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The People's Jourual
Corrected weekly by L be Ieatib, Bruci
Morrow Co.
on--.. --- -......778 to f
...'.-....... .............12 .5
's-l.en -. ...............20 to 2a
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-The U. S. Court convened at Green.
Ville es99day.
--T. D. Harris addresses you this week.
Itea'd his announcement.
-Dr. W. F. Austin will b3 li Plckeri
October 22nd and 28nd.
-orn unto Mr. and Mrl. Jeft 11oliter
on the 11th inst. a daughter.
-Don't forget to let us know ifjyou fail
to receive your paper promptly.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. H. U. (Doc)
Porter, on the I Ith inst, a son.
-Your job work is solicited. Prompt
execution tud good service are our alms.
--Pride and Patton, Greenville, have
all kinds of good shoes. Drop in to see
-Mrs. Isaac Watts after a long siege of
illness is recovering. She is attended by
Dr Earle.
-Miss Miattle Kennemoro of Kings is re.
ported quite sick. At last account She was
doing fairly well.
-See how the merchants are coming
out. Thev have good bargain for the peo.
ple. ilead their statenpntie.
--eal estate is charning hands. A not
iceable feature of all trades is the good
prices maintained in town lots.
-Seaborn Sizemore of Pickens is one of
the p6tit jurors to serve in the U. 8. Court
which meet at Columbia shorty.
--''hc Twelve Mile Baptist assocmation
was well attended. W3 hope to give a full
report of preceedings next week.
-Veterans of the Spanish American
war: read the announcement of Chairman
Wilie Sones of the Veterans Assocition.
--1temenber that the day for the.Kegular
meeting of the Board of 'ounty Commini
sioners Is the first Tuesday in each month.
-Comptroller General, J. P. 1 erham,
was here Saturday making his amunal set
ticinent with the Teasurer and Auditor.
-lion Julius E. Boggs went to Green
ville Monday for examination. and further
treatment. lit is gradually growing stron.
Willie J. Bolt, of Anderson, nophe %v of
Dr. .1. L. Bolt, orrived in Plikens Tuesday
and inas accepted a position with A. M.
1orres pondents are requested again to
e sen j in their communications so as
ach this office rot later than Monday
It. E. Lathem took off receipt No 1
i the books of Treasurer Chapman last
dity. 'i'lie Treasurer Is ready to ac.
nodito all callers.
Rlev. Campbell of White Plains, Ander.
'otily, tilled IRev )agnall's place at
the Methldist Church Sunday preaching
to an attentive congregation.
-MeAlister & leattle, or Greenville,
are after your trade in the utne dress goods
line. They tell you In detail of some things
they have. %ee their statements.
-Married at Camp Creek Baptist church
on October 6th. Mr. Major Manidin of
Pickens county to Miss Essie Vaughn of
Texas, Itcy J. B. Tmmmel officiating.
-M'irried at the residence of the bride's
iorent on Oct. 6th 1901, Mr. J. P,
lor oMiss Bettie EVett,, the I1ev. J. B.
Tranmnel ofliciating. All of Pickens coun.
-There will be a basket meeting at the
,Union [Col] Camp Ground next Saturday
the 19th and 20th inst. Rlememiber the date
and the pace, three miles north of Liber.
-J. N. llallumn, a promising young man
of this county is now at the Atiantac Col.
lege of Pharmacy where his friends and all
who know him confIdently expect him to
take high rank.
lion Martin F. Ausel has announood his
candidacy for the offlce of Governor. Mr.
Ansol has been in public life for many
years and is well known to the people of
Pickens county,
-John F. Gilstrap is making a much
needed inprovement on the road crossing
thme Mauldini mill branch south of town.
The roaid is made to change to a point
north of the old ford.
-1. E IHigdon sustained minor dam.
ages through a cotton gin tire last Friday.
lie 13 still serving his cas!to1mers, however,
andi the slight misfortune has only made
him the more careful,
-Those indebted to the Jornni&. on ac
counts made before ..he 1st of January 1901
will please settle with me at once as the
books will be turned over to the sto)ckhold.
ers at their annual meeting in November
next. T. C. Ilobinison.
-Pickenis Methodists are encourgged.
Their church is about comnplete lad lhe
long standing Parsonage debt about dis.
ehlurged. "OJut of debt' meanis much,
since dlebt has been a grievous burden al.
mnOst since the orgamnization of the church.
-As Thanksgiving day approaches, lei
your thoughts turrr to the ->rphanp childrenr
in the various institutions of the state
whors.e mieed are constantly appeallng it
the: 'bar i t4ble anid more (oftqrmute. Orp.
b'!ge re special (:harges; don't forget
tlheir inrnatfus,
I 1', forget to, rread the: alvertismn
'.f M hum, ane'l A rgubll id o the Iirst page ofl
thIis palevr. Thley aure klelrng oerehamnta irl
Jr 'nvuilleh anid lhave attracti v goosdm at poi,
polahr prie rs, wh~en in Greenvlle call tW *eu
Ihr Ion, Main lttreet at the' 4. ((, lMorgiri
tI'urne limr.ortant vchuange of real catate
ha ve r';v:rnuthy beenO fconniummaiitedl In i'iek
one 11. A itihey han tradled his fatrn
ltuurmuda, to, (. J,. (,retoun for hla house Ii
town, th, mnrettin vottngs wIll be oceuple(
by A. Johun Ii'jgs. IS. Poster Kimith hasu
bo'ught thei Muarns pulace fromu It. I',. yonguj
n ail wIll moive there shortly.
* [svitatiops~ aure vout to, the uyproacrhmini
munarrd g of Pr(f W..) Cre w of aly,
H. U. to Mfiss f,Of. 5fccond dauuhater of9 i
II. CUntrell, Ii, f t. of Adnvahu~rg, (Ca., Wed.
imeaday, Oct., Winmd. All colored. W. 4
t~itew Is ai SOn of the lato Moses W. Urew
anid 1s one1 of the htmst eolremd eltlzers 0
P'iekena !oulnty. lie has the conigratuta
tionis of Plekens. jpeo[plf geneiiraly.
-.James M. Laiwrence., whosm hmenu ii
north west of (Central In Central Trownime
suffecred a paiful aceldent Wecndesuday, Ott
lnst, whierebly lie lout, thre fIngers of him
rIght hmand in a shingle mmli. The wount
is a severe afflictIon to Mr. Iawrene sinet
about five years aigo, ho los his hpf' Igg4
by ia smilqr aceldenfl Mr Lwreno h0I
hout 40 years of age an dhas a familly
Iloe Is attended b yfDr Shirley of Contra
* rts was resting well,
luniter mill pslperty will b4
enter of the Hunter estate
.dloy, on saledity in Decem
alle outcry, if not disposes
m~,aw sale before that day. There 1i
alreadly developed about 4'!0 horse powd
wIth much more available power tobeluad
ThIs place is only a shoty dislance abovi
thu N~orris Oottotn MIlls and the salo wIl
give oporsquay forivstment to anybodj
desrin a reaclas wter powev in a 1(oo<
Oqotion., Thes ill ha erled at Plekani
As Thanksgiving Day is not for off wh3
could not the Old Soldiers nieet, a
Pickens U. H.-. ou tMt day with their famx
Illes ani frietd, lhave devotional services
and some peaktng. It seems the day couk
be spent pleasauflytand Profitably as therc
are many who would'be glad to attend wh<
have neither the time nor the means to g<
far abroad.
Bev. L. M. Lida, Missionary of Twelve
Mile Association, has recently been Ia our
sectioi I preaching edifying sermons, w&
believe he, is the right man in the righli
place. He has received 46 members in dif
ferent churches and sold f90.00 worth 01
booke. it.
The following letter will be of interest t<
veterans of the Spanish-American war:
Columbia S. C. Oct., 4th, 1901.
Capt. I. M. Mauldin, Pickens S. & .
A Committe of Soldiers of the First and
Seconld elirlheients U. S. Volunteers Span.
Ish-American war, of which I have th<
honor of beIng Chairman, has arranged to
have a banquet for all of the Spanish
American soldlecs In the State during Fail
Week, on October 29th. 1901.
The greatest diticult with which we hav
to contend in notifying the culisted inen of
the various organizations, because we do
not know their address. I will thank you
to notify as many nmber s of vonr com.
mand as you call; and I will thank you all.
so to see you local editor and get himu to
mention it in his paper, so tha' all th
mnembers will be notilled.
' We expect to have at least four hundred
at the banquet, and we are arranging to
have it in very nice style. all(i hope that
you will be present. I will thank you to
let me hear from you as soon as you can,
and let mie know about how many will at
tend from your community.
Very respectfully
Chairman Committee Spanish-Ameriean
war veterans.
Mr. John Tiomas left for saluda Semi.
nary last Saturday.
Mr. John liolcoibo of Laurens county
is visiting this section.
A few skiffs of frost here of late make
reople get into the winter clothes.
Mr. M. M. Christopher and family visit.
cd his brother A. A last week.
Mrs. Nottie Pace!, nece 'ramel, wife of
Lawrence Pace is, conviale'scent.
Mr. and Mrs. Joln I. Bowen visited
Mrs. E. M. Thomas of Thomasville last
lr. J. W. Hunt who fell and dislocated
his hip at Mr. W. It. Price's sometimes
91.- 't. now at home improving slowly.
Mi. I 1 ih IHunt the popular store kcper
andi guaer, who has been ganging at Mr.
W. it. XIrice's for the past eleven months
is at home for a while.
People of this section are busy gatioIng
their prolific, not the big 0ull Jones and
Jackson's limbless, but the big weed Jones
and jaoksoi's bolles.'
Wo Are now blessed or cursed by the
rural daily mail. I'am afraid it will provt
a curse to some of us for times are too
hard to subscribe for a daily and if they
were not we would allow the Lrass to get
our cotton patch while we'd wear cut cu
other cotton patch reawling it.
Saiimlho is busy making molasses or '"co.
larsonguss" (which he sys is a more uap-to.
date name for them). I told Smnbo that
lie was boiling off the water and leavinu
the saccharine matter. Saccharine, '',s
he. "Yes says I", that's the origini
nmp for weth"'. S, 41%.ll Uaya 1%, P1l
never gall my wife lsiloelarine for that's
not hor original mune; but I wager a gal.
Ion of oolarsengess that she is just as sweet
ss any woman lIving. TIhey are always
gething up something origional and the
next thing you know they'll get something
orIginal to the Bible and God will Jhaye to
give it up that lie is not thle originator of
creation.' 'IThen be wiped the perspira
tioui from hisa brow and began to dip th<
skimping from tile molasses.
Citation Notice,
By .T. B. Newbery IFsquire, Probat<
Whlerea, Andy nIriflini made suit
to me to grant hinm Letters of Adinis.
traitionf of the I~taite of and ell'ects o1
John Griflin, d eceased.
Tu'nas AHE TiHEtEF.ORE to cite am]~
admonish alli aini singular the ikindred
and credlitors of the said John GrIffin
deceased,thmat they be and appear befort
me. in the Court of Paobaite, to be hick
att Pickens Court flouse, 8. C., on thec
31st day of Oct. 1901, after publication
hereof at 11 o'clock in tihe forenoon t<
shew causeo lI any they have, why th<
staid Adminittration should not he gran
Given under myv hand andi eal, this
i4thI day of October. 1901 , in the I 2Ut1
year of outr Indtuependence,
J1. B1. Newibery,
J1. P. P. C.
The ex~citemenuet incidlent to traveling
and change of footi aind waoter oftet
lsring<a oh 'liarrhooe, andi for tis reasom
no one should leave home without a bot
tle of Chiambe'rlian's Colic, C he'era ant
iliarrhioea Rlemnedy, For sale by G. W,
Eat Ie,
The Trustees of Cedar Rock School llig
trict will on Wedaesdlay. Nomi or ii
1901, let to the lccwest reriponsible biadde
the contra~ct for the ervctiona of a Schi'
house for that district. Thei TruI~te5 wj
be at the D~uke old shop place on that dlo
whetn specifications w ill be shown. Twe
ol school bauild ings in said ist rict will b<
sold at samei time andi place.
>IE',8 IIO'W EN,
(Jt 41* TIrustees.
A Il peorusoon having (:laimsc against ti
eitate ofl Itaissom !)ikia, dlecr-aaed, tire re
rpuf'iente to perestu the ayt pt'orl y attesat
41d toc thet nuiati tgned~ for anymernt bcy the is
d(yif I )ccmbehr hiext, t here inodebited tr
MIS JAa N )(1 J.
Oct I61511t:u Admnistrato'r.
All puIorton htavinag (ilnta i gatinst thi
pcreta the aitmto jporly atteted to Elat
anudernigd bitlIy thai lat day of D~ooom
bor. 'Ii hono ini debt to) inid esitat wil
p20t2.). F". Ilradloy,
4 goodtMainTeache(r for Paleathni
Sohoo ~Wj~1triot No 21 Pickonsa county.
Ii. 1).. Muulin Clork.
Stowart P. 0. 8. (J.
For Sale!
Desirable Lot in the Towr
of Pick ens. I am aiuthorized t<
sell the Henry Gantt lot con
t&aming four acres, and will b(
gdad to nlame price to anyorn
wishnlffto how
Since %he fire inl Junle have 11akenl the te-oo
Street, next to Filahy'i ar. hi v iwi
Winteri a ).nw atld (.41m
Clothing, Furnist
Hats and Shoes
I Of the sImle grades kept. by 11, in I lh p 1.t
thani ever. Inl athiit inm to a itew stock we iim1ve
\VOlt11i OF W%.I NTI . ('.,tr'ims '~
W( WI'I 1" I 'it CLO TH I NG SAV\* h
DITION, TO ME SOil) kl' A SA'sluIviC.
good Chloting" at price S 11o Iimar .oIf beor. . 1 0
more .yo 1 look the better yo'll Ib,. please whlienn
A11 Gcodj Solc
Babb lhuilding, Next to Pinlaty's .Mhuki-1.
Vou Can
to water lUt y'o u cani't
to a thin A's tom: ch t
that <! e i I:-ke him use
Scott':) E.nu1 ian em ~ I
him u;c it. 1 lwr ? I . l
ing him h ry d
Scott's : :1 m: :. t n
body !-.u: - oe- T
a thin b1 a- n1 uri
gry didni't \(' u \\ it i
A thin bd i.; aAe AI
workin - n o :1()1, u C): a irikc.
It does;n't t:-v to us it' F d
Scott's Em1111ul'ion wakes it
up--puts it to work agIin
1 making new fle-sh, That's the
way to get fat.
Sendt for free sample. ~
ScuTr & ixw N -', ('hunis 4. . o I'ar Sti N. Y
All person1s are herehr warnedi not to
hire, harbor. or ini aniy wviy shilhl my w.ifec,
Emma Stephiens, whoII, on Ti 'eday orn-ii
ing, Sept. 'NIthi, 190t1 , left hom witiixvhouitt
cause. She is~ luder writ'en cntract.
NO['ICE OF FIN Al. SI-TT I.\l E-N'ls wor'
I will alllily to Ji . B~ Newbiry P'robite"
Judge for Pickens~ enutttv on the~ ith"i
day of Oct., next for a tinal - Iettlemiet Par
wIth my ward, WViiamoi Allen anid aski to
be Dimind as gnard iurn Sep t.. I Ubi.
1901. \. \I. I lgeti.
Sept19w4 Guairii...
OLDPIEOPiLE 11.\VE Till-:1 lRI TitO:..
Mr. Francii Little ofht ien mIi i boir.
Mich. is over eighty years of age, --ie. In
18615 bo hits b en troublledi mio e o.i
.Aii.:'st lhe beganusing: Chii iiuinbl-rin - L~L
Stomac~h ;uiil Ij.ie Tblet<;i i wa en~
feeling iiiiih beitter. Ia :\ reent leIe
lie say3s, "I linive itnd three huo~x- 0f 11h
ratte det stomn~eh, liver aniel bonel-s. Fo. r
sale by G. WN. E orle.
STEPP1ED I NiTOi'~ LII I .\!.,
'Whn childi I bitrned tmy fo it fri ght.
fully writes WN. if. Eamt.s o't Joi-v iii.-..
Vai., "whieb caui ori 41ible s*re for :il
yeamrs, but itek tein's Arie:t s ilve. lu h,lls
cured~ me1 afteor everI t hinig e -e fail d. I kt
lfal.ible for Itn enii, Scabd. ii - S 8 rs Mci
le y~. l ir og St or'e :2.i.
T-t'hE i 'P\ ..V, .
.\fter b.I. - -I
sienni for e - I . - e
wife recogini .d~ i a o
Ba.lin. ,1n afterI i-i I"' -
Jaoteald, .lani, b.11 ci n~ y, \\. \
.Severail otheri very remrka.- t,
partial partly-i- have t,..i .iy,.t.
known, hie0v~r. is :t * n'. i - ii ,
A TJYf',\~ L S( L'H .\1 f ille.\N 'TOl F'e
Itiver, UCpe Ci l.>iy, ( onilinet ira It . t .
pleali of Sout hi .\ ien, nt - hih enn (iib
purchasi:erl Ian.1 Ihing frol I ie rov bi~
nenie t riway stat1-..ijen au-l abtii
twenety-flve miles. firomt ti.e il(ger .n towi
Mr. 1L14ri -,031ys "( n'- favoried wih
the 'etdotIn of fiarinierwith ini ia rdii "
of Ltlrty milles, t amn o1: iYf wlhi iI hle e teL'
Aiupliled Chiunlhiglain'., icemedie.. ,\ll Ic.. Sub
tify to thbeir value in ~ ahoeut-l I whereii it- '
a dol'tor'sli avice i.s ahtl ont cf the iot
thle poput~ ion i perhiapi si xty, of pr
lthem, wi tin the pa11t tweviye mronI hs no' it in
iessi than fourt- en have ben ai bil-oliitoly 11ron
enred by Chiambewrlaini's (Cougih i-nit-iy. e
Tis mit suroiy be a recoI d." I'ior a doe t a
by G. W. FI'rte, Infd
..,,..._____.. _ I,itii
tracts of good farm land netar Ea:iiey.
It ilil bo to the interest of prospetive h:a1<
bulyers to 800oi me. If you dliiro t eth
eor00lanugo for& land see wo bhoro un skmi
dertakiug to do so. Caon or addre
W. AHmiten Easle3v. 8. V.,
:w Coods
w Stand
.w Methods
V milliu
-, well
W liver4
wal It
I..I~l','Ii 1'4 Iii 1anlil
knlownl as the liBb11 lin1ilding Onl ain wll ,vC11
6'(1 j1st opened for the Pall Ild settle
phlte stoek (A' live I]
iing Goods . . .
= = u thUat I
's'. r~ihottr irecomm
.el better prp to ser-ve youi taken
VI: E-:1\ b TI't'SANI) 1)( )J1IAR S
IO.M Ti- PIRE'1i- IN 0001) ()N
)ont miss this opportunity to btiy
k :oilrn btIetor you comlie heret-the.
L for CQazh.. a
oi j ei(' i 1ts.\1 ~~*, *(. n(
- - buy
1j11 011'N'L:S. C. and
. ORE lecti
- T E n l -'nd leitm t. d
HA.\S S(l11001( o ) Solid (1
11.\8 0311- GCOD11111
IN FAT EVE-Y:l1 ING. Best 0
ts from $2.CO up to si 2.00. Path.
nice line of Pants cheap>. C"lh"'I
Icanr ii
'oui want any Shoes I have cl i
Ahem AT ANY PRICE. 1 k or
'011 want Something to Eat, We,"
I have it. w0uw(
H ATS ANI-) CAlPS, Sterlion
from Ioc tip. N
TIONS, as cheap as Ro
o Shotguns and Shells, also Bcrk:
\xes and Handles, and Forb<
lots of Soap, and E.v- pe P
erything you
Come And See Me.
. D. M-I)OE.
ntractor' andl Builder ~
P*t ~liens. S'u. 1. rtr t~s
reih'-, f *r whomnlhe has doneio
k :til ti(- wor~k i1e: f, whOnI il and * -
-h, en be a 0n in the ron~ us of l'ick- a
iies wviill owell to Lee hIm beor enel
ng a trade. elt-ewher'i '. octL
p pn ' nRutai
.tck~l; tvnough1 to sow forty acres.
ht ler Siw ;1 gQOod patch tnow.
1 (onli in hiandy fori the nextmake
sixty dIays. Plenty for all, hlave
SVG.\1R yout
handl(y to have, too. I havte
lots of it.
-ep every thing in the' Genra
-.handlijm lin', and~ will spl
as (C11EAP~ if not CHIEAPERt
Ii anonle (else for the samie class
puOdIs. I salielt yourt patron-i
YourIls truly, i .T
Pickens, S. ( [g1
Wlomo TPhone Nw. 24. II E/iY
b2.f .L
.\ Il FN lnSh AT' I'.,CK. aill arti
- la n tty i;,lie oni ( . y~ siiu tio
I -.k .e' ''o ho'in could not HICH1
u tho t. ' ; ai. i or sit ini i FOR
dv bcp han iii heAI trid Elec-; PROD
hoir r "hi-h He*I".n d h a wvonder. jGOOD
whoit andi kihlo., troubile', PurZifles th *
1 andi bihil 'j yfou. health, Onuly
t Hol I hirnley's Drug Store. A ^
a with (Croup,." ui 'te.s .Als, J. C.
Tof Crittaelden, Ky., "it s'emed Direly)
'd strangle befoi e we (0ould get a i
I' , so we give It Dr Kinug's New Spech
wory, wich g ve qutick re)loie and Comfi ort
untetly enured it. We always keep the marl
h.e loiose to p1 ot(eCt our ch Ildren boarderi
Gru and~ Whoopinig Congh. It
u :o o~f ai clihioi roiichial tr'oibie
Ito other I' medi!y wouild re:Ieve."' U U
( tr'oubles. 5'ie andh 81 00O. Tr'zIal bot.I
oc iat ikilt & Thlornley's Di ug Store.
H' A'i 'S YU It AC'yon 'VOR'f U? e Op
m0 t;me a14.i foirnmi e, but never', If you Jeast
n alow Coinilexon a jauled mo. thi.
tint i hi;atches andl blotches on the ed. MC
--ill .ignts of L~IVer1 T1rouble, Bu tentlti
C's N -w I Ite illis Clear' 8< Rosy i Liver
:kiy, Uich Complexionm o g e teams C
oLt & ThuruItlev'ls Lrug av;. ornih
A Whole Famlit Cored.
C. H. Kingsbury, who keeps a
ery and fancy goods store at St.
, Gratiot Co., Mich., and who is
known throughout the country,
was badly troubled with rheuma
catarrh and neuralgia. I had
omplaintVand was very bilious. I
i a bad condition; every day I be
o fear that I should never be a
wvoman; that I should have to
down into a chronic invalid, and
i the shadow ,of death. I had
n(led to me. I TOOl FOUR
my family both. I am very glad
heard of'lt. I would cheer ully
muend it to every one. I have
manv other kids of medicine. .
er JolINSTON'S to all of them.* IK
INGAN DRUG CO., Detrott, ich.
For Sai ly ( . W. wEarle, W
ANI 4W'll'111)-Y Se
lien you make presents,
tasty ones, purchasers
0ood articles.
kens keeps silver goods
jewelry: your presents
>urchasel await your se
Itllied l'late I-nee Pins, C 'olor
141 Broorbeif4s. H aitifuail Pat.
late Neck (baains. WVithi Sot
,ld-Pille(d I.ore1141tte (chaaains, 2.50
ik Polhs. G bild-Pilaitedi Slids., .15
lied Watch C'11Ihains, lain1 111.41
Itious separable401111 topj s, .4 8
hiitons. 1-1n g idl . .01
tion(s, Uolod sietc(1 tin)s. pair .I5
ions, Gobi Filled, pair 2.:.0
hlt s 111l Itiigs, sets Rnd pat..
XW U.aclet, liit silver fill.
rth BIralet. :i art goil 1l1. ( c
Sil ver Iracelet. eain aml g r
r-sole, ig
y article in Jewelry pro. e
oil short notice.
gerIs 1847 silver goods:
ris, \'esta, Columbia, tli
;hire and Shell Satin. gC
,s Silver Co's., (Quadfu6- St;
late Tableware. u u
\Ours for trade,
EASLIY. S. (,.
11 line of Dry Goods,
Leries, Shoes, Hlats, No
rmiers' Imlplemien ts and
ral Hardiware M~aterial.
agent for the Ilancock
-y Disc Plow~ and also the *4
ntt H arrowv and Stodidardi
H1a rrow.
perIsonis indebted to us
equeI sted to come in and
settlement at once. Wc E
been indulgent and want
o resl~ondl.
'Very Respectfully,
E'asley, S. C.
ZJStEY, 8. 0, .
Frsh i Stock and4. 1a F'ull Sup.aply of
les needead for JiomhI'4 h4 ('on.
.Store is 44n Table4 Mouain
iar of l)r. Smith's l 1) -II Store.
miemb e r+ the +Place,-164i
'MRS. COR R1 14 M BLA LOCK ~b.1
opp. 13 I0c00. EASLEiY, S. C.
tATES, $2.00 PEli D)AY. -%A
Li attention to commercial travelers~
able rooms, anld table fare the best
4et affloruis. Special rates to regular
1. Li very in connection.
B. N. WYATT, Proprietor,P
posite Depot, Eaeley, S. C. i e
iable Rates to b~oardlers b~y thie 111(
Transienit guests specially solicit.
dern convenIences and the best at
given to all patron.
y in connection with lhoto!; goodi
an be had~ at reasopalie termeS diay
+ NEW Pf
IWEverything the Bc
Bran New Stock with Prices Right.
WAGONS, &c.,
We av e honht I'() this IFail a large
)Ods than ever ma \ w e in a position
kICI'S. Se ' us )(4wr lying your Clo
Simiglit save you money. \\'e paid Csp
we and also to our line of I )ress Go
zirts and Jackets. \\'e apprcciate your
tee every trade we make.
Nonc' trulv.
Wanting Your Tr
I al restless, n)(,v t :*(.;.\ mv bn
sire to ma ke it still t r.1 wr a .
Ceatest effort of4 mV 'ia 1hi- s(ason1 to
ods the )eOple Wat i at i theC 1it ri
perienceu is worth anything, I am satisfit
.w\V'S remember that the class of goo<
: cheap order; it's -the happy mediinni
ods, such as it pays to buy. I now hav(
mtly arriving, a TR IMl1:N I )(US STO
Which Must Co
iIN TlS , ISt ,1. 1 NG A '. of comlp
dI every bodly tells the prtic(. I wanft yot
g my price';s and quitality oft goods.
4o inch Sea Islandl, .a cents.
Standard I )rills, a cents.
All \\'ool Red T1w ill lanmnel, 15 cenlts
Thec Be~st 25 cent(s J'an n the1i mark
Ladies' I [eary I 'mlervests, I 5 am 1(25
Nlen's He(avy t( h-rXests, 25 ad (50
I )ress G;oodls, all ( ;rad(es and( Prices.
lromii a lBros. an to a ~ l'ini! 1 >ress SI
v\me and( I ~it children.
A. K a
\\'est I .nd, G ;reenv'ille, S.
"'.\Iore g.oodls for sani- mao
.Nametl( g..oods for less momti
5eIing at
Owing to - s on prpsd cli n 'es in oi'r busine1
trriages, Surrey, Buggies, Phot(
At an A bsolute Sacrific
til oir stoc'ke ~is eucd. 1))'', tak' our wvordi for It, bi
:elf and be convIincedI.
H arness of au kiIIEh at cost, weO carryS the Ba~ba
tes andE variouI other' iikot s of iBuggi9'*, &3'., as~ strict
a k the be- t -ee on for st ilIlg vei~cloa of all k Iinds, an
f, proIt or' nb prolt.
'I he ca' o .01 o1 r .\lules andi Ilre laI'C preii.tty' well over* bl
Uictember', we g)Ii no0 housl rendt or' eln k hire, own
mrii own w 'rk. We witll selI anyihinig we toivye for ta
kind trrotinenit tol all. WhVenot in o t nville come IMt
I to see theio pl w e ther IE t1 he w1(', ish to uJoy, or' not,
t nevr Court. !tivr und Je hson Sr reCLs.
r and better stocl<
to give you LC
thing and Overco;
:cial attention to t
XIs, Capes, Cloa
)atronage and gu
siness increases n
I have made tl
get the goods tl
c, and if ten yea
d I have succeede
Is I handle is not
and better class
in store and cc
CK of
Itition P'RICE tel
I to continifue shoi
DES! -*
ioes for men,
8, we will soll
nsad Wgons
mt come and see for your.
>ck. Coumrtlnd.( Tryson &
IIiihiaoni Wvagonis, thme
1 we airo golig to sell our
it we have a few bargains
our own reposItory and
0' or ood ymper. Foil te
d sea us. W j are always

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