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Author of 'Ct~a
* -~r$c.--tl
~,i -~ p.~4
* ~
~J! b.~.L
* .,e,~' ~ I
* .... It
IL' JXutlasi~!
- * .3 Lii': thi
t!., ~T1P di
4. brerwn
~' t;*~.* '':T('
.A~ i-ti * V .:~g (dii
I lti'r F~be
Iii ~ IAt I, t v L~ .1 tb-ii youi;g I~tJ
1I.s~ -~I 4 ~ WI
I \::~ r 114)f4II,(.,I Ii~ irsy hrpl! that 1
thi. :~Th'4 ~ " '''iiI lhis.v i1~r.. 'AAurate At
1"~ift 'f 1 [(. Vrr' 811 1 ki~''3. I~hc rc
JTJd IIi(ij 'ubi ' Pu W1s4.rj her lmrid wu~ ISU
kihl 'flu i~~V bru~ tetrr. itZJ~1 aftu r th ~* Lii
([email protected]~)fJ1. I.uitpr1 fimllizg iwr apart
from tIl(~ (JtI.(flg, I flhJIlr4aehcd tier. PU
'lIaye ~ tjcg o~ kiud word for ~
iner" I fluked. 11(
'Not ouze. I can rewpcet a northerb
Loidler, not a Southern man wko wearg lii
the blue."
I~ounJ:In~ my horse, I rode, back to
cA~ip W1~-~~ heart.
- ~ SII~o ~4~1~ ~* ~;J4Wqy~t.e.r ~
ttanoog," ChIckamangs%" Ete.
4-1--1--1-4--1-1 - - i
+!--- ---. - - I-i- - -- -I
aheh:nd our. own WiOOdle'ss 001i
t-t of ti01rter Ablib:11tun wers 1110t
re s ( ollowe tiull. This enelyl
na o Tup'lo, 3119., wh li t'
a :1 w : whih e:irly Il
t'rugh t'hatttioog:l
u tept , ot ItrIs
.:~~a a aI Il I I s jI.
-u / : 11 11 1! S ill'th
IT 1 u10 r I ts s 1 ilh,
C." :WLs onotu n t os
~ I I i'a~ur her ret'
1" ug~a ~s~ tifie OU. to
- - ':aesideoso to ii
iou ago.., woh bUp0e
'7 ~ L ' a~asn 1~w Orth I was
'- ~'i ~s as:, un er her ecen
-ad A 'i rescuin a renioae.
iath th.' ht au nt anew Weki
S.t a .Lhour ago Jien' suppod
Le5~ paJed ands btd h. ri. la~
adote tic ueF a gre.tow of
:tfarg On thlle parto an~e(. enern
t~!u befr abanni ng hlies w.y
w the- thogto av me' an.I' ikl ing
1(.Iat. w adasig fiw Hee' Ind.u
wod. I0 put09: beside heo 'r andyg
b'wnd~ o nher hore's neck ,toked
wt lie re ytrs wereU fjledon 11.gta
en hdeo'., my fodsoe m.n
re~teat Ie~ orwYOard w ithout
u love me."
"'here was esience', iave for tLs- : .
ag wute~r oif I h.'. 'r'ek LJd thb' 'hut
ing of th~e birds~ in the) tre'is bei d
road. Trhe tou'chinig of our lp
andsT of her: haiir faling overF muy
isut, t be. ifi1st wire In her ' eyes, br ig
.(W warmL~thi tO Iiy) beurt4w:yIn todyJI).
Iaat ushe tsuddenluy d1isaAJg(Ed hr
t ana though 'asarned of h'-r
rrende~r, turned her hore' to mer(,'f
'IAy. I ':aught he~r ijand h.ld her lon:g
oujgh for (jI<: rum e '-inbru ', one' Jong14
rting kiss, thena 1 let her 54o. As ush"
lloped dlown the road I ecald utter
'You forgive mne fo'r thregtennir your
thjer, for trying to conel you to
g for hIs life''
"I'l come when the UnionIis saved,"
"When the Confederarecy tub acknowl
Ig'ed" and sb h t ammalam th h:,
"I ieti'v ." I nI eI . :Is v h1 ' t'll.
"therk is lio Iu~oisst(tn., no' tihu Il
ity, t hat doe 1" t enteor tut o t it, coIn
pos It IotIt of u% 0 u;:11 - ''
WN, v ulet :!:I". : II . 1 t:l V 1:3 t r, shortlIy
before the l'at tie of k'1 1:1. :110
ngitn Nlien iitooI w s Mailtli
agilitsi t T1itetui att N:1sh% i', lut it
was ilot till a(to'r thAN snil 0100r at A it
pollutiI'\ tlht shrwrtscntrd to a in
ion tiuit wasi~ to be' itntsots w~ li
t1ho reniutou of t i' st at os.
int, Import ant fact I'ns ntilays Iv
III aIited at secr't bIet '00'l tu ' tIal Iny
w li'. I iave nk er Nit rt't to con f
to her that utt:.: the wa It li'rortu1id.
loe not of swtrtt s Irs tee. In overlulu
ing ty l1:1''. he ot, rhay eane upon
a1 tiq'tunlltit I got ti1 Ill r'd a ttI ljiniekl,
itli in ' 'he ort cott ot t in the :rmIy.
"Witit's aIl this about ?' shi it shed.
'Gal1ant :id tn'rttorious S'rtees i
the eapture of I Itittvtile, lI c:ttur anld
Steenson ,l uoIoI I jI n.' I though t that
whel t he Y a It k's sit rprisd Itt1nis t
vtile you werr' at our iiotis."
"That ?", I si, t:tlig tihe p:per :Ilil
PIreteti I tig to0 scrutt:e it. " lt. lhat
was for, C11 lilt rIng n r'ht'l."
"Wlutt rebel
I hesit at ed. t ti ' p a ri t it'ad. "lont
yoi rint'l'ti'r tli st''ie ill % hi'h0 your
brother Irt' a f11 tinvlotai at part Y'
''1hi yOU tut'ani to ':il drawiig your1
'stol oi n all 11 :'titi'iel m 1n i gail:lint
a nd ntueritortots net':"
" 11,h . ! 10 y Conlil Ilitneti ' d evirryblotly
r trthuing luring tIhe wnr. Ilut I
!W t'ie'ilii til11, t'ir I ':c t 1tit'ld
.. i .or' relitllious than
1' * 'arlu' bthit la'r :illid kisse'd
it I . I :
t:I r I- 1 t'" II h r n k
1 1 1 WI 'T FI EI,.
\ \I T \F ; iA 1 .1t.FAS I N IN
Ste St1Is I )epart ille0t i or
. 't- has Iutiblished a valuable
N o. 20, D IIvision 1if Statit ics,
\\ !.k at (I ow,.itI Ig and( G -Ieeral
.\ uI . onlit ion - in th Ie Il'a citic
l - I o' the I *nitid 1 ta(es."
, ired y 1Idwi n S. IIl1ines,
tIl lv:I n ) Statistics. We
t a ten :irt aj hs, to illustrate
* mt par whi~chl achinerv
i . .m' a'. wheUa field"' of the
n !u, v -:ow which thle en1oilmus
, zw 11 tourente (Af national
to ing region of t he
ca iited in tIh mtates of
- Washinngtol and
Tn.u1prCssioTI mdile oil
Z !1b\ observation of
- h in V11glue in this
h nose to which he
in the East.
I . * ' tariniig opera
)ItronI the sowin'g
h a vestinlg of the
with i the methids
t 1rn home, and he
s compal isos- inl
It In. the more econo
ty tylec of falrtning in
tht cttitiy buh~t oin
- in w herojmes Coin
iiihi Iti'ids~ anti poli
b t he ctnditionts ats
he ~ . L I. 'a il t.oaist. Me
- i E1 .-m-v t he best results in]
wvou d ten'i be totally worth
- lel'aille Coastadcne
* wyin:- to its pecthar nlatural
an ani re.soutrceS, the Pa~ciftic
en has a farming system
ist 1it iey i t, u .
hei ue o f machinery of great
,~ whiiich me~ai's an econIomy of
ina abo, liut which often means a
a te-lf -:rai n, is another distinctive
eatu. of~ this region , particearly in
a :ia vahey areas of C.alifornia.
Ivery:L ing ini the machinery line has
wav',. leen iin a large scale. I 'loughs
ie -Lt in gang-, reaplers and henadera
iri hun t with cutting harms of unusual
en.i, and every effort is madie to
:(I:ihine sevteriN operatitons ini 9one,
huseabig n mii to plough and
nitiv'ate the greattest possible area of
anid with as muany' horses as he can
-The broad, level tields of thle grain
:ounitry, particularly ini the great valley
f thme Nacramen to andi Nm .1 oaqu in
'ivers, favor thme use of the most 110on
letrous anid compljiicated machinei y, anad
IJi- fact has ledl to thte introduction of
Lhe comiibinied hiarvester, by the use of'
whtceb1 it 1ios-ible for three or four
meni to control~ the strengthm of tweuty
four to thhity-six horses in e:uttingt,
thirash in , reelecaning and- sackintg
grain, and several operations beimg ae
comphlished~ as raidly as the ho ses can
pull the maebo in es over thde g rotund.
"1 The I 'aci tic Coast whieat legion, ats
corideiiri.d in this bulletin, embrl~aces
ail of the wheat pirodumi lands~ o1
i for n i, 0:,-c iuand Washington,
ati the 12 i0 nothc por)01tion dif Idubho,
whJhib - i raiticady, a conrtiinuation of
the g'reamt I 'ailuse Valley. Mtethlods
I:n1ioi.ge:d in tguitiva~ti'i. aind hurvest
ditteacat from tho-e in aniy other see
tion of the untry;il, in fact , (evenl udif
Ifortait -sectioni. 'of thme I'acitie Coast re
Wioni b-ve enAjiy A diitffercit mnethiodi
bioth ofi t'' l!i i: loil and~ harv'esting
the cropi.
"~ J'iouging.. mi the Naclramenrto Val
l';y is qlulit generfaly doune by gangs of
fron fou r t') iour t'en pl1oughs, with a
(i: 0 r ci; h t u tArir, andii to ant aver.
ag'e dsepth of1 abiou thriee inches. At
taebed1 to thii re1 o (f the plough ant
drawn by th e surne teauu is a broadcast
tAct >:Jw< I Vl -c nio(ws the seedr asjfast
ntly> f0.oowed. by a ba' row', atttcabed
ah--o to the' plugiJhi, w~lihib harrowvs in
the isecd. as" I ajli' e: it ia sown. Thmus,
at orf. lume arel: :';oropblihed thle th- ce
operatiohs of io'g~hinig, -rowinig and
barn 1'ingii inl the "seed' by one Iuw*'
O th h is tAe 'a 'f '.ight rou'e 4:, at the
rate of fr'irl t'-n to1 I Ill Jn Icre a: ia fi
No fu riber: atteneg I ifL.i pid to I' the
wheat il'J Ijun ii. it time~ toj cut the
hay or har ve:st the rop:11 of' wheat.
'' On the larger: farmes' pIil iouin andis
replioughinrg are ~ ':gnenitty d'1t by
large gangsM of pulou'his or datks, ii-awn
by a tractionJ engpine, andr ini 'M m
nier anu eniormous amrouit of work can
be~ anennpiefJ ext in a very :hot pei d
of tiLi,
r" nther mos(Tt interekting keetiong
of ('alifrni largely d IIilti'd to 1veit \
ttir%)e is h itd ie "'' i ult " hwIIv l,
whielh atr' on it iiurs in the iivet, at
vast Cti t eovoelvd vith water aind a
growih of hitinies, w lit t tho pn v
int- calledl tuhe '; ene this %mmvis t'
the lantd. I
"It aus of %umps and raims and h
the thiwitig up of levee's th1-4e lands
have h'en 1etv'l I :IiedI and ary 11ow
atutot k the most ftrtilh of the State.
W'ai heatm thoot' lidl telds ontlinarily .
from (Iftv to eigh,t1 bu lels mA aere. u
,l'he tuI ity. li oev er, is not so go,0d as jb
that in othi- seetions, huei on at'- I
eotiit of 1i, 1t u10 ahl pot'ish ill tlhe bq
soil , whIticht howo'vo %% ,'utis in t'il,
posits 0 orgM'auik' Imitter il Is, con- 1
tieit'tltl. tii'ili~ t'11 tit'.
" Itn : 'eunt tf the t 4 ness tit tlt,
soil ehi Ili lt' ' e icks I it I lit' surfiet '
it is imipos,'ible' to use hI es on'W mu1 h hI
of this :id. and tlit ':ate I psnit oflthe o
d rauh'lit W00ik is done hl t it ten en l
gileii. atfO tforhis 11pi-pose th i tites of
tle t elivvs arte broadei by v flit atili
tion of t m1.1ouls dium11s. winch .6id in s
suipport it'; t he tremen~ldOus" ne igh t' It
tite tuach mes andI itIII carry ing 0hem11
safely over t he crat'I's Iild iiu:uisyI soil. h
Not l!te least pitut iiesquet' an11d mIl e
terestingz scenet in tlit great valley * o
the sifht ol th l an l a-ain harvest t
ing. l' o.ibly two-thirds of the tt ire a
wheat Irop of the State is harvested it
with Ile cotubined harvtster-thrasher. I
The great level vlt at tiels of the ecn -
tral valley, anti even tlt, slopes of til t,
foothills, favor t lit' use of the most.
pondierous miachiinery,~ andl a sight of a 1
ntiodern harvestin out ltit at Work inl a
Califortin wheat fieild is to the -asttrn f
man both novel and interestin' tg.
The pontlerous hiivster sweeps
through tiiles upon iuiles of ripented I
grain, clitting swaths froi sixteti to i
forty-two feet in wiitihi, harvestintg, it
cleaiing, thrashing, and leavinl Ig behinid c
a long trial of sacked grain, ready to v
lie hauled to the warehouse, railroad S
or mill. q
" This comhiniedl ha vester and1i
thrasher, which is used in harvestig ig
very generally throughout, the States, 1
is usually dtrawn by I wenty-four to I
forty hot ses, harvests and sacks from Y
twenty-live to forly-five acres of wheat 8
a day, and rt uires four mit it to operate i
it. ly its use _,rain is thrashed direct- n
ly from tihie field and left piled inl sacks I
ecitail ug about two and onie-half a
bushiels each. i
" These sacks are stacked in the
field, sometimes Ior weeks, without C
fear of nimaterial damage from the '
weather. The standard horse machine
commonly used cuts a swath from six
teen to twenty feet wide, and the coin
binled steam otiti of traction engine
and harvester has a cutting bar from
twenty-four to forty-two feet lg,
harvests from GO to 125 acres it clay,
and requires eight meni to operate it."
Does not make the man. " The blood is
the life," the vital force of the body. So
it not infrequently happens that the man
who looks to he a picture of physical
strength falls a sudden victim to <isease.
A pr~oper care for
the blood would
prevent many a
serious sickness.
Trhe cleansing of
the blood is e r
fectly accom pilsh
ed by the use of
Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discov
ery. It drives out
the impurities and
po isonous e ub
stances which cor
rupt the blood and
breed disease. It
increases the ac
tivit~ of the blood
ma ing glands,
and so increases I
the supply of pure 1
blood. It builds
iui the entire hotly
with good sounid
There is no al- I
cohol in "iColden
Medlical Discov
ery" and It is en
tirely free from opium, cocaine and all
other narcotics.
Th'le dealer who offers a substitute for
the " Discovery " does so to gain the lit
tie more profit paid by inferior medi
cihies. There is nothing' "just as good"
for the blood acs "Golden Medical Dis
covery" therefore accept no substitute.
" I took1 fiye bottles or Golden Medlicl Discov
ery' for moy bloodt." writes M r. william D. Shamitb
lini, of Remny, cherokee Nacttin Indin Territory.
"I hatd 'rin wdorms' otn tmel and I would butrn
themi off an they woutld comec right back, and
the - were on me when I commenced uasing 'Gold
en .sdt ia Tcovery,' and the~y went awaty and
I haven't beven bothecred any rnore."
Dr. P'iere s Pleasant Pellets cure con
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
The viscoverer of Swamap-Root at Work Sn
i. Laboratory.
There is a dIsease prevailing in this
Country most dangerous because so decep
tive. Many sudden deaths are caused by
It-heart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
or apoplexy are often the result of kidney
disease, li kidney trouble is allowed to ad
vance the kidney-poisoned blood will attack
the vital organs, or the kidney3 themselvec
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Then the richness of the blood-the albumen
--leaks out and the sufferer ha~s B3right's
Disease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
D'r. Kilmer's Swarnp-Root the new dis
covery ia the true specific for kidney, bladder
and urinary troubles. It has cured thousands
of apparently hopeless cases, after all other
efforts have failed. At druggists in fif ty-cent
and dollar aizes. A sample bottle sent free
bymail, also a book telling about Swamp
Root an d its wonderful cures. Address
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Dinghamton, N, Y. and
flocntion this paper.
II fis' M'S f oud Fiior Cataulog,c-.
NJHIsst4t4 ' A ddress W. II. Muacfont
'o.~IA J (Officialer, 'omut.Seng
VI.\I' IA'SS MP l''AlthMRIlS Alli''
8lI)' N114 g) 1M.
Iverywhere W11 go w n111111 olgom h
tron4 m1alIn titollny and ent m. 4
lo Ilimi i'- u4 the 4am niveighor
01d who art, ma11 king n11i i. y atid ar.0
ot limp) . \' ry fitt (lo II nv 1t Iitlon
I in o ilt ti Iva mol for lilth 84lif)r
neth The moltwh am ltittuig lowit
mit ' , III01ra1liolms 11114 diversifyling
(i'i frmu i protels' are making n4ioy.
o'11e who hani1.on1 Io ill iutt-on. ae
tit propit'ig. I he goat. of, procu4e)ig
SOl 11( halnildt seltig price Ho low,
t I rgnm for p 4oill. inhhrowing
(tit 4t I I i nver, very man1111y CIaIOR
it, 1itarg1 81 it the wrolig yile. The
illit prie is le4s Ihin the cost. of
ro04111011. The mlore cottoll you1
1)N1iet41 , the gr1a1 Y0our. loss.
hi.4 i-A particuirly tru1e of thlose Who(
vo aeh fertihizers amd Su~pplie.,
lo or. b1ohlll oi tilme. No farmer
lot if ) vr ti) this 11 1. LU1an 18ote,
11' fromi any caulse hie 11has be(n0c1m
011llt 1h1 ty Onl tiene , e110 shol. Ilatl4
I tlrgely ol' prov; iota1 as to bo sure-(
I' i goo s41111ply thle next year. Ily
Iv 1u ll hil 114 waste and alimal voi lngs
th 'olid aid li1t'id, and 1s 111h4
at onseed, he ennl hecomle inlepenldenlt
f comtuereial inrtilizers. Th'lis is ml
say if hie 4o plow 114 to turn loose 8.11h
railabe plant oin ilt , ms so. I f he
4a)114 l the ,11iP.e v a.1- above direct
11, hie will n1ed tt y a little neud phop
rhate, 11111 that d4 no, cot mh11
Attianonisa iakeg large stalks.
'otaish makes4 healthy ak.l'm
oriC acid te1111). h1eavy 'rut8(. The
rulit iA whlatyoul need. Glood prep- -
rat.ionl and care of all vegetable
matter anl will suipply th1e Ie'nmowilla
)eep plowing wVill help to make
vailable it.c potash. I'n 1an 11( at)jLs
ud clover andl grass stubble will inl
reaise the am out11 . ( 41merrIly t here
JRl be enoughl phos4phoric acidl , but
omeitimeis the adWitionl of a ,nmall
ulantity will help.
If yolu are oly scralching1 three
10ches dee1, then of courise'. you will
1ed to buy food for 141vin g plalts,
ut if you are plowing .11141 1hatrowilg,
ou1 caln 'et tihe food ou1t of your Ow l
oil. If you will Slpild haml .11 111111ch rT
I 440ld <fel) fill plowmlg a4 you ant
ally pIy for fertilizers, Whe other
alf will buy .ll th1e4 fertilizers you n41e4
n14 your land Vill be gtetting het141r
11 the time.
The readmng, thinking, plannintr
lass of farmers are prosplini iIg.
:hese Who are still In the oid rut are
,rumbling.--Ilhcre (il/ orllt.
For Infrntz and Children.
[he Kind You HaveAlways Bought
Bears the
Sinaat're of 0 p
111" 1111 AVE' (E'ENl) 1 YID' 1
Thel LE' 1 .iigit Ntock of
..S H OES..
Solid Leather
A nd Guarant0 e -v-ry I r
r- .SI O)I'S waI '14). Coage
In and let1 u1- Hidow oil :.
line of :
Bay State.
Goods,. halnd made114, $'~1 50) to
$2 50. LA DlEM' Sol Id L-,atLh
er Glove Grirn or Oil Ta':n
rcd, licce lined, :
- -41.oo
Heavy soft, Calf Skin $1 25.
We re Heradquj' rteors' for
CA LI" SK IN SliloiN in - : (
Men'a, Womecn's and Ch11
dren'b. :: : :: :* (4
Pride & Patton
TlI MI TlAI lLiC No. 2.
LJr,' %upersedes414 Time)4 Tlef~( No. I . F I
''Otive 1%:01 A. M., eb11. 18t, 19101.
ll~Itea )lown. liend4 Up. dI
No. 10. ST ATION S. N'. 9l.
Mixed. Mli d.
10:45 a m.....* erguson's.......I: 15 P m
10:55 a1 m......*asn......210 p mI
1 1:00 a m)..........A ii Pis........2:25 p m
l1:0 a in.....Mhlin'sx......2:20) p m'
1 1:154a m....Ar Eisasle lv...2:15 pi mI
No 1. ST'ATIONS. No. 1I.
Mixed. Mixedl.
1t:00 p m ...Lv. P'ickens Ar.... :10 p) m
41:05 p mn...i*erguon'.... ::1 p m
1:15 1' m......'Pars'841... .. fi1. p mi
-1:2) y m......'Ariail's.......:10 I' m
1-25 p3m......'Man411iin's..0:05 y' m
-1:40 1)m....A r' 1 I4y L'..... ( 1:00 p 1m 4
.All ti n daily 41 e1'(x(cept Muud-y.I
No. 141 Conbnects with1 Sou1thernF~ ltnilwaty
No. :13. (
No. 12.
No. 12 Conn~ects with Mouthern Itailway
No. II.
No. 11 iI nnect with South1rn Iai 1)1ly
No. :t!.
Bliy ' r any4I ill formation 1)1 aly t4)
loI Our aigenlta bes149idsth reguilar co1mm is ~
'.i0ns. for Relling pur a plendid line 100l-. I
I)AY 1''01(4 for 11901 . No big prIzes
Lo a fow, but evory a1gent. gets a share.
Fifteen voars' business recordl baclk of .his9
r~ffer. Handirsome sample-e4 out1fit OnlyI~
M cente, delivered
Order outlit and4 501 seuelhaice (It terrl
Lory at 02nc0. Address D. I0. IlU M'F'H,.
PUll. CO., Atlanta, GIa. A
Fee Ba .y frm Indigeon
D~yspeopsia, Want of Appeite 109sa o
-ltrength,. hack of Energy, &c.? Take a 0
'ew (14)110 of c.o
Murray's Iron Mixture.
A (lannine filnoo 'onin.
Tie Kid )11o Ii nve Always Do
its itso 'or ovor 30 years, bll
All Comasaeril'its, Imli:ta:tions04 1r
INperiikeIt1. that trifle witlI
Assituts aid Olildrenk-ExperI
What is CA
Castorii, is ia iariiless mubst1
goric, Iruops sind Soothing 8;
coasliftalis 1setiter Opitut, Blot
std)staltceo. Its agO 114 its4 guma
1111 illIays Feveriileesm. It I
Oolie. I(i relieves Toectl iuug TI
timl Ilit.1iteacy. It assiu ilat
Stomahelt auni Howels, givinig
'I'ITe (ildre's Pauacca-Thic
Bears the 8
The Kind You HIa
In Use For Ov
Ali-UST'A, OA.
eInC AN Wonxs. Nontru A U'mwrA 8. 4
or, Sa.vh, nids and 1111ilder'.
00M,1 NO, SI DI NG, C10I 1A1 NG A N I)
All ('orrespondence given orompi a!
rin the ) Ip-T) Dbte ()arpet ilous)
1517 Main 81reet, Cohntnhia, S. C.
M U M A L1- ARP4 ' '
'rite 11s for S:1iUtles of a1init hing in
ir lin. (Goodle shippewhl any whore in
ays busly. No quill days w :th us.
nlyblody can4 sho you ~I the pace
lIardIware (Cotjmany
(14uCcessrs to) I'. P. loppenhiei m),
holesaled a1114 fllail 1)ealers in
rmls, A~mumunit ion. AgrTicuIl
tural Imnplements and
I every k1444 and deIscri p1.ion1. Send~
ostalI for Il'rices.
Kin.g Street, Charleston, S. C'.
H 11 WORLD)~[1 has mnoney 0 'It. and
you get your sha~re. Oar meth
193 will furnish tha' fotunda11''On for you r
Itriunfl. I r quire ab out*. us. Bu 'si nr-.
le nare call ire upon us4n almost diehI
,r (mllloyees8.
Stokes' Businoss College1
3!'.0 KI( NOT8., C!,mAl: .4<81o 8, I'.
WeC can4 use it. for cotton4. WIill sell ;
mit ed unumber of our 7 pcr (0ent. crli
1tes. Intelrest payle.fh .11anu1 try and4 .Itulv.j
the best collt m41 44ill investment41 offered -
monne t I)SUit. No de cia 4:1tion. tie
gj $5O,000.00 i :n11 I capij)tal
it.(direct ant(i)1 on (C recit oIf mone we' wX 1.
.l. B. 1,1n.1'., P'rea and14 TIrea1
loigerville, 8. ('.
EE-M Medicatedl Cigars
EEi M' Smioking Tobacco
or ulsern of Tob~acco that suffter with
brrhl, Astlbma. or tlionchiit is. We guarn
(e an3 abs)olnt41t and4 permnanlent cure 4'
11tarrh and1( it is tic on)ly knlown remed'
r i ay13 it'ver. I f you~lr druggist or groc
r)es not keep it. write EE0-M < 0., A 1.1ant1 .
a1 , for terco samp le 'Trade Anlie btj'tti
Firpenlter liro,'., GIreenvilleo, 8. C., o'r
rutclield'11 i 1) & Toll 44Ison. a --an)1 b r. 8. C~
A Young Man
l~inlt atend a1 college w~ith) 1 an4 calablisha
I rep4utai on. A dIipJ~lma from ( on~verse
43m14rrciatliool ma1keR it easy4 to) Aseere il
e best pOsi tions1 'Tiorouigh wo(rk ; bes 1
A ddress Ii. WI. (I ICIt'8 NO 101l,
St4artnburg. $. I .
usiness College and S'chool
of Sholtha4nd t
clual 13)151r.o<.. Aulgustau (Or.
hien1) Hoar.. Situtionsu 8ecured
i fai .ning lands(t. Fna3y pa4ymea;s 14.N
mm14iiojns cha4r<'Cd. IHorrower pa4ys 110.
nt 444st of pa rfec, i ig 1f0. lnt er41t 7 po'r
it nyj, acco0 dIi'- ho se) Cu:ri V.
JL.0. 1. P'AtM1C( & 8(ON,
ug1i1, ad w1ic has be1ei
A bor001111 e h igialr of1
been nuado mi:der 1Ids per.
pervisiolk 14i1(e4 iUs ifitilaicy.
1) o to o oeeQIvo -yon ist this.
d( " JFII8t-:1.4-g4)(3(" are'( bt
trild entlsu1110er C1io llcalth of'
13nce aigalis t I A XperimIIIenIt.
tutto for Castor Oil, Pare
yirtps. It is PleasanIt. It
plaijio nor othier NatreoCe
uitee. Its <lest.roys WooraInR
mires Di:1r4Ismt atnd Winl
rolibles, estres Cor sti pa0t ilt
es tse t Fool, regillaid.ex Cbo
healtity aid tatural isleep.
Mlotlier's Frienad.
ignature of
,e Always Bought.
er 30 Years.
Condonnleli 'hnrlulo of PaqAsogmor 'Prains.
In Effect June. 'lt, 1001. .
Veo. E xp1r. 14tMa
Northbound. No. 12. N o. 3'. No. 34. No. 30.
Daily. Dally. Ihdly Daily.
Lv. A tlanta,(T 7 69 it 12 Om 2 : I 50 p
Atlanta,ET 8 50a I Wp 1 20 12 50 a
Norerossa.. 1) 81 n ...... . 1 52 1 1 29,
" uford..... 10 O........2 19i 2 01 a
' CGinosville 14) 17 a 2 25 11 2 451) 2 2 a
" 1,u1la. 11 0(A a 2 .13 y (,3 1) 2 491a
cm(ornola.... 11 25 a ........ 11 I 1 .......
Mt.. Airy.. 11 ZI a....... ...IJ it .
Lv. TIe1n.. 611 i 3 :5 ;45 p : .10 a
E. berton.. ......... 6 4 p 1 45.p a
Lv. Elbertn.. .. 9 . . a
V. W iminster. 12 3 in ....... 4 25 y 4 14 rb
Senein.... 1' 48p .1 09 1 .4 -t0 1 135 a
" (ontral.I 133I.... . ' -- 0;1) 5 00 n
"4 Gren vill,. 2 :3, 94 6 )p15 5 b5 5 a
n' SIiar'burg - 13 W 0 1( 41 65 p (3 i11
a * . 4 26' ()10l 1 7.3:3 7 43n
Ri >uri 4 4 702 1 7 48 p A 0;2 a
Mit Aft.. 5 15p ...-.- ........ 8 2a
h..toma... 6 .1011 . .---8 24 p0 0J a
" Che.rlot to.. 6 40 p 13 18 33015 p 10 (35 a
Ar. -;to'nsbjoro 33 iS>p 10) 47 11 .;1p 43 p~
Ar. ur'ham. .. ..... 35 5a :335; 2 75
Ar. 1rtalt3h.... ......25 a 6 2!5: a1 . 4 p
JAr. Dan~zville. 11 !!5 I 1 53p 12 .1o, 1 62 p
Ar. No3rfolk.8 333;; 8 ;;:, a 8i a.
Ar. Itiehmnond,.. 6 U0 ai3 ~ a 1 Lo a 0 3
Ar. 3uhingt.~* .......l II -12 7 335 a 10 00 p
" 1,noro PIt ........~ 8 00 a 0 15 a 11135 p
" delh........... 1 I5a 1l135 a 2 5C a
Ne cr. ........ 1 i:,m 2 03Ip 33 -13
Fat Ma Ves. n-pr.
Southbojund,. No. 85. 'No. 37. No. 11. No. 's3.
Dly. Iity. Daily. Unily.
LT. N .. ai, 21
"Ph'elphia,j 3 60, a15p.....I(~
4 Jlaltimoro. . 61 22 a,3 0)....~2
"Wash'ton.. 1 1 I105 ...... 1
Lv. lIlanwr.I 12 703a11 05I 0 13
Lv. Norfolk.... 0 35 ae7.0p7.0P74
Lv. lDanville.... 5 14 p 0a31 a433
rv. Rleligh.... 8 50p 10, p ~ ~
Lv. ),,rnnl... 33 2 5 13 ....... 20n 265
Ar 2ilt. 1 p 0 . ... 8 10 a
Lv. (w.Ioia,. 1 10 1 p....... . .. B 9 55 03
11 80 11 53p110p
'4 (4ffno.... 1 4 7 40 p~ 7 -0p 0 40 p
~ H~~,hu.1~. 2 2a 1 00a 03 a~ ltiO a
v. Du4rhamvl.,. 4 .2s y 12.i0 a 2~ 11332 0 a
"v Gonboa o 7 0 0 Ilp 12255 a
A. Chalott.. , p02 a 11) 1 a8
~.~~hv. Gaona..,..0.4...........1) 30 3 0 0p
Lv. g Mt 14A 1 2i.... 3y91Z
Cafroy.a... 33 42 p a.) a 2 2p 2050 p
Sp burgl..12020a 11 0a 8 ('51, 210p
r4 (nville, 1 253 a 1213 40 233 .1 Ed a
- lfr --- )1...... 0p 12 25 y
62Tocc..,...0 )7 . 35
&v. Alhorion...y 3 I0: 4 6 2 1 163 ~ 13 P
AB_lorto.. 53~la and.5 ..o....04
v.uM. AIy. . ... 7 2lp. 1 57 .
Conei 6pr... 3.l) .... 2 lp 2 00p
p3 v llo , 21v~ " Ip 7 223
r. Atlan ar.A 010aos 4.55v 12.153) 8
na Blro twooL ul adAten
'A" x. N. 13". STA T0DNS No01. "N. niglx.
Sun. Unily. '~u (4~lo;ndaily Sorio
lotoD clorfok cond indii 'tri wt
Nos. 117 and t8--" We'shngton and 8outhwes,
rn Limited."' o1lid Pualman train, belng o
10o0ed Oxclusively of fino,;t Pulbna1 eu~pi~
>f Iatest dosign through betweeni New York
mdit Atlantan. 'k'hrongli Fullmcan nicopin er
0t.owee Nowv York ant New Orlcent~ a
N idngton,, A tlan ta and Mon t gaer an~d a)
l>tonNowv York and Melajahik va Waa
113(ton, Atlan tal and113a Bir11ing m- 10logan$
.a Imaan Lib ra r' 01b1arvatn cars hm-.Loo,,Ma
otw A nt(1 ow o1.o Iefnlub (l1 carsa
.orv all mecale enlronte. Poillmanusbojoc r
lare IJotween (reenseboro a) Goldsbor~o.N
oach servico 0on this3 irait. Theso trahls ' i1
top3 at Gaine)osville,, Litta, Ocena,.snoICII Qaly.
oyd Blcshtrg Onlyt6 tako on an4 10 of
assengra fo an 'afrom ainton and 1e
ond( and for and from Giroonvillo, Columbia
Nos. 323 and Ul"AtlIanta axd Now York 10r
ross3." Local trainl botwoon A tlanta and Char
.t1o, conneetjng lat Chanrlotto with, trainseof
me inumbor~s for and1( fro00 Washington Noew
ig 'lI34hn~ t01 e rtiay hrot Cdlsdy P n
i la~ a tourist, elcoping Car will bo olpo1-ated
nt 9trai t h~ from Washbsgton to Sa~n
ranoo vit ou m 3&go 301)hootIon 6b
Cd harlotto. Anplo 1iri ari l0oon~ oat
aol accomm)adatLion)S for local an<( through
s(~. I5)and . 6-"'United Staocs F' st Mail"ru..e
) e3btwvoon WVasigton and( Now Orleans
ouiorn Italiway, A. 4 W P. R. . and
&ro y' w-thi. Iting,3 colflosed of coaches
rouh wtlut lungo for 3lbssongoe of all
retwooni No Yrlc and NofyvOrlea," rt
ta3( and Mtontgomnery and( bot-W&on P') s
Ighamt and llichmnond.. Dining care K> /
L moals on routo.
Nos. 11 and 12-Solid local train boon
iohmfnr On Atla. Co oconneoo on a6
oro1e oryLD 'Oovolrnogrooda.
ultivo1 PrntN 8an 8~ ~ ~ a

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