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-- r"' F7 *'IMF
The People's Journal
T. J. M fItJi)t Editor.
ICutered at the Post Oflee at Pickne F
Second.c e i inatter.
Subscriptio, $1.00 Yea.i
THUmS)AY. NOV. 21, 11,01.
Lient (Governor, James Tillman
hIs announced his canididaey fo:
the Governorslip at the next el
Those progressive farmers whic
havo gono ti head in spite of the
dry woather and propored ani
plantod their wheat crops are now
congratulating theiselves, aid
looking on the theatening weathei
without those regrets that gr
shared by all late planters.
* * *
'1lhe overwhehning demand o
advertising spaco is n Iccssitate(
tho issuance of a supplemllont, tobu
porarily. inl ordor to do justie )it(
the news feature of this paper.
This will he continued as lnIlg i
the exigencies of the ease d: 11n1d
It is for the benefit I our subrri
bers and in behlf of tli . tt
give value receivel 1litt thi extn
expelse is incurr *d.
Thtis 1"all hais I, n a i re tih..
church iepairing m .:ison in thi
pirt of the onory. Ev'ry chure
in this see:ion that has hi. en i
ieed of spcial at tantion h is it i
or beei ripaiied r s4.s h
been taken lookit g to its npoivi
nient. If th.o clri4tian qualht <
the membership is kee'piig 1.1
with tho outward evidenc-s , ' in
provemniit, this ountry IVs 'aI. !
sa110 Hotie i n th ne11p r
but anl ineid-ni '1 f th v-;:
T1hese' not ices repre'-le1t t be aveum:
ulated sale's undIAr ode :' rol1
three terms f c .r , the a b
idg I.leeried nil. I'
cR vdtil : :
Poe.t wh h tak
n% tL'ur
, by the Sou.
Special will be in (Gre anvillo <hi
ing D)ecembler, wheni pcl ral(lii '
ilil be.a givenl b y t he rail roadi
Th'le CommlIii'Soners' ofi t his colun
will go ini a bo dy with1 the pUurp<
of making a special study of1
work, and lour1ing someth1in1g (,
may1% be turneid to piolit. in Ii
Have you done aniin~iig towarn
hi d ping tho Comumissioniere to C'
lect a proper exhibit, lor P'ickel
county at the E4xpoisitin? .lf tl
county 18is no lepresenited as5
should be, the very people who
waiting for somebod~ty (else to
tho work that ought to be d.
will be the people ito lose the bei
fi tes to be dlerived f r.n a full ai
creditable dislally. It may1 lbe I
propriate to aisk, inl this conni
.Ion, whelthler alli the~ O~ll cmissionh
thomselvos aire doing what. nase
expected of them1) when they) wi
charged with ho dut (ily antd in tiru
Ced with the responsuibl ity of loo
ing after th1ose miatt ers.
.As a medium i for the enicourag.
ment of home deCveIlopment ini sti c
raising and lanid improvemnenL an
in all oth er miat ters appert a iin
to practical agriiultLure, coun t
fairs have proveni wonderfuiily su
cessful 11n some1 count ies (if Sout
Carolina. Why could niot Pacil
ens county profit by somo) such at
rangoment? .If such ani organizai
tioni should 1)0 effected, it wvoul
provo a source of enhlitnmon
to all our 1peopl1 and a stimulus t
the very kind of development we
People are p)rodie"
-..v&union that debt makinj
without the absolute assurances o
the forthoomning of debt payin
mneterial is wrong, and cease to in
dulge in that kind of piractice, eith
er a. Creditor or debtor, But Uh
cold chilly Witids of the winte
will blow over and people will tak
fresh courage with another year
Their experiences Ought to teach
good-lesson and induce that quali
ty,of economy which 18 alway
&t~e with industry, and mnake
I#.aln 44po
Ono of the most interesting
books published by the Govern- '1
ment has just boeen issued by tho Vei
Indian Bureau. It is a Course of der
Study for tho Indian Schools of el3
the United States prepared by Miss ia
Estolle Reel, Superintnoident of In. not
dian Schools. The prominel.t char- cou
acteristic of the book is the common oCr
Sselse an1d practical mothods ladvo- den
leated. There is almiiost an absence for
of theory, the aim being to make Ve,
the training such that while devel- re
oping the iitellect and Charll'acteir ter
of the plpil, it alst endows thei dii
stuidenilt' with ability to (o S,>le- pjI
thing practical and useful. bill
President Rcosevelt recen tly re Sli
ceived a1 dole-gfatioll rplE!selti ng t lie
Chamii-nbers of Coimerso of the tot
coulitiy that are askinig for the 'I'll
reuluptii i )ol) of oC ifl'oeCtl trado re- 00)l
atiol0l- W"illi C'il i ;a. Next t(. -IV
(i'eat I hii )il Geri'iaiy, Call.it- I
d; l i i b ' i llIII Ig. - i Iu''r EE ilO
l ho I rmh t| u ; (. t is e*li , lni e
wlit" .n as m Ilb ah; I ti
- Iit iS I I h I IIV u'1 th11 .\Ill- rI'h allj ato
cent ~I-apttort-r I e ipreen; T
11)1i N. The :1 t A I
ilhe fio lt t er n.tl
W l111 Presid. 1 '
I ' r I ; vt Ila
ih -
Vl t
IE ! (I v"
. me. h- b
I - glltiI bi 'b, 11( -oitr II
-I ' .
uE' l l t1E1; it r11 l ii it I lea I-1
11 i d \\ ith i tl E eC S s t. of lo
Sl* r I il~l'i of tlElll:,a scr tfry of
ei ro ile i lilii" fllreil
.hasEtten'M ex iesin a dtefis i s tE
eII l' olhit ill colitthiE,le l 0,t li~ t |
" lil ciai' le tt'(ihl'eUstify (z4'10it l' I ,
.' imphr(jments into thle t'nitedt Sitat- E'.
'1 ~ islt'a~l )' p ie'I In'E
h- 118. . ef
13- ed l oi I s 'VIE3 il j hatcess ~ of ( t ro~i
g izing;~ 1 's eo t ei r I)', np1 leet of' .
or Iit mdc'lsv of the m. 11. thnsu)
rsuch exhilits wouh liiervo a very
I., mniuin iletrs Illst addro (is0
thel.nLrto-Princp, baeo
aethor a Aiv h tioif liht oItlnd'I, h
ChlietlO the p(iIowflerlnlt ('Olii- (10
t haletile isoppo'asd tio anyxchangy Ij
Whconsierin the l)OritYbws oucoeh g
oAn ting was irent oug h t .r.
V o the rpcitioell frmevnb'(
lgT't< d~ te 19 he etof ocembos - s
o ad gi an ehibto ofgo odO
- oniugh fo thhl bnfthofal thyea i
VeoutraTs f the opaish-Ameri-t
0- ian ar wler somrwhan, ahntd the
kcountly bymreaslonl of Pieneo te
- mounty tvhh somke o ada te odthi
0 newaers that hbyitoho sfetofy
r th patobleciim of oad mUin. S.vup 1w
Srybmd ineresbot an radter ofai
promilon uh dotar onthy wasdue'
- tlernom.hat weorts, baseof onluf
Satuthoritaivf evtaoment, hchrd tI'
- ift tahe early nounement.i Mean- udE
y while theverns at~ r anxouly nor
toidering hepoissil ut oo no
o n rin ofrrtotth aw"
3 ftefrt oiiem
Washington, Nov. .17th, 190.1..
1he anuueoU1comieit of Setiator
ft, of Mistotri, that he will ill
no circmistancos considoe i, ro
'tion to the Senlato will provo a
Lter of re'gret. to t013 (Imoelorate
only of Misouiri, Ibut of the
mtry. 114o ha hen, it mI a loyal dcm
at and a con)iist t1i fighter, for
me-r'attic Ineasucores inl t he~ Senlatt
neoarl y two decadec etlitor
t laughed wI en ake'ilint the
u1blicans would do in, tihe m1"'t.
of the trusts. Hli) said that
ing the last Congress the ro
>licais inl the llouse passod a
mnak inag the provisions of tl
rmian la1W Iore) effective but.
repullica 1fnever pemitted If
!ome to ,. yotC in the Soniate.
iy ref-rred it to tIhe Judicial y
.lmittee and thrl) it (lied. l v.
effort of the de itiocra ts to have,
vported was d fated. "T Iit t
w prettv cmnclusivl y how thc
uiblicanl party '4tand1s onl the
st qjuestion'' )meiudd the Seli.
'ha cold1 xpe-rienced by the
skan expl(ers would feel lik' -
i'Il -d warith compa41 witi
chi"l that the spoilsmen have
ir d duing thme laIt we k
t hav ouana.te I r I m C, I . \ hi
[:s '. Th.. he i a h o l-- r
that1. "all p in m- in r
-talInciek" Will , l.- (. ve
ha .:ou~lof mnet:t. T- 1
1 1 ie o 14 b -
r t.v kii-w that
e 't - -Ne
r.It a- 1 (1 .t inS
1 cl N' I L Navy I [p art'
.,I of It e C ivil S..rvi C-mI -
t he I e.ilrS 4it reCitl y v t ol d -
vintative Sh11 4 mri l Iof11. li Ghae
t1e n11 liatisd ie and Fo -oe II
actI'uii nat a o P ill a bl1, u
ion for one .1 thavngth
wouHi t! thm. ti- ae n
eiin tla I b li auth i nre th wa a1.
r cc ns 145 iiiujt .ni tiit .
th. M . Sheta in inoIp
'On- 1 his i l wi01 t; i isi e 111 i
-arlatal Ilhi dup bytcku'
vein utjo to1 - P m - -
tl'e paf wei
.no thethrr-nh
1nal from'C N odrt
t attside. ilh~s fat t
wn"011 juilBs ito in er horu
hessarelil,~ n it as be
maies that huls r e wo Maaa
Ist rekein hiru reerines. om
>dge'sth sIatof ta fhiant for
r o ruon to elikely navo uit;.
>nonthi sd ofar~ the tanieo
t.h MnreDcrn ha
onxgeint of jinos amo io
throsatogae ata ushc
,t Sin cod, ei
yon epl a ko thbu
e~s h .s wa fonr tnatcssi
m Omphasizk thtno the rga
dog nd oaur ofnhint tpeo b
re phrudnthis ik tou mjur~~
Chopin on Piano "ingerIng.
This Is from a fragment of pliano fin.
gering left by Chopin: "No one notices
Inequality in the power of the notes of
a scale when it is played very fast and
equally its regards tiile. In a good
inechanisin the alin Is not to play ev
erything with an equal soutnd, but to
acquire a beautiful quality of touch
and a perfect shading.
"For a long tine players have acted
against nature in seeking to give equal
power to each finger. On the contrary,
each finger should have an appropriate
part assigned it. The thumb hIs the
greatest power, being the thickest lin
ger and the freest. Then coiiirs the lit
tle finger, at the other extrelnity of th
hand. The- uiddle finger is the main
support of the hand and is arssted by
the first. Finally conies tih. third, the
weakest one.
"As to this Siamese twill of the middle
finger some players try to force it with
all their mnight to become independont,
a thing impossible and miost likely tin
necessary. There are, then. inany dit
ferent q:uallties of sound, Jist as there
are severil flingers. h'll(e pint is to
utilize the differences, and th is. In other
'or'ds, is the art of fingitig."-Ilune
ker's "Chopin, the Mall and ils Mu
Isectsi Becomb Tntoieated.
Intoxicntion fromlt the le-tar and pol.
10it of p liants has bjeen a Subjvct of lin
vestigation by D'r. J. M. W ir, Jr. Tir.
iffects ilusects. and It app'i-ars that the
cosml1os flower is speoilly tLilt as :1
source ot' drunl:ennss i 1 b andi otih
e' IIcta r ovting 1 rr atust . A bsve so
drunk tha t it Lot'l ste :y get uip.,nl
its legs was takei to tl t Ninhoratory
and placed abI'out two ill...s froin a
cosm11os blosOi m. It iiu1rnilin Itemly st
gered to the flower and ti:-.ll to suck
tte neet::r anda ill a ft" w ), ni,ents tutlo
bled over, a S si'less 11nld Im ine i t
vietitul of apii. Drulien b s
found n der ti'.-SSoills prove that
the poll n mt:l t havye tlLe snie elfeet
ais the! iect lt-s.
The exi lcim:. I l sv. Auvweud a half
tLnspoonful of the lio;e :i:A1 ill 11bo1t
15 lm it.' exy, K:i:,eda : % ling of ex
hila atio , wih a m e s .)I) (of the
t!:e a:: of ialf a1 (11,1111 iof li-e i"II i .
tlled ir an oAins of th neetaries
2c ii s l x ilration 01 f or halt all hour,
followed by ausen.
When ICverthiig SlktikN.
"lIl mtitg y went her," said till' retired
lul-lar, "I llways iused to stopI worIk
not lnllse work wvas uln:,silant li'n,
but On ncoelti t of everyliiig stickilg
"Youl couldn't tell waN1:t m1igh1t hap11
jwen. Ainytihing id ev ryhling aIts lint
ble to stick and Imake rore or less4
loise when you f1illy got it open. A
w indow illight stick lit fir:s t iId then
go up with a ng. I've 11.1d it doc'
Oflll onl 11i0 that way-fly opell :111 of 1
suilddill aftetr I'd been ltsinillg oil it a
long tiine aid let mi1e througtigi the door
way oil to the floor. There's always
datngerot, for Istane, ilinlling out a
(ra1lwerI tlInt sticks of pulling it clean
ouit aind lettilug It drop.
"There's constant daiger of some
tiling of th11is ntor't hal1 igin1g, and1( it
dloesnm't Paly to take th 1ebLances(0. And1(
it' ensy143 ellngh to knlow~ whlen to staly
honeimr. Aly ruIlie was never'I to tr'y to doi
anty w~or'k Inl wthi ier tha:1t w~ould~ rnst at
Jiilliy.-New York Sun.
- mow to flut ton a Coat.
Tihe art of lproperly but toning a coat
-anly coat-is, (d0 it the othier waly.
'That Ia to say that nitne out of every
tenl of uIs lut toin our' coats the wionig
waIy. We comilltence with1 the topmost
buttton~ wh en we should c'otuenee with
the bocttomiuost.
Tihie frailest portion of a coat. in re
spect to shape retalting: qualitles-no
n:n::er how well made--is the region of
cs.:'r and lapels. The:. swagger mer-I
cL'.::t t:U:lor always entt:rns his cus
tezser to "wear it butt :.::-d a few days
T . .s a 1m t'.!. !t folkw.'s that
Sh - ido -te.- - .tt~th st i
l --'e h p rw . h' t'til t's g d
fo akn mate...
lif-. yo wan to b - rall tees-d
IrLnd the ditionar. It [w:l toe u
languagi and, luiden. tta whasto doin
wupt'u ofwrstechd.upoto
It ocea- nneapol ..1.tis tl T imes g~
Thle ~Ta Bake,
TheO wEnts tea baketapperstin
o'iu ln (ascth oau.tmoil el baskt
andt a'3 hadier oreple foil ury
i lngtlnceonid oncaidenle or a ato
tricpfu of wolds we eadiu t f.
Tshebaskets ceoein Tizes.t me
Theqiees adktet --tt
wickr cdas the aco pty inp
plied wih aller requisiesfo atr
i* mne on oa paryo igh or tenut
bt itmwould wih thleli ofind
sat'iesfacts thaoae priestty ceti
toibckerivaedia fromerpose1'ssion
they re isnot cetagtho, Paktes,
CUps and saucers of blue and wvhite
agate ware aro supplied in exact
number, together with knives,
spoons and forks, butter dish, sugar
and cream receptacles, sandwich
tins, cake box and straw covered
flasks for milk or other fluids and
an alcohol lamp and kettle. The va
rious articles are packed in the most
compact fashlon, aind the daintiest
of luno)sone m'ay be served In 83n
enin t'h nrt e unle with
A parlytof New York politicians
who recentlly returned from a trip
to Htalifax tell a story about Con
Fressman .William Sulzer, the
'Henry Clay" of Tanmmany Hall.
While roaming in the Queefi's gar
den in the Canadian city an Old
florist pointed with pride to a hand
some Led of flowers. They were
arranged in the shal)C of an Eng
lish crowii and at the side was laid
out the uniiioni jack.
'"You see that handsome bed ?"
said the gardener. "Well, the seeds
for that bed were sent to me by one
of the ablest statesmen in the Uit
ed States. Congressman Sulzer of I
New York sent me the seeds."
The Tammany men could hardly
restrain their laughter. Congress
man Sulzer is fond of twistilg, the
lion's tail, and now the story is be
ing circulated in tle Democratic
club that lie sent specially to Can
ada seeds of the niited States gov
erimiet to adorn t he Queen's 'ar
den in ll alifax anad lay out a floral
Crown a 1111 liio .iak.
Cngressman Sulzer has not got pn
through explaining yet, for, of
ColurSe. (everVbody iefuses to aecept
the atement thlt he di.In't k now
1the proaseto wih tle seeds were
to b t. ew ork Times.
The Father-in-law of Europe.
K in . Cri. ian of De!nmark, who
ii alled "tle father-in1-law of Eu
rope," becaue his lchiiren and
grandcliliren ocecuv and w'iil in
horit o ma1ny1 throii-s. has six sois T
rond dauliteara. Fre: erick, hisl fir.t
Ibora, the crowni ' nce of
mark, married the dLiiihliter of the
king of Sweden and Norwav; Alex
iii: trai, his cdSt dalughtr, is -iieena
of EIglal eodrge, hui s seecolnd Sonl, , v
is kin r of (Gr(e, iul m u-ried O(R,>:th
the si-ter of tIle lit( czar of liissia;
])-Imar, his Seond daui'hter, wIAs
the vife cf Alex:iuiiler If I. oI lis
Sm, ain1 1s now dowager xa i oIw
tIat empire; Thre Ylra, I le t hird
daughter, is the wvife of the lhike
of ('ilumllrlan1d aid Blrunswick, heir
to the tlironie of ofhos kilomi;
aildelalir, the youn ist of the 1)11
ish p rinc es, imarriel Marie, daigh- t11
ter of the Dulke of 0rlieans, p1retncd.- it
er to the throne of Frlace. N" thI
SUIel e01111ill11tioil Of 1o- alties ever 1
centerel before inl a sin.:ile faily .
ill hillistorv.-Argoauil, 1t.
Russian Military Officers.
Cupid will have I 'hard time stoon
with Ru issian a11y11 o i)lrs if onle I'. t is
to judge fromt a receit iguillatio r
fixiig the colditions1 nInlt'r ilich
lilssian olicers will ), permiith-d
to marrv. In tihe first 1.ilce, the
hlv must lhave g(iood manne and
lhe well broiighit uip ; I~ i*Cal oi
ion will also be taken into account. Li
Thlen, withI regaurd to thie oilicer, lie
mnust he at least twenity-thriee Ieas
muist aniir'unt to att l' ::t 8110(, and1
110 nust luhlVe eithtr 1 cal (-talte
biing11. ini S1511 or 1:14 re per ani
nliim or a capital of $?,.r>00 or morl.
If the capital des no' t excer(d
$?,50.0 oior thtan 150 , iniehitd- :
Woes of a Pioneer.Il
The f rst alutomile& to ven-'turei
to cr - the desert 'i Sahar hadl
reach,: a 4P 1.oint aout i ar be-.hi
On~ 1~naio tiu r:a=fon ia
T.-omr .f the automile 1 ot
or* a the vehicle: and Look an oh)
T - lhe di recjte. the man.' inP
) f tlhe wijr(le. telecriaphy
n t lezzan.
t1e d caml ."---('hi
Whistler and the Misfit Hat.
"11Tfl mot pictutl5i1. fUsiure inl
Anrmanlu art todayi is Jamei(s Ab
lianu Ihavnies G.riliin The 11 La1~ dies,
H ome' .Joiurnal. "Hei lives in E n
lland, an 14 no e-nd of stoIri concerni
ing h is eccen trlicities cirula ite( thI ere.
"'While lie was11 try illg oni a hat in A
a London shop one day1 a customner I
rushed ini and, muistakin im ia for a "l
clerk, exclaimeuid, 'I sayV, thiis 'lit dloes
not fit.>'a
"TIhe artist eyed him a mminute
and( thecn replied scornifuilly, 'Nei- li(
thier does your coat, and I'll lhe
hanged if I like the color of your
trousers.'" pc
Harvard In the White House. li
The Boston Transcript savs: '
"For the third time in the countr'y's
history and for the first time in
Seventy-two years a graduate of hi
HIarvard college is president of thme ho
United States. John Adams was Ce
graduated at Harvard in 1755, John p1
Qumecy Adams in 1787 and Theo
doro Roosevelt in 1880. General 0'
Hayes attended lectures in tho Har- chi
yard Law school, but ho was a Ken. ki
yon college man." do
Seotoh Thrift, 0
The city couneil of Auckland placed A t
price on the head of every rat In thme th
eity, and a grocer's boy became a per.
feet Nimirod and slew about 80. At the M
risk of contracting the plague ho car- e
tied his dead along, obtained tihe scalo~ d<
money and came back jubilant to ble
master and told hinm how mIl lie hatd hi
miade. Tlhe master cast upon him ad ti
eye of Aberdeen gray, and then ro.
narked quity, "Weel, weel, yo'il just '
pythe wnoney to og, cehsiert, for ye
59 9 - .919:4%[lyf ,h
ceth ir II'111Ci~v tkYbtle 'Zm v
Of tile same in dT s kept by ut ill t he 1)re
11 IIel. Il t i ti to iteal v s~'~ tok Nv
Cl0. OthingD j., Furncllp
Hats . an11ed So loe
14, oo ik tile bi.tter yout'hl be pleatsed m
-A.11 C~coc-L S
mlliii c11ifi ii... N ext -Ii 1'inilay's Maivk.
1it10 latest lilonthaly ro1)oit th IIa
,tshlliitonl IIutiatie Soecty is
.r1tizatioli ill Iti brtief peljo(1 of
irdy-m tlo (lily::, ill a ety (d, three
lidoltd Ilittith Il iitthiIatis
nl. (ho~ tiresili oft i-,labors I o,
:al.'V4s ot. A'c:vt fist sitta tisa
1),inii F t'( 1 )1 1I( I htest' v ts O . it
Lt l'ts (,oer,\ c n ti~wiit te
l.ig mIt t . I s l ic ;til onkt Illii tyo
auh'latIM it Iiu prt ('citl of . ,j IV-l
11totitnau l c llt 11 r Work
lio'u la le bni'. 'v. x I v tec
d 0'it hv 1y itkIl c a.i' feiio ju v it it
i111at l' Utcit tit t i 1101 ic li (
0" ( s o t crue\ l C 1,41 k gldlA t"iu iot
'Yew Coods
NJew Stand
Mew Methods
,oota knowi as the biabb Building on Mauln
*e have just opened for the Fall and
I complete stock of
ishing Goods..
S . I
a-t. We feel better prepared to serve you
CE. Don't miss thi opportunity to buy
Iook I arotil before you cono here-the
hen you reach uts.
ocld. for C as b..
ljan (1 lEimNVILLE, S. C
A. G. WYATT & 00.
Full line of D ry Goods,
Groceries, Shoes, I lats, No
tions, &c.
Farmers' Implements and
(ecneral IIardware Material.
Sole agellt for the Hancock
R\,tary I )isc Plow and also the
Torrent I Lrrov and Stoddard
I )isc la rrov.
Allpr:n indebted to, us
are retuested to Come in and
m1akC settfleflt at once. We
hav e been indulgrent and want
yol to resonid.
\Very Respectfully,
Ea.zsley, S. .
J. 1x n1I100is. Wv. WV. IAM.\OND,
Bridges & Hammond,
-D ealeors in
At t heir or)igi nal stand. Ple KENS, S. C.
WVe keep (4)nstanti Lly on hanud a full line-i
If )ry 4;i, Gl(1roceries, (Crock ery, T11in
ware. :uni Ag~at eware.
A\ fu'l line of coffe. oIf the best junality..
. 4 andu 10 lilunids for tihe dollar1 .
We mlake ai specialiy of Shoe)s. Try om
withi u\ la wiien uant with every pair.
Wed!in Sin. 11! an atu ll (otuntry pro
.41A. We~ wanl~t your tr lade. If goot)is
ar . e nt as' represented whenv at s l, bring
Bridges & Hammond.
P1 CKENS, - - S.C.
8. B. MANN,
Offers his service to9LI thet generial public
for nuild ing purp)041lose eiher by the con..
tract or theo day. All work is guaranteed
whenu lhe superwvisos thm wo'irk, ant he re
fors to his~ 1patron1s as1 to huis (11ua1lieations
atal thiroulghnes9s All personsw dleirinig a
reliable contractor or bulder wvill do woit
to see himn lbefor4 closing trado clsewhere.
Citation Notice.
fBy 4. ii. Newbery Esqulre, Probato
Ju nige.
Wh erenta, II. P. A lexander made atult
to 1m1 toi granlt himf ~Lttr of Adiita.
tratuin of th hteWIate of nudo oil'ects of
W. E Alexud (er, dcensed.'o ~t at
'lT ERC m is 'j'i Tntluaineto ie n
audmo il-ht all antd singtuar thue kindred
and1( crelltor oi~ f thle said W. JN. Alexanideri
deOce2aI'd,tha:It t~lbey be andi~ atppear before
mie, ini theo Couttt of Prob).e, to be hield
at Pickenls Court Ilotnse , C ., owd he
5th day of Dc., 1901, after public* in
hereof at I l o'clock In the forenoon to
shew cause, I any they have, why the
said Aduminlstration shottld not be grane.
Gilvon under my hannd and soal thimi
20uth daty of Nov. 1901 in the t20U1%
Ji, , NwberlYj

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