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The People's Journal
Corrected weekly by the lea th, Bruce
Morrow Co.
Coton ....... ............7 to 7 34
Egg.. ................. ..........
Cicein--I*in......... ...15 to
Fryer..................... 15 to
Butter......................................... , I
e wax..................................... . 20
3H ams......... . ........ .....1
-Don't forget that Thursday,
28th, will be thanksgiving (lay.
-Secona Church has been re
painted and otherwise improved.
-Mrs. John Harrison and chil
dren are here visiting Mrs. J. L.
-An infant daughter of Niles
Gravely is ill with scarlet fever and
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs, Spar
tan Childs, on the 19th inst., a
-Mennens Borated Talcum
Powder Special Sale-15c box at
Bolt and Thornley's.
-A gentle sprinkle of snow fell
last Monday night and was contin
ued Tuespay in this vicinity.
-Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Oliver
and children are here with Mrs.
Olver's mother, Mrs. Thornley.
--Mrs. A.. R. N. Folger, nee Miss
Charlotte Murff, is visiting her un
cle, Judge J. 13. Newberry, at this
-Mr. Henry Grant and Miss
Louise Gilstrap were married at
the Birde's home, Hazel, S. C., on
the 17th inst.
-Miss Elane Ashmore, a Char.
ing yong lady of Greenville S. C. is
visiting the family of W. 11. Ash.
more this week.
-Sunday Iight will bo the last
appointment for Rev. R. R. Dag
nall at Pickens church for the
present conference year.
-The Commissioners are plac
ing a stone and piping fence around
the front yard of the Court Ifouso
as a protection to shade trees and
the yard.
-Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Phillips
cf Clement attended the wedding
of Mr. Henry Grant and Miss Nan
Louisa Gilstraj, at Hazel, S. C., on
the 17th inst.
-Married, on Sunday, 10th
inst., at the residence of the offici
ating minister, Rev. T. F. Nelson,
Mr. W. C. Fowler to Miss J. A.
Cantrell, all of Pickens couij ty.
-L. S. Bailey, mnember of the
House of Represenitatives f rom
Dawson county, Ga., hais beeni on a
"isit to his daughter Mrs Joec Loop,
.of WVhite P. 0., this county.
--Jarnies A. Dillingham, the of'
licient Deputy Sheriff of Anderson
county camne up Saturday after the
Comptons who had been'lodged in
Pickenis jail charged with violation
of the dispensary law.
-Married on the 14th inst., at
residence of Augustus Ferguson,
Mr. William P. Edens, of Pickens
county, to Miss Caldona Ferguson,
of Greenville ecounty, A. L. Edens,
Notary Public, ofliciating.
--A stable and crib was destroy
ed by fire on Taylor, H-. Stewart's
place on Crow Creek last Monday
night 11 th inst. T1he fire is though t
to hiave~originated from sparks from
the torch of passing night hunters.
--The merchante, of Pickens are
going to close their storos T1haniks
giving day Nov., 28, so may the
people understand that tney must
not come to town, that day,
with the intention of purchasing
Cards have been issued1 anmnonne
ing the marriage of Miss Marie
A ntoiette Richardson, . eldes~t
daughter of Mr. and Mr-s. E. Bi.
Richardson, at Liberty, S. C., onl
on Wensdy Nov. 20th, .1901, to
Mr. Robert Bruce Fickling. At
home, Blackvilb, 5. C., after Dec.
A dollar is a small amflounit, but it pa.y I
for one year*'s subscription to Tn'ii Jou
Nmr,. Send us your dollar.
One two-horse and one one-horse
crop. Tenants to furnish stock.
3t . F D.H. L. CL AYTON,
36 . F D.No. 3, Liber ty, S. C.
-A three years old infant of Mir. and
Mrs. Wm Thacker, died last Monday af
tor-noon and was buried tho following
day at Bethlehem cemeu tery, Rev. 11. 11
Dagnal conducting the funeral services
I will apply to 3. B. Newberry
Probate Judge of Plckense county
on the 20th day of December, 1902
f or a final settlement and dlischar-ge
ns administraitor of the estate of
J. L. Thornley, decea~sed.
yo, 28t4 Administrator.
---Pulverised sge, ginger and red
popper at Bolt & Tbornleyn, Fresh.
Th'e Beth.hamn sobool, in di8.
Lrict No, 20, Will oommence Mon,
Geo. B. Hamilton, of Norris, spei
Sunday at home.
The following gentlemen in the et
ploy of the Southern spent Sunday i
town: V. A. Howard, F. E. Pickens at
W. H . Bryant.
Miss Emmna Johnson took up the di
ties of a toacher at or near Roberts j
Anderson county last week.
Messri. Norton and Joyce Harris,
Pelzer, were guosts at the home of M
P. L. Johnson last Wednesday.
Many of Ea;ley's young folk onjoyl
themselves at a birthday party given I
Miss Kate Robinson on Monday.
At Easley last Thursday eveuing, 141
inst., Miss Lidio Milos lagood was ma
ried to Mr. Edward Henry Shanklin, j
the Presbyterian church, 9 o'clock. TI
church was beautifully decorated, tl
night was perfect, the coremony was si:
ple but appropriately solemn and the v
tondants-young mien and voie
friends of the contracting parties-coi
tributed by their studied interest at
prompt and courteous assistaneo in mal
ing the sorvices most beautiful and in
Tho music was under the direction 4
Mrs. Richard S. Ligon, of Andersoi
and all moved responsive to its inspirin
No delay marred the evonness of fli
coromony, but, at (he appointed hou:
tho attenants ppoo;ired at the main ei
trance to the building and, preceded b
the ushers, took positions in alternatin
order, followed by the brido anud groon
accompanied by the maid of honor, an
bust man, Miss GOertrude Iluigood an
Mr. J. S. Cothran, respectively.
Rev. Thomas H. M dd, the bride
pastor, ofliciated, and in short, well ch<
sen sentences, giving expression to th
reslionsibilit ies and high privileges c
th) state authoit to be assumntl throng
thin orditne, instituted and sanctiono
by Christ, pronounced themi husban
and wife.
After the ceremony, the bridal part,
and invited guests repaired to thebride
home where ai reception was tendered b,
her parents, and the couple received th
congratulations of friends and all enjoy
ed the charming hospitalities.
,Mr.:anud Mrs. Shanklin left next mornuin
for twe north whore they will sojourn
few weeks, after which they will be i
home to their friends, Easley, S. C.
The display of beautiful and useft
presents, but most of aill the expressior
of love and sincero wishes for their we
fare ntid happiness attested the esteem i
which these young people are held.
Mrs. Shanklin is the eldest daught<
of Mr. and Mrs. Wn. M. Haigood. H<
friends are measured by her acquait
tances-those who know her for h(
worth. By her ready and willing sei
v'ices socially and in church and charitk
ble labors shen hon donionstrated he
chuaracte'r and everybody loves her. 81h
in bright and acc:mnplished and these al
tractions couled with her sincerity ant
christiaun attaiinmnents manko her a mnou
wvorthty prize.
Mr. Shanklin is a young man of cee
gy and the other necesssazy qualities fc
sucess and achtievemients of high orde1
At present, he holds the responsible p<
sition of Superintendant of the Easle
Cotton Mills to which plaeo by wer
andl exempliicition of ability he hi
raised huimself.
The couple have the hearty congrati
lations of a host of friends.
Grandma, did you see me fil
From the window high?
WVell, I w;s ntot hurt at all
It was nice to fly,
Like a bird from out a tower
Darting down to kiss a flower.
Grandma, why were you afraid,
When you saw me fall?
D.on't you know my angel stayed,
Close enough to call?
Under me woero wings unmbending,
To direct my swift descending.
G randmna, I forever mean,
To beware of ills,
From life's tower will never' loan
Over windowy sills,
Shluml climb upward, treading, trying
lBut the birds may do all theo ilyint
Greenville, N. C. L. Bi. C.
Th'le above is an original compoesitic
by the little eleven-year old child of M
and M[rs. C. H . Carpenter.
Hou therun Rail way has in autgura
Led P~ul lman sleeping car limo b<
twoeen Washington, D). C. and Ai
Ian ta, Ga., on their '"Atlanta
New York Express" trains Nos. 5
and 34 ; first car south bound leav
ing WVashington November 3rd
first car northbound leaving A tlari
ta November 5th, :1901.
This affords Pullmant service o
these trains though from Altant
to New York, the Pullman cai
having heretofore been at tached t
the Atlanta & New Y ork Expres
at Charlotto andl no Pu llmain sea
between Charlotte and Atlantta.
We want what is due us on subacril
tion. Many could read the paper wgi
more grauce if they had a clear receipti
Pity your subscription to Tm Jou
NArs, then readl the newvs and keep i
--Ladies, Do you wan't to make 8
per month at home by doing writing ai
agency work, It' so wrIte.
Mrs F. E'. Coxl,
_____Piekene, 8. 0,
..-Miss Marie flichardson of Liber
has been en a visit to relatives near Pio
ens, Miss Richareon has lately return<
from an extended visit to hier aunt MJ
Lirsie Htide at Cincinnati,
Subscription dIijs to theg pae u
I iko expressiQgM 9f PVgrgisgeg,,w
1497y 0%p
.TheoPeoullar Pete of Several Famous
Potentates have their pets as well
as other people. Pope Leo is espe
cially fond of birds. "There are
no better diploiatists around me,"
ie said recently to a foreign enbas
eador, "than my birds. My visitors,
after I have given themn audience,
o away, praismig ine for my affa
ility, but the truth is they cannot
hear half what 1 say, since my voice
is frequently drowned by the war
bling of my little pets."
Tlhe king of l'ortugal's favorite
animal is a huge baboon. A hide
ous, wicked animal it is and exces
sively fond of strong drink, but at
the same time it is very droll, es)e
cially after it has taken a drop too
Cockat.oos, parrots and huniininv
birds are the pets of the king of
Belgium, and imany finic specimens
of them are to be found in the
aviaries of his palace.
The sultan of Turkey is fonder of
guinea pigs than of aiy other ani
For years Queen Willihelmina of
Holland has had a colony of white
mice, to the nurture and care of
which she has never failed to devote
all the time that was necessary.
For a herd of she goats tlie queen
regent of Spain reserves all her fa
vors, and the reason is because she
cannot forget that these aniials did
good work as nu rscs toward pre
serving the life of the sickly infant
who is now Alfonso X1 I.
The Largest Flower in the World.
Can you imagine a blossom as
large as a carriage wlel ?
On the island of, Mindaimo, one
of the Philippine group, was found
by some oxplorers such a flower.
Far up on te munountaini of P'i rag,
2,500 feet above the sea level, some
explorers were wandering when they
camne across some buds larger tian
gigantic cabbage heads. G reatly
astonished, they searched further
and presently discovered a full
blown blossom, live petaled and
three feet in diameter. It was car
ried on low lying, luxuriant vines.
The natives call it bolo.
It was found impossible to pre
serve it fresh, so they photographed
it and kept some dried petals to
press, and by improvised scales
found that a single flower weighed
twenty-two pounds.
It was afterward found to be a
species of ramflesia, first found in
Sumatra and named after Sir Stam
ford lIaflles. The new flower was
a lled Raflesia schadengergia, in
Wonor of its discoverer, Dr. Scbad
The Brave Are Not ContemptIble.
T1here is a p~opullar impression
among young meni that unless they
resent every uncouth sally they will
be regarded as cowvards. No great
er mistake can be made. The bravo,
manly boy is the one who cherishes
no0 resentment and carries no imal
ice in his heart. By seeking to
wreak vengeance upon03 one wiho
stoops to slurring figures of spechl
you simlply lower yourself to his
contemptible level. --Industrial
School Magazine.
Why the Jury Went Out.
A pr'etty story is told1 abouit a
little boy whose elder sister is much
interested in photography and giv'es
the family the beniefit of nmany ob
servations albout her work. Thlis lit
tle boy was taken to the courthouse
to see the end of a certain trial.
ie caine home and told his mother
about it. "The judge maide a speCch)
to the jury," lhe said, "and then
sent them into a little dark room
to develop."-T1rained Motherhood.
The Cat School.
-Louis Wain.
To the Mark.
To the mark gocs the ship,
13ird and boat and booming train;
To the mark speak eye and lip,
Deeply loved that love again.
To the mark the arrow sings,
Plianeta move and rains descend.
To tho mark the hammer rings;
To the mark speaks friend with friend.
To the mark go ax and plow.
Shame upon thy listless aim
It ft glance setde and thou
Fail to give thy work thy name.
.-Ethelwyn wVetherald in Youth's Companion.
A Follower of Balfour.
A lad whom Mr. Balfour had em
ployed several times to carry his
clubs was one day carrying clubs for
another gentleman, when Mr. Bal
four happened to pass. He recog
nized the boy and nodded affably to
him, which gave huge delight to the
youngster. The lad was overheard
remarking to his companion caddies
p s Mdr. Balfour passed on "Yo see
han WO Conaenad'tive3 kanI aa
I It has been said that circum.
stance alter caos and it proves
2. correct in most instances. Condi.
an tions bring. about circumstance
d and the reverse. This fall has
brought about a serious condition
- with both merchants and farmere
, because of the extreme.seasons and
short crops, but it cannot be help
r. ed.: Great~dissatisfaction anong
rthe farmeire and especially the
, young men prevails. There seemE
y to be a general desire among the
young men to leave the farms and
go to the railroads,machino shops,
Ih cotton mills and other placos offer
r- ing employment. Short crops and
n1 low prices and not lack of energy
10 aro responsible for this. Of course
i they can't be blamed for going
t. where they can make the most
2, money, but now of all times is
- when they are needed oi the
d farms. Farming is one of the most
lhonorable of occupations.
Other occupations are, ol course,
f just as honorablo but the farm is
1, the back-bono of the country.
g Henry W. Grady advised the
young men to go west and a great
0 many took his advice andt this
county was deprived of some of its
best citizens. The papers have of
late boon urging people to come
,, south. It is a great field and gives
( opportunity for money making.
d The dissatisfaction throughout
the couutry caused by three suc
cessive bad crops is discouraging
but butter timos will come to thoso
I who porsiSteitly 1101d on. By re.
h1 dueing farming to practical mothods
d is the only way to realize from it.
L Business methods count there as
everywhere, Don't Le too hopeful
of .ther occupations, stick to the
farm, economize, bo careful, be so.
bor, saving and industrious and
thoroughly honest and you will
succceed. Magister.
g - ...
Columbia, Nov. 8. 1.901.
County Sup't. of Ed.
Dear Sir: I shall collect and
look after a school exhibit at the
exposition at Charleston. In the
n nature of things, the best. work of
tire schools, (the training of mind
r and charactor) cannot be exhibit.:d.
There is not much work of the pu
pils that is objective and tangible,
and no school should attempt to
Lmake an exhibit unless it has some
r thing to exhibit. Yet I hope there
maniy be some country schiools with
something to exhibit in the way of
Sdrawings, globes, raised maps or
some results of manual training.
Let your tcachers know that their
r schools are invited to send an ex
.hibit. 1f they will take part, they
'should wvrite mue at once, so that wve
may agree on what is wanted, and
I may arrange for free transporta
t- Also, please complete arrange
ments for the instruction of your
teachers on Saturday once a month.
Secure a good negro instructor for
your negro teachers to insure more
accurate records and better reports
as well as better teaching.
Very truly yours,
John J. McMahan.
-Try us for Menneon's T1alcum Pow.
der. 13olt & Thornloy.
-loit atnd Thiornliey ha~vo tho agcucy~
for Nuninally's Pure candies at Picens,
Always Fresh.
-Au infant of Mr. and Mrs. Davia
Hioldier who live in the Daicusvdie section
died on the 9th inst [and was buirrieid on
Saturday followving near their home.
-Friends of thie late J. TP. Yeung
-blood are remindod that R1ev. J. E. Fos
(- ter will p~reh his funeral at Sccona on
the irst, Sunday ini D)eember at 11
n cloLck.
-is the title of a very neat and
attractive loldes just issued by thme
Southern Railway giving complete
information regarinh tg thre various
5 Winter Resorts of health and
-pleasure on and reached by its
i unes, with rates of board, capa
- city of hotels, names of proprieturd
n Trhis boklot is in a very concise
a an attractive form and will prove
.5 valuable to any one contemplating
o0 a trip for tihe winter.
s5 A copy may be had by sending
a two cent postage stamp to,
A. G. P. A. Atlanta. Ga.
Thme Eighteen Mile Alliance
will meet at Fred V. O,Dells, on
Saturday, tire 7th day of Decemnber,
1991, at 2 o'clock p. mn., for the
purpose of reorganizinig said Allt,
hOance arnd electing ;dolegates to thre
lcounty alliance. Labanr Mauldinm,
Last Secretary.
All official .documents in the
7Y Philippines must hereafter use the
md terms, "Mr. ", "Mrs." and "Miss''
rs instead of Senror, Souora' Senorita
or Don. Iucidentally no Spaih
M titles or terzaa are to bo usedi which).
That is to come in Decer
iavo had line weathor this fall, L
tho time to prepare for what is to
Cold Wew
Heavy Clothing,
Notwithstanding the fair weat
lmd such a trade oil she, the sec
>est and they are Buttle A xo, th
3uggy or Waon, let ts hear I ron
Yours tr
Wanting 3
I am restless, never satlih
lesirc to make it still grea
reatest effort of my life thi
YOods the l.people wandtt 1( t
2xp1erienlce is worth anything w
AIAVAVS remember that the <
1he cheap order; it's the h
*oods, Such as it pays to buy.
itantly arriving, a TR lli.NI
IN TillS I illsTH lN(, .
and every bod0(y tells the priic.
.4() inich Sea lsland1, *j een
Standard~ I )rills, 5 cents.
Tlhe liest 25 cents J(;ans
1 .adies' I leavy Unde(rve';
M\en's Henvvy I(Idrv'est
I )ress G oods, all G ;rades
[email protected] SHOES!
I still occupy the( l'i,
[ron a lbrot an to aI
Before Bryi
A. K.
W\est E'nd, 4
"MVore g2oodls
Samne goods
And in fact anything in the
We have a nice line of Ladie
ours, before buying elsewher<
+>S HOES I * S H
Don't forget us when you
is our pet line and we will dot
We have a big lot of coffe.
and we will give ou r customI
LOOK! One thousand po
cents a pound. Just as good
the contrary.
Call on us and we will tryt
give you satisfaction,
gr~jRemember we make;
prodluce, beeswax, star grass,
IBeef hides t-ken if dry, Con
N. II, In order that weC may
we are compelled to ask our I
gOOds Onl credit to come forw
alber, January, and February. We
ut it will tiot last always. Now Is
como. We aro well supplied with
bher Groods.
her or this fall, wo havo never before
ret of this i4 we sell nothing but the
bhst on t-arth. It you nced a new
k you, We might. save you mhonoy.
'our Trade!
I. \s mv business ifncreases my
r irrtea-s. I have made the
Sas.onto ".(.t the goods the
the ri:h'lt price, and if ten years
I ami satislied I have succeeded.
lass of goods I mldle is not of
ppy medium and better class of
I now liave in store and con.
)OUS ST()CK of
I wa'ltlt
nuIs. Ctos
C)In tile Inarket.
Is, 1 5 anh l 25 cents.
5. 25 and 5<> c:en'ts.
and~ P rices.
ONT ro 1Won SI 1OES.
in e ID ress Shoes hE r mien,
and children.
n~g 'Youir Z-ood.s
',reenville, S. C.
for same money,
for* less mnoney."
D)ry Goods line with prices right.
s' Capes and ask that you see
wan~it to buy a pair of shoes. That
our best to lelase you.
on hand that was bought cheap
-s the benefit of it.
unds of keg soda to go at 2 1-2
as any, don't be convinced to
o sell you something that will
it specialty of all kinds of country
grub root, and ginseng wanted
e to see us,
be able to meet our oblgatiop~
riends to whom we haye go]4
ard and make nromnt navmane
County of Picons.
Court of Common1 Pleas.
Amlanda E. Keinonmore, J. W. JamRe
and Daniel C. Durhium, Plaintiffs.
W. T. Mco'ell, Julius E. Bo)ggs, na ad
ministrator of tho estato of G. \y.
Jaues, decalsed, Thomas iDurham,
Jackson Durham, William A, Dur.
ham, Augustus Durhan, Anni l)ur
1atn1, the heirs at, law of James A!ex.
1111dor, deconsed, who was a brother of
Diana Jame14, decased, wIoso nlames
and nimber aro unkniown; th
heirs at law of Diiiel Alexander, de
Ot.-edt, who Was ai brothi-r of I)ialia
tiames, dtceased,viz: Sarah AnIn Stew.
art, EhiA Jltnle RiceV and) 00thers, Who080
na111m and nube re un1known, 11ho
heirs .t law of Eilizabeth It hirhamll , de
ceased, who w:im a )ister of Diana
J ames, tu'eI emId,viz: Thomas ntrlamm
and1 th1 r whose iunest, and number
are unkntlmlown, the ht ir-S it 1laW of Polly
(Sibsonl, dveat' ,, Wih wia a sisttor of
Dianla Jan.1tie 'I-, ased, wV1ho name1s6.
and nmber alre i 1tknowIn, the lieis at
iIw of Nancy (libson, decetsed, who
\uts a 0ister of I) ia li me sI 14, doceased,
whotsk. naines anlit num11ber are-( un.l
kiiowil, the heirs it law of Kizziah
I lolden, tic-e sseil, wiho was i ister of
Diana .1ailes, d-evcset, whoso n11a111es
andl( inunneri aire un1known, (1ho heir"
at law of Milli Uiie, deelnsed,
who was a sister. of I)ana Jame Cs, 1
dc'eesd, wh1os lii nes ald unmliIher
alIt ullnoil, ti lirs at law of 'Sal
)Li Hoatiner, decease'd, w1h) was at s4i
ter of Di:na .anmes. dec;.sed, whose
nataes anld linnr r nknlownL1ectt
Hiid, who was sister of Diatu Iamlos,
drveelsed, or heri lwtirs, At aw whos'!
nlalmes :d 11111n11 . Ire tll k lown, the
heirs at brw f -4 Ndinda t)nurhaim , dt
deceased, who was a siter of Ialla
n ecas, d, whos Ialies tind
number are iuknomwni, feildialts.
Youl art. hen-byN !4umm11oned" and , re
<itued t ans er te cospl int li this
acltion of whitlb a copyl. is ine-rowith se(rv
dt lpoll youl:i to Sive :1 011y oh your
answer to the !-,till In l:1it oIn the sb-1i
s i Il.; i tlik at l'it.le'ns (iCiurt
I llus', S. ('., uith ila I nty davs ufter
the selvi-(!inorl'(f, qowcIn,iVt' Of the day
(of suich ser vice: :1114i1 yoni fli I
tin afc.ciic t ,i ti' phrii itit ti -
titn wid aptply 1to thll) ('ut f lor ithe( re
he(l dennulald itl i ( .,)fil 0ulnt.
Alltd ac of yOU ar1 i1 mby oll.il
that th Obi' t t4i6I;.,ic nte'tlon is the allm
t of tht' atial Ill t i w tI. (i.
\V. Jamii !, dc'.. cusd, :tlitlh n1 e T -
So il lim itinun i nins t ia y of Yoll
D)ated Nove't ilt er 1 1, . I ., 1 901.
I\'y NJ. 111.lINs,
Phrititi ge- ' A Jllornt.
At . ,L tli es, C. ('. I. ( . ei
Tl'o thmir defndnts av 11a1e(I
81n d to )ana d :111 sulic ieftinllis that
itily h tun whosie n mii es' lnd 1111111.
hler and4 lo' Ition 11re uc inkown t o 11 it 111
1l1i il1111d t tsuch i rolls wit h who i
anly ri suich nililnrs who may13 be un1der
fourlten i 1) years if' age nuiyt resitle:
yo1 artietreby ntifiedl that the object
of this act-in is fo r tillh Ial titio of the3
real es'ate fo Whict 11 ( iorgel W. Jfami died'
sgllred and po ste ill i t Idount if
Pick-ens, S of . h11(111 '1 Carlia, alid
Ihat You are hlilrS it law of Dtiana .lats
the doecased wvido1w of (4. rge W.Jae
wh1o wats entiitled ltl . oit-hillilf I<!) iltlr
at Lile tXi1t e ll stifteiy(1)( Sif
tesin te rea e ate of ailti (j t tirg W.
Jaies deceased, which ilif-n ititreit of
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titl C.r Ifurhim C by o ai D~nm ianaiii
ofame( prir tou04 lit3'deatltSii :mdfut hor
th objec of this:iii' he i)ig tlte
mlio)u'l the rihsadies t i~wo Dail
A.Dra underlrtt2~t'iil and by virtu of110 thec
sa ' i ile ttioft' leale i tihatix iw 100 o1ili
aret retlllel'e and' stimmoned~ tom iirelL
Iaor fo)llel oru forhl t10', i'll t'rs as'may
res i ith yi ii ppitmn of a)112 1~115 i2~~'
vuarian adlui litn toflrepresoi .ette of111
youza or0 the .r )lyolur o the irii interest ~Vin
site actiolli that10, uti(s oi'tl procur
for~ie iourelve Or lili( te all lIWuet
appin tmentw otf~i 3 some sbl pte.sndt
awatha exiratin (f twentyll (11120) daysia
ter)V. till ierc lf tisi nofc alnd (hsuii
monuon you.li And1 frt. hr, takf no-zii
.ILice(tha th'e-isummons1) 'i thi nel' of
which1 the abovo11 isc 111a Iopy ad theirsom
paints' 3 hrin e tti)ild i the li o o',ft5
iteer of ianue Cr oCommdo Pe
ofte Satd and conl~tyi aresaidcon the
Wilt)h5 das of ovemberJA. D., deceas,
Ic~ThomIet, as am Jais(rof ])urham
WIilliam, A . Drim, i A 111'1 u1s ct us~ Durosun
Ana ura, hehirs at law of Jaid ~rames d
ofae1 hiaa Jame Isi eestr of whosel Jnames'1
(CtLOi ilt)llilSand number areukowtehisa
iitlaw of w)aitht Alixande dicead wop
as arothe el1 t eDu im James, decoledi
Lice, oand ofthe Choe oan .lx Cond oum
hComare unknown,' the htate ad cow tf
izaethidi Dueham, deaed, woewasr,
Thomas (Dframl and ohr hs
named and nobe re unknown dclhe
wh earaser on shranaJae,do
Partiho aes atnd num~tber arelun
dasekd, whotify s u ist tro in aesl
dre ensd whosrouamly ad muberdr
W~le, eesF , ~ho wasK~ a istOr o
DinaJaes deceased , hUnme

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