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Author of "4
*Copyright, 1897, by lHarper & I
I lt AKE,1' FIN.
'WAS awnkenedi by the klk of a
heavy 1boot and, opening Iy ees,
looked 11,10 the fCae of Ton Jay
cox. The expresslon of fiendish
joy that shone through anxious caution
froze the very marrow of my hones.
The muzzle of his revolver was within
a few inches ofl my forellead, and his
look told me that a word of alarm or a
motion for self defense would he a sig
nal for a bullet to go crashing through
my brain.
"Git up," he whispered.
I stood on ml1y feet.
"Mlove on."
It was the dawn of a beaitiful s ting
morning. The perfuie of yotung ver
dure, the twitter of birds, lint occa
sonal cock crow in the( dist alce, g11ve
me the thought that It Is delighifuil to
live. But they threv over iu as well
a contrasting gloom, f'or It stielt1 1
taini tillit this fair. scele was ' he la'st
of those plitures drawn b)y tihe divincly
artistic hand of the ('reaior ait I
Should ever look 'Mn4n. ' y coilinhinions.1
were all w:apt Iin a lwvavyv siilinht',
induced by a1 long wriod of, 111est.
I bade it mutle farellvvI to a'ch ats I
passet, bre.(':Ithling a blessing on little
Buck, whose arnils were ci1)lped Ibotit
his sister, his yoto1g f'ace and figiui
relaxed; on ilaquelille, her white face
resting in i profision of' tumbled Iblack
hair; Onl llelen, hilr featuresK 81tr1on"
even inl sleep. h'liere was a ilnt' it
tweel the lhds of lI'lln's e's. 11111 I
thought little of' that, for It Is nlot un1
usunl for peolie to show I his Hln' l wn
sleepi ng. I thaniked ti 1Ia iyv s
enlee wvould 11)n o lnger het a1 1114,:14,4 1
these dear oles wlo hall sifrlIi sq
mullch for Ine.
Ja1 ycox Illarhll -d i lle (ilt oit of Ih' 4nin
toward the road, : i-r fs i aild iito I
wood on i - lw4her. side., u cwre his horse
wvas pitt'l' t4 a tre . lit- was 4 n411
l4inut~iy looking aii I uad lisieIll ,
and I in e11rr41 tills \w: fi ' 4ill-s ofl
he 'ng who h\i0 o '41:"I b llss41 s artlu
In or ler to eVl r 11111tr r11,41u1l in thleir
iert liii fori Its. 1ll. v (l it 111h11e1 h stolod(
stIll ailt. 'poin t ln;: h (is r v r I, raigh1
- l-it line, livd I wo hosIn ra id s cs
1 tn, th)' bulil 1 tlleitt in i ls' t v ly
tI s. lk, did not ilcil 1o kill lt..
tho 4ghl he wvas 1 ililitfer'ent h141e . lel
di or4 n 'ot. lv wis'lvd Ill :1 11a411
ble pur Iist Wf 1 ig1t ll 11:11 lit' 11:1i- 41 h d 1ini
1011t I bting 4 lu. Twvo i ilar sh1141o
wiere fired far to lvt nioIth, andl thn
mlly captor Started off w 4ith l e ill lt t
in~tn t he'14:( road,41' twe proceededt' ,vIny
a 1 sole i t'l la s . h it 'r ine, 1in 1s
50114hilIl i (li t' b fi ng 14r4sIt l sho' It'i
lit luo, eih' cill ig o Ise how1'
1113' he el hl li slIue to ie 4 w ilu 1h14
n1 igh of03 (1110 o lI is'lSub-It. slgrzil 141144
cn, aind a I'elnt loo tcin 5(n mi1
thlar, wod k1'lee hat he d ini1
edOhis 50011gii'r Inl~t-k on. thec wron
luot1g51(1 aflter weitrawIlg eae'
ethatlI ohe tlildls wethi jarockn a'OV
A lrsrinln. caie s~gig dow theo
frahle1 porileityfo esecox' byin
loden ai'on hle,1S 1 thotnight
feayng nomush, to ftr Icd tbackg
flene Ie caing e l. ller
inoeclaox' hliI Oilo whtilerp
spak to hrd tor u .v ora
byca togng.A exarsti o Iwi elt
wgit the nitable. I(4t1i Ilae
ThI wshowredIg!) kis' oS114h1'lliis, lm'y
eyeos, hert fOn te1grouUl, .I'lyco. 1los1
til d uS holeu . I '(t :11nbi il saw'.ity
one, tilme frotIttn' tel Ratii'.iliii list
kinwa c that ed tratoa us the1sb i
55nlehialt ook, aC th'ver, assed over'
Sindte rad ~hort(' 11'1 distac~ bac wt
amenblec of011 her1 luind. ''eew~
s'oetIing ik 11he4expression1 (41 her1
tface,)1c holding a she1 dl 11h1 weapon,4 a41(
that brought vvully bot e memIe
myOith his sodInoi.1 1ng psol on~ 14hae'
that w akanw thVe'aftehn
Yonn byvkl Jaycox and 'red towad
Heen she dar4ting~ iou upwoos, theyl
loigad afte pe~traingfa
airp P. A. IlTCHEL,
3iiattA1oogu," "Chickamauga," Etc.
will1 over-look 0hal0"
She l'rletle .' frantic at liy opposI
"You tool! You ingrate! To il
away your life w1hen I have twiee I
"We will go together. IIere, put
foot inj my hand. Once inl tl sui
you can ride away, Whille I eonn
fast on foot as you."
There were soltlds of Ir8se' I
coming leisurely froti the south.
in another momenit a mounted Ill:
|I'0h iIs I t l wt his hI irl he lfu
<i' tif leratfe 1nif4ri1 ;l wr. lne4 d froI' nliii
hinl h trho s, loillrIing aloai g, 1te
"Ii.' k!" saidll ln h r eystes i
4iilgorly fil h e t1114 l nI l ip
"('ohtin lin luino air l1iv'e!" g
I Vs" -' i
'' I Iiii t' 11 01. I sut (i'i
No\v for(>1 it limic -iiji 14,hib llit. t hn
its follow l bY histrp.''
ln ily prf' rri 1'0o fal :ino iys h: i
r . t h ( hin t' I t 1 -g ilt(is I t:
hut Iii ll l~ it)i til.t'h
bini. liI r h In (i ill stared at 1us, ru
1i1l) tr s11141 t iinig for 11a ol
11 1 11, ait o nishinellt ri uolt l towardI
"What Inl lilt. 4unn o"t
Ile l n l klv- i-! g
I t. (v itn o i I " ent ( thern I
yesterday. We Ihv ilmstled you V
'i'l il 4l siti' itt, 1 je ii I :
"4 nd hv 4 iick. Tllt iie art gu ill
there. They mny13 111nn-44-r you11 as
its l ili.
lg ti ea' (I l u," hewee niti. cllin<u
'My Ii't 1184' rtntore
Ig h le untin, H Ie lro n, "ill t il
thi Bt litgvs arasli.t be!"t I'
"What 1' enn I tiils. fo't to7 lu skIed li
1i this~ 011 thu)' thogrht t lidt H
nntely lo1king llil udleastiggei
ito ithei," wnL4'on13 eiher smie of
road 1t'l'heytk rised inito 1el' ofW
geur 11(1 etl bl t'in 1.i.W~Hol
liion til ne. tt This brnv t girl follo
and shli t blrin.111 la n ie 811iits
hore. litu wil oneve enlt try uis 1
wg iftl heniiogh for esn."
~tlllen'sl foo' we eefIoe
di' addiu ul bietoe. e could 1
r"Wi ub. yu obl(5iged i, thew ed.
"hy (lufIl'( ormig' m ae were gen
that~ Ic litle (1 ben ty"-olt) 1) I i
"Over1 I there11, 11n1 a pocttrl ht
kllt i u ifiinH iIIe'.4iTelli athem
hfl'Iis heart oing 1)p(llhroundy, an l
ordeed me iloti11'ilii to 1shot, th
"offr on"Icred to ledmenoelan.
.imitonedin it the Cubelad
"Now inde AtihTght for that thicket.'
Spurring my horse to the litilost,
made a circuIlt, dropping (lie holuit
and a trifle farther on umy hit. I Ile'
entered the wood, anii I, wvieeiiii
dashed in on the farther side and it
joined her. Jerking off Iliy coat,
wrapped it about iyl. horse's ears ait
eyes to prevent his iighig to thos
approaching, and Ileleii, diviinog in,
intention, did tlie smne to ier owl
mount with her jneket. h''ien iwe stoo<
waiting, not a Soun14d vscapilg fr'oi
either xis or ouir horses, even tlivi
panting dendenle( by tlie coveihng. I
was eIther lif'e or Ieathi, with (1h
chaIces in favor of dah 0 . We Stoo<
hand in h:,111d, looking stiaight. lini
each otliei's tyes. 111 fliat m111oinelt. o
H1l0. ipreine Suspense it. was ats if but on
1row being wail d 'or the result.
tved An exeanii(on--they have sei ti
hoiiet! A shout ---liey have eoie upo
yolir the lutt! h'lley cmintter on. Wait.,
blie, Inan111 in the treari Is colililig. ie, to(
o aI passes, his llorie's hoof bea4ts dying I
the disntice.
Leaiving lit' tilkt(, we niade stralg'l
,f's for the caip :wl in a few iilnute
ad l daslied In n1114 (01r colipaniion4.
Ii in - - -
nre1'(sZ' 1xN14:iitio.
APTAIN ImA.\lIONT had ni
ri h ut a:fe rulinutes befor.
uc a :lll whll we appearcil wa
:11tt'loptinlgi to 'eassi ur ,l !
wlio hid i il'n 4ltely vollajpm-4ul :t, 11114
ing that hll Ilein .1141 I hail disai(
petired. Ill- went1 to ll4-h-11 uInd polilt-l
offeried fto assi.,t her 14) alight1.
"We ilust inovi uIt (d, this ,It oive,
1 said. ".\ll deperovls 1upon1 ourl gettinl
lownl the( Ilinnuntinl and in1to soinl
town, w-et Ilst' villains wvill In
dare foldlow us. \ll "t13' here while
i'44'v 41i 'lin eite'i'."'
I 14i41t 444 l it i li"1ilf4tuit1441, an1(1 sp44iir'r
11n3 Iller ' :I f'w 111111i11.(1 yaryds \ve4g.
alld, wl 1.'v I I: ' o844 ()I1 lh' verge 41
the 11:1':4. T '. --u4 was risinig :11 nil
hik :1ni1 waii s1: i (1inrin a flood of1 li( g!
on l owlai (I a 38 44 I iolsanld I.4et be4lu
I wp111 inl * 'ye 41v- r tilie rolling ilihil
1141d w\41 0011:1111 41414,41 w ith tow ns, v.I
I ig's, ha iil'is 1 1 4t:liiy a fa 11:1111;1
1in, with it, I11441' loultse stiiroinni(lei
It/ hy tii- hnll(" o i li e I hl l w hanls. F'a I
tlt. <isianlce was a snia kelike litw. I
ht'- te roadi, 1io-vin 'ilwari, iL epi'
1d'- 14 It 1i'i I 1h r t(I l cavalr'y Ila
we had 4o lii-:u-ly )a ught the day I it
Ix(I f(Ore, 1ii 1 i\ ll 4144 Ir l \ w la) k (I j4il
1i141. 1he IlI liit 4 114 ci '. I hliil!" 4 fiir a s ;Iloil
lig il1' 44I'll t S 4'ileir44l 44 4:1n h4 (0 I'-;:Ic
lii'ii, bill th -e w\.:I 4It() (44I 4. p 4 f l 11
t he nowv ill 4 1 i -14 , n1 14i I I 11 4'1- away i.
li n.441 1444.enit :4l 11n:14bl : a ,lrv-y . Of th
11141S grt,411 11 ljir-i1vtly - re no.- 44ihing 1441
He144 sIv(i -,I )4 Ile I844 ( -4k I v \ f ' 14444 4 1l 11I:i
4111d Ilve 40'in , s thi l- wooded1MI th::, (111
eng thei clia ter of4 th3eIi gr'atul was:4 4'44n
4444nt 114t'ly h4iddld11. (In 1i4-r. hand was :
448. nu In 'pllr, I(-0w' 1 n which ran :
k. I li.-ti1:l4 I 4 t '4 44l n Ik4 on<
pol f thl se ir 11d an4l f1ll wvilg 31144- I htI
ofi flit cI'e'ek. (n 411 l1 ' .q1411-s w'4 ii h ,
k:11 he s84n4; 1by th'eck 4 wo woul i'- ti
" - co' le Ii ler tIti-l 1r.. I Il-','1 4ele it
;I lil, fav ilr o t heI(Il' l:I It Ir. I h-Z u I g' 1 1 t aIilp
8 4(1 li li ed h' 1:1r1y 14 ll ,v 44'4jsiha .
well "\\'ill yiiii jolin 11. 1'aptailn llianu
n4ou.t. ?" I aski.ed.
innt- "'l ' i 4en h lng (4 ' y' all i
hur'- d1ys," r I'b- henli(n'4 , lookinug i
tse . Jhick. 'N#)%w' I've '' ' i4 y'.' , I'. , -i
(i'4 - ''444 whip1( 4(44- :nn4'4rrill:ts."'
"N 4 41 ''/.zen 44f t 1444n. 1k st-Oi', w'r14
' '.N- ' \ 4411 4444' 1'4t 444 ill4 140 o l i '1t1 I|
horse48 7" a8kc4d I lhh-i.
4(n44 "\1444444 the4 holit's," su(g::eslteil (lu
lier-1 (lit ain44.''
'noen 44444' .i-',iiliserve14' Jack,48 "but'4 :44'
thie a route(4,'" :4aid I. '"I'll taike 'care tof t(in
y a1 81t'ik."
wed4't I thiethered 1.44 b in in ih' illtlIi po'ke
14oth 44b1ou4ti '4 m nnte (4444' than Iif'
Hle T t sit4l4 1'414 11'5 3l4)'1 "al i
unish. ''('44444, we4 havi'4e 4no titue 34o lose.''
itaiti 113ttle giss '4as1 to li' 144t41 ittnd ii41
way43, 444for~e th44'n4. l~T'h'e ( catIn, 444 1big.. 1h
(144d deit'I''iliation., Was 844n44 n is kn-e1t4
gatherin'14g grass8 and44 throw414ing it in li
Wee1 ll a '1(t p (4.441tll4.l 441(483 14 4
lIvt's,"' I grutubb4141'4l. "Now441, 4 ;l44ger4,
ntl- (iar as4 3you 4441 and44 still 1.44p 1144'
41her4- 8(ight. Ileik, .\443 g44 to th l t d tl1( 4
Iti'r-the 134 544n4. 1'ai I 1,4p *(lo'se, for4 It wion
t1ion dit f'or 44s 1 ! 4 4t 414a 14 14h 4.''
hadn "Jac44k ('n1n 44:4 ke all sorts8 (' noises4 -.
had14 ents14, 441n41 owls 441 bird 44l--so yot) ' eno0't tte
1n01w, 'e.Ii.1 441," '444 41(44vol i' red
111fe, "'(hlod! \\', in4n'4(v hvte (t enslom0 t
for -use hecr. YouI gIirl kee4 p bhiti 44441(1r0
0o11- thie sin ie dit83ance' 448 (444- tl:Ikert'
Wheun we'1 get( (to t' 4're'k, Gingir is Ia
side14, work4'l down1'I It on the' right banik, Bue
'rees1, on thie left, whV i le 1 kt'ep 41s Iitet th
A of cre(ek a1s polsiblle. Cap(44ti Iltammen
pneeC will you net' as~ 'ear i guardtI'1"
wasi41 "W(Ih pIensur84e, sir1.''
41i-4e, "1Ile'Il go) to sleep,'' re.inar 1ked4 2e
iiine' ''anti be left. 1'd!n11."'
.1 If '"Not wit you 3111n4 f'rt3,'' 444114 the
4413 talin, lookinlg at her(14 repriioa'chflly.
andit I gave (lie 44rd1er to miov'e. Making ai
1144- little nise 41s piossile, keeplug ee
for' other' linsIght, exceplt oi'tnin~lhl,
the wh~en the tr'ees anid underbrus~'1h Wt':
ans too thIck, we 1pro4ceede Ito the brow 1.41'4
yes41 the I datea:u. leseendlng, we1' eoth
' st 41ruck 3the ('ree4k andl 4 undler ('over~i I:
(-or'der, wal44 k Inhg: rapidly,' keep1 ig n shlut
blelehindit 4141, n4144 so natur44al was thie ('r3
less (1h4t, ha144 1414ot bci'n ex pectng If, Ish1(4uh3
14ver l4ve suspe4.44 ted1 (t t a'e 4'oint4
dis- log, 1 5411 .44431 grls lM~(4(ilg upJ'm-4 1
our O4 t' very'3 4 !du 'f the th-c 1clivity33 44n4
not f'a'r''434 4 fr 4.44' '41r ' we41ha 1 h'gun 44444
lng deSeelltt 44 441441 '4:4s ltsuking~ do f'roini
the 'the pIte(:a1. \\'e were''t 8-4 protec'4td
ne- thiat lit ('ould not 4444 us,' 44for~4, b esIies
13hi- being itnionig 3 h'e .t'es We '41re4 in
t'r- comparalt'iv e sh4:low4, 1wh1'Il t' 4444
:op. above stood)4 (4u4 hoh44lly3 (in he liht. (It'
't' (did not loo4k lIke a4 guilla(4, but1 '414
44y hurriedi oii,
ani Dlscovein g ia greai3t44 avanage in
>th1 Jack's signls I, 1 '4(1lt'd in (he 1 ihk's
and the rearguardt and1( arran'gedl'1( wil
themi that Jack was to travel with mie
a0 trmpter. '.th booL at owl
Woudli icanl "hidT," a woodieeker's
rapping "rnlly oi the center," the notes
of at thrush "1take at back track," it hien'sN
cacklhig "push forward In haste." cl
These Algnals being perfectly under- of
stood, wve opeled again and1 advanced mu
like a Central sun11 and Satellites- cc
We had imade the principal part of lil
the descent, when, coining to a conv en- g
lent spot, I ordered a1 halt for rest, feel- 1a
Ing i contidence that I had not felt Li
since iny abduction-nt confidence I cl
Should not iave yielded to, for we were d
yet filr froin saifety. The place of our W
halt wai a delightful angle In the g
i t rean we were following. Jack stroll- l(
(ed nwny In senrich of wild flowers anld Li
wiaVs I4Soon001 jointed by Canptaln Belluiont,
1 whose ilfatuat ion prevented hin froin j
lthiIkillg of aiught lIse, even our co01i - r(
nlon anger. lIuck stretched 11inself W
unI(der it short iuunoiitail 011k, claslped b
hi halns 11u14 r ils heiad, threw 01n oI
lg ovTr tit' hNt kIe of the oIIer nIl al
looked straight up into tle bralOs. e
, 1 Ioeii and I were Ilius left alone. Ve li
sat. donil oi (he bank of the creek inl ti
vlow (f tihe huinlilig Strenan. Talli. (,
t a Silder Sticl inl hrl(' hand, Telen Iw ie
Sgan to thrush the water. I saw tHIt e,
- shlle was4 trouiled, anld I knew tih e
en use. Th1e hiTler between us, whIch N
init n lnoinelit of intense exciteient 1h l14
faded out of mIght, now loouuied up
-.ngin as o0iisly as ever. We sit Il
withlout slieaking. .Jaick and the C1n1- cc
s tn in we're chat t ing briskly, eve'y5 nOW I
:, 114l angli speaking loud enlough for us t
4to hear soine word thlt. told of the (ap- C)
in's III h irlitit. The silence h.
S ie eleniit and iyself grew painful.
I vltild say nothing to break the spell.
I culbl but litutely express what I fell.
I.:4-i1ching out, I took her hilili .11- a
Idrfw hieir to tine.
A \ I.h t!
LIdoking upward to the plateau, I saw
:I hoirs'iuunan (in41111g off to the spmr
ii nr (0t h1os, whose ridge led to tll- levol
- old ve were approclin11g. It waNs'
i I In I hm 1 we hald been di11sco verd t ha(. t 11:
Ih. shot was a signal Ia1141 tIe hlrsvinai
.ns going to head u1s off.
Thev tr,111hh' ha-d :all come fro-mHck
I h 4v ) no doubt we should havt givi N
thI gueirrillas the slip had it no44t het -
iV~. ~ )~Ox I
~)- - n
Our enemily, -Iretteltlnt 1 11rota Mct p1lul(ow.i
t rv I lit.
for hIs folfly. 'Ihere' are certalin hlio- t(
ito tu 'f run tlytt a rll n
inretiuc encountered il :Lan iident I
t hat cen led out 4441 (of thIese' hilosyne(rn- tI
sli':. ( hizing in'o1 thet blranches of the' tr
IrN' tunler whlehl lie lay, hie espied ait
b'irdi's nest. 1 'nlucklly, hie nott1e01elita
ai rock whieb nin~itedM o1' in gir:ll1 as
('ent stood41 dlirect ly under the tree'. 0]
'liihuing thle re'k, lie inade his way jh
niiioig th' biramn-hes and, leanlig far' ei
Ilut where teI brigh~t f.11n coubhl *4hiin-4 at
d I Irect ly onhi Iiini. graS)4 s(t d?i! tJ;. -Nrcn's
r . O r i-iny whiy')tt e i I
a :llin:: the pa~urhy tnoet her, 1 gave 11he U
sieiinedl It' beany objlect In 'I ing so0.
forP weI 11uulst Ix ej 1to lineiiet our pursu51
t'rs, liut we (0ould not go lutk nnd I]
(4)11b4 n4ot stay where we were. lIe
siules, mtuollon would tend to pull to
gothemr thle faculties ol' 11he part y, every ..
t onie of whin was ahppalled1 at thIs re-|
Slapse Into Ithe frightftul dangers they
Shaid so long endured, thiough ('4apta11n U
Sllenutnh~onlt shlowed 01nly irritatIon at
h ha vinig his tete-al-tete With Jack Inter- f
We hdnot gone Car before we struck
aI eiath 11 ruig pa raIllel withi tile creek.
lechhd us to a harnlet oni a ro:44!
b-ading~ tnorth antd souh. There werie
but11 huhi' a do0zeni houses01 In the 1pin14e.
Iiuchallng~ ii sinuill ('ountry store4 and4 a1
bI 1k siniIth Iishop. I lefore (entcr1ing thle
towni we conisulted as4 to what we'
shul do. tC
"tIeti horses,' I pr'(loposed, "'if the re Is
"'Or ai horse andi wag.on,"' sid I14'1'n. y,
"I rec4kon tlwe hett I or hiide,"'W1 wa li1nek'.
"f Pr 's 't 1 "* n e te bnk
I 1looked4 at1 illin. .I:4l'- hrops 4
t ionu appea4:r4d to sIikeI her with the -
*ant force i4 i'4( t struck4l iii. if :ill hn
the' guerr'Iilh1 is woubI expj4t 1 to 414. -
dilsguising (our1selves :n114 gatIa :41 iiu
th Ia'own4 :4s if' we be'liin~ld theire w4. :b1 to
lie thla st. sh1
"l)4nit" I snl 41s1 W(e (ntieed thle I
pin1ce. "'S':atIIer. loll th44 1)ople th 1 ,14
guerr'IiIlas ire ai'ter us5, and44 thiey'll help 44
us. Wet'lI have froin I10 to 15 inliliute::3
For Infants and Chikdren.
The Kimi You Have Alweys Bought c
Beoars the
Offico ovor Add isons D~rug Store. Il
ap'12-19tf. (
11:3 Wetst I t't. St. (J1mnv'~~uLrs, S. C H
I 'rnelice in all the courits, Sta to aniid C(
lFederal, Co
Aegetable 'reparationr As
shaitatingrs RiheFood andleg sula
thig the Stomachs andBowes of
ness and Rest.Contiains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Nineral.
It f idk-SULIPI/ER -
4kyA'n &ed -
orA el/e Satr -
Anfui -
IIrrtt .flv'e -
Aperect ienedy forConstipa
lion, Sour Slomnach,Diarrhoca
Worms,Convutsions ,Veverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Fac Simile Sigunture of
We have a number of
Elegant Lines of . .
Iadies Oxfords
Which we are determin
ed to close out. Among
them are several lots at
3, $2.50 and $2, which
we will close at $2.25, $2
and $1 50.
Will also close some lots
of $1,50, 41 and 75 cents
goods as follows: $1 50
black Kid Oxfords at $1,
ians 75c. $1 black Kid
Oxfords at 75c, tans 50c.
75c black Kid Oxfords
S50. tans 2%c.
Nride & Pattcn
Greenville, S. C
I~rNlval'O Onlpall)
(Successors to C. P. P'oppenhei m),
hlolesale anda Rciail Decalers in
rons, Amm nunition, Ag ricti
tural Implements and
Hard ware
f every kinid and1 descripitioni. Send
)Stal for Priecs.
KigSret, ChJarlestoni, S. C.
rom the Up- To-ID)ate Carpet llouse
1517 Majin Streel, Columbia, 8. C.
'rile us for Samples of anyvthing. mi
Sir lie. Goods shipped anywhe vlire ini
e State free of freight. We aire al
tys busy. INo (du1 ll'as with us
hen in Columbia, come aned see us
iybodly cani show you the laceW.
EiE-M edicted (igars
EE-M Smoking Tobacco
r users of Tfobacco that suffer with Ca
-rb, Asthma, or Itronichitis. We guaran
ani ab)solute and~ permanent e ure of
tarrh anad it is thec only known remedcy
- Uny Fever. If your dIruggist. or gjrocer
Cs ntot keep it, write EE-M I O., Atlanta,
.for Free Sample T1rade supplied by
rpenter BroH'., (Jreenville, 8. U., or
'utchalield & Tol1leson, Spartan burg, S. C.
'Hll WOR~LD has money In It, and
a Bluiness Education will help
you get yonr shiare. Outr moth
I will furnish the foundation foryour
tune. Inquire about us. Business
n are calling upon us almost daily
~okes' Business College
319 KINoa ST., CHIARI EsToN, 8. 0.
farming lanfis. Easy panymen'ts. No
imiassis chaargeqd. Borrower. pays ac
i cost of p riectiag loan. Initei-est 7 per
t. Iup, acco din1g to secturity.
(Oulum biA;. 8. C.
siness College and School
of Shorthand.
ual Busines~s, Augusta, LI a.
alp Boanrd. SItuaitions secur d.
ore en)Ile than we~ canI possibly tIlli. Giuar
itce of posIt ins backod by 16000. Couarso,
ceolledl. Enter ainy tIme. Untalogue free I
'ashington correspondent of , the
ews and Courier says: " Official
res de not sit lightly on the shoulders
the President. iHe is not stich i
un as William AlcKiriley was when it
mes to not letting business make his
e miserable. The buiden .ie carries
ills Theodore Roosevelt. His friends
,arly every day discover evidences of
is fact. Shortness of teinper is the
kief of theec evidences. Even his
narest friends are likely to get a cross
ord for which the Presideit. is very
>rry the minute it is uttered. An apo
gy follows each manitesting irrita
onI, ats i Ilatter of course.
Yesterday one of his oldest friends
the nevCLpptr business called and
:ceived such a rebuke for cominV
ithout having adtie an engagement
forehand that lie was almost taken
T his feet. When the President, got
ound to it, lie explained that lie was
> harassed by the men who want of
-os and who cannot be suppressed
at he has no tine for anything. Like
en. Harrison, the elder, Roosevelt
arted in with the intention of seeing
'cry nan, no matter how flimsy the
wcuse for desiring to take up his timc.
aturally the stream of callers grows.
)ine tinie soon even such a strong
-lai as Roosevelt will have to bow to
ie unwritten rules that govern the
solitary man "1 in the White House
id preserve his energies for those
ibjects and Itent, too, who have a
aiml Upon him.
" But why (o you wish a divorce,
adam? ' asked the lawyer. "1 You
udlhit tihit your hushand provides for
u)i properly and is not at till cruel.'
" Cituel!" she exclaimed. " I'd like
see himt try to be cruel!'
1ThIen what cause for complaint
tV you?'
" Why, lie is getting 'so deaf that I
i deprived of tihe pleasure of' scolding
Imi."-Chicag''(o Post.
It is estimatlu that the cam paign inl
ew York cost abolu 51,()00,1)00.
The E'AcFuse
.ae by trany a man for taking a drink
the but i; tiat he nleds at bracer. le
els w.ak, his iomnach is "out of sorts"
ld liquor makes him "feel good." The
tired an1 who sits
01n1 I pil leaps up
with new energy,
b~ut no( one wvould
say that thuis
energy Was evi.
- 2 dece of thle
streng..th givinlg
pov.vr ot a P1in.
-" o with the enl
ergy ithiced hv
liquors. ThI I v
only spur the body
onl, but il1o not
Strengtlii it.
Strei.,tIl is illade
froti fil s i
eorly dgtdaa
a s s i it a t e d.
Whnthe stotni
aeh is diseasedA
there is a faillre
o extract the nutrition from food aid
i blydv grows wfeak. The weak body
teds strengtheinig. not stintul iat ing.
r. Pie ree's Golen M 1edicail I)i Cov)ery
n-es (di51ss ofI thel stat11chl :imo1 ((1 her
-gansll o f < igeust ion amid nutit 1 iin, so that
le nuotritioni of food11 is er ,tly ex- -
aictedl and( aIssiiliated ahml thle lhody
Thelire is ino alhcohiol iln~(, Glen Medical
iscovery," and it is entirel v free froim
(iutni, cocainle and1( ll othier nartcotics. (
Accept 1no suit~tet for "G(olentl Med
al D iscovery." There is nio othier nhiedi
nie "just as 'nod " for diseases of the
mc indalied organs.
VIoltr 'noidett '.\edial )iscovery -ou an sr.
ge's cata~rrhi Remuedv h1ive been of gireat
nefit to ine," writes (i'rof. ) l'le,. ait A. ( (iver
Viola :uton o. ArL. " le fore I tiied the
'(ve met'iotted remedie nItS 1v sh p wA:i no *10
tud:digest ion lud a coiu: feeliig of
isery. 1 now *.cel like a~ newV 11um."
Dr. Pierce's Pheasant l'ellets regulate
IC bl)Cs anid liv'er.
AltIsei, (;A.
PvlcR AND C \Xjlas, Nr(ii irrn 1ori.s 8. F
LOOlu N( ; DING, C.'l i N:' A N i
All ('or responden1ce gi ven promp ~t at
Agents Wanted
0 the "I., Il' 1; ~OO E R 1'. WAgih
.(,iN." W r ien h.) hinmself. JEvery
'dy buys; neconts mire now maik ing over
[5I p r mn th:ill best boo(k 10 8'all to color- 1l
people ever 10 bliished(. Write for ternms. Ia
send~ ?I (Cent for0) otfit and begini at tot
.ce I'leasec mention)1 thisa paper. A c6 Cr
I r, N0 IClIOLS & CO., A t' antO, CI, (
2,5000.no IN Go)lI) GiIF. 'MVAY Cl
0our a11 at es Iidei 11he reglarI < mi
AV i 1(K 1(o 1901 . No hig pie
.a lew, butI .very l'Leotl gets a sha11rc
PeenI years 1hulImesCs rceordI back of Ib
(Cents. det!l 'iere .
ry atI on(Ce. A\ddriess i. i.. It' uiliag f:
LIII (00 ., Al banta, U a. meI
- for
A Business Course SI
>Olkeeping. om plete lii. rse.. 5 0
anog(Iraphiy anid typewritin', '((m
arge. on
A Yount Man
01uld attend a oleI ( u . ih an( estabIlishi
mir Crcia11l ell (akes i'cas'; to) seCure
.1 best p(osii nI. ' IbarOtn h work ; beiI
(I-1', 'f' 1 8,1( a r ('a h ),
>LLI', , A Ibiress WV. I - aefeat, 1.
I (0 hiat Cou rt SuugA8
L~UMi11u . R. (I rapi..r, Prsd. . VOL d
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You lave
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Condensed Schodulo of Passtngcr Tratn,
bI Effoot Juno 110th, 1901.
Ves. Expr. Fatta
Northbound. No. 12. No. 3S. No. 34. No. 86.
Daily. Daily. Daily Daily.
Lv. A tlanta,Cr 7 61 a 12 00m I1 20p 11 60p
Athamta,ET 8 50a 1 0I 1 201 1' 50a
" oers . 1 11a|........ 1 52p 1 29 a
uford..10 05t"......... 2 1p 201a
(4"inesville 10 a7 a 2 25 p 2 45p 2 28X
" la. 11 00a 2 43p 3 u8p 2 49a
Cornelia.... 11 25 a ........ 3 801) ........
M . Airy... 11 28a ........ a 83p
Lv. 6Tc. 3 i )5I y 5
E.I cIberton... ........ 6 45 1 0 451 11 53 a
Lv. 4lbh erton ... 00 a ........ ........ .......
v. W'miinster. 121 mn.........4 25p 4 14
" m enn..... 12 4s 1 4 09,1 4 4Up 4 85a
"Central. 133. . 503 5 00 a
Grenvllo. 2 6181 665p 6 55a
" Spar'burg. 311 1 041 65 5p 663a
GaItYnov.... 4 28 p 0 461p 7 82P 7 48 a
"iliak.siurg 4 47p 7 02 p 7 481 8 02 m
" King's Mt 5 15p ........ ........ 882a
(4astonia... 5 40p ........8 281) 000a
Charlotte. 6 40p 8 18 p 0 15p 10 a
Ar. Uro'nsboro 0 55 P 10 47 p 11 429 12 p
Ar. Durham...........
Ar. Italeigh.,.. .........25 62a0 p
Ar. Danvill.. 11 25p iSp14a1Sp
Ar. Norfolk.. 8 Sn80 a ~ 3a
Ar. Rlichmond.. 60 a~ a0 ~ ~
Ar. W'hingtoni......,... 2 3 0
JIloro P.1t ,,,... 0a96a18
" Ph'delphia. ........ 5a115a28
5s~ 25s a E5ax p
Lv. N.11,53 p.11248 a 4 501)
Ph~(1lp~mi. 35 a 0 a 8..0.a.........
" Ilflltinic 00.a 0 22 a 0 40...... 2p
Was~mton. 11 42 10 7 a....9 00 p
Lv.ltjhn~n(~. 1 V 8 00 a~ 11 a~ 11 85 p
Lv.Nrfolc.. 10 15 a0~ 11' a 2 a
" lNlo r..... .. 12p 43 2~ 0 Ip 48'5a
7-a.IalFgh. t Ma~ lOs. 1 Expr 0,
Lv. urhm...4ailp. Dai. Dily. aily.
Lv.NP~. reoo 12 15 70 a 7 8p a
Ar (Ialttoo.. 0 22 a 0 25 a 12 27iU3
"v Wlaston.. 1105 10p...45. p 5500
Lv. ltiohmond'.. 12 0 11..0.p..1.80 p 18,
Lv o (afnok.. .. 1 42a 4 p 7 40 2 7 40
LY Daonvillo... 5 8 12 5 Op 1 4 Sp185 a
v. Cral..h..........5 0 a 1 1 00
v. Durham .... 44 2 2 8 0 'o 61 12 80 a
LvTGo'nsoro.10 a 7 5a7
Ar.E1Chartot.. ll459025n 12 04m a
Kin sMt.. 11 02la ..... 15p 1
Bhm burg11 5 9 0 5 a 2li p ap
~ afisy.... 1420 1182 a
Sa urg. 12 20a 11... 40 a 8 85 1
Ar. oo~nlle.r 1~ 25 a 1 4 p1 1 0 1 4
Corela ... 8r40 a 75 p i 885p
Betwet Lula and Athens.
N .x. No. 18. STAT IONS. No. 19.
. Daily._ Daily. Sun.
8 15p 815 pLv. ..Lula ..Ar 2 151 7
8-15 8 45p "S Maysvillo " 1 46 I
0 04 4 021~ " Harmony ' 1 28 p 7~
9045p 4 4 Ar.Athens .L 124p p 2
mai tino trains.
"A" a. mn. "P"~ p. mi. "M"' noon. "N" nighO.
Chosapeakeo Line Stoamiers in daily servioe
boteoon Norfolkc and ]3altimnoro.
.Nos. :17 anid 38---"Washington and Southwegb
ern Limtited." Solidl Puhmnan train, being om.
posed Oxclusivoly of finest Pullnan eqipzllezl
of latest. dosign, through bietween New Yor
and Atlanta. Through P~ullman sloopiing cars
between Now York and Nmv Orle.ails, via
Washmngt n, A tlaia and Mon igotnor~y nd al
Bo be, weenl Now York and Morni>his, vinWash.
ington, Atlanta and Blirmingam. le oant
Pullman ib1rary obsorvati on cars ltwoeon Ma
con and Nowv York. G ontlomoe e lub oars
between Atlanta Now York. Dinger
servo all mnoals enrouto. Pullman a en
ears botween l.iar~loon(or and Goldsboro. NN
coach servico on this train. Theso trains will
Cto natGamsvillo, tI,u Tcclnno
noy and liaourg only 'toctao ,oneanjtGm
passengers for and~ from Washington ~d be
yod an fo and fro Eroenvil o, Columbi
Nos1 811 andl Gi-"A tumia and o v Yor -Dx
pross. ' Local I rain bot woen AtblanIn ad Oat
lott, connecting at Charlot~ with traIz of,
eamo nui ors for anzd from ~Vashingtgp Woi'
sleein ers l.t e~ Unotrou OwYon
hIlarI tto and Richmojd and~f1 fev
Wrdashi on Mond , a 4lb
daysf aii li~t sleeping War -~
'rancisco without chano dfoton
Greensboro with sloopel~ r. Ka
Ful[lman cars on tis ai~~ . een 1
and Chrctt. Ample irat ans ela
conh acommadcations r lobal and troug
iravel. .
Nos.85 and 80h" United States StMail5,ws
olidl bet cca Wa b in top an a5(glftg
r ough ithout Cl ag ~ o~
massos. Pulhql~~.an dra -Co .31S OOJ
30iwoon N'ow x ork and Now pqOi
a lta and( Mon tgomeory a~l~ot~~
nlagham anld icohmonid. ining oaa aovse~
>ari Oariy tiNos
olusye Pill man o2n. m

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