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The< World's
For %d formg of fever Ue
tmes bettr tha quinine
do In 10 days. U's spIondi4
made by quinine.
Owig to some prop
Carriages, Su r
At an
Until our stock i reduced. D.
Harness of sill kind- -11,
J..es ant! various1- other 111:1kt
,91 udehaker 41n'4 Weber; it., 4,een
Now l. thq he-t .sesoni for sIllh
prprl-1il or. n pr-olit.
The seasoni for Mile' mids a 11
yet. Reinecinlhor, Wi 1)it1 no ho
do onr own wor3Ik. We will Sell
and kind reitmient to all. N
glad to e the ople whetj(j iher I
Corner Court, iltiver and ,1ack
kn oIwil to tihe trade 1
If you n(eed iy.thilig iI o I
wit.hx <le'igns anid pirices to vonri
prices. W"lON FKNUI NG
Your.s for
The qualty, the guarantoo, ti
ply say, "REX," and
Dexter Broo1
To the great
ou'- opening day thai
These Special Tables ir
Tadble No. 1
Is stocked with all woo
Buits, some of them vye
Table No 2
Is loaded with a line of
any one of which wouli
Table No. 3
Is stocked with the
style, coat and finish up
you will find the very
fine new weaves. -Mi
your choice of thd Tal
Greatest' Fever Medicite'.
8d oiIno a 10AS hat sllow JulfifnO 0uo~lf~
are In striingaoontramt Wothe feblte eurOl
r at Cost
ery thing.
osed cilnges inl our blusiiizes, We will sell
eys, Bugies,
Phaetons and Wagons
Absolute Sacrifice!
w"'. take 01r1 Word for it, but come ald See for Yomr
elf and10 he convincled.
ost. We carry t lie blcok, Coirtlatuil, 'Tyon m
sf Buggies, &c., as strict 14li1 Grde Wagos, i
PMr 0n1ole the Owvensboo Tatylor anid Chattanlooga,
og vehicles of all kiids, :nd we areI . going-r to sell oiI
[orses is pretty well over bltt ue have a fev bairgaini
ise 1011t o lrk hire, own oir owii renository md
anyihing we have for cash or ,ooud imper. Poli i
ihen in 'reeniville come and! see us. W- are atlwaiy
hey wi1,h to buly or not..
on reels. ' IOt EE NVI E1, . C.
T & CO.,
io haidle all kitnds of
utl employ nole Lit irst-cla s worikmun
to Iisi the work.
rhine a iqt aI card with oi aldreS will brin, a imu
home, We huy in car lots nd enn give the lowe.
WVIIITE & 00O., Anderson, S. C.
to pricos3, aind ta.c sizes. Drop us the postail; i'm
I sign your namo in full, glv'ng address.
m and Mattress Co
~e Desire'
crowd of buayers who were kind el
t, while we sold a great many of the
the front end of our Clothing Department,
I $7 50 to *8 50 Cassimere Cheviot and Worate
~y styliah, your choice from this Table for..5 C
Ene Clay Worsted, Cassimere and Cheviot Suit
I bring $10 00, but our price on these is..$7 (
ahoicest of the season. On this table you wvill flri
to the highest idea of the most fastidious. Hot1
aobbiest, as well as the most suhstutlal, in all at
bfny of .them sold for $15 and $18 in other store
ule.,,....,...,...,,,................ ........g
Uppnnr Mai-n S+treet+
WIhAT is Tiii, MATTE?---T
Florence Times :takes the followi
pertinent comment upon the coiditi
of affairs in (he local cotton markets
this State:
If the local Cotton mills cared to e
tend a helping hand to the farmers
the country, if they would show th
gratitude to those who gave them bir
they could very easily slait the cott
market upward. It they showed sot
disposition to " stock up," the be
influences, which they are, apparenti
booking would be routed in no tini
It has been some titne since the Sout
ern cotton mill lined themselves wi
the people who produce the cotto
They did it once and they made mon(
by it, but they offended their Nc
England and old England friends ar
they have not done it since. We he
a lot about how capital helps product r
but we hardly ever get a sight of th
help except when there is a play mat
to the gallery. The farmersi will g
their relief when they can (o wil
their cotton as they do with-their cori
raise as much of it as they need al
take il, to the mill, bringing back tl
cloth. When the South first began t
build cotton mills we all congratulatt
ourselves for it looked as if the pr<
ducer was going to be the ianufactui
er, but the controlling interest soc
passed into hands that look very lil
ininical tiands. The voice is the voic
of Jacob, but the hand is that of Esai
There's eonehing wrong somewher
"I had a terrible cold and could
hardly breathe. I then tried Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral, and it gave nie im
mediate relief."
W. C. Layton, Sidell, Ill.
How will your cough
be tonight? Worse, prob
ably. For it's first a cold,
then a cough, then bron
chitis or pneumonia, and
at last consumption.
Coughs always tend
downward. Stop this
downward tendency by
taking Ayer's Cherry Pec
Three sizes: 25c., 50c.,'Si. All driggists.
Consult your doefor. Ir savq tako it,
Mlon (to as 110 8:1)8%. if ho. telis no ut
toae it. then tin t take It. 110 knows.
Leave it witl hinm. N%'4 ar willing.
J. C. A V Eit CO.. Lowell, Mass.
Copy~av &c.
Ayno sending a sketeh and descriplt ion may
qi kly ase o ii u dsri n
quickly an n iur owrontnu free wvhet her anu
ltent oll Ist irulily int('italiuIO. ('nnuaunmn.
tions strictly onilldent l. I Inudook nu I tents
sent. fren. Oldesct ap ency fur tiecurisig patent a.
le tonla taken I urmigi Munn & Co. receive
special notfee, without charge, in tho
Scie oilli ,Hielatt.cr
ct Ion of n scnml i r arn . 'eraa : 3 a
yatfur ruonths. $1. Sold by all newnudealers.
MUNN & CO.3eradway. New York
Biranch OlTco. 4625 " St., Washington, D). C.
C vi VLLEi- Fourotnh Mont(1 Iny ill Jal1
arly, la1st. M1onlaty in May and 11( the setcona
Monay in Sepntenber.
.ANI)EIsXN-Secndl% Monay iln F~ehrnluar
secondi Mnda in(~l June andIt 11( thel fouirt
Miionday: inI Sep tembertq.
A nnav ir.nc-TIhirdh Mndaytl~ inl Februar.,t r
thuirdt Mrniaiy iln .June, and flrst MondalI
af ter* then for~lth Mt 1layn iln8i Sepeiber.
W 2.'. . -- Second Moaly ill Mlarl;
the 5'rtn l 111 Moiay~ afrter' the fourth Mor
day I Ju11ne, anid thie sixthil Monatay afte
thet fourlth Monaty in stteltee.
Pt1(KENS-hiurd xltonday~ ill Mtrch, thair.
Mtnday after foutrthu stotlay iln June1, an11
tihe fourth Matnday iln'. setember.
ough to visit us onl the occasii
special bargains bought for ot
. Shirt Specials
AbIg lot Monogram $1 Shirts at 54
Willson Uros. $1 and $1 25 custo
malide Shirts. ..... .. . 7
Lion Brand fine D.ress Shirt . . 9
di TIhe Celebrated Wool Fleece Sanita
e $1 Undershirt and drawers at P
( 75 dloz/en Sanitary dleece Shirts at 4
Greenville, S. C
)li He Gives Advice About the Trea
of mient of Scarlet Fever.
x. Dr. J . How(loin, editor of tle A4
(f airsville Banner, Georgia, and a phy
-ir ciln of wile experience, publishes i
th following inl his paper:
Al "Scairlet fever is very thingerous atl
Col tagious. The poison caln be cartitol
ar any distance on the haids, clothin
y, books, ipers, an([ mli every concei
0. able way. It never dies, we suppos
I- for many cases can be traced hack N
th a number of years. The poison wi
n. live in books for as much ais two year
-y as hias~been already proven. The lit
contage of dl1eaths is very high.
id "Wc wouldt)PI warn the people to tre;
ir every sore throat as if it was a hia
case of Scarlet fever. This is tle oil
way it clin be stopp(l or controller
e We append below riles of the lealt
board of New York city, whiih will ai
YOU, 11ould yiOu1 have II Suspi(io0Us ensi
to treat it properly. Carry them ouit I
d tio letter. Ilure they are:
" Thle patient shotuld be placed in
o separate rooi, and no personi excel
d the physicianl, itirse or mMother, allowe
to enter the room or ito toich the het
. ding or clothing used in the sick rooi
until they have been Iltorotghly di:
*e infectcd.
." Ai clothineh', bedding or oth
articles not abiolitlhv tiecessary for th
use of the patient shoiultl be retove
from the Sick m00111. Articles use
about the patitetvL, sneh as sheets, pi
low cases, blhnkeltts mr ciothes iist. nit
be reimoved from the sick room unt
tloy have been i dis infected ly placin
them in a itb wti h lie following (lta
infecting fluid; l'ght outnces of* su
phate of zine, Otne oun1ce of etrbl
acil, three gallhvs of water. Th,
should be soaked inl this Iluid fori
least an hotir and then placed in b ,i
ing water for washing.
All vessels used lor receiving d(h
charges of patients shoulblt have son,
of the same d isiifctian1t tlil coitan
ly therein tid imme(iately after beii
used by the patient shoubt liht emuptie
an1(d clealised with boilintg wate
Water ch4-sets and piiviets shmul b1
d isinfecte(l (aily with the same Ilmn
or a solution of clilotido of iron, ot
poild to a gallont (f walt'r, ao l4intg on
o two ouices o cartlfholic acid. A
strav beds should be brtiteil.
" 1t is advised not to ise hniklt
chiefs, about. the pitient, but rathei
soft rags for cleaning the nistrils anti
the Inouti, which should itiehatel
thereafter bo burtied.
t" The ceiling aid side walls of
sick room after the removal of
pstient should be thoroughly cle'nlie
and Iashed, 17an the wood work ait
floor thoroughly sciubbed with son
an water."'
A well known aigricultiural write
says Ihat two thimis not, to 'lo it' on
wishes to have faih in his imp n hbor
are, not to trale hot' es with thlem)) amti
not to buy milk cows liom them. Thi
is poiably sid partly in jest an u yet
as a rule, unless onett hats a suieiaun
dance of stock lie is not g >ing to tmil
(Iff his best horse, the onle which fill
his ideas ot I-erfection in every respect
because lie will alwa s have a gotoi
ca-i market for it. Likewise, ie is un
likey to stlI his best otng cow uiles
lie is raising a surplus I cattle for tlhal
e'xpress5 )ipurpose. Bitt it, is not fairt
believe that, thie aIveraige petrs tt i
speci fically and1( itntiionatlly mirpr
set thle qualities of' the stock lie lia
to sell.
Andrew CJarnegi. says that "riec
pr)1ocity"' is a very Iinc1 word to spea1
Ibut, when you1 comte to arrattge the de
,tails, it is ai most dliflicutlt polic3
Ih Washingtont's policy was the lbes
* Friend1(s of all, allies of none.''
Y' All mills in .Japani ritn day andi nigl:
and change htatids at. noon1 andI tii
night. The vast mtajor'it y of mil
r wotrkers are children, who wvork clevel
hours at low wages. In one mill ii
i Osaka 2,600 workers ate unditer 15 yeai
of age.
>n of the opening of our big tv
r opening, our prepar ation in
Our ShIoe Departmn
Is loadetd wIth values that will al
l'hin k over' the'st:
From this time Ott we will give at
the spatce to our large .Shoc stock t hat
tied to this time.
I laudies' pattent tilp lutton Dressi She
I Ladiles' solid( Glovoi( Ori'iln S oc fot
I Ladles' solid Oil Grain Shoe for'..
1 Ladles' very stylish D~ress iShoes,
or lace, at.......................
A strIctly up-to-date. Ladles' (guara
Dress Shoe for............. .....
A $2 00 wearer In Ladies' Dress Shoes
)c Some $2 50 values Inhlgh grade I.
mn A man's nIce Dress Shoe for...
Se A man gu-wranteed Dress Shoe, very
deA man's very fi ne Vicl D)ress Shou fe
,A good, heavy Man's Shoe for..
A chIld's Shoe, piatont tip, button at.
A h'tter child's Shtoe. patent tIp, huin
>e A chIld's good neat 1hoc totr...
40C 'A chIld's flae dr es, buttton, paitenft ti
0o "I ero's another story about 'the oldest
oy iiliabitant,' '" Ie remarked, looking tip
er froin his paper.
" Who is he ?" she asked, although
00 without displying much interest.
t, ." 1 know," broke inl the bright little
"8) (10 1," asserted the smart little
" You know who, the oldest inliabi
tant is?'' repeated the father in sur
priso. " Well, who is it Ethel?"
It's the n1an Who dies so often,"
fanswered the right little girl. ''You',e
I(- always rearding about him in the pa
m.. '' hlughl" ejaculated the smart little
ig, boy, scornfully. '' I guess you don't
know what you're talking about. It's
the fellow tat's nways icmembering
about cold viiters anid hot Butnmfiersi0
at- whni the weather's bad."'--Chicago
31r- Post.
at.- - --- .* 0
aiy According to the New Yo-k Journal,
ay nilifonaire's wife, Mrs. I. 8s. Black, r
n h as sa1 mIgltd i ntI this co un 3try a 1 8.10,
000 pearl nveklace oni which te dl u
woldI hveS21,000.
I- Tax Notice..
Thell treasmler's .-Ilol a Pickenli nlm
use',% do i ~y~ i!1 ill !w *1 Ol
et N 'i y, Oc gt t er 15 hu frt he 'llect ion
ft Ilite follon~ ing nainal d tiXis forie~
at- 191.
vI I .evy foi. Staio Tax, mills.
Lewvy for or111lnary ('411n11Y NaX,. mills
Ii(,vv foir (onsi ili itilal school tIx, :1
I'. L.vv fir- jimst inth-lo diiess, 2 mills.
1st Tini levy for Slate 4i iiil coutyi 15 1
in 4-vy fil. inle s all 'ieieins it ilroadj
. (1 9 , l'i-eens o r.housew townshipl, 3-i
ny l y for !i'nte1es1 (.1 1'. 1"'. It bonlds <
for l r1111ica1ne4. l i "wn-hipt, 2 I m- iilk.
nI- L~vv forl intere st on l' R. Rt. ho11lis I
forl E t Ul 4 twnlhip,, '3 1-2 mills, N
Iy spietial levy for s il ihi 'ici No. ), 2
11101 .
1,.. iills
Sei al Iv fo . schiol distriet N o. 10, f
Io r i . 0 I, ,o h o d lit r i N 4). I 1 , C
Slv-4i~l 1 -vYfor selh~ l distrtict N o 1:3, 1
Iv- -. l1ill-.
. ill-cial le y for s-chool distlit'CN(. Its r
'" (mill . . t
i Speial evvY foi Ichool dlit it. No. 23
2 Nilk. I
li (li--IIIIv vyt f o v. m if) urits e.:l uit 1
m; p1-cia levy for :.ebIo disiriet, No. .1),
- m ills.
Spec.w ial levy forl school dlistritI No, 55r,
I"rd 1:an 1:.a *i; I vv.. dotllar, enit1cr aiabl a1l
.ih- Iw li....in.- froisn liab.ivle eir
i 't if) law. l it lal....- . -e merl :lli,
0 .-il folh ,
Ni. :1 ,11apman
Tran .Ir r l'iekens C1'onn1y,
i.Y, . 1 . (li n it I'resiivei li.
T1,111i; TAit .N. 2.
Uud-SuersdesTini- Table No. 1. if..
(I elive 12:01 A. M., Peb. 1 .tl, 1901.
Of Nii DIown. HvM1 Up.
No (. 1). ST ATION-S1. N4). 1).
ixed. lixd,
1:-I it Ill. .. i. 'ickens A en's tiu
I a il ....... .* P4Irg II SonII'K...... .. 2:-.15 y m
I0 m........... I ;o n 'S .......... ..:3o p)
2 :0 a It . . l .... * rin is ......... . -..
:00 a 1 ...........*l1 a di 'S ......... 2-2 1 l) m
:t 5 l..i.. A 8 Ic ~l L .)ti .. . ..
-h05 WIu m..... *;rgson' ........ yousel p
-3bu5y m.......... n ~ ot. .. . . i1
L tle pt,....Aii'..... 11
The Wo, Greatest
Cure fort Malaria. X
For all formdtf Malarial son.
ing take Johnsun's Chill ever
Tonic. A taint of Malarial poison.
tng in your bloodmen ieran
'ail ure. Bloodmedici oan'toure
Malarial poeoning. o an
for it is .oHNSON'S TONIC.
Geta bottle toay.
Costs 5a Cents If It oxrse.
adney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
cures made by Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the gr atidylve
and bladder remedy.
' j' . It is the great medi
Ma al cal triumph of the nine
\ o ient cetuy doNOI O Is
tcovered after years of
-~~LJ1C' ten1 cetr4ds
scientific research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi
--. -ro nent kidney and blad
lmonerf y succef in promptly curing
ame ack kideybladder, uric acid trou
es and Brg' D1seasewhich is the worst
orn of kidncy trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not re
mmended for everything but if you havekid
cy, liver or bladder trouble it will be found
ust the remedy you need. It has been tested
n so many ways, in hospital work, in private
>ractice, among the helpless too poor to pur
hase relief and has proved so successful in
very case that a special arrangement hes
een made by which all readers of this paper
iho have not already tried it, may have a
ample bottle sent free by mail, also a book
Drling more about Swamp-Root and how to
hnd out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
V/hen writing mention reading this generous
dffer in this paper and
ced your address to
r. Kilmer & Co.,Bing
amtion, N. Y. The
egular fifty cent and nomoorf snap-Root
ollar sizes are sold'by all goud druggista.
Sten e d your business direot to Washington
ave time, costs loss, bettor service.
Mey ofc se ta a. spaetice. arrang emias
aryn mzadinte wial ratt s of thi du paer
tho hace nERotA aTeTIO tried-S it, aav
aCTUl EboEtleN ent f How to bai also aoo
. n1 fre Paten roure t h E.G. argg
rceileuspra nontiEenthou t arge, i1 t a
E GSIGfERStl Late of C. A. now & Co.
iar98 F'Sr. N. Y.Th a
Dou iftractor and Builder
Pickcs, S. O.
Oll'.r is1 sePrvices IA) thes generial puib
he. All woi rk guartlleed. Iills rifer
iliesr aie hse fsor whomu ihe haus dois
wvork athe wi~*~ ork iitself, whlomn nnd '
whl ieb enI be h seen. in the. t.nwns of Pick
en, lIsiley, anad all ove.. 11i9kens county. os
P'arliny will uoi wrell to s hIm h ture
oia time eosts l bettlsw h e r. e ct.
promptly procured, OR NO FE. MEnd model. sketch,
ri p t or reo rprt on patentability. ook ''How
toA Loin U.S. an ForeigO Patentad Trade-Mark.,
esn faree.toto reovued through to G. entor
eeir i. Mlnoderato charges.
*r''C. A. SNOW & Co.
Epp. U. S. Patent Office, WASHINGTON, D. 0.
fortunate enough to get in on
Dozen Four Ply
llars at 5 cents Each. p
g Dry Goods.
.............. ...............,.790
t, homl witIh us whether you want to
[. The Rothschilds have just purchao
the grealest Copper mm111 inl Mtxil
for $2,000,000. Thoy unow empl
27,000 nmen il their variouts cotll
It is stated that 5,000 of the 7,(
e cvAr11y which Enlglaud halts at hon
will be sent to South Africa with
tsix weeks.
Church Directory.
Ila'low we vivo the naittes of chttrch
. Istorl 4. u t hei 111 Stidityx Mn witich tit
worship, as fillr w have ilnforitnttiion,
yilsit entrh i not oli tho ist send the n1
, s yi llforlatioll
PiCeinst- *Iev. A. .l. . 'Thona Su--:kd Su
Iv, iI i;t. in. : ud l p. In.; prayer moetii
it Wednesibay 8 p. ni.
8t-ecmna- .-Rev. . . Lese - auta
fore th lifirst atly t. p. Ill. ; It Sitil
Ii :t. in,
il'et r' ek-- INtv, .1. Is,. Ioster-21 S
t l 1:. 3 i ; Silitaiy after seicond Satl
.\il- (ni-ek- -l v.. . l. 0. Issiter--ith S
'' itrai:i y 1 : Sttit:ty after fourth Sattril
o) 11 :: in.
Sit \shI itr. W.C.eb
a hennei the scnl Sinihiay 2 1) in ; 4era
I I'.s 4 Creek- -le. W. C. Seaborli
'-,it tun I . i fire lth third Stiidalvy 2 p
s i s h11 i, i : ill.
i ,a ni 1lb-v. W. C. Seaborn--Satul
bll r Ii f4utl 1it 1 -;tihy 2 1p fit ; -ith Si
- : I t li .
is It .1 Il .-. Ii. C. 1hiubloctk- lxt. .1
e,4.s i\t vv istaY ;it. .1 in Ili.; prayer ine
111g, Wq alinl- Ihis -S p. kin.
S. , t a r-- ev (- (. Ii-u 1)1 --e
ird y tbfor fourth Suiday at 2 o'ch
N i n1
I'ir 1 s l-v. I1. it. lhg.iIll-Ist. S1
i hay s 1, ill: ''I[ Stanitay 11 at nIl; -Ith Bitnid
' I ts ; p.ix i r i-vi ing Wethiesdays S y
Twehe I..\lh - V v. 1. t. )ignallI
I .1 h tln-ni iev. 1. R2. Dlagnail--241 St
I Y :l:;;0 ) I ll
i 'm i I ti, II N. D tgtall- -th Stituc
11aIt :0.',11 S1u1lav I I ;% in,.
I h-t- i4-v. W . K iiN. igginIS---t, Sunl
11t PaNvbv. W. 1". Wigginls-11at. St
day -. 1 in.li
Z - ev. W. E. Vigginst---2d Stitd
11 tin: l S i hiyt v I p i ll.
- tlis lls.h lb V12iinS- -1.t, SuI Nla
ir a I ; :,.4 Ktala Y I it lit.
Antiwh --bI 0-v. W i ggi - -it-i Sit .
:i lit.
'iskns Chtch---liev. Wiggins~ 21t Si
lav . p in; -lt S1tutiaY 11 Ili.
N -nu plENSs CIIWceIT--I.ev. C. 1,. N
F'irst Suila~v---l'rivilsl ill, I1 a Ill ; P4
S tter'si pin lis w ::1: p ill.
81-4iti Sunday-- Nit. lithtei, ii a1 it ; N
i.., :.::10 p it.
r l'ourh Stnht-Aleinny'sChapel,
a In : .lor4asse, :3::A1 pIll.
WI-: 'T Pil IcNs tet T - lier. .1. P. At
way, Yistainnoitut , S. C.
F-irst, Sinhtfy--'air-view. 11 a. ill;
tssch,ti -I p. in,.
til it suIIib;---.t h i 11111, 11 i. i.
ry 2. 15 p.l tit.
I .Ie . 'I' . ethti, Pastor.
I''irstt Stuntihiy---iickens, ii a ti an l 7:
p in.r
SecondtlStiay-I2asley, 1i ai in; liheit
r, 7::10 p ii.
. l 'i'hird S tii ly---CeIIitr1, 11 a in) ; Hasi
. 4:t p i.
I li ri S tulti d y-I b1ihety, t a lln ;111as
7 7::30 p1in
I'ifth Sl inihy- -Easley, It I tu, and 7
H. J. IrAYNswonTil, C. I'. l1OBINw
L. W. PAxUtm, Pikens, S
G( reeinville, S. C.
Il ayniesworth.I,PIarkerl & iRhinls(
- AEtoseys~ji6.-tlw.
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