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'the People's Journal.
Corrected weekly Ly the lloath, B1ruce
Mlorrox Co.
CottLon...~ 7 3.S
Cots to .. ................. ............ 0 3. 8
Cickens--iens............ .......15 to
Fryers.................... 15 (o
Butter...... .................................. 15
eeswax...................................... 24)
Hamsii........ .. .. ......... . ..
-Monnon's Talcum Powders at
13 cents, for sale by G. W. Earle.
.-Dr. W, F. Austin, denitist, will
be ii Pickens Decembor 3rd and
-These are the days when the
full force and effe'ct of the lien law
are felt.
-The Bending Factory has ro
sumod operation. J. Flotcher
Brock is the naw Manager.
-Look out for Christmas goods
as the amnounc.ments tire made
by merchants through this paper.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
Henders m, at the residence of E.
Frank Looper, on Novo ihbr 25th
a son.
-Thanksgiving services will be
hold at the Mothodist church at
this place (Thanksgiving day) tat
11 a. Im.
-J. H. Earle, of Walhalla, law
ver and Editor of the Oconer,
News, was inl town Monday and
-Tihe Wolf creek public school
will begm on Monday December
2nd next. B. A. Algood will beote
principal ~i charge.
-Rev R. R. Dagnall left Mm
day morning for Coluiibia for the
Annual Coniference of outh Cair
lina which began its work Tuesday
-. F. Parsons will .oonl havo
completed a substantial and con- t
veniently arranged dwelling ou
Cedar Rock street, racemg the pub
lie square.
-At the quarterly settlement,
November 25th the county dispon
sary b oks showed gross pronts
amounting to $702.10 for the
-The Auditor gives notice this
week of the dates and places to bo
included in his rounds for taking
returns. Read carefully his re
quests as this is the year for hand
-A bhlind negro bainjo pickor
has been an object of some inter
est on the street for the past two
days. His performances are well
enough excopt for the blockado of
-John F. Harris is exhibiting
ie patent well fixtures. To all ap
pearances,the arrangement is one o f
merit, filling the requiiremnent of a
substantial, convenient device for
use at wells of any depth.
-Traxes are slow commng in.
There will be a rush at the Treas
urer's office during the last dlay of
Decembher. For the con von iece
of tax-payers, Treasurer Chanpma n
wilt keep his oflicejopan Thanks
giving (day.
-Since the first day of Jatnuary
last, Probate Judge, J. B. New
bery, has issued 9 letters of Ad
ministration 5 lettrers Testamner
tary, 3 Guardianship, 9 Dismissal,
and examined $3 persons for huu
-Married on the evening ol' thon
20th~ November, Miss Annio Nim
mons flear Old Pickens, and lu1r.
II. A. Allgood ot Pickeins. Th'le
ceremony wais performod by R'ev.
D). W. Iliott of Seneca. TFhe bride~
is a sister O( our enterprising
townsrmen, WV. P. and~ Laawrence
Nimmons .-Snoca News.
-YOU--If you have paid your
subscription to T1HE Jounu tI, a's
cept. our thanks, if YO)U have not
please remnember that wo would be
very glad indeed to hear from you.
We say this merely to call vour at
tention to the niatter as wo want
to close up all accounts by the I sI
of next January. Of cours' YOt'
wvill give this your attention.
---The wvidow of the la to (.Stui t
toring) Robert Stewart dieml last
WVednesday and was burieod on
Thursday following at the Stewart
family burying ground on Capt .J.
J. Herd's place. T1hme deceased was
ani aged lady and died from con
sumption of the bowols.A t the tmmna
of her death she was living in the
Six Mile section of the county.
-Supervisor Stephens wants all
the County Commissioners, memn
bors of the Plokens County delega.
tloon and all citir-ens interested in
the road question to take advan..
tage of the low ratesand vist GAreco
villo dur'ing the exhibition to be
given by~ then Southern Railway
Good Road Special at Greenville
Deceumber 10th to 21st inclusive.
If you veen possibly go, it will
doubtless be of somoc benefit,
--Under~ the head '"Wanted, La.
dies8 to doc writing at homne' manthy
ilatttoring offers 'tre being~ held out
through the country newspapersI~.
goare not prepared to say p)osi
htvely as to whether th'se are bova
ude offers, buAt .the terms appoar
Qnreason~able Mnd we hope lad ies in
this section will be very careful
and thoroughly eatisfy themsles
of the good faith ad reliability
#f the o0neerd~e making such offers,
bfore riaklng Apy~ 11oJWey i) the
The counties of Oconee and Pickens
have boon very near to each other, not
only in point of distance, but also in in
terest. On the eveiing of the tho 20th
inst., a Jargo crowd of relatives and
friends gathered it tihe hospitable home
of Mr. W. E. Nimmons on the Oconee
Ride of Keowco river, a few miles
above tle historic town of Old Pickens.
The (aly was bright, and clear, crisp air
stood amorg fh falling loaves, the beau
lifil snow that lad fail len two days be
foro could be sen lero and thero when
the rays of tihe stu had not penetrated.
he glorious orbo of day slowly sank be
bi:d Cio "'Blue Ridge raingo," the crowd
ba 'ted beforo tile door of the h1ome1 they
i alit. Snow, ice, fropt., and fre-zing
wvind witlhouit, but insido a blazing, roar
aig log tire burned. This inviting Pic.
,irO was oily ai intdication of the wiarin
wvelcosmo which wis extenled to every
invited guest. The birds ha ceased
their sianginig, bit the. waters of tle
aut iful Keovee muramured sweetly by,
lio strs shoie ont in, splenAdor, the(
noon looked down fromt her place with
lazzlitig glory whein at 7 p. mn., the
brido Zall grooi to be, stood ina tie par
or--whicsh had been nicely decoratel
mro1undiiaiaedl by thteit frionds, befire flaohem
itood R wv. D). W. Hliott, lptist pastor
it Seneen, S. (., who, inl i ver'y brief
ere('mon3, declare(I that Mr. Bartlett A.
kllgood aid Aliss Aanie Nimmons wreo
Susbsa.di a-d wifo. (Co Xangratuillionss fol
owetil. 'lens ono of the very best sup
)era Ihis srealb: ever sat dowin to follow
'd. '.l'hae r peet ion was given tile fo'low
tag <ay sat Itloh homte of the groomu's fa
hers. It was anot our pt ivilege to attenad,
Put wo ventire fille assertion that it was
all thailt l rt coulubl wish.
Mlansy hants 1ome miatl uselul praosants
v0 evidt-ie of tlhe populrity of these
osing i o1p le Ia the esteem inl which
loy are lel by frioends aind anquain-i
milsces. .lhso youig pt-oplo start out
Vith brmi lht prospiets for the future.
lr. A Illgaool is the seconad sons (if Mr.
iul Mirs. W. B. Allgood, of Piekes
-aisasav, antd is a youing man of splendid
bartlAr aal inilstry, aid is ailready
osuiital unilo;tea bIa -adinfig fuamers of
bos. e ta1:ty'. aiss Amnio is the eldest
1:amugItir of Msr. and Msa. NW. E. Nim
(OSnS of Oao. coniity. She is without
IWO , 1" (;;1 laof th ( " . asnd1( fairecst of the
1. ais c:1l h'ers of Oon v.
Tli: is11ution of hartsA atils' livels
inai e t (wo te Ih(aI anlag families of the0
'onii t o keit s .1(1aid Oon-e. Jj')Irg
1:1\- Olhy live ain1d proApor inl serving
haj-ir oaintry% sansd their (4)(d, iad iat haist
VbSe1 the jo * ys ansd the sorro)ws of life
Te tnd t. sy 1llaven with all its glory
w their loie.
Airs. W. 11. Itryint spent the early
u-t. of th[m week visiting in G relenville.
Jolil MeCuen antid ssster, Miss May,
tf P'!zer, were visitors in Easley Siu
Thursday will be celebrated as Thaunks
,iv1ing day ad there will be public wor
;hip at the Presbteriasu chuirco sit 11 a an.
Undaler Superintendent MeGhuee, tle
nsi'an Smnsd:ry School constiio to grow.
s Ia sv nig last there 11was i total of
e hundred aid thirty-one sholar.s
resent. Everyone thit attended soemed
)e n' uthused at this large enrollneAt,
Ind o(in aid all, thae neibers of this
rowinsg Sitdy School, seem to pride
heimselves ill their efl'orts to further ad
ViniOO its sphalere of issfulnaess,
At tho Methodist pasrsonagei oan thae
nornainig of Ithe 22d inst., Rev. (I. E.
Wigginas fell to sleep. Since 1854 lho has
p~roaiched Christ to dlying mens and wo
men, aind the0 cloudless sky of an eternal
lay mu~ist havo met Isis vision as ho en)
Loe-d thraougha the gates to be with his
Lord. For anay months past ho laud
snil'red theo life of an ir~vailid, aind its
theo face~ of sill thait skillful physicians
and hoam's loveod ones. could do, ho graid
milly weakensed aind died. Enstering the
Southa Cirolinsa Conference in 18.14, ho
emuaned in its bounsds for a time., Hes
1then joisied theo Rolstina Conference and
for 51omo1 .yearss wasis staitioneod in North
Carot linsa Sand Virginia. Afterwardjs lae
ignlin bec amoc a mnember of the Sonths
Larohiaan Coanfaesne, and as a sup~eraun
rto of thae Uonference ho (tied in hsis sov
:nty third yeasr. Has remains were car
-ied to Hasmpton consty for intearmont.
Hie wais theo faither of R1ev. WV. E. WVig
pnas who is paistor in charge of Easley
inad Bethlesda circuit.
-News has beeni reived hero
to thle ceest (liat Rachsel Trhoas,
wvhose hlomte is near Salemi church
as 0Xo0a00 coutnty, was killed at
hIr h' iomo last Sunatly n ighlt by un
knaownt part ie3. Th'le iuiquest do
ve~lp(d saulici'snt fact s upons which
to I nabe thse isatseo of warranats
sygainst Iloland Rolbinisoni and two
Iludson bsovs, aill living in thait see
Lioni~, and tey hav beO en led ged In
-5as Suanday aight, at. the col1
orsd Al rtho d ist clihch Aa tt J etnkinis
anad W\ill Curtslis baecamse insvolved
is) sasnw (tispusite as te result. of
liftererae if Epatle long stansdiag.
Thesu remilt i -athIat (lasis is severely
alins was arare-ted isntder a wair,
ars st ~iiue lby Alasgistratto W. L.
.h-k ints, V harg'(d with assault and1
baitt'ry ofl a highsa ndai aiggravateal
naftusre, whoe, af ter hlearinag the
testimonssy sonst thse caseC to the Sos
siouis Court-.
--Ther'e was a good atteinance
at the Y. M. C. A., lst Sunday af
ternaoon. Ion . J. .K Baiggs dcliv,
(ared at most excelent address aand
all who were presenO~t were lughly
(eitotrta inedo. 11 is sub~j ct was:
"I1*rsrdt, thou has bron our dw~elling
pliace in il gensera tios "5 An in,.
terest ing prsogramu1 has been ar
ranaged for next Sunrdasy alfternoon.
l'r'of W. E. D~endy, music will be
speocfah feature, A stringed banad
has been or'ganfized( isa the Y, M. C.
A. and will resnder its initial pro,
gramn next S3unday afternioon. All
thT~ youngs monet ate uriged to comeo
ouit and be enitertainedl and bene
News of the esudden death of M,W.
Coleman, wvhich occured at Char.
lestion this afternoon was recieved
horo at three o'clook. Mr., Cole,
mual Was one of Seneca's mlost
prominanut atnd weatily citl~ens and
hiws death Casts a gloom over the
w hole commun ity. M Ie. U0101j~n
is hei'o and was expetig My, Cp1,
man~t hioma toisht
It may seem somno(what out of
place for me1C to commont on this
subject at this late day, but liko
the road question, it is over now
kand bids fair to be o of the main
issues tof tie Iy .t campaign. Inl
the outset, there is no ono moro
ready to honor and help tako care
of the old soldiers than the writer,
a d no ono fools a keener interest
for their wolfare and security, and
it is ily iiiblo dosire to see the
indigent cared for in their last (lay,
yet I can't indorse tho eroetion of
a home1(, though I do not claim to
be authority on tle matter.
It will cost from fifteon to forty
thousanid dollar1s to buildt 110111
whieb would b0 occu1piod t1y a ver'y
few and14 that for a short tiio. Inl
a very short whilo they will all be
gone. Add the cost of building
and tile cost of maintaining a sol
dier's hoime to the pension appro
priation and all would got the benIll
olit, whoreas only i fow would be
benelfited by the lioi. H Iow
many would go to the homno, loave
relatives nnd friends and( go to a
stralngo place to (io ? ,Sueh an inl
stitition would prove an1other )urt
dell oil the Sitlte and openl lp roolm
for further corruption. 'Tis neve-r
to late to do good, salys the adilge,
but if such a thing is good, it
should have been built lOng, long,
ago. IHere we h1avo waited till
they are noarly ill dead and sonw1
0110 suggests ihat wo iiil d ho me
fr them. Wait till a mani u silrves
thon feed him, wait till he is d'.ad,
thnL1 give Ia111 medicin1e.
Now, I would be ais gld as 1ianY
body to see Such a1 lOle if' I know
it woutld~ bel-efit evenl twenty 1) -r
cent of th-.m-, but it wvill n]o1.
While) it. might ho it a few, it
would deplrive 1hlundreds, of Ollhers
of imany dollha il fi1l way of pen.
sions. I have talked(I with 11111iIm
old soldiers and they umumouslliy
agree that they had rat live on
bread and w iter with thoir relat ives
and friends th1an go to a hOlme.
Raising the i appropriation for poln
sions would bring more benefit (r>
the old sol(iers, and that is w1t
should be done. Malgister.
Not every farmor knows how to
cul- hams properly. Generally they
hang himis, shouilders and s14les
and literailly bury tLhom ill ialt.
The result is that th ieat is too
salty to eat and the flavor is spoil
The Southern Cultivator gives
tho followmg l mitiod of elu r Ig
hamls which is said to be excellent1.
It does not kill the meat, but1 im1
parts a delicious flavor, anid hairs
cured this way will keep indelii,
For one hundred poun1ds ot
lhama take eight pound of salt,throo,
pints of mnolasses, a (luarter of
sal tlpeter11 in0hoi lng water, m11ix
all in a barrel, or im sufticienit wa
ter to cover tho hamls with pickle;
they should( be0 repaCked iln thri ee
(days and after that once a week.
T1hey should remain in pickle eight
weeks then Rrmoke thorn as mucL~h as
you like. Every time you repack
siir the pick lo. The object of rec
packing them is to have tho hams
oin top oni the bottom of the0 csk.
.A.ll members and all who w'ish to
becomno members of the P'ickom
Court Hiouse Allian11ce areO reinest
ed to moot at the Court Hlouse 01
Saturday ovoei ng Decomlber oth at
3 o'clock. A flull at tonldance is (de.
sired. .J. 1). CU'R ITON.
i t, P'residei't.
A dollar 1 i a11sma11 41mount1, buit it paty
for 0110:n-ca's 1 sbscript ion to Tmu : Jor a.
NAL. Send us 'yoUr d([.411
On Saturday, Nov' . 23, a regro
namled flladdiron , ani Cx-convi et,
woent to the0 home11 of 1trs . PerrVy
Craft ill .Anderon1 (counly, andil
askoed for some(thinlg to eati; Idirs.
Craft gave him1 ronwin~ llg to (uf
and14 not bteing saltisfied dr14w 1his
pisto1l n fired, severely wound-4l
ing heri. She may13 dtie. The0 foi
Soing day1 thle, n11 1egr wt ias t rae k~ d
with' blood)1 thomu1ls, (carried before
the su1fferinlg woman, irlCantified
and immediately afterwards carried
about a half ilet fromi the scen;,
of his crimeo and hanged to a limb.
The negro confessed hIs guilt, andt
gav'e as8 the0 only reasonl for the14 cet
that Mrs. CraftL( didl not gi ve him i
the kind of food ho wanted. Th'1Qe
wats 110 lit tempt at con1ceal mont,
aind the c lynig was) pl'lticiplated
in by stoverail teading cit izeln neal
thle line' of Anderson~ and Abbe
villo counit ies.
'WINTEU RHlO.\lS 1N S'.\l1-'.
.lA ND1S."
Is the title of a v'ery neat and
attractive toldes just issued by the
Southern .Railwafy giving comlete
inlformal1tionl r'egardin~g the variousi
Winter Resorts of hl.h and4~
leaPsure on1 anid reached by its
lInes, witjh rates of' board, capa~
city of hotlM, nlam1es1 of proprietore
Th'isg bo'I1let Is in a very COnIcise
an1 attractivo form and1( will prove
valuable to anly oneO contemplating
a trip for tho wint~er.
A copy maty be had by scuading
a two Cent postuagetl tStam.0
County of Picken:-. 1
COur (11 Common Pleas.
El4114li tIl l i 4li ' n I t I, 1114, ,J lip
W . .s, T.M e I11, * Ju in l'. I Is as414 ii.
land4 A tli I, CS. 011-.,111, 45. 'SI 41
ImIilistraitor of tI '' t o ( ; . .
I )iliis, died' 4 1, 1011:3" I)4la4'in
Jiek o 1ur~ n, \ illi uin .\ , I)IIr.
ham, An.us- D h . 1k).\ 1 iI ..
I ll I uti r r ln w ; ithe
lIt1s a t I of ' , ruel Alexaldh-r, die
ce nei d,',;. n a brI r f I hninat
dane d retad, viz: Sa A .nn t
at liz 1 '. i n-- I Mu Ih whost
ui il l' v I Z. Iq I I .'I t a- 11 1 , th e
Vi t :i t t I ii ll i
It t i; ) I I r I III
I' IIIi'I II 14 1 I . I I wM.
eta Ied, , I r - 4 <.- liNa
I' 4 i t ) I ,4 ,.4 - I4 \ it I i: :1 ! i o o f:
)1. -1 , I - :'' 111:4 w Il ill'
:illi(i oI ll 'r!s .I ll i-e 1; v n lillit'ht'l '
1 '1 .;,b w ;'Il 1
(libi' I" iI i a i :r11 of
a it :. , ! , , . h. r it
)1(l,:, r re 'heea l
m i 1111 -r t . 1 - - .'li -
It( h l , \ I a I l I. i S- , 1 :
Il )ht'4 I'** ~ tt , * 4. 4 e i:ill:
w1 ho wit. 4aI iii I .:.m ' i,
he-e; d, v 1., ' ..I 11 4 Iber
I ir l lii '\\ .1 i i 44 r
)14 t : .44 . :z . \ li . i
4 ter,4 ; ';, i --4 I. I ti l w h4(I4w
sa11 54 .41 1. ' 4 . w i 1'I :41t
lI er h, v, .he1n6itI eiit-,
t11 '.h -4 o'i ,
(. 1 I b I 11: i t
-I'1 w l tilI, CI',
th-ce~~ -V :n
4 -1 V4ilA:,
u1 n r 4(11 - 444n ' 1 1114' 1h.-' 111b.
1) -.4 (' 1411 1
t iIt
411 '11' '14 14 1 4 -1
V. -
iitit 14 '4 44 44 I 441 I n 41
a I. A lo I t> Itoe
S 1 4I %\v 1 11 IIl
)I t ;ti I1 q i t\'4 4 ' lic i i 11
of 11 t r1 1h - 1uiti n 1f th
1* 4 .. siit I -- . 1it li ' lii
1 )It-I - I I Iilt, I Ill i
whit I ; 1 t f I ' I 14
tt i the'~ 44 444(U 444'44 W .
* ..'.. 1 !' 1 or
11n 441 14: .h I - d 4in the a 4hi
(it I (iii. I ':' u 44 4 . 1aid I~Iana1
the14 ohjei 11 f4 1'' 1ii ''''i ben 1> d. '4er
la ine~ a IllIJ i s:i. hiII 4 r . I ' 4 ' f 4 1 54; i44
said4 14ie4 ilif ' n.vya 4 n4 d t4at 44o
445.1 14,1 ) 4all4 I
re444id 5 1 t 4' 1n 4444.
si i act in 4. ~ i , ' ou' pr '4'4 -ar''
your or 1141 i4 4' rt 44t 444 h t. r4 't :1 her in
at4 the '41g'I t I 44441 y 414',avsaf
monst1' upt. yj u. 4444r, taI Ii 'i
(.'444 44h th 4y444 r .i.i 144I .1l41.4 ,
I Ii.4 i 4'4.43 ,
Thon1 ii : I4 nu . . J. 44:41n ilua
W( li tt4n4 .\ I ; , .\ 44 44 (44-11 . h (.n,
Al01'1 nth-r,41 d141 -~ !, wh14, w1 N4)V4brllwrl'
of I)i n- ,b)41 . 1,44 - - .\d, hm1i u -
an14,ililH'21 r.4li.4! 1'4~i1.' \ tl's .
1law of44~. Ihan 4. a ,de o ,w
bei are~ uknn , 4i :lv hI at hStw tol
-',li ib c h i4'hn '4m. I a I, h o wii a!i44
siuh- 1)f l10 -,~ldl: di i d, 'iz:
' ' Ii'. 11 wh)U 'K >. 4 O w
The following clipping from the
Andorson Advocate of 25th inst
will doubtless be of interest to
many readers of this paper since
there 'Is in Pickens at this time a
man, calling himself Kelly, with a
wife and several children repre
senting himself to be the individ
ual to whom reference therein is
made, Kelley, with all his fami
ly seems to be out on a begging
expedition,with no settled purpose
of trying to better his condition
by work. Limited inquiry and
investigation will lead one to con
cude that he and his family need
to be imado to work more than
tley niced the gifts of )eople in.
clined to help the deserving
needy. This story fits nicely
enough with other stores from
men who remember something of
just about such a 1111111.
K1C d1,' Is WI FI' I,ETTER.
"Several days ago The Daily
Mail published a story about Jim
Kelly, a former soldier of Orr's re
gilment, who is said to b3 in desti
tute circunistances with his family
in Virgina. 'T'lie Abbeville|Modium
co)ied the article with tlhe follow.
ing interesting comment:
"Elsewhere we publish a story
of an old solder stranded in, Man
chester, Va. lie is sev'ent-y-five
years of age, blind and destitute,
with a wife and six children, try
ing to make his way back to his
old home in Pickens.
"Thero was 11 J amlies Kelly in
0o. C. Orr's li Ills, and Joseplh
Norton oIialded the company.
He4) was a loud - alking fellow on
the march ainid always kept a noise
inl camfp.
"Jim Kolly ''lnce came 10me oil
furlough and iwhiile ho roturne( to
the army hidi a grt at story to tell
about killing a deserter among the
mountains of P.ickens.
"Kelly had a wife in Pickens
wlen he was in tho army, and it is
said by the members of Co. C that,
she was a fine-looking woman. In
the winter of 1863.64 the regiment
was camped near Orange court
house. One day Kelly and the
editor of the Medium happened to
be on the detail to haul stock to
be sawed for making a plank road
to town from noar Liberty Mills.
It was a raw, dismal day. Kelly
asked us to read a letter lie had
received from his wife and we did
so, sitting on a stock log. Her con
cludint words were:
"'May (od bless you
And the devil miss you
And no one else kiss you
For my sake.
Sarah Kelly."
"We shall never forget Jim K~el
ley and his wife's love letter."
Hep, hop, hep, Jim Kelly,
With a tin pa n
~-Bolt and Thorniey have the agency
for Nuinnally's Pure caiidica at Pickens,
Alwvays Fresh.
Southern Rail way has inaugura.
ted Puillm-an sleeping car line be,
tween Washington, D). 0. and At
Jantai, Ge., on their "'Atlanta &S
New York Express'' trains Nos. 55
and 34; first car southbound leav,
ing Washington November 3rd ;
first car north bound leaving A tlan
ta November 5th, 1901.
T1h is affords Pu Illman service on
these trains though from Al tanta
to New York, the Pullman carn
having heretof'ore been attached to
the Atlanta & New York Expross
at Charlotte andl no Pullman ser
betwecen Charlotte and Atlanta.
Pay your subscription to Tm ,Jon.
NAL,, themi read the iiews and keep in
-Menn ens Bora ted1 Talcum
Powder' Special Sale-15c box at
Bolt and Tlhornhey's.
CJlaranice Bruce, the infant son
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Thiornley died
last Salbbath nigh t. The funeral
was:i had MIond ay a fternoon , being
condu~hicte(d by Res . T. II . Medd.
Auditor's Notice.
To~ the T'ax Pa~yers of l'iekens C~ounty:
l'ur thei convenIience oif the pubIllie I
wvill aittendu t Ihe fol'lowinig laces' and~ dates
named&( beloIw for thei purpl(io (if taking
tax ret urns for the fl-c ii .1 cr of 100'2:
Six M ile, Monda~y, Janumary (I.
Caulhomn , TueiIsday, January 7.
Central, Wednesdlay3, Juanuary S.
Cateecchen, ThIusiday, Janumary 9.
I berty, Friday, .Ja'nary 10.
In the ofhice Saturday, January 11.
Easley, Moniday and 'Tuesday, Janmna
iy 13nnid 14.
Croes Pi ns, Wedneslay, Jaitary 1.5.
Lo''pei's Shop, Thuirsday', January 10.
Ii ights' Stre, Fidhay, Jaunuary 17.
In 0111ce Saturday, Januvary 18.
PounpklintownI, Monday, January 2),
Holly Spi ngs, Tuesday, .Januaryw 21.
Enst.,toe', Wl iedneIday, ,Janmuary 22.
Mile Creek, Thu 'r-day, Jan 'uary 23.
P arers, Frhiay, January 24.
I will he In the olicee from January
25thm, 1002, to Februairv 20th, 1902, in.
closilve, antd after this date I ami requIred
by lauw to add at pennlty .f liity per ce ,t..
qon all non-retumrne. Please meet me at the
abovo mippoint mentts anid atvoid the usuail
ru-h in the ofmee. A this Ia reail estate
usae54menit year , I mumst nrge Iltha t ne
andlu every lanud ownier comoi pr~lere t]
gIve a full dleSedphtiota, number of acres,
boundar'ie3, &c. All malec persons be.
twoeen thn agos of 2t and h0 years except
those Incapable of earning at suotifO
fronm being lhmerl or oth erwlse d isa
bled, all Confederate veterans over 50
y'ears of age arie deeUIrCed taxtable polis,
lie sure amid be able1 to give the numbem
of school district as this 18 very ihnpor
tant informationi
Miv r' etfly
That is to come ii Decon
havo had tine weather this fall, bi
tho timo to prepare for what is to
Cold WXea1
Hoavy Olothing,
Notwithstan1(d ing the fair wVent
had such ia Irade onl shoos, the ele
beVst an1d they are Hall.lo Axe the
huzgy or \\ago,, let u hear I con
Yours tr
Wanting N
I ;un restlesS, never sait t
de(sire( 1o omlike it Still ert
-reatesLt cihkrt of Illy 'h- li
"OOds the( peopleo wanlt ;and .1
xpeIriencc is worth anlythilg,
Al.Wv:Ns rememhel- that the- C
the clap order; it's the he
goods, such as it pays to biy.
stan tly arriving, a TR IFM 1-I'N I
Which I
IN Till IS IItSTl ING \ (
anf de~Veri* y* y 5 tlls the price.
ingl my) prFices anid qutality' of ..
40 inch Sea Islanid, 4 Ccon
Standard l )rills, 5 ceniits.
/\ll \\'ool Red T'~il 1-'Ilan
The 1liest 25 cent; Jea~ins
M~ei's Ifav UndVI.:L~ervest
I )ress; G~oods, all (Garaid:
I still occupy the 1--1,
WOm1e ll
JBefore Btyi:
A\nd in fact anyti
\Ve have a nice Iiint
ours, before buying elsewhert
Don't forget, us when you
is our pet line and we wvill do
WeT have a big lot of coffe
and wye will give our custonm
LAOOK! One thousand poi1
.ents al pound. Just as good
the contrary.
Call on us and we will try t
give you satisfaction,
ggi5emember we make
produ ce, beeswax, star grass,
Beef hides taken if dry, Con
N. 13. 1In order that we may
we are compelled to ask our C
ber, January, and February. Xo
it it will not last always. I r
coie. We are well supplie'
her Gooc
lI'r of tlis fall, we have never I
'ot (f this is we sell nothing bi
west. 41n earth. I1 you nced a
might -save you mone'
'our Trade!
1. , I\ mybusin ss inicreases
r inceam.I have madec
11 w-1n. to g t the oods
W' iric', aI)(i if ten y(
I ;un satisled I have succeed
lass of g' oods I hanle(11C is no
ppy Iediim and better class
I now have in store and c
Must Co.
I, of( competition PRICE tel
I want youI to contilnue shot
.b:, i 1 15 centI s.
1 5 and~ 5< cents
uI PrI ices.
NrowV on SI lOES.
Sin(e 1)re(ss Shoes for men,
imd chIildren.l
orI Sanit' IfOnley,
or less money,"
... .L- use you see
vantl to) buy a pair of shoes. That
onr best to plealse you,
on han l that was bought cheap
s thle benefit of' it.
ands of keg sodIa to go at 2 1-2
as any, don't be convinced to
> sell you somecthing that will
specialty of all kinds of country
;rub root, and ginseng wanted
e to see us.
be able to meet our obligations
iends to whom we have sol4
irdi a nd makeonnn na...

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