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The People's Journal
Corrected weekly by the Heath, Bruc
AI rro.I Co.
m...........................7 7.8 to E
..................... .............121.1
kons-ien...................20 to 25
.. .................... ........... .10 to 1r
Butter.............................., 12
Ikeoswax......................................... 2C
-Wylio Miller, son of Irvine Miller
has enlisted in the Navy.
-Read notice of letting Hunt bridgc
on Saluda rivet, Friday, Nov 1st.
-An infant of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Ligon, near Sunny Dale, died Monday
night, Oct 21st.
-R. A. Christopher of Me t, fatlie
of Ex-Auditor, N. A. Oh ristopher, is re
ported very sick.
-At noon, Tuosday, 84 5 bales of cot
toi, sold iu Pickens had been handled
by weigher Holder.
--Sottle up with your merchants.
Don't let an old debt run over- it looks
bad and is a constant source of'worry.
-Found-Near W. 13. Allgood's home
a bundle of home knit laco. The owner
can get same by calling at W. R.Garotts.
--Married Oct 13 1901, at the resid
once of J. C. Lenderman, Mr. Henry
Londerman to Miss Laura Evatt. All of
Pickens county.
-A much enjoyed picnic was had on
Glassy Mountain last Friday afternoon,
conplieiontary to Miss Meaclain, who is
visiting hor sister, Mrs. Zadio Cox.
--Miss Essic Jones of lower Pickens
county entered the Pickens Graded
Hchool recontly. The makes her home
with the family of 11. E Grandy.
-Pickens buyers pay the viry top of
the market for cotton, and Pickons mer
chants sell the best of goods at the low
est consistent prices. Try thei.
-J, Tyro Looper, W. Ed Hendricks
and J, Harvey Kenne more, incuibeIs,
are asking through petitions to be re:lp
pointed to the offices of Supervisors of
registration. There are a few applioants,
all good men.
-A little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
T. J. Ligon. of Anderson's Mills, died
Monday, Oct., 21st, and was buried the
following day at Mountain Grove church
The funeral services beinvv conducted by
John J. Lewis.
-The colored school will open o
Monday November 11th instead of the
25th as was annoulnced in circulars, and
the promcilpal will ba in Pickens on the
1st day of that month instead of the
15th am was anticipated.
-Those indbted to the JOUNAL 011 an
conits made before the 1st of January
1901 will please settle with me at once
as the books will le tuirned over to the
stockholders at annual meeting ill No.
vemiber next. Journal Stock taken at
par on subscription. T. C. Robinson.
-Coroner Pars.ns concluded the ox
anination of witnessos in the Calvin
Smnith inquest on the 28th, the inquest
proper wits holu on the 171h. A verdict
to the effect that'Smith cometo his death
as the result gof a guni shot wound1( in
1licted b)y the hands(1 of A. A. Alexander.
Alexander is now in jail.
-The faculty of Clemon College will
hold a Farmers Instute at Mile Cr-eek
chlurchl on tile second1 Saturdlay in No
vember, thle 51am1e being thle 9th. Public
is cordially inviotedi, ladies especiailly re
quested to be on hland anud provide a
basket picnic for the accosion-Theo ses
sion wvill last only one day.
F. C. Parsons President.
Charles Findloy
Chiarman Executive Comn.
-Miss Alice Porter died at 11or home
Piedmont, S. C., 01n Friday 25th inst
after a long illness, and wmas laid to rest
thle following day in Piedmont cemetery.
She w~as a daughlter of Mr. and Mrs
D~avis Porter whlo reside iln Piedmont
but whose home wvas formerly in this
cou1nty,. Sh1e was a consistent member
of tile Baptist churchi, hlavmlg ber Imem1
haershlip with Mountlan Grove )hulrchl.
Th'le family have the sympathy of many
Not-ico is hierebly given that all persons
tresp~asinlg in anly manner whatever on
alny of my lands wvill be plroscnted
to tihe full extent of tihe law.
1). A. Chamblin.
Liberty S. C. Oct.. 24thl 1001 4t.
At the request of pronminout Alliance
meni oif the counlty I hlereby call a meet
in~g (If all former alliancomonn to meet in
tile court houso5 at PickerT.e imnmediately
after thet salo on1 Moniday Nov 4th next tc
consider the mnatter ofi reorganization of
thle alliance, would b)0 glad to hayc somic
ofi the members from all tile old subo
present. W. T. O'DELL.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A Reed of Anderson
were gnests of W. M. HaIgood Sunday.
F. E. Pickens of Southern Ry. spentl
Satutrda~y and Sunldaly at hom1e.
Rev.' TV. Hi. Medd being absoent thier<
was 1no service ill tile Presbytorianl Chiueli
Sunday. Rev. Medd is spenlding som11
d-iys ill NorthI Carolina on bus1iness5.
Dri. R1. F. Smith and A. WV. Folger
returneod from Atlanta last week. Whlile
there Dr. Smnith made pioihascs of sev
eral stylishI road bores wich~ 110 is now
shlowing at hlis stables.
Eliza, the inlfanit daughlter of Mr. Law.
ren1ce Lthem~ (lied inl Greannwool Wedl
niesday, anid was buried (in the Lathien
burying grounld, neatl Mt. Carmol, Fri
day. Mitr. Lathlem has the sympathy
* ~ of many friends in this said affliction.
At 0.30 a. m. Tuesday Oct. 22nd,
Walter B~owen laid aside the garment ol
perishable earth and took to himself th
Nossian robes of immortality. In h
thlirty seconld year, full of a patient spirii
whichl comeIs nlot very often to men o~
more mature days, lhe fell a victim, aftei
long months of snifering, to the dreac
scourge consnlmptionl.
Walter Bowen was a youngl man wh<
1n0 doublt would hlave aioiived high fam<
hlad lie reached the mature years whiol
are ..jlotted to some mcin. His deatl
was tuntimely, so men say, hut the Creat
or kNaiw better than man can ever knov
that life with God was more to be desir
od thlan any earthly existence.
Camup 46 Woodmen of tile world inter
red tile body of the fallen sovereign uI
Georges Creek Cemetery Wednesida3
evening October 23, Depositing the em
blen of remnembrance and sorrowirn
with those who sorrowed the sovereignl
of Oamp~ 48 Wraed1 hooward with the
ptad reaIlstion that the at link~ in thti
I will be at the llunter bridge of
Twelve 3111o Rive- Timrsday, Nov. 14
1901. at 10 o'clock, for tle jo rpose of It
ting to tle lowest responsi >Ile bidder, th
repailIng (if said bridge. lai and syg
illeatins made know it on day of letting.
Also oin (1am11e day I will let. to tie tow
est responsible bidder, the repai riIg 01
the bridge over Goldei's Cr(ek on ro(
hidling flrm11 iIter's 'Mil to Liberty,
IPlans anid spec(iieation ti:tde kinoi oil
day of let tinig. l1stiect fully,
County Comisioner.
Citation Notice.
By .J. It. Nswbery Esquire, Probate
% hiereasu, J. 1. Rtewar-t ilade silit
to me to grait itim Ltters of Adminis
tration (if theo Eatt of lnit 0eets of
Ua lvi 31. 8ni4h, deceased.
Til i A- T-'I' l-'Otte to (citS an1d
admnish all .1114 sinigular the kinldred
anid creditors ort lie Said C(alvin M. 811mith
deevased',thItt Ithey h-) a appear1 before
ie. inl thle ('ourt. of Polbte, to te held
at Piekenss (-omrt. [lof st'e, S. C., oi thw
1-ith day of Nov. 1901, :Ifter pIbIleilot
hereof n11. 11 o'clock inl the f.-ren4pon to
shewa ,if ifanyI IthCey havie why the
sild Adiminh-Ltratioii shotild It hot he gran.
Givenl uoler im, hmnl andl sel, th1s
25t h day o (-e'oher, ln1.1, inl the 121h
year of our Ii"ld1eob.ie.
J. It. NowhIery,
.1. I'. P. ( .
The "out hern ibtrjilway almouices ex
cuIrsqLin rAti 8 for thle Winter Sea1sonl to
the vanoulsi resorts ( of thw South. Tick
etis aro now oti ill", with final return
lmi it Miay 31st, 1902. For detailt'l ill
formation i!s to rates4, sedulos, tot., call
onl IIny agenlt of the Qout i-Lilway
or (onnection; W H. Tayloo A.(,. P-. A.
Atlanita, Gla.
Osmr K. latuldii. Ja- I. I in.libb
MIAULDIN &1111tl,:j
Attorniys ad ('oni, llors at L-,:v
. I i l l e r C l i v " b u 1 6z 41ib l g , ( ;i . I . , S C ,
Pratice il :ill the colts, Siit'e ;1und
l'ed"lal. SiweiiI ttention givesn to comst
mercial tn r.Noaivs hinblic,
The Souithorn lIailway has issned a
bielluiltil bokleLt <ntitled 'lltntaig &
ihig it tho South", wthiob is a very
Ittractive puhliuintO giving full and oit
(i1o itnfortmitmu elttive ((o the 1be".t h1un
ti ng ail fis hinig g huirai xls aong its liipo,
toget her witll infeinaiittionl ax t o rates of
b rosx, gami illiw, is of gulidls, aind
whether or It 1hItt(in are piostd, ete.
This ipblintiot is complete in o5v1'e
detail aid will I e of great bentefit to
hiuuters atnd fislwt-man il desiring to Itke
tin out. Copy may bx hd by addres
iig J. 0. IhDa m, ,b., I. P. A., Atlanta,
Ga. 1E. W. Illit, ). P. A., Cliarlestoni,
S. (. W. 11. Tayloe, A. u. P. A., Atlan.
ta, Ga.
Bridge Notice.
"0 will l t t the l we s r oisile
bidder, at the ridg ssite 4n011 v, No
VeImbhiei Ist, 1901, at 12 'ebwh NI., the
contrtt.for . 5nvi. i al rebligls the
11tiiit bl idgv oi sida river.
.I. I-'. P IG I ,
Superv~isr (irenlville Co.
L. I. SIllil l.N8,
Sslwpsrvisor 'iekens Co
Set a good exmiple to your noighbors
by paying for your loptit and reading it
for the general inforas:tions it containls.
NOTICE TO I)l-'ili- lHS AND ClhiEDI.
A11l)persos h1 aaing (i lhtis atgsintst the
estaote of lihantsoit)n uke, dleeased, are re
<sutteds to prtesenit thle samite properly attest
ed to 1thetiderxigined for pazymtentt by the 1st
dazy ofI Ilecember next. thesre indsebsted to
Saidl estazte please msake uz~ avmet to
Commtle ot ens sousld have led the au
archiists to keep their lttimndi ol thte Un i
t'd States. Now their last asylum will
beo takon from thetm.
Th'le Tlrustees of Cedai l lock School IDis
t riot wvill son Wdsl~htvai, Noivemberu (;,
191, let Iito lie lo wst nsponcsiblle hsiddser
the constrt fo sr thle trection of(s a School
Itsouse for' lhat dit rict. Ths TIrutstees will
lie itt thes )uske old shop 'i ec on that day~
whens sprititio s t will bse shiowin. Two
old1 sosol buildinsg in sahls di-trict will be
sold at samie timie :ti pince.
Oct I7l TL~'rut ees.
An~ 55hsl b.tiswlor 3saysi fmia5tiiges are(
reaIlly tnunh-s in heeni, 1Prov iiden must
hiave a gridg again tst a lot of people
:ttesl (oi htih.t 1-a :ss s~tss (ist
T-ii5 h i sxit sem s - si it-Iu tso5 i is-relig
in on di~s. o he andss for ibisit : n~saon
nI ons shonbcaits i -I ; sn hom 5 witso't aisot
Itl o i n -isberl ,Is' s she , r s he r n
Chrtistmst~ ii e somg. iaiss we wanitt.
Civerybody13 who oes ssTe JoeaiitNmt anvi
thting now) toi have a reseiptt fsor it by~ thin
timo0 th gsood dlay comi .lts Don st't f'orgrst
that fact. -
IBy vhitno of ans ' ord:- of thes Proshdes
Judis.~ i of jsiekins sconnly , I will -elI tt
ths ht residencsof s tum l:ssnI iniks, sli
U. a1-ed, 0 , ihe li 5z da oft Nsvss.hsr I 901,
tse pesoniital ins~-iery st stais I stattessco
sist ing. sit -1 issh.si, 2 wagotss, 1 t I elcat
I slthun eait, farminiig toosk,- 'arseterl's
osols, ((til, fsoddersi, &c . , 'sTerms (tish
Ote., 15 19t1.
A sinist rattrix,
Ths mnt whlo s ouirtx an ieress iiusal
ly figutre on driniiig a capsital psrize ii
the mlatr11ionial luttoryv.
'"One isighit try lrothler 's babt'y wmo
takeni withI (rousp." writos 11irs, .J. C
it wssluhl st randt~e befslo e ' onthill geti
(loctoi, so we g've 1. Drt Kinsg' Neu
D I~hsvr, whiebjol gi v5 q -lek relief ams
perotinntls ~ y ci ere it. Wii ialwitys keelI
Its in I lie houitse ti o (iost oiri 'chiitlre
firomi 1ropllj on I Who'insg ('onsgh.
churod me55 if a chrisetts birontiaiit tiroinbh
Ilib letl for Cson gh., C'ohsl, Thiroat ansit
ItLung trouibles. 5i, and til91 00. Trial hsot
tIcs fi oc at Itol &S 'lThornltey~ Dru~ tg Stoie
Sayisig~ meanl thingss 15tile oe bat
habi cutivtedmost assidutously by thts
For ale !
Ivilsell the Willham F'er
guson farm, 1 mile from Pick
ens court house as a whol<
(250 acres, 2o acres bottom
or divide it into small tracts.
Since the fire inl .hm11 lirIve hIken tie store-ron
Stretnex toFinay' .\arket. \Vec
Winter .1 new and (
Clothing, Furnit
Hats and Shoes
01, thw s:ann- "ranes kept. by It, in t he Iis
thanl cver. In :I1j.10 ti It e l ow s ck we hi1n
WOl"til M - \WIN-mi (-i,0yrilN SAVE
DITION, To*( BEl .',)!,1) VAT A sA<'lui.'ici.
Imlore yol look 11che her yoi'll be pleased wh.It
13sabb lhiiling. Next to )-inays jlrk(.
D. T., W. M. CURET01
G"ood Fresh Stock andd :111 "ulliSuply of
lil artiChes IeTeded fo Cli.old (
luinhltionl. Stor1 is In hTable Mloimlinini
stee, reat ( I)r. S Dini's I)riig Store.
blscriptionl du- to th pmper are
liko expr4ssioim of lppreiation-whel -
they are paid.
-Thl\V. I lunter mill property will be
sold by the IXeit ()f the 11lhunter estate.
nlj. I). I-'. I 3r4lopy, in saleday in Ib)eeim
her next, at lpinlie uteriy. if not dispos'edp
Of by privact Sale before hitt, dav. There is
al reaI1' d(ev(lo)L ab4)ut -1 0 l ilrSie loWer
with mne11h more availahh- power. tohe. hael.
This khr i411n1y a1 shorty dlistanlce ablove
the Norris ('ottn MIills, ti the sale will
give opportuniIy for in)vestIient to anyliody
desiiag a first class watle power in a good
section, 'TIhe sale will be criedi at Pickenis
(". II.
A dollar is' a1 smll amifounit, but it pa~ys
for ono your1's isubscription to TJ.uE JoUu
mA~. Send us; your dolilar.
AX.ll personsi' arle he r1]by warnied not lo
hire', harbor, or in aniy way shiel hmy4 wile,
Emmina St ephlenis, w ho, 44n Tu'iesd ay morn~l
ing, S'ept. W Ith. 1901, left home1 witlhot
caulse. Slhe is under1' wai'en ciontra1t1.
If you io ini(1 areara, comIo with or
1eind your tubscription to this dlico and
get receipt.
NI r. 1'i:11is Lit t le of Ilenit in I Iarbior,\
Nhlich. isV4 4e eihty yearis oif aige, ini ei
1 845 lie hais b.iii troihh-d4 tmo e o'* less
thling. in ti-e fur ithoee I m iienit. Li t
Stoiiiiih aiel 1.iver Ii abieti anl:iVwas soon~
fi'elinlg init b bit!.t-r. Iiia id' ueet Iietier
lie :-auys, ' I haui iised1414 thre oxes of the
TI:l' Ids an iii w hink lioI am wA . l'l.Tese I
nuthe'. sIIu nnte, ier and ihimls. l'ortu r
13y Ocemiil by .\nt inmiy V KePith. Thel
rececipt bookls areII ther als.0
fili wiites WV. II. i.:1t-, oi Ji'ii.,vil.
(lired liii aifter 4veryilhing e!-e' failed.'
Infal~ihli' for eily rn Ii , Sc hl ('U!U i.S (res,
h -yu'. It '' 't ion - t : lly tim . 11 (i
Wil. niWp ip is iiun ith e uinsi
'iiT fH l'l' i i i itlit \ 41.\ fY:i4
44lembi-ni b bIe i.f t4: h1(i- lac, wasi n' o
jlotislt 1il.-lusi- Ii ix.iei arm ail id.bx
.\f1't ei ll ii re;:11 I h V. :o d u 'nie t phv.l 5(I
wJ0ife r.,onn14.'d 'hil~~4an hin'11414ain
lIili mf Sail r uin.;IL' whitls in il' S
i ah4 t l i r- '(le eed.-Geo. fi. \l e. I tli
neniab-, l.in,4a3 'el. in int W.140 Va
tSeeral1i tothe er on-it-kae c uresi Iofi
paiJair.iii hay; bee in faveete b1 y ll
hiusto i fiinine ithmon ielyli
) I lii. y ulki, mci oii ai. hy J.(i W. lae
(jie t l t v urI t l 1)ript I i of drag oal ,
ore ))11 hcumlte.o Is perhdon' want. THEf
Jths, plliiay upialst tehe pac~it r. o
AIlt ~ TY iC.\l (u' l'i l .\V|-(1 '' l Vo\ sTlm I
byO. . F'ar:m fli'ill, el.
natd n lly ninmileiofrom theL~~
nealet ralway tatin andabou
lew Goods
lew Stand
lew Methods
1.1 knlownl as, the( Ibbh~l liilding onl 5Alin 1
Ilmve just opened 't.r the i dal aid
no~plet1e sltok (A* H
;hing Goods. . . 1
Wv fteel h1cie,' 1411(re-I to serve o(i r
'4 SIC\'iIlAL\ Ti14lt'4.\NI) l)o1blAi1S1
1) FRO1 Ti E ll-i i'll; IN (1)01) CON
. )n't ml1is4 III*-; (thi p11 tnllity to buy
ook around be'oire1 you come -1101c-the
11 Yolt I1110 I,.
Ld. for Ca b
1. D.1MO1RE,-1
-~h We.-t. EIsd Me.rclint,;- N
HIAS SOME0 ("0) So
IN FA('T EIVl\ YTllN(i. Bo
uits fr1om- S2.CO up1) to $1 2.00. '
A nice line of Pants cheap. C<
youh wan 11t any1 Shoes I have ('
them AT ANY P>RICi'. .
you want Something to Eat, W
1 hadve it. w
I11-rom loc up.
TIONS, as chcap as et
Aso Shotguns and Shells, also B
Axes and Ilandles, and F
lots of Soap, and lIv- p
erything you
Come And Sec Mc.
L L L r111)
Sst ock; enbough to sow forty acres.C
Better sow a good1 patch now ti
47il i (Oh inl handy1' for the nex~t S
sixty days, Plenty for all.
is l11indy to have, too. I have
lots oif it. I
kC(1eVl> vrthing i the GenelCf
ou :its (IIF.AP if' not CIIEAl'ERP
lalt1 li oll Vu l s(4 ('8 'o 14 he I a1114 P111 lass
goods. I sol ict it your patron- a
~. Yours truly,
P'ickens, S. C
gW Homo TPhonc No. 24.
feb22gf .
An 14t ack wa- lately' i4n.u(1le n(.
)a!lle of (.her14kee(, Iowa, t hat, narly .
oVed4 fatahil it. con1e4 hrouighlis ki
-ys.* lis- 14mek guIt so4 hunel he4 coubll not
0014 w'thout1 gi .4I t 1 pain, nor1 Hit. inI a
in1r 4'x(cept. pi)I,l by ushions.4j44. No)
.1ci; age Iha he1 14 wrile~s im feel -Hike a1
lick:ICehe 14ml k i y' trole4(, puifieLs the
(4(od 1' bilid- 11p yC444 healt hi, Onl
)e at 114411 4&% I hleyl's lIrug StoreO.
TPimIi.41 IorN.' is 141n4 dollar1 a1 year. If
Il owo thet paper anIythng, pleaseo pa1yE
Pa!y your111 subs)cription) to Tr'ic ,Jorn
,ar, thien reaid thle neOws and( koep in-.
S. C.
Oni alccout of this4 occasion101 the South A
-n lIhailwa4y uninlle round411( tiip rates
om1 I al' pints of its lines1 ini the State of o
outh Carolina. al-o from Ashovi llo
harlotto11', Auguisti, Savanna nd1( 4 iterl
Iturn, for 14ndivuIlls, oneI first class 8,
Ire ff41 Ithe round1( t rip plus 50c admis14
i)on to the fair. gr-ountds; minimum1111 rite
1w 4 in ldissionI to be $1.00 for adult s
11d .41 Pints for chliiren0.
For m:ilitarly comlpan1i'4 and4. brass
>and ni1unif'ormi, twenIty, (20) or' more
Io (one I(!kC'. 51pecially redued r'atos,.
Da- of)ale;*;1, Oetober4 2(thi to 31st in.
11usive, andi for tri4iNs sche4duled to 44r
ive ait 1 1hnob1 ia prior to noon00 Novem- g4
wr1 1It, 11nal lim it N ovember 1 31rd 1901. al4
F1or de'a1il infon IItionl as to ratCe, oto., il
4111 ''4 01' address a-ni y a(gent of the
30o1(bern1 lailwa or43 conne14Ilctionsf.
Real Estate. E
I l'ave for sa414 seCveral desirable
raictsi of good farim lanii ne-ar Easloy.
[t will be to thoIC interest >f pr'ospective
ityers to) see' 1me. If you idisire to soil
>r' exchan4ge for land see m-a boforo uin
lortaking to do so. Call on1 -.a add1ros
W., A. Hamliton Ea4rlev. S. C.
A Whole Fatmily Cared.
Mrs. C. II. Kingsbury, who keeps a
iillinery and fancy goods store at St.
0ous, dratiot Co., Mich., and who is
rell knovn throughout the country,
: I was badly troubled with rheuma
sm, catarr'h and neuralgia. I had
ver complaint and was very bilious. I
'as in a bad condition; every day I be
an to fear that I should never be a
,ell womuan; that I should have to
-ttle down into a chronic invalid, and
ve in the shadow of death. I had
ninlended to mne. I TOOK FOUR
tred my ftmily both. I am verty glad
)at I heard of it. I would cheerfully
Commnend it to every one. I havo
Lkeu iuany other kinds of inedicine.
prefer olI NSTON'S to all of themn."
hKJJUIOAN DJRUO CO., letrott, Huh.
For N 4a1byt. W. E.arle,
When you mak e priesen ts,
ve tasty ones, piurchasers
13' good articles.
Pickens keeps silver goods
ld jewelry; your presents
id purchases await your se
rxly lolled Plate lare l'ins. 'olor.
i'd Settings, .05
hdld llr1oocheus, Ieantiful I'aM
terns, 2. 25
,led Plate Neck Clins, Witlh Set
lngs, .15
'A Gold1-l'illed srn lt 'nin, 25
tck Siik I''ols, Golil-'lated Slides, .1
il-Filled Watelh Chaits, I'lain and
lar lnt ns, sepa:rale top' , .tS
hab'rilutions, I-10 goI,,
lI (uttolns, coloned ' 1ins. ir
f uti ons, Gol Pilled. 1air .50
k Goi hll Hings, ets and1( pat..
liwortI lira ict, : heart silver linl
shl. .30
-intg 8ilvet' 1r .:-, 'hain and
Neth Iersle, 1.50
Any article in JeVelry pro
ied on short notice.
Rogers X1 7 silver goods:
Atterns, 'Vesta, Columbia,
erkshire and Shell Satin.
orbes Silver Co's., Quadru
e Plate Tableware.
Yours for trade,
L. G. WYATT & 00.
F'ull line of Drby Goods,
roceries, Shoes, I fats, No
ons5, &c.
F'armenrs' lImplemients and
eneral H ar'dware Material.
ole agent for the I lancock
otr isc Plo and also the
orrien t H Iarrowv andl S toddlard
isc 1 Larr'ow.
All pesn inidebtedl to us5
re r'eques~tedl to comie in and
take settlemient at once. W'e
ive been indulgent and( want
>u1 to resn)ond.
\Jery Respectuilly,
Easley, S. C.
~ridges & Hammond,
--Dea':lers int
releral S Merchandise,
t their' (Origi nal si nat, PlIimNS, S. C.
WeI~T( k~eep (constanitly ott htandul tl lin
Drty (hoods, Groaeries, Crockecry, TIin-i
A full line of coffus of the best ijptality,
9 andtu 10 ptoundts foir the' dolar.
W~e tmke a sp~ecial1y oft i ho*s. Triy our
trviec Shtoe, I they sell frontm .1.50 to $.00~Ow
It a writtent gutarantee with et very'1) pir.
We deald in ShtintgI( tl dal cottntry pro
t( e.
IDrop in to see us, no trouble to show
>ods. \CWe want y'our trade. If goodfls
e il not as rpresetled whetn sold, big
('lm b~acklatnd1 ge't. yourI ttoniy,
Iridges & Hammond.
PICKEN, .. . . C.e
+ aNE
WDEverything I
Bran New Stock wvith PriceL
lb\D\VRI:, IAR"
81Ri '1 1ES, STO\I
Whe have bought- for hi i all
gYoods than ever and we 'r a.
PRICES. -Sec us beli():re buy'n l
we Imight save yoI IImoy. \\'.
ioe and also to our lin11(e ()f I
Skirt-s ; Ja ck ts \\'(- appreci;
aitee every' trade we make.
Yours trulyv,
cet I
Wanting Yo
I am restle'ss, never .
dcsire to 1111ke it still r i
gyreatest firtOf mli 1 til",
good((is the pe)p(-le want ald A th11W
experience is w'otILh aything, Ia
~I- emember1wl that. the clas,
the cheap order; it's the lhapp)
goods, such as it pays to buiy. I
stantly arriving, a TR 1-:N1EIINI M)I
Which Mi
andI1~ every bod(y tells the p ri. I
4j) inch S'a Islandi, .) centsL.
Alhl \Vool RN~ T 1will V:la~ne,
The Hest .25 cents; [lran <mi
l\Ien's Hea(Svy ~i Indrvests, 2
Dress Goods, all ( iraules mue
I sti occupy th: [iR( ).
F rom a Bro: ani to ao l'in'
I s]L
"More( good( s fr
\nd in [iet anmythting in dU I )r
\Ve have a nice line of 1 ;e' C
M SHOESI i 81H01
IDon't forget us when you wai
is ourF pet line and we will doC om
\Ve have a big lot of coffe: 02
and we will give our customers t
LOOK! One thiousanid poundl
cents a pound. J ust as g(Od as
the contrary.
Call on us andI we will try to s
give you satislaction.
%gtgRemnember we mnake a sp:
produce, beeswax, star grass, grul
IBeef hides taken if dry, Come ti
N. B. In order that we may be
we are compelled to ask our rie
Qoos o creit to come 1orward
he Best I
:a i-er and better stock of
'lt ion to give you LOW
' Clothing and Overcoats,
aid 1pecia1l attention to this
>s (i')ds, Ca pes, Cloaks,
Ito you r patronage and guar
ur Trade!
us inss increases my
I ha' e maide the
aIoi to !(t the goods the
righ p11ice, and if ten years
im satisied I have succeeded.
of Loods I han1ldle is not of
medium and better class of
1nw have in store and con
ist Co.
ol c'ompetitionl IRICE tells,
want you to continue shout
l;U InarIt.
5 adli 50 cents.
Ti iow on Si lOES.
i' S110s for ie,
anillie, S;. C.
eS Irll ey.1)
Goods; line wvit~h prices right.
apes2~ and ask that you see
to bumy a pair of shoes. That
- but to ple:ase you.
handv that was bought cheap
lhe benefit of it.
s of keg soda to go at 2 1-2
any, don't be convinced to
eli you something that will
ecialty of all kinds of country
root, and ginseng wanted
>) see us.
able to meet our oblgationsa
(is to wvhomn we have so14
and make prmpt pymngu

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