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pgigt,1..y 1arper&
. .h to
ni looked
the etnpta in,
* fingerst, led
ne. H len,
it I was to he~
Ii recoverd 1v:
- . . ed 01
- t ~
* . " 6
* , **
L t tki d 6f~0 fi nl th eon wl
thi e 'e'it" triar la rt.rgieo
Vlbi~ tOirazn h :..,he. in th aw4 a hekFn
temspts? What is to happen now?
scowled an older to the boy7 to g'.
away, but hie paid no attention to, a
Bomething caime sliding along ty
grounjd and lodged against meI. 'Eta
guard heard it, started, cat a gnu.
glance at me, then about hIrn, but,
seeing nothinig, Vseapsed into his for
1kM400 M Ansa
tair P. A. f'\ITCHEL,
latanooga," ''Cickamafluga," Etc.
struck me and caisped a jackknife.
Meanwhile 1uck disappeared, bu
F00i unpliarilig again in his plnce, lie
tip n enrbine. Ile had doubtless stoh
it froin one of the men who slept <
the edge of the circle about the fir
Again he disappeared, and I watinrt
eagerly for his return. The gi:ml u.
Ftill awake, though nod2 ing. 1,1 "t
he been more watchful h.e uena2l
likely have diseovereil 1:oh. for
underbrush, iioth u wr i 3,
lLenred to me0 a'i u1 e t t . i i
sleeping guerr s . . si
in passing .:. -
o l mara ti
traerdes 1 i .
I - . re llu .s
* ..
#. -
- ;
h $
i Ehap-d he I bou htfl fuc
0 7 . Non redt "7 1:yboteg o
the*- vS a . bou to cock'Jlii J i'
b. ." '*l- tlljk.VI thought
LA':j>,j ~1.: ~ n,'9, enjo. I cotin
(I ~~ j ~at the~u tir cockeI
"I r Thrug I' ny. htfoe
ainr,' at thle gurd. C11k
"" A v~' shutii I ookedI signficanitl
J hJOk nd us](nger to show thetrn tha
I W= ray hnmo~q hr
The World's Greal
For all forms of fever take JOHNS(
times better than quinino and toos I
do in 10 days, It's splendtid eurea aro
mado by quinine.
go. Waitinig lonig eniough for them) tle
put a few lhundriet.d yaIrds btween the
tud tlo cIatInp Iid nioticig that the
guard's eyes were still shut, I prepared
to follow.
lRisiig slowly an1d silevntly, keeping
Imly eyes fixed oil the [lniltn by tile fire,
ralsing nIy revolver and taking is good
an il it us poss!btle' with tOllld wrists,
I stood on iiiy lee. Onie step back
.ard. theni :uot her, i thirdi a fourth,
a tlifth. a sixth. I had reachedi the
bushes wher lce I luck 'and ( lnger had
bwei collet:Iled lid Was about to take
O.ie tuler slep whIch would secure coll
ce:1lilltlit whien the guard opened hils
eyes an1d looked straight ait Ilue.
Sluirprise was hIs Iast etnoti, niy
figure Ilths laist sight lie ever saw. I
shot hilm through tle head antd before
the report lud ceased to reverberato
vIas in the bulshes.
C1 '1111 X11.
1 SP'lT' the thickness of the
siurroundinltg underbrush, '1
uiiequick progress., J11111)
ing C10e1n nove r bsedarting
r"r.:d trees~ n:si:' uderlow limbs. aft
r rn n some '.W yirds Loni th<
g.-.ot".'. ene:p 1 ati cep par
hot- she hol(
n - !R n(eUng tc i.he ha
id' I u Ii e ii
0 0 thLeJill" a
- on: t
-fi. S()
* - h 'e , : f r jn - --?- i r
s :1 ito I oft
plant:1ttl "
~1* ,+ t .- y u, o r .-on
kr' 1 7 up ta .
v.;:.dow*nd*.nte: yo . r e. 1.,
th*nh in y o ou, uth 'oub 'o
eng. Crnng nt th 'oue hel ltob'~
Pt whthdhapnd
"'.Ju'k i..l.ri ed to u witken Ciaptal:
ii-': 'lit 1,i hut I i toppeitd her. If yol
had' h<+ag nysah-tied to leu enE., thIs wouh
h~e I 21l I. j itnbles . frin~u wha tJa s ck hai
vioh hiaII. blP II 4 i ght 's reFnt befor,
startinug in purltl. I tol .ick I wvouh
li-nve the.1( pliantationit 11nd( kn wc'tA thle dil
reeltion, 't yousd taken'I. We senit b111
sa iuit ektI i h(Ead, and1( they soon01 enm,25
Io r en ou gh t( )o ou( to hear you r hlorsec'
hoof I henfus J. theni t'1 Wtlted for 111 to comss
up. Hoicn al tsr we' lent track of yoti
"A sttonc."'
-wo follows di the direction of ths
92oun Il. IniI tsirly moerninug JuckC tin,
(linger earno upon1111 t you unxplcted1ly
As tiooni an you hadl gone theay rejoinet
us, we andowed you and1( yesterdn.
afteurnuoon in Id ai ilan for your esenpe.
r"A wild, limpractienbie scheme. One
ScircIurnutanlce han led to another, encl
1Involvinig yo15uuimo del(liy. My GodI
whant ai loud of obligationl WeL can'
Syou sily out In thle darkness nnd fin
""No, si ree; l'mn not goins out o' hiyar
I' goin t' staiy ian fIiht wIth the rest.
"Iutyoiu may13 saive aill our' lives."
"Why don't you go, Mr. Brandy
"I ? I mutist stay wIth your slste. iufn<
est" Fever Medicine
n a sin 1e day what, sow uitino ot ,
in utri ingucontrast to lto feeble eurof
TS IP IT cUR13S, p
get tgh as easily as you.'
"Well. I ain't a-gelsr to sneak aWfly U
If I n)III little."
"Bucky," said .Jlick, "yo' needn't go.
I'll go toyself."
"Yo' (loln' do nitillin like dat, Missy
.lack." cried (iuger.. "Dem grillers
shoot yo'! Whit' mars' say er I go back
an tell 'vil de a pple ob he eye go down I
'mionig grillrsi' fo' to git ishot? I gwine, f
mars', le added to ile. I
Hut by this time there was more call
ing atmong the men below, a streak of
light appeareid inl the east, ind I did
lot iia let an onle attempt to evade V
he eliily Besides, 1 could now see 1
by the lay t tlhe land that it would be
Somethiiing must have given the guer
rilhis nu ini likliog of our whereaibouts,
for as sooni as it was light we could
see them s :itding, looking up at our t
posit tion. ! told every one to lie low. t
loping that somite of the outlaws would
eliil' ti1 to ilvestigate and we might
pick Ithem i oll. -'or muore thin an hiou1i
wke rn:tied coutealed. only speaking
In whisper: thtn we saw the knot of
men elow divid., tliree going to the
west. Cree to the east. while three be
gn t- %lirh i ird our fortress. One
- n e- 11'.0 . l i a the light InI
1 ': '.t w a.s. the captain.
3'.. 0 0: het ':9. T ry w r
nt'.et;k 1t the 0d:no
-~: was :eot fiX' atr v hen r.ibuc
- C Non aft t fist
- - - W he they. had cov
t . fi r a nd
c.. t % t i the advancing
r1i in . for te stopped adt
( : 'lt . -U ar , ftandin bh e -
0f.- l - t t e to gtrn Ian
arnt;N thtz a
bewe <,, non kir niu h ofarshion,
the'y ."tarted'a ag..in,. watching eagerly
fair :. si;' ' of somltug to fire at. An
they we-re allI n breast, ray ordear for
fir-lng woualda nat serve. I gave another.
"''lli ta ke the" left man, M iss Stan-'
forthi the cenater, Btuck the right."
T her'e wats no respione. All were too
int':nt on the~ worEik before us to speak.
I permuitted the Iuteh to corne within a
hundiread ynads, w lben, taking deli berate
a1n with the re'st, I shot my man
thrlough the hieairt. In another rnoa
maent lelen's ritie c'raeked, and the
centeor run dropped. Buck, whot wats
excittad. fired wild and tmissed tlto
iiather'. Ginger iost his head comn
islotaely aind did not lire at all. As Gin
Sgor's :oura'igez deserted him Jack's camne
to, ber all of a suddenQ~.
r "Why don't yo' shoot, Oinger?" Bte
ried, ith flashing eyes. Snatching
,his gun atnd aiming it at the remaining
t unn, who was rapidly getting dowvn
the declivity, shle scat him the rest of
the way with a ilmpi[. T1wo tmen were
puLit out of the fIght and the third dis
"Hy golly," cried Dluck, "we licked
I thouight it best not to discourage
him by telling him that this was only,
a preliminary skirmnishi, bat asked Jack
for the ammunition, and we all reload
The wounded man went back to the
captain, who appeared greatly agitated
over the result. 1-10 was evidentiy sur
prisedl at the rece'ption of his searching
rpar'ty. The mon01 who had gone to the
faniks, hearinig the tiring, r'ejoinied their
l eadler, andl two men who had been in
the, rear camei forward.
Ileaven preserve usi The captain has
started up the slope at the bead of a
storming par'ty of eight men.
I was appllied. We had bat four
guns andl after firing a volley must re
load~ before tIring another. We could
not expect to disable more than four
men at the fIrst tIre; then tbe remaining
four' wouild be upon us before we could
reload. In quick tones I gave the or
"All load. I'll fire."
With that I let drive and dropped a
manl. Thletn, thlrowing dowti my gun,
I took Ih'ien's and dropped another.
Buck handt'd tile his, and I dIropped a
"By jinyi'" cried Buck, exposing
bis headl to see'L better. "Ain't ye' a bul
- 17 Alot?" l'inigi went a bullet within
an itnch of his eai4 and lie ducked.
"Ke down!" I cried as the lead rat
nd -o -
~Ot -
1r~~lIII I I IL".11 1-' 111 o
AVegetable PreparaionforAs
simiatlugi-ite FoodandRegula
are ting fiStomacAs aidBowels of
hL Promotes Digestion.Cheerful
Iso ness and Rest.Contains neither
ia OpiumMotphinid norltefaL
v0s -~~4s8~
tu ode See
ic f-)
to ?w:
ex. Apetfect Remedy forConstipa
tion, Sour Stoinach,Diarrioca
ia.Wormis ,Convulsions,Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
f a
ei Fac Siule Siginiaure of
>nl't_________ __
Select soccimens of your choiceE
dug grains, vegetables, fluely bred stoel
- including poultry, for exhibition at tt
State Fair. A little effort on yoi
part will secure one or more of U
Mi. handsome premiums.
mild We have a number of
ouid Elegant Lines of
Ladies Oxford
By Which we are determin
ed to close out. Among
p them are- several lots at.
~k $3, $2.50 and '$2, which
r ? - w% will close at $2.25, $2
. and $1.50.
nst Will also close some lots
of $t,50, $1 and 75 cents
~ssel goods as follows: $1.50
S.-'" black Kid Oxfords at *1,
ake- tans 75c. $L. b1agk Kid
Oxfords at.75c, tatns 50c.
erry 75c black Kid Okfords
eard 50c, tans 25c.
you Greenvile, S. C
sheAUUS', .
th Doors, sash, Blinds anid Bilden
0111 All Correspondence given p)romipt
the EE-M Medicated Cigars
EE-M Smoking Tobacco
For users of Tobaco that suifer with (
tarrh, Asthma, or Bronchitis. Weoguara
rtee an absolute and permanent cture
Uatarrh and it is the only known renwe
for hlay rever. If your druggist or'groc
does not keep it, write EE-M i 0., A tlan
pp Ga , for Free Mamip~h Trade supplied
Carpenter Bros'., Greenville, 8. 0.,
tical Oru tchilield & Toll'ison. Spartanbumg.8S.
the -
ice, Actual 80siness. ', gygg..
>pe- Cheen Board. .sITU(ATiON.s t ED,
nds *
a- On farming lands. Easy paymc'ts 'S
e r omvmissiin charged. ilorrov~er vas 'a
os ucst of perfectin~ loan. Interest 'i p
48- J NO. II. P'A L Ni N & 8mt~.
D~r. More calls than we cani osiblill1. Gua
In.. antoo of positions backe by ~6. C'ours
unoxcolled. iBute any timo. ('utaloguo fr
~'Address. CoI.UMIAJBUHTi1.88 'Ol,iEc;
of' I LLr~ COST oONz ON~i )
The qu-dlit-y, the g uarante , ithe pricei
nply Eay, "REX," and sign yo
It it
SDexter Broom a
ml tireil tie fourth gun, again hitti
ny mian. Itiougli I only "winged" Il
utided. I tbIleve le dropp'ed to evI
be tire. lly til tile the firmt gun 1I
Ieen reloaded. Itand. I took Uim1 at I
ap1)ta1in. I was sure I lilt him1, but
am11 on. Taking the next gun ul
eady. I fired it hlli again, but just
did so one of' the muen Stepped
rout of him and received the sh
'his funished the assault. The m
roke and lied and before I could 1
nother shot were far back toward t
osition from which they had starte4
Some girls, when asked to elope, I
ke ice. At first they are cold and
'se you; then they melt and I
A Missouri womachad the i'l
lea. li tier card of thanks, she v
bianked her dead husband for
uoughtfulness in loadiig hiuself W
.fe instrance.
" That white cow,'' said the w
ish fartuer, " is the one that gi
"Ah," exclaimed the city girl, 'a
hose brown ones, I Suppose, give b(
ca. "-'hiladolphia Pr 8.
When a young man asks a girl
lip a thread ofT his necktie, andY tih
s nobody else a round, she may be
used for being disappointed if tiha
11 that lialpens.-Sonerville Jouri
Advertising may be too much o
%ood tilin'g. Some weeks ago tin ii
vent the rounds of the press Comllllit
ig On the scarcity of train 'held
his seasonl. Since then they I
iveraged about one a dlay.
" What broke off the match betw
Mr. Yearsley and Miss Kertlip?'
" All I know tbout it is that he d
bis whiskers and she bleaches her i
and I suppose they found each 01
Mitress-Bridget, you kissed I
picmn~ii last night. Now, I d<
WnIll '1o Ste N'u doingz that again.
up the kayho:e the nixt toime he el
SM. ies-You may ike him, I
' h'.p rvarhng Blodge as a
k .o pains to hide the
ten.; he has for his wife.
That's right. I sI
lin.k iof him if ie did not I
m~:irm for the woman who w
!ncb his wife.-Boston Tr
Eitck-e.l;. there was one C
i ema: kei about your wife the
inm I saw hr she was undoibt
H -npeckYod don't say!
w hom'-Philadelphia Press.
'ardon me. sir,' began the
d&r of the supplies, " but may I
what is the style of your typewritt
Right up to-date," replied
busnew man, enthusiastically'. I
~' W*5-.lee ;ace insertion, shirts
and a. that aurt of thin".'
- What dJid you ile d onl that vi
which waehed ashore this miornini
asked the Cannmbal Kmng of his-c
" nly a shipwrecked shoemn
and a cane of sherry, sire."'
"'Tis wvell, slave. Make me a s
cobble'r for (dinner. I have often hi
of such a delicacy."
" Marse T1om, I been sorter thi't
lately 'bout my~ Chris'mus git'.'"
"Why, you're two months ahet
" Yes, suh, I knows I is; but
mos' mgin'rully makes sich a
mouth w'en Chris'mus conme, I 'lt
dat I start right now, on1 de installr
" My wife is getting to be very
some,'' compllauined Ilrown;
doesn't seem to know her own
from one minute to the next."
"My wife,'' said Towne, " is
same way. She's as uncertaini at
" Iuh! Mine's as uncertain at
weather forecasts."
Ilicks: "'lie says CThristian Sei
makes him tired. You should
him swear about it."'.
Wicks: "''['he ideal Why sit
he bother so much about, it?''
ie iks: " ie has to. He'%
Coroner you know."
"I Advise
All women who sufi
from ohronlo dlseas
to wrHe to Dr. Plere
Th'lat advice Is based upon prac1
experience. After suffering for mori
and finding nos benefit result froum
treatment q~f
Es ~ Miss Belle Hied
1k. wrote to Dr. Pia
Sfor a dv i ce.
actedl on the ads
regained her al
tite, recovered
strength, and g
ed several poi
saw . 5in weight.
.I Mam " Write to Do
"En?" Pierce"n is good
vice for evi
woman to foll
.It cost's nothi
Dr. Pierce Im~
sk women to
sit him, by'lei
fee. Address'
R.V. Pierce5'
assebyhis staff of nearly a scord
phy sicians, hias treated and cured<
half a muillion women.
"I suffered fromt female weakness for'
months." writes Miss nlelle -Hedrick of
Putnam Co., W. Va. "I was treated by a
phsicIan, but he never seemed to do me
go. I wrote to Dr. R. v. Pierce for ads
whidh I received, telling me to tu ke hi av
Prescripition' and 'Oo 1denl Me4 lcal Discov<
I took thirteen bottles of ' Pavor te Prescript
and eight of 'Goldeni Medical D) scovery.' \v
I had used the miedtciu e a month my health
much improved. It has continued to Imp1
until now I can work at almnoet alt kindi
housework. I had scarcely any appetite, bi
Is all right now. Hlave gained several pou
in weight. I advlse all whlo suffer from chr<
diseases to write to Ir. Pierce."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regu
the bowel.,
For Ipfants and Children.
The Kind You lave
A!k. A ought
iyare tha
S. Use
*,iF For Over
"'Tiry ears
It manWagener
ir Hardware Company,
1e (Successors to C. P,. Pippenheim),
Wholesale and Retail Doh'
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tural Implements and
Of every kind and description. Send
postal fei Pripe.
s.King .8treet, Qharleston, . C
From-he .Up-To-Date -CArpet House,
-1517. &in Stred,,Po.umbia, S. C.
write .u's for Saiiipls-of anything in
-6hirline. Godp sh ppVd Anywhere in
the Sta'c free. of freighlt: We. are al
-ways8 busy. No (dull ..days with us.
Wheri!-in Colurnlpia, come andl see us.
Anybody can show yo'u the place.
*orAgents Wanted
Frth'e."ld]FE.'O'F IOOKER T. WA8H
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-once. Tlease mition this paper. Ad
J. L~ NIOH OLS & CO., Atlant~a, 08.
B.Do ou- suffer
.( fromfIdigestion,
.ysep a~ Want of Appetite." Loss of
Strengt1. Lack of Energy, &c.? ' Take a
few doecs of -
Mtirray's jIDon Mixture.
I . A Geniiie Blood Tonic..
A Business. Course.
[O '.qokkeepatig;.cpmplete gourse.. ... ..$25i 00
'Stenograrphy ii .Typevriting,, comn
y Iter.coJprps.. .;............. o0o0
*Pos'ildris 'secured fox grijuates without
~t .charge'....i.:..:
Altfiln O0M'L sirooL,
52,500.00 IN GOLD G0V.JCN AWAY
*to our tigents bbsidds th'e re ul~ar commis
8ions, for selling.oar Splergdi d line HOi1I.
D ) YftOO1611001. No big rizes to
.a f'ew,plit oYv6.y'a nt getpAsljare. Flf
- teen yeare''bueitess record'back of this of
of fel.. HIands&o Maie-cas6 outfit only
ly 35 cenuts. dlelivejred.
er. Ordfr outfit and, gecuro choice of terri
toa.. a once.. 'A.ddress DrE LUT H E
by Pl..J -,B dat, a.
or. - -
.A.$50 ltNVESTMEN-r
Thitwill ,py .$25 .t 100 Dividends
*MorithW Is a '~onioil'practi cal Busi
ness or b horthan d traitg at
Stokes' Business Col lege.
S fat'a(9 .'an1. full par
309. svt Ohaijston, 8. ( .
Ad ong'eIan
Shoni atterd a 'colleo e ith~I an establish
c ed tepuauon. A1 tlona "from,'Converse
0Com~ ercial Schooinakas It easy to secure
Sthe bet, position's Tho~roughl woik ; best
equ jment; positions i.'aiutcer,
Address .~ W. SITNG'IR,
~f~r anburg, 8. C.
i iF&T ~ Spn' For Catalogue.
OLfLU~IIN - Addre . dae.Mofeat
I;alnd be-aissDrap'us -he pos.'taim
ur name in full, giving address.
und Mattress Co.,

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