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ur Millinery Departien
of Miss TiLrzah I ughe"
tern markets, where she
of the season's most ch
>ains to make this depari
(is, and if you want a sty
do w'ell to visit our Millil
t is the most complete tin
:n shown in the C)iulty, an
cordially invite all the la<
I receive a cordial weko.ni
Le. Heath-BrL
li, People's Jourili
Pt'll~iSti E.:D' wilK 3,
T.1. . M .\I '.lDI . lditor.
ntered at the lPost Oflico at Pickens
-ond- lais Iul ter.
C01b,1iptol, i;1.0 ) :t Yt'ar.
Til IUS I>)A Y. ( K T. 17. 1 t-o1.
. it note how Pickntis draws the coitti
141 wher. thet cotic' n !'it S. I here -,(t s
lTe'herft ul bs v .Il sIv ';v ik .s is
( IiInI -. The cheerfil! I.bSet ver evidenlt
olws whalt he i., abkot
.easing prospect I r ivryly buet i
realy the iseasti t g ime, tiac Ir *
Hlow the politicans d, gIu . i i
e situaltion,. andwhnapiivnev
:Ade. do renleW their ge.e m a
ICNV it all the time"
J idgingr byil the reTo ts coin ing[z t romi1
rius Collges in Soutil Ca olina.
Oitle Must hni iprlorus etihiti
11 inriVeter are eintt' lte w i ta a
bIeII of eliat int.
Ithe other town Is itn Pilke Ih ( iouty
tietrat e tipontinht iti gressiv~e villati
.eliter fot thei hiiing: oif a teal to,
d tat tis tiute a Visit to) any 'I hnt tio
iTh S nt lia iniio: i '..b t:
Aii v ilin~~lki;
'itn i likein:,to ia gune ini whiich som'te
di, ini ordler to get their hetarings.
.tkuing untniy ininort tet~tative phlrys. P,
:s is a seene~ aer'd the liniihedl i xl
Theu repi 't c~f C..ngr.le (;e r
am for hthe'~ yea ..t U- t n
mbly (how( ain .;ort
A r ni h e 'e r
an.... r . T -
districts pr. ma tr.A. i'is 'r. t ..
remiote Rettlemet(nts t., we.!. Ii :,o lat
necessary to) carry pr.htur- al the wVay
Grecenville for the beat price-. Piikemt
growving in impol)(rtantce as a tradh ing
distributitng poit--thet leople recigi
this and are givting daily evidences 01
Sell your cotton at htomte atnd give you
tronage to home mierebtatts iad it
* *+ *
'rTe Court cf Ingmitry niow in sestion
W~ashingtoni awes it existance to the
tnat Admtitral Schley hatd beeni reptatt
misrepresented by Satmpson01 ando his ftie
in their effort to take from SchleIy all
glory for the (destrucetion of Cervera's 1l
dutrinig the Spatuishi war. Schtley demati
the investigation int order to deterinei
truth ias to the cotntroversy andt is theref<
before the- court in the states of a (def e
apt. tiwcoes Bampson as the trI
bein~g revealed, and wants the privilege
apipearing in lhts own behalf, It seems)1.
a boomecrang for Sampson but he i
take his medicine all-the samte. If hts t
cond(uct itt the '"show-up" is not what
should have been, it is not Schiley's fa
that It Is exposed since Schlecy was fore
out of condsideration for his ownt hotnoJr,
givgthe public all thie facts for thec set
ment-of a controversy which was beginii
to nausente the public. TIhxe whole busite
looks like a petty quarrel between two pci
and beyond the hope that- justice may
dotp to eaqig antbyitapQ jhy, so hat il
ecuntry at large many be relie'ed of
much apparent falishness, our pteople cai
very little as to what becomes of Sampso
or Mchley. The men behind the gunts wo
tha batae 8no
Our buyers have just arri
ever knowi in the history of o
ithis part of the coun tri'. N
rics and wve invite veyinn
Clothing and Cents'
Never before has our Cloth
ing department been so com
plete. If you wear a Stout We
can fit you; if you wear a slim
we can fit you. The bigrgest
stock in the county to select
from and at prices to suiit the
eAurchaser. Youths and chil
iren's Suits, single and double
)reasted. 1,oo pairs pants to
>e Sold raing' inl price from
39 cents to $5.00. See them
and get first choice.
Clerk's Sale.
TA ATE A1" "I' tOi IN A.
Pickens (" 1unt1 V,
It'. F. Smith, et al, Admll's kr.,
.h'sse Arter.
l 111% 111110 ).( 1'a jild i vil
Ilre uniM41 i thleaboive staltedi (.as(, :n111n it
file inl till' Clerk's ollice I will sell to the'
hlighe-st hihlr on
S.\LED.\ Y IN NOVEM11E1. tni.
at PilckenI s entrtho se; S. C.. 111in 1.h
ilgal bot f1Ir sale tile lo41mvWllo " decribed
real estate to wit:
All tlt cer-ta Ii piece. parlel ,ri11,1 -t f
h1and in heing ill the 11441y ail' 44I:tes
atfore.laid till knln1. Ias llv 'l hinla, Dillardl(
plr. IoI hll e 1jrtitf r.egat1ies Creek, wa
ter a Twlv MAile liver. adjin n d s
of, ( hI~iiy A'ibiress4 . A. (1. 4lle, 14 1 .
and Chlis C:111"1,11 and oIthers, conltatinin"
I'm I 14-10) ll crl es I4 1 v t' hI . 44'
Al.o , all Ithe 4e-hialt in4livi 4 4inel 4
f th1 e defen 1 d1u4 . .J swe Al ti l inl all '' h it
tract Il huIj I ill Sait c-tinty .11 :44 d I t:t'. it 1.
Clui' n 1111iM d J.esse Arll te.r h- deed from A.
IlShes, rin ad
is, F'annie A11:JI ed t l ae s u 1iiai
t) o h 1inhe and live ;Wn.' , : I... , !m.
l, ll : nhll te w t h
lRiver. TermIls, oi -l f lihab--o . o
a credit o1 P2 month1. ('re i p' rin
hl . ettlre| hy 1 -1. 4444 14' i ll11 ;, 1. r
It '' an . 1 ay i t Terms n . -
comlied with inl ne liur ltter the 1 - m T
the prem1ise-s Will be re.k' o d'k a~
1: Iv . I l%': ' -
r ihn thlel
"n . i 4 .
ST T l' C il CA i 111\ hI
wm~a1' . mith.l' :111
In I)irItoon
"i'n.uL . I i'. 2,g , r n . c . I
||r - ll i. 4 h h ..h
SA.ED.\ Y IN NI \'E.ii'Lt4
all'. f414''I.\| - -..r. . r 'l1 't
11111 i141. II1)1 I"' -I ...il'l 4 it
- II'441-:--:4 (InInt
.: 1141: by f He i (1' .,;,itr . 11er 1. 41 t'
:state, i nae: Ni . I 1f'1 111.. iwiiel:t
ickns c 141 W~iilI: iurein ll .e legal h41 ..m 4
l SA~~ 0.E.141ir Y~, I INN >'.i ~ i 91
ll obetat certainepiee, f~ee or tr1wt liif1
hilnd Il iuat ino uvlle 11'( 1 T on'hip ib :t
fns acounty ., ()tiin one. 1nan0rn
atnd Oityc t in, t1. leh | ;,( i :-e
llend icks h-nto llS. ' l-'m dmi'. \
I elie.o l'l.) D.l dles'i'y II .4 Ifa :ai
t this season is under the supervi
who has just returned from the
purchased a large and complete
oice novelties. We have spared
ment equal to any in the larger
lish I Hat at a reasonable price you
ciy department.
c of' Dress Goods that has evet
d at prices that defy coJnpetition.
Ye ; to attend this opening. You
ice-Morrow Co.
IlE L,.\W IN Im.IA)D 'T 11,XT
TeacherS obli'ul to follow this I or.Isc.
"'I'lit nO pay wlrratl shall b- -Ssueld by
any 111vor of Tr t2ustes or 'pP-.' ell by aly
(oiluty Superintendent (f Edmit n l
as favor oIf aniy I(tet erw -. :1f' t... 1Jly 1
1901, ulses in) thle puiblic Seh'l ols of thlis
8 ate any text imok to Ohw I'be lu8sionl oIf tie
tei thook or boki he -in a .I p) -.(ed on11 the
sa Ile Subject." l'ager :3o. S -ho ,1 jw.,
. lThis reg hlliltiol is based up the f i lh w
inI% powels grllte'd I I le Slate Ikoard of
E. luenation by thel L g"ishaitu -v:
l "The State Board oft Education shall
live power: I s. To adopt rules and re.
Llllttiolls not inl-onistenii with the laws of
the S11te for its win L e- rlIIn nt 11(I for
It Illt g'oYttlllernm lt oif thle free uiblic sch'l ols.
ith. To prescriLe and ('11e t'ce, the
i t i, 'It ht u lln t Fhe fne pulic Sclools
.;tl. T o lltser(h.1 1 :nl ol t" enf e it, a; far a1s
wt'cable, tie Ise ' f a unif'1 in Series of
t e x t -.nil I l f t I4 1 1.4kpu lic schlm i f tile
6 c l il\ illState: : nint anagreenil ll with tie
' l!4-pub f tlite innks Irsc ribed, fixiu
Lit time 'f p1 -:,erii tinl '1Lit - tate' tin p abov
\n hi t be.11 il lt ill not l be retailed dur
inz 1l1i . I I l' 1 1o-Ilf p1escriptio . * * . nd it,
"i 11111'nht il 1,11. t-lr ny a eneber drawing
( 1.11111 ilt 4111 01 - w I 'll 6 1lI'. li ot
ire bl I tIi . - tate l lh l. . -In
with11-11 i-- egm.in writinie ,of Said
ksar . t-ction 11, p.g s 1 kl 1
n' ST A -1 E S U V '. !:IN I -:N m~I I 'S I Ae Y T- -:EN.
1'- 1r. r
"I 'le T -t:1tv -uIpwt intnh-t (f E elat itnll
"4shaill meclure. by\ :i with O wi c.b.
lte Btteoard 1-f E-.muniion un i rn it6v
ill ti t'11st ( If st'et-hA ti 1'J 'u lh
' . l ill. li. -, i _ I' -
Tt r ois y110
r i dl~ ti l t' e'IPd ie .9; ii
~t1 1h it i oggvery ~ I-oo nrv Mt-11- 1 i- h 1e
e ta'litlt ar a rg
( gr trp y lnE lish4; 'li e r un -.e h-i ne1 in,9
Ie f a rilture~: hitryo t't ir es . i l- tte
,ai an' l tte , th8 e a p 'iintit,h- ,lt .Tli.
ne 'itti t ('n 11, a ; haw il 1111. l ppn. 111
ad N t hie 1 tat41 . m ral nd 1: ~la Pil -t, H prt
i o r :ill Btig n :1: (Iil ., Meeie h1 - "hlr
02-aleLws - ; ille Mloris.(9t; l.
- -Jti in'n 9 ; rl nen L<.wis, pt: t9tt.
It li e Y -~nlc O, M0Nary MLewi, 911;u
cel ncictof 9o; ele IA9jWI, 95g., oe
to alav4 lFall, Me; line JEljs Ft'.
nie clon.9:Ca Y - is IG -ith,
pi- her (uetle naBatl Taylor, 93:.aod ie
Iu Jorts nd riens fo: (ervtit CX1eisoieo
4 thyratt ofnoingsear. lloicllobinson', lt4
GcJtracte, whrno, 9Aftur l tfei,. 10,
IC f Il an tely, 9 s:lEatEarle 9:jttssig
. pemsO9:4 Frank Kirkseotfy, ; icr
Ied from the Northern markets where they have bought one c
oir business, and at p~rices that will enable us to offer to; the pc,
ew goods are rolling in on every train and soon our three larg
loman and child in reach of our store to come inspect our sto
ON SALE Is larger and more complete
5.oo~> yds standard prints at that it has ever be-en'and we
Icts per yard. are going to offer some rare
5oo'yds g'ood on ting 4'c. bargains in HARI )WARE' of
1 ,000 vds good bleaclingr full description.
width, 5c. Guns and sporting goods,
In fact we 1have passed thro' I leatingr and( Cook Stoves,
Mr entire dry goods and no- Belting and engine fitting(sol
'ioll no .1. :o
Lions, clothing and shoe iepart- all kinds,
ments and cut prices to the - rain )rills and Iisc liar.
mneiyk, an( We Will save Oif rows, Oliver Chilled and Svra
moneyC Onl 5-00- fall bill if YO\101.t1 ~ PosI llie lw
will give us a look before cuse turn llows, Iillsice ltows
buy.).l and farming implemts of al
\Vagons, 1uggies, Surreys, & c BIG LINE STAPLE AND FANCY
And g( tet our Iprices. We can GROCERIES
save you money. And at Rock Bottom Prices.
SwIant to sell you one. I have a good No. 7, no bette
made at any price, will (1o as good cookingr as any other stov
made by l ion lahr at just S1 .00. 1 have larger sto\es f1 'i
more mfoney.
I have somn e .i rgains inl bedsteads, and i a lot of home madc
tabh-s an(d wash -tantils and chairs.
Some lpeople can't understand w-y I sell the best rille powV'
l(:- at 2oc a lb. and shot so much ch'aper thani others (harg.e
No miatter how it's <hone-come and get Vour share. You art
forunIrlg me to keep smeic of the best to pound coffee for a dol.
Iar I ever s:w. \'nt ask how is th it? Simply because you
dion comwe and buy it, I don't wait to keep it. di'nt buy it foi
that purose. I nost aldways have bacon and never get out of
o andI tobacco, rl Iood Iockt kn.ves which I find have
At to-s. Ihat's not righbt-come and but one, they
Iue dm m)> n ood Iyin u1) in my show cases: three huuses full
s Stuff, collle and h-lp me move it out. I will swap for any
>ld thm: corn, what. oats, hides, chickens, butter, egrgs: anc
't me tell you, I will allow you i cents for your eggs fron
low t(iChristma .
T. D. Harris.
No't a section of this shop but st rongly p resses its claims t<
:' empna sized in prmt. 'lo tell you of all the good th i ngs of
:new season in the prescribed limits or our advert isi n t
7:e re im posile. Can only give you a hint of a fee
rm time to time. To make here are and now the brioad hon.
assertion that this store was never more comnpletely read\
or fal and winter business is the province of this "ad.'
The dress g.oods showing is such as any store might bea
aroud of. The newest, the best and the most reasonabh~
priced. All the new shades are here from 1o cts. per vard up
\\'hnatever of style and (.1s m'SSiak nglperfiction there is i r
this seasons product, a fine representation oi that st e. am'
perfecuaon may be seen here now. I ~i~lnofl\N.(Vl
IN( S. Fl.:NN L-:1.S. PLFRCA\LI. S IZL(5 ; ii'
l'liN.S AT TI IlK I.t>\\- E~SI ln 5SI~* 'kls
Are here in gr .at <[luntities, anid the prices are from chieap1
ones to funer gra.b-3, lst a.; you0 lik.'
( )ur shoe stock ;s comp)lte with al the new shap>es in any
sie wamted.
l'rany itenm in Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets, Matiings, Rugs, Window
Shades, and Houise Furnishing Goods, Come to us and we will save you money,
lv'sA-lister &; Be attie,~
Tax Notice.
r !'f.:.,~ Bridges &:: Hammond,
i~*my f -
1r.1 .
1 . 1 .y f . . r i n -i r O h ..: . . C . ,' .J- :' 1 ('l iEih - 5
-1 m ills. i - I ' ' ir~
I0e1 fo ~ t 'n;., I 1-. nl. ani101'iius onte iilt
I ~iovy for rietu..nl' dcr.c R. hond'
WertF:tni' a seeialtwnohipt is.1-iimi,'s.
:4 tallv or chool d istr ict No. O, Sit'jt he
S p e c ht iu i l e v y f o r g e h ~ o d i s a t N o . 1 0 , j t t a v i t t f g t t i t I e w i l e e t ' i .
Spec'ial levy fot school district Nio. 11, ls %:i ' ti'. t
SpeI levy for schoot~tl itrict No 13,I1~ji' fa v
Ot~' idlr it (')t~tl'tit t th i I o ictlstad PI l- FS. (i . C
Weke o tnl nImll a axk wo(lnrs(t)tietlui'
i)~ to law.and 10 pouods ecrmthe dohhs.
SericeSho. he se' ftm f.0 tlly,
Spca lv.o schoo Ci-t irNo., DCpi ose0, og nl o
f the largest and most comp n te l ui, of merchandise that was.
)ple county sone 6f the Gea',1test values that.was' ever known
e storerdis will bd'filled with tle seaison' S 1OSt choicest fab-.
-k and ect ur )ices.
BIG DRIVES IN FURNITURE, RUGS & coillcte lines of general lier
\Ve agani call your attention chandist to select from in this
to oir hine of .t -
FERTILIZERS FOR WEAT! ftke State.and at pric,
We are stills~hirr.-the. cel& : <li. [email protected] ofjth'r -
brated Sw'i(t.4 liod' and towns and it is v ey gatifying
l one 'ertilii-s f6r wleat for us to state that: our busi
Swifts' "\Vhrat (.ro wei-," & c.
If1 you want a -'good wheat fer- has grown. beyond. our
tizer comc to see .us, expectations, and we '-vish to
COTTON; &G. thank our friiids and custom
We! will pay thc highest, mar- ! 'o' a
ket price for cotton and cotton
and invite one and-,all:to come'
seed and all kinds of country
poroce.t ickens and iike our stor
It has been ou aim to g(iv headquarters.
the peop!c of Pickens county We-Wil treat You riglt.
one of. the largest. aind most' Yours verf trubl',
W A ND W1NI-: IAv, l'xE I.- O IT!-90 , 1
w exp ti ) to <!ser ve it. We kuinw tlIt I ciple wanit its uuch fril tieir mouev ag
liey can -t I" r it. '1t we :rpnme to : -ive ilii-.m right priceA ou everythinr. For
uls to 1)S'Iy that w%(e 111(k.erb1uyv aml uler.-- ev rl )lmly, wOmid bo at lie--pud'o104 ai ni ple
e i fi!vite aIll ito1. c and I-o th1uh 11(11l our'd iferent deluirl'nientls.- Our roomls are.
Clocks, Gioceries, Stoves, Sewing Machines, Sadhles, Bridl(
Halt(cps, Sole, Lace and flarness 'I:athcr,
.. Furniture of all kinds, Bran New.
Including a . ice line of .i-rn. Bedsteads, and these
are nice, clean and cheap enough1.
All grl les (if l.\ i-r ses, Carpet;t . ..i . "suu 1, in t a tihous:m I of -ler fuicil
uticlti t th i- >< t opi w \\-ill ,\. lylo kingi I irIoIhi'i our stock.
CutCry. sh t tlb-s. aowtl.' Le . ih o1 mud lps. fo s portingi men, D ) i
tuni I~ .t og~ii. Powt-1 r .1 uk the lhtoitlm ot .f yur wI 1:. 'We'i-i.
* lit -.111 u1a- i ul to - ci t j . 1t (.1,"(1 1111
probably the best t14r,1 plows61 O w lthe r! -l., :nI (;I slevengl sine.
. w . \4'l l- '1b1 A'T l li
LI)I N .\NID 5FEE UN ilm' iv-e ii yr.t. Fall htil amitIt us show yria
itw we tyiateit it.
\nd n fct an~ythin t l~ ry I G~~(oods line with prices right.
\\'e ha.-e ao nh' ~u n .- :,' Capej)s and ask that you see
the COntrar\.
gve youI sauiacuan.0
Beef hides taken~i if dry. Come( : o -
goods on credit to come ter-warJ- andI~ ma'k( pruoml1liYlc'h
w\lTlVPI-w. w 1( 1( :
kio'1h ti n.'i miil t'uploy m iie butth treluini n oit kihtit
)uti' fi. fIi4y
. W ITE A 00.. AI.tQVdt)om S. 9.

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