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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, October 03, 1901, Image 4

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C op rig t, 8(Y. 3 -..I> rper*A
111 A 'N I-:; I l.
it 11~ei;tn AT~in k-11- -Tihil" l~k'N
fil tn t il i l
W h inlilr A1 T la S i4'Ih a i x p ' ll t l
1111the urnitu :i lingbr
poster, tennopied;ln tIIv III
real high nilld wtili b i ass banllles I
its drawers; the el.lrs straight hacke(
frot the centr of, he ceiling huing
ebandeller of' glass pentldants. All thi
untique ilmaginiteee was lighted b
thle minlgle tallow\ dip which also gilh
tined uponl thle honlest face0 tif Gliger.
"I liuie yo' erynuli sah,
said, ( iiger, se-t thig do-wli, t h, canil
anil tuiring to dlipart.
"No Iloub t or it. \\nit: lieit. I un\:
yolu toi tll ine to whilin this plait tal iu;
"(' 11 11nnninni a Sah."
"I-e i nif) this anilt lolilI" n
".A Cl'osanld years, sahl."
"lin' kow nolthin 'bout vouinthi
'p ' It's llt, iin e fainly inight
long 1 iln. n. littlii, hle minigh
11i14 r-44-iT inlak, Sahl; Clunnll - ltlan.lli
hli. own en Ihunired t'ousalid res"
"Io lin Ila .?ny '"
" lit. b iIgge-st p lantation in ill AlOh
Innil, sahl. ( nnel itu land hie de bl i
"WaIl at hit, Wiinr \ho Is Ni
".I issy 1:iley, she 1igh11ty filie Ind
sih is t l'i klyt , he -
"\'h t ahtionl Is She ti) 'oloin-1 IUl
"ilssy linkley, li' ial i\ Ssy iMr
li1 i's sistlah, s hill. p \isiy I' k ei
"lul-re Mi rs. R un1i l 'i
"M Niissy 1t and, slo4' aad."
"\'hos la ili ss v tag ui i ' : I" ut
"Niiss .N ik.s's
\1 dI-, a. \ \'III-n lwin .ha
to1 de Ihuiters' lills n d, citythn ll.,
illt S t ile. sh4 l:1w all II yoliuntiltI
:1 W ilV ' i) ,111 l ' f li l t i t -lrll m I
"8114' is 11'1:114e% l4u 1an ' 111u ht 1
S tilvtl NI?" In-,
"YIS, Sahl. Nlissy .Jnce do aplple
('1111 i1-1 IltlaXi's cyl.. sah. ,w111I
l11h411do ' en1 nf'e 'n*t oh
Iit Nlis y . hi l tci."
"llolw about youl 4olate-idpep'"
"\\hat 11.1, s ht
"1 Yt y lik \lib s .n p wi' "
"I 1h. Mklsy v.I:l-1,! iUoelson do (-i
l l I do il- .\ i -.\ .l k. '1i' u b-.1 i1
ple i b I sy .I i, v li lo il Ina i 'l'
"i n'l t h .i i i bit h i a till,
I i nli li . ,y .l i, itl h ' itmpt
4 tilnin-r i13n lnt it' .- sout. hnllsys ,It
" li IbiIion lit lii iin h y u al
\'(iliinkwe sheilgl ha in a hni iiini
" tw i -unmssyi she don' i u: n t'iijl131
fen hoi li ssyn t i' .litck, I tie scl i' ul Ii d i
l iit 3 tIn de III 1 , Iuls : i sliiwo't l e i
i ti ly lseii. I : sc l'.ti, V 1' 1ugh tto sig ,l
galinil whemn ls'rit-intha In .\lr'
liu hit' tliii nitglters.i <nit iiy .ltnu - 'y Itill
tiC n h li u g i liii liw. I i elb- It k ain lilli
i geI \a it It i rl . t n li i sirn Ir u~tt u
hi lrI hai lin uI n huh r Ie ltils I lhinIis,
(l4' tnl dntihip .Nut 'tity .\lar s in
tlai t (ont dIa ' t i e lnr!" ' t i
li idtoli fltiw it~ 1,i nit". itn~n
"ian lit' uhnhin' tdo llna ton. la(ig h I lto
r isr. I'nel . uv''t.'nn l 1iilan1. fhot' hi
('traced tin ittn, iow t <! ige-t~ t it
gl'"r.nS 'pt\iessy tiilt i- cldeiishl,
t".\[ intoy rnor lhlt't nd .t'lt
"No.lhl ha.emn' <ero ? 'rui alti eli
"Quithe enuh Nwyu i"
i 1r (th-trttednh witth own Ili
heouh Whv llerdeftr tt)r tlSih in.
woul as the tllinfIsI~'' u a lterinwat
to linpres I)'Cuentd i t ina..jih .
th nnl te ti er. I eletal ilm (',
bthlulht a lookiei'il. If k 1
".ordhnl lrea~Ine." ti moring 11oki
detty dim retoi omei ot [- toy
tf te eat iniro "oncel it iot thlt
forptat leritte e gi owg myayou
hing wur tow ai Ino tnhe randl th-ui
thatenae. 113'lhaveIyoun hadght
Cls a~v 1all. th nil 1y)ull i-ne lJ -e iit'
ot he fra r socewto dt heig.,-- th a
810u1( yo't bole togLI/Adi watot.Ym
butuation wili beore titcal witth
risanh sutan it I tIne fiace. SIn te
the send affary of lifeuw, atd Oin
ihreat heahigh t tgond.d bu tune
reatr.o Theyeworedalth- eBforeth
.~~~~~~~~~~~1 ...:-.::--:------.----7.-- IT-- :--:--:--- --- --
ptair P. A. ftITCHEL,
"Chattanooga," "Chickamnauga," Etc.
- tirothers11. iio'ii
ever heard of one carryinig infornimml
in war stopping at a ie or fihe vloli
tion of i pledge?
Placing in,' root on) the sIll, I w :
reaching for a branci of lIte tree willh
out when) I bauly stepped bn(k int0
thle roomn, ,4at downItII in t chair. :111
)uIIled I fniee Ili my lihnds. A visiol
of 1,0teI i l 'tnf thIi, sweet, gentle, iinio
Ipent, stood)( biefore tilt. Am at flash o
lightining wiIl clear a Irurky atlio4
phere, mny hi'(-. resoinllg vanlishu(
befoit a divinie intuitionl. I could i
break 1i1y pledlge.
'; Theni I fell to thinking. low dill
cult it Is, after ill, to look into tilt- fti
1i1r1e! Who kilows hut .(1otle iw 011
I let jly occur toillorrow ? This ciptal
at i ailigulitr n11i, iti titl m 1111 (.t ni It
What wNIlItIIi liity seplzt hitI ll(est. T(
dity he orderedlt- mi. mi ()Il.e "hol; It
Morrow Ile liitty s511 11r nwiw y flrol
I3 ng llnilieS i th :Ii wI Li rt tto lI t e)ii
mell . Th14.n thl-re 1 klil Intinlll( Il
1SlhI has 01tpld : . aiuit I Ir-c
. that hit- ill nI t I :- i. s h ofT. r, Si
y turly 11114 .1 hiinI;: 1ilaer f,41r 11.- or1 1
11 IIII . l \ 0 6 1 \\ ll\ii:I
l if ' i i -i l \\ |I ' -\ \i: I lilltM 1 It it1 1
f li i i I 4 :- Ip i n I P41 1
fin 1'd I:11. 'v Si i : 'oh w ill, ' tit. -:ll
heibih Ii 01on unll ip ogthe i't
-y 1n1 :l;-k a . i 10Atol rh rhi
- lla y 6 11.1.1 \ i -it - I fa ' its l . II
it 11 -s / I II
I- ii Iid1hu en f ' Tl-. v l
Iii h -f In I sl I t11 ' w t- i I lay tI I
I I hI r I lo trt W of 0w II li rs s ho" t
eNv I Ilu- ht h 11 r I w . I ;o1 n 1
S a fron wholo nIl loI ok1 in 11 ut, I Ia
Y w e , i u '' Iil ,III II I v 4-1, * \ .III ! I . I s I
SPi l dar Ior ie t n lsin us I :hIIe'rr1 . 1
her garI I-4 11l11ter g T I 1
si ey alluiha ealulu t l
' ti tl iti J to t atiiuj i th heiul cuf I
grealII~i itienL. 'I eing. I-r n':
vo 'tilesi l ow , bti I Iilliubl notI tell n l
2 iitity wi'ri'. I ws ili il s lit' ijtt i
Iii'. l iiori'2la itIl,f I lli i l whi
Is ilt weI liit . li,'ui'tin y ':lt'- ' tif
I t'ilse, ali li)I l as 1 hil t l (I li- I iIW
f~rl asilt t' lihel i ,.1 'tt'l' ,tli
aulll o'II' -il il iti'lliest i Isj
t l vIn t liit's lilt lifi lti'. .lati sl
h 'Nilu0: 1 not s ti fn ' wi h ''wIa
plsi 1113' r h t h. wholitow.i in- u.fi
li : ll o tih lw t's it ' Tin-'l\oh-j
" uitl wa' lhult ofitneib. 10t'ai,' gli':
'l'lilli tIglt wvas iu' l' f l lo n. i't'e i
f - "Iit' rj.''
1t not': g at .lay'i 's1111 r lie? li ~'
Tvihg la n111 o xtligu the har
AIt alle'y i'ex es thac t les wil tlu
hieasy tl gatn l nst it, and he wtiu
Ipradliwto te btiiWt '~itf bf Oit iI
Ori tufnate! f(1t I ufo deyde byuthI
tre, to cryout, hvt iould ainto N
gaglyi it'ty w s nowt tli or hc'gai
ili myvern. TIhetrs wetery sre
onse, nse:''OtIt wraidg t thsef "wi
l osig Iy h ad r e '. na tg
The World's Greal
For all forusnx of fever tako JOHINS(
tians s itstter 111111 tiillino and does I
(14) in 10 dey. It' iJplenId curesu ro
naoby qutinine.
"Bring mem clollt..., He,'" tah onle
of ile nen. "H1e'll give u1s away witih
Out 'enll."
It' Torm Jnyeox! I'inl lost!
Th'le 11n111 cnlled ( 'te sunl1hd 311y
clotIws n1114l th rilw N i theln out onl Ilh
grouir1l blow. 'hen the two 1)4:1
tle wV4'orik of gettllg iII? thrugh h
win11(low. .1133yox, wIoi) hn11l the strenigib
of al ox, sizel 1133y wrist.", whil til!
1 n1an behilin pushedl. They gift i olit
Into thle lhubIIs of th tre , where., Lit I
contined to struggl(, I wa,,Is in nger,
horl 111nd IlIld f'oot as I was, of
poundilig the ('arth low. I In:le a
virtule of nlecessity anll irmitte(I thein
to lower int-. O(ce ()Il tiht( groundll3t theL.y
hu1istled Ine to at cimp of tre's bick of
the house, whele I was unboundl and,
t covered by the IIzIl/I(es of' t'wo revolv
ers, fored to put onl 1iy. clothes. 11hen3
they rebounud iny wis3' t4 andl(] 11111 a Ineo
behlind thll, barn, where thre hors
Stood reudy saddhil. . yux took in11
iI 1111 Steel atis 11.4 t tos41I 1544 me In to
cine of themn with ; n111114.h ("ase' as if I
1111d eIend t baig of' Inen. The t w n411
tuounlted the other hos M ilt wv stIart
i',1 o I, 'ireillig nlroulu Is:'lk (r listh
nlegl'u lillis lin"I util. 1.1T :1 i sd
t ll' opI 'llilg In Ile( tiIi'. (11( lIIt'V'lw
troln I le grounds, wIt "et 44f 13 :1 gal
loi).napeel! Now I runay In~ nyseolf
R ti
fillNy fur*111The worry'. 'l' !InI'%t:11ble I:;
l'ore Iue. ltIfore daylight I -ball Inm
n(ln4- Inan.
CIAl'TI-:lt \ lli.
ON 'I Il: 34.*1 r'4.
?N, on we w slwi, lilitb'r .11:lifht
o ver S14 4y N i e' , ,-:- I I :l
144,4 in 1rs striKing l ir I n' 1 ' llf lint*%
Illstones, Simko N\e. writh
N g, t s th n i -4 in :1 -nileiel 4 l n :4 illa
1tos' h ioiil. \\' . :-'wd 1,vver u4 -
hrb ; 4w ' spl1 iki 41 111.4lugh -:1l
stren-1is; we dlip~li inh' ho54llow'S s n4
tilt l over 41' ri(' tsS, w Il I- now 1 :1:
841114- startlel' b iult 5ztre h1 l its win'
an(d wnt-3 whirrig'3' init) Iit, f1orst.
' )n inly rih-3 l t r1 1 411! T nlit .1: vc-x, hl51'
tinl l l 1 IIIl1ll Iloin, lis: lll f15ei t1rI'1
-1\-:Ivs ltowal411 ue'. I'orry 11-111in '1
'41 I't:l I Iature hi;; 4141d, 1 111 '.y', Il-, hi n
wt il v "\'Iv e II- III g iJge1.1. qllhoa. we thIth r E
lopeti~ ~~ O tiii,101? -lt, 4)un:r;
grilding uitila3 sily tln1 1 53uil. 1 (libt lit
low hi 3*a ine, buI b n-iull y br1u'L
lil h : p54'tll'ui tit'sf 11 4-11111' I t:44' 1i;hI44
b)y s11441431335 fI:1Mhi4 I11 ill lilt' Iliglhl.
(W r breal.ithn'ek sincll1 hnaItl lilt v.
hn11d pu1t s341 inles' het3 wen is n 14 I
lilit1at Itlln - he we lkntii ,,o -a lw ld ml W
111141 w 'llk 1 l *4ir I :ing till I'
hadl pily rcove-rva their. wit -(.114. thll
stlu k it I013 . It wasll, 11 'I3:' lle1b It) 1
lit whilt g4. t A. I ve'is . Ithou ht ill
\ Il ly :p])5roa'l1itt4 43141. surey' it 1-10
l 4t lie far <istluit. \\ hy tio< it n1
o( rn at (n I et ?I .\ Ii is ,1 111 11 3 '- I I
moy I ng Is en1 uh t 1 : g II I I' if,. TI h it
lng d4'enthi.
' Os wel'(' 1)il.'-si11ig 1441 w ' [I :1 1.11ige ,
hi llls (4n our3 let :1i11 1144'. ('41nhertI:l1
ltt 4 il. \v44 ''t' :llI 4:1- 4 it 1 l s .til. 'I!''~
'I s : 4 stIlll e'C I' ISi' s' 11444tl' i4n.l;ji
lie' 4'~i~ils :1 : Il'sI, ' :till4-l'. 1411 ne4 44.<t il
hli ' h the no-o h:: i I - l unil 1111 wa4:s .'
t' I'lil - , 144-h 3 il i:i 3 '- \ ':: 44a.i l
i s ha1134s-vills- 4'l pin- or44 (43 Iri Il
Ini nuI~ti gin born':4. '4nt 4e, 11r. 1l 1.':
.11 gun,44- se-4' lys '4 : :4l Ir < f :: 1nile \-. .
r':ir. '.\.:al \44t p:IllI ipsi ; ,,s
'4y ::4 sh*, Tini' ." si 'l ' ''-1 "1he
I ti Isi e'l45l, w::llisie4 to lh- 'r <1:
4.4544 isI newed'4'4, lilt ::. ti''. '4' 1r' :4
is u '.: 3'Itrll 5 5j . l' lt' sec4li Ii e ih
1444r heaIts'i s recininence t-:i :ss'l ibis tan
:l lit14 14h to 't'3'.
33415 e'l s'. Is-in 4:.' s ! .4
II it i' its
-S 'i I l' .I - a-. ja.'
34 w ai le 5 in I -
2. 'a' 11 p. n I as ''la' roc. 4'l-v 4: 4re ', ;: f
IIthe knee ili ided 44 iy h'rs, m 4 it
h4a1 it was too 3 liilyI inhetd, ledI to I4w
t li''4t-. Soon after ili'* en'ot.'43i'3-ed Iln
3thr rgh oni Ih I edg4e43 ol' thle tralil.
|n.4 :4nd4 f'oreti 5.; *13ny 013 body 1otio
v4isi* 43us i'ull 341 311y biditle re(in1 1by
4 114l-ne, carryIn33'g 110ne411 w ith iti. 1liut I
h4434 nec'tplIshed10 31ny purposo.543 I heard3'~
11the )34 4ton go 'lS ersinig down t4 51he nIls'n.3
the r'earI, "ef'1 yer' do t het ag' In I'll runii
aL kn3ie at'wi'xt yer' shoub111ler3s'"
- '"El' he dosJ It ag4'in, yers neednlI't trou-3
ble yersel444f ter' stck ii . Th'le fall 'ud(
isnsih h1ni.''
11ilgher', hiigh'er, we4' mIoun1tedtC, farther'i
fr'om the~ dark~ 1)lain3 bel'ow, upon01 whIell
here1' and1( there shone13 a lonely lIgh*t;
nearerP03 to the 1patchdex of flec(e In the3
fro4)in ab Iove'. Then44l ('53Ile ai falt liltIghtt
h13 thei. sky' and1 1n gray3' ing' over' the
(count3 ry) belo3w. WoodIs, st '(1 reim, tkIehls,
h louseo.s, barnlis, grew (lit. of' the dar3knless.
Thell light brodened;('1to there wer'e gIIbled3
clouds(14 in the4 ('43.t; thle sun11 enst its llrst
hensover' the4 heIghlts 1311( upon01 tihe
land15snps below. We had3( reacfhed th'
upper 33 lt.eel; we were ons the 1)h13tenu3.
pyingj a3341 log hous33o aheadfl, the men'1.
c'onsuiltedl and13 deLtermInled to tr'y f'or
sIn03e breaikf(ast. They0) took thle gag
(lut of' miy mlouthl, anld asU soon1 as I wa1s
freec to spen01k, antx1ou1s to be at 01nce put
beyndmui noem1,m amdta oit e u
est Fever Medicine!
n at Single dJay whInt, slow ,iuin11InO Cannot t
i striking contrast to th foublo cures
pense of anl unlpendloiing. ruur1der., I Cried: t
"Youl dogs! Yo ()t owards! You'Itre
goinzg to kill IIIle! Why dto ,011 delay?" t
Tiy looked iat each otherl knlowinly3
.111nd grinnee-a-jl horrible, smulless grn. 1
"1 ye~ r'eykon yer goinl t'r "it ter1
41 done?" snarlti ted .Jttycox , withI an ugly *
Iliglt In hills eye.
"Ah, that's your gainel"
"We know you uns ter bo as weli (
fixe'd 1'") proper(ty ats IINy yotung Itan inI
I ,'. 'ttla -sset'. An we''re guiu I t'r he i a
sliceu tolo. But yqer nleednl't reehln thvt's
goin 1-t, slive y1. Yet[ got ter. shiell out,
til tinl-1"- Illis look told the res.t. h
"tiive III( onev shot w0th 111y bavck
against a trtee, and I'll fight wo such
cowards as you."
"Sbet :p!" stt1ppmd .Ux, showilng
his1. 10-1th withinl .1 fo4t, of Ilny fI"le and
wItIh .i gla 1(e l e that ()I an aigry
lllo . The , ridiI up to itO il
" 1 . 11111 litt h1 11 ."
A\ l l VI \ PI!:111 'ln -top Ihe do rw ith
* t'. \\ ll l .- \\ *t llt I-d Itt'. ot
414' tI i m r 'i l 'i pone.
I ;il ly e ** t A l(. . it
I1 - . h f t . dein c
v:114- 1 i! e.g i \ -4 til- hlo it l. .i t
CO I .:-:v~ I t Itt :1 4 '4, (II i I it!
Ilitl ' s l l\\ ttt 'l I' a- Ii't a i ~-a t
.\t 'y ' '1 hiS. i l lti, bek14 1f te,
wat- ihh t' ['ther the> .ea - d
-f L IdSt l 14,11 t\i' illy.4 iTIMAlII'
toi- Ix i- I 's4 \\ : im el NI th1
Irats e I ii -d 14 i i a t n ll itn ,
wih- l i t o'lv:n. ali t r i It 1 ine
-ith 44 11:? n i-dII Ii.-;d . ii kew
th I N i It 'i : z I !i . : liht - n1 4'nt i t
190. 'ee sinallyhe \\ lnw l up te t
':.441 4k' s I g I8 aIleI It do'ill I,( ie
I: I I! It 4 4 4 v L' iii"..t i t
taken4, it 41i. A-; if14 an itn') for1, the ex-4
pir t ion 1. I h i til - ofirt n. lin1
te lsth . I l ;itar i s inw
o iw hu Isii" tui l-gNI1' Jt1 ol toward
(m4C ~ I I 14 tit- lit I lY'(41 (li tg I' 8 t)w 'I
1th !:. ' il e . 11 0 ith hltaL iul it)
t'io! it as a k ghirh brugt is un to hi
I It I't'o t I '/.'t \ lie .411o 1-t4 1w l. ( Iti.1
et 811 i1 1 t ) :111t l13 jtrt
nInlil 'ight ti i tlls tig 'I) o inte
tebarlin lit. thus donhtl tl ess111 for44 th ' ti
AllThi 43 tiiWed Iltin- tit w4 ~tteh. 4and
- - h l Itl if I ti lill ll- -N ruel lt a-.:,:htlt li t he'
-y wuIllith- iti up byu~ the 4tha3'nb. to
.acco HniIi tl'. . tortr 1n4 04ve him. oI8
e lan't t4( 041fon-Pe inl. tnhh-:-. o' i
h ' )(t Wt 'ti 1W liltai in:-- w un- 't n orh
tititesi, woe; br-a CiIurllk h i 'lne. . 11y4.x
-n e", latn lg look r ingh hist 11n wil
r--tilr 41 IL ha 41leinlt; ga c a ig il nd
rose i'ent i n-c100iz; lInsk tIliort
unltteinger.'d Sfl(w to bnie oIto bei
l.0 ie tuc wasl~i asu th e su sod
Junee was4' tdlseorioe ulred e bhowed
he...d...d.'notlppear tleknow ter lank
1a.y 'Ie, calle Huc, "cnw
r gt snloin o 't4bar?
"Er thnrs any vitels lef," adJ y
"L. Oh,"Il~) said uck--IC torecbd west hisa
wits should deer Ahn atd rfia
:p, one o" tuIy Catptors gave a wbloop.
t was nswered by a man ahead, and
ia Itnonenl a dozen mtore started from
bouit a inti.
"(lot him'?" yeiiedl the foremost of
Ie groupij.
"Yo' bet'"
WithI a cheer every mina sprang for
Is gun.
"Ihold on, thar!" roared Jaycox witb
is bull's voice. "Don't yer be fo'get
n we're goin ter be paid fo' our losses
A mni by no ineans as repulsive as
te rest, slenderly built, with a weak
oith, long, blick hair and a beard
arough which slone a tinge of color
IhIs cheek, stepped to the front As
Ith authority, and It Was soon Cvi
ent that he was 1in Command. Ilie in
tilred about certain of the gang who
ere lurkilng about Uuntsville. Jay
)X Cin; i:. I:t" n:tt Ike, thou;gh I
,uhlne ilouru h t( sntid, wh'lereuip
Ith c:ilitalin trtnd :anI glinced at
. I inerred that tie %as the inan
lii lal tri'ti p to illl tie and whomli I
al tI'heil'r bs l~lis.Then hle'calp
oix i . %.x weIt Into I t Icket
,:Ir vy, evidently [*orI conlsultationl, and0
eI liiloNved byv tihe ot litIs, wvleiih I
'nnai1tid bIhind. still silinlug otl Iy
I'se :uI w:a 4iil by I'eie. woi s(to4d
I . I round, a greIa(t, gaunt ligure,
itlet id holin; t ihe bridle reinl (W his
r-ei as he tiipiwd t ;rass, tihe other
4pingt a citked revolver. 1I0 was
()king at in fr1,011i utider his faded
nibreri-, his e'yes I)ie'iILg lito liiine
all giuuit-ly, I is jawNvs grinmidinzig onl h1is
aid, ite jiuice of iii withi solled the cor
irs of bl.s titl. I cotild iot enl(dlure
>look at hiin antd turned loward the
tidsiape blliiw. 'The sun had set. It
'as tie beginiini of ni1h1t. Was It
ot the beginnin g for ine of the eternal
Ills 1li)r. n's Wivt.- Vo-ci.:s
'or I t.- r. .1ack Iallow, of Spartan..
urg,-, says the Herald, has just return
i froin a vis.it to his lwothr inl Laurens
oIllity. IIe liveis at Lisholl, and he
als a remarkable story concerning
(!e hloutinil do10s that his brother -
wns. Alr. IhIllev naiied One of these
igs Williatn leanings liryan, another
V illiain AlcKinley and the third Theo- 9
(we gliosevelt. They were said to be E
iIIIalI y linie dogs9, and \lr. Ballew &
aul hi ht anticipations of excellent I
port with them. Iut on the day that. I
Tiran was defeated the dog named
ryan disappeared and has n ot. since 3
weln heard of, on the very day that I
resC~idhent MeKinlevy was assassinated I
hi dog naied MelInley disappeared, t
mid a fev: days lIter was foutl dead
in Mr. Teague's bIottoim. Alr. Ballew
las oni the Imoosevelt dog left anti
says t.hat if anything should happen to
lie ne v presidenti. he feels coniident
that lie w1ould he d1gess. 1 aek"
s:avs Ihat he anot only has his brother's
vordi fin, the ti uth oi( this story, but
his brother's vife niouches for it and
Ie know that she is tithlul.
T ua li~al13Ts e'nt-ia.--lresi
der I ho- eveih, as his palelinl anl
ersor: fr nan gnertinshavev
hei, is a InImbir of the I hitch No
foriitne (iui b at iis the only l'resi
denat of the Il nied Stales whio has be
longedi to t hat denomnination. Thle
lii-ch withi wich the~ Ptesidenlt is
connecitetid in Wa -shinigtoii is calledl Ger
tiuan l ieiniidi, but it is identical in
faith Iiini foris withi the Il)utch li
foirined i chuirchi.
Thsis the greatI l'rotestanit chiutch
of iolhoiiii, whecre Ithe great iinijoriity
of lie in'ople beliing to it.. It was
e,:talisheid in Iihis ciitini ty in early thiree
hunidrud .\ ciirs ago. Forii luaiy yi ars
Yor~ik aiiul Newv ,leriy ad sti has a
veryi' ilargi inein'rslipl ini thioe States,
wheriii has sniii v.ery hirge a ini
wiii thIy con grlegat iions. It is alsii very
iiine iotheri - Nirthlern and Western
-titi'. Thle I)nlehi liformiedl etutrchi,
iiwever', hia ::i-ver ''xtenided southI of'
lie l'otonnau'. Thiechuirch wihichi thie
--eiit aitiiiids is tihU very Sinuillest
ii \Aashinzgtoii,
Xlanly St o-i es arie rilled of theyo i
unie of Spain. A t a ieceiit function
a wvhichi tiiiy \omit! ripeilllejina
iret ty gir'l of six ltn, who hail daiiced
everal iiines with little Alfoiino n
nslintly hie s!ra~ightenedi uip andii ex
endl his hni Io hietr. " I dloin't kiss(
ir:s," lie saild; "'Ihey kiss tny hiaint in
teadI. I :tin your kingi.
Is~ inispensaLibile to ahei
suactces. Ini triniong, niuch
stess is laid uphoi diet; care
fuli attention to thie quatntity
and <)uality of thie food eat-t
en,withi regularity of ieals. C
hait is the secret of strenigth for every
nan, No inain c'an he stroniger than his -
toniach. Th le carticss and irregular
atinhg, of busines men, causes disease
f thie stoitnatch andit its tilliedt organs of C
igestilon nind nitrit ion. There can he,
o sound health until these dliseaises are
Dr. iercce's Goldeni Medical Discovery v
ures d iseases of thie stoinach auid other
rgans oif digest ion andi( nutrition, andi
iales (lie hody' to be built up into vig
rous .health by the assimnilation of tle
uitr'toii extracted fromi food.
"I was iakeni with thle gri ipe, which resitcote
lihiart niiid stoiiiach troinh e,"i wvrite Afr. T1. iR
aindi!, if Mointand. Alieghiany c0.., N. C. 'ii T
*~ as inale to do anyt hing a gio( pairt of the
iiW. 1 wrote io Dr. tie-re ahout ni ' cnit ion,
intg fiill c-onflilence ini his iineic iite. it e ad
i-tel uie to take h-ts'Golden, Medical I iscovecry,'
hlieh I dlid. tiefore I hail finished the semtcoiid
'tle I began o" feel better. I have usedl nearly
x biottiles. 1 c-el thaiikfuil to God for the bene.t
I higve receivedl fromn Dr. Pierce's Golden Med.
ui ino(veiry. I can higihly recoirniendt itto
I persiins as a good and safe nieilcine ii
Dr. Pierce' Pellets c...e co.1 -.,o
A tegetable PrepalrationroAs -
simiitliglite Vood anudRegtilia
fing lite Stouachs and owels or
Promotes Digestion.Cheerful
ness and lest .Conlains neliter
Opium, Morphinie nor Miier-al.
Now NAnico'1ic.
* f/x..jtenna
fI&Aelle S10 ~
Iifnbe 73Jew/ -
Avr A fa e
l&iw .re1d -
Cd'aJfbd1 .)(:gr
Aperfel Remedy for Constipa
Ron, Sour- Stomach, Diarrltoca
FacSiit Signature or
:Select, splecimlens- of your ch-nveest.
ra,1ins, vegretables, finely bried stock,
ieluding poultry, for exhibition at the
late Fair. A littlu effort on your
art will secire one or more of the
andsomes1 premiums.
lFarmers, bring or send the fruits o
our labors to the State Fair at Coluni
ia, )Oct. 28th to Nov. 1st, atl you
ced not exclaim, as many are heard
o do every year, "I can beat that."
Hardware (rCmnpany
(Successors to C. P. Po1 penhceiI),
Wholesale and Retail Dealers inl
Aims, Ammunition, Agricul
tural Implements and
A' every kindl and description. Sell!
lastal for Prices.
K ing Street, Chiarleston, S. C.
'rom the Up-T~Io-1 )ale( Carpet itoI e,
1517 Main St reet, Columbia, S. C. I
W~rite us for' Smnles' ofi anythiung in
mrl line. G oods sh illany where in)
vatys i-usy. No tiull day's with us.
When lien11( ColumbiaI, comeI aund se. us.
'Anyb1od y enn shiow you thle place.
EE-M Medicated Cigars
EE M Smoking TI.obacco
'or users of' Tob)acc~o Ihat su1ffer wi th Ca
arrh,, Asthalb , or Btroiichitis. We guaran
cc an absolu Ie andt permanen11t cure of
'atarrh and it is thie only k nown remnedy'
or HI ay Fever. If youir drugigist or gro3ce'r
0es not3 keep~ it. wrile EI-Ml 0 ., At tanta,
a., for Free ''apl Tnji radIe suppijliedi by
'arpentler llroit., G'reenville, H. C., or
'rutIchIeldI( &z Toll"soni. Sn~artanburg. S. C. 1
113 B31., - Chark i ,so', S. 0. -
Sr lii for rat.lof u er d t o s
4el1 B3adl1? 133 0"33 -fill flr
.from Ind(igesftion, II
iyslepfiia, Want o 3f Appe30lIte. 1d38s or
trength. [,fik of Energy, &c.? TFake a
!w doses0 of
Murray's Iron Mixture 4
A (Oenubine Blood Tonic,
ii K' M I B HA Y DR)U CO ., Coirg.4 liA S
w rSCH0 00''SHOfRTHAND di
On farmin g lands13. ltay pafymen Is. A c
>mmirissjons chargod. Itorrower pay .
cal cost of perfecting loan1. I nterest 'l p'
mit 'ip, ac'cordting to 33crurity.
,IN(O I. PA! MEIm .t. 5t0
CJolum',a.'-'. C
' VFA'S ) end F'or Cataloge.D
OLF Address W. 11. Mlacfeat,
IIII F (Olhicial s'iurt Stenlog -A
Th1.0 IllA, 8. ( . I raphler.) ! resident.. e
(jqu ilit. the fuarantec, the prices, ani
piyy sy, "REX," rniJ sign your ni
)exter Broom an<
or Infants and Children.
he Kind You Have
Always Bought
3ears the
For Over
Thirty Years
We have a number of
Elegant Lines of . ,
Ladies Oxfords
Which we are determin
ed to close out. Among
them are several lots at
$3, $2.50 and $2, which
we will close at $2,25, $2
ar d $1.50.
Will also close some lots
ol $1,50, $1 and 75 cents
goods as follows: $1.50
black Kid Oxfords at $1,
ais 75c. $1 black Kid
Ox fords at 75c, tans SOc.
75c black Kid Oxfords
50c, tans 25c.
Pride & Patton
Greenville, S. C
DEiCF.'. A n WVolux, NoI:rn A irurwrA 8. C
)oors, Sasha, Blinds andI luildeIr'A
Aor Correspondence given pirompi at
~2,500.00 iN' OLD (,lVIC~N AWAY
I 4uir algent s besidles thle regul ar (comm iis
(I us, for selling Oar spilni d line H1l!
'Y HOOKS for 19101. No bic prizes to
few, but overy agent gets a share. lli
eni years' buine hSs rocord b ack ofC this of
r. HIands~o~n me sampl -Case ointti il oly
cenIts. dlelivered.
Order outhit. and~ secu re choice cif terri
ry at. once. Address D 1). ~. IJ' i liILH
UhR. CO., *t lanta,Oa .
mt will pay $25 to $100 Ihvidends
clin hly is a thorough, practicial ui
ass or Shcorthandc traiin ig at
Stokes' Business College.
W~rite or call for (Catalogue and~ full par
'99 King street, Charleston, 8. C.
Agents Wanted
ror thme"1,1 F 1 tO OK ER T. WASH
'9(TON." Written by himnself. Every
idy buiys; ag.enmts are no0w making over
0I per mlonth Ii; best boiok to sell to color
I peoplec ever p'' blishmed. Wriie for termse,.
send 21 ccntIs for outfitl and( begin at.
ice. P'lease men~itioni this paper. Ad
J. L. N IoHOLS & CO., A t,Ianta, Ga.
A Young Man
onhld atftnd a college withI an est ablish-.
repuitationi. A dip'loma fromi Converse
miecrcial Schlool makes it easy to secure
e best posit ions. Thloroughi work ;best
npmnen t ;I~ position guaranteced.
A ddress Bf. \v. O ICT'SlNG Eli,
Spartanburg, 8. t.
nMtro ca tha we >ae191 y l. Guare
UM in A . H. (.
the sizes. Drop us the postal; sim
smo In full, giving address,
I Mattress Co.,

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