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- *Cap
t* Author of
.1--:-1t':1opyrIght., Irt7, by Hlarper &
cTI~l'Tiltn XVI.
A li-';I.: ca.I.
TI, IIigIt passed withiiouit nil fit
ack. I preiired it fire Is h
fore, lit it was not needed.
JDny dawned, lanld we could
see that1 thel guerr~lijllas ha.d nlaind thelin
selves mnore comrnfeinb,hvngo
rtucted a rude huil oif ioigis for sliel
ter, showing coiniclsively I1hat1 they in
tended to wail im1:i-linly f'or tle statr
Ing process to do Its work.
1)Irinh. tie da' the rulliltilt of tihe
provisioin. Inck hall pilioiled wIIS Col
Siimed lii heointnnd was supiper
less4. Agniln we,( entered uponl n long,
weary ihit. All except ralyself were
so woln that they evinced itle cniie
for watching. i They were geting Ie
niniihed, it conitionllIi whIch c11iws at
last over one iuntild forl his life. .\s
foir me, ny position was h1:rr0win.
My devoted frnds who had [1:4u- tii
atteiet to rescui Ine w1 u ere stalving
it lid, to crown all, tle osn It fo rth,
wh\']to lii d n t11 e th ' fll I l e l a t) V11 t .ipt
hal plan nd i t nea l h o led the ot.rIli
1i11o it, Ia s dIek (1 ed as l 1 : '4 to g inly
trile ch I lar e1-1 . or. I broit'l overi the II$"
V11lunt.on fill I was; well tilgh insanie.
(TohSetn I ii init t ret'sole-n' resolve that
lengvt'fre th ' others. but Would nild
InI Ilny deathl. I would go dow)nV to thep
guerrillas anld give myself IIpI. it 'Is
Ioss ie thalt Illy case ha111'ig btee'i s-t,
Post' o', Rtai 1 l I 1ingl a 1hi11 d
heITnts Would be able to protect the
girls, and, Bucek and G eitinebeg of
DO 011141ii.n t'ite baI d, aill ilght go In
But ther was an obstacle In tilt waiy
that I knew would not he easily over
conio--thg opposition o :IIalliy rieniids.
It wats ht11.m4 for it' to go dwn ll to Aniyi
death. lfelow col I brin(lg i111sei to
o so with all thie beloved ones en -
denvor-ing it) pretvent milt!Thrwa
Onle wyby whlech I Illight retnielrthn
less averi illt the a11 :11. liy. pro li
l1g the Ilit tary 11ni I-11 which had
taken Inev to Aiahauna I 1inight rtI er11111
1l1yselif anl object of hatri .Vl and cI'l.
tilupt. 'lspite th f i thi g confes-111
slon would (cost tu, I rs'vd to
1n11 iit.
At ti l i ton Jint i oo .'y e l utio
I lookid uilltli bil , wh asa'say
111y firlst obljet (4 tiogt-forv amny
Important guove. hi' Iwas tning ovel
tee battl'll'eto lookding d'w'i upol til
givrillio(. 111 hi the w 1 S(iipt' t - 1
ti o " es d Ife ; it hllal1'1l vei sct
befor on that ou lY w nian. N y re
solmred wylidlee th 'lrei llat li-role con
"esnd I amh iot iso ia s to .1)bi1
fayt be netosdw witetation. tI
Jackuspe y hea or surener wasiui
cagl oiiiine, ea onh' Out sint
iiten. he h at hnear aitrloe witet
"nalin' frien" asreeae
"Ioomging o thl ero wheve m3
badebuilt oazx bie.sApok eot.nl a
vavtlnishront, bth glom, ioly.i
"\\'ta hte o' goinod oht Io? s~i~p'
"fro enue rIoweart to11 a yo al tod
meet il 4lgn wih ', soon lawn wa.
borse byCtan ytourssdradcos
"\\ht do yo wantt' ea1 u i l
"Drhon'7" etd yor nelicometiento.
camp aginue J oive brought~lli
eand t~idyhe tthe burden'I wasluu
turned your men let he ni go lI
I g ie myf tnip nmyh?".A
"doayritng e to uncver la stc."Itr
edad(e e aesrntne
talo P. A. I\ITCHEL
Clattanooga," "Chickanauga," Etc.
Olle WOi'i liore."
" hr ) n tile. I ha .e to11
away, aund If I nIII mnissed anda It's
kiowi where I have beien I'll Ie It dendi
Ile was gone bwfore ti( last wori
Was spoken. I ret iurelit-i lo Ite fortress.
"What is It.?" cried .Jnek exiectailtly.
"H4e has lost the power to protect
you. Ile advises ie lo stay with you
to the last.'
"Will youl?"
"Yes," I lepliid, wihli a sigh.
"'i'lank (lind!" elainted hlen.
Another niighit of' hor'ror; 11 risilig still,
flootlilig fit( flee of* tIl rocks 11111 0111*
wnnt fraves xi,vit inky glow. A inore_
wretche lot of bn Coul not he
rloi ntioI x Hesaways at se:1. I
had uring the iiigit hI tllhtl11-te11, forI
wliatever (of rust Ia I itnt to an1ly of is
had beetl ralle. Stilpol thanl slp. Or)1'
cheis were Sunken; 11 Mt Ilgoo i-([r eye In
their Sockets, were turlned toward theo
red orb of day, wleh.I to our, reveril~
111111g ti ti slll nlllvta3ed to he adllneing
to strike tle final bow.
A great change lin corne OVer us
during the night. ,1:nk altern-lated he
tween burst of pnss 'ii' on niul] vil
illny enre i pir t, Sprol 1 inkled witlh hu1 ior
ous Sallies betwee 1ts arnd siles
willc served1 (I ) li e11 iiillonnwiSta 1y1
thle gloom for fthe otherllS, bu t only rel
dt-red Inv inlore wre-tched-; Biuck craved
food lnore 1:i n al the it(, st and after la
Ie w i ainl efftiru s ()t' pl ar lue W one Ied
took o 11 ghlast ly look that cut 114. toll
h ( 0ling r spelt in grtat daII of
Is till In prayor; lleen seIn'ed en in,
yet I nol1'd a strange look In ler' eyel
li'l to this terrible WiIrueni)n1g She had
been the inninstay. of thle party. UnI
der the Strain that "Ioldering fire
wIleh hirllnd wll't l3.Ithin her flared o111
Iously. Turnting to Iue, she asked
"Ar yo a) 'Cotnfd(titet or 're yo ta
We 1111 itIVU 'i111111.1ci 1111 1'it
"Wait lg 1'atters it nlow?"
"I enine to save You, understandig
yoil to bo n 'on ederte."
"Woubl youl ablarndon tue 110w If yo0t
li w Iml to be it nion I an?"
She t i ' away' li d 1i I siw that she
let epn.I put 1134 f-l1 1 abouit her
11't l111w her hei dmlwn on li' ny brenst.
her 14. wit long : 11141 Silently.
WI -', ti-. 014 was Inolls' ous)1 of whIillt
Al e did or wit .1 i 'r 11her t ffe1111rin gs 11 :1i4,'
her e1(1 did 'i l fiot his k lno, ds I
felt her heart he li galinst niline I
wasc(it'u o thel birlth Of a1 new\
As the sunl roso hiher It bit downt
- i uponus w\ 1ih alII tim lnr a rin-at (if
deilly the whole colnnimnad started1 up as
If touched by a current of vitality.
There rang out on tle still mountiain
air the clear tones of a hugle.
There was no inniclli t lon about tlils
sound. ENch note cut the air with
sclIter'like shariIne'ss. T1o our eirs,
whetted 1as they were for sone tidings
of relief, It was like trumpet tones
froin heniven. It ecloed and re-echoed
through the nountains, each echo faint
er than the last, dyiig softly in the far
Shading mny eyes with my hand,
peerilng (ownl towIrd ith' rondl, I saw
thr'ough at sillI o (ll ig IIn thle trees'.
tiles of ca valry passing by foiurs. They
Vere too filr- for. 1110 to (istillgillsh
whlether. they wor~e thet blue or the
graly, hill It 1un1de nto llffere'ne, elf ner
side wouhl he Velcoinle. Selzing i Car
blue, I pointedl It lit, the sky and flired.
The bugle and mny shot piodticed n
inagleni effect oil tlit guierrillis. \Vlith
out walting to gather atnythilig hut
GiN{er {guthered her lintp bodyl lit his
arms an urt curclhcr onl.
their airmns, every nmnn of thern <larted
lwaqy into tveoods. They knew well
wha11t woul bie their fate Couhd weu openl
Coininun11c.Ietion wvith thle envalrly.
"Not :a momnent Is to be lost," I crie-d
to nIy connuarld. "That hugle enIll w.1s
filnle to 11:11t. We ruust enltehI the
soldier-S beforeo they Start -gninl."
Gathellritig thle gunls fndli plating ha1l1f
it dqozen earItrhldge-S 11ta r-einained III
Inly Inwket, wve fill left. thet for't thalt. hadI
ser-vedl us so wvell anda startedi downi (lhe
deellvity. \\'Ihout thle Iinspir-ation of
thost! hug'le notes wve coul senreeuly
halve ern:wled away. Now% wve nlot only .%
wvalked.l but.wkd rapidly. One paIst
the fhin1king r~ocks wve turned to thet
left, skirted fthe base of thie hill and
rna:de stagtfor Ithe roald. I led,. and
,4o gr'eat was Illy an1Ixiety (to get the(
others forward-t that I wans conlstantly
getting abend of then. I that
Ihlek wa.:s lnggiJng, -Ind I star-ted back
to help11 hi11n whenl liitln Stooped, took
himtil lpin her nriins and threw % himn over
her. Shouler. lie kieked So vigorously
ait this inligity1IN that H~elen put h111n
down, nld. Is fuylending hhnll
strenlgthl, hlit, on, ceI(*- took (lhe leadIt be
sille lilo. \\o hiirric-le oil, logv lilt(
agi okn n- t nk ueta
wlnur lith spt u here lln had1 sen the
(afll 8 tr,'JUrs \\I'Pe lul O-i-l-.
teir hu1'1h- M'nll- 111t1 wfs the~l order0(
1inW:4il' Inth Wsoodh. guerrileu ll
wolbit liioltllieyas their coni Iht-Oiel
COrlilillthln liinckt ate us, ir
"'ot I le!" Iid "\\' h re l still cind
ttr l :n i tl't a' 10st 11 Ptee behal i ne.
llelwingbg th li ndy ilheknL w111
14 :eret Ing. .\sel:ii I elt she dowtched
ciwad:no fve1ll. teowe ot reach
hv e I tille h Vl pI ked her up. Onceii,
ther~lig heks1 bod tinl hts trile
let hked reit'in tt oh'i hler a1r-1(
rite her on Tghit burdIlen ol.I lred lousto
th ge4faithfu li shile IXeine to getvte
huni'l frsc:irg, tandI he1 pulsed n,
tho ugh ith~i oftern tes. S (lt
'ilW1 reliviige you 1 prsntlye Giger,
eri a It . lhl ku ias lo as ygtollni.
W1 e ntn le toi n dleesso t ho i ed e
ter ofl wheiiih rani te iniuntinsrelnt h
desilnt lid thet aliten In h poste
flut I iitss. \ Caied hsilt to (Vloet
righIit iel is to thei h- ief tb tI el heret 41
tr liinssaget pll. ed dwn the derv
iyul. Iuk was fluw stikinglil toie like
411 ie lele was ii l islt b h twile'
n' hilrled' yardt h1.ek ti le stilger
lit Il n wih ,n k. I w ied a n
itci' It Ii for ll.t I tie p an d e led:ci
the ta into'i hthe ravtki ineing tp1o11
had iaseid o h trnn. '1wli 'ei oni~ci at to
d ie Iingier il atilbd ~nd dueined tohIs~
burdenI 11nto1 thel water. idh l~s n
Theug ef~t on (tl.ink wa'hs.mreos
''sion rli 1t il eil fo dropp'itlClugernd
whI attempt d to take her 1p, gave dl.'
ne (box lit fth ar It'ht'5mad iiit icn
glte. llI it!ing, s dashe upi thle rtiiselt
land'(Iaine lth fulit' tbefoete.et
~~l't( I.ihi 1through'4 ai level'413a wooded
winei, wltellsoon tom to te rond. ll) gAv
hgle abendi ioundedit thlet ordp to trit.
awhe ln rtn the dlirechto bf the oth ws.
desrtedg througnm a shrll wooed
"llTe guerri 1111!'' I cried. "I . is now
a race bet wien lif e andit death,"
IWVAS at a loss to know what hiad
brloulght a bodty of' ena'ilry' u1p Into
larnled aftterwartd that the had'iit
Celint fromn Sbllbyvilit' andit wtere on
thir way Ilt ank I lridgeport, whetre
t hite Melinihi I nd 4 Cti(ha rltestn ra Ililroadl
crosstes th i''Tennlessiie, wIth a y'lew to
they hil hearntl 4f a(Con federate fortce
In0V ing on til ithi n k to cult tiim oilf
antd rt(r:. ed their step). Iluctk 4indt
J'aquielinet hiadt real ly heard thleml going
bugle enlls we all heiar'd sot dhist incitly
were sounded on thoer wav back.
"Where did you leave your horses?" I
I asked quickly of Helen as we hur- a
ried on. g
"II ai clumup of trees near the road. 'v
Thero it is now." She pohited to a It
thicket. t<
Great was ily anxiety its I ran to the e
Place designated to know if the horses at
were still there. I wNas doomed to dis- It
alPPOIn1tilent; they Ivere gone. There p
wils no time for reping over tihe? loss. el
I m 1 1ust th in k o u t tie p ro b lem o f o u r "
11m11ne(1 lte netlon, a1t(ulinht listan tly. ni
Two courses were open to us-we might g
follow tle Cavalry 11011Iwird, or we
c0uld stile out, townr he s11th. a
'nch Ii plan hnd01 its adyntitages. If w'e e
followed le envalry. ve in Iglit sueeed V
incontinlg upl with then-Il, InI wichl 1)
'Vellt we should be sae b. t as t-y 11
wele iOtllit(nted il w e wv('%vere iot there al
was lIttle hope of 0111 ove'rta king t hemii. g
lieshies, tihe glerrillas would expect 11 C
to follow that colr'se. If we plished a
sloulth1, we 1iust nhanuolon Ill hope of
falling ill with tie troops', bil wvohlil P
(111bltless iniltend the giierrilhis and W
9:nin conisidern. ble thine. \\e wouhillt also W
hie Iuovin g tovard the hornies (,f ( ie ot h- t
etS of tle party. I struck out ouh- h
"What, are yo' goltig that way fu"?"
Cried Jack.
"It's 'the wIaY to go."
"Well, go ahead; ['iu going after the
She turned and starteid north i wa1rd.
I seized her faild, ta king her iIn Illy
arns, enrried her a long with tile rest,
she ra Iilig It shower if blowIs from
her little list upon lily hlead. We
pressed oil wItliout I wor till .lnck,
eIther tired of tlie l tuaton or iecoin
lng Sen1sible Of the absuridity of her
action,, pronilsed that if I would put
her downi she woullid go wIth 11 us pea1ce
ably. I set her on1 the ground in at
Very disgruinIttledcol (2(litionl.
"I Wish CIaptain itinigolbi were here,"
she uttered angrily. "Ile'd iaiktj you
Vny fo' that."
The roa(l was so winding that I did
not fear any one b1ehind could see us
froIn ia distance, wlie., should we leave
it, 0ur progress woull be very slow.
I Chose to take the risk of being seen
and4 liut as great Is. istanlce as iossible
between us andI11 the outlaws Wilie
they supposed they were oil our track
inl the (irectiol of tle cnvalry, for I
felt sure they wouild 'xpect us to take
that courise. We had lot gone far le
fore we liet a leani coulntrym1)an1 Ol
horsebaek. In a few words I tol(i hhn r
of our sitition and begge( h1iml, if, le
Inet the gieriIllas to in Isieal thein.
W hen lie learned o1 ()ur1' starivilng con
ditioni, le pul led a 1aI1I: blhck hottle
containing wi isky ot11 of Iis s(h1Ie
bag. I forced every Iiuembitei' o' tile
par1ty to dIinIik anid, tossi:g tile eipty
bo(ttle- to tht!e01countryman:11, hurried onl.
I knew that thle ,itinslan.lt wouh11l aIvaIl
us bit a little vhlle. then would only
unake Inatters worst. llen valked IL
on, showIng io effect viiatever fro N
the 1atIon. .1.nck danced along as if p
Flhe0 wer'e it I Pleiiic party, while Buck rc
Suddenly benie brave a, 11 li. t
"Don't yo' thilnik, Mr. Brandystone,"
he saId, with difliculty getting breath
enough to altliulate while walking so
fast, "We'd better sto) al) light 'em1'"
"I think you'd better stop) talking
anld sa ve your' breath for01 walking."
"lteekonl we better stop)," said Gli:- e
ger. ''141 thank dle Lawd fo' lettla us i
Out 0' dat tr'ap atn pray43 fo' dem11 g'rIllas
t' git los' in do iliderness." .A
"We enn (10 that whlile we're walk
ing," said llelen, "and not lose any c
tI tne."
"'Spee' de lprn'rS 01n (10 kniees Is mo)'
eflilcacerous," r'eplied Ginger, "but mnch
he0 we don't need 'elu like wve dId a1 spell r
StIll there was no soun1d In our rear.
IIolen asked if 1 did not thInk that
keeping the rond wats plretty risky. I
told her that I would soon give the
word to take to the woods. Coing to
a poluit where there was a turn, leat
lag a straight pleee of r'ond back of usR, s
I tohl the rest to goi 4)n wivlle I waitlted o
and4 wantc'hed. 1 st1o 41 nst(in81 g ghmeiects
haek tIll iiuy atniy r'eachedl 1anothler
turin Ia 14 inne', thlen, piressling or11
wnard, cenllit ul ithi them. Ini tIs I
tinedt' a rear wa:tchl at the~ 8:111ne 111114 1
for nearly11 half' at1 1hour1. ThtiI the a
Strenigthi of thle party-, wiche hadl thus
that I Riad uised all thei (eergy thr Il'V e
wa4s in thni, h-41 the4 wayi~ off1 th ond i~ r(
Into thle heart of thle fo'rest.- We 11uid ti
senrieely golt 11nto the4 woodlls wh~enl we' L
hleardl a t'lat terinig ofl Inltofs oni thle r'oad.
Whlethler t hey were linde by thle guer
rillas' hurse's ori not 1 411k1 not1 know11, bult
I felt si'e they were. We wa~iited till
theny wt're out of hein'iiIig, thlen everyv
"'Nml, I inlger,'' 1 8:1hl, ''It Is a good -
1111n4' to give thainks.'"
I ettIIiig on hIs knees, GInhge'r pioured0 er
out te thainks 4of the4 party3 in w4ords1 CC
n18 the4 watters (if a1 runn11ing str'eam. I, th
binig of 1that perunlslin wiv chi has4 for u
its mttto, "Tru lst in (God, but keep wi
ger1 waIsd <lsposedl 1t1 prolong his thanks.(8 fu
giving iIitule~t'inel, golt up and sta(rted R
to Iiid aL conlveIeInt place0 to hide1. 1I~
80oon struck a lIttle pocket formted by' th
(lie comng toget her of' several dleellvI-t
tIes and14 sur:'ounded1 1)y ticekets. A lIt- tl
tie runnelt' passed04 thrlough It, and,(1 hc
stooinlg dlown', I (11uenched(( a thirst that1 Pm
wvas bui'ning mue. Itturnminlg to the ta
party, I letd thiem to the0 ietr'ent I hado
fotltnd for th1e4in, thlen left th1101n to go in li
sei-ch l of lpro1visionsi. 81
It wavis niow '11u114 dark'l. I wvalked i
half a tulle, wheni I saw the lIghts (of E
TrnI1ey ('Ity. G oing 1(1 thle towna nd uit
sele'ct ig n house84 staninlg aparit fro'cm
thet-rest, I olnrhehd41413 hol l u to it ando ati
knocked'l at th In'oor.1' It was opened wI
by a4 gIirl-he only' 41'occulpant (If thle .
luin 4e, a wlb 11 yed3'( c1rentulre in dilngy'11
vanlico. unishodl~, iit' saintr1e Cut loc'ks
1 uikedbid he r im hti tears. She alppear'ed
(to be 1in a chele i t staite of frIght amnd cit
ev'hllenlthy t hiouight ilt' one of ths men0i14i dr<
wh'1o werle4 g.oin g nhlout takinag adv iani- "
tage of' the 'abseeni'e of restra1Int hnduiced uci
by3 wari to i I hel thIieseles to whatIever' Pat
they'3 wa nte I. I asked her for- some1 for
foodl 1n1i a hew cookIng uitenisils, and( I t
wheni 'i I anid her' flo' them she was tto
struck~l dumbiih ithi amlazeuimnt. I r'e. biur
turnal41( (to 1 111p wIth pr i1ovisions, mat(ch- u
s. kill't anmd It((a ofe4'pot.
(Gingern an d i luck had gaLheredl a Aod
It' wood)1 for the fir'e. A.t the iner' rec
'xtrenityl of the phocket We occu1pied4 eXl
vns a 1nw Ieds of ,-..r,..,~n, ro,~..R
projected liut a few'feel and was
bout the height of little BIck from the
rotiid. I heialtated for soine title
'lether it would not be dlligerois to
ght a fire and thus guilde our enemnies
> where we were, but at last conclud
I to place the wood under the ledge
nid cover the front with boughs. Driv
ig three sfakes into the grolind, I
laced the wood under them and light
I it. Then, tilling lily coffeepot with
ntter from the stieam ad(] putting in
iy coffee, a very pleasant odor sooni
reeted o1r nost ils.
Bit aill were too finislied to wait for
cooked Supperl. Seizing 11pon Sonme
)Vrn p)one I hn11( br-onghIt, the(. others'. de
oured It eagerly, I rest Ia iniig ily IIp
DtUtN long eniough to plit Sonie hilCol
Ito the skillet. One aritilel of food
Eter anlother was devoured as it w:s
)t renldy, and our coffee without nilik
tine in at the en(1 like the last course
, i dinner.
As soon as we had finished our sup
nr we put out the lire, laid boughs
here it had been an11d covered them
Ith dry leaves, nuaking a bed for tle
o girls and Ituck. (inger was to
viounc wherever lie liked, while I pro
I lonia(l l(s tell her that I loved her.
osed to wvath. L.eanig the others to
et to Ied, I (ok a Cr bie and walked
nvar idhe r(;nid.
There was a llit. Ste) behind ie,
id, turnaing, I sw It'llen coning.
"("o bick." I said. 'and take your
'st. You1 need aII lil you can get."
"I wish to take half your watch.'"
"You shai: d1 lo Nl such tling."
"I Itl Stronig. Tile supper has re
lved ile."
"HI'een" 1Samd< quietly, at the saime
mie taking: her. han11d, "I finl In cornl
m(d. As 11 good soldier it is your
Lity to obey."
I led l': 1Mack to the catip. As ive
issedl hand In hand over the dend
aves and crnekling twigs liy heart
as filled even in1 0111 peril witlh a sil
*cImC happiness, yet a ha ppiness mIII
d by the gulf between us. I longed
tell her that I loved her-for' her
.'lvery, her treiigtl of cInrnc Ie'e. her
,vot ion, for liesel f-but I Could not
Ithout con essing n Jysell' a n eieniy to
I she leh. ltdenr.
Whien we reachled thle camnp. we stoodi
ce' to face ini the niiooni lit. it seem-i
I as liliossiblde to restrau ii t lie words
would titter as It was lhiiposslfe to
ter thenii. I dopoiped her hand anid
ailktd away to resume11 any watch.
From 1an emnineiice I turned and look
I hack. She w~as still standinig ini thet
oonilight. I knew that she was dlis
?poluitedl that I 1had( withheeld an ex
'esslon of iniy love. What dold I do?
iu'ning ngain, I passed in aiioing thei
All through that long nilght I wanlked
'ith a soft tr'end, hetarkeinig to the
ightest aound, straIning my enris
henever a br'eeze rulst led the hiranchesd
! the trees or staritinug whn I h-ard
>mel fur 'onted( Viceatulre prowlinlg ini
archi of food. Ye't duinlg ny watt-l
Lie pictutre was Ive pi'lresient befi'ore'
1c. All night I saw Icklen stiiuliig in
to inioonl liht, all niighit I b rooded't ov'r
ie baii eri that stpat nIed 11s. At dawn~'l
felt that I niust get sornet rest or* I
'ouhl( inot he' i nhe to lead the ia rty
tirthe'. (ohing to fte little earnip andi
wvaloinig (;iig'ir, I h'd hii (lil t to
here I haid lbeen wateiig aiid tol
lii to ke'(ep inin'ig baickl and( forth a
iort diistanice froii fte i'o~id and1 ini
t50 of dlanigeir irise thle a11artn'. Then.
turin g toi einpi, I threw iinyself on
,e ground and fell asleep.
Sewing as a business is an exacting and
~haiustinig o(cupationi. Lonig hours, linie
ark, poor light, iunhealth y atnuosphecre
these are only some of the things
iuchi fret thienerves and hurt tihe gen
al health. Often there is a diseased
nditioni of the wvomanly organisnm
nich causes backache or headache and
e working of the swn ahn
Ider such conditionsisaitoorue
'Thousands of
)lnenf who work
ve written grate
i letters to Dr.
V. Pierce, whose
favorite Prescrip.
mn " has enredl
elr womanly ills
md1( established
eir general.
alth. 4 Favorite 4
escriptionl" es-.
>lishues regular.
ity, dIries uni
a lthy and~ offen
eu draiins, heals
[lamm iation and
ceration, and 0 h
sfemale weak- ,/
iss. It mzakes
weak womlenl /1
ong and sick
men well.
sick women are inv'ited to consult Dr.
~rce by letter free, and so avoid the
elicate questioinmgs, offenisive ex
iniatioins and obnloxious local treat
tits dleemeid niecessary b~y somle p~hysi
as. All correspond~ence private. Ad
as Dr. R. V. Pierce, lh: flo, N. Y.
I take great plecasure is recoininenditng Dr.
ree's Fav~orite P'rescriptioti for ftale weak
5." writes Mir.. Sussatiahi Perineniter, of
is store, shelby Co.. Texas. I was trotabled
hi bearlitg-dIown patin ilny back and( hipjs
six years, atiid wirote to Dr. i'ierce for advice. -
ried isi 'Fiavorite Prescriptioni' and sig
ies ettredi iue. I feel like a new person and
iaiik Dr. ierce for ini health. Lfe is a
denl to anytiviin without hiealthi. I have told
rett mn'y of tlly friends abtixt the great
heciue 1 took."
)r. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
viser, i p7aper covers, is senit free on
eipt of 2r one-ceint stampi to ay
iense of mailing onlyv. Address Dr. C
V. Piercen nuffalo, Nr Y
The Kind You llave Always
in uso for over 30 years,
4eW. Allo
All Coriitert'elts, Initatloi
Experiieits tht trifle vi
Intiants and Children-E xI
What is C
Castoria is a hariless sut
gorie, )Drops a1I1(1 Soothing
contains neither Opium, I
substaice. Its age is its g
an11d allays Feverisliess. .
Colic. It relieves Teet'inp
and Flitulency. It assimI
Stomliuch ani(d 1ow0els, givi
The Children's Panaceaiv-.
Bears th
The Kind You EI
In Use For
From the Up-To-Date Carpet Hous4
1517 Main Street, Columbia, S. C.
Write us for Samples of anything:i
our line. Goods shipped anywhore i
the State free of freight. We are ia
ways busy. No (lull days with u
When in Columbia, come anti see w
Anybody cau show yuu the place.
THE WORLD M w oney in it, UtiesEdct!n i r1
you Lget your 0b4rv. Ori- m.
ods will furnish tho founCatuon f-tryov
fortune. I-i e ,' ;- us3. BuAne
men are ci I 'ig upon uii almost dil
for employc( s.
Stokes' Busi ness Colleg,
399 KING ST., CititA.I:.sToN, S. C.
EE-M Medicate~d Cigars
EE-M Smoking Tobacco
For users of Tobacco that suffer with Ci
tarrh, Asthma, or Bronclitis. We guarai
tee an absolute anid permanent cure
Catarrh and it is the only knrownr remedc
for 11ay Fever. i f your druggist or groc<
does niot keep it. write EE-M 0 ., Atclant
Ga., for Free 8ample Trade supplied I
Carpenter Biros'., Greenville, 8. U.,
Crutclield & Tfollcson, Sr'artanrburg, 8.
Agents Wanted
For the "iJ ti' OF tOOK IR Tr. W ASI
INGT1ON ." Written b3 himself. Ever
body buys; at'entsi are nrow marking ov(
$10.) per month ;best book to sell to colo
ed people ever pi iblishied. Write for term
3r send 24I cents for outfit anrd begin
on~ce P'lease mrenitioni thirs paper. At
J L. NICiiuOLS & CO., A uanto t, G
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to our agents besides the regular commnit
stone, for selling our splendid line lii
DA&Y B(OOKS for 11001 . No big prizec
to a few, but evez y alje'nt gets a shrare
Fift een years' business record back of ti
otfer. II andsome sample-case outfit onil
35 cen ts, delivered.
Order outtit andc secure choice of terri
tory at once. Address I). E. iLri~i
PUB, CO., Atlanta, Ga,
A Business Course.
Bookkeeping, compllete course.$25 0
8tenography and Typewriting, com
plete course..........-........... 30
Positions secured for graduates withou
J. V. MAsoN, P'RINctiPAL, ciIA r ELmsTON, s.(
A Youn g Man
Should attend a college with air establish
ed reptutation. A diploma from Con versi
Ciommnercial School inakes it easy to secuirt
the best positions. Thorough work ;bese
equipmienrt; posit ionrs gurarannreed.
Address H . W. 0ita H PS y 'J "
Spartanrburg, 8. C.
Feel Baly? (~
[)yspepsia, Wanit or Appette. Loss of
~trenrgth. tack of Eircrgy, &".? TPake a
Cw (loses of
Murray's Iron Mixture.
A (Jenuineo lilood To'nic
usiness College and School
of Shorthand.
-tuail BWr"Ine-s Atrusta~ G .
Thetap flo'rdJ. JSituatrie securred,
In farm i g 1 irds Easy paymenits. N..
ommissior s chrred Dlorrower p) lys ac
.ial cost of I *r 'tct ir g loan. lii1teres 7 per
ent up), ac, otding to sec irity.
Co.lum biia S. C.
)OITiloN 8 PO.-Ti IONS! NO Oen
More callIs than we ennI posstlbly- tti1. Guar
ante Pof poustittins tbacked b.v' S',(y. Coinrse
nexcell ed. En tter anyr time'. Cretailoguer f--'
i~ ~ ~Adress,(0,MHA W.M N sg.OL
1'I'A''s ) Send For Catalogue.
OLFG Addes W H Macfeat,
OLJ'01 (I~,fllah Court Stenog
3LUM DiA. S. C. rapnhor. PrD.aldt ..
Bouglit, and w 1h1 1111 been
has borto 1h s4huixature or
h4as hecit laiado iender lhis per
I 81apervisioil sile its i'iancy.
Wv 110 oIic to dleceive you iit tis.
"; and "J Ist-a-:.-ood'' Itre but;
Sa111atd endatager the liealth or'
oerience sigauinst Experiitemlt.
bstitite for Castor Oil, Paij
0 Syriups. It is Pleasant. - It
florphine nor other Narcotic
itaritatee. It destroys Worms
[t citares Diarrh-fol anld Winld
, Trotibles, eces COistipation
llates th1e FoodI, Iegillates th1e
ig licaltly ItId iittural sleep.
Lhe Mother's Friend.
D Signature of
Lve Always Bought
Dver 30 Years.
Condonsetl Sohedulo of Pasiongor Tratis.
In Effeot Juno 30th, 1901.
Ves. Expr. FatMa
Northbpund. No. 12. No. 38. No. 34. No. 30.
Di )ly . Dally. Daily Dally.
Lv. Athmtn:'L' 7 60 th Nn t P! 20 1,1 tp
" Atlnta,1ET 8 5i3 I U01 1 2p 12 60a
S oreross.. 11
" iuford ..... I ... . .
Sio as~a f .li 2 01i
* (ainesville 1) 37 2 .1 1 2 '44 ,
" .......11 0 . 2 43 1 1 vs 1) 249st
I Iiornella... . I % 1.
Mt. Airy... 11 SI .I 3 p.
Lv. Tovoa.....II 11 :1 M) )5 11 40a
-3 A 4i1rtonr...) 3
t Lv. Elberton... 9 . .
r Iv. 'ni.iter. 4 P 1 1 8
Seneen.....12 4,, 4 .1 Is .1 40p 4 B5 a
Celrall.. . M .p r oia a
" Greenvillo. 2 ;a1 6 181: 5 ) 6 55 a
" Spar'burg . 1 1 1 1) p & 11
"' al yne.... 4 2x i 641 7 V 1 7 4;1a
* 5: laeksburg 4 471 7 02'l1 7 431) 8 O)a
ig Mt.. 5 ............
" Gastonia... U 40 8 ..... 8
" Cha rlotte. .11 8 10
7 r ~Ubr 55 0 7i 4 12 43
Ar. l~nrhaa........ .... 5~.... ~ a 4
Ar. Raleih. 0.. . ->n.....c . ... 84t
Ar. Danvijie 1 . 00 2 a p 2 .3 p 1 . i 15
Ar. Norolk... 8 n ........a uu .. .~
i 3aoo I. I 9 U 3 :I5 9 7 1.3
" P~'(lOpl~a........0 45i
3 F9 00a XL. ......
Lv.N.YPal1.12 45:y 4 09 p.....3
I'h'deplia 13 0 i I i.........6 5
" J~lti~~~~* 5 21k 9 .........8 7
" Wnsl~'t ~ 5 4 1hik 0 p........0 5
~. Lv. Nofolk... i 0 p 8 18p 7p ~ ~
LvA. Grao'nasboro 7lp7U i 7aSC
Ar. (3arlott 0 4~ll 9 -2 :al 1 35 11 50 p~
Lv. 4aitona 1 42a1 :::::. 10 p 50 ta
burgii 2p 10S~a2 10 p 01 a
" Gl~n y... 1 .Ip 1 O~ 11 2 15 p 2 2Wa
- prbr 22n1 0 8 p 12 49 a
s " (Irenvlto 1 5 a 12 0 p 4 0 45 11 808a
8 oea 22n14p5 55 p 12 55 a
'a7 l2 p 10 4P
Lv. 1~1beron..........98U a2 a
Ar. Elbeto8. . 1 59300 a
Mt. iry............. 721) 10 657
9 55 10 7 29 12043p
ArLulan1 -.----. 13081)a8081) 2 0
Ar Ralecih.-- .------ 5 27n e 8 28 6
Ar.fDvle. 15 p........ y00 48 13 p
Ar Norf~olk... 8 20 a. ;0 3 8 3 6
SAr.AtRichinond. 0 0 n .1 00p 10 00p 4 -3
Beweerk.... 13 .P3 203 p182
Bouthbound. NTTo.5.No.7 No. 1. No. 3.
Daily. Daily. Daily. Dail.
8v N..,al. 31~ 1w.5 Lna 4r 30 p :5
"8Phdelhi 8 50 Mn.a~ tIb 15 p 1 -
o altimopre. 02:n .L 2 gi 0 27
Wotash'oCn. . 11 15 a 0 -a5 p 9 5i
NoV. D3an I-~ahntnadSuhvd
er 1,iaid. Soid1'9n~ tri2 b5i 8o a
a tin t i bua ''rg 1 25lk 1 ' 0i ma 2170 8Oopn C a
Spar ~ee burg .Y12 ajil 40w ar 8 a15 via
~a sli 10.to, 2.>a 12 i 0p t3 poloi~ an a
- o b.--01 .. Y r .... M n i.. , vi 30 fp 2 2k.
bo. t ,.~ Atlntry~~ -ok -lin cr
" or o limial (.1 ...... 7 28l ma 1 Bl o fpi
"a Norier or -n foi a ....... 00op8i 18op
NOSf. t3: ana tk- A iot l~dNwYa1 C
prss" aa.a 3oan buoa and Atens, an -hr
NoIa on.atri, i alto wih11ilo
anoaanorfo n rmWslnt | NO1y
Cat o a cnnctlo iand olk. .lav.
inChWesaiea Liostamorys ~Vi daian
botwidn Norfolkot and Bolltimore. ho serviao
o. 37 'andto 88"Wi o Vngto n SoI~
Fraic3.ac witou ly>finc~ st onnoion
betweeann Naow)1 t~ Yorad Netwe Or lsa
ahngton, Alt ands Montgme $0~oa'd
coboh wconaaNow or locale >hanWa
ingo, anta- Uitd 8irminaa Mi"'an
cellbaw~ iW.ligon and New orrleti a
svi o alle~ mealwayroite Pulma pars
car&N betee (4r.bon and & ~ e ep
clt~o si c ontchis rn .T sor
ynd iand o an romd (3I la a 'sr
ad sealrtn rourtelmba.r 1 Clmi
Nos. 13 and l--S"otliu t 1ol *r~ ~~e
pr 9. Loa CrinT b(ioa anc ewYorv l
o ,la connetn at c ae t~tantoveea d Cli
sa~am umrsta fo. and m arhng n
Oharntt an ichmo I no t ork,

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