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The World's Oroatest' Fever' Medicine.
For il forms of fever take JOHNSON'S CHILL AND PBVER TONIC. It, to 100
Stimes bettor than quinine and does in a single day what, slow 4lutnn cannot,
o(10 in 10 days. It's splendid .uros are In striking contrast to the feeble cures
made by quinine.
8elling at Cost
Ellvery thing.
Owing" tomm.so ipoosd ch :11nges inl omr bulsiness, we will Sell
Carriages, Surreys, Buggies,
Phaetons and Wagon
At an Absolute Sacrifice!
Until ouril stocki is rtced. Di), 'I, t uke' our word for it, but coie and see for yot
-it I and he coiynced.
H arness of :a11 kind at cost. We carry 1t Ib~eh wk, ( oti n l d, TyiVson
JIonie-, anli! vari. oheir inakes - of t0ggie%, &., ;iz :ict Iiigh Gle Wagon.i, i
Minh~bker:ne Wber :i ebnir adt th-! (hvensboro-4, T Iilr and CuImttanoyw
Now\ is. the w.( svc-mo ior .-cling vehielu of :iI kind-, anuud we are going to seIi (
partl, perlijt 'r no) roit.
Thle ea--on f-1r .\ln!vs :1ntl llorses- i pretty weI~l4ll ' ber lh\\fn have a few har-1:i
yet. HR nie r, \% 1: l o l ~our t or. elt-I k hire., 4mwn 0 'Our 1 ow n il p hory :nI
doo oin owni w ,rk. kWe ,u I sell !ny1h1, we have filr V,1-1h or. 'outo aerd
inni kU11 11r4-.01n0:1f Io oil. W hen[?I ill i e v l ow o ine : q1 e .W are a1\l
glad 4o w he eo' wlwi-lhor 111Yy wishl 14o mly or n t .
(orinV ( urt, Ui\er ani! JAk-o:1 Stiill. G t. iEN VI 1F, S. C.
WLIH rTiE &C O.,
We h)ndIle all kinid-. of
il mlo n to illeta lle lii -l lo Ii il lit w
it) tinish th1v work.
w*ith1 l ~,i s l iii 1ric, to1 ir h li', W.. Imylin var lots an)l en give h l. 1w
prli4:e. ?M11v' II FF 1 .st; \ N i (O1'ING 8I'ECIl/'l'h Ets.
il-a for I 1-alle,
WITE & 00. Anurson, S. C.
T1he quality, thc. guaranto", the pri?ces, and t' c siz 's. Drop us the postl; i
1,3ly cy, "RhEX," alnd sign your name in full, giving address.
Dexter Broom and Mattress Co
Listen a Minute ! NV E \A
You'll want to buy some D)RY GOO]
for, b)ut dlon't ask you to take
2fi-0 yards 100' gray and brown Eider
%000ll yards ni1cC dress et yles in Calico
I lot good styhes inl Calicos at,...
1 lot nlice Plaid Worsted Styles in Dr
MOMEN 11lot dou ble width Suiting, worlh 10 e
1 lot1 so)ft linishi 1 yardI widlo Bleach in
I lot good yard1 wide 8ea~ 18sland at...
I lot bright stylcs in Outing at...
1 1(ot Bed TJwi lied Wool Flannl at..
11lot very heavy School H1oy Jeans...
Dress Goods Values
'[hese prices areC0113 olyo a few of lblth vivutlihwo ie obo~
maylll thousands of blargains to be0 foundl1ltvr wdidihow It 5 ~
in our b g store. (Come~, see wha1t we have, o oltle IiLOitL t
it will beC a pleasure to show you, and ifIlt UWl.4mdfoplcklw
you aro nlot satislied to exchange your Welohveam'iiieutliCf
money for ou r merchandise we will nlot eoDctt.zrclipt141)rnlr.
1 otal oo -r Wis Fard. t
211p e Moaobl int a'Storflede
Good Roads are Absolutel; Neces
Sary to Mainltain the Service.
The Atlanta Joral says it h1a
called the -atlention of Ile Georgia
farmers to the neca.-ity for gi "',
roads, andl, in eso andou,0has
ua dgel the wisdom of payingim greater at
telition to this Iost importatint iatter.
But here is a point blouglit out by
Y Co). A. W. Maclhei , superintendent of
the United States fric. delivery system,
U that will appeal to every firier who
appreciat.cs IIe Irural mail delivery. It
is fully explained inl un article in The
Louisville Post which says:
The policy of the postoilice lepat t
ment with regard to (lie establishment
of the service has chai'ged. At lira
rural free (livery wits m experiment,
and the restrictions were not regaied
as in place. But the system has
passe(d to the permanent stage. Now
no route will be put in pendiling the
improvement of the roads. No route
will be permitted to open until all the
roadk upon the route are in good con
lition. Thle mail car. ier is not now
forced to make his wily through iidil
hub deep an( alost imps.able, as in
some cases di ing former winters lmud
wet seasons. The policy of the depart
ment is to see that the roals are goo-l
before free Idelivery of ma1il is granted
to anly community.
The puyliy of the (lepartment, more
than that, is to see timt, those routes
now in operition, pending improve
ient of roads by landowiers, ire not.
neglectel by tilmse who ire ple(dgel
S fur their betterment. If it is hound
that roads remain unimproved a rea
sonable time, the rural carrier will be
called off t he route, and tihe daily nmail
sei vice will be abaildone(l on the
neglected roads.
The oilicers in charge of the rural
n. free deliveiy system are as much in
a. terested in gocd roads as is thie good
ur roads bureau of the auricultural depart
ment at Washing-ton. Good roads are
a ncces--Sity whic the rurl carrier
11must piss. If a (ounitv loes not,
osses goo r.a1 tha countI wili
utitore hatve a i::rid ine tlecuirini..
route". ailld will have a har-ler time
lseelmnig routes 1,ha1t imay nowv he operat
ing over pool roads. PIoor roals make
the mail service very un atisfactory,
aill it is tle luienlcy to blane the
ser vi an tihe lepartment rather
tial to lay thei blane at tile proper
The following letter was recently
written to the Hlt. Geo. W. Steele,
Congressmanl frim the iei'venth dis
trict, u indiana, from Lite lion. A. V.
Machlen, general superintenldent of the
free delivery systi iml. IL ik ollicial and
wvihl be wael with interest:
%l1.3A(*lI ENS LE-TTE-:.
" The temporary siispensiio of
service last winter aid spring ol a
number of ruiral free (leliverv routes inl
tle Westein SIates on accout of tile
ill)aSable con iihitill l the rioals
hoih2lit fortcil ,1y to the attention of tile
(lepltmlnill tihe nity of !ocle roads
inl conneilction with thll, rurlfre dev
livery Fervice. At that Iin.e thte local
aut liorities were ilfoiled th1iat lin
the roatIs were liproved i foi e tie re
tiurn of wiliter there wouldt ht dali geir
- of a 1'ermaneiit withdrawal of th:
rural free deliverv service. I' iorts
show that the advie( of the dpart
iin ment Iuna been heeded ini manyhi inl
t sitmes. Ill One il cality , whichi I ie
(all, favorable action was tda by1 I the
townshi p trustee b* a ppropriiatim i an
ot roads over wlih ti rura ciii. V
tr'ave!ls. Iid u
"While the actuail suslpeion~is of'
service oin aiccount of impassamble roads
w ~ero few compa ratively speaking,
there were a grmeat m.mny cerses in which
lie poor condition of the roadls madle
it very dlitlicuilt to provide; an ellicient
service andl~ in whlichi the service was
*performed Only by dint of petrseveranice
tn the part of the carrier, backed up
by the d etcrm in ition oft thle tdepart
ment to deliver mail whenever it was1
potssibile. It is reatdily seeii that thle
caniditioni of t he road~s becomies a very
)S, CL~OTHING, and: SIIl'S this season
this simple claim as true until yotu have Ie
turers, buy in large quanti
OAss .oods........................... e
..... ................ ................1e
oos, o 5, our price............ ... 29e
itoos ............ ......... ..... 10
..................................... . e
dr 50oour prie.........................lu
ugh style JDress Goods, black andt colors. from
Greenville, S. U
im)po1 (it consideation in tile eI
lishlment of rii free delvery. \V
the roalde are !(il a route 27 o
inilcs in ILg11th Inniy be mre e
served thli ;innther toute of 1;
miles over p(or. in! s.
t in the li-st Casel iore people
served, the service is periforied 11
expeditiously and vithli much 11
ease by the carrier and his horse.
Carrier, too, cal establish a reguhl
of service enabling the farmuers
know jlst awhat what time every
lie wil! arrive in front of teiru pi
In tle secoild istaluce, with
short rot e aV r had riiil s as ii
timei is conlsumedI inl serving. a1 snui
tuber of patrons, the regulairily
lie service vatiis with the Chatu
conditions of Ilh-- roads. the wiiil
inore trying (it both the letter ear
and his lorse, and unsatisfactory
tile pati ou1s, especially wlien it ibco
nCecessariiy to SuS)Ci tihe service
account of iipassable portions of
"Reports from all parts of the oc
try inidicitto clearly that the people
waking up in order to obtain the esi
lishiement of rural free dclivery, ai
this way it is seen that tho rural
vice becomes a great factor in the g
roads movement, which of late y
has beei agitated in mainy of the i
gressive States. A. W. M.
lhe letter of Mr. Machen hi ings
the policy of the postal decpaitellni
iniiiiation rather than by dircet ats
tion. ltural free dii .er will go
vlii re the pe iple either have or
willing to provide good roads. It
take several years tu spread the de
ery system over the entire fairly N
popilated portions of the couni
Those portions which have At all tih
or at certain titnes of the year .
roads which make the service exi
sive, will be denied the luxury or 1
ilg the mail brought to the hc
every day.
Daily the reprusentatives in C
gress ae being more strongly
pressed with this fact. When a g
case i3 mlad out in ifavor of a crl
1ou11(, thle delurimVien ii. i('tf t On
report f' tle sl ecial agent, an. "
romi inl the qprin.g " is certain
elin.e the petition tP be held up fl
tinie or sometimes for good. It is
der-st ')oo thalt the deparit wlil I N'ill
force a tile to th0 elfeet that carr
report their inability to cover a r
ol accouilt of the condition of
romioas it will be abolihel and I
service he iiven froin the vilhage p
Thousands Have Kidney Trov
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with
water and let it stand twenty-four hour
sediment or
tlng indicato'
e unhealthy co
tion of the
neys; if it st
your Irien I
evidence of
ney trouble;
frequent desir
pass It or pai
the back is
convincing proof that the kidneys and b
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledg<
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swa
Root, the great kidney icmedy fulfills e
wish in curimg theumiatism, pain In
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every
of the urinary passage. It correzts lraat
t3 hold water arid scalding pain in pas
it, or bad effects following use of lqg
wine or beer, anct overcomes that unplea
necessity of being compelled to goe
during the day, and to get up many ti
during the night. The mild and the eu
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root Is
realized, It stands the highest for Its
derful cures of the most distrcssing ca
If you need a medicine you should havt
best. Sold by druggists in 60c. and $1. s
You may have a sample bottle of
wonderful discovery '^
and a book that tells , - ,
more about It, both sent . :
absolutely free by mail, " '
address Dr. Kilmer & nomo or Rwmnp
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing n
tlon reading this generous offer in this pa
atndt these are times whein you wan
a(1 the <iutotaitions belowv, iand even1
tisan e our goods at the lowesn
A niice colorcd boirderedt Ladies' ili
A Ladies' white h emnit itchemd IIand
A Ladtie' linei lrawn iniiiti Ilandkl
A Ladn~ies' iiIIal Lnon hem stitchded I
A (Gentlemon's whIito lii landkerch ie
A fine Cambrie Gentleman's Jlandc
1 lot hadies' ficeco lined .Jersey Glc
(i50i pair ladies' black Kid Gloves..
2 papecrs liair Pins for ....
I dlozen Alhunium Ilair Pins for
I biottle Vasalirte for ..,...
1 bottle0 Maclino Oil for.....
Never landod in this section than y
A Clay Worsted Suit for...
A good, servliceable Cisslmero Si
A fine Cas,4imere, worth fromi $8
A fine all wool Clay Worsted $10
A regiular' $12 50 lack Chcviot &
We can sell ven some $1l2 f0 to $.
Our $I8 quality In Suits you may
vidrful itaket place
he ni b ule t v 'i ti, or late. An
ca, ier ainiiny ;il E gI iii 'vi 1 (
iiate I he luutnei1cd antdt comme1rl
vorid. . e ( ol1r Kys (.1) (e m
ie isi forn11gII to ithe 1ionit with w
leifuli rapidity anl is -reiht ,y F"
M r. Was hu rn also tnola1h Ilat i
rinconlls sh l' bo eet. w
renter wire ;l d for )A ,r 11r
Ilice. Ile Iwlicve.i tniit I i f .1 hi
4i' ienl wit h1 spe.J ia! 0 1h - i I
lli.eO should h w b e lectoei.. --- n It V
ulder'land ihno 1,1m * ge and , u.*k
f, thw couties!, they are to gro .',,
viho :(Ire williri lo carefuilly wVatch
mi ric uCial ite rests ao 1) od. S1
ien', wili lon. residence abol
vould herome wonderfull factor~s
xtelildiil, i l ir 1.l e I chtiollIs aull the
y f:ieilinate th p1 *44 'rcs we ire(
liake inl Ill tirad.i co ilicst 4f the c(
tiercial world141.
Amvitcm Or A I'nlsN ,. . A 111
delphian who knew I)1-. Ix. y, N
*leile:y's plhyic'iani, whjen hi wea
tudeit inl that cioy, callidi on him
Va8hingt1ion a1 w--Ci ilvitei tI Iun
Onk. TheV I'llhlbdelhin.k I' t
xcu'sed her-auwe of chro-mignie
hich prceenited hi cating lnlhe
i ( It 1)i tr v 0it tv i il y~i IJIII k I IIk
N onseniI: , 1 i d e '. R1ix y), h;
iked (I N o ini t nI ill b(tl --.I i ise
ie3ou a1 good lectlure,.~
uifferitig- n r In n ,I le-ssne:s, ilti
ia thil el pll five ( man. 1.e y u h
t it Sitting opposite. to nilt yout h;
ioked it yOuriiI wat ch four Jii
umb16 (1 with the se-al oil your w a
hainI, I t wIiIre td I I If vo t bit
relhi when you didn't Stop t'r1n %
n'rns thri-o g youi OII hair, and i
hI Ik ed in eli s an1 tI y withot htv
nything paWolicul'r b say. You M
Cseyure forvousafori. Irr
cep still1 wheni you call, ald 1w>t
other aullf i a outn tI ifiiA Ihat
0t eoneirn yi. I !, patIi II ki n
w tO dt nothm ati the poper ti
all te, w til, doit0r ' OveInpa
ollii Ilk.
" I wI in de b
ould dlll I dn' ls singlil said
Old col >r-d de-m-oen.
"4 WhS. at f yucome back, de v
te wiag aA~od.
/.11 ' h1 [it w .n l it c y ilintell' iol
ne.101. d n wel avS wuy; 'ides
hill 'ejIi. tl' in Num .y 19i Ile biack
1loppe"' -Atlata Cntton.
The World's Greates'
Cure for Mlalaria. A
1 ,I a I ts v I y t l~ I r
For al] fOr io f Ahit il ']o (ui
Jug tako Johnso50)': Chil fll Fever
T nic. A tyit of- . r hea
Atl, hreoly. 1ii.m!1a'tL3 (I"'
M ilarhal W 0,,,i ng. Thl anti tt
for it i-, JO0HN ON'0 T 0felG.
O( t i t I thI- 11. :.
Cols 5o Cents I it cure'..
iii Gray?
"y, My hair wits failing out and
turning9 . gray very fast. But your
Hair vigor stopped the falling and
" restored the natural color."-Mrs.
E. Z. Benomnic, Cohoes, N. Y.
or it s impossible for you
-. not to look old, with the
color of scventy years in
your hair I Perhaps you
LII are seventy, and you like
your gray hairl If not,
LI, use Ayer's Hair Vigor.
in In less than a month your
- - gray hair will have all the
dark, rich color of youth.
$1.05 a bottle. All druggists.
If your 111irgt cannot siupily you,
s'li 1 one d1; 1ar al(I wve Will express
rs. of your iearst exI ress off cc. A ddrea,
3 11 '1. C. A'Y t CO., 1ow."', Mass.
e1rV &AW*~~V~ 1 -1
I -.50 YEARS'
attit '
,I V I
A nvotic e lin V Ia t chii ll 11d etl llt toil niay
tell quikly neera1n Ita cipitism freo whether an
t ill invetl r ii Ihnbly Ipat 1mtnbl ( Cotiicia
n t 1 r t ien t I tllnitin ok ol l'ltellnte
!I Wt IV ' 114111 t1d I N1111lof I 'ti t Pi te
0 n1U 1141 1to. 0141le4t1 11 'I'me 3 'or me'(till-ingpatiorite.
'Ata i 1rough Munnit & .o. recelve
i~. Iyer ror iv. wthot chaiIrg~o, inI Lti0
$Cknioeilc iter Can.
A hatimun~mely Illitstritteit weekly. Lnrgest cMr.
to yei for t 1i moill 11, ti$. $ 1.itct by L1 n ten0a 1ttlers.
() MUNN & CO.s01roadway. New York
\ rV uch 0t1i0i. 105 Fl lSt.. Wastiingtoti. D. C.
Sen S. ui r l binsqilt Irect to WasItington,
1ave1 t itte, cosits less, 1,itter service.
my omIlo cio, to U. n. Patent Office. FREE prelimin.
c ry examinnuilnn 'mati. Atty-a fee not duo until patent
{ ACTUAL. 1:XPERIIENCI. Book "How to obtain Patenta,"
e., nouIt free. Patents procured through E. 0. Biggers
v r eeive sv pectal notice, without charge. In the
Late ol C. A. Snow & Co.
liItustrated montly3-Lieventh year--torms, $1. a year.
918 F ST. N. W.,
Agents Wanted
F''-r the "l 14Th OF 11OOKIIU T'. WlASH
IN(sTON." Written by himself. Every
bodyi bi ,.cnt are now manking over
.4oper anointh; be~st book to s211 to color
ed 'eC"ille ever pi.blisheid. Write for terms,
or senId 21 Cents firl Iitfit and begin at
once. I'lease meintion (his paper. Ad
J. r.. N ICiI() 1S & CO., Atlanta, Ga.
Si 11'l l Itcijes tie regular cominis
i11nS. fmr ellinI our spiloldid line HOti
Del Y t( iKS for 1901. No bht :prizes to
a few, but every aget gts i abriiro. a Fl1 -
te.en yetr ti buiin ssq record b ack of this of
icr i llndI'om~c Iillmle-ealse oultlit. 01nly
Ord cit LI it and1( seOCur 13(lcoic of Iterri
tory atl. tnc. Adldress 1). I'0. IIJlIItit,
'~A Business Course.
'Oe Stenigraph~ y and11 TypewVri t ing, com-i
'a jIOLet course--L.............. 3000f
Poit ion slceu1011red~ for gra(1duates wi thot.
rI A larey atl laitw,
urs 111 II a W 'si < on rI t 'i . (a f.;i.Nm VTF,.;, S. C
i0 i aYohecu.tSa~ n
e be icyc our's is the place you are looking
B)d1. We buy latrgely fromt manu)1fac
nisIth youii. Tlhi nk overP theso :
Shoe. for ......................$ 75
r................................... 75
I'.b...t......-r ...h...,..................75g
ran tee) )rtxss Sh~ou for---....... 1 24
hoes5 at... ................................. 1 48
adc1If! I) P(1" q h 10 at-............... 1 95
-.''--......----------.......... 100
ry 5. bI, for'.---.---............... 121
Itip, Sho1 tor-.-------...............73
iere ___
A 9cheme for Fighting the CottonI
r21) Combination With a Proditcers'
S I P. Waslbilurln, president of the
I-e! Commilonwealthi Club, of Alass., has
Phe returned froiu tilope. Ile hats bec
Ite abroad since last July on an interest
ing muissioni. 1It proposes to light, tihe
cAtoll trst witl ia .5,000000 co..
m Operative I rust,. Ie said :
1 was conl)[ums'sioned to go abroad
headVisit Icia',Englandl ; also Blel
uch gium anld otheor co-operative ceniters,
-(and investigaIte Iheir co-openitive meth.
Od) , with a view to applying to our 0
Ierative phnl whatever features n11ght
be of valuev to it. III Switzeraland 1 111so
rier met our foreigi rereslentative, wio
to as been abroad 11eal y a year, making
t10 a 1pecial st mldy ofl this i1tt(.
"W ' OuR ptln con~ltemlaltes thle or'gani
the zation of the fir t 20t0 century co
Operative tis it. witli at capital of $5,
un. 000,000. Our banking and commercial'
e lieadituirters, our execitive dvpart..
.b mlints and ou" wh1ole Supply louses
I will be in St. Loui, while our ware
houises ian1d sl11ppinlg Centre f or cotton
)O(d will be at ileiis, Tenn.
Srs ." Aly associates are deterllilled that
ro- is Co-opeiltive tlist sha1ll be slillici.
enitly p~owerfuI~l finianciahly aint numeri-li
cally to protuct the cottoil growers of
bylte Southl and ablsoluitely control that.
- lharket in tile intereI 4f Iigler prices
for. cotton. li is not ilten(ded as a
pilathropic or reorm movement, but
rathier asz a plain business schleme to
- meet the existinilgl- cottonl trust onl Its
own giroumili. 'IThe ida asi not a sud
(en llsiltie, but Was born (if dire 1e
nie ce 3ity In self-defense and has been
ic long considered.
eil- Unlike orgm iized labor, the cotton
IV growers artle 1n111 of mlcalls, am u11111itedt
use can1 easily control t1le cottoll market
of tle coultry, ill fact, they raise so
oi- largc I proportion of the cotton crop i
of tie world that ihe mice they act. I
nAHt !11 concert they canl hohd their clop lor
ai hier prices and(1 practicali control I
tethe COto mtrket of1 tle world and
tad thLieby Ietor living., prices For Il I
to prodce(r11,
t a ' As soon as ily busin ess inite ests
Ilm Boton will permit, I shall visit IIe
el,-cottolIn prduing States of the Soil ii
ers and conisullt with the leaders of tis i
uste great Ilovellcnit, a we ll as witi tIe
leadillg cottloll grTower0S' alssociali in ini
al c lte,0 80 thia t their stpecial 1OCal
neweds s11111 o! he overlooked. We i I
liave 110 ailouicernents to make, 11 4
stock to sell, 111 l)i0iLSes to rTleem11.
Ve are 111oe anxiolls to 1novc slowly
ble and mature o co-peative han.
" While we rect/gnize the fnilldal ell
tal co-operative principles apphied in
(the past, we llmve been unable, because
rour of the peculiar chiarac ter of this enter
s; a iI isc,*ini thiat it is a gieat distribulilng
set- r
an - sy iem, to tl.ilize many of the estab
ndi- lished precedents. On tie contrai-y,
kid- ' a-re elntcringLP I butl Siglhtly ex "plored
tins N11111h) and illist oulselves establili
is precedents for the fiture. TIhe Ire fo Ie,
kid- it tehooves us to move in I specially
too (1111tiu 1111111ir ill order tIat our11 per
" to fected pli ml he lioouglily safe,
als sound alid celservative,
lad- "If tis System neeeeds, it will be
follved by co-operative wileat and(]1
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p)osible mlargin, and1( we al1ways di vidie pri(
mdI~kerchieof.................... .. .....2
kerchief............... . . ..... ....S
rchilef for ....... ..................... 4
andkerci ef...............................e
for................ ... ... ............. 3
serchiief for.......... . .............. 4 f
...............0 . ..............140
co aro now showing.
......- .....- .............- ........$ 2 89
ut for................................ 38
50) to $10 any wlhere, our le~e.. . .....5 00
Suit, at-......... ................. 6 48
uilt at.........,...........,...... 8 .Is
5 Suits lit.......................,......I 48
have ib............................... 5',s
ors Out

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