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Th People's Journa
PU '11ID W tCy
T. J. M1A Uh1,1)1N, Ed It or.
intered at the Post Office at Pickens
second-claRsm atter.
Subscript loll, $1.0) a Year.
il]U UDAY. NOV. 28 -1
Theso hard times will (10 more
dovolop the stron'iouts life thal 11
the books of Roolsovelt or Vict
* * *
Tle dullness Qf .usiness for ti
se1son1 is the genei-al song. No C(
ton and no money. Brace up,
bettor time is coluing.
That follow who broke into 11)
Pickons Railroad depot ought to
easily spotted, Singoy tho CQ)oo
his Illoley is Il,out hlke thir
* * *
Ifld your head u) if the tin
aro hard. Don't. give up trying
a few hard years manyN. prove a Ilr
fitable explri..nco if Ihe ilosso
-1 "it &lro l1lde.
rond (hIuI-stionI will not dow
ought.0, h talked 1bn
vory roa ir.,t t"lxd tob
kOptjopen for pubi t is i
coidition for public ( - ;!,
Beor n in . , i-> llug
to exhnsuist. very avail-lo m an
of self-supplrt, At p nPick
enls is the r.'sting" plae) o s,)1n
doubtful object-, of charity.
Since Roo.velt t.ook clhargo
the, ollico'if Iridltiore, Sm-11
sayings 1l1v h. .n tribui.1 t
hulT thall Oil ( n11 tli lUid I
gmilty (f shoul h(! live a hiiaulri
:md (i fly yeaurs.
Pea Ride, that ,lng flroIt
Sectioni is now at the front wit
s,1m1e ot th lSt prodnlii id
best crops for tht , ywur and~ b)
People of PIekin v ilty. It is I
example of porsistent labor und
difliculties. .
Are they rmblir-o
eI mI oS 1 11 f thev N A
v'arietv Tha1~t is thm <(jsti
Whether it is Li.etor it hva strai
(lilt repu Ileia or s y On, is a ih
oin ( it an aneept ol .ice fromi a
lablicni hmud.
ngI td, inn e nd l t Ipleasallt.
rOuiligs~k Of '''uri I: omforbA
~home ait mour feamedily, don'tI
iOi dget the iitorpha chilrIn
ali wo cre ot of youri tesub
t0(il o iidera ion.eleto
ilgThei yaroii 90 will diiit -n h:
aneend, anlod it, want1 ltu h t shi
(ble. 'Lo don' wal, ill the nd
the yea toW~ mahiayen.
Toho cry ofgil tar times d<
seem to hav le', a inet hn rCti
n)1' 8010 fIe i amt' gI (1f drun el
prhing prerhas het is hoe;I
oher cnfford it, and ns. heni ths
don'l gao o hiwe ll mayb he dr
to drw h'
why ol.vi he~ Stubdsand wil
hrdeoug to bp~ol)at o elons
t~ orhimo he ofeic to ill who
h erpsn wie fthe the goodi tdach
pol his par to iswil ho v
fromtad eiedeths oal-airs
order o if fu.gla
ebvlu i connond etp
Thgae twos daygs of D rcen
* tre1 flonSedao --to olyo
threo har ya'siforred tiM
Woy toloingean Sund wilt
devoted oepropithconrylig
goeapead with the usraiu
acpeople whalston fhead forki
Dbtsontraing and doe pa
og are to pthiEngs, ad yed
thn ugt ht mak pope wa
- oaralzto o h olyo
The JouV'naf1 vill do the tinar<
thing for you. Bring voir dd
lar and get i recoipt for wAi yoi
' *
Prospective1 ldI buyeits are ro
spectfully rliged to l'mk over th
advortisciets Ifmr sticl oi filirR
londaty in Deceibrii and 1.' o
hand r11It a goo ml bargain.
It woIil1 interest a fw Who 1ea<:
somen of thle weekly newspaper(11s o
South Ciarolini to know low man;
of them % ill b:. foilod oil tie righ
Side politically it the hue p i
Mr. K ocstpl flas secured ti of
Ice, but his delling of faitvors i
imit L to the pllasires of a bosp
'ne mixture of whitc imonigrel pc
ii s i
Wo thanic those Who havo rt
pon(led to our calls for piymen
Illtll subs.riptiol 1111d taik., occisioi
) say that wo would be very gla<
see m1an1y Ioro call 0:1 u foi
he sam g..)oo(i puirlpo.s).
* i: *
Tie specibitive politicialns w <li
tre looking .>r I arly returnis ar
mt to their limit of specullatioi
r,311 to determiiing, the ciIlt'eiene(
i probable revenue inl serving th'
itraight out deil .ratcy 21ad goinij
iioe wnVys ifter tile lave ln(
fldhes of [In hybraid orgaiztitionl.
lict.jiahi .Jiikii1s, Mlajor in LI
. S. A rimy, and lately ol let5(
vll's loligh I lsiders will be p.e
wte with a swclrd ipo wiel(
Lht, words of, praise of Col . I oso
veil, iused1 inl writinjg about tle p 1r
301111-' of his commanlld, wvill bol en1
rOa1ved. I'his int'2rtsting c(ereniozni
willt k plaeu .>. 9 t imo dur11ii
thej expmiuon. mi.
\hon you rad news or notive
in Ti.: Jo)Rxi.A, remember tha
about at thotisand otlier subscribe
are reading thle samo nitter, so i
you have solmcting to sell, tell th
people about it though our co]
11 huns, a1d wheni you bring ib
nwuit Ite., )rig al tong a dolla
also to help similato that. inter
eit the printer (*e -ds to uim1ke til
papers 1.et ter N with each i.sue.
Vetry olten, whlen a boy iss
enit'oin he I h inks ho kntows soni
moltre thian hiis f:.iher ; whin he
twetIy- on hol ko ws lie does, bi
by the time lie is thirlyt~, somithii
ustudlIy happens to. make lii
ai cer'ta iniy, that whenii iho proall
er said "'all is vait~y andi~ vt'X
Lion of spirit. I.e kniow just whn
he was saying. Thlese are facet
iad thle younig ma n w..uld bi
determine thir ugh sido' talks wit
oldezilimin andt Close obIservatimt
of their mei(thods~ j1ust hiow' to as
inl1 oler to ste'"r (leair of the ol
staceIts thIiat : hve hrised thlem
many~i ti s~t . Younig men'i, look
the scars.
Thue probli.'
no cari ed oiver. Thei mel'lhaw~
like a gre it riisk wh-. i thov iiik
'veii lated~t( andl a pairt of! thlecot
sidl'ili a~tin minizg thiemi is alw'
<blviduails to whomii such advance
Iireli inde . Theyic arie luein hi t
Wumn inl it railtned circumiistancers a
ttrouigh thie ytear and it i bitt iligl
lhat t hir alccounits should be sei
tIed as i rly as thle terops con I
lgathlered for Ithe p~urptme, anud
(lie debtor linids lie will not. be abti
to) moot. hi obligations, it. i. bi
right thaliit he should1( go to hiis cretd
itors and arranitge any balances bi
may owe so that tho mierchaunt
can) 01 con with assurac ILCon 1sue
accounts. If all such dhobis wer
forcibly closed up imlmediately uj
oni their falling duo, the costs an
oxpenses of such proceediugs w1oul
work hardships on debtors, bu
their policy is of a more Ienien
sharacter an~d they withhold rigic
methods of collection, conitininij
to trust the people who owe tihen
by givinig them long time, and1( il
1s Cuough to expect of them that
they yaitiently wait till crops art
fully gather ed beforo inslating ot:
finaul settlteiet, If you ca' pay
upj in lull, be frank and make sat
isfactory arrangemnents at al]
WVo want what i8 due us8 on unlbeorip).
1ion. Many could read the paper witi
uore graoo I they had a clear receipt to
Don't ieglect paying, for "T'x
JOURNAl," too long; the tin.1 Illly
como when you will not he as well
prepared as now to at tend to inat
littlu matte.r.
It i.; still not tool late. to do so1e,0
thing towalrds helping Pickis
con_ 1ty by getting solmIething in or.
dtr f.o r tho (xhi bi t at Charleston,
ald 1101iiying Ih1 Colisionirs.
* *
01' Col Jim 'l'i m11lan and Mr. Rooso
voltL will bo star' attractions on1e
<by at. the exposition. Minjor Nil
(aSiah lnkins, the real her) of tle
a )OCCas11 Cnemls doomil t) a second1
It phi'i inl the 1)'ogrami.
Inl the whlomalefreosrso
liens a nd 'h-it IMl mortagei. Ith un
.f for1tunaitof debior-s itrapngi
part 1 the ir X(i exrvagantl LsowIings dur
ing tle hist two years. It k a los
S'Utit ought t ho d horhl.
Is The S itill' 1'i Rail way is doin g
lhelr parl t inl heilpin'g t.) ma1ke the
C(l r:11l'.ston Ixpositi) the siw0s0 I
I ( deserive. to )1w. l'eduicoE ad t.!s
with re ai ho I liinits on t icke ts
11 - and tho best of ' accommodations to)
Straelr make the alimin comn-it
i'romi this r'ad1 imo.lt iliteresting
111ding to prospective visit)rs to
Cliairles4toni's bi- Shlow.
* * -
t Thecoro ip, mpi,
8 thle mnembersip of ililin iihn
.1'z1r ( Baptist) church, haeaboult
ig on thl sit of the old I buildmg
and havue, perhul, (1i' prel i st
d rolunds to bei fud any wh..re
rt ur'ld I vl i.k..ins. TII .:yN d14.1 v 1
0 frIs lit I )r th i ui teibd wo k they
I ' havo donei , sho(.ving fot i Such
Thm.uksgii lay wvil b, eln
-d -:1 by som11e w ho will p nd it
woliyprlsy-rity with v-y 0
t hof thue fe'?li of j.' - ~~~w~t
t.... lla gratit d to
A ;) to other s it will be a
iy prniati i with reimurso not
uiVICcomlpained with envy or Blp
p d ml ii a igaillt suio More
fotunate individual. Li.e the day
e ont wof inopualifi-d gratitilude; 01h)
onlportant~ is de of hf are solved
athey om ;th.e vrters and rulin
11 oils i I St Iikes are btied o f sile t4'
([('.A i Ibk'M 'dRO i1*04 ll b $1111)"l
fresh tourlago and r1enewmP~iig hope9. in
( 'ht'insou (Idle4ge inis .1lust ligid
~l uprhising~ of theu stu:h-ut h4.e , thatu
is not1I' k'Ilalecite t do thaiit, inst itu1
rip.- Idears that some0 prIoles.Lor' ('r in-.
to striuIcto' made(4., by wiay of' reupr'oof,
s.i somei ronaruiks, I ellectinbg seni~lSly
of upon1 ti st I1ue t ori his fanily i trI'IiainI
pay1 ing whl4ichI w :s '1ouick ly esentedl,
tho not on1ly by th1e young nin but
wias eiced by 1a gene'al pr'otes't
in no uncertinbi way. If suchl re
S to hOy would( tiamel'y subi)It ? \\'hit.
'Io- good could 1 ho expecte1 d frlom1 lie
:1n54o teach'luings of i'uch anl inst r'e..4'
11$ I It may'4)l~ h 1 jb -id 1111'.li
ill ee reh('Inti uos must h1e uphghl,
9 the'cidettimust nlota infroind
P Il WI~k h-sr i givn1g spihi.
'm-l 'in this SO l)'lOS I a rop osd billI by
CIyting fouCallE (Hinson who was
llippomtd to Lplat oe fo con'
in te at the hist s"'i of he L eis-'1
fd'troi t draw ft MDrinag RB~ill~to
me )IOe IPlS~l1 heed tinst btainbisg in
q LI~ti~i Iis commltit te0 ittlom
though to fe who wileie5jh ath
a matte comm 0ittee' ad Iroma
..0 i thesle ropoed measurjs ill be
ctalbzedIt ar obistha will be b
y. ltteduo th conislaturo 8for1 cong.
aus seation. Itan will bae aiven thn
he. poposed measur th a olt 8 thi i
ti aer..Uthought to eet al eigenit
ausev mtoteroth coefall thtat
wlltlooklt th viedtuonadtosat.
.s tingft. drig Roiaowi thakel
y- brieasure in'onulside8n uch sug.o
ot ges ustion a whog ha8iven the
g. odto b aoandecom of thio~urdis
ut Upr aoy Ope t suc Mintlgent
es tio of al dranag Qlaw )thay wl
EXPENSI.-4 Op, Ti'. SO -I'
D 'uring tho 'lhpublican admiiis.
tration, from 1870 to I I
Pay of 349 elork, $71,0).00,
iumbal1, of <loolr kIprs, "!I, pay,
$2,997.98; itoygers, 11, pay,
$21,16 r0; porte,, 70pa, *13.
99500; piges. 121, pay :00,00I.00,
liinors, groeica 4,(r1y go. 1.s, et. I,
f 157,7'17 .20; paid mem:r', $203,
( POO; printing, $162,;515, total num
b hor1 of employe(4s, 888, pav , $1.13,- t
3 537, thi With soml0e other expondi.
turos a1moi iitod to $882,(t S 8;; tIe I)
they rit n tht, publie printing up to
- $173,000 the next ses-ision, an3(d to h
s *450,000 the IIxi, With l tor t w IIII'
Ital(d Ii(11101-, mat1kihg (it'' )essions
foot up tbouit,
-1sht $ 882,08.S p
2 nd 1 ,53 #,57 L. x
3rd 11s55.00
t ,-l 2 )_j (.1 t'
Total -1,217, 57 .11 V
by th cnd of 187.1. TI.eiias they i
hadrbd the(, stato ,ut( of itsi ra1ilu
oad estock and bik assets to Lhe
amouint of' ove.r .yi, O0iymo, they
droppod bacek to $50,0 per se1
ThIIe. d emo Icr .at1.ie v a. 11min11is.'rat ionl
Of 1877, when it got, in) g ,)I work
ing 8iape em ployed ift), pE,SOIis A
a pay of $'977; pay of memius,
$,1,090. In I 1 aSnd I's.) awd
while I wai a ImmbillIr. the 1 -g
islaturve they ha~d not caught11 onl t ,1i
the rob)ing j)r'oce,.Ss, bit. any judge
4)f humiani faves col I Iead what I
was cm0ing, if they w.'r; l..f alone
I 8II -00 they 1s d Ci(1Ip lnut t
ting fr th fiours, by 1672 they
il) Cant spittfon-S, thI j ny was .o C
.00 enI p -IIidt11r'., frt .$5. 00 clock i
i ~ netrom .50'. coat hIoks
to $10 wa rdrobe, etc., u1p to $100
ini rrors a id $600 i lit \ c utliains.
t The -.150,000 wfas lire thani that t
4 paid by tie othor 18 Sontlirin v
I States for publbc printing by $171,- t
L 759 for on) year; and Louisiana
- heing run b~y the Rei ublicans atf
v the time, and the prin'ing thele
r , a $10,000, (eorgia i-.l Ken1tuc-ky
wvIte doing theiis fm atbtout 712,
e 000, each.
Any bill waniteul was pamss,'d by
buying votes fromt $10.00 u) to
- 5,000) anud thle gov'rnor ( Moss)
was pai '1 as luighi as x201,O00 for up.)
't J. Pat t< rs-mn, of PennisylIvanlia,
gwas thoughtI t~o be the p'layer and1( I
e d >uns.llor for all this. and1( pr1oba,
ly receivecd a fortune in cash, b3.
'ide benAlee oteI.S
resent.uii our state ther''.
o Subscript ion does to the 14'paper are
ik xressions11 of appreciat ion --when
Ih hey are paid.
t li A TS WT'i~iGi"' l''iAii-'.RS.
Teret' has1 beeni a mtin~ g of the
A\ mi 1!caln (Orna1 hiological I' io n ini
New~ York,~ and~ thle [member CIs are
sittIing the excellein tItxample( (of
in g hants wit(hut fea theris,
il hesC who havoy observed the
,utlL in '~i~the milinr' sI~IYhopsti
* I.I:&i oIf leat hers withi somle othior
It ltriingt, for m1ost of t ho hats
r. shown are certainily Iltado up in 11
.the 1main of velIvet an'd feathers.
s Iloweve''ir, thlise who1( look for a~
- oiiig (ennI generall y find] it by look
, ig long eniighi, anid it is not ohb
e erved( t hat any)(I of0 theladies who a
b hilong to the society ini 'liestiont 1
thave madetl teiimselve VI5consp8icui4ts
( It mayu~ lbe nolti:cd, Ieverithelen,
e that the ti imm~ling of hats with *
,t fathm ha) 8tls clianI ge'd in11 on mater- t
. iial reetil3t; there is nto logr such H
Sa quant i ty of dea d birds seoni, anid '
I lie Osprey igre.tes whinch wero
Th'is~ chiango is undoubtedly due in t
part to the fact t hat so much has 1
been said about the killing of in- C
niocent birds for' purposos of decor- 0
Sation that tho avera'ige woman feels"
without knowing exactly why,
that such decori'ions have an una
pleasaiut association, Some1 of th10e
feather trimiing of the presenit
season is obviously mado froui thek
foathers of birds which aro used
forI food, nr d( it is j1tat as pretty as
If. it wore inado of some other kind
of bir'd,
As a~ matter' of fact, thet tim uis 18
slowly coming around when foath- ti
er8 on hats Will h0 replaced by 1'
sonic other kind of trimming, The t1
various natural history societes Ml
pre making it miore anid moro dIi- cli~l
cult to socure the birds, and this wvt
in itself i8 maore thn likely to a
etku5Q a changeO in the fashion, for
Vhe maiority of woman malte P4, d
%V~~~i I k"It i~j' L ~ e li, a.L
ThmII I I ''IiIted Reep'oeity (I
'et1(iotn, tii ouventaion wiieb wai to
Ottle All 1th Prel4i((''4 dulbt5, to out
ine a aoely IaInd He'Ve 11.4 It gut ide to tho
eptib 1ivln inl ( oigr 41 in their h1 ad
ig of tie ceiprt eity <t(ie44tion 1131.4 collio
tid gonef- :anidi n'l (hat it IIs don t i4 i1t
mave behimt it Ith nouigh d rematir.s of
'11(4'id lill e dnlv'H brod mIlintded pol
.y arl a114 yong 1mn inl the Whit
'Loi iAdly disap-ihE(id and molifird
t fhe oli 11a1 rrowm Inin 1dn ess wicihi,
'ilde iti iilost ble for the leading re
m)blif;II ltt1- tSIn 1 (s1sm 1:n of icoun (try to
tke aitiy broveader view Of a 111tioniali pol
'y tinin thlt which was bounded] by I
hir own p.-tty inlteres-ts.
There in njo promise of anly following
1) of the policy imt1 Mr. McKiiley outitH inl
ned ait Hfillo by the next Congfres.44
'itnt igh proti-etion interests hav cOnil
rol of ai illtidso'me Imijority of hevote i
111i, wiii te u'a11111 di 1ciplino of the rv
'blicanl Il tiche, iimber who come
',,Im lhe West surl cairgel wvithi tilll re
srmN idea% aire promip , 111it aind mpitaitcal- tia
itideeived ts to te compexionl of IV( i
.'ir- views aIln those If their o1smtitu2 - 1"
atS. T0 tly lild oi theroectn 111mO
., horiz ' is (irid. T ihe ugar Truted
Ant frie raw suga10.r a I tutieresalld
mit Mr. lavemy hs of nn'oIilced thit1
IIllIuI sugarll will be admlitted free. This
lid similar rumors %%ill not, down and
141y atlmost cauIlso hy.)steries amo)(ng somec.
f the1 ts14. 1ton' protection int ( rests.
There is nt0 p--rfcet harmon11101y M th1 !
-publitenul side however. ReomChib)
f No!w% York has been.i unindjil~ enlonghl to
tbmit Ito the Prfsidl lt if document inl
'hiel it 4i s2own that thel. lanra11 '-: Fr y e
lip) sulbsitly bill, if it had passsed thi e
ist. Conlgress, wouild Ilmve converted( pol
r ctically I wo- lifthis of the enitire subsidy be(
i of the cl1)iotffrs of the ul. natina
i:1 4 t)) 'Ol't.-IA Of (110 I 'd rot i t..HO in -
avigation Company aind motC of tho
alt te woNhr 1h2vo i e1)0n) pi i to three (
ther omp)aniel. i. NtIt oily is tis anill
10m1 t ailg'ptainst the ship sebsidy 1;11
4 it, ws b'thinitt ed to the la-t Cogr. os t
it I' s shke:i the fith f the Pr s-doit Wi
"d of a1 g)od a11Y ouf tilh! ilm -mberi of
ongrtueat i GtOi tibsohito diinter sted- tm
La K3Of the pr1-11ooteS Of thle bill. TheI
ill has proven at del'd lad from its Iin
ilption. Never nts it beeni possible y Co
o imost speciouls arg41miengtsi to alrougse I 1
n11 eth im inll ill regard to it Iam(Jong de01
I0 peopl a nd tile repret oi (ttives who it
"ill 'hve to go to the pople for reIt0 leo. le
ion are protesting 11 lli t. tile party la'-h -l
rhich is being used to make them vote o . o
o~r thle obnoxious measure,. f
It is belieived that Representative
amollesi D. Richarde will be ehcted 1o
),mIocatt ic leader ini thle nit xt Hou1se nlot -fo
vitstas te opwt sition r thIt Ie wtill
nurl.. Inl many repees le will anke
Ii een uising o ) an ieig on .p
-ontininlg the Preint's messagesli he ''l4)
iIn lie Co1mia ije Id i 11111by lllst( M 1)1. , t
ainjed his poweriiiad hofi himsefs
'an lite plican finnun how:sk i a < r~ li
'iou receigoo paleetian~e. ort d aot bef 'it
iis pos11t'ion 11 ti willno oe ini t I tnt lie
m e :>lare ai xe:tat the repblinn ajoity
0T) h llest Caim 1 rumor i ' is ha S.8 re
litiy o tae ltrioitiboii M is vnery a1
)m'itry3 wilh181 the Prs in f having yo
urll i. him (d1ownitt~ i the sni con. 1h
oegt fnd yilde ton 'h wishs pofom- bp
nitteiemn tou ande1111 thi . 111he l prpoe to1 Ij
-es.ign i aiht ime.i Theroe tro num.l-cl
10rous1. hints dropt~lped by member (of~ti Con
ressi I as t n how tis 4n or tt. rarv
'enoys Mer 4h.Soi sots )1rle 1'tmen8 tI
11ut( with the13 exetion1 ofi (1Ilg;; oi y
cl'Ther ds lily to ie interesitingcn 0C
est01 amonig the eoras r t, he vcanc l
nteCmmit engu0e 1 caused by
bet elertion of Mr. mealy ofv- xs t the a
ceat efoAr. no Aftrmanid o Mis.r can
an~ii hae the mahi ng ofrSthe'asking as he of
vouldC3 14. reciiOtat.3 th iit supor wof wCi
he demoitrttsCbut itsis higt todt heu
ifernool be deocr~tiled he ii deire f
od tbe speak11e. Iet hinfe.- dhiv dowsin-l
lto tov ar ahedpostii Mr.c n d
mod thf Ayabama forely tted docra Lli
1iva. Thiomte thet most 011
lOW anod aocratnipe lain. c
Ten Secar ofthIn'tior had to
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~MITH& E 1
-ei Ith fire ini .Jun have tii h iken th 4sore-roonil
strOt, Iext to FiaI13 's Mairkel. Ve Il
Wint~er at new andl col
Clothing, Furnis
Hats and Shoes
Of thle same gnades k'pt by us inl Ile p.ist.
I QVCIr. In additioni to a knew stock We h1v
(t i1 OF WINTE'li L (Il I N SA..\I1
I cthn114g lit prices inlear of befoI-e. IL
3*l o look ithe better you'll be pleased whet,
.A-ll GoFocLas Sol,
Obb lnilin.:, Next to Finlay's Alar-ket.
11reguently see in the n1eW&pa
5 a bit, of advle that spills ull
ded and valueless for the good
loes, namely, Stick to the farm
I litp raiso the staindard of (
Iutry lile. or words to that v Weet.
W, without "oinlg ilito a i g
I discussion of such11 a (o11r'se I
1 ask youl to go with m111 whlilo
jnurato, at f(.,% sablant points,(
and againlst suchi i step.
In the first plice, woulid silh I R
irm be an ideal on lor i young
.n? Wot all kinlow that Iothiing
h'elopes a human mind like Ii.
ulties, now can anything dove
' acuteuess of thought an1d1 ra
ity of percption like opposi.
n and compeLition. Dos tho
Ill, even when it is conducted
a systematic basis, of 1). such a
Ot' deivelopment.
It doI3stu I, for time an1)Id experi
Sl(tlchis mani11y things cod I'ary ha
ther.y. I ofton hear tile ex
asion3 that farm life is t I.e eas.
t lot one could wvishi. If that is
is not its miost cdesirablJe endi
one most to av'oid'.> Coirrect,1
is too easy, or tho majority of IA
mors5 seom to tink so. y
tsoni of t ho small amcmunt of cai e -
1'arm req uires, ai farme1 r becomles
igenit and manytl3 hours are 10o.
it miighlt have' 1)e(n profitably
anlt, if entgagedl in sonol~ other
o of business.
[am work is t he rolighiast, work
n hais to en1couniiter, heiC.des
pays leastf, t henl whIy ur ge a
tine shops), railroads1 ~iiid eCmo-,
igfor skilled balisd~ av11 i ve
ins1). L Ot the boy~ go whe hIei 1
st hulStle', and LIl guiaramt, K, wf
A hever ask alms or h)a l'(:
fre voipeii n V. Iptu ow ,
3 inindic is com.fanly (level:' t
A wheire PIPry imeit L ois K-i I
\owv, hloys', tis is nof imat~ forl .t
I Ill gelltital, for' sulie boys .,0
(ldear ol hlomesteadl too w-l fto
it its shntclowvs, to thIi si I sly (. are'
it youris.elves andi hei 11 stnee..s5.
fai iiur- -a mlodIel---U d not it
grate to theI coutry 5 whichl
Is you; but wvhat I intendl~ toi
0O1e a1 farnier, j ust to keeji Iijii
le pa rentis, if abIA, shol d n
chiooso lins own- pirofossiotn. No
mf a child c4anniot determlin11 its --
i taste untj il a fair knowvledge
di pron ssions are in its posses
; on the otheor hatnd mn st cliil-f
n will do what their paron0lts dtio-U
t, (exactly right) tand .thus wvo
account fotr the groat numrber' o~
adluros in this world: the pa. for
Ls Caoose tllo chiildI' pr1ofessioi,
wvas raisod On a farm, and1( liko fers
n li fe, but I. hel iev0 someithing 111""
xvwill please mel better and to
I am trying to di scover what
L 'somnothmng olso'' is,
Dys, your best friend is your-I 't
1h is faithful throuigh life, and( j
os you only at death, Now, to I
at Is it that yout will not do for' - id
r hest fr ind! E very 11pplauittdi, ~
net ts alppreuemte,1 by5 him tand a1(:n
onl~y lItitjL 1oeward( is~ in his aal
o what you boliovo to be right, "'t.
on the farm or go to the mills, t5/t <
hinn shops, or' atnywhero that hiere
a ro pleased and can make an"h
>ra ble, hone(st living, anid you Led
at leat be partly recom. (II
od by knowing you have dtone 20oth
L you thoughtwas iht year
ew Coods
ew Stand
ew Methods
I known Its the 11:abb 1iilng (m g
Ive joist openied fir thie l.kll antl
aiplete stock c;f
hing Goods. .
we fe beiter propared ito SirV, yo
.'\V El( I , Ill-S.\ND D)OLLARS
FROM.A THE I-; FINt la O goi) N
Dom't Iluiss thlis op t~uily to bu, 4 Iy
k nround boy m here-the
youral r leaeb s.
l a 1 -.NVI I I., -.Hc
.G. WYAT1T C 00
Full li'- of 4Iry (;cods,
roceries, Shoes, 11,at,; No
m Is, &X:C.
Farmiers' oI Im nts and
.ral Har11dware iMaterial.
>de agenlt for)I the H ancock
>tary D isc Plowa:nd also the(
)>'Lt I 1 dlarrow and Stoddar-d
isc I larrow.
All pers->lS indebted to uS
c rIucst(d to com": in and
Ake( se 'ttl lment. al . nt \. C
ve 1-wen In!l n and \\an11
u to rcsounld.
.G. WYATT & 00.
EaleC, S. C.
ridges & Hlarnmnond,
mneral 5 ierchandise,
tii r o ia shoiul. I 'ICelmNS, S. (C.
\'e kieep (en'mt Iy on l 11: inl hin.
:ni l tol itn i r t ai ar.
vlS. IB. M rA LN ,.
ii1) dlua lVi e~ hi Wo:td ll tuntryl pre
dII t Wug wtall t h ye i ur emb . Ii I-m s
Citatin Ntice.y
8lJ'L',I. B. A NN~'tli ilt1 il
Pi i c kenit (if Pib .I
Tersu h oi t r ice tothe geerl hubi
lay of t heda. A01 nf woki guaan )
mt him beforecloskin to lsw ee
Citao N o 10,Iit~ltice
.l. ILNewber Eg Noiyro~
heras t l'. lexnde n ndj sal

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