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The People's Journal.
IAIIKE'1' ItfPOR'l'. M
Corrected weekly by the lleaith, Brtce or
Morroov Co. of
Cotton ..................7T.to 7 3.8 a
Eggs. .............. ........... wI
Ch ck s-lens..................5 to h1
Fryers.................................... 15 to
B utter.............................................,11i ti
Beeswax........................................ 20
Hams........ .. .. . . ........ ...........1 : i l
... - *- T I
-Mrs. S. It. Day is (qito ill with wi
piouionii. 8O
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Judgo M.
Wolborn, on the 28th ult., at daughter.
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Walkor t
Youngblood on Dooombor 1st, 1901 a fo
soll. to
-Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Lootlird cl
Stephons on Tuesday morning Decou- ic
ber 3d it daughter. ni
Tho Southern Railway makes scliodulo tiu
time, and gives the beat of accomodaltioln
to travellor4. Go to tho Expositi on by C;
thoir iouto, E
-Married, on Sunday 1st December Li
at the residence of the oflloiating Minis. C(
ter, Rev. B. Holder. Mr. James Evit to
1arriet Byars, all of Pickons Caounty. fn
-Married Dec. 1st, 1901 at the resi
d(0eco of .J. Il. Jamttisoi, Miss Adar
Gardnor to Charlie Allen colored all of
Ealey, S. C. Maigistrato J, Ml. Janiton
Married on Sunday, Docember 1st, 3,
1901, at the residence of the olliciating
Notary Public, Al. F. Hester lis Nora Ti
P.aico of Pickons county to Williaim Rut- fr
lOLgO, of Pelzer. il
-Larnco Latent and Miss Eula Grif- ad
fiat oldest daughter of N. Smith Grillin lii
Nore married at the lihome of the brides Ju
parelits oan buianday the 1st inst Re'.
11. L. Haddt ok ailliciat ing.
-Rufus, the four year old son of Mr.
a:d Mirs. Wn. Or~avely, died at their an
home niear Pindor Postollico on i the 28tit
lilt., aid Willi buried the day followiang"
ait Porters Chapel cometery. C3
-M trriod Novombeir 21st 19.101, at ti li
residenco of Mr. AL. 1). Farnir, Ir- lih
Wml. Ml. Jenkiis to Miss Anna Iairret th
B. D. Mauildin Nloty Pubic, oflii at- <
intg. Aul of Piekious counaity.
Mlarried, Deieeahr 1, 1901, at the hI
resiidoneo of tho brido's faithier, Mr. (,. ;i
L. Willomana to iiss i ujio A lox aider oj
31. D. Alaui!din, Notary 1%iblic, oilutat- it
in Al of Piiekents e miuaity. I
- .1'. Al cF I all ind a ui sincs trip
to AtNita I lie latter part of last weuk; he "
wa; tccompained by young E*ries l
Freeani who. went to 1te Surgivat flsti ."
tuto it that placo for'treatamit for a do- I
formed linib. p
-Said the boy orator: "They tell us a
that. ( 'torgo Washington was imdeed i 8'
great main ; 'lirst ina war, first inl peace and
Jii:rt in the hearts of his country men,' but at
there is onmo thing Ito waisn't lirst in-lie
married a widow."
rho Southern Railway is doing aill 011
possible to mako arrangoments tU-atO
coamamodato the people who will visit jm
the Chairleston Exposition. Apply at ta
the oflice of aiy agent of the road for po
detailed information as to rates, limits of -ap
tickets and boarding houses inl Charles tih
ton. bi
-Major J. Ml. Stowart, administrator
of Onvint Smith and Clerk, A. JonI N<
Boggs, attonded the salo of porsonal ef- ba
fects of the late Calvin Smith on the nti
28th, it. A good Crowd was presentt mi
and( iall thte propeorty, intcludinag house- saa
hold and kitchen furntituret~, brouight
goodi prices. T1hae best of order parevatil.. an
ed throughout the day. e
Mrs. WVm Farmer died at her home' thi
near Norris on the 28th with Iptumnontia
andtc was butried at F"latL Rock the follow
in~g Saturday. She was about -46 years
of age antd for many years had baeen a
couisistent member of the Baptist church.
HeIr huisbond and seven childreai survive
to mourn her loss. They have the symn
pathy of many frienads iat this sore brave- it
ment. ni
Dra. R. Kirksey recently remtoved a li
cancer from the breatst of Thoas Dutr thw
ham whose 1homo1 is three miles west of ami
Pickens near the twelve Male Camp sac
Ground. Th10e c er was of three years lig
growth and the operationt was a mtost to
delicato one, butt waus suiccesafully p)ar- pi1
formted without excessive loss of blood ci
or thec use ot ainesthetics. The patieant is tam
doiatg well. 1
-Mrs. Ora Oweans, wife of Robert
'Owents, died ait her homo netar Norris
nitaiti, on the 28th inst, of consun.p- F6
tion, nand wvas buaried at Rluhamahl Fri- Iy
dany folhowiang, Rev. H1. C. Holdoek con- re
dhucting the funercal services. She was
about 21 years of age aand loaves her CI
hmusbanad and~ a thirtoen mnonths old ina
fanat for whaomt the sincere symtpaithies oh l10
a host of frienads go out in this norions
aaillictiona. She waus a eonasisteant chris
taun women. U
J1. M. (Geer ad sona, Konnethi, are on gi
a visit to Mr. (Geer's mother at Bolton. se
Mars. C. L. Ballard aind Miss Kittio ill
Leo Kirksey are visiting relatives at Sa- tIl
luida N. C. -I
Miss Oaiio Johnsont left Satuarday forla Ml
visit to fricands aand relatives at Macoali
:aid Cordele, (Ga.
Mrs. HJester Smith of Ealaaify, is
spen inag a while as a gutest of Me-srs. oi
Mrfas. E. H. Bates and dauughlior, Mlis
(Gertrudo, of (Greenville, were guests at
Mr. C. T. Marti's Stunatay righat- i
Mras. WV. E. Wiggints and1( chiibiren are lii
aspend(ing the wooek at Spartanbaurg, wvit.h .
thao famaihy of Rev. R. L,. Holroyad. Ii"
Miss Ruth McGee of Greenville, was :a
a guest of Mrs. J. M. Gleer at the Mouat i
tain View Hotl last Friday and Satar- ja
R. (I. F'olger of Spencor, N. C., camoe h:
in on a visit Sunday. hIn company with Sm
his mothter Mrs. L. C. Folger ho loft TI
Monday evening for Augusta, Ga.
The Easley Cotton Mill has had some1
of its picked hands to finish up a sam ple o
of cloth for the Interstato antd Weost li.-t
dian Expositon at Charleston. Tfhis sam et
ple has boon entered for a premnitum.li
Thelu Woodmaon of the World, through 01
olerkc C. T. Martin, proscnted Mrs. Emn- m
thy. Blowen with a cheek for three thonis.A
a'nd dollars last saturday, this being the
rmont of thle benefloiary corticato held
by Sovereiga W. IH, lBowon rat his death
(iis mother being naunod as bonoiloiary.
-' youngt mton aid otn
ad an idena of ptting
aut column" of aoiuo
r of the followving do
mielons; Wanted-.Quoe
.3-... .s 4...- .ule that cant be phow
-ed, 3 bushels of potatoss and 200 bush-.
e of -core. GIrl not to weigh less thant
160lbs. Upou~ reaonsidering the matter tii
00Q bushle of eort ha thoutght wvould m
- o suftolet as he alteady owned 100 tu
'busheha of Id e w ntiIhi .Uo left in
structions Witl youti 69 4 l(hliam
4114 Mf91* (9V 901 #90i I !
Mr Sammel Loopor Jr., son of Sam
41 Looper, Sr., and Miss Hattio Rob
ion, daughter of J. P, Robiuson were
irried at the brido's parents noar Loop
(3uniday at 5 o'Clook, p. in., Rev. E.
Mullinix oillointing in the presence
the immediate relativos andi a few
els of the families. Mrs. Looper is
bright, accomplished young woman
100 lovely U-its of character endear
r to all her p Alo. Mr. Looper is a
mnising young man of the eastern seo
ii of Pickens county whose sturdy
aracter atid inditry make him a most
Aimable citizon, in his noighborhood.
icy have the congratulations and bost
1esi of niany friends throughout this
,tion of country.
Ti o Soulhorn Railway offers reduced
Les to Charleston (luring the Exposi
in. Any onte desiring particular in
rmnation respecting same should apply
any agont of the road and dotails, in
iding a list of reputablO boarding hou
3 and hotels of Charleston, will be fur
sied. IFollowiig aro rates for the re
en trip from the points named:
Cliss A. B. (.
lhouun, 812.25 $9.00 $5.95
isley, 11.40 8.35 5 60
berty, 11.70 8.60 9.70
ntral, 12.05 8.85 5.85
Cohmn A.-Ti!ket-s to bo sold tiaily
>m Novemer :10, 1901, to May 31,
02, inIlusive finial limit June 3, 1902.
Cohinu ll.-'liets to bo sold daily
>m Noveniler :31 1901, to May 31,
)2, iinuive Iihil limit ten (10) days
iddition to dthue of sale,o except that
al limit shoul ill 110 Caso exceedtl Juno
L<.i11mn C.-Tickels f o be sold only on
testbrys and Tursd iys of each week
en Detceitimer 3, 1901, to May 29, 1902
hivlinl Jjii seven (7) day.Ns inl
ditioni to d it of sall, except that fiial
)it l in no case exceed Jun1o 3,
1 ' > .10Vl'lONS.
Wherea:iNo cuntr can lit Ippy
1 pmsperolts without Ile gospel.
A Ali wheii; iH is t' duy of every
41s-mn f reliion, o')l also overy cit
n <f f 14 l.;A b 'l d oli'Wo) t-) give of
r n . as ihw jond i is lrspered,
.1, l'o' C support lof hint who c irrios
,wr.p 4! toi the dstitito for Iow a.,in
y in-ar wi'ouii a preacher, ian how
Ile pn eop! yo seidil him.
1, And wev. a, Fvery inidivideld is
" :(d( inl 1r1)ton t his benovt.olouit
for h" os a Sci so-uity in thel! w.)r(
(. I, I if ht - "give<, it shill be giv
I im : i, ill 4 m i pressed
'In ; d i1 totgetlier and 1111uininig
.Ir shall 111n give iito your bosom,
'I It h smo1(o Imeasuire) to. that-yo
de witlou, it shall be mIeasur't to you
Ain, ILuik(. 6-:N. We wol d rcooli
'11 1t clieb, to tobke liast ye:r ap
Itionmienit for this year e-mitriblutions,
d lohlt 1 he clhiairim inl know if pos
dO % lri .voI wxill d).
Nw brtt linn let us bestir ourselves,
d try tlie Lor.1 this once as we never
ye b efore, for H14- "says try ie and
ov. ine and sep, if 1. will not pour out
slessing, Init there shall not be room
ou1gh to receive it.
T lrve written D. Iaily in regard of
iiing the kitato Board again, He s;iya
) board I is ready to do anmything, that is
ssible aid right" Now brethren let us
p)reciato any help we can get, and
1w it by our works, for we have done
t very little since we left the boird.
We done, wrong in loving the board.
av let us retuiirn and send our contri
tjins direct to thie lboard. and it will
he lost. WVhile iisionairy drew his
mley tI'onugh t ho board lie got his p~ay,
.,ee that1 it has1 been trouble to get it.
Briethrjon let us walk in the oldI path),
ii not follo0w overy newv thing that
s along, may God help1 us and1( stir
right spirit withlini us.
Youtrs for Christ and the gospel.
Chairmani, Executive
l'hie ohil f' ii iitl o-(f ChinbII ilin's C:ough
medy4 lviII b lieasted to kniow t hat the0
iunifaitlrel's or thait p~ireartioni have
It4ite out1 a ne0w remed'(y ealled Chami
riauin 's ) Riimach ant1 i iver~ Ta'bletS, aind
I it is110 niceing with Iin1111ch s' cess ill
.alinent. of con sti paiiLon, bi liouisness,
k h.tlichi, imair led tlige-tlont anid
e disirslerua. Thiese Tabullets iI aecasier
take :ui 1in(4r pleasan~,t. in el'ct than
k llii they~ not, only miove thie bowv
but1h rov liIthe 11( lip:>dite aiie correct
y dibsonlir of Ihii ~-t onich and liver.
I',i Tt 1 orN~A oflle is the( reari of Mc.
I's stire in thie brick iniildiing former
ocanpied. b~y AthIony & Keith. T1he
)UE;li8 ANl ')hLl.- IN ClILDRElN
'coinnthIltionI cf a Wel Knowni (i.|
I use' :11 Itreicribe Chi-unberl.-i n's
ugh Iliusic for ablnost..-alI (b-tin te',
ad to reconuii it to all1 in needt and1(
.linig re'lief from11 cohls and conihs and1(
4)Ichial ::lliions. It. IS non11 i:uie.tic
fori sale. la (. \V. learlol.
I 't let yo'ur subscription drag along
atcelnmiutt. It you dlon't wa'nt Turc
t11N t, pa ilup i o IO)so thie paperi.
* . a nll t an tted to attend' a pa:r1.y,
in, in hi- -1 41nach, which lie feared
,ulI 1ro wo-se. ile says, '-1 was toll
Ity IihS to aL hiilv, fri'ul. who
h!: N'h an lni)rlaIin's (MdIc, . Chiolerat
oI'llo for Ithe l't.(.v'.' 1 b'oughit a
(ilIa.d t a1i keplni-ur in- statIng that
teag >o.I timie at. the 150 Lv."' Mr-.
14411 i a e -ileut oif Suntiinor 11till N. Y,
is remedy.1 I i o - ile by U \V. fNarb'.
inll i it- s tor tI;o \$iaiter Seatson to
e vaiouts resorti of thie Souith. 'rick
arte now on sale, with 1fual rotitirn
niL \Jay 31st, 1902. For detailed in
r'mation 101 ((1 ratox, schedules, oto, call
tany agent of the Southorn Railway
clonntions~i11 W. H. Tayloc A.G P1 1. A.
latnta, Ga.
romc!1 t Ie Od40tl(, '100WoOilllai,
A utrultlla.)
lIbid (!u:ambeu',1 Coigh Remnedyv Is
excel lent medIcIne I have been suiertf
4 from a sover-e coigh fo~r the last two
inthi, andi( It hiM offoted ia cute. I
ve great leaanre in recommnldlng It.
W t. WoCKNItit. Thh3 is the Opinion'
(1ne of our oldeutittnd most respected
slenits aind hats been v'oluntar.i y glven
unodt faIth thant otheors tmay try thei te.
ly nd be benoetel, as~ was Mr, Wock
i', T'hi reme.d~y li 801') by Q, WV, earle,
-Plvriedsae:Si1 e #. 9
New Goods
New Stand
New Methods
)rc-roomt known i the B:Ilb Building on A1lainl
We have just olleed for the 'all and
atut conplete stock (A
nishing Goods..
es . . .
le past. We feel bettetr prp (-tred to serVe you
we have 80VEilA I I'lloUSAN D I)OILLARS
IF ICE. Don't miss 1his opportunity to buy
ire. Look around before yott cote here-the
A( when yotu reach us.
Sold. for Cash..
:et. 1jal I V1ENV 111-1. 1. (1.
" J. D. AlOORE,
-:Th1c \Vt I -: d .1int ,
11l PX AS SO.ME1 (()I
us Suits from S2.co) up to $i 2.0o.
nld A nice line (I Pants cheap.
>a- If you wvan t any Shoes I have
>rd them AT ANY PRIiW.
iso If you want Solethi ng to Eat,
Ve I have it.
ng from loc up.
TIONS, as cheap as
AN Y 1301 )Y.
Also Shotguns and Shells, also
o- Axes and I landles, and
illy' lots of Soap, and Ev
er,1 erything you
25c ant.
Come And See Me.
r; dyspepsia
n-lar ills caused by impure blood
or inactivc liver, quickly yield <
to the purifying and cleansing
ou properties contained in
Jolin~Fsta f
It cures permanently by acting
j6. naturally on all ot-gans of the
by fbody. As a blood-cleanser, flesh
builder, and health-restorer, it,
has no equal. Put us in Quart
Bottles, and sold at $1 each.
to Detroit, Mich,
>se. * Take Llverettes for Liver Uils. 85c. g
me h
Fo Sh byG . Nre
n* would be a goodi timo to) buy somec
ey Heavy Winter Shoes,
um FLANN1-:LS,
at ()I'TIN(GS,
A lot of ( hlildrens' l'ion10 SutlsE,
the 25e kind, only I5..
Lot ol' M i sses I i 0 S uiji , worth u
*j35c to closs the lot a 2Il.
to~ A lot of Ladies Uniioni Suits eas
ilil y worth 50c to cl ose, at 380.
-Men's Heoavy Fleecoi Linted U n- a
derwear. Heavy work shirts to
keep the cold out.
Lots of Loaded Shells, Shot,
ua. Powder, &C., for the Bird Hunters. ,)
Lots of good things to eat. Full n
15- line of groceries at all timos. h
O* Call to seei themi uearly and often. C
Pickens, S. 0
UW Homno 'Phone No. 24,.
I~ will apply to J. J3. Newberry,
at Probate Judge~ of P'ickens county
Jch on~ the 20thi day of December, 19)01
to tor a final settlement anud discharge
as administrator of the estate of
Jp.l L. Thornley, deceased.
ort L. C. THORNLkEY,
18a Nov. 28t4 Adminiistrator.
i.MAUL DIN & llUlllELL,
or Attorucyse and Counsellors at Law,
MIller Cilc llulldhuig, (G*niENviLL, S C
Prctc I all tho Courts, SItoto and
Foedm gIpelal attentlon gIVen em.~
timerchi1 ma lter, Notarce 'ubi
.. G. .. ..
Since the lire in June have taken tie 8t
Street, next to Finlay's Market.
Winter a new
Clothing, Fur
Hats and Shc
Of tle same grades kept by us in 11
than ever. In addition to ia new stock
good clothing at prices unheard of beft
more you look the better you'll be pleast
.A.11 Goocts
bilbb Iinilding. Next to Finlay's Marl
Ti.: Jouimr is one( dollar a year.
yon owo the paper anything, plenso I
LA N )S."
Is the title of a very neat a.
attractive loldes.iist issued by I
Southern Railway giving comph
inforlmation r ding the varic
Wintor lRosort o( liealth a
pleasur on and reached by
pies, IithI rat, s of b oard, ca
Aity of hot els, n ames of proprieti
This bo'klet is in a very cone
an attractive fori and Nlill prc
valuable to any onecontemplati
a trip for the winter.
A copy may bo had by sendi
a two cent postage stamp to.
A. G. P. A. Atlanta. Ga,
Putrefylig to )( in the intestines
duc;s el'eets like tlo;e of arsenic,
Dr. King's New Life Pills expel tle 1
sons from clogged howels, gently, on
but surely, curing Constipation, Billo
ness, Sick Hleadache, Fever, all Li
Kidney anld Bowet troubles. Only
at Bolt & Thoniley Diurg Stote.
A dollar is a small amount, but it p
for ono year's siiubsription to TuE Jo:
NArJ. Send iis your dollar.
'I sinfYered such pain from ern1
could hardly walk,'' writes 11. Robins
Hillabo' ough, IIs., '"but Bliclen%' Al
ca Sa.lve comipletely ciured them.'' .
like magic on spra ine, brusis, ci
sor'es, scalds, b-trns boils. ulcers P
feet healer of skini diseases and pi
C,'artuiteed by Iitr &' Tuoruuley 1)
S ore 21c,
Pauy your anbhRcriptionrn to Trii Jo
NAL, then read the news and keep
"Tir~ei is only one chance to tre) y'
life and that is thtrough an operal
were tihe s: artlinug words hie ird by A
[. B. Hunt of I .me lRidge, Wis., from
doctor after lie had vinly13 tried to e
of a frightful c isc of stonimich trouble
*vellIow jailnndi e. Gal al sones had forn
and she constauntlyv g. uw worse. T1
sihe began to use ElJectric iHitters wi
wh'lolly' cuired lier. It's ai woniderf ii sti
anlh, I Iver, andi KidneyC remtedy . Ur
Dy.ispepiau. L~oss of Appetite Try'3
Only 50 es- Gunuantceud- For saile
Blolt & Th'Iornley I)rng Store.
"'It often made my' lheart ache," wr'v
L. C. Oveistreet, of Eligin, Tenun.,
lhen - my wife cough uumtii it socined
weak and sore ltuigs would eo ia
Gbool doctors~ said she wans so far ga
w ithi Coanumptioni tim n io medielinte
earthlyv help coul atre necr, but a fri<
reommendled Dr. Kinigs New [D icov
alnd perTsistent use oif this excellent i
eine sav~ed her life.'' It's absoluti
guaurant ned for' Coughs, Colds, Bronel
is Asthma aund all throat an'd Lontg
eases. 50c andu $1 00 at Bolt0 & TIhaorn:
D rug St ore.
-Mfennenis lloralted Ta'lci
Powder SpocialI Sale--15c box
Bolt and~ TJhiornley's.
Auditor's Notice.
T'o the Tax Payerus of I 'ickenis Cotit
,For the' conienice ouf the publli
will aittenid I lie following pl:iies ando i
namuied beclow forn the purptlose of tal,
tax retu rn for the fikc i Joar of 1.002
Six MIle, Monday, .Jauiary 6.
Calhoun, Tuiesday, Ja nuar~y 'r.
Centr al, W~ednesdayii January 8.
Caiteochie, Thuusday, Jaunutary (1.
Liberty, Friday, JIanmuary 10.
In the oflee Saturday, .January 11.
Eausley', Monday and TJuesday, Jar
ry 13 and 14,
Cross PlaIns, Wednesday, January
Lonpoi's Shop, Tlhiuda, January
IHughes' Storo, Fridaiy, January 17,
In omOic Saturdlay, .Jauariy $.8.
Pumi'pkitown, Monday, January 20
Holly Springs, 'JTuosday, .Janutary 21
l'astautoe, Wednesday', January 22.
MIte Cieek, Thursda~y, January 23.
Proators, Fr'iay, Janutaiy 24.
I will be In the oftice from Jantu
25th, 1002, to February 20th, 19002,
clusive, antd after this date I am requi
by law to iadd it penalty ef fifty per e
on all non.retumrns, Please mneet me at
ab~ove inpplnohite int an avoid the mt
ruh In the tiliee.' As this Is veil ca
ustuent year, I must urge thait e'
and1( every lanid owner coma prtepared
give a full1 description, number of ac
bounduIeA, tc. All male persons
twoeen the ages of 21 and 60 years exc
those incapablo of earnuing a suprj
fromt belng maimed or oitherwIsed
bled, all (confederate veterans over
years of age. arc deemed taxable pc
lie sureo and be aubte to give the numi
of school ditIct as this Is yer'y kI)
County of Pickens.
Couirt of Comiuons Plea
Aianda IE. Kennemoro, .1. w. Jamiss
and Daniel C. DIIrhim:,s, Plaisstilf'.
W. T. McFal, 1Jsiliis E. Boggs4, as <
ministrator of the es4tato of . \
Jaines, dic.ased, Thomats Durianm
Jackson Dur-ham, William A, D)un
ham, Augttu4 Durham, Anna I)i
ham111, the Iviw at la1w of Jamues Alex
andor, deceased, who wias i brother u
Diina Jaim1eb,--AIVceased, whoso namtic
and number ire unsknown; tih
heirsi at law of DanIiel Alexandor, de
CO.-ISedl who was at brother of )ian
James, deceased,viz: Sarath Ann Stew
at, Elizat s u1e Riice ail o holsr, hIoI
nameslf anld nulnh11or are un1known, th<(
heirs at 1.1w of IliiabethII Dirhim, de0
ceased, Who wits a sister' of Dialinl
Jamile-, dewdvi:Tholmas Durham111
ai Otiilers whose nm5iites and lisiinbol
aro ikinuni, the hs irs at h1W of Iilly
(iibson, dsvc' aOo 1, who was a sister of
Diana Jamles, tiv- 'i. sed, wlIost* uitilles
ail 11umb1er Itre nuikitm 1,il, t I.a ieirs ;it
law of Naill' t , lit O'dtsetl, wihi
wias a sti' 4,f I Sil:;11.1 4;(ite, tijec('sil,
w hisse 1i1111ti s Jill I 5i1111 er :i t.( t il.
kiown, tha llills:&t :0 w t% d Kizzjiils
11 lldell, dIeeo Si' 1, wI ll :a 'istv r of
Diana .hunlles, d. 1-ox'k-, who.-e names1
and tillii er ar tuill 1own., 111o lleird
ait lakw (f 1 l 11111 .- deceased,
Who was a sis .f I )i.hun James,
de('enlsed, ulNIqe it mlnilit tilinhber
nre iiikins'OWl, t1e 1i1-s a t :i uf Sal
ho Hoatier, \sd l), o was a .sis
ter of )ilim .bunes. t41c:e4d, whse
li1tillies a li nuli4 r :1rv 1tillbh ,11wn , (HOt i
lIerd, who as si4otr 1f l Ii Jams,
deo seil, : L r i wh sil4e
a1m s':-1n:h1.4 r u l n, t he
heirs at how 4f M 'illb I -hi unleos, dv
d eceas \e Iti, w w ,,1: ; - i r 11' 1 )i:1na
,hnn5s, do, . . .. t . -0 i 11'.n.. ial
mi smibeiur :re ok( u. I:. 5. tsints.
VoI are h rhv - 11.-1 d mil Ir .
iii tt'tl 14, :44 ' .-l' 11 ' Ft ill t It Iis
ctionl Il l, m It -ti :1ic twith st rv
Id u1ponl-,I on : (d ; y l ur
usweri Ill the . .! -'! o 11wh sub.
criber. at bi < t - 0 ,1ur-.
louse, C. (', 1i- u y :.; er
Ih ,sl vi -1 f, I he hay
Sn r i wd tn
I. 4 , I4 I1 . v 1: 1 t it
I:i I I1i I 1 ' I I :' i 0 114 ,(,-i
ivn u' i. :- . hf r Lc: re
lait t h.- b. a f I : I- . i s t h par
(ilin 1of lis.-4 41' '..li, int .- S (iste (un .
(C. (1(4( 1.4 i ((4. 115, : : 4< W ih i tno ter
V )te N.m e I I..,1. 9 1
,I v AL MU 4 N1. ais
l'iainth' s' l ihAttorney.
A. d .Im; , C. is. P., Is al .
10 the minor. defendanhits abhove! namedI
ld to a .11y iu al ;;Ich di efitilants thal t
laty be nn ie hose \lS and nils
mr ind los -tion ir lislown to tho
>laintit"; and t,, sneh perso)s with whomi
MnY of sn1h6min1-s who> ma1y he uinder
oillena ( 1-1) years of lg. may reside.l
holt art herlby oltitied that thoohjeCt
>f this atin'e is for the partition of thV
JaNl estate if whie ( tcorg! W. James thil
wiasd ana Jiinie44, 4 Inll i the itf
Pickens, ta of' Santh Carolimi.e , coaI
hat yoI Jiro heirs ait Ilav of DianaI; ,hnnile
the doceaised wvidow of (Ie rge W. Jamle'.
wiho wats entiied b a tne-half ( ) ilter
est inl tit rea estate of said Georgo W
James deceastd, which hal of-in1terest o
Said Diana James, deceased, in the Knit
was convoyeitd by Miili eed5Q~ to DanO4ii'
orames pior.l~4 (4o her1 death, and5i54 furthser
he objdct fofsthis acion be'ing (to dieter~o
naindte Wigts andue~I)l i inte esi f oani
J.i Dur h~ l uuler1 an byiis'o v~sir tu of'4444 il
ulid sdte05,ed 1 of cnvoan and 's you tyo
0or youriselve's or)fo thsuh mlin ssosassmay
aardssisardn;s ad It ritsen. j)ach o1fil
ttorniey w..ilh apply3 to) thle (cour t for the1Is
ppoinitmient 4' ofslno su11tablde persons to
et as gusard ian ad hi ten itoh represnt
.t the( expirat ioni of I wentC1 y (20 ) daoys af
er' tise serv'ice of ti;ssnotie siad snsus
aans5 upon)5 y'on. A''d furtsi:her, tak1e4 1no
icos tlshatli'514545( 5 the;sumonstn t is io sf
lhichs thoa abiiove (s a ('opy amlo the4 (44m.4
>~lints Ihrini were('' liledl in the4 (1li4e (41
Iohe Clerk of the'(issi iour ofI51 Comm5 Ilh a
If tihe Stalte ands~ cioun t 1. afore'saji si t the
Ils i sida of' Nove''sih r', A\. I)., lul.
i'yr \1. \l..wsiosx,
IPhIth.f illh .\ t t(orne4y.
L'o thoe (absen('t di'f4'5(hin1tS, to-wil:.1
'lThonisss I )nrsluun, ,bolieon 44 I )nrisnsn,
Y'ulliiam A. Dur~ihams, Augu;~stsI )ssrha,
Ltusa Dusrhmsns, iim Iswirs at htw.'. (of .mnuss
kletxander', d.Iecea1('i, w h Ioi w.1.' a 14) sot'
I . )issum .Jaisses, ih-is'u ~ ol, i'hm:0.' is unsi'
snd snmber'ss~ ars ullanswnS, th eir 044 a
tw of Imasiel Al Sxsader, de Ised404, whuo
las ai brotheli of I 15t: ,J;5i1ws, idocen'wdi,
iz: Saah Assn Stewar'ost, l'.Iiza. Janso
tice4, and other.s whose454 1(an(1 44 am:i mu1ns
(or are'4 unlknlown1', the 15mir': atl law of
lizab1teth I)ni' uni, sI e'''4 '!, whso was is
ister' of lI 5um55 ,bunes4r, delsi~i ', vi4/:
4Itiesi5 an ,stisiuss- a~tu it io'( wn . ll
.55rs at law osf 1P..ily (hb sIs:. , ih-cuasedi,
hoIs) .4 a' 4:ister' 1f I )L4(na .huns , do-1
slIase, u h. wm a:.sos o ii 4siana14 l14(l!' 4 James
4 i 'l-a4(-I, lif,: i S ijl il(-:- 14( !! I lII ( I 'r ' r
[shl 54, d14e44 44 d, wh4)'o'un a1 sister' of
)i.a .slansni4 ,l' dei < s5a(ed1', uthi e nme' s L
ud'. (4ulab111(4r aoI(4 (1n(4nown, the15 heis a
ano an4: i~d Inumber'Sio ii uknsowsn, tho
'iirS ast b4rw1. of Salt'o IUoa~5i, decease41Ld,
hio was',e a sint' of Dianu ,Jamsies, dtco'Jsed
Gso, names5J and4 num~lber' 410 unskinowni,
e45tt14io I (rd , who. was W a 5sister..1. of D i 45a(
ams',d('ceasedh,or. hser heirs aot Ilaw. whvioso
ame)5slian dl umber41 solo uniknsown), the
Oirs at law. of .Aaluida IDurhaim, dto
(3asedl, who wO) a nsisti r of' Dianla Jams,
Tasl~ not (3ico (tha. I siismnnsii in this
(1tion, of wh ~ich the( ab1o)ve is a copy,
ud I hs coaaphanst. herseinl were1' fild in
so ollico of thu Clerk of ,he Court of
lomm~fon Pleas of the Stato anud colunty
for'ossiod on thea 14thi dasy of November,
nsov2lw(3 .latintilfsi' Att'y,
of aill kind,
Dried and Dresed Lumber delvi
eredl on shlort niotice.
Parties wantinsg Lumbe~cr of the
tbove kind notify uIs at leatI ten~
lays-beforchandl that the lumber
(nay be thoroughly dried,
ember, January, and February. "Ae
but it will not last always. N- a
to como. We are well supplied
,ther Good
ither of this fiall, we have never U
kret of this Is we sell nothing bi
best, on earith. If you nced a
ImI you, we might, save you money
Your Trade I
-d. \s my busincss increases
-r iner<ases. I have Iade
is, season to g(t the g oods
t. the right jrice, and if ten yc
, I am satislied I have succeed
class of goods I handle is no
appy medium and better clas!
I now have in store and c
Must Co.
GE of competition PRICE te
e. I want you to continue shc
nn fel, 1 5 cents.
on the market.
sts, I5 ando 25 cents.
ts, 25 and~ 50 cents.
r mle I) ress Shoes for men,
andi children.
ngj Yo-ur God~
Greenville, S. C.
for samie money,
for les~s money,"
Dry Goods line wvith prices right
~s' Capes and ask that you set
~vant to buy a pair of' shoes. Tha
our best. to please you.
on hand that was bought cheal
rs the benefit of it.
unds of keg soda to go at 2 2-G
as any, don't be convinced tv
Lo sell you somethig that wil)
a~ specialty vif all kinds of counti'
grub root, and ginseng wan~ted
neC to see us.
y be able to meet our obligtons
friends to whom we bave 8Q1
eard and make nromnt rnemen
That is to come in Dee
havo had hie weather this fall,
tho time to prepare for what is
Cold Wea
Hoavy Clothing,
Not withstand i ng the fa ir we
hai Sitch t trade onl shoos , the 8(
best, and they are Buttle A\o, th1
iuggy or Watton, let us hear Ir<
Yours I
I amn restless, never satis
desire to make it sill girea
greatest effort of my life il
gToods the people want and a
expericnce is worth anythin
Ai.\ways remember that the
the cheap order; it's the 1
goods, such as it pays to bly
stantly arriving, a TEMEl
-and every body tells the pric
ing my prices and1( quality of
40 inch Sea Island, 4 ce
Standard Drills, 5 cents
All Wool Red Twill l''la
The 1Best 25 cents Jeami
Iladies' I leavy U nderve
M~en's [Heavy UJnderv'e.
I )ress GoodIs,-all Grd
I still occup:
"Eefor~e "SvLyi
WeJst lflnd,
"M'vore goo~lh
Same good(s
And in fact anything in th<
We have a nlice line of Ladi<
ours, before buying elsewher
Don't forget us when you
is our pet line and we will (10
We have a big lot of coffet
and we will give our customne
LOOK! One thousand pc
cents a pound. Just as good
the contrary.
Call on us and we will try
give you satisfaction,
MijRemember we make
produce) beeswax, star grass,
Beef hides taken if dry, Coi
N. 13,.In order that we ma
we are compelled to ask our
Onda nn eedt onm irne

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