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The People's Journal
Corrected weekly by the Heath, Br uc(
Morrow Co. ,
Cottn..... ...............7 to 7 7.:
E ggs... ...................... ............12 -
ChIckens-Hens............. .......20 to 2'
Fryers..................... 10 lo 11
B utter.............................................,1
Bees wax...................................... 2(
- Hams............ ...... ...... ..1
-Dr. W. F. Austin will be in Easley
November 12th and 13th.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. iR. 1.
Lumpkin on Oct., 29th, a son.
-A. A. Alexander was allowed bi
last Tuesday in the sum of $2,000.
-The Roanoke School, Dist iot No 21
will open Monday, November 18th, witi
Prof A. J. Monly, Principal.,
-Rev. J. E. Foster will preach tin
funeral of the lato J. T. Youngblood a
Secona church on the firet Sulnday ii
-An infant of-Whitniiro ded at th<
home of its grind-farther, J. W..Thomi
as,. Mondny Oct 28th and was buriet
Tueaday at New Hope church.
-Read our adverfiseneuts. [r
chants aro constantly giving notie(
through tlheqs columnis of new arrivali
of choice goods at, bargains prices.
-Married oi Monday evenilg, Nov
4th, by B. 1). (larvin, Notary I'ublic, a
his residence, Ruben Anderson to Cas
toria Anthony, both colord. All of Pick
ons county.
Lafayette Anderson lost his h'eno ni)
contents by ire last Weducesdny 29:h
Oct. Mis. Anderson was se'riously -linrni
ed in trying to savo soni of ti I [email protected] -rty
fon the fire.
--Dick Jennings left re-: i.-ly for Ai
gusta whore ho will be wit I (4. L. Dven:
nis who onco did business inl Piviikens
Dick is an enorgetic boy and his friends
hope for him a bright future.
-Progressive inerchanIs in Piclkem
have located excellont street lamp lnar
the places of businiess whieh are. a ew
vonienco to tho public. They140 are kept
up at their individual expenew.
-Tho change inl the roa i at tih h ml
din Mill blrauch Crossing )nt ihe ol1
Liberty road has boon receive .I by th
Commissioners. John I-'. (ilstrap was
the contractor and lhe has dono a go id
-A.. E. Steplhens son of Supervisoi
L. .). Stephen, who hais been visiting
home for a short timo returned to his
post of duty in Wyomniieg st Moiitday,
le has a good position on the Union P1.,
cific Railroad in that western state.
Died on Tuesday evening Oel. 29th,
at the home of its parents Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. F.: Brron at Talley the iifaiit
daughter, Clara A., aged three, months.
The body was buried at Socona the 31st
ult., Rev. J. M. Stowart conducting thc
funeral services.
-The Southern Iailway is doing it
good work for the Country in giving cx.
examples of good road making tt places
along their route. It is to be regrotted
thot no display will be madle in Picken
county, but our Commissioners will
fake advantage of tire Greenville exhibi
--Miss Ada Goudlock of this county,
p been attending the Coim mnerci Bus
inesa College at Charlot te N. C. for the
Jast nine months and on the first ot this
month compl-ted her conrse ini teg
raphy and typewriting. She is an au.
comrplished young 1lady3 and is well ial
ifled to filli a position in any13 busineitss
house where the service of a retiined,
well educated young lady and ai proLii
ent stenographer and typewriter is need
*d. She wvould be glad to correspoi
to some one need.ing a stenograper anl
typewriter. WVrito her itt Praters S. C.
J. 0. Pickens, of Equality, was ini
town Saturday.
A. 0. Folger, of the South'. rn Ry i.
home on a visit.
Mrs. T. M. Meh, of (inisvillo Gia.0
js a guest with Mtsadamnes Mhniro anudt
M~iss. Ellai Johnson left Hatnunuy fm:
Macon, Ga., where shm enters a busaue
N. D). Taylor has rented thle 1Uniltor
property on Main street and is now lioniii
keeping therein.
Miss. Mary Robinson. of (;rti...k
Female College, visited lier paren's S --
urday and Sundtay.
C. B. Untgood and Maekh Wil'..mw, il
the Clempson studeint body~i, sptjt Saint
day and Sunday in Easley.
Missos Annie Shian klin an i'L:n.
Folger of Chicora C2ollege, vishe.l I:.11
respetive hiomes Saturday L lii IS:uun.
.Jau. A. Tlrubble of Lav~oia, G., spen:
two days Of last wveek us a giuest of Jt.1
Olyde. Mr. TIribble visited thIiis eiti
uponi a businesR trip.
.Mr. Laurence Jathem li' as10 remoevetI
gojmg to his Rie's (Criek plantat ionc
Eaplay peoplo) are alwa~ys sot ry to ltose a.
good a citizen as Mr. L~uthemin
The Mill Chapel is abnoltt 0Womphtt'
and oni next Sundlay at :3081 p. mn. ai met
ing will be held thieroini for the pturpots<
of orgalnizeing a union Suniday S -h t,.
Your scr-ibe borotofore has said vter
little about the mino rial prot gres; of li'a:
ley. H-oweiver, no one need for ani in:
stanit thlink that the town is cin: at stn
still! in this respet, fto' there are0 stver
ail newv and modern r'esideniceu:- just, com.a
pleted and in e mrse of constr'uetion in
and near the corpjorato Iiminits, and ailse
inpovemeonts are being made every wonL
up~on prlloortiCs that are'& (construet-ti
Mr. A. M%. Folger lhas but1 recet'ily liii
inohed his newr home at the cornetr ol
Main street and Piedinoat nyve., en.I on:
ly sine last week lie tiitertainis thooini,
uinder the skilfull suporvision of Mr. B.
E. Grandy the now Ifag-ood residenee is
rapidly approaching completion. J1. Ri
Olazoner lhas made decided imuprov
mefnts on his Main streeot re-sidienco. Si
it is clearly to be sooni that Eaisley is for
ging ahead.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Ha-n
dricke, on the 21st tilt, a soni.
Mr. JohnhWilliams who austainod ser
ious injuiries at a shiangle mill reont'y is
improving rapidly.
W. J. B. Chapman wants all whlo have
rice they want cleaned to bring or sendo
' ~November, as he has a larg(
clean at Salutda, N. C.
illey Hendricks wvill soon hiave
residence comp1leted; it is
Mrs. Evaline Williams, snfering witl
cancer is not expected to recover.
Wedding bells will ring in this~ neigh
borh~ood shortly, S. C. C.
A fanthall amisnver considered
I will be at tho litinter bridge on
Twolvo Mile Itiver 'l'bursdaiy, Nov. 14,
1001, lit 10 o'clocl. for the purposve of let
ting to the owest respotible bidder, tihe
repairing of saild bridge. P'lants and sp6ec
tillathins umde knownj Oi day of lettinig.
Al;o Otn Qtln (LID I will let. t tile low
est responsible bidder, the repairing of
the brldge over Golden's (,reek otn road
leading frot llntetr's Mill to Liberty.
Plns aml1 Specifications iado kiowin On
day of let tiig. - Resect fuilly,
ItOl itT S L'FW AlRT,
Conty collimibisioner.
All persons Owimg 1110 either by noto
or actlint t intct come lip and settlo at
Once or tie ts-alme will be placed in tho
ialdsi of till attorley my book" 1ttst be
gotten Atight.. W. 11. ASIlalOlRK.
My 1oni, Elijah (inin, left my preimt
is let Monday mnig aind it i wler
abouts is now ittiknown. 1. forbid tnly
botly from harboring or hiritg Im an
heo i itnier sig.'. Bi:N P. Gnaiii.
Y l.vo juiist bought a two iorso fbrml
3atl i ono horo40 am nair the Coult
I fotnse., and I. offer the satim for. sale or
rent. 1VY M. MA1LDA)IN.
The ouhr Railway has issuled at
heP:n'itol bo,-kh4t vntib "1lhantqng &
I -ihing inl the 'South",I' whlih is a ve(ry
-Iat!\,(v puiblieniOn gvin fill] and e,111
is iforination retteto thle best hun1
tin!g andl fishilng gromtiialong its lines,
tgethe1r wilt inftrma i'n as to nites of
boards, fr:unetlf hiws , n:nes of gutides, amd
wlhhe or not. 1hi aro posted, efe.
This pihiention is completo in eVery
det Itil and will bev of 'great beilit to
hunt1&.rs amal fisheril:nt desiring to takhe
-int ottt. Copy Imr.y e h1141 by tldress.
ing -. G. Jinm r., 1). P). A., A tlanta,
G11. 'I. W . 1111nt, 1). P). A., Charleston,
S. C. W. It. Taylov, A.(L. P. A., Atlan
tU, ('a.
WVo wat wht tat is duo its .,ioni sulbserip
tion. 11any couild read the(. paper withi
miior gree if they had a cle'ar reccipt to
At at met ing of Allitantcemen held ti
Pickens C. 11. O 1piltay Nov., -11 it
resoltltlon was iadopt i requestitng till
Stlb-alliale s to mct, at their foriller
punee of mleetinlg reorganlizo alld Send
-leh-.gates to a ment-ingf to be beld lit
I kn (. II. on t1m thin Saturtlay inl
Dt conl.ber next at I11a. ml.
JT. WN. ilrOCk '1mI his brother .Toe, of
Cena tral, were ii P ilka1s Tucsday tin1d
pIltid TuI-: Jo-RNAI, It SlStu intial Call.
We woiuld like to *hno ithe year with
out a delinqunt t3lsbriber.
Tina Maggie, till little daughter of
Marcus anld Latri Prinae", died at their
home tear Slabtowi, Alderson county,
OA., 28th, agcd two years and 14 (liay's,
and wais bumried at Mountain Grove elm1
etery ona the '29th.
" 'Our dear little InA is from is gotne,
we have no pet to licher our home; one
preciouis 1througlt oiught now cheers our
tie irt: We eau tieet her where we'll
neve part.+**
A male teacer to teach the timle
s0hool at Johnston chapel, District No.
10. Apply to.
-). G. Pmnso.Ns,
Nov. 7w2 (,'It. B'd. Triitues.
N otiace is herebyt3 giv'en tat atll personls
tre'spalssing ut anty mt)atner whalteveri ont
any ot tmy\ lantd- wiill be prios(ente'd
to the fitll ten,"t of ht haw.
1). A. (lhnmblin.
Libe'rly S. ('. Oct .. 2Ith 1901 -It.
Set a good examp)1le to) your 1 neightbors
by\ paying for your1 palpar aind raditng it
for thte getneral intfortatiton it contains,
The e'xeitEmtfurt iti-lentt to I r'ave'lintg
tntli ebtngo (if fooll ;tmt w1atert often
Ii of h1:unbtert'tliatn's ( 'lle, - t ' ':t t :1n1
('1uaii't ma:1 is C 'ann . anid we wat
everyihily whio tw.'s 'lTu .lo:nal any
thing ntoi > have a1 ript for it by I ie
Iim 1)Ithe goo d day comes('. Doan't f'orget
1 N v Ct ofl :m or~i" - o te Poh.
ih v 'u t ' 'l ta 1nce tt of latu liube, I 1.
(-: I4' d<; iti' I- hIt V III Noveo.hbet- 1 4,l ,
th" rsonl~l pSop -l of. .' ilt E at e n
-'itir e lgtof ~ I m h .2 wC -onsit rluns i':i
ia.itp (',,tt in in. I.CL ttk: t. apente's
li t o t1) )y n. 11 -fiod der, & i c., Te u. C s
Io~log' ~o iv' giv \ Nt lEt ku1' N E
-Il'rioi n ul ::d\in tam te
reuhone f H.m m).ilearin 'lick-Ev
Piens cout v.tt. a). (avn n'oar
(2o0 acppy and proses life.trn
o T(OTii ('A inE Nto ta l tt.\ L.\ ts
"ine tnciht hey brotheir's~ hat wta.:Int
iiakenil with tt'rou. ' urti ites .P ts .il . '
t wio nhd ofanl befo eor9 we don' gt.
dmin o Itao to tgi ve r ing' New o
D1iigcovery whmeric a to qu colcftmri
permi,)annl wed iat. W laske
it~indh houe Aliancnote hrecibn.
InOallill (aughi i, Co, Troaint ane
ens corthos a a whl
SMI H & ]r
S Iinee the(, firp inl .unt- have hikenl the store-r,
Stee, oXI t 1- ~'ilay's Mlarkeit. \V
Witra niew aint
Clothing, Furni
Hats and Shoe,
()f tIlle :l -roles li plit by s in l e pil
1than1 ever. In :1dditi-m 141.i ne-w stolck we 11
W ol;T"Il (l'%'W I.\T ,li ( ' IIN('.lN S-A\
DITION. T() N: m . I>,) .\T a' .\ M.<'ilcl(
D1 T. ?qjW. lil, HU METO,
g Prelo h- hwat pri l< ul l of before.f
101 n-.-ou look ti-4.1- 1wn r ui l ep es
GOODS. _._ /
Snhh eleinIilh'n . Next to I-'inl's I bke t.i
Iike ( XDimi of FANppre)CiGllE-IE8
hiya re h Stcp:a a1'llS ppy o
al Thil. needeil fMrllounsehlywhl ('en
sunj liv Lit. xtellu i i ( 1 tiabh (lou tain?
M aj . ). r. P i 1 . .i il s ) 1 Itcoir-.
het I Vxt, pitiilic iKtV. iAR KET i diCspEAD
+itrIlememb11ervathbe+Pmvl laeh..
'like plae is i f a peiaty dktaicnwe
the Norri . ('i itu Mill . ml rt Sale will
giveh byprith I xice tr ill vstile t to lstlyldy
ofbllpr i a sall efor hit, day. Thr pis
wo'ci'ei' ith m chmo eivaial poweri) ai to 'ati
NTis plac i s only aw shit i awebov
give. opporitun2ii.ty ft ietmlent' o a nd
desiring a lirst lass water power in a oo
soec.(.t iwl, Thie sal will i- t ricil at Pickens
C. 1I.
A hjllr: a s al l :111)1|1 lii i y
forll ntl . iwn 'I's sc it i it o 1 Tul.:~ Io-a
N.\L Ii i s ' four 25. Iltr
l l i e i n' :ie i'' -rilic wti tnti s l ti -<
liri'. li 14r11 li.(cr in'ilu wI sI lie li l .Ife.ii
callhai. :iil 't' u11-lo w it-n e' ntac 11 t . t
I-iet11 ii I c ik ci i.-s le hens
kift y u ar e t' :iars c oe iit orj
Ien your i.'cii suber 5ptio to tis llic alg
O .t I Jl'i O.E o II.cV T ilit,.lR TidOC
1111 ii out Afil,1L . hc 'Jl i
ir. l-In a 'ittlne fles fetn llihor
wlltrh.t iyoer nil~fa ie u ti 't n o-, -i
i lt i'n' i til e l Is l ili ltiil lot of I'
tlil(,' ot Ilt u f(i tlleof :Ill'ilys I14(t(
t .:e - I d It! n iu t i It' iL.,' i St A il O- f l
t m-i h Wit 121 In' 4 .i wi e t on.twis, ,tin
Yew Coods
Yew Stand
Yew Methods
.(m1 ino1VI s14 the 1:00h) I h6ibling 1on , laini
e have just openedA for thec Pall anld
(om11plete stock of
shing Goods. .
ave SI-'\'I-:lt.l, TH>'-SAN| I)(lLA HIN
1.11) Flilo.\ THE-:'FIRE-2 IN G<M)M CON
14'. )nt Is th pp r niy o by
L ao arounIId befor1, on iIComI Ie. h re--th
nyoul reach1 us.
:>1cL for Cash...
ljan (Il-- N V T , 'S
,"I'he Wve4 1-:110 .\lereh:1a1.*
11AS KOME- ( ( )l)
IN FA("T F,\'v-:YTillN(;.
Suits from $2.co up to si 2.00.
A nice line of P'ants ciap.
If you want any Shoes I have
If you want So t(Ahillg 1-:at,
I have it.
from 1oC up.
TIONS, as cheap as
Also Shotguns and Shells, also
Axes and I landles, and
lots of Soap, and I-:v
crything; you
Come And See Me.
117 TT-Ik Ikp
Ini stock; en'oughl to sow forty acres.
Bet ter BoW a goodIC pa t('h nlow.
(ill12om in hiandy \ hr the next
sixty dlayse. It'inty for all.
is handlv to hav', too. ] lnire
lots (of it.
I kiep (Ivery'thingo inl the ( ;nerl'U
.\ler'chandimo line, and w'll suipply
you1 as CIWl~AP ii not Cill lt\ lim;l
of goods. I solielit yonii p..troni
age. Y1ouris truly.
A. M. MORR iS,
Pikes S. O
flW~'Iomei 'Phone N'>. 2d,.
A FI'll;Nl'IslI ATT.,\(K. -
An~ alta1 141 Wk was laIl eh' d 2:on 4)2-. I"
I((ys. Ilis bacltk g4)1 -I hone 22w4 conh' not11i2
-lol! ithon2)21 i gent ain22. 21or2 sl ini a
('ha ir e'x2ept propIol I by en1-hions..o
remedy21~ hellwd 1hi2n notd he 2irii! 1)'
fo rielittlersI wib lr n dVi 2sh awomb-r
ful ine i h nl he' wrloo ies he feu e Is .i) .
niew'I0'INan . i 1) ma hoih--: medicine cores
you(42 4)w.' the Ilmer any:thIingt, p lea.se pa:y
NA lthln read the news andt keep in
S. C.
Oni alccount of this ()oca1sioni (Itw Soul ht
from allI points of its Iines 412in thle Stah If II
South Cariolinai ailso friomi Ashtv il le,
Charlotte, Aulguist:', Saivann al 21121(1in t4r
mlediate staltions to Colubi ):, S. C., al
return, for ind(1ividls- onet firt 41lass
fare for the round tr'ip luls 5t0 ilItsis
sion1 to the fair' grotiundis; minimu r~ ~l)1.. Ii
eludhlinlg a1dmlissionl to be .$1.00 for adt(21
1and( 50 cents for chuildreii,
For military comp janies4 and brass5
bands iln uniform, twenIty, (2(0) or miorei
121 one)0 ticket, spUciailly reduce(id rte s,
Dates of sale, October 2flth to 31st ini
nelusive', and1( for trinsit sobeduled to :r
rive at Columbia prior1 to 2noon N.>vom
ber 1st, 1f2nal limit Novnmher:l' rI 1901.
F~or detail informatio a01Is to rates, eto.,
call on 01r address aniy 4(gent of the
Southern Railway or connection.
Real Estate.
I l'avo for saile several dos'r-able
tracts o)f good falrm land1( near Easley.
It will bo to the initerst oIf prospiective
buyir2 to 5CC me. If youl tiirI to sell
or exchangte for laudt 820 21( beforo un
dor'taking to do0 so, Call on2 or ItM-e0
W,4 umtuIoy ,0
A Whole Fanmily Caret,.
lirs. C. If. 'Kigsbury, who Iceeps a
millinery and fancy goods store at St.
Lottis. Grautiot Co., M ich., and who is
well known throughout tile country,
was biIdl troubled with rhoutna
tism, catarrh an11 id Ietral.ia. I hadi
liver coluplainitt and was Very biliouis. I
was inl a batd cornliti on; every (lly I be
gun to fear that, I shotild never be a
wvell wonri'n; that I should have to
sett-le down linto a chronie. invalid, and
live in the shiadow of de.ath. I had
Oltunetith'11d to tie. I 'l'()()K 14()gg
Ji I'Ll..; .\NI) IT u0'Ef1. MI, and
e di'4,I i. tafily hboth. I am very glad
that I heard .f it. I wvou.lI cheerfuly
'eC('"lniiilend it to ever-y tte. I 111vo
tahnul 11:i:ani <ther kiinils of inieljjiie.
.1 prev fr i N'"It )N'S to 11n of them."
M1VI'il -. VG 1 0 4'o., Dlisrtt, MIeJA.
q , ;. \\ . 1 -,e
AEWl Hy.
I'zi \-m l t11;k( p)tresents,
v\ )I I;st <>:< I Iir asers
lu\t (2' O I .rt I c s.
ik sk silv(e-r g) oods
and1 j\t4 IOlry: your re. scIIts
;11(I , j~rclast s -,; twait \-vo r sc .
I(ccLiO ).
Ped1- sltt b4.
\%h ';h!l . :I < h, . 'i wi llj' t
W r~ - ;I i \v 11 ,r .v, n -a ns .3
( tb'- I'i i \ I h 2. ) iii 'a I
( l22 1
( i 11 . -i . 1
v I r.
W ll i ll eb1, ro -i i
iCII,-d (I ho - 0 W
Strln slve h-p~ht s i sn :
CurI oli 01 51011t D~tice.
Pa ttern s, \'sta. (IolIuIIbi 1
I Iec r li' aI tlid Sh.l l tI
l'Orlwes S l<t (('. g l
ph:( PlateTbwae
YOur- for trah(.
I.\ .- .V . .
A. G. WYATT & (00.
( rotIceris, Sho).s, I luts, No.
ll0InS, I>'C.
( ;enera'l I Iaridwar- MauteriaI.
So(le agen lt for' the: I lancock
It~ arIy I isC PO\v an(I also (lhe
IisC I laI't'0w.
a l'( 2 t' ( UtseI to (Ol11e in andh
make Settl( ia. at <ole. \I
J. E fi I .I~ \ W . (;i\., in o
Bridges & H-ammond,
General i Merchandise,
A t t heir I )rb ial sauu, l' N NS, S. C.
W a . p -nslantly 'n hand.e fuly li'
orf v)rv St; . G --1Il41 root rie) Cr ory ,:Tn
.\ it full ~ lie gel: 2)2ffee) of t th bever u aiy,
We uIk h a u p.hdyn S hlt1.ll 1)4 .1 ':O i'ry Wor
Bridges &nSige n ammcoundr..
Dp in ENuS, no trul tosho
DS + +4
the Best!
s Right.
S, &c.,
a larger and-better st
position to give you
your Clothing and Over
Iaid especial attention I
>r(ss Goods, Capes, C
aTh ")onr patronage and
Uv Trade I
.\s my1 business increases r
ras~es. I have made t
eason to get the goods ti
right price, and if ten yea
L satisfied I have succeede
of & od. I handle is not
medinm and better class 4
nlow have in store and coi
LUS T()CK of
1st Co.
o1 compeVJtitionl PRICE tells
want you to continue shout
I ; teients.
5 Z~and : ; cents.
5 anduu 5.) cents.
1P rices;.
IShoes for men,
y Goodls line with prices right.
:apes and ask that you see
to buy a1 pair of shoes. That
-lbest to please you.
hand that was bought chcap
eC hef'it of it.
; of keg soda to go at 2 I..2
any, don't be convinced to
:ll you something that wvill
2cilIty of all kinds of country
root, adl ginseng wvanted
see US.
able10 to meet our obligation
Js to whom we have sold
u id mnake nrrmn- nauman+
+ + + EU
F>I Lverything
Bran NeV Stock with Pric(
\V A G(( ) N
W\1 e have boughIt forw this 1"all
goods than aver vmd v r inl a
PR IClII~S. SeeI uIs b1w :- "1viIn
we l1ii t a v ou 1l M
lile :a d also to our lin' o1 I
Skirts- : l Jackets. \\ app)reci
antece everv trad we mae(.
o!!'; trul y
I0 i
I AM, B .
decsire to 1n1 1 it- -, i
grecatL st (for1 )1 I ;' I I 11
goOds the le wn .u at nLi
e!Nperile(e Is wmirth 1'
Aiwisrem-mber that the_ elais.
tihe 'lhecap (rder; it's tht. hap')
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