthe soodNe
fa ildor himtelnedf II1C)~ithol tmot r.:
,iadeo in yourinf11u timeins wIte i
e neer aprepiationof the faore Theyf vr
403ust clt or gos oof busnessrand Ith
ho pom ando rulyt settler olth one~ I c
rho~ buidfor h~Qtimsef rtato 1t1hat O
I roili the Nurthern matrkets wO
business, and at prices that will
goods are rolling in oi every t
nan and child in reach of our st
,OOO yds standard prints at tha
i per yard1. arc
>o yds good outing 4%2 c. bai
>o yds good bleaching full de!
vidth, 5c.
n tact we have passed thro'
- entire dry goods and no
is, clothing and Shoe depart- all
nts and Cut prices to the
ck, and we will save you ,01
ney on your fall bill if you
I give us a look before you CU
y. an
agonis, Buggies, Surreys, &c
d get our prices. We can
Vie you money.
We havo iintiiatuel hefore and iigiin
:" Occioni to Fay that now is1 the timo
e'eIch individulili, 'whos 1 name his bcoin
Ie iibscription ii .ts of Iis papir,
if who b.4 not. lakei t.he time to con
lei his indebt 'dnle,:' fr lie t1am1e, to
alw it i point to either bring o)r sound
Sh'4 t his oliMe. The l:1At oI arter
um iseos to le a fiulther improveient
i al thie yer. G rowth m out b grad
I hutii g riwh il iccm ied by suib.
tiai;ole Ivideneis of appro.iationi fails in
le~ 44 titi (twiO'enittoi' 1lii) l 1. 11,i
e f 10 oo'enuy riiks of it
iIinu 4 ton-' !erb;ikinig. Th i isn t a dis
Ss ctall, h1tmi simply a i hat m
itnuiclh w; the subsoriptionII dues arI a
irt of tht alvIanev payments enijointed,
is litme "', matinv to ee where they 0
anial i i.n t ' espct!.
A nid It I 111111t0tacht ions of th1 S uith ern b
oScal the It logi o I( mthwIern (ra- C
r the ithougt eltite. inst intieive!y how b
'ar andi how tcotnftiig a thting it woul i
vm bin Ito tie:&at to thi murdered '
residenI if the sweet things that are r
ilt of him illw thait I. is dlead hul bIen
iteredt wirile he( wain. l-h. lew u d
tve appreciltet the gold- I wIotrds of
logy, nd soma 'f our Hotthern or.
]r olitt livte atrdso inlcon
sheit ;bt th e consisti nty is Indeed a
wel. A p1nuliar thing abouit we South
n peeld1. wo should enitt r-lainl sulch ex
ted o)pintions ofI* a imnafl and thetn go to
w1-1i.s and vote 3againo-t him.-Rtock
lil H Iiriahl.
Villiimstin Colloe Ihis s'ss-ion.
NIru. P rio*., althouigh nece'ss iril y absett
10 tire tiutl a wl'Cr retilrtitd bor the
i is probabuille tiutt Misses ?theila anid
da !b-ndrioiks wili entter Wt iintrop'~ Cobh
'g.o whentt it opetis ont the 9th of Octo
NIir. 1 linthey, whlo had hoonu abisenit
mo;i tie schotol hor thtree days matkinig
rrang~'eets h, etear Firma uniiiii0 'versity
ext we'ek reta ued to standi the exami
o teatchers4 closted Satuirda~y aboeut two
''elok, the daoy htavintg been't (devoted to<
<ainattis. When t his uil test he-:
om, it apjpearedl that of the 39 who hadil
>inted t ho Schiool dutrinig its session, 9ii
iul fatllon by3 the wayside. T1hiroo ofi
oso~ hadt rennujiied unittiIlie day) before
to examinti on. H ero are the names
. tho :t) faithful workers "'who oniduired
>thie end:"'
'Ti. J. Adamis, .\liss Contyors Allen,
[am-iu IUnoiientine, II. A. I toutley, Un)isy
orr'outghs, Joniiio .1rhighut, 'eda Chlii- I
resst, J1. oI . Entreki i, D~orta Ftrmor, I(
I enry' W. (Iarrison, Adalt andi hlesioi (lii.
'tpio, JTohnt N. Ilhollumn, .1. F. lion
rieks, U da, lentra andi tl Mellat I on - v
riokst, Emtily .Jlhnsont, Arthur .Jones,
14eriat Jones, NSi.lar e'oley, I ot tie (.. it
le~iahatn, Fanniiy M!ay Nle'Nahian, J. S. v
fillet,. Loitellen N icho!s, Mrts. Maory Li. s
bTi, hi. A. IPrice, Al iss Unity higdonu,
.W lite Siinghoton, S. W. Smiith, totali
), I I ment; I10 womien. I ,
"Th pitutre" wats Itaken. And Mr Ni l'
rightl wasi ini it. Andii they say it was. b
ii* best group pt~ictr ti ver l takont. Atnd bI
tr a w~toder 'vulrybodty wais pldased(. It
tas at tritumphi over0 mnty dilhlonittits, Mr'.
ttylor, I th sk1illfuil ishtutographer cameo
ism~ ehdpomsdt oo u
m atmi ~i was commi di own and the group t
oubll ha~v(e to shtnd otdeor. A clouudy
iy nimy be' thei best fotr a piieture, bt
bio (evr hieardt otf thirty odd peoplo
tindling baire-headed ini t.ho rain to look
eir beat andi hatve their ptictures taken?
4)Oever, it wais theni or never. Th.'e
it day had arrived, 'rThe school, with
1) plasant assiocitions of four weoks
os to paos into a thinig of memory only.
Ithioughi in oveorybiod.5's mind thore was
Sindelible ptioturie, thore must be a
.ngibleol icur to sthowi to friinds at
amo, and to keep fresh for all time the
'c elllectiof (overy faceo. T1hon, too
te wore intimations of a school exlibi
at. the Charleston exposition, in which
m0 Pickens Summer School must have
plaice. Specimnens of (ho drawings are
bo there, bitt specimons of the teach.
'5 would look (oen better than speci
ons of t he teohior's work. The muorn
g exercises were ended, but tho exaim
ations could noot begin until the picture
as .taken. Everybody wias there.
r. ]hrighit had come .'Tho misty ramin
mntinuied, but tho picture had to be
ken. Somebody remarked that the
in wvas in keeping with tihe dreary
ebungs on a day of examinations.
auding in the rain, dejected and sad.
13ed, they would make ai sight to behold
d ii pictuiro iudcoed. Somohowv the
ry ludricrousness of the thing anda
e (Blright) p)0op)1 in the crowd caused,
cry face suddenly to beami with a sup
cased smile. On head and clothing the
g rain drops stood as thick as dew in
e flida on an tiutumn morning, but t
shoned rather than wilted the frills
d eurls, The wvomens' faces looked
e rosos bedecked with dew, And it1
a thaO bha piotn.e mVm. talmeu"-........
tere they have bought one of th
enable us to offer to the pcopk
ain and soon our three large st
Dre to come inspect our stock a
s larger and more complete WV
t it has ever been and we
going to offer some rare
'gains in HXARDWARE of
cription. br:
Suns and sporting goods, k
Hicating' and Cook Stoves, S
Belting and engine fittingsof Ic
kinds, tiz
;rain Drills and Disc lar
Ays, Oliver Chilled and Syra
ic turn Plovs, Hillside Plowsk
d farming implemcnts of allS
ids. PI.
nd at Rock Bottom Prices. ot
%ousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
ater and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling indicates an
unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if it stains "
your inen it is
evidence of kid- S
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
onvincing proof that the kidneys and blad
er are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort In the knowledge so
(ten expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
toot, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
fish In curing rheumatism, pain in the
ack, kidneys, liver. bladder and every part
f the urinary passage. it corrects inability
> hold water and scalding pain in passing
or bad effects following use of liquor,
fine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
ecessity of being compelled to go often
uring the day, and to get up many times
uring the night. The mild and the extra
rdinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
calized. It stands the highest for its won
erful cures of the most distressing cases.
f you need a medicine you should have the
>est. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
vonderful discovery
and a book that tells ::N:...
nore about it, both sent So]11
bsolutely free by mail,
Address Dr. Kilmer & rono of Swamp-noot.
lo., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
ion reading this generous of fer in this paper.
.1)1T Fl'S['BM LlNIIARI)T.
As thle forkler anid hay seasoni is ali
aost over our harmer's have commnence d
o mnake reaidy ready for atnot her cio 0by13
uri iiig stubble and sowing the fall crop
f onts,
i see t hat there his been a djiiurbane
bout thle Mr'. Taylor thait was placed in
he 1Eas~ey co~rr'esponidolt's piece. It was
ontii in in an article that was witten near
Casley . l[e is a Mr. Jamuca H. Taylor, a
armer living oni Mrs. Al amnie MiMahain's
arim hear' by. It was placed in the
vr'ong place in tho JTournal ollico, soi
either c5ii0lorrespondet is to b lamoe.
A certain bachelor ini this burgh ie
civedl a lotter from Ihis girl last wetek
uid thle boys say3 lhe never aite or slepi
he rest of the week so en Suniday he
oecs to see her. He[ came b ck all smell
og l iko teologne) and said, "T'hiank
iod1, jnmst ()no moroi' timie to go."' We. do)
ot knmow whlen lhe willI make hiis next
rip, but, if sheu ever writes him aniy more I
want him to get bin letter on Saturday'
o he will not lose so much time.'
Miss Maggie Chapman of Micn, who
las beien visiting her brot her, S. (1.
lihapman, for the past wveek, has return
il hiomoit.
M.ti-s Mlontez WillIiamns, of (lireer.villec,
-hIs) 1 lbeen spenidinug thle stunmmer withI
er gra.mndfather', returnmedI hiome last Sat
iday' to i e~sumo her stuidie's at thme (reen -
llo Female Collego. We wish her ai
iecessfuml 'ear anmd hopo1 that she will be
ith us again nax t sumimer.
1Mr, II. [D. Lenhiardt sold a bale of new
>ttomn to thmo Easley cotton mill on the
thi uilt., at 8 ets. This was the second I
doe. Mr. Lonhta'dt was jnst a few houms
thind or he would hiavo been first.
-M. Aaron I oggs, oft C'iihoun , and fa- 9
er of (Jierk of' Courin, A. .1. Hoggs, wh'lo tl
is beeni quiite sick for' tihe past fewv weeksl, y]
s ome batter and getting along very well
mai ideing lils advanced age.
o water but you can't
niake him driink.
You can't make him cat
~ither. You can' stuff food in
o a thin man's stomach but
hat doesn't make him use it.
Scott's Emulsion can make
iim use it. H ow ? Bly mak
rig him bung'ry, of course.
scott's Emlsioni makes a thin
>odlyhunlgryallover'. Thought
thin body was naturally hun- I
;ry didn' t y'o'u ? WVell it isn't.
\ thin body is aslecep-not
v'orking--gone 0on a str'ike. 2
t dloesn't try to u~se it's food.
Scott's Emulsion wakes it
pl-p)uts it to work again
rtaking new flesh, Thlat's the
vay to get fat,
e largest and most com
county some of the Gr
ore rooms will be filled
nd get our prices.
2 again call your atter
to our line of
We are still selling the <
ited Swifts' Blood
>nC Fertilizers for wl
7ifts' "\Wheat Gorower,"
you want a good wheat
er come to see us,
We will pay the highest
t price for cotton and c(
ed and all kinds of cot
It has been ou aim to
e people of Pickens cc
ie of the largest and
. . . WE EXPEC
VfriAND VE 1-E
We expect t) ti4surve it. We
Iy canl get for it. and we1are pre p
to Say that we untlierhl * t uu 1111
Id a1 iar is --cklom helieved When 1i
We invite to niji loo1k
4-(ked fill.
locks, Groceries, Stove:
I lalters, Sole,
. . *Furniture of
iluding a nice hir
arel nice, Cl
1I 3 .dI- s of M cartrsse, Carpels,
articles thaut thOw d pe<
utlery. Shot Gun mi HillesUi~t. Pov
mlite uaml ~I~asi i Powder Io I
probably the bes1 IturI 11
Wo'ubl he ghzol 1
OM IN .\Ni) Sli VlS n
Agood '\iaole TIenehaer for 1
cih1ool Disit No 26 P1 ickens et(
Stewaz rt 1'. 0.
Real Estate.
I I aoe folr sai e veai*
racts ofi gooid farmn huul ne.ar
myers to see me 11. If you diir
,r exLIh aLgO for. laui I e m hl a
OT IE 'l 0 D E iBT( IlN A N D
All perison i g cla~imh~fs 1i.:ai
statei of illh Iun 11uuh-r, deiire
otdersignecd by3 the 1st dlay of
er. 'I hose.' in deb t t' o said est
We (deal in1 LUMJBEl
of all kinads,
)ried and3( D)ressed ltLinuber
cred( onl short. not ice.
b)ore kind~ nlotify uts at let
aLys beCforehandI tiit, the 1
laly beC thoroughl1y (1riedh.
W. F. H EN DI)I1CKS & B1
TleI iMoutint, S, C.
f. D. MOO19
;uits from $2.co up to $
A nice line of Pants ch
f you want any Shoes I
f you wxant Something t
I have it.
from xoc up[.
TIONS, as cheap a
\lso Shotguns and Shelb
Axes and H-andles,
lots of Soap, and 1Ev
erything you
Come And See Mi
L D. MQQll
>dete line of merchandise that was
eatest values that was ever known
with the season's most choicest fab
&C complete lines of general mer
tio chandise to select from in this
part of the State and at prices
in) direct competition of other
anl towns, and it is very gratifying
Ieat, for us to state that our busi
- ness has grown beyond our
expectations, and we wish to
thank our friends and custom
- rs for their liberal patronage
Atol and invite one and all to come
Iit> to Pickens and nike our store
give halcduarters.
uint>y We will treat you right.
most Yours very truly,
10OW co.
AVE FXD 'IO I 11 ( T!
kiow t hat reople Want as imich for their ilunn1ey a
11r4d to give themil righll. prives iln 1-verything". For
er1sever bvolwold bo at liv-11-pr aini slimple,
v teilk lle- u te h.
throughl opur dlifferent departments. Ouir rooms are
, Sewing Machi nes, SalIles, Brilles,
Lace aid I larness L (eather,
all kinds, Bran New . .
c of Iron edsteads, and these
can and cheap enugh.
I , 3 M anings,1h and Ila itd other useful
lpie will Set. by lookina troug our. stock.
le,1 Le:cl. she t :du1 ('aps. l'or sporing men, fmyna
koleck ll- bottill out (1' VOor w(ll. We have
litws (ill the ilm rket, :and (if swvvr-al .si'/es,
o leave youl try3 them. so. th1-11.
IHAV, A I.<T ll )"
t lil Ci AP,
1ul s toc k (heapIough.
Wigv s orll nul1 :mi letfl for s how you 3
1. Seed T
CimD lainey tn handy, tor thex
sixty da s Plenty. o al
', l'l u SEG'( 11'111( A l S ll.
1101 l' ti, 'SO iC) thesi~1~ ls
D 1 m- i handy~ to ao I have
at will
' lots of)i1
-rue kp tov re e rthn n t he. Gener'al
Mi14 1Ottn~o ore ig l tn and wildl sppl
I~a anyon lae fo Ito Tinls
oo . I solielidoyour paaron
II g, e. YoursOtruly,
A.jOp.US.M.intOfie M WiSISO,0.
deliv-taio Nice .O
I ia t 111 to ' Phone1111 ,' N.e (i du. ji
IIil lt( ttIof the f,-hin h2tfl
te ~--o ~or h
il I ocok Iitiilfocieert
rtly rcued, OR aNO lEE. Semo, sketchi
nif. an 11r1 n1. o han: 'ado i r ,
IFREE.I a et term ver oe t ol1 Inentora.
And .1noss, denwb ful
I wpl alplyt. .. 15..NeweryEbure, Probate
Judige.lt ik'l out t l~1
,ay to Ot. grnr.t fo him ters otAdinis.
.tatio o th Wilate ho nd 1ll'ec~tof
ho Eat u1Io1s al usasuerttns to uc~it andI
deeaedth1t9eyb01. ppa b o re

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