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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, October 24, 1901, Image 2

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10 te l1O'St 0111' lit'1 .~MI
Ocold-'11'ss m oiter.
'I' P3(11330311 :wt't' wants31 its sloin.
'1' ato~ of13 fl31i2's' 11- : y('33.
( 1orgti P. I'3.003.l'I, J.ii'it~nr (of th Col.
Ilflibl: BI'c31df gets4 ilhe (Illeeto'sip
UQ.' as3' 33! it t1o3 3. 13'3)3 c vi33 te( j'-3 33 ill
I; 1 1:1 " hl '4:ttt and i.-~33 3)3 :) I(3
(' tho !s,)1u331 V.221)' :11(i
IC3 t1i.1of Nill-:' 33 3- . .2
*VII'.$!,1; Cili 4)ti'l n: .:..k ar Vo
1''" 3io of Il l ~1 3. lt'' \'. 3' il
a I. ', ''1ii'3c331( 1 d331 1~
.3: 1hld. '3Foi farlth3'333d3l13-31'tl'
kIlleA 13. .3v w113 3igl01.
jj('3'i3 ltt iwii. (;nid ' .'~
Tu1 rf : 1 MO33. )3.3 Cliplii 11:
(4l3 Co. 0 Vilonn in 10 s nvw A'31 &,.
P C: In3 j110;1 j1. JI'3'3'3.ij~ j''' it frm 1.
33.. a n d il Y 8iiJ u --.% O lt :. .'3 2 ' 3 '
3. t11 13.1'I~)1~i. I t t 33 .'.3A
di" ~ ~ ~ ~ ( !4( .)3.' ."' nal -3 :11o''3'
C..3131."p, IMP!" S"V.
'30311 (.;1o103 . 3 1PI %Va3 3m';, . 1.3 3j
tli(iii O ItLl 133 1 3''33311 3LZ
33ht'31' I 13'il , 30)(41~ 30 1d'
n1way viol ' 1' 1 1 1 1 1:
MI ''3')3 3' 'I 13
'I,' O11O33'3 03313 c11s3
.1.) p)moi reinsa1 oi agent T. Al.
Hill at Oreers to yieIl to (41 donnind of
Inied maskot bu ghir 1. shows tlo.proper
spirit and dotornination for muoi einr'
1goleies. The ollor who bravely risksi
his life and declin's to yil u tnder 8such
pervil dhselv'A the subs.4tIntial approval
of h is em pi.yers i t otih t to bw :41->w11
by tI immnedia promotin ' Mr.I I iIl
to a1 het r pMio. Aoro stich men.I aro
Iwe b'. 41 t Imt it :Is p I to (Ihi,; '' a of law
W)110W i ine tllh '4' 1lil'' if th 'av
anah Va lley n'iiroad .0hohi exteni'd
thiroughl Anderson :mni iickenn couinties,
to VI-,ey henIe :pproprint ing Ow th1 Fie
(MIS ra:ilroa-d to l'ieker:, and carrying its,
lino croS 1 1 1 m n iins to th gre14a1
n.ortV-we-? Thi in1 y be at faI t Ioo .
-a,-:b wy not at an1 C.Iuly day ? 'l hi:t
iq14 he n t direct :n4 i n b
I - "'e ieg se . -'on A n
h> I aI-h y f:l.~yin te , f it Ilio
: n; to) ""w Ohio ValhoY w knh b . i'l.r
jt c" t hon-in.ghly Con 1:4!,; n1t md ! tI I O f
view of Ih bet enp ie r: in. I n ,
(,'n with .1d r n .1
of t inungn rftati(m rI,,th wo. d %N : itved.
The !nw !wupeio n6:
line ' with deI!n- :n sub -!ih . 'he
lion ]a ll :n tceromd wil mier'!nT1
44O 1w '4
nnmfO May inl1 pil .11.. T. k
a em o o want t-ver-- -
n<>;tApq d d 1 : 1u t
i v.d tv
k n : - -. I! . ! i
, I4 h I b . *:j
h' )'44
'4 ' 4 ) 4- :
n4 -u h44444
h414444'. 14(n'41 4
'4 .4 1 i4
1 . 4
4 4 - 4 a
-4 h- 4 .4h )4
1414 ' { 4 ) 1
I 4'I the 4 4 1 -
'4a n 4.' 1 w 1th - 4 het -
th4 r b -lI4' 1 :.~ I ij' 41'' 44
< l 444u i::1.4 LI. !?' .h ' In 1n. 4 b ' 4.
n,1444 d 4T : . 4 o a.
'I u'.4 1441 n--''4in 1h.-ut lto 44 .in 44-1i1n
tt a roi 14'' * .r r4 ,. (4 ' ')4't14
a'4 .144 :< e 4:4 ''4 :4 the , i (4, 4411 the 41
n 444t 4 ;4k utV for ' theint44
' 41b y 44f 11), *-t a444 '4' .4'~ '
1)4 ' :l\44 I I 1I1 [ 4 1 '.
j4 1,11 4 x'ee It 7 . 4) I - ( b 411
1'-(rov4h(4 th' . 44 u, !1 ' n
l' pu b se' I
tchool t (it' (, '11 '4t I'44 ( 41)4
chan )) 1) 4ric 4 4''11 ' I,.' 'Sa4
ti totC the tinte;4 '444 mt )' i) 4 Ie ih1.-44' I'4. 1'
1 ('5iedia( el 1h~ 'if Ir :414 hI44(, 4it ' 1 '
l)der f the41'l4'1 1-000 term,14 for) the14
shal n t ppl t th ejv fllnd
(l'rovided,N a 01 e iCIan&'n[:Iof 01".
!'; 4 3);lt I:nWC8 Ch sefe i Idot 1iU0 a j(;Ji. .
VNel * k lo\'il (- Of
in this 1111't of Iih l (ei4 lt 41\ "V.
I' C illd W li\'ile. <\ l''IlUM , WI
DRESS 1008i3, 0lE s O JAKETS F1
Cthing n:1d cents'
ina lei>irtientbeel sC com
4 I. ii x ) ')1)ty to selct
n 'I I .t . -e t) suit the
al E ist l'. )ils ;111(1 clil-,
Sire' Suit .1 sin g and dou)(ble
met d. ,x)o pairs pants to
W -li t ) :- ) fro. S ti teill
caIl- tv o h or o e -'C to any
b a'e:-or o h r rs mI, outsilue
h- I i %outh ( t'n>, (r .
.1 1 ~ ~ 1~~'I~'' 1 t 4'44~4 144 '.I.~4
T. " I a t .I .( any
4 '' 1 :1 x4 I'' 14'4'1 1. ". 4
i h i I hA ho :i, ir i s Nf.vv4.' of
h .1 t I in : I' , I4n I r
1. vb. Itp~, h o g t I- e 11~
It! I I4I I
f i ': I V i, Il t' h4.
- ~ f a l i iat clm pr i l h I
I 'I itr v h b 'l, 1(n u ' I
444~~~ Ij I4' IIP' I V~t14 I.1 v
t h I h oI'l-v shall , :: t tire hem-li
- 4.. '14 r4 (44b41,4n''w's
b 4 1 : 1 44 u r.t rId I I'
-." ev -I- a !e Ile seor Ihi
C <.: ! r,"ani I i e "e,
1 ', 44 '4i t C*'i ''44 \444 14'. 1i j'y d
1-,:h',:,iray':...144<11.,) wh 4n 44h
a n ou h ':ro 4n nee1 o e . a
t hh... , 44 '44bi 44 444b~ iste ot 1.. \he
4 44 -ru --l: ''4I -: 44w.t4 ve .1 l44.4e books'4
T o t : .' , 4.:i - f l e
p. t . . . . ...5 ,i -
Tw in F>:
\e~n r 0. nul : .12 ' h4-'. M ., tin
e C''o r ':o PU::nn i OFnbli..-S h
.l. O ME:. [pi:i.<lES 1N.
W i h P I .. SUI . l:'i-: ,
I !\ UOM LEb !:.;nK OF dn S T h E
flp I? orF.0M~i 1Te(T, WET
(d fiom the Notthern markets
r business, and at prics that w
w gVoOds are rolling ini on every
>man and chilkl in reach of our
ON 8A!.E
5,oo) yds standard prints at t
:ts per yartl.
00 yds( good outing 4%c.
000 yds good bleaching full d
widlth, 5(.
In fiact we have passed thro'
31r entire dr-y goods and no
uns, clothinig and shoe depart- a
ilts anl cut prices to the
uick, and wve vill save you r
Iioney oil your- fall bill if you
-il giVe us a look )eIore you
Vagons, liuggies, Surreys, &c
o1d get Our prices. \Ve can
ave you moneyC\.
HE AToi Il0~V
()Iar Millini(I'y lDepartment th
sion of Miss Tirzah lug, hes w
-'.atr111 markets, where she pu
in of the Season's most choic
no pains to Iake this departim
towV'ns, an11d if you want a stylisl
will (o well to visit our Millinec
SEE OUR~"way
It th most coiIIplete line
ben Ilown in the cmnty, anld
W! cordially invite all the ladit
will rec ive a cordial welcome.
C : rk's Sale.
II. I-'. Smit hl, ct acl. A unc's .\G..
in puriisnattice of :t jiig~cinci ccf fcorcelcs
tle ini th (c'leli'sc ccliie' I will sell to, the
IngheeJl de IA>)VnM
ati I'ic'1c'c courti' lumcsi'; S. c., dulritig thce
le'g:cl hIis for c i csae the fllwc~'ig decscibed~yi
reail estit toi wi ~it:
AllI iilutt cer'tati p' .ie ~ iciacl ccr irct,' of
Ianicc lyin.! heinig in thi coiuty ati statec
ccfcraitl :uu knownccccc ascthe'lichmas i)jlhtid
phw i 11n the north of ( ruiicil.s (creek, wa'c
ce i 'It Twelve %Iilc! li'iver,. cc djoiinig Ic:icls
ccl ('hi i-lcy ( 'hciildress, A\. (I. Howenc'c. (;c'ccrge,
:icci lind (Cianon autu lcc'hers, contaiiig
iit it y l:-1) acic's dcr ci' tc less.
Ah1'cc. :ill the! one-hlil inc ti videdi interest'
Ith caiict, .les'scc'Aiter,' ini acll that
trct of huuI cl ini ccaid c'untyi andc slca~',, it be
ing th: s'onoc landic c'nivcycd toi ThIiitus
ctmcoit ctu .l s Arter~ byI(i i dcl frtu j\.
C 'c'. lla uhl, a jcining lacti.' of te enii 1i1
is, t''an i g ll d l lthersc oniniiiing
Itvcc hinnchecil uticl l'ive ('25) act'c', ticuire ori
less, lyuIll'~ cliit t ic'* westc!cc chle 'I Twelv'e hijli
River.c I ier -n, cone. Icnll cash.I, blcecc cci
a dc it of l' cl o ts. (crclit poicc n toi c
: ci c lb~ i 1-ce iccihe (ein -, gjib' jchc'lcsc
!0 ccti c cciat jcaymen'it. Terms'ic tts hcc
thic c'ini'cs wciiilie re''cldi ccn thec s.ii'nie
-lay. Il'ba r tici pa ~cy for ci aperiis -ui fcori
icc' rdiig 1'th ism c'.
iV l I lerk cc 1 ('cciri.
('In sticctis is cc-in.ing;. ucted wec wanctii
'v'ific t i ic wllo c''5 Ow i c:: ,ici' iNA[, anVc
| .iclc cc I~ c9 ictVO ci cc 0 icc' i fcd i[ Icy I Ice
liiit hwt.i
to water but you can't
mahke hiimi din'k.
Youu can't muake him eat
either. You can. stuff food in
tco a thin man's stomach but
that doesn't make him use it.
Scott's Emulsion can make
him use it. I low ? By mak
ing hi m hungry', of cour'se.
:'cotti's Emulsion makes a thin
a thin ho':ly \was naturally hun
e'~r2 did't you ? Well it in'.
A thin body is asleep -not
\\'rhl;in g-gone on a strike.
It doesn't try to use it's food.
Scott's Emuils;ion wakes it
upi-putts it to wor'k again
making newv flesh, That's the
way to get fat.
Send for freec samiple,
scoTTr & niow~1., ch4e1 c,, Mel., E 7
toe acni~d 1 iii 'an A l.eI.
where they have bought one of ti
HI enable us to offer to the peopl(
train and soon our three largc si
store to coIc inspect our stock V
Is larger and more complete
1at it has ever been and ve
re going to offer some rare
argains in IHAI'kRD\-VARI)tk., of
uns and sporti ng( goodus, 11,
I leating and Cook Stoves,
Belting and engine fittings:of
11 kinds, tiz
G rain Drills and I)ise I ia-I
ows, Oliver Chilled andl syra
use turn P'lows, I lillside Plows k<
nld iarifillg implemenitus o1 all se
inlds. i)n
i\nd ait Rock 1ottom Prices.
L.Brr, Hn -
is ScaSOli is iintder tile super\'
lo has just returni)ed fro in the
.chased a large and complete
U1 no"elties. We have spared
nt eual to any' inl the larger
Slat at a reasolable price you
'y dcpartinit.
of )ress G(ods tilat has ever
at )riCes that dly comp1lletii<.n.
S to attetIl this open in-. You
Sheriff's Sale.
IT T )' SolTii ('.\II I N.\.
\JtV.ii 110. 111 Iith (e nt in hiiah ~fh
in (221 p 4Ii s tn o aih jtihie ntI4 of~ de. -
8losureC 1)1ad1e in tha > v e i1 le cae h
Jtul, l90n, aneijon 'ite in tie eni lli ,.
iC.A1W L l.\ Y' . I No\ '~l-l 19CC\ V.
ait the-ilens 2urt. hi e, IC. IC. uin
ALll InI, cert4 in p ie , p re riito
('tateC!C 'afr ial onIIC I~ waer ofI C:il a e .' JC il
'artek, ina t e t wn o -:--A m ::CC C , IIC i'- beI''
the s~n e lani co ve<< ( > ;;i\ \Ib I h
byI~. t.F. SIC l b n 'iin .-.Cnty.4 w
t a on -ai l i 44 1 re.\ un',C re I''C 4rC I l C-.
mt g ofil 41444I: Ii "CFICi oI..1C, up I -r.I -
~\li 11:11 l. 1C.C . 141 ei. NI il-. I -
I:IC y v'irttu CC tIx ),I etiiC n lod 444 n'-I nI i
41Cie byC II i o. 31. . ( 41 iCl4 4er IC n- r <4411 jI
Il te 1 n iii-s have le Ie4Il ny.a ~ I- :i I . (i '4'il '
.'ih n I1 c om41 "CIC\4 hous ' dur1 411 '. h-eatinCn4
11: .\'4l . 1 44 1.\Y IN ( \~-MliC' :i1 Il-It, \', CIIIC,
Ali 1 ha meti iCI e plY. e '14 r nir .e 141
IIns eIn y, IC SCC' . . ot 241njn ). ne I nr !
:( lt 1l\O -eshtt41n i i 1-' ) I -e. -
'""re r he, Imi -' Il b). ui's.;.
ll'Iiek Oa-'lan .1 l.'IOmLnA(. \y.
I.e i, VV . CI). I e le .411 1 . I41 . I.i ('1hon ant1ICIU1
.\ 1-I. Ih lrte iurvtyf i byCh'\.lall..o
Sept. - ' Ni., I )ied uIC m s. un no n
and 1I 1144 IC atI'( i Sn n ll~n4 tax) 1.\ 4 Iulim -
o c11Ott 1IC 1114d t i12'(I S . I. So. Ii
S(' 1' o NS~~l 1 T14 N4 ) Ni-I'V -: II ) I4 NT4 IC ) i-.
heras I of111 thei' state of1Ilh l . ., 41111,d.
E.e ie nc T rle, &CCIII. C h 4 . 1 I~' ster ami( 451'
this' aICtion whi1 i ie i thie1( (4 ofC i of41~ 14
I'ur ofrbted (lv 12a1t~. kn C 1,Io t
ber at( thej'C 1Ir In llIicCt ick S fC.i 1 II I I h
Carolina( , wnhin t1 wenty days af~iII t er 144 erjl vcet I
thet ('ourt h fr t reie till' ( l ed m)'11(ht' Iu
peto a n Co inpha~t.Ac'I2h
C largQest anld most comphilte
coln1ty some of the Greate
ore rooms Vill be filled with
nld g"et ourI pr1ices.
e agam call your attention
to "ur line of
\e are still selling the cele
Ited Swi fts' Blood and
mc l'ertilizers for wiheat,
it'"\Vheat Grower, &c.
you want a good wheat fer
1:r Come to see tUs,
0TToN, &C.
WY(e will pay the highest mar
:t price for cotton and cotton
ed and all kinds of country
It has been oul aim to givc
c pe()le. of Picken' county
le of the largest and most
We v it) ! rvi. it. wXv oo
(c v c l || V11 Ii . inI wt-:4re p1( al 4| 14
o ().,:1 V 1 \\t 14liti lyeV ; . Illlie ell
)(1: a ~ l i - b, e be-levc~i winhe el
We in vie ll: to e n :iuti looh thr:
locks. (Groceris, S stoves, Su
I laites, Sole, 1 acc
1LsFurniture Of all
n(lndin- . 11 0( ! line D
ar i ce, (cll
arti -b-s lte lilt n- po i- ipe
'un110r. h: . II l ' b ,
\V.-:' Ir: I L. J n 1w 11, b \
w., E I I A V
( .'E .it s s T
Not asection) of this: shon
>e emphsized/.J~ in i'rint. To4
romf tim)e to(. bime. T(o ma~k
sasser in that thbi; store wv
or lli and1 wint r buisit: Is
\\ )atvr s o st L- and drj~e
~a4s, ~d1ioi) F ih):\lU ENTIC (
) TALIK A.(\\ CS
\re atr an rceat qilahs
nadob to inbr at~s just s
()nrs adsh stiis andmplt
zoe ne nt ind~rt
Ior an it)C m lb n Dry shot od
I~~ fl o ee4 soneo. h
11 wan toe sell youone s 1
011:de any b~ ric, il donas
wre m~1loney.I staas
I phav ome bareain goo be
ai; les diwshts anote
strfft :>oialb. and h ot som
o n't co n buyhit, I o't
tmtelrpou. I will alwa~vys
p and tobaccois,ral oop
line of merchandise that was
st values that was ever known
the season's most choicest fab
complete li-nes of general mer
chanldise to select from in this
part of the State and at prices
in direct competition of other
towns, and it is very gratifying
for us to state that our busi
ness has grown beyond our
expectations, and we wish to
thank our friends and custom
ers for their liberal patronage
and invite one and all to come
to Pickens and niu-ke our store
We will treat you right.
Yours Very truly,
)w CO.
hat.[ i vople wN111 11, mu11ch for. their lmney ,N.1.
give tihem right, r ( ill n verything. For
everyb.Nlyv.woui hu it lic-pue am(i si tpime,
the tiith.
h ti difft. deltiments. ur()ll- rooms arc
wing lachines, Sadd les, Blridles,
and 1larness Leather,
kinds, Bran New .
SIron Iledstea(ds, and these
and Cheap enlough.
-.1M.ts a l a u l ol other usefil
11 hevb looking. through1 ourl Stock.
.0em!. Sa l:un Caps. for -sportHim.r men, 14yna
the h onom out (of y*,r w l. We have
i 11h. inurk( 1, :and ft several sizos.
youl Iry them. See themil.
UITY (*i[lEATl',
u~ your Fail time anid let us sh'ow you
aippreciat e it.
):lt stronglyv p:esdes its claims to
elI you of all the good things of
ribIedI limi)its o1 ou r adv\ertisin11g
only give you a hint of a few
here are( and now~ the broad hon
as never more completely ready
the province of this "ad.'"
:; such as any store might be
be t( andl the mo (st reason ably
re here from (o ets. per yardl upI
nak m~d lperfection ther1e is in
pre:senitatlin oI that style, andI
, and1 the 1ric(.s are fromI1 cheapl
itu like.
with all the new slapes; in any
U1i8, Carpd~S, H tiull'1, l11i, WilldoW
c 3 t0 1us a(Id WO will sayo yoli iloniy.
hiave at gtood No. 7, noC better
oodl cooking as any other stove
7.0o. I have larger stovesCt for
Ilseads, and a lot of home made
nd why I sell the best rifle pow
oc(h cheapeir thain others charge.
te andj get your share. You are
e bes;t Io C)ound 1( coffee for a dol
is thn? Simuply because you
want to keep it, d1''
lave bacon andi t
>cket knives whic
right--comec andl
my show cases; three houses full
ve it ouit. I will swap for any
ides, chickens, butter and eggs'
I 15 cents for you egg from,
T. D Harri;.

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