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The Worlfd
For hal form9 of fever
times better than q inin
do in 10 days. It's splent
wade by quinine.
Owing to some prol
Carriages, Suri
At an
Until our stock Is reduced. I)
Harness of all kinds ait
Jones, and various other Imake
Studehaker anti'l Weber; :, chela
Now is the host speionl for sellil
part, profit or no prolit.
The seasoi for Mules Aiil 1
yet, Reliemiber, We )aL no hot
(10 our11 own w:wk. We will sell
and kind treatment to all. %
glad to see the people whether t
Corner Coint, River and Jak
WALT1'Eli Wv. WIlTE.
kniown to the Ltd i
If you need( ,nytlhintg ini o
wvithi de..igns. and1( pr*ic*" to v
pricest. @@'ll tt)N I" '.N' I
"R E)
The quality, the guarantee, th
ply say, "REX," and
Dexter Brooi
On Sept. 1st, we found it nec
add largely to our retail floor
we will find it necessary, ini ord
comimodate tihe large crows wht
and to ir ake room for our tr<
stock, to rent the largit Biurgess
to our present room. We will col
place with our p resent quarters
through the w all, thus giving us
largest rooms ini the state. The
our present room will he given t(
Dry Goods and Bhoe stock and ti
store ent Iey to Glothing, H ats
....VISIT OUR. .
Por Dry Goods and Not
No matter what you was
those lines, we can save
money. It will be a piea
to show you through who
you wish to buy or not.
Greatest Fever Medicine.
eand does In a singl day wh'lat slow <iuini1no cannot
lid ures are In striking contrast to tlie feeble cures,
I az
at Cost!
ery thing.
OC(d cllan es; inl onr11 businless, we will Sell
weys, Buggies,
Phaetons and Wagons
Absolute Sacrifice!
m!i' take our11 woi for it, blt, coiv 111mI See for your.
;vlf nill be conivined.
. cost. We cal'rry I he IlWibck. (oirtiaLI, Tso:n&
S of lIggi8e, &c., a8 strict liigh id ah lgons, till
Per glradPe the Owensboro, Tavlo and Chattanooga.
1g v ehicle of alI kind 11d we ire goilg t) set l(l our
ors i t ll't ty %%.(I over hot ue have a few ha I iil
ISe rnit or clerk.1 hire, own our owni renositorwy andl
alything we have for vaShI or lod paper. Polite
hlien in (ireeiville comet! awll see 11s. W1 are aIlwaV I
hey wiih to uny or not.
mni Str-eets. I IH E 11NVXI 1, 1, 1', S I
r~pjC3 & Co.
"e hadlie all kilds of
11d rll lloy 11one1 lt fil-t-elus wor mn 1]lIlII
to intshi Ille worli
home, We hlNv Mi var~, !ots.dengveielw
illTE'i & CO. And~'.m, S. c.r
e prices, and the sizesl. D)rop us the postal; u11
sign your name in full, giving l'ddr'e-.
~n and Mattress CJo
essary to'
1> visit u1s will
Itore neCxt -- ,f it
meet this . it y,
by Cuttinig hine
01n0 of the
space ini 1 * , Wor
our large A~ Ii
e0 Burgess x I.
mnd (Gents' Al
A h
lons. S
ther /Ag
hith and ,ig line of Cltigbran
Bhirts an Me' unobby Hats.
He Has Distribution of Larg4
Patronage -A 14o al Friend t<
The Columbia correspondent of til
Augusta Chronicle says that Mr. Geo,
It Koester, who has been apponitt*(
collector of internal revenue for Soull
Carolina, declared on his return froim
Washington tha-t he had formed nc
plans and does not know whait will be
his policy in appointing his deputeies,
clerks anti others. It is probable that
lie w'41 retire from active editorial
management of the Columbia Even ino
le states that he was not an appli
cant, and that his appointment was a
surprise to himself. Ile was called to
Washington, and Saturday eveniighe
spent an hour and a half at the White
House with tile President. When the
matter of the vacancy came up the
President offered it to Koester. The
latter asked if there were no possible
chance for Bilalock to get the place.
The President said there was not, and
Koester then accepted it..
Ile has not yet taken charge, and
has not filed a bond. lie state(l that
lie would spend some time stud3 ing the
duties of his oflice. le was asked if
there is any truth in the rumor that,
MciLavrin is slated for a place in the
cabinet. Ii reply Ie s id that while
there is some talk of that kind in
Washington, lie does not know any
thing about the matter. Hi-i own ap
p)ointmient is due, in p-art, le says, to
the efforts of W. W. Price, who was
in the newspaper business here Olce,
,Ind is Oil a paper in Washingtoni now.
When Blalock was turned (lown Price
suggested Koester's name.
It is belicved in Columbia b)y many
)eople that Senator MeLaurin will get
i place in the cabinet of President
Itoosevelt, and that, he lias simply
.aken care of his friend Koester before
ic leaves the political affairs of this
state. Others think that this is but an
idication that AMClaurin will endeavor
o captine all the Federal patronige in
his State.
Koester got the best plum in Ilie
>asket. The Salary is 83,500 11( com
nissions will increase that amount, to
,500. In addition he has the pi C
>f appo uting forty or nure depuliet
nd clerks, whose salaries aggzregale
lot less than i40,000 a 3em1. lie at.
oilts thue Uniiitevd States g-oiger, whi
uty it is to test every barrel of spirits
hippe( to the State disliensary. The
ollector of revenue in Siuth Carolina
s a man much sought after. It is not
:nown what. chaniges, if any, will be
aide in the clerical force. here is
Me nlegro1 Clerk inl thet Federal otlie.
lere, and the( gauiger at the Rtichlanid
htillery is a ngvtro.
Theore are thie( divi.ion lL depitiIs,
ine of them, A C. Merrick, if Green
-ille, being a white man. The other
wo are 'diitiil 11. Deus, of Darini
on, the negro who is chail ll .n of 1he
lepublicanl paitv inl the StatRe, anud J
I. Fordham, of Orangeburg, who pre
ides over ihe it. pubhi. in conventim
ihese ree divi-i i ( 1Iutie go aboit
41,400 a yeat each.
Thelre -Ire three(. - Iliveu depmies- .I)
atedI inl Columbia. Mr. G-oirge 1
Iuggini is the clie.f Ie has hei- ai
Mras successor to the late Mr Web
ter alnl( \vas a lironuii'ent eaidhtte f'ir
lie place whuich Koester has secuiredl.
Iluggins has mian ay I riend<( in the .stLate.
Ie wvent oiver ti the ll epli )IcaI uaout
our y'ears ano. C.apt. ,J. L. Little, a
aptain in lie U ited0( States armiy duiir
og the war betweeni the Slates, and
ne of the soldiers sent here in ieconi
truction (lays is ne (xt to Mr. I uinS.
heW other otlice dety3il is Mr. L M.
'oucehe, a Deomoci at. 11ev. .J. I I. Joh ni
on, colored, is the ullice clerk at a
alary of '$000. Miss Younigblood is
lie stenoi~grapher and Mr[ . E. W. Sere
en , a ltepubbeiani, is a supiernumeurary
n thle pay 1(11ll(of t he otlice'.
TPhe three ganigers are A. S. Trmbo11),
II. D ennis anid W. 1I. Boykin. T1hey
re paid 85 a dayts each. D).nmus i, lo
atedl at Newberry and is an initinerit
be a nuolable event to ( lothing buyers. Iii
occ~asioni we wilt show someD of t he (choicesi
e S-.asoni's novielt ies in .\cen and IHors' Snit
'ies thiat will startle y'ou \Ve wilf :show
of Very Fine, IJ l*-T'o-.ate Colorea S18 04
stedt $lit.+ at.-................ ...S 1'25(
ie of the neeweet colored $1.5 P'eble
-heviot Sitsi at.... ..,.............. ,
ue of lhne fancy sitriped dark blue1 and
>luo bla~ck Worsted Suits, $12 f.0 goode
or ...,.9
it of line $12 50 Clay Yorete Sui,
>lue alt black at ....... ..... ..... 8 s
,no of heavy riordedl. dark $1250
oested Suits~ at.................. 9g
muIno ufleishedI H 'po Suit, very
savy end worth $19. our price....8 4:
10 dlollar' all wooil Clay We -sted for 6 41
no, iall wool business Cassimero
It~ritlv all we'd Caslimofe Sail,
ort i $8 our price.. ........ .r, (1
ouod Wool Cheviot, ';&uit......',. '.. '5
oud tough Cassimere Suit at.......3 8
we will shiow a great variety :o; Neck wea
Greenville S. n
Th ii- t.u LIJ Itver aw P
R osevel e, said a Waashilng' on Mbws
nP1)r111 lntli, "w'.s wlenl lie was a Civil
S rViC. Co ti ii' i i0ler t I te c..l r ' i
'it* hod 141t ; lorii' Lp lo w j, i; er mf1n1
WH., Lyiv" o ll) il. ss I lII I It o V i Al I
Ito .oLvelt touchig bowe <ivil servico
(jliLetion. When I reached the geitle
Man's11 k homeic I was shlwn to the dlbrary
and pretty soon Mr. Roosevelh walked
in. Ie CaIne to me and gave me a
warm haindshake and went right to
business by saying:
"'I'm glad to see you, but sorry, my
young friend, you represent the paper
you do. The editor of your paper is an
infamous scoundrel and unmitigated
liar. Yes, sir, that' s jnst what he is:
but I know you can't help it. All
Heaven and earth couldn't keep him
from being just what lie is. Be good
enough to tell him I said this. Now
blaze away and tell me what you wish
to know and I'll do the best I can by
"And then, after delivering himself of
his private opinion of my boss, Mr'
Roosevelt gave me all the fact, I wished
and the last word he said to me was to
not forget to tell the editor his opinion
of him."
Crimson clover should be seeded in
as soont as the late summer rains be
gin. It is not a spring and summer
plant, but is like rye, and it comes out
early in the spring as soon as rye. It
will make fair headway before wintEr,
and fowls may be turned out on it if
the ground is not. covered with snow,
but it cannot be grown so as to be cut
m the fall. it starts out in the spring,
however, very early, and it is well
under way in growth before the earliest
grass begins, which makes it a valuable
plant for the use of p(oultrymen, not
wnly ir s)riug, but during the winter.
"When a progressive farmer, by the
use of improved implements and good
LeamS can grow 100 aless of c'rn or
;otton, how can a farmer compete who
loes his work with a single mule and
in old-time plow cultivating t wenty. five
acres ?" asks Farm and Ranch.
For Infants and Children.
the Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
8zluf of 44 W,~7~4
Tax Notice.
The treasurier'si-llev ait Plicki-ns, Cour,
I14lnse, South Candi-4l . wIll be 0open1 fil
NMiinilay, October 15th1 for the e..llie ii
if h1le4 follo%% ing lmlled taxes for Iart
Levy for Stalo Tac, 5 imills.
Levy fir or-dilir imy tx. 5 oiijs
Levv for Const iuiemllhal chol ta 3X
Lt. V for. past itillt' leh .i . 2 m-I,
'1,. il 1(v.3 for Siude a md (o i I 15
I,. vy fir in'e est Of Pi1i'ike. S 1 i n
''on1d-, Pictl i. (411rt h1u.se :OW sl p,
1-8 mills
Lvevy filr i ter~est4 (n.)I 11R h d,
or1 Liarrie..n t1w-i 1, 1-. till .
l v filr intiele't oni P l'. t a
orEncialo1(e tow"n,hij,, 3 1-2 mnilks.
Speeial ey for. schoo (l di1 ici N o. 9, 2
t.. A
Spec'.1 ia evy forl school dlist it N i'. 1(0.
Il% mills
Spial eiIivy for schooi1 ldist rict. Noe II,
(4 mill.
Speiail l 'vy for schiool dist riet No 1 3,
Sp~ecial Ilevy for school di-ti imt No. 116
' mills
SpialII levy for -chl di l s iet No. 23
Spei( il 1evy' for 8school dist riel. No. 31,
I mills.
S pecial levy for schiool (1istrict No. -19.
2 mtijll.
Sipecial levy for school di1st riet No, 55,
t uill-.
'oeid hiw~ lax is tl wo dlhOll cll ei4ctle at
Il5. to brw ~. Bookils clo-e D~euemr IiiM' t,
I i)190 . lRespectiallyv,
S .11. Chojama,
Our Shoe D~epuartment.
Ts loaded with values that will asto'nis
mu Think over these:
-om this timeon ilWe will give '4bout douh11
e space to our large Shoe stock thlat it, hr
cu1 10(d to thlis time.
Ladies' patent tIp Button Dress
Shoe (or ................. .....$ 7
Ladie's' solid Glove Grain S oc for7
Ladiles' solId Oil Grain Shon for. 7
Ladles' very stylish Dress Shoes,
button or lace, at.................9
strictly up-to-date Ladies' (guaran
teed) Dress Shoe for.............. 12
$2 00 wearer in Ladles' Dress Shoes 1 4
ame $2 50 values in hIgh grade
.............................,.... 1g
lish, for....................... 12
~............. ...................C
n, at----...................... 2
Shoe for............
The. IIrst licetse for a female piio
i"s11"1 Y th.e Balm, or board of sit aitn
htpl ittspectors1' %%i, :,lVen to Nl s
Tarr-.. 11. Iunter. 0 snow [iiil, MI ,
e r to nV te- v s, e 'f that at p" n
oL .k: 8 um, lU IS i. t h bma
ries. Mi . Uttr 1 I he second wo
man oi the Atlantic coast to et-tt e:v it
pilot's lie Ise.
Abrahatn Lincoln's bithplace, a
farin of 110 acres, near .d gensville,
Ky , io to be I lt ned into an icelriate
asylum. St. Luke's 8ociety, of Chicit.
go, has bought the place, and has an
option oil 350 acres adjacent. Dr.
Struble, one of the directors of the
society, says it will be a menorial to J
Lincoln, and the greatestt teml)peralnce
l)1(rjct, ever undertaken in this coui
The shortest term of Governors are l
ill Masacuette and Rhlode Islatid i
one year qach.
Church Directory.
Billow wve wrive the Imanoes of chu t-4e-s
pastors, and( the Slda.y.s om which they I
worship, as far we hare infor litiol. If
yourt church is not oin the list senal tihe! Iee.
essary infornation:
Lickens-ltev. A. J.8 iThonas-:d Sill
tday, 11 it. tin. ana 8 p. tie.; prayer ineeting,
WedAesday 8 p It
secona;-lIer. J1. E. Foster-Satuirlav hle
fore the first Sunday at 3 p. it.; Ist Sulvday
11 :. 1n.
Peter's Creek--Rev, J. 1. Foster -2d1 Sat
tirday 3 p Ii; Sutinday after siecota Satir
day 11 at .
Mile Creekc-Rcv. J1. E . Foster-4th Salt
ur-day 3 pin ; Stindity itfter fourtIt Saturday
11 am. i
Six Mile-Rev. W. C. Seaborn-Saturd-ey
before the second Sunday 2 p i ; second
Sunday 11 a ImI.
Prtter's Creek-liev. W. C. Seahorn-.
Saturday before the thirl Stiday 2 p ine;l
3d Sunday 11 a iII.
Co~nord-Ier. W. C. Seaborn-Satirday
before tiei fourth Sunday 2 1) tul; 4th Stl
day 11 at Ill.
LJbert.y-1iev. H. C. I addock. 1st anld
3.1 sahbat 11 ; eiornling, 11 o'clock ; night, 8;
5. 4 every sunday at -1 p ii. ; prayer tieet
rng, Wednesdays 8 p. In.
I Ei1oIST.
Pickens-liev. H. Rt. Ihitgnall-Ist Suin
dty 8 1 li; 2d Sunda4-ky 11 i i ; 4t-h Stdlia
8 P n; pria.ye.r ilnet.ting Wednesdays 8 y 11.
Twelve Mie--itev. 1R. 11. 1 )gnkal1-1t
Stnday 1V itI ; :3d Sunday 3:30 1) in.
elethlehiemn- her. It.11. 1 bagnal--2d Siln
(aly 3:311 P i.
Tabor-i-tiv 11. it. Dagiall-4th Sunday
11 a iI ; 5th SitbllIty h1 a ii.
EIsley-ieRv. W. ,. W iggin 1s-ICa. S1ndt y
8 i tel :; i d tud y 11 a tem.
St Pail-Iev. W E. Wiggins--lst Sun
day -1 pe mi.
Zon-1Iev W. E. 'Wiggins--2d Sn lday I
I t ; 5th Suenday I pm M.
liethesda-ter-v \Viggins-1st Suntly 11
ia t; :bl Sutlday 4 p in.
Antioch-lier. Wiggins-4th Sunday I
it inI.
Pickens urche---eI . IN Wiggins-21 Sni.
day 4 in ; 5th Stnd icay 11 a in.
Nowit llicKiNs CIncRIT-ig. C. J. M1
First Suttlavy- Pri Mieda1 iP, 11 a il; Por
ter's t Ipel, 3:30 p1 ml
Second Sn tyIe-Mt Bethel, II a in ; New
Heie, 3:30 1 iln.
Third Senthday-Porter's C('ntpel. I I a I;
Sitalemi1, 3:30c1 itm.
Fmurth Stiiday-McKinilte-y's Chapel, 11
a I ; Joeasse, 3::0 p1 1i.
W 3T Ii(ewr NM I inerr-lie. . I. A I to
way, Yitanut,. '
First. Ilkil-Faiiew. 11 a. le; Cit
tie lebee, I j. Ill.
Third sua..ay-Gap lull, l1 a. m.
Fourtlh stil<.e. -S1:41.lh, iI a e: ; I -
erty , 2. -I5 p . in . VIC ty'rt-:n A N .
7ie . T. I. Mastor.
First Sinklay- Pickens, I i a i ani.l 7::10 _
4p m.
1-.ect- ondiunday-Elherty, 11 a m;k E. ety ,
7:3011c Im
FfThird Sunttday-Centl, 11 a m;, a ley,3
4p mt. -I
Feifthyii 8udyEit ley, 11~r hiu nd73
p m. Il:to-Scn 1 icl i ~ rlty
ary, last1. MIolahly ill Maytli andi 'the feoi il
M1ondayk3 inl Septeeir.
A NitcuiensoN-Sl'econdi 3 Monday in Februa,; b
secon -Monday~lit in Jun1P ie Iandsi th foutha
Monday- I-in eteInhler.yltSIeEIci
W~A.lHALEA-Seii Mloneday ini Marebc
Ithet s--eondl Motuhnay aft er the, fouirthI Mon..
ilay in Junee, aced (I.e sixt-h Mrlae~y aefter
t~he fouirtIh MnIdayil ini sepitleber.
P'lIe-N5---ThI'ird~ teinheav inl iltarch, thIird l
lillndlay a fter feourl-th staetilay in-. Junet ,1
I. he foulrthl neicnday in septemerl.
Make RIE1
Great Jack t. anh
Almoet -,1
A rie ,J -rk
S A sly I-h .j
A .Jcket is
As styllih at
84. . olnspect C
r, S' Irt and
0 .i'tw..
0 A~ beautiful
0 --A all WOol 4
0 A big line ~
9, All wool flit
0 Double wi.
loykin is a negro, yet has the very re'
sp lisible p4. 0 fl r.-pr*siI Ilt ilig tihe
SUOVer,1itent at tibe HIN h11a1111 tIiisillery
of t %hii ci, wine 6011 Lu-ho 0of c1rn
IeI da11lly Il t llit e s iis i li
is 'ot'ate'd at. 1h4- vi t' lispeIvery 1141
hanile. th nsands of fiarrvI. ot, liIllor.
T[u. it will )e seen thal Koester'8 of
flee is indirectly conne1lcted %%with thle
In addition to the positions ilbove
enumeratted, IKo-ster will have the
right, to appoint two storekeepers to
look after government propert.y at dis
tilleries, and there are about twenty
live storek*.epers and ganigers at its
iany distilleries in the State. The
majority of the distilleries are located
in the uppor part of the State, but
there is a big one at IIamburg, near
Augueta, and another at Camden, near
These facts arc cited to show that
MtcLaturin, if designing to enter the
President's ofiilal family, has provid
ed well for the man who has been the
most, loyal to him. 6o if McLaurin
purposes to fight it out in the primaries
next, 3 ear, these forty or more minor,
positions could be used in the further
ance of his cause.
'Phe oilice of revenue collector is
equivalent, to that of tax collector. It
requires, or should require, the ser
vices of men of business ability and of
experience with the law. For in
stance, the government is allowed to
impose a tax upon certain kinds of
legacies. It is the duty of this office
to keep track of such things and to
know just what kind of leuracies are to
be taxed. There are many nice points
im the execution of tile law which re
quire the work of experienced men.
This year the California olive cron
will approximate 80,000 tons of fruit.
The yiel-d of pickle olives amounted to
nearly 10,000 barrels.
Thousands Have Kidney 'rouble
and Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling indicates an
a unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills evey
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for Lis won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery -7V
and a book that tells i ,s, ..
more about it, both sent Illl ..,"
absolutely free by mail, "' e
address Dr. Kilmer & [lomo of swamnp.noot.
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Send your b)usiness direct to WVashington,
saves tuine, costs ies, better service.
My offie close to U. 5. Patent Offce. FREE prelimin
AOTUAI. EXPERIENCE. Eoo0k "How to obtain Patents,"
etc., sent free. Patents rocure though E 0. Siggers
nlutrae mnthy--levnthyear--terms $1. a year.
ES.I GORS Late of C. A. Snow & Co.
918 F ST., N.W.
'LY ]BE(
3,~, -ades D e S o* at ........
I od ev M a' Sh fo.....
Adchls' Ds Shoptnttps to at......
A manetie hld's Shopen orp,.bu.t.
A child's hgood Mnea Shoe for........
r A hil's inedress, button, patent tip,
410 LJ LI I-I i j AAl Xi
The World's Greatest
Cure for Malaria. 5
For all forrns of Malarial noison.
Ing tako Johonson's Chill and Fever
Ionic. A Waint of Maa~lpois~on-I
.ll In In you r bloo1K I ieans InIisery at t
M11a1aril poisonling. '11h0 anitidoto
(tot a bottle to-diay.
Costs 50 Cento if It Curen.
IC 'i'A ll.E No. 2.
&#Spesde illt TIable No. I1 .tf
,N I 2:11 A. li. Ist, 1!01.
viul Dowin. - --~ ( , -a ,
IN.- l0. LST.\ ION S. No. O
AhIixe4-d. ig.
:1t a Iml...i l'i.. kens Ar......2:55 p m
45 a ini........x-rg.. usn'......2:1 p m
:5 ........... rso 's..........2:30 p ni
:10 a i ........... i i ............ :25
: 5 a ..........* N ki 's......... I n p
I: 5 a ni... \r Msley 1i-A....2: I5 y in
NTA.'' NO ii.
1:1) 1). I'v. iIoii~\ ii ii iU
p ........ *P.ergilson's..... :1
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MUNN & Co.3,roadway. New York
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promptly procured. OR NO FEE. Senlid noel.iik(ch.
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"oC. A. SNOW & CO.
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(Green21ville, 8. C.
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