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The World's
Ilor all forms of fever take
I t. te 1001 times beot.ter than
nine cannot do in 10 days.
feeble cureiB made by <uni
w mprop
Carriages, Suri
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11 il oil 1 ostock im iere l. 1,
H arness of all kiis n
,lnes, mtvarious otl.e lmake
Ildko a0iwl all"! Webtr; u. (11be11
Now i, [iit! e . es oIon for sellii
prprolil. or no profit.
The seisol folr Nules ant( 1
yet, Iitmimer, we paa 14) hol
<110 mlw own w:,r.W will sell1
:mil kim r t n 1.) all . %N
Ihld If) See Ow Ieople whl't her I
itio rer Coilrt, Itivt r 111141 .ack
ui de'ign 114 miprices 1.4 v
Tdci (p1 illty, tho gu'ar in.ni ,l
D)exter Broo
I Iilll!R.
These iald Times do
Bargain I
'These Special Tables I
dable No. 1
ls stocked with all woc
-Sufts, somne of thorn ye
Table)I No. 2
Is loaded with a lino 0
any one of which woul
rTale No. 3
is stocked with tho
tyvle, cut and finish u;
yon will find the very
line now weaves. M
your choice of the Tal
Greatest Fever Medicine.
JO"NSON'S Cn1IL anl F14 V11t TONIC.
quinine and does ml a single day what slow qtii
63t's spleidid enres are in etriking contrast to the
at Costz
er y thin g.
osed eliines; inl mlr. msineuss, we will sevll
eys, Buggies,
Phaetons and Wagons
Absolute Sacrifice!
m'l". tak" mlur word for if., hillcomo am i See for yvom.
el f :1114 he conivincedA.
cost. We carr l'''Ihe Il;b11c41-V. ( !om :t~tad , Tl' olt &
s of 1Ii4h-, &c. as slrie4; Ili h ( itie Walvgronts, Ilte
per grad ite owenolro, Ta.or aind (lat tialoga.
by v(Iecles or4 1 11f all kh l id we atre goinhg 1.1 mell Ill
or.e; i prlt.ty well over hul. n% e have a few har gtins
1se! rt-il. or (lekl hire, owin our (n t revoisitory mid
anyhig-e hav for (-a0h ilr A4ood plaper-. POlite
'h10en ill 4 Xr, enville coeilt i d se( Is. W. :tre alwa1ys
heny wish1 to) uny or. nol..
<nSrets.(110 CN V IL ILC, S. 0.
Tr E- & (DO.,
I u li all kll Iuitds of
mni emlplo)y nione but1 firstlelnss; workmlan
to filish Il he work.
r' line4 a1 pla~l enni i with onbir el~tss4 will brIingi a mant
heoe. WIe' huyl inl lar lots and14 ('an give' the lo)we'~
WVIHiIT E & 00., A nderson, 8, (1.
pelcos, andl the si/ A . I) -, l ni Ia .-- pas I; Almr
1 sIgn your' namo,.in".full, gi ving addrnasg.
mn and Mattress Co.
Iars need Lo do double duty, and whal
uisiness long enough to know where t<
n the fr'ont enl Elf 11ur1 Clothing Dep lrtmont.
1 $7 501.) to 50 (a 8imero Chevlot and Wors.ted
ry stylish1, your choilco from thia Table for'.... *5 (0
I nI) Clav Wor'and, Casaimoro andi Cheviot, Suls,
1l br i n' $I(0 (30,)1. u' t. ren on theso Is . .. 7 50
chdie'st, of the so--son On tuhi tablo you will tind
to the h!ght.Q~ Ideal Elf the mno4t, aslIdilous liere
nobbies'. 1as well na the most '-ubatiantial, in all the
any of thatm soldi folr $15 and $18 in other ale e o;
)I..........~..................... ..........$9
U-pper Main Street,
Postinaster linsor Was in Federal
Army -Cxperlences as a Revenne
Dr. .. F. Enator has received his
commission aR postmaster at Columbia.
I1is appointment wais aIinoulIIced some
time ago, but there was a lot of red
tape to be compliedi with. A few days
ago ie filed his bond for 54,o0o),
secured by pelonai1l collateral. IlIe
says that his reappointment is dlue to
the endorsements given him by the
commercial interests of Columbia, ad
ded to the support of the Ilepublican
Dr. Etnsor in his early days led a life
of adventure. lie was born a South
(rn man, bi ut selved in the Union
army. Ills father resided in Boaltimore
Couity, Aariland, and wasi a lover of
hue horses. Ile Was also ai nil aldcut.
.1)porLer of the cause of States rights,
and141 partisan feeling was so intenise itn
the bordcr States that Dr. Ensor says
he was really glad when the Yankecs
Look till of his fitther's line iddle
horses. Ilis father never forgave him
for entering the Federal army. Ile
went, into service as a lieiutenant and
assistant surgeon of the l'irst Mary
land cavalry, and was aftet wards pre
liotedl to major and surgeon. IIc
went home with his major's opaulettes
and (loubl'.-broasted coat, but his fath
er did not receive him cordially. 110 f
never saw his fattier a;gain, for the od
gentleman was so heart-broken over
Lee's surrenider that le died two
111011h later.
Dr. Ensor, was detailed for Itliitaly I
(dit~y in Columbia immediatel y n fter the
war. Ile gave up his lt lly dkities to .
become supei ill t(mtlenlt, of the State
hiospitl. for the inisanie, "11and he left -
that, inst itutioni when the I)emocrat1s
got control of tihe St-iLe goveltument.
Dr. Elsor is about tihe only on1e of
old Republican regime who ilas kept
his head above water. After leavin
the intSLnle hosI)ital he was ap)oiite I
to the revenue service. lIe made a
dari'ig and relentless raider and the
Iloolishile's hated him. Ilis narrow
escapes we~tre numerous. lie tells (ne
iliciden t which is characteristic of the
life of a revenue ollicer.
Onte day lie received a message tell.
ing him lint an illicit still was being
oplerateed near Tiyoo, N. C. With a
dleptuy ie set out for that place. They
had traveled seveial miles over c01111
try roads when they were suhtdenly
halted. 11 Oh, doctor," came a voice
from the d&rk. 1 Din't, go any fur
ther or 3011 will be kiIled. Th aILt ll(essage
Was sent to decoy you up here. There
are sox men ll) beyonld 13ling in Wait
fot you with double-barreled shotguns.
Thre twere seven hlere, aind I was the
seventh but, as I lay the'e in the bushes
I happiied t) riiietileber tit I had
sat ii the saie .lasoniC lodge with
yoi, and I slipped away from the others
to0 warn 3ou."
The doctor diidn't, go any further,
otil he0 is now a more devoted Mason
tian ever.
iln speaking of I)r. Ensor's reap
pointment as postmatt.cr, 11 gentItlemIani
whose name is a s) nibul of good judg
iet, remarked that '":Ile is onie of the
old line t elpublians who kept his lied
above water, lie showed what,4
was in him when lie was superinten
detnt of the asylum. The credit of the
State was at a low ebb then. T1hie asy
The WOA a Greatest
UCure for BItalaria X
For all formiabf Malarial notson
tuig tako Johnhun's Chit and Pecve:
Tonic. A tant of Mataraal poison-1
'- in ye-.ir bio(NI lilalH iiery aii
falluore. Bloxt meIti let in ean' t.curo
(lot a bottle to-itiny.
Costs 50 Cents if i Curea.
we want to say to you is that
find great values, and we hiav<
Shirt Specials.
A big lot, Monogram $1 Shirts at 50c
WVison Bros. $1 and $1 '25 customi
mado(1 Shirt.....- ..- ... .. 75c
dLIion trad line I ress Shi , . . OJSc
The Celebratecd Wool Fleece Sanitary
.$1 Untdershi, t and1( d raweri, at tier
garmenit .- . . . 75c
75 dlozen) Sanitary fleccc Shirts at. 48c
Greenville, S. C
lum could not get credit any where on
Main strect, and Ciarleston soon shtht
down oil the Stito institutions. There
were several hiundrett ininatc- iml the
asylum. What would become of them)?
Dr. Ensor went to the Governor, It..
K Scott, who agreed to aid Dr. Entsor
to borrow the money on their own re
sponibility. Later Scott backed out.
Dr. En'sor inl desperation boarded the
train, went to Pennsylvania ilnd on his
own note borrowed $10,000, hich le
adviiced to tihe inistititio'i. W hen
the Hamplton government .itne into
power soon afterwards, this is one obli
gationi of the lIopui'icaii minlministia
.ion which was paid without <inibbling.
-Coluibia state.
Tax Notice.
The treatsutrer'm oflle1 at l'i'kns c( ii
lins, Soul i ('Anxilin,. will lie oli. on
00nday, October 15:h I i'' f or i.
J t he folko% ing imuon dt I ixes filr vm-a
ILevy for St1ate ,,5 mills.
lwevy for 'rdliin:try coiinnly t;lx, 5 mipils
Ievy for o III i 11iol seho,'l t:ix,3
Leovy fo:' Its. in le' l ne.s, 2 mills.
iotl levy filr Slale 311 inoiy 15
Iwvy filr- iliteri, Oil I'iektenls Ib1" ieilo I
'mils, P1ickenls couirt hou11se! Iowe'shipl, :3
9 imiills.
I 'vy foi finteiest, .111 '. It. . I ihomili
or lirricaine t ownip0, 2 1-1 millk.
I'evy filr interest. ,In I'. l?. It. hoimd,
Il wor.tl~w toeiwships, '3 1-2 mnills,
pe(ial Iev3y for shiiool dii licE Nr. t1, 2
Spec!(ial 1(ev'Y filr schlool dist.0 rie No. 11,.
i inills.
speveil levyN for school Ilit i iel No 1:1
Unj lills.
Speel- :0 Levy for school li.,l i it-. Ni ].31
m4 hills.
S iei l hyv for .il-seh ool eili ii! N (. :
Spe* i it levy fill sebo dist rict4 N.'. :1
Speci-al levy for m-bo <11lriel Nti. .19,
spefili 'yy fir Sil ot 4is rif't N'N .5
m ill-.
1,'111 1:.I\ one dolh~r lco n 'ain
)'(I law I:t x i:, hv'io dollInrs ent l e ai
hte s:011k . i'un fromthoseom lit,'0le n 4.4 41rd
int hw. lioks (lo- v I)f-ceilber :1:i
t'surer 'iek(-n- s f oII m y.
promptly procured, OR NO rEE. Rend model, B1etch
or ishot fr re rport ron patenitabn ity. nok "Ionut
tol obami U.. and Foreugn ratentsaneu iTrade-.Matrki,
FREE. Fairest terina ever ooinredI to inventowrs.
All busiwzsi confidiettial. Sound advico. Faithful
servico. Mloderato charges.
to C A. SNOW & CO.
app. U.S. Patent Office, WASHINGTON, D. C.
011tr1to0 0n '1(1{111*1(1er
P'Ieckens., N. O.
Oll'ers hi4s.eer vice; t o 11h4 gevll--ral pub11
le. All wor'k guaran d. IIis refi''r
men4 :1re thOse for Wh1m hIlile 1.' 48illne
vork timl the work iisilf, whom :tni
Ilhieb cani he seeni in te t'mn us oh Ii'ilk
ns Ejh'y, :vil 1 aliiP*l tv e lins eu'fmiiy
O'in ai~: ir iade eI.4 whereII. iri I
A.rraungeents have been moile lor'
>PenIing of t he Mon Ih Co nlina iner
ijtate andi West luiain Exposeitin b'y
he Presidenit nex t, M inulay. Al t tne
ioniclusion of thet atliress of Sment.or'
Decpew, inl ChIarleston, m essages f
p'reetin~g an i d cital ion wvi 11 pasis hie
.wOcon the President, and1 thle managers'Pl'
>f the Ii0xposit.ion , ami at 2 :.'1 I he
Priesidlent wiLl, p)'rs a button)Il, whlichI
ivill Sot the machiner'y of the I~x posi
,iOn iln m~otion. 't'hc Sonl th(a Coolina
lelegatioln in~ Congress anul several
ht'Onitent, gOvernmelt, tilicials wVIlin b
>resent at the ceremonly in lb h :l it e
we have b)een spendling lots
certainly laid hold( of' piles
(Our Shoe De~parime
is l',adedl with vin tIhat,) will asI
Thiink over these:
IFromn tis hi me on wo ill ye abC ii
lie space to ou r large Shoe Riol tat it
uidto ti Ihis Uime.
I b-adies' patent tip) Hutton Dress Shot
I bad ies' 80olid Glovo Graln S on for
I badiles' sol1(1 011 GraIn Shoti for..
I ILdles' very stylish Dressi Shoes, 1
or lace, at......................
A strictly ulpto-dato I-adie' (rniar-ar
Dress Shoe for..................
A $2 00 wearer In Ladics' D~ross Shoos.
Some $2 50) vailnes inhigh grade Lh
A man's nice Dress Shoe for.........
A man enqsnteed D)ress Shoo, verv a
A manbf'ol very lin11 Vic letIces Shon for
A good, heavy Man's Shoe for..
A child's Shoo, patent tip, button at..
A bh ter child's Shoe. pa:tent, tip, hut1
A child 's irood neat Shoe for.......
A child's line dress, hutton, patent tip
The Presettt Road Lrawa Are Not
Worthy of the Foutheri States.
Montgomery Xli.) Advortiscr.
Thatt the "goo~t romls " train an i
the(, conivenationl of, g-.oll ro:lis atvocau.
coiming to Mntgomey will e 4)
benelit, i% not to doubteILd. There wiII
bf with 1 n4ine wiol have m:4e a bunsi
Ies of roau-laking amici who are lit itd,
bhi fr ti ttllly Wrill by practtit-,| ON.
purienlce, to ciluetet <Ir peopi ! n 1
subject I atbout which thiilere is celt t-i
lIitteil to het learne(d. WeI ar! behlim
most parts of the civilized world ill
tlis respect, andl thi ttn 11h1a 1.1
wh%'ell we ctIlliotl, afford loliger to re
mlain behindf other progressive w-mn.
H. has ofteni been remark:d that the
pea1sanlits ot F' Pranc owe much 1'o ltlir
pro8perity to .hw case andl haeilily wi lh
Which they enn nu,1-trke theodut od
heui lilei farms. Wet Ihave see II tihe
suiteinent, oil what, appears to bi e .lod
atthority, that. a pnr of' the lritt. mv
horses -111 pull 'rom thee it i liv t oil-t
over ()ne( of t'lbe roads in thev vicinliy vof
thle I irge. cities. This would bt( :he
ei1luivalluint, 41f I welve to twn)v ihl : of*
em toll.
Compare this wlith conditions vhiebi
xist, il this cou try, a1141 wlith which
mlur farmerts genera:l;y mc 1.11ihar..
While, unc l l avorabIll i o sine
I pai. ofmes g1t" fly pu i rai mr to.m
Iles of, cotton, it is w ell kiniownt Oh it
two halok will bIe a Fir Iverge I oi h lt
coull.1-f road~s, arnd soieitiines %)ft I.,
sillicient itoit .x the strie gth andi en
dtir1atlee of, two util1les or hrs
"ttlle S)(1u1theril lhlilwitv, ill pro vie I
fI t. rIt uting- it ( "1 I eiu rueuia 'ir. "
tihaough the Soulitern coulttrv, is doing,
this eltire vection a S hvice lbu one
on 1' people 11iu1t. ni t. it 11: a , way il
akte alvantage of ithe oplves taiiih ll,
gettilgl itifoitnatill which will Ili p.e-.
sente . As "Thu ClimM anna Tiin.-"
remark-, it' ou part ()f* th cu' mry11hi lu
evi -.o ave aIly tru'd. t Iwo w ofa
1tr11ly Civiizee l i t.y, ther m1u t it
ihath het fi State ovritilnieil.'s. TI h I
isn't,.1 aroadl h'm onl the 1tatue boo
of a the r n*.ok I. lit' tt I ie il ' h w.1h theli t
paper it is irtd l h.
Thei' may b a i ihtt se vlrt , 1. thir
ik tUm 1nuch truth11 inl it.. ( )(r I. nt . law\v
ir n101t effictive, wh t lii-r the ;,' ie
ill the awI\I o a thesweiv s rinl thl wumii-i
nerl of* their enforcementll -m- non1-ten
frIlt In lt. h'lley keep(ih i he e-oi inl
passable coilh ion, ant l tilnat i .i :1 .
Tint is,th llloadsene taveile- tmi
apleak of theml vs !tmd lointsi, e~vel ;11
te1(.ir tamsoi favorabl 1n Tl'iwy iii;ne
nal line, provid- if by , ith roadi. q hi ws ofl*
.Alahinna,:11 evenl if the in c u i' Id .I
collect~ed, ate (1nly sulliciint 1) 11ff:-ti
imien Who have ll pl t fI I ie and i tilf I
Ilin . Ill O lter v tsiihe1. vili ten i d
rather. Iluy the s ul p n: tan til
til work, and tiiih rt.i unit
hI'llit. who live In il l a ljoinli Illh
City hlave had sme ojec -Ius n .thin
a eetperiodl that 1! wtl be well ter
-il cil iti of A'ah ii:- ito se. Tii.
laive seen wai os cominii14i int) In
over Ohe .ote roads latlyh a
in a Way aty noboly wt hml)i vr
dre(amevdbf a(eI yas aao. A(\ wvliiCn
cming i l in r he prah: if gion
)nreie.ile and nit.....h......, ii
ailsh w or.hav.,...r.b.....r...e.,..w...b. 'h2
nit, utb...... in...i.i/--...,..wh.... n
malers' ii.... pr.i-....h.in...... n
tir'wic wiObwa e d i
:nica mk .an Jue OfRate
"One of iy daughters had a
terrible caise of asthnia. We tried
almost everything, but without re
lief. We then tried Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, and three and one-half
bottles cured lier."--Emrna Jane
Entsminger, Langsville. 0.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
certainly cures many cases
of asthma.
And it cures bronchitis,
hoarseness, weak lungs,
whooping-cough, croup,
w,inter coughs, night
coughs, and hard colds.
rhrce sh-:: 25c., 50c.. $1. All druggist,.
(otuvtilt yetiir tinettor. If h1 i nyn tako it,
1h1-4 t a it Il t 110 My . It lie tell Y011 not
toi t t. tilit iit't tak Ite 1i"et li know.
eit with bs 111n. Wt . ir winling.
J. C. AVY Elt CO.., Lowull, Mtasse.
Church Directory.
I-elt uli givie the nai sof churchev
11:1sht rs, :%ti i-1. Silnihays 10n wichl the14
wojrship, as~ fi:lr wo havei inlfinliationl. I
. 1 11r hu eb1 i n l t tlt ist -4enlit( n1
It.A UI 1 '.
eti ry~ I |I it . ati t :
n.\ i iii.r
'i el - i lev. A . . SThotm :41 Silt
NetPt'iM i . . ' - -Sattuiny b
i ll in- st Si lih y i t 3 p. Ill.; l t silti la;
Pet e's C eek ievd. I . 1s.4r-t2 Snit
41r -a V n u d y :itl eo e au
< -Ny I It aIV' N1V1.E F 14i0.I.1Ri
i l t Cree 1t il. . S. l Iit Siia
1-141- til- n *ultilty tl erIi Y r h) t itt r 8
'.111.1lay ~ t li lt tlilll 1143V 2 I
.'. 8 11-: , v I -I Ill.tii. 11, M i
ei v (li le - . e. -ale1rn- Satinriht)
l i-lr tillh S nihi v 2 1 nI; -til St.
r. tiier's ('re~es ib v. \\.( enb rt
l y I.IH 10lt.
n* -.rci titt .\\.l.ilb rt a ti tn
"te t e la l thSu et i ; t Sit tli
"'11.\ vIl t. -Ia h lat.nu
It lit Ill. ~ itcti l t ti le-i l It'_' W I- H i It
bbI It tbll I. rni ng I 'i
c i I Ttho itit . ' (I I . ii I io Il Sat
.111 lit
-I eelte. l> 'l tu '..It 8,1
obv . It. 1' . Ibluntw l , is t it
pc te 'e.e a o l 1it t .: i~ tn
1, i et li e t i.\ d v
lP b Wb . Ft. Wt ilag l ..ls 81
al -tl.yti -hiiiq lsi t :' n p l~~itu.
My o h i t i 1. i. t. Omico l. FR ,E grlin
uur - 1:1 \ l it. ty ha ti no t ho tpth
A V t g i ti t 1oin a n.
(t i r it e \ \\'. crIt. \\i gnl t 0
\V :,34 A1 Sil lil la\ l yal
I 1 iillevl t Ne. Wi ilh 2rg tl,
it li liolvo i ;t irtra . aya
- I 'nI. f In -t o v. C. ,. &C
I f ) l u ohC~ es I y tl ' i l is, I l ;.
SIll lY .I I- Ilh -l, I a Il i; N
-e 31 [' li.
Mon'!yl'rey hpe,1 S ay
I, - ' ?ce ite r.it i . tI', A ll
S I k lay ( i'':irt Sc-iw . In. .
tre heI it p. itin.trt t
Thrds \ iy Cei onilil, Iin.ik yot,
''I r1 hsunshi _l___un:h, _i a tu _ I_
rj i-. F..ouDA ORANOE CROP.-The
most OptimIbtlo estimate -for the orange
crop of Florida the present year places
the product 1,000,600 boxes. This Is
in contrast with the 7,00,000 bor
cron cf 1804 95.
The new orange area of Florida a
the lower east coast and immediately
surrounding the Everglades. The
oranges are up to Florida's finest fla
vor, but as the area ts limited, it is
<loubtful If it will ever meet the de
im 1ls of the union. The northern
region, which was tlie backbone of the
u ange groves of ten and fifteen years
p 1o, haq not come into favor for re
planting. The immense losses fron
tho great frost have impoverished the
owners, and there Is a probability that
renewed work there must be under
taken by new nien..
The fault about the ol system was
that the orange tree was treated as an
.nnual. The owner woull watch il
.row the year rounel, sell his crop and
,to thanks to the tree. Although it
was perfectly well known that occa
ional frowth were certain, no thought
was given to the protection of the tree.
It ditI not ii2ctr to the owner that a
grove bringing him in 65,000 a year
was worth an expenditure of a f .w
hutiidred difthrs in iarpaulin covers,
a1d a little Vigilance iII watching the
advenit of I rost. This a work to which
the capitalist of the future will lend his
f attention, and then Florida will be
come agaii one mighty orange grove.
-.Iostnaster General Smith in his
annual report calls for the extension
of rural free delivery throughout the
I JaiLd States.
Anyone monding a sketch and description may
quickly aeceritain our opInion reO whether an
ietlnIn probitbly nabo Vunnhunlea.
S icon strictly contidentrai. Handbook n Pat ent
".Tont free. Oldest nirency for securingpatenis.
'Atenta takun thlroug bmunn a Co. recoive
epretat notice, wilhout, ehargo In the
Scittntific Jinterican.
handsomely liluistrated weekly. Largest vir
ulation of any seotnal journal. Tern. $3 a
ynar: four months. $1. Sold by all newdoAlor.
MUNN & Co.ateroad-a.New York
liranch Olitee. 0265 l HL. Wasllington 1. ,
( ulit vN Vii,- I ourtlh i nlay in ,lattI -
ary, 1t, Moitlay in May ant th4 iioet
Myinly in Septenuier.
A\ N ait aN- --Xaeeonei N11alaV In February,
, *. un.i 's . .0ne an14 the fonrth
Nionalaty ilk Sopteliiiher.
A w nit..-Thiret NIoiklay in illibruary,
thir4 Me nlidiay in .111nne, anti first Mondiay
aufIr the fourth Maoiay iii Sputeimr.
WAl.iA.i..A -- .4ec n11L M0neuuilay iii iarelh,
the -c1-4e14 MoiAilaiy aftor tim f(ourathIa Mom
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(rueiville, S. C.
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this line. We have been in the
onth of December.
Dozen Four Ply
Collars at 5 cents Each.
ing Dry Goods.
.......................................... ....;12
B.... .. -.......................15
bitf at tome with us whether you wantt

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