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The World's Gre
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do our own wiak. We will seli aiiyl hii
am kimd .rentument to all. When inl
41ld to see ,e people whet 11.1 11i
Corner Court, Itiver an id Jac( I'll St(<
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WH f-I T
known to ihe ltrade an1d e(mji
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Dr. John 0. Willson Succeeded b
Dr. W. R. Richardson
The Columbia State gives the fol
lowmg account of the election of al
editor of the Southern Christian Ad
vocate to serve for the next fou
year :
11 ev. W. I. tichardson, D.D., hat
been elected editor of the Southerti
Christian Advocate. This, no doubt
will be a surprise to the Methodistk
of South Catoliia. Rev. Jno. 0. Wiill
don, D.D., has for sovon years beer
the editor of this periodical and hi
personality has become a part of The
" When Bishop Galloway annoulice
yesterday morning that the electior
should be held Dr. Willson's friendh
were conildent that he would be re
elected. On the first ballot Dr. Will
son received 95 votes, Dr. Itichard.
son 74, Rev. E. 0. Watson 31) and
Itev. Rt E. S'ackhouso, of Pendleton,
23 ; total 235, necessay to o choice
118. On the second ballot there were
243 votes, necessary to a choice 122.
Dr. Willson and Dr. Itichardson do
tracted from the strength of the other
candidates and Dr. Itichardson led by
15 votes. The return was- tichard
son 117, IVillson 102, Watson 15,
Stackhouse 8. On the third and final
ballot Watson and Stackhousc rcceiv
ed two votes each and L. F. l1oaty onle;
Itichardson 133, Willsoi 102.
While the tellerd were counting
the votes, Bishop Galloway invited
Hishop Duncan to preside. 'The latter
wits informed by Iev. S. 11. Zimmer
manl that lie t .uight that sonic lay
men had v..ted fio were not entitled.
'hese lh. men were members of boards
of trustees, etc , but not properly mm
bers of Conference. The bishop stated
that if any such had voted, they could
withdraw their ballots, but none were
withdrawn. The result woui iot have
been affected.
" Dr. Villson was visibly affected.
lie walked to the edge of the pulpit,
beside the bishop's desk, and said with
trembling voice that at, the call of Con
ference lie had unwillingly takii up
this work, and unwillingly (oes lie put
it asi(e. 110 had not sought it in the
beginning, but had begun to ove the
work. However he would 'i manly
spirit receive the dictum (if Confer
ence. ' All that I ask of you, hiiishop,
is to send me to the poorest chiai go
with the most miserly salary in Con
feronce, that I may show to mny breth.
ren that the shafts which have hee)
directed at me have been rnji-t.' li
spoke with feeling of the m(ortificintiori
which he had suffered on account of
things which lie did not partiet'a .
H1e ended his statement by ienewin.g
his pledges of fidelity to his Coure'ervzce
and to God. At which th rc was it
responsive ' Amen ' from all over 'ic
The Spartanburg Journl ini kus the
following comment upon the rcsu't of
the election, in which the Methodists
of that city were much intetested, as
Dr. Richardson was pastor of the Cen
tral church in Spartanburg, whosc
members were anxious to reiain him
The election of Dr. Richardson tc
uic(ndl Ir. John V. Willin mi"i
seem to have some beariig on the fi
mous larbee & Smith pmublishing housc
Imatter, involving t~he recovery of ai
large amor ut of money from the
United States for dlamnages dlonc thie
piublishinig house at Nashv' 3lec duriny
the civil war, by means which a largc
number of Methodists did niot (indorse.
Dr. Willson, as editor of The Advocate,
sustained Messrs. Ilarbec & Smith and
wouldl not allow the Conference organi
to b)0 ulse for thie purpose0 of censurino
the methods employed by them anid by
E. Ii. Stahilman, their agent, in seOcui
ing the appropriaition from C2onigress
and D)r. WVillson was, at the mneetino
of the Confi rence held(1 in Greenwood,
himself upheld by the Conference int
his action, d1espite the protes s of onec
of the most, revered( and respectedl
Methodists ini the State, one whc
WATE are making g reat p
yytion to meet your Cmi
wants, and we earnie
quest you not to miss s een
)6 grea collection when inl sen
y ChristAmas LTOods. W e have
a great Christmas Precseni I
o~ ment, where you will timnd al
aof usd ul Toys, B )oks, China
Claus t) tuse On of 4)11r lal
.come to see him,
SA Great Treat is in
e Man
Greenville, S. C
I Coughed
"I had a most stubborn cough
for many years. It deprived me
of sleep and I grew very thin. I
then tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and was quickly cured.'
R. N. Mann, Fall Mills, Tenn.
Sixty years of cures
and such testimony as the
above have taught us what
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
will do.
We know it's the great
est cough remedy ever
made. And you will say
so, too, after you try it.
There's cure In everyd rop.
Three sizes: 25c., 50c., $1. All drotggtts.
Consult your doctor. If ho says tako It.
then do as hto says. If hoo tells you not
to tako It, thou don't tnlto It. Ile knows.
Leave it with hint. Wo aro willing.
J. C. AYElt CO., Lowolt, Mass.
Tax Notico.
Tle troimulel's. 1l10 i I'.'e-n (' . I I :
So0, . -Ih ('nr-ohnla, w%-;I bit 41pe-1 ()I
Mlu 1 :1y (h-tobler 151th filr the. e.,llect.ionl
)f Il.' fo. 1il Lu lle.I t 4a.s fr l* :n
901 . ' V
I vN ito Stauo Tax, A mills.
I .t\S fu o'.iin ny ('onni11 * :x. 5 11ents
Levy foir Co' tituitnlI:11 .sl'hool (ax, .1
n1 Ills.
Io'y fir I''st inlebtoediess, 2 imilk. 41
Tot4a11 levy forl 'tate nue l enn ty I
ii ill. nI
Irvy for intetest, onl l'iekens, R 1.b-o:l
10 1 41-, l -'ekens vourt houise town.I -I p, :1 h
I S niill'.
la'xVy fio i1h'Ir41es on I'. 1. R -.61111
foot li rrienie, to wnship, 2 1 1 inills. 3
L-evy for intere't .n P'. N1. Rt. h o
fo E>. I Oil(! towli hip, ' 1-2 mllilh.
eea e afor- :Ohool dist rict N ,. 9, 2 ,
Special levY for l'il lit io-i N4. 11,
IA uill-.
- i -yifil l ,h i; i p
8;. ael i levy s4)4 ' l i- . No. 11I
2 inills-4.
furil h-vy ol d -!0 No. 23,
2 i 'ik.
Slu-e'I le'vy lt5101 '' i' C.~
-1 11ilis.
'--,I1-11 lo 1 for Schoo lit 'it No. '11.
filr sool <I .:i,-t No. 49,
2 Oil11.
fori .h1 ol list r t No., -.:,
Iiv I. IX i t sw o ol 1 4411 . l', it
114 "I l.2 ie frool 11St. li 11114. 41ll
f hoo 1 i.41 ,rt o. 31.
1 1 ' le fr h i i r N 5
:rdst~el .iceil1111,.Y
% IV . 1 :x AY 0,244.l.' t1. 1 . AIi, 114 <1 1
113 d4W2t is C i.w. ; h. Al'1 .b at
10r24. 'till n ill Ilpec (ll1. 1
It.j J . I(III4IV O 1 . . Ch ROmaNO
TprecrdORN E. l'ekn nant v.es
WL. '. AKR CalUN
It 1 W t ('eo Inr t n l. loo C , ' Sto '
L.OOOPWENS aiut GUIn, ickens, THM.C
Pl'E4ickens. lII.,rn - -Sonah aroin
"I1W1Cev to lOat&O.
Opp. U. B. Patent Office, WASHINGTON, 0. 0.
ade arrangements wIth Sanlt
O,>. anld c.>rdia'ly inivit . you to
Only Come to see Our
m's Out
statilds at the very front rank of the
(enomination's work and a large fol.
lowing. When, therefore, the Confer.
ence defeated .Dr. Willson for re-clec.
tion and placed Dr. Richardson jin his
place, it look like Dr. Willsot's policy
has been repuciated and the stand
taken by those who opposed it vindi
cated. Anyhow, it is looked on by the
latter in this light and expressious have
already been heard in this city showing
it. Dr. Willson, however, has many
friends and admirers, who feel that he
has maldo an able and conscientious
editor of The Advocate and would
have been ghidto-seo hun ro-elected.
Dr. Richardson is expected by his
friends to make a great success in the
editorial chair and to wake the intlu
once of The Advocate as the church
organ a power for good among the
Methodists of the State. If The Ad
vocate continues to he Publhshed in
Orangeburg, as at present, it is likely
that Dr. Richardson will reside there,
although it is not at all necessary for
the editor to live in the town where
the paper is printed. The fact that
Orangeburg is Mrs. Richardson's hone
is another reason why that city would
be a desirable place for the family to
I WEIGH 175 lbs.
FormaP WeqhI 135 "
Gain 40 lbs.
There are people who say that the
benefit derived from the use of put-up
nedicines is Imaginary. It is not the
case with Dr. Pierce's Favorite Piescrip
tion, which makes weak women strong
and pick women well. A woman inay
itnagine she's weak, or may fancy she's
sick, but her /maginalion can't adidfor/v
pounds to her twighi. The positilec
proof of the curative power of "avorite
Prescription " is found in the rcstoration
of health which is recorded In face and
forn, of strength which can be tested,
and weight which can be registered in
pounda and ounces.k
The general health of women Is ao
intiinately connected with the local
health of the womanly orgins that
when these are diseased the wh tolo body
suffers loss. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pro
scription cures wonanly diseases. It
establishes regularity, stops weakening
drains, heals nuflamniation and ulkera
tion and cures femalo weak'nwss.
"nw vcy glad t let other Pr nulm rrs
know what D~r. Pierce's mnedickelite have done
fr me" writes Mr~ Ilwitt . Gardovr, 0
heeciwood. Norfolk , Mass. ( x 7.) " You
pnow I wrote to you st suniueT. I rend what
your muediclue had e forother ;ople. AD
thought I would try n I fl I ound it w a
blessin to me and Vth tuil . bean i nUte
ald togol fix bottlesc our i ediciu . an thrce
wils o i liets.' I t . ur edficIn n year
when I ba p ten-poun a ad heeaIt
pt4sapaIi ~rj I 4ad the vaekst
titne I over had with any o y three children.
I have beet) very well since T took yoVr tnili
clue. I took thwee bottled of .'avorlF e Prtserl
tion.' three of' Golden Medicql Discovery.' nn
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Coum,ia~ s L.
al v rt'.
Ot tll!
rch ol
an i Glass Ware. We have mi
ge s'i)W w nj~o vs as i. -.vork si
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Fine Display.
qt l
to the acre at less cost, means ro
more money.
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get thute roCulti
93 Nassau St., Now York.
Church Directory.
lIto w I% we give thel 111114is( churches1w
I81tors. :1n14 the situilayts 4n whiich they
0rh1ip, as f:ar ve have infutrinaltion. If
mitr (.h1111-h is not. onl the list 414114 thel 111-t
0s4;try inuforuti tion141 :
Pice-ns-- r. A. J1. S. Thonia %- :;t Bunl
it, 111. in,1 atnl 8 p. inl.; pray r me tilIg,
f'eelnestitlay 8 p int.
Secutia --Itov. .1 - . I"Aust er- -t att relav II
,r ( thIIe first Smailaiy aII ; p. In. ; 1.4t H'itl ay(Il
I a. it.
'tx l's Creek- ev , . . . 1".841 t41 r--- tt -
rdayt 1 p to; Stutalay uafter seroutil tattur
Ii*y 11 ai io.
:i in
'fitre the setti l Sttitay 2 p lit; sterontit
iIhtt y It It iII.
Prat or' t Ciou l- lier. \V. C. S lnt -
ituurhy iefire th hinilt 2 p i n; - 1tt
I sinnhtay 11 a Inl.
Cocotv -ie. W. C. 81-ahor--saltuilayli
i-fore the (mitrth uimlay 2 pitu ;I -Ith Hunl
:y I I itn.
I.th tyt---Itv. 11 ".I l bli ck Ist. and
I sabba1nth.1; 1norn1ingv, 11 11'clo14k ;night, 8;
. 4vtry $ittll ay at -I itt. prayer ineet
ig, Wednesdal~ys i- pi. mi.
Moiut Tahor- ie-v. i I . liit. iin Sat- c(
rdtv hbfor fouirlt Fiainy at 2 'cl ek tit
.in' it
Pickelsl Itev. It. Ut. liagttial -1t. Su
t p ; 2i4 Sltityiv 11 it it I th Sut itt y dv
p iln : r.t'u-rt ieeting Wp . v
I'w lvI Ie-v . H. H it ll1 Ist , th
punIlay Ii itu ; :d S11 tity ;3::Ml it I . br
Bt 11ett Ih 1- Hlu v. h. I. linguiti 1sd Stn,- T
av : p1 itt .
T1111 Ito. It. It. Wlag imnl- i1 Mutay e
I a iI ; 5t h1 Suiithiy I 1111.
I itty- liv \V 1f . 'it gn).tauna
I p t ; 1titStlay 11 it I. -
1t 'il lNev. \V. Iti . W iggins. 1-4t. Sl- a
hly -1 it it. .
Zion kow. W. F,. Wiigin., 2d1 Simnlaky e
I fit:: 5t it tni ay i p in , .
l th ch -- - W \'9ig ins-l at. u- a 11 b
Ant-Im-h- Uiiw. Wiggins- It'lh 81inalay 11
Plickenma Chmreh -Re~v. Wiggins -- 241 S11n- in
-1 41
|y -1 p mfit ; to U at t m.
44m e1'miENatis maI ttyT - Nev. . a. Ae
Ca ini.
First. 811114 . - ltivnis'l tit, I1 1 a m 'r
or's 3 e ,:3::) p1 Il.
AodIlAL StanlayEU Mt. "th1 Now
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First, .411141.1 Fai i w IlI a. mI '; C -
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1Hutrt moLdy-E* Lent year-es 1 ayar
Also a ig l Ltos oy. ., noiCo.e',
Come E91 iF You N Wi
W 10 R.dig mang gracoatpraaio
dat ( ly receiving) quoIBtan nel~le atgod
ot choldrons' JeancyHnkrhse
Lot l'SnpeWitoIial Drndkorhse
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pri Ldce Bac KdGlv.
Ltde'$ i lvsa
LW. Peuiu AcYNors
Lo iebahe ot .
Rucently a visitor in an idift asylom
At far from Now York asked an at.
idant how the managenent knew
hen an inmate was sufficionitly re
orod to anity to be dischmgd.
That's enn"y eniough," wats thie reply..
Wu tako them nil ito ait ard where
No Ic SveUIl trouglv, (1-n on fihe
i an give theomt buckets to ball ,L.
U watier aind ompty the troughI.
ly if 'eni keeps1w bailing away whilo
v tap keeps rlinning, taut them na
I't idliots sltolms thi taps."l
" Well, Joshua," anid Mr. Warren
hIli.% tury cousin, " what was the
Bt thinig. that struck you when you
sched town?"
" A trt-ley ear," replied Joshua,
mot fortull r-iely it diint hit, me Veiy
f(I "- -toit 'ree l'Iew.
For Infaints and Ohildren.
ie Kind You Have Always Bought
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kgUat,"eo of
'he Eminent Kidney
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e Discoverer of Swamp-Root at Work in
His Laboratory.
aTere Is a disease prevailing & this
untry mcst dangerous because so decep
re. Many sudden deaths are caused by
-hecart disease, pneumonia, heart failure
apoplexy are often the result of kidne
sease. If kidney trouble Is allowed to ad
nce the kidney-poisoned blood will attack
D vital organs, or the kidneys themselves
cak down and waste aoay cell by cell.
ien thle richness of the blood-the albumen
leaks out and the sufferer has Bright's
isease, the worst form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root the now die
>ery is the true specifLo for kidney, bladder
d urinary troubles. It has cured thousands
I apparently hopeloss cases, after all other
orts have failed. Atdruggist in fifty-cent
nd dollar sizes. A saple bottle sent free
y hai. also a book tdlling about Swamp
oot and its wonderful cures. Addres
r. Kmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y. -n
rontion theu paper.
ouprntlyhor and Btilder
Pickaents. N. O.
illais h ervies. to tle gelerael pub
- al, alo ak gartellined. bios rfer
woos are tho40.se for whom11 he hlas dIone
ook an Ith worlk it rslf, Whom Ad
rhie r &an h o. e ing ha ton ,n of Y'lek
tEasly, - n all over Pipkanp colmy
Cles will do well tA se- hh I bef1
All a jale etlse ern. IIn e
ronth 1,ank tu ofsi Enegy, &t.7lake aii
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