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Captain P. A. MI'ICHIL,
Author of "0hattanooga," "lucka
maug'a, Etc.
Copyright, 1897, by Iharper & Brothere.
STRANGE that men will never
learn the terrible advantage of
a force posted on an Impreg
nable position, protected by
breastworks and able to pour shot
down a steep hill at an enemy. Two
men, two girls and a boy had defeated
the guerrillas and sent them back to
their camp. I did not fear another at
tack. What I dreaded was starvation.
Indeed, I could see plainly that our ene
mies were preparing to carry out the
starvation plan. Several of them went
in different directions, doubtless for
food. One of them passed quite within
"I'm goin to plunk that one," said
I caught his arm, and gave him a re
proof which for a while at least caused
him to remember that I was in com
"I wish they'd attack us again," said
the irrepressible boy. "I could 'a' hit
that doggone 'butternut' if somep'n
hadn't joggled my arm."
There had been nothing to joggle the
boy's arm, but I thought it best to let
him keep up his pride-it would make
him more serviceable-so I said noth
"I aimed right at the middle of his
breast," continued Buck, "but Just then
he Jumped over a stone, an I missed
"I thought some one joggled your
"Some one did. Ginger, yo' consarn
ed old nigger, what d' yo' go joggle mue
fo' just as I was goin to plunk lim?"
"I didn't joggle yo', Mars' Buca."
"Was it you, Hel'n?"
"Somebody did, or I'd 'a' hit him,
If ever a party needed breakfast, it
was ours. Helen unrolled the little
parcel of provisions. I directed her to
serve a half ration, or, rather, half of
what there was an( save the rest. She
did so, handing me my portion, which
I declined, but she argued that it was
important for all that I shoul( keep up
my strength and finally prevalled on
me to eat my share. Jaqueline and
Buck ate theirs ravenously. Each of us
went to where the wvater was drip
ping from the cleft and caught the
drops In our mouths. Buck, when he
had finished his breakfast, like Oliver
Twist, asked for more. It made my
heart ache to refuse him, but there was
no alternative.
One danger was dwarfed by the
greater perils that surroundled us, yet it
w~as no less impliortant. My wound was
liable to put mec hors (Ie combat at any
moment. Fortunately until my dash
from the guerrilla camplj I had not been
subject to any physieal strain, and by
that time it had healed suflicatly to
prevent its Opening. At any rate, it
gave me no trouble. Thie first tihing
Helen asked after a lull in the fighting
was about this wvound. She insisted
on dressing it for me, and I permnittedl
her to do so. She wound around it a
fresh bandage torn from may shirt
sleeve and was pinnuig it when, look
ing up at me, she said:
"You're not the fir-st one of our men
I've assisted with bandages."
Her remark cut mle like a knife. It
was plain that she was making this
effort, incurring this danger, believing
me to be a Confeder-ate.
"I can't understand all these troubles
that surroundI you," she wvent on.
"Why not explain ?"
"You know I'm charged with being
in league with the Yankees."
"Yes, but your accusers are robbers
and murderers. If I thought that"
She broke off with a frown and turned
"The guerrillas built a fire and, after
cooking and eating breakfast, loitered
about, some chatting, some playing
cards, wile others devoted themsel ves
to their wounded companions, making
them as comfortable as possible on
beds of boughs coveredI with blankets.
I took advantage of their inaction to
learn how Buck had succeeded ho de
livering his message to the scost he
was to meet at IHuntsville, As I ,touid
not question him befor-e the others
without giving up my secret, I .lrew
him into the cleft behind us.
"Buck, did you find the man 5 sent
you to meet at Huntsville?"
"Reckon I did."
"Tell me about it."
"All right. As soon as I gg Into
town I went right to the squar am stop
ped in front o' the hotel. I hitched my
von" a post an went inside. A man
In we office saId, 'Sonny, what d' ye' C
want?' an I Bald, 'I'm gemn up om the r
gallery,' an he said, 'What to'? an I C
said, *Fo' to see the town.' Th'en I
went up stairs an waited till I heard
the clock strikin an counted thi'teen."
"Not 13, Buck. Clocks don't Er-ike
"Well, don't ye' see, that clok at
Huntsville is a different kin4, It
struck either thi'teen or fo'teem, I
couldn't tell which." I
"Never mind tihe clock. You'te in- e
renting all this. Go on."
"Well, just as the clock struck a mnnt
he came out on to the gallery, He had C
the doggonest eyes i ever saw-just t]
like the welf's In 'Red Riding Hood.' 0
At first he didn't take any notico 0' s
me, lookin 'a if lhe was bothered 'cause c
I was thar an lhe expected somebody. P;
Then he watched me with those sharpu
eyes o' his'n, an at last he said kind o' ft
gruff, "Tis a fine day, boy,' an I said, &
said I-what was it 1 was to say?"
"'eckon you're weather wilse, str-an. al
bOe, I tknow, bu I couldn't re- t
on yo'rei weather beato, stag,. Rock o
atm ai ~ u r n n
Ieard hin a-. ru in sohuip'n lke,
Qluess I all heit sollneIlow or 'nuither.'
['henl he asked lie SOinl1'n.11 'houit vieth
r It was a-raninn it the tlne of the
vhat was that one?"
The massacre."
"Oh, yes; I know. An I said--what
Vas it I sald?"
" 'Black as night. "
"That's it; only I fo'got an said,
Black as a doggolle igger,' an lie
iaid, 'What's the' "
"'Word.' "
" 'What's the wordTil al I took the
lpItball out o' my mouth an ianlded it
:0 111111. Ile took It tni rend it iniglly
lulck. Then lie looked at ina n sai 1,
I'll be goldarned if t-bat ain't le lit
lest lmesseiger to carry sueh a big
nessage I ever saw lin ily lifel! like
attackli a fortyllcation vith a1 IowN't
,.er.' "
"What did hie do then?'"
"1 don' want ' tell that."
"Why niot't"
"Well, he inust 'n' thought I w11 a
"Come, out with it."
"Ite took nie up an give ite it k'i.
uIbbill liy face wilth that hallry beatid
"Thenll what't"
"lIe wenit0 dowNn stairs in a uliirry, an
didn't see him anly 111'."
"Good for you! IHave you kept it all
i secre l ?"
"Haven't Said a1 vord to any one."
"That's tight. You've don u111e H
great favor, anid one good I1i11ri doirves
lmother. 'iin going to tell you how 1"
nure yourself of 1th:t hablilt Of isin g
useless adjetIves. If you (er g't oit
of this, get a iiotebo1ttok 1a1 Pltil, andoh
ever3' tille yol is e ol ' f tIheml l t'' it
dIownI. This will show poil Iw ofil'll
you offend. 1 a11 at. lIst voni will Irk
yourself of i vory hal hIlit:
"I'll do that, by golly'"
At noon wve wvereagitntlzda
Seeilg the guierriillas Vaini ag lii' dil
I woider what they git,"
Buck. "I reckon it's not him but fo:
pork, alyway. Who wnlits to eat ii
"I wNvish I could. got ily clutches < -
the captaini," hl S Jack. "I'l inike hiin
give lite somne."
"De Lord '1l feed his clil'-i reni rL
ed Ginger. "Didin' lie nd de ravens to
".Not In these- inuun taInls," Ilut inl
[luck. "Iavens couldn't. find anlythiniig
ill here to feed anybody with."
"lIeekonl <at 111uS' 'W' beenl inl a land(
tlowvini vid iilk ill loney," sipptle
untet 'd G(Iliger.
"Yo' ole fool," ret0rted Michk. "-How
coul a riven cirry mailk'."
"Iln't he sit snialrt, Bauck," sakill .lwl,.
"A ravenl v(,ul take the handfleof il'a
till blieket lin its ilt h and fly with it.
couldn't h':"
Thenl Jack anid Ilnek feil t10y)n
wvith vachl (0othrwh coul invent
.lhe Inlost :0.1kile Cilreito sa ,111t
Lte wherewithal to satitry tlwir hu
"I see a darky (.'ti ', sahl .ack,
''with it vhilte apron :111d ('alp aniid1 t
tray otn ills head covered with gi'ood
things to (at."
"That's nothin," saild Buk. "I se' :a
roasted goose wvadlin pi) tihe hill with
the stutlin tiltilblin out o1 at 1le41 inl his
such tliug. I'll tell y~oui what I si'.. I
see a big table do'wni there'I : acg th'
;uerr'illas covereed withI s in ok intg heefi
11nd chicken and til lahvith nitint sa4uti'
eunnlinlg all over it anid pwas :iiid as
paragus. C'otne, let's go a iii :e~t soii.'
She was so earnae:t. iloiut it t hat I
'earted1 she woul. ind e' I shle s tairb-t,
.iut II'eei ciiughlt antI dretwli' ha' imk.
i'hrowving her'tself in to llele''s artois,
;he Covered het' fa1ce wit her li'and ms.
Cl1.\L"PT~t~ NXIV\.
MOIiNING(, leton, ain ioo'
Passed4 with iio eban:.i:e ini
the situationa. .\!l ony toi-.
linandi slept dian te aa
11n( even I got t wo o (t re blin-lS i'1
'tred ntl's siweet rl-tore.~ thou:he
rot lid iot o tke he at':iij gulir
0o0 over' the mioon nieal braveiyti, lit
or soiinethilng to eat.
"Now, see hiyari, .Mir. B'rainlystoiie,'
ue argued, ''you .jutst giv~e iiie miy shir',
in I woni't. waint any mo' when the rest
if yo' huave ye's.
'You lruulst wvait, l ick. \Ye shiall
nto to fast long enoiiughi anyway. 'Thei
onlger betwe ('ll it(a Is thle longer we
an hold (lit."
"All right,"' lie sa id bravIely. '"I cani
401(d out its long as any 01' yO'."
As evenIng en e oin a horible )1 thbought
Dornted up suddenily'. it' thie. nighit
hould he (daik, thnre wa ntinirg to
revent the guerriilh hs sItealinhg upi oni us
inawar'es and eziptutring our striong
"I mlust fid a wvay out of this,"'' 1
)iuttieed and1 beganl an exatninat ion of
he face of the rock In our rear. Thel e
left whlere wvater drnippedl slanted up-.
vat'd, a narrow open'ming little widler
ban a man's biody. I eratwled into the&
rev'iee and1( 1)y using hiaiids anid feet<
lotunted to the suitniinit. I stood en
hanted1 13 by the slenidid view. North-i
'and arnd east ward ii the ('Cumerland l
l11 of' wioodedi eri's; wetst wardi ih li
'arid (Confe'uderate Iteritory~,'~ cut off '
P0o1 11s by wai' and sett ing athluine th lit
tlaginaitioin as 1 to linit was taikiing
lace inl thle ne'wbioin lntion. An tun.
ulating horizoii div~'ided the blackIc
Irth fr'oml tile scarlet sky left by thle
ttlng sun.,
Scramblllinig ovit' heii'li nev'en grund, r
[imilng locks, lighin:e nity wa.y throuigh t
icekets, 1I('N IloredI (ery prlit se of
iilet. 'Thiet \\as not a ptio:ild i je. il'
en'it. I net iiiiied to t he miim bi of tlhe I
)iliollt io i hee u t'i' iit ae hla 'i l ii
i ndloin.'n,.'w fho ~
'Tell 1me,'' she sal , fixing her e'yes
t mei inltently, ''what I wvant to know.
have ledi daqultline, Buck and1( G~inger'
to thin tran In an attmtt.sv
r ~T l -"n least 1 1 ann, expect is your
conlfilence. Who are you ?'"
Our IIve e' leteiee oi absolite <levo
tton to each'I otlher. If I should tell hter
that I was a southeru iiiani lioding i
conenissit in tle Yainkee tartiny, that
I had sent Inforitiatiou north to enable
it Uniot geieral to Capture tihe region
atlott ier IUn(, I should slta outr nine
Linient of streingth. On the other
l11t.il, I was aceptlng all tits devotion
irnle.r fIse pIret(ises. The thought
was inthldeiing. Had she not been
looking at ine withli her big hoiiest eyes
I believe I should have shed tears of
"Nliss St anftorti-li ('lel," I Said,
"who and what I ai Can le of no mcco
Iniint flow wit l death startig us il tho
filee. You and I havc* a intuitual pur
pose-to Save thoe who have beeln led
into tils p'rl I. There Is no fhine for
explaiiations. I leg of youi to haiisth
for the tiliie this secret anl think only
of thte work before is."
Sie turned her eyes out to tIe far
dtstmant horizon.i but did not see It. in
tent otn her owin thughts. Then. look
lIg a gaini at mie, she said. with i tlirst
of ipiulse:
"To ltiiow tiha .1t uare iniworithy
would ill iac."
I bowed iy heud to escape Ier gaze.
When i lokell again, She h1:14 l trnevd
1t114l vas eIterii, te eireviee.
1lavitig t';fileel to titinl ati outlet in
(ur rer,, we h1talt no choIce bte to Iace
our etenti 'les. I (-ast Iye v eVfcr the
only routo opei to a iiight surprise.
Ont(it- right. nL tar htlow, was the
1m eFae of' a rock 2 Ii'eet Ih Igh, aroitd
which watil patlh. To tie lefl1 antoth
(I rock preo.jectccin such iashion that
while :n) eneity clitihe over It ils sil
holuette wouhl ape r againtst tle sky.
Noleing tIn abundntice of irewood
eti ed't'c atbout, I reseolvef to uti at
bon'ire, with :a view to lightiig up ou'
leieniles shtueic tihey atteinlt to steal
tifni us inI the tight. As etoon as it was
dtark etough I sent Ituck and Ginger
out to g:the'r' w od :itn, selectinhg ia
flat rock tlcway hetween those onl thle
lak, scoeld togelthr scile tight, iry
stuff fot kinliling ntil as tast as I he
weoeel was broueciglht lie pit it cI. Wheni
all was reatly, we tel ituned to our for
But how light tire? There was not
i Inatch in the ptn'y. Iittleedl the only
ilue:,lis of ignition we possessced was Ia
[erenssioIn c.11). I sacriic'e two e'r
t [i i iges ti oree il Ile powder thl'
coctaietc linte :a Itll of' paper, intending
to expltole it with per'ussioll powde'.
Night attacks aways occur just be
fore ia wit, anl I Ielt confident that we
sield heat' tit the gueriillas, if' at
till, et wec '.2 andlt 3 o'Clock inl the
inorintg. At I I awoke te commnanil
ail issiledl ouri r-t'lli.11inl. ration,. It
was eiten ra ,-eleusly, d ail whell the
last Itcitse'l litt heeli co'nsiliie]' I 1eld
till to be reaty at tle slightest sounl.
I was gig dowi to the ntiIglightedl fire,
and ill ecse they llc':hecl ice hinttltinering
the p feill lowdIel they would
know I had licalrl lhe eiiey ipleroach
ng. Then, lkieg J aek's revolver, I
sallied l'orth.
I pIasseedIi d-:i to Itny firewood, in
spectoel it to see that it was all right,
thel wleit (m iathe liir, etawling on liy
Stoieceh and litIeAnlin. Noticing what
ic the thrknees I sulee<to be leoeg,
I tesoe''le to'crwl uip be hinid it for
(cotnce:c! tten't. ()nI r'ea'ing It I ra;isel
thy hnel ande looee~wil cdewn luto( the fice
of' .e dl.:ccl tan . lI w as the bodyI3 of onte
of' the guerr't ia> we lad shot duritig
thle day. 'IThi: i 'a~ily ohbject, enlcott
Itee I t 1h-:a I e ' ! -..ht. s : il ltia :.e'.
'T'her'e weet h e 2 l-;itly sk~ it, thle sniuie
(heck, lthe oenel neifth, whlile the eyes
wecre st! ring upl at the hteveins ais if
thtey Saw\ wVeinierlS heicheln'i lronl the li'
lng. I drei'w baec k. A ('nel iouisnte'ss of
the lhorrorets Ithat a walil usn str'uck icie
Ilike t gust eofC chl WiienI. l'erhattns lme
feetre et'iiteg II 'lent Stanfth l oliicr.Iaeine
luli' cet lilt i' lIne~k or altl of' uts woul
be incg stif i t' i stark likem that <leadc
Thleti ti grealt'r st lelegIlIi, a ela:itjg, te
tlne nie'ili erwle ln titl I eentiel tto ncar
thi'c~row a s cne ineto it. '1They had tio
tile, :icie this iin it --ele' was susIciouts.
I thoueight I hean'l a v'oi'ce. lint it wvas
(bllubth leSc .ccc anCiinal or -ii irdit givin
ai tie ofee wani ngi ! tee its tnit e. I l
tetned, leut couh!tel herniin'c'iee dig wheih
knlew~ teeM hiiiiicn. A t last I satt docwu
oni ac rocck t: ii Io''.' In une Lte ee'S'cl1
It wast hie el a ite,;; i. rI e
heatl uineistaeIalie :-:einta';lq Leet~ic.
r'illacs. t cetubl mc' iii teig, t hou hi I
t'oul le.:u-' \oie e , ti l \ tes a1 t t
b(k to ttcy w'ool, I el lthe eaper eof
Fi'ss, keejlingt a je V i .. i tre'sertv' P i
etsian rc l jele te e fortc lei c a lnlic'r,
heti liston ''t ord a1 Sign cl :ti cte ie.
adie tnott ie to i wt.l A tnene t ueist
laet e slinnhh'de. .\ any 1e rtteI, tItheard
ecil ili'"' n id b eec''\ie'l c lucte t ie- e n
"y "as e:Iin :n . in ee n e cny
Ccc''n "c etC m b-ec .I I i cied' lice .edine
lid brone'e' 'i C ci'' n.
'n cf e . ical e t nI ie' u
he cini c te e i o e ho l low ofi myt
ntil, wheel'I 'ihllit' ttet -ee iun.
ee'w'ei- A tiat h a icicre bt ofi V tein'
0 higge'r thanei a tea: I tiurie it ttee
miltteeu'e grat.s~s wvith It, shorel( it. till
mceri thee woodee, a t at beeauilgtl in-it
Iat. A~ecitii jofu Ihou fro tthfete~ tfcr'
e'des ii ple'asai thill through every
l'ing! A blllcel't iin tan linch of tmy
'ose. I dltirt a wayv intc the diark ness
tildi icnotheri mtinutte mic n hue f ot'
1 hadic sear'ecely geet belhind the br'cIesi
'ot'ks wenet the glae ofl the burinig
tce showledv' mie halt' a edozent mteni
tisheing uip In tile f'iie, iic nwIcy
'cnhll try tee Setler it -
"When i counut Ithr'c'e, flue into the
ro i. ( ue', I woe, three!''
t.''cit huclle'ts fled ati Ithe lIttle kniot ofC
wc t ! Iwe'.W\e ('eubte taot sec ee ho'as
it, hm ell tee ic'd lee I st artled downa'
Ime ehlc is C y.~c cinglt ite' tem rp ic l'tle
e'lor''e' each ge c diolczeni yards(1. We
ew charn ge retiy in (e'ery piece befor'e
!elnr atlly 5I!ie8n ol' thoe 'e'nfu'rnc fnl .
Btck, Who took tiore tine and iiadt
more fuss about his work than all tht
rest together, had scarcely rammed his
charge 11011t aid fixed the percussion In
11) oin the tipple when three luen lii
nade ia dash at the fire. Two of them
reached it and iegan to kIk Vigorous- h(
13'. 1 took deliberate aim at one of
then aitnd shot him through the head. C
My guit had scarcely crackel when
llen let drive at the remaining man.
lie staggelred, hut kept onl kicking at (11
tll fire. I snateled RlBck's gunll ind W
filshed hi. diroppilg lilin oil the burn
Ing brands. The third man, who had bt
started fol ward 1;everili times and IX
each title turined ack, got out of sight a
0s <lulickly ats possible.
"Look a' dar!" eried Ginger, pointtig -g
to tile east.
I tiined m1y head, and there above
the horizon was the faintest trace of
(11 I. te
Select speciluens of your choicest at
grain,,, vegetables, fiiely bred stock,
incitniing poultry, for exhibition at the ai
State Fair. A little effort oil your
part will secure one or more of the c<
hiantdsomtte pretlilIlls. 0
Failmes), bring or send the fruits of
your labors to the State Fair at Coluni
bia, Oct. 28th to Nov. 1st, and you
nleed not, exclaimu, 1as many are hliard
to tdo every year, "1 ca'i beat that."
"A NCW Womn."a
Disease mnakes many a wonian prenma
turely old. Dark-rimned eyes, hollow h
cliecks and wasted forn are accoluptll- a
ied by listlessness and loss of anbition. a
iotne duties are a weariness, and social
pleasures have no attraction.
One of tle coiniionest expressions of i
womnen cured by
Doctor Pierce's
Favorite Prescrip
tion is this: " it.
l1ns nma(de a ilew "
wotat of tle."
"?There's a worldl
of meaning ill the
words. It Ieais i
the sparkle \
brought back to .
the eyes; the coi
plexion tinted
with the rosy Ie
of healthy blood;
the forin romlideI
out anew in
graceful curves; the whole body radiant
with health.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite P: escription
imiakes weak w%\omnen strong and sick
women well. it <dries debilitatig
drains, hecals inflamnmation and ulcera
tion and cures female weakness. It
nakes new women of those preiaturely
aged by disease.
'lt1). lieree's titelitines are the best I htive
eve-r %iset-." writes Mlt. C. Nelsin. of Cheuwi a ,w;
Maioi Co.. )regon. " health was badly
in i. hl i wlieri 1 cotiltcd hin I by letter. 'y
litnbs were coli aitl y licv al hurt mne conitim
ally. I was so iervouis that the least thing
wortlitt tart le lite ;(|11o<6t itto coti villsio ats. I I.14
palpit atiotl of tlie heart so had tlant I could
scarcely walk soitnetitnes. I felt utterly (lisc(tr
ag , iit two bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription aitd ote of, 'oldmen medical Dis
covery' Imiade a new woman out of une."
)r. Pier' 's Comnmon Sense Medical
Adviser is sentfire' on receipt of stamps -
to paIy expense ol inailing only. Send
21 one-cenit stallups for the book ill paper I
covers, or - staips for it in cloth bind
ing. AdIress Dr. R. V. Pierce, No. 66 -.
Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Church Directory.
ih-bi wi ie h iiis o c n e e
'astis, "nl lt Siiilays on hich stheri -
' rti p. as i a we h veifria io . i
yIu '- lt e l i s ot onte it ealte.ne
toi i fit' iitt-itv. I I bit:t
Pitkent lit ev .i. J. iS. Thoiitasl-d Sun
Ily 1t a- ro. anlsp n :pry r m eig
liec ltna lit. d4. E1. 't' gg st - 1Sa t dlav h
foet hI tirt ii.v at I. gi.:--st, Sun-lay
i i.i In.
/ titer' eit - lb-,. -. g str- -- Si ayt
nri htii yil i:ui l ay aftr e1ndSa1.
.:y lii at in. v VggixltSutiy
tlib. it ee (iiih- i.J.it. Fosteri---th S - I
Iit I a i. ui iiii~ I tii
I i lil- itIN ('ii.l W.- (C. aon Sat nia. .t
bftr thescniSnan pm eo
Surtuty ititt i. I ltii I tii e
Protj r's Creek--i'tt v. W. C'ip.i, S aborn
turi :,Jhty lt -fe t 4 ii - i r- ur hvi
itrd- lit W. C . Selurn Saura
i u. it, I l iev 11I. 'hik- l t n
4isat Siintorn--ingktt, 11 o'cioc :iht s:8
:n1igWdesas. .m
fi' ' I le ft i le Iti Tttltl i. iii S jt. Du gnall-. st
!Sfurtha I' tlay i l Snday t:30iptin
ii IlIi ni: 5thi Stuu hiy M iay in ttio,111
to foi::t Mundaty lia sltin.or
Hicks: " ie says Christian Science
akes him tired. You should hear
in swear about it."
Wicks: " Tihe ideal Why should
i bother so much about it?"'
iiCks: " He has to. He's th1e
roner you know.'
" Pardon me, sir," began the ped
Lr of the supplwes, " but may I ask
iat is the style of your typewriter ?"
"t Eight up to-date," replied t1w
si'iess unu, enthusiastically. " El
iw-sleoves, lace insertion, shirt wa ist
kd ill that sort of thing.''
Tkiat white cow," said the wag
si farmer, " is the one that gives
"Ai," exclaimcd the city girl, "and
ose brown ones, I supposme, give beef
a.'"--hiladelph ia Prevss.
" What did you fid on that vessel
hich waSlled a,1shiore this Iorning ''
ked the Cannibal King of his chief.
" Only a shipwrecked shoemaker
id i case of sherry, sire.'"
"6 'Tis well, slave. Alake me si sherry
>)bler for dtinner. I have often ihearl
such a delicacy."
" No suh," said the old man, my
)y didn't steal de mnule; he w'lz
ractisin' ter j'ine a circus, en whilst
u wuz a-turnin' er a double-somerset
p inl de elements lie lit oi de mule's
aick, en <de creetur got. scart, en run
way wid 'im !"--Athinta Constitution.
"( What broke olf the match between
Ir. Yearsley and Aliss Kerfli,?"
" All I know about it is that he dy es
is whiskers and she bleaches her hair,
nld I Suppose they found each other
ut."-Chicago Tribune.
A Nlissouri woianl 111<1 the riglit
lea. In her card of thanks, she als.o
ianked her dead hiitsband for h is
ioughtfulness in loading luitinself with
fe isuirance.
Tax Notice.
Thetresurr' olieat 'ikoens ('C.
lonse, 8(1mh0 Crlina,1 will beo pe (111 fl
lo4nulay, Octobt l ) 15 h for I Ill- tuihfefit ion
f lie follow ing m1a111il 1 .X s for N ;r
ILev for Stato Tlax, 5 inil!Z.
l-evy for orinry 1.1unty Ix, .5 mips
Le vy for ('onis' Il io:n -lm ,I t.,3
Levy for pa-:1 itteilntss, 2 mill.
Tvotal levy for 4tato mid con ,IY 15
Iovy for inh-rt.t.-t u P'i Iwl- N ilrom
:1n l , Pivkicn' .401t . h-L o w h
-8 mill.
I y fR trs o l.i.1 a
r Il-i c~re.no w n.h -) 1.. 1mi;;,.
I,.vy for intevreut.nl'. N. 1. heini
o n-i I iv t-. lj I -- in j; # , ;,
special ley) for4 ,eho1(0n dli- riel N,. !J. 2
S i I vY f i el i,.i s:: i. et No. 18.
i ll ills.
81 id ni i Im for s hb 1l li- i ricl N k 1 1,
i nill.
14p, 4ial LevY fojr:..vht-ol - .iit iet N o :
in ill.
Slvcial levy for -h ol li-ti it No. 1(;
Inills. \
special l for v el ol 1lii No. 2:
si-q-. 11 levy for Stolt-t i trivt N. :1,
cialt lv 1for I;:ooI 4 iLtt rie NI. Ill,
I nilli .
I iii ' l vy for -lhoo - ~ rii ' :>,
n illiI.
I: 1 la wi Ia . an wo < lar e ie h I :
hel r:ntit ti-- fr tn it h itlab. -'r -
ii. 1. !-.p e !
1.).'.:(-h .puim
-eti e 12 - 1 . 1. Feb Ist, 19)1.
No. . It i.O glT.\ Ti I . N . ru .e
i-lixnn lu i() t i.Io n i ,I.'o
:1i a '. . .'lIt( .i i''ikee n .....:,5 p
:5ti a . m ........* 'a Stt. ........ t:i :
'r:iji iill.....'\utmin........t t':t til m
Pi:0 ckm .... . 5.kn A0...,:i
e:1 pc m.........,'Par on .... . G 1
*Flge Otnor ni H k.rgS
All rais tiilyexce t S nlv
R. . P A Ls
No.12ConecsUit ouhern Ciiv y
)fio ov1 Ad1. -c)'ngSt~o
*i.1-l~. Cn
The Kil(d YoU 11ave Always F,
it isn 11Om1 ov~er 30 yeav.', h-.
111d 11
All Comaiterfeits, 1lmitaitions ,
EX1erimeiitEsIC4 ' MIt trifle 'Wit)-:
Iiaints tand Cildren-Exper
What is Ca
Castoria is a hmrnmless silbst
gorie, Drops and Soothiing 8
oniltariiim ieither Opiua1m, Mo
s1)tSaaCCe. Its lgO is its gilti
4111d allbys Ieve'isliviess. It
Colic. It ..lieves T eet'.irig T1
n11 Plialenyv. It assimuilal
StomlaciehI aind Bowels, giviig
Thc Olhildiren's Pattacca-Tlht
Bears the 1
The Kind You lai
In Use For O
A Uli' ;Ub . GA.
I Du!N .5 1 N.',z;L;N:A)
I~~~~~~~ N 1 " I-' 'A L~
'N Gr: G i':: e'.
m-, Ammi464on
.Iflr(I\WrE~ . o<>fuai
tlilal IlplcI.C11ts --.lnd
Ha.4 rdware
4p.,tal for Iice:..
F;~iA S I i
1'I thel'-To-)ate Corpa llou I141:
1517i Ma4in S'.reet, 0'obuhufhit, S. C.
Vrit~ uI" for1 Sample,. ' :n j;th*in
*St1ate free of tI t i-.~ .-h . \VW a r ..
:tys b.)I y~. No 4lti 4sh wnh .
E-M Med:\pjicat al ig a
rrh) . . 1hma. '.r 1 r 44 1.a 1 ' .\a
aI4Irrl :.n 1 is IlIC 44' I 'hidw '4'-'' 444
4r11-y 'e4\er. 11\your'I 4.'--i 4r4r-44
.-u ke . it . 4 : 4 .1.-.';; a .
L. f 12 ree 41. I 4 .' 4nj .' Tit.e 4-i'
11 lhi-Un Ek-'~ I hV 4 -' I -
:3 W ill fI n I)N 1 . it t:. i .II {; \:1444
riani4. I nqub'e. au - h 1 . HI n . ,
wA -Ir.'21 '&i alupon~' u 4. a fln t 4',
tokes' B3usiness Colego -
3.1 ~ a I. ('i.\ ;L .S~ , S.(' i
A Young Man
replita1 toll A41 d~~i' icola fr4411 ('4nV4 -- vc'
'4n crc4ialI S1Chool4 n4Ikes it eas44V 4444CCee' "
Ses o sit? Iions14 I bo0roughI1 wo'rk ; be 14
A ddress iH . W. G' l' 181 NC El1, b
spar an urg. S (' 4
- - b
Cheo' Deard.STU "TI ON SE Fto D
-- . Y
RilpApin, Wan of AppetiCite. Li)3s of
ength1I. In4Ck of Ene144 'o. 'ke.? Take 41F
Murray's I'rn Mixtu(re.
A (04enuine iBloo1t Toi'j. t
I:.\1 1!I:RA Y Dil if; ('0.,('oJ,' l4A ..C
uI fa1rrni'g lands, I4nny~ paIymentIP. No }
lIm' on cha(444(41rred(. IBorrolwer 1)iys' ac
I coat~ of per3fectinlg lo on. Int ered 7 per &i
'. up, '4P(r din to Eourty.
.IN0. B1. P'A L11 El LR & ay II
(Columi inl, B. C. N
(R''~R'j1 ) 'end For Catalogue.
IiLFGI, ( Addresh WV. 11. AM acfcat
|(fiilCourt Stenog ~
UMIIIA,. (Xf, raphnr.) Troeldt.
,____ ItA
41 1w -
4 I. t I42t (Iti ~
It(]. thi. *:vt 11*,
y441 148. Il IStry Worms'it If
1,414ibles, c4 & 4 C (,ist i I)i (
es the Vood4, (~''IiI(S It
ter Z)Yr.
1'. l I V 11
A, i. ......A~
1'. F ! 1,

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