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The People's Journal
-All kinds of business seems to hav
new life.
-Read all our advertisements. Don
miss one.
-Seh notice "wanted a Teacher," I
Aher coliin.
-The Board of Coinmsioners met in r<
ar session Tuesday.
-Cotton is beghining to come and bus
..Iss is giving evidences of new life.
- -Now's the time to advertise. Tim Jot
N I. columns will give you value receive(
-Mrs. J. F. Bannister, of Catecelte
who has been very sick with fever, is cor
-low do you like the appearanec of thi
JoURNAL, this week? Chock full of gooi
things, 'aint it?
-Two new rural mall delivery routei
started frvoim Liberty on the 1st inst. Verily
t!ncle San "do" progress.
--Will Sanders and Dora Arial were halp
pily married on the 29th ilt., Rev. 0. T
Miller officating. All colored.
--he Methodist church at Pickens wil
soon be an ornaineit to the town. Con
tractor McCollum is pushing improvenien
ats rapidly as possible.
-Mountain schooners, loaded with cab
bage, apples potatoes, &c., appear to be il
their zenith, judging from the number see
on our streets these (lays.
-Miss T1irzah Hughes is now in charg
of the inillincry department at the Hij
SLore, where sie will be pleased to see he
friends and attend to callers.
-J. F. Crane,at Liberty last week, lost
valuable horse by its getting impaled on I
picket fence which it endeavored to jumi
while in a frolicsome mood.
-A well eq(uipped gymnasium, undo
proper supervisioi. would be a valuable ac
(jiisition for Pickens. Wio will take tM4
initiative for such an institution?
-Leo Cooper, the flive-year old son o
Stephen Cooner, living on E. Smith Grif
1in1's place, died Saturdiay, September 28th
and wias buried Sunday at Porter's Chapel
- The Liberty Township Sinming Assa
ciation will meet with Riiliiiaal churcl
on Sunday, October 13th. Everybody L
hivited to come tand bring song books an
well-lilled baskets.
-Tle annual meeting of the Old Ston
Church and Cemetery Association will b
lield at the church on Friday, October 4th,
This will be a gathering of interest t<
m a ny.
-Read the advertisements that appea
in this paper. lisiness ien Who take th(
Iro)uble and go to the expentse of adver
tising lhive something worth conisidlering 1(
say to the-ir customets.
-Observers say that the corn crop o0
ie Crow Creek bottomts will be aboti two
irds. In other sections where the crop
ave been well cultivated eqally as gooi
r'Ops will be gathered.
-Mrs. --- Sloan who, until recently
esided in this county near Nine Tines
.nd lately moved to Oconec, died last Sun
lay and was buried Mo:day, September
10th. She had suffered from cancer.
exhiit my millinery and notions on Oct
3d and -ith. You are invited to attend
Very R1espoetfully,
Liberty, S. C. irs. M. J. Chapman.
-Married, on Monday, September 30th
1901, in the city of Greenville, S. C., 1
the Methodist parsonage by the pastor 0
that church, at high noon, Mr. litigh Kev
nun to Miss MamiC Parsons, of Liberty
Miss Parsons is a datighter of our towns
man and coroner. B. F. Parsons.
-Mrs. J. B. I. Freeman has accepted
position in the dry goods department c
tIhe Big Store. Tlo say that the mnagt
met(nt were wise in the selection of Mn
Freeman is putting it extremely mild. Sh
is the personihication of business.
-Mrs. Th'los. Stewart died at herhome i
the inortliwestern part of the county (Cro'
Creek section) on the 22d ult.., after a shot
illntes, and was buried the following day a
Shady Grove church. Shte leaves survis
ng her husband and four children, amion
them an infant about a week 0o(1.
-if you recad the signs of the Whit
Marble Yards d1isplayed along the publi
roads throuighout the county, you ma:
kanow they point you to reliable mn wvh
will do their work according to specifiec'
tions and give satisfaction. If you wan
a tomnbston'e or marble fIttings of any kdid
write to them for prices.
--The many friends of Solicitor Juliu
E. Ilaggs, who has beenCa confined at thi
G reen vil le Sanitarium for several weeks b(
cause of an operation, wvill be pleased t
learn that hie has recovered suflleiently t
return to his home in Pickens. lie w:
neoaied'll~ti~ lby Mrs. Roggs, who has bee
at his bedside ever since lhe w~as taken il
*-Skelton & Smith, Liuerty, have adde
to their general stock of merchandise a fu
and1( complete line of furniture, inclndin
collins, caskets and1( everythmng appert ai
ing to an underaker's establishment. Thel
now earry every'thinlg needed in the gr<
rery line andlin fact have everything usuall
kept in an up1-to-date store. Tlhey wi
soon occupy their new brick storo ini add(
tion to their present store room adjoining
-Services at the Thapt ist church at th
place under the active work of Rev. 0.
Copeland, of Anderson, assisted by tI
pislor, 11ev. A. .J. S. Thomas, closed la:
Sunday night after a week of continuoti
preachningr night anid morning. Much hi
tecrest was manifested from the openin
service, the church built up and1( the caus
of Christ advanced. Mr. Copeland is at
carnegt; tireless preacher, young but zea
outs and thoroughly consecrated to ti1
greatt calling.
--Mrs. Rlutha Ann Stephens, wvife of I
I). Btephtens, (lied at lher home, Rledmomn
three miles west of Piecens, on the 26t
of September, after a lingerina: illness,
the age of 52 years, and was buried tiI
lollowig (lay at Secona cemetery, the f'i
nerid services being condluctedi by Rev.
M. Stewart, assistedl by Rev. B1. E. Grai
dy. She had been, for 28 years, a consi
tent member of Concordl Bapti1st clhuirci
and1( at her dleath had reached the fulness <
chrnistaina woman hood, pUrilfled all
strengt-henedh through long andl trying sui
fering. She leaves suirviving her husbar
andc nine children to mourn her cleati
Mr's. Stephens was a duntifnti wife atid
devoted mother whose taking off Is a so1
ailict ion to lovedi ones and a host<
-T1he meetings at the Baptist Chur<
last wveck, condutctedl by R1ev. 0. JT. Coli
land, assisted by the puator', Rev. A. J.|
Thats, were, wvithout doubt, the mosti
tciestilng and attracted the largest atten
anice throughout that were ever held In
Pickens church. Rev: Copeland kept lI
hearers rivited on his remarks from biegi
ming to end, andl (lid great good to tihe e
tire community. At both ier'vlces lai
Sunday the church was filled
overflowing and theo most rapt attenti<
prevalled. Th'ie very liberal and cheerful
tendceredl contribution at the Sunday mor'
lag service for the benefit of Mr. 001p
hand, was evidence sufficient of tihe wari
aind cstecm our peopleld for him for I
Kealous anid exalted wdrk during the wee
Mr, Copeland can rest assured that the
wIll alwvays be an~ ardent welcome for hI
in Picokensa by all. TXhe ordiaance of ba
t.Ism will be adminieseredI by the pastor
th1 Cheh, Rey. Thomas, to nIno ne
tiouvets on tihe talrd Sungay in tIs mion
at 'la cnt .. oct o. as.
-Mcall, as usual, has on hand a coim.
plete lhue of useful things. Read his new I
advertisement, this week. 'j
-J. ). Moore, the West End merchan,
, Wants YOU to stop in and see his stock of C
goods. Drop in on him.
---Folger & 'I'hornley are progressive
merchants who watlt 3You to collie iid see
them. They will show you throughi a full
l. line of choice goods.
-Anderson Babb offers his services to
i- the public as contractor anl builder. Read .
Ills caid in another colimn.
t- -The treasurer's books open onl the 15th fi
l. Inst., and will remilain openI fromt that time c
until Dec. 31st. Read notice iln aiother r(
-A. 0'. \Vatt, of H'asley, -wants you t-'
drop il on himl); le knows hiow to please c
his customers by choice goods and prompt
service. See his store.
-Mahon & Arnold speak to you this e
week through their supplement. lRend it 4
and when yout nre in Greeiville call on t
them. They are up-to-date inl all their bus
- AK. Park, Gn reenville, tells you this li
week till about the arr kival of liew g oods at
his store. Mr. Park is a p ('rlssive mer- a
chant and it wilIl be to your in tel--st to call i
on him in the West EIlnd- i
-The Mountain View I lot.l at Easley. CI
is one of 'I'll 1 hotels of th t ip coin ivII'. y i
Mrs. a the proprietor, has Iolig til
beeni in the business, and the(, liberal pat- l
rionage of the Iouse is evidenlee that she
knows her buisims.
-The Messrs. Curetont. of Easlev, have e
a few tiimely wrds to wh'sper inl ylr ear
Sthis week thIirough the colhunns1115 (f tlt! .Joir
nal. TIhey arC capital youitg tmen and we 81
tidvise yoi to listen to their I remarks. You s
will 1lt1d them elsewlere ill this issue.
-- Mr. S. N. Wyatl, tit genial and up.
to-date hotel keeper of Easley, has some
thing of interest to say to our reatlers 11his
Week. This hotel is one of tlie best ill this
sectioln of the country anld whent in that
f place (o not fail to call at tle Etsley otel.
-W. I1. I'iekets. Easley, has one of w
tle best appoinii ated s'ores in this part,'of he e
icoiuntry. Stlove, tiniware, general house-,'
holI articles aind jewelr arte an. part of his
si ick. H e and his clerks will take* pleas- in
Sure int showing you through his establish. w
I mnent.
-11. E. Grandy, Ile luttbther maker, lum.
ber dealer, :nid contraietor vws tolo bisy
3 this veck to write out his I I vertisitie mit
for this issue. It will appear in tie next. f11
I in the meantime, if you wint anythinlig in atl
his line call ont hunii1. ie will be icinmi d at ,i
tle ol stnd ner tile dept. il
ens. That progressive fIrmIl have at chanIlge
in their aivertisemiet this w(. k. It will
do you good to read it and wheln in Pick
ens your wcket boiik will be glad if you -I
(.ll it their store. They keep eveirItIi g
s yot want and make some pries that will "
I "jar" you.
11. 1). Mlauldin, of Stewart, Was in Pik- (L
ens Tuesday. Wi
Rev. I. M. Allen, of Central, was in S(
town 3lontday.
John 11. Bowen, 4,f Niorth G3reenvi lle it
county,was here a few hours lasthursdiv t
Mr. and M1rs. J. I. 11 or.au, of Gree-.
ville, visited relatives in Piekcet - Sunday.
Mis. Mary Boggs an.1 daugliter, of Els. U
cy, were here with relatives and friends e
alMonday. S
Mr. John lloper and dauighiter. Miiss Mat
tie, of iear Easley, -were in Pickens last
Tulesday. t4
'lci us Earle left. Pi(kes last FrAy. Fr1. 11
Churleston where lie eitered the Chatrleston ,
f College of h'liarmiacy.
.Claude 3Mauldii, son (if 11. D). Mantklini. a
,of Stewairt, left Tlutesdaiy for Spartanburg f
to enter Woffioi Coille..I
Mr. W. E. I )iekens. alter a week's stav
a wvitit his famtnily at, thIis phlaec, has re- i
t i[sses Ntrat and hia llendicks, oif Ta.
t ble Mloutin, visi teid thle family of A. .J .
- Boegs at Cadlhoun last week. I
Matt hew I lenidricks, that st aiunchieitizent
of the Table Mountatin sectiont of P'ickens ri
e county, was s(een oii ourt streets Mondayti. t
Mi1s Lila Neal left Monda~ty for ai shiorl
stay in Washinigton, D. C.
W.\V A. Clyde, of Gr'eetnwotI), is visiting
his dauighiter', Mrs. .J. II. 3Martin.
Mliss Marion Piekens, if Buidine, is v-is
luitng at, thle home of WV. II. Piekenis. 3
Misses Aniei Shtankli n and V iviani F"ol. U
Set' return to Chiicora College this week'.
Mrs. T1. K. I ludgenus, of fLaoureins, is a ~
a guest at thle homelit of het' father, .J. M[on.
Sroe King.
'PThc graded school opieed Moniday~ mUorn-- .\
Sing, nearly a hiund re-I piupils pre(sentedi g
Ithemselves fior enrollment.
Th'le Se venth D ay AtdIvent ist s began thir h
Caump mneetintg Fri lay even inig thle 27t h
uIt. The meet inug is ui nder thle dir'ect h'tnl.
er-shiip of Elder Johinstoni of thle Advent ist
II W. MI. Foilgeri tntu Miss Maggie' Ihill of
. the bride's hiiime Smtuilay~ 2th inst. Mrt. 1l0o- v
get' is well knotwnt it Ensly, being a son of \~
leslr Elison, coltorial tio k tooi much bot.
wvent round toi imihie more ait thle adlvetisi
.tent. hie result, wua, the two kindcs di e
n iot m))ix well andu Wiill eniji y3ed lim tselfI so
e hugely thait lie had to leave the ulsuatl teln in
n the Malyor's Cour't Monday mnorniing.
I- TIhie Piedmnont Uniont tmet with thle lHip.
e tst chnurch of hEisley Satur day thle 8hI inist.
lRey. Geo. M1. Itogers d~ livered thle openinug
sermnon. Saiturthly at ternoon~u wa'ts spent in)
tr'ansactin~g the business of the mieeti ng. Oin
Sunday mo ingD. ailly, of Grieenville
le nteseries of services which weie
iheld. Some stroing Sundar' school talks
ewere given 1by llev. H-. M1. Alleni iand Geo.
M. 'l oers. At nouon Sunidiy the mteeting
A poundic patty at the hiomte of J. Montroe
Kiit on hist Wedinesdayl evening was I le
oUcasioni for quite a gatheinig of Fausley
iyounig pteople. Gamtes aind mustie were in.
I- dulged iiini untileuit tein o'clock, thleni lie
(Igenital face of thle host for the evenminig ap.
Itearued mt thle do'orway, timd all tiiuests were
suntunoned to tie dinintg room where a veri.
table I east of ice eriei ln, candies, fr-utt antd.
ithler' delicacies was5 spreadt f or thir d'(elect
taitionl. Thle spread bIin lg patatken of, the
guests till ic aieimbledI ini the parilor-, antd
h~ ptlayedi anid elimtted tint il the late hiour ill.
C- pearied. All dleparuted fromu thte pleaset
B. gathlern g leelintg thatt thle evening had been
S-Ben 1. Itarsonis is ahea~d lon t unips
stis year,
-8ec notice "wan ted, a teachle," in an.
tother column,(
to -Ed Mcaniel is rnow hiolding; downi the
n Cashier's end (if the ranilwaiy cash hues int the
ly mammoth stoie of 11etath lliuceclorrow '~
Ii- Company,.
lIs Mr. T. 0. Spenoor visited bis dauigh
k. tor, Mrs. Newton Ellison, last Sunday.
rc Moss. Robt. B. Jones andi len Chil.
m dress woi-o visitors at Spenoor last Stun
Q day afternoon; they had a declighitful
Theo wonther is flue for pickintg cotton
L1 now'u, just cool enioglt for' us around
Youthful and as beautiful asm the fairest
lower, Kate lludgeis departed this life on
'bursday, the 20th ilt.
The death angel gave no lengtiy warning
f Ilis lpproaich. Simiitteni with congestion
f the brum during the latter hours of Wed
esday, skillful p hysicians andl home's
>ved ones did all in their power to stay
eath's approitch, but the fair young life
*as doomed, Brothers and sisters from
Istant places had liurried to her bedside
opinig that the shadow might pass, human
opes are so often doomed to disappoint
ent, late ''hursday evening the fi'e of the
itr young lady joined I"The nmumerable
travan which moves to that mysterious 1
Friday, September 27th amid a large coll- d
>urse of relatives and frieids of tihe de
ased who had gathere d to pay tribute to
er'11 memory, the lIev. I). Westoi fliioti, AS.
sted by iRevs. V. W. Wiggins anld T. 11. r
edd, paid the tribute of Christ's church 0
I earth to Christ's church in Ileaven, by
itlly, yet eloquently, eulogizing the <le
tied. R1ev. 1Miott truthful*'ly said, "This
rge company of people speaks more elo
et-ly lv thanl alny Imigue caIi speak, of her
If's itnilieniice ipon1 the lives of others." s
Kl\ate II ldgenis tuil y lived a bealiutifil life, p
life full or uiiet devotion to home and A
m1reh, a life made grcat by Iltiring failti- S
llness to the everyday duties of home an1d
mreh. She intvariably ledIlie cingrega- I
.1111 1siiLing in tle B aptist church, and in .
is church she met Sabbath after Sabbath
r1 Sunday school class, and it is sire that s
her patient and gentie. way of living
> less tiam by ptrecpt, her life will inlu
eI for good the tender lives of every i.
holar in that class.
The mortal pat of Kate Illditgelns rests
all of eartlh's born must rest, inl that
L'ep w hicli sliall last unil1 every man shall
(eak softIv to his fellow saying "I'he
aster hais cne." h
'Il1 lBAPTIST Ml'l-TIN .
Editor Journal: The revival services re- I(
nitly held at tile Pick ens liaptist church
1Ine to a clos Su nIday nmght, after one e
Pek of Ihe imlost, soul-. irring preaching
er' held in the old town of Pickens he
re. The Christian people of oli towni
t been ,ray'ing Ior a revival 0f God's
oIII ill our woi fou a lon, eaonI the Ii
)Iid sentit a man, Rev. 0. J. Copelland, .
ithamessage it which was delivered wit .
imuich earlinstii( ss ail power I lat sillilers
inked andi tremlibled and cried ont by their
tions "Oh! what shall I do to be saved?" A
id profi-Esors of religiii vere bronght
-a'er to tll( Lan. anild built up in tile mist. 1
ily3 Faili. I. think about seventeen were y
ided to the chiuirlb in all and we hoe m d yi
list m y11 ire will follow. Brother o
ripelianid begal preacing ()In Suntlday .
t1, his siulbject, ing "Sowing and lHeap- n
1," a powerfil serion it was. This 1%
as followed all Ihron11gh the Week wit i
eacing evely m1ornilg to Chrisliams oil ti1
higheri and <leeper spiritul life" and ait
glt to mnillers a sijects: "ell and
[iure ooiknet c., wmdl~ing ulp Sun.l ti
ty iiight, with liadisli BIn'eni, a danr- .a
is phice to st)p." Tle writec'r has heard ,
lilne of the numist cilnilent , ministers o)f ih t
orlil, bt Sunday night was the grainIest
IIal ever made to sinilers to4 turn ionl Ic
l a ihieiher life, and not to turn hack into e
Iv wihlerness from Kadish liinca us did -j
le c'hiiren of Israelwho Were oi the 1
rmlised han. The prayer services Were '
ecuiliarly impressive at the begiining oif
cl stervice. every head leinig bowed in a
lent, heart-felt prayer to God, for his l,
lessings, wii were answer'ei in a man -
iri never before witnessed in Pickens. af
'Ir prayer the old chulrch iWoutd ing wit i
melody When tile vast. congregation woild 1
like ill) that grand tl solg, "Ome thou
munt )f every lessing," it WaSoindeed( a1
e'iite.nstal tim &1, and the town of Pie l Iens
adt sirouiiiog communitliiy3 will be reapiing
ir' years toi comte from toe steeds sowni the I
We are dheeply thanlikful to GIoh foi his
ntohil dblessingi?s andmc to IIrittier' ('opt'land
>r- his tnie't elforlt 5 to upfli ft us frm our1
ate oft sp iiul coldness, anod our1 hetarls
re miore dIteply aittchicd to our lBrothler'
ir'. A. J1. S. 'Thoinas, w.hio so heiitily laid
notl anid co-opetutedi in every w.ay to aidl
id hlIp ini thle spir-ituial feamst . May God's
chest lessinogs rest u pon bothl of tihim i
iru labois, aind wh len thiat great dhry shall i
Olme we will nieet '"over there" and they
'ill see and knlow and reap thirl it-ward.
A Memmberi.
Mellt'Gli --D)AY,
Cards ar'e out aninoimcinog thle mai iige
f Capt El ins l)ay'. of' Easleyv and Miss Letla
[cll ugh, the cere-monly to occur on O cto
er' 2.
(:aptaini Day1 is one of Pickens couitnty's
est. farmers and is vt-ry popular w.ithm those
'ho know thim. lie ser'ved tell y'ears as
atiu: ty ciinissionier anid hils til~ld lie
isit ion withI cit-clit to hlimselfC and friends.
Iiss Melluigh is thle daughter of Mr's. Mar
aret McIlugh who fives .,st hevomnd the
ity' limits. 'She is a ve-y a ittracti've younig
1i1y and( lhas mnany frienads. -GrC eenvi llet
ew s.
We are moving alonig tuitty intis I;
eet ion like all othier' smart people aind I:
ave nothIiing to grumbihle aboult sine theO 5
-et seasoin closed anti the sutn conme out.
Vhen touri gootd neighlbors nine kintd
noughi to let ius sidetr'ack we have pr'et
v good roads through their tields; I
I inka air s11 hipj (or blloon wouild ho an (
[upr'ovment for thioe triy Irav'eler if
no0 could land at will.
Our1 peopile bei1ng gOnlorailly busy,
liere is noct miuch-l v'isitinlg monmgst u1s.
If. I). Singletn from nearl 1(01 Pickenis, Ii
isited the f'amnily of N. K. Smith, Mion- c
L. D). Smi th, who hats bet-i su1fifering '
or four weteks w.ith congest ioni of' lie
t E-isley, has recov.erned sutfliciently to
(eturnl to his houmo.
Cottoin is very late wvith us and11 we ft-ill
ack 1'rost wvill get a bito un1)less liesBtiysI
way for somotime yet.
Looker On.
Mir. Editor': Rev. W. (C. Blow.en and
. (J. Winchiest er hl-d all eight day
itcfting ini August wvith Easliaton Bap. I
idelihurebi. It was a grndic metinh g,
(1 joiined by experience and1( the ('hiurchl
ev.iv.ed. .tistitno w.as organlized in De
emberl-1, 1901), andot will join the Tw"'.elve
liho Association in Octobot.
Ro., B. I". Mur'phro held a four- diiysI
aceting at thin Keowe''ce church ; 2 joined.
t was1t alSo al goodo mlieflng. lBrother
lurphro'o( is not very wel't-l, ho issufferoing
1ith throat tirotiblo. Mauy God speeh
ho time wheni lie w'ili tagin bo able to
reach to the people.
BI. P. Moore and M. C. WVinchcestr 1
eld a 6 or 8 days mooting at Shady
rove, whero -1 joined by e-xperience and -
hetter and is saitd to have been tthe best
eceting held there hudely, Most of our
hurch~es have haid true revivals; God
aus ble'ssed the w.ork of his ministers.
-- lcad '''warinig notice" iln another col.
'W inin a child I buiirnetl my foot frIght
inlly, wrvites W. ii. Eails, of Joines.vhlile
rear's but I uien'sii Arunlca tialv~e whlolIly I
:uredh met afteri ever13Ithiing clau failed." en
h1'nisoa~ 1nud. PIle:, Soeld by 0olt &% T~hatn
Mr. Friancia Little of Bonton lIarbor,
i t-lih. Is over elghty years of atge, Since
S65 hl has bc.en trouibled noe or less J C
vilh idigestionl 1111 has al1oiOt every~
ling in use for Ohose tilinentli. LIat
utt4t lie bean uiising Chamberlit's
tollneh i 1111 iveler Tablets Illid was soo 1
eling mnc11h better. Inl a reelt letter
c says, "1I have mewd tlre boxes ofjihe
ablets and now think I am well." 'rhese IN
ablets improve the appetite ail Iinvgo
Ite the s toiueli, liver aid bowels. For
ile by 0. W. Ea1rle. Mrs
The Hill City G(itards are lt-reby or- N.eil I
cred to meet at therr Armory at Easley, sia 7S:
. U., on TreiiiFdoy night, October 3rd I %
901, at 8 o'clock. All membors must tism,
port promptly fully armot( and c(lip- liver e
1. By orler of wal inl
1). T. Carletonl, Capt. ganl b<
E.' M. King, 1st Sergeant. Setle
i.TItCKEIN WITil l \L . live it
llentlersIoi (riniwt . of this place %s, s 1111e
Iicken W i 11nIl I Hal lyIspI 55is an1d c(oni- Ill I'TT
letly lost. the ist- (of onn 11111 andl sh-i eu1red
enIii for 'iliteP a1 While' withouit relief. my recomi
ife r--connulllend~ ('h1:1mhe'iln's Pain takeni
h11111, a1id after litg I )wo Iott.lis (f it I preft
alinosI tt i enti-v emitii kl- (2. i.5 .\of aia
vrlothever remvilarkaleh curles. of r
tt imaly ) ii havk. veil een lCettl by.
-ze of tlis ljtdtiie t. It i.s Iust wit.6-y 4
1lown, IIverli, IS :1 'ure f-r rheuina.
sm, -:11rainls ani brIises. Sold by (U. \V.
I deio to Iie41 thii mlly neigh- -tivc
MrS aild frientis for their! 1111mY exprecs
ons. of kin (Iness aml tlim..y assistaneco i)I)l y
uring bio ilhiess of my vite who, aifter pli
ml ulering, died onIt th1e 211 tilt,*
lier- generious lp is deei aIs hl1pprecialt- dl(a
I2 A ). Stel'hens. ICCLi()
S-- - -- Nicely I
WA ItNINc !l Set
All pelrsnis a1r hc ' w:iwd not to Soiu (,
rec, Imhabor, or- in! anly way shil1 mly wife., tvirns,
nunIIa Stephenis, who, 01n Tuelfsday' morn..- Rolleil I
ig, s-ept. 'hth. 1101,) lIt hln' witholuit tings,
tus(,. Shte is 1111der w il c'lntrt Best t;o
Bti behsehn. lack S:
TYPI('A L SOT'TIl .I lit C.\N STO'IlRE 'Itt
(. H. 1orson, of lI:IY Villa, Smain11yCohrl
iver., (Jane<lony conl-Ilet.- a Store4 ty- ohrl
eal of Soul hi Africa, 2t, whiil call im uf ll11
neh : 1-C 1.1 thiig f-oil 1 lhe pr-ov-ei hjil Cuff 1111
ieedlo to an allchol." 'I his sitore- is sit-- l k (o
ited inl a valley ine niilts frini Ihe tit.
"IuI,- t ralilway Station :1111 abouit, NV -lIw"
k-enly-live mliles from tihl- neare.st townl ish,
I.. L,:Iusan sayp: "I am avrdwiih (.1llwol
w cutIns(il of faine-r-is withi a raI1adiuis ih.
thiy l uiles, to 1i:in1v of whi'ilt I hive Sterling
Iplieel (Plilerlain's reinellie.. All Ie- Ntll
fy to I hiri vaile inl a houIIeltIn \Vll w AV
<loiitor-'s nivire is ahn1st out of thei
lestio. Withiii one ilde of ity store (CII (reI
le polmiitioll is perhps :.ixty. Of R 1
iese, withil the imst I wlve ioiths, n14)
ss th: foir'teein hlve bleen absolutely
trald by Chainber1wlainl's Cough Itiedy [, yl
'lht uitII, Iri-eiy Ie a ICcoil." l S'or" sale
v G. W. Eailo.l' l)
The excitet-141, ineiient Lo trally nxl
lil cllangiie of fool and1 w'1er, often1
r-g- onLI h1 rbuoet, alii for this reaon
o oine shollui 1-ave lollilte withoiut a ot
(e of i'h1nbl11iu's C(uo-, ( et:etea ail(
Jia rrheen t Re ln ty, Fm'o rSale b~y (;. WN'.
ar a(2 21alo0w eoitplexion, a1 jut etli .
>ok, miothi li2tehre- :tl b~lotielms on thle
kill,- -all sins of Liver Trioiuble. liut
intg's New life Pills Clear Skin, htogy'
'ihek. Ilichi Comiplexioin. O.nly 25 cents 1'''ti
B olt & 'toi T hley's - Drg Store.
'1Y1' (A I: NI lI A lARM, G~
"Onie nighit iry briothiet's buaby was
ihken wuith It(rou p."'i writes~ I is, ,J. C. tI OlS,
nider-, of I itt enitlein, Ky., "It seeied ,
wioil striangle buefore we iouubl get 2a e I
octor, so we' give it lbI iig's New~
)Uecuvery, wichl gaIve < iik relief anil( GenlC
ermanenl-itly ctaretl it. Wei ahW2vy keep
inl I he hoettHo1) plotec1t (oP~ui Ihie
romt 'roupi and1 Whiotping ( 'ough. it
ied mi titof a1 chrioic briwihial tronie I tt
lhaltl n 1 oheir I (medy1 wotnbu ru!iee.
nfillible fotr Colugh-, Cohitls, Thrioit and ,l
ig triouleIs. 50(e :111d $1 00. TrialI hot- 10 rr
les fiee at1 iolt & Thiorntleys 1)hug i'tore-.
An attac1(k waiS lately- inlul oni C). F
'ollier of Cherokehe, Iowavu, that in-early
rovetd 12atal. It. (enmie throulight his kidl
(yS. Ihis batck gut. so 211( lae hecohl not .\ ~J
10112 withlouit glenlt liuilt, nort sit ini a ^
ltir excep'Jt lpropehvth e)' lshionts. No o
rii liit IerS whii'b eflictta sneh a1 wuitile-i
il elmoige- I hat lhe writes hie fitels .ike ai miake
alckae(lw and1(1kidnley Iiroule, pluifiethe j1w
0( loodial btultls up) y'hi hiealth , Olyl
D~e at Bolt & 'iTornIey's liirig St ore. ,'011
jOntr'actOr andl~ Builder A
P'icheDIN, N. C.
OlYers his stervice-s to te gelu'-rl-t 1pub.
(. All work guaranteedCi. llis re-fer-_
neots are thluse for whomt lhe lios dlone
otrk andtheI woth iltelf, whomiti an1(1D
-h(1cich enn h sen in the tiiw ns2 of Pic2k
nt*, Ea1sltey, :1111 al1l over- l'iekens (couty.
'at-Iits will do wt-ll to see him be foret
lo-imui a1 trole elsewhiert. tell
Tax Notice.
Th'ie trea2surer's (lhi2Iat 2(.Iickens (tinurI
Iottlay, Oct ob-r 1 5th for- Ithe u-hll-eliton
if t lhe folloni ing nm- d 11 xes fori- i. all at I
Levyi for Stto Tax,- 5out3 mi.x, treet,
LeCvy fot (jont-lilt)utional schiool tiax, 3 HI CI
Levi' for- past. iIebtedness, 2 mtit . FOR
'ro.tal levy- for .Staite and1( county15J- PROD
II ils COO[
londitl, Picens IScour lt h'otse towntship,1 3 . D
-8 mills. .E
ILevy for' liti- st. c-i P. ' . R bonds' -
ort llnric. ine townipilij, '. 1 -4 ml I 4
rEa~batie towvishi'p, 1-2 miilht. lC
Special heyy for- schlool distirict, NI. 9, 2 -
Erc VC levy for schootl diistrIet No. 10, Dijrect
Si eni il levy for school d~istirict No. 11,1 O
1n1 I Spec
'Ieci levy' for schcol distict No 33 Comfo
II ils.-hem
N Icoi I levy foir school dhistli it No. I10, ljtoardlt
F1e0l t levy for-~210 (:oldi-tr-ict No. 31,**
Sp1eelal levy for scl o'>l districet No. 40, m
Si cChd levy for school distriet No, 55, Just 0
Pill Iixa otne dellir and1( commti'ionl11 R~et
'(111 d1 brw ta in two, dollari~s callect able at11)0h
heo samei timew fromii thct&e linble1( a1c(cord l
Itg to I-w. 1$o sks close l)oambher BlIat, ol
,101. lespecfuolly,
8.I1IeIh'tl Il.~l Chaptmn. vt tenm
A Whole Family Cured.
C. IL Kingsbury, who Iceeps a
mry and fancy goods store it St.
Giratiot Co., Mich., and who is
nown throughout the country,
vas badly troubled with rheuma
catarrh and neuralgia. I had
omplaint and was very bilious. I
at bad condition; every day I be
fear that I should never be a
vomnan; that I shoid have to
d)Wow into at chronic invalid, and
I the shidtiow of (leati. I had
S''( )N'S SARSAPA ltl1LA ree
Ided to mne. I 1,0K FOUR
my fatuily both. I am very glad
hearid of it. I would cheerfully
nend it to every one. I havo
nibaly other lcinIUis of lledicille.
r JOlNS'I'ON'S to all of them."
[ROAN DRUG CO., Deta-ott. Meb.
Pmr Sale by I s W. .1r.,
ANTg lI Ae Id J~ I IlkX 0
lein you make presents,
tasty oncs, pu11rchasers
Old articles.
kens kecps silver goods
jewelry: your presents
1rclases await your sc
l hd i llo . I. E -C bains, ..in
ik Poh1 . G.b-Ma - lds l
Iled WaIi ch hai '11111in uan
t0.. p,.00
iutitns. l-10 gobl, .25
sil vet. I11':.eeo, ('11:0111 :11141
t' artile in inelry pr .
oil Short notice.
"cr-S l,-47 silver .YoOis:
t1ns. , V esta, pairol i 'I ,
ihire aling Shell Satin.
~ Silver raco's. b)nad
ylt tleiJw erypor-.
You fsor trade,
11 line silvr goods:
aris, \'hes, Columbiao
hire5 a n Selln tsan.
s ilve lrdCo's. lGadra
agt Tbewrte.Ilncc
Yo rso traIldet~ t
setAiLEn .a s. e. \e
I. WYATT & 00.
1 l of I ry Gods
res Whes M a, UETN
ralc' St Iad arella teril.
agen t for th Oi 'lancoc
ALL IIrro and CtOddarY
equlestled~ to oe in P and~
'14. WYARI M. T & 00.
,ntare ics an Tablfe tMountan
rer lhf Drd. Spia' Drue Sto re.ui
Y opp.e Depot, EASLEY, S. C.
e.abl attento to )oei travlers
'1rnset fr< ~~S peciallstol: egla
-o.Lern c~oteneentein. it
gunl a to b oarer y h
ry iu i lcetiont withI hoh-el; i: d(
call iI had t ieawoilale terhl~uin day
Yran New S 0 kr
Xlir~CL 0U.i
1k1i i)'i.S, ST()\IES, I
\\'A(;)NS, &
ANYT11N(; N \\\NT
We have bought r i :I!! a V
g~oo(Is than ever anV e ars in a pi~
lRI C1S. See is before bw uyingIt1 yhurI
wve Ilight save you Imniy. \\ ph1il
line uid also to mu r line of I)ress
S-kirts ;uul Jackets \\'e! appiaPte y
IItec every' trale wve uImake.
YMurs trly,)
0wn io kn
jarriages, Surreys, Buggles, P"
At a.;n Absolute Sa(
:11til our .--bwk i., re.-luted~. Din't talo o11r woni
,Vl( :1111 hit ennyincte
Harness if :11l k iniat en . we calrry 1l
m,:1110 variou-: fillo-r, makesv of Hui , &., (Wl
t I)eAor a ld Wober: :1, hni - roe helbe
\'41n i: Hiv- llw-( -,.v-(In f-1r vling- vehlielo.- oIf all ki
1:r1 , prolI1 it ' 11r n lo f n ,.
Thw Vs-o . NIor :11 a,1 klresi p--Hy well
cot, vIeuwmherv, W 1 11:m 111 bo111-:o e t or clerk hil
14) ourl ownl w I I.. Wo will -ell ;mnything.. we tlmvv
1110 kinel tr.-111- 10wn to) al. W hen ill Greenlei <
hoal 14) sev thll lin-41ple whether thwY wish1 to )InY or
it'- n1 'u t v r: ol.~ k o io e n
Somiae Etra B arie,
Ateed al AsoltrSi
WA.-Iris W. Wail iikiio' eizi'v
knont, o thev tu asset .tplo y on
ShOV t ~fft1o inIshte woI
ifal e any I hin iir lie "oOl m
this yor for (nulo
Wo avojus reeiv l sal. at! rinun
a relablecompayb ti Luiisai th r cloi
u't ~ yhlo w:.INt ;I\pols I) COeIt Thea
to be freIe from knotts. Try1 it.
A\ few mnore, 8TRAW\ IIlTH [io go C 11]
(Outr stock of Gr'ouries las o' r le
We,21 heV n! 2 t rcted 11 barre1of 1rge
TJry oulr G olden Hord Roastedl Colle, 1 5
for 25 cont Is. Nic Green5FO (C'ffee 7, 8, and I
Bucket Mtilasses FIour, Rice, IBacon, .1
and1( brownu.
Don't, forget us.~ whent yotit have aniy
Chickens, Egga, i 'k-wx hint g trG
Qours tru13
j 90ji
irger and better stock of
Lion to give you LOW
Clothing and Overcoats,
CS)eCial attention to this
Goods, Capes, Cloaks,
our patronage and guar
-XI Will SIM
liatons and Wagons
'or it, but coi anul See for you r
m( Milbook, ( 'onrulndl. Tyson &
1; src lihGrleW gn, the
ahoro, TIaylor luald Chaittanlooga.
Ids, 11(1 W re goin g to fiell our
over but we have It few ba1rgauiii
'P, Own) our own repoitory and
.or cah or good paper. Polito
Min0 ani1d sei e uS. V are Ilways
[I(( .
he ready to
ine of New
gainis will be
yve to make
a~ business.
2Z C0O.,
withi our tldrei- wvil bingi! a man
CO(., Aindersoni, S. CJ.
of Fresh1 T1urntip Seed front
for 25 cents, or one dozon
.nd overy spool is warranted
';A P,
fat MAC~dGREL4; 10 cents
Co )h po nds for 2 00.
,ard, Sugair, both grahulated1
uinig to soll in the lin0e of
an15 andl 0rub) Root,
R OS..

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