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The People's Journal.
Corrected weekly by the loath, Bruce
Mlorro v Co.
co~tton. ...1 ItI 73VS
i ken - ...... .................15 to
F r ....................... ............ 15 10
I t t r....... ......................................, 1
A e a ......................................... 20
Il l ...... . . . ..'. . . ...13
--Dr. W. F. Austin will be i Picken
'Ducember 16th and 17th.
-Kollain & Mo-re's finous'spectacles
New sipply at Bolt & Thornley's. w2
--N0r1OTI '-To those owing in. I
IIed the moiney and 8 must have it by
.Do., 25th. J. L. 13OLT M. 1).
The good prices paid for lands under
forelosuro and pairtition sales day slow
i hat Pickens county real estate is in do
iin d..
-The Y. M. C. A. will hold its next
ieetinig inl the B3aptist church next Sun
dtay afternoon..at 3 o'clock.
I)r. A. J. S. Thomas will address the
Association. A epcially prepared mus
Cea! progriiiii will be rondered. The
ptiblic i- cordially invited to attend,
lBetween holding cotton for better
prices and pleaiding for time by the debt
pressed producer, the average farmer
ses soio gloomy days about this ime.
'Tho accounts from the Methodist Con -
feriece, lately in session in Columbia,
tow that this army of workers are fully
al ive to their duty and all tire redy to
nillke saciifices to promato the general
-Tei Union meoting of the first di
v. .ion of the Twolvo Milo Association
m il Ineot with Cross Roads church on
Fu turdhy before the fifth Sunday in tIhis
n:oith, tt 10 o'clock a. im. All churches
ar1, 4 equested to send delegates. Iro.
grami ani interesting onle. Comn.
Tv, John 0. Willsoni who for several
r, has tbly edited the Smithern Chis.
t im Advoclte, the Metliodist organi in
Sii (hCairolini,retitos togive place to Rev
R. I. Richardson,also a strong prieacher
:it 1albe man. 'I lie cliaige is Ihe work
of the lite Conferonce, an)id niny people
w.I le'aIr with regrets of Mr. Wi'Soii's
S1 Ve'Lce fIrom t Ie p ).-per he has done ! 0
1: nehi to promote inl intorest an1(d elici
Thl itApt ist Suity selhool hatstli-i
CrI tO laVivt Ch ristmas tree. They have
, diilly invited the Presb'yteariani :utm
):thiolist Sitilay Schools to participaiti'
(,n tIhat h.ppy t eension, Au Ex.tive
etlumitteei' consisting of Prof, Detly
A l hrie Folge'r amlit[ Miss Maide Ash
no r'( wa*,S app)IointedI iuda fternIoonl
r - i tle Presbyter-ian Sunday Stbool
TIi Ex'entive Committees tromh tlie dif
iiit ChIuches will m leet Oil joint ses
.. at, the Baptist ciiicCh Wedines.Iy
I it next after prayer neeting.
Ilai next. Union meeting of the Pied.
i (int Astsociation boundary will convenei
\1 i: Ih Silvai chureb, i3rushliy Creek town
S :iP , An uderson count y. Ini trod ur-t try,
I. 1. R dgers; alternate1t, 1. 1. jpear
.:). Queries: "in 'what way Can the
jiung members of churohes be induced
to take part in the discussions of the
Union. W. A. Cason. What should be
tit. great work of our churches? H1. M.
A leni. Tue duty of cultivating brother
ly love and benihts derived thecrefromi.
ILaban~ Miaiuldin. A. M1. Guytbon,
E. W. Loing, Clork.
young ladies of the
lie Graded Sebiool are
for. an enteritaiment,
.'e in the Court House'
s., 20, for the bene
aof the' Graclet behool. T1hecy will pret
.t t "Thei Spinsters Convention,'' whi hI
has ereaited so much langhter andh innto
eaitet meririment wvherever it has b-cun
i-reented. Of intense interest to all
mt irintgeable young men aind young
hualios, to loneily b~acohlors and pining
'idoltwers. Comae and be0 comifortod arid
cu~e mrtaged. The spirit of the eter'it:uin
ni-int throughout is in keeping witni the
mertry holidays which followv, fun for
cltakdrcn l0c. (12)
W v. W. Briggs of thio Southern Rail
V~ wa ai guest of the Moutitain View
IioI M Aondaiy.
i is D essie Stiefel left tutnday for
Ander-sont whero shte will spend seveiral
d withI relatives.
Alt'. JT. B. Clyde has let the contract
fI ithle eu'ectioi of a commodious resi
en his (arm two miles north of towni.
.1hii BowL n and Ernest Hamuilton, oif
N i ris, 8 penit Sunidaiy and( Mondity v'isit
igad bird shoot ing in and about .Eas
TI. Al. Hill and~ son of G4reers passed
Il rouagh Easley M~ondasy on their way t)
Il'ieiis. Mr.-Hiil seems to have pretty
tot rIy rteoverodl from the woiiiidH whicb
It reiievetl at tie hlandIs of a wouild be
ii.ber somne t ime ago.
!-iv. W, E. Wiggins nnd family are
to - imore at honie to their friends ini
Fi 1 . Pa rson ige, Illro. WVigginus
pats a f.verty enijoyaleli con ference, and
-4 i-gly say~s t hat. it, is not hiis fanult, thie
nnhetionc ot the Eaisley anid Bethesd'i
4*cunit by his being returno.i.
\y few peQop'0 have as ,yet gonett
Ita:.i thlis secdtioni to the Exposition. It
It dulnht wilt be an oxposit ion of thle
i t themselves to miake it a success
financiailly ini order ihat others of' the
likei class niiy be fostered in this state.
Hionor Roll for November*, 1901.
F-irst, Grade. -Walter Dicke ns, 90.
Cht ford L -wis, 96. Etleni Lowis 95.
S3 eonid Grade- George Prince. 96.
TJ~wrion Hester, 9-2. Paul Hester. 90).
Tihi'rd Grade-M~ay MoFall 97. Nott io
Por-ter, 95 Balhle Young, 95. Minuto
Wilborn, 9-i. (Clarice Koith, 92.
Fourith Grado---Juhus Boggs 96, LAo
renma. Taylor, 913. Ethel Jfenkmtt, 95. Pat
t(e MUiaor, 91. Pickens MoCollum, 93.
flazood Bruec 91. Gracile Pr'inao 91.
Charlio Robinson, 91.
1"ifth-~Grade Jessie Lewis, 95. Johntnio
Carey 91. Eval Eatre, 93 Tichard Freo
ma:1, 93,
Sixth Grado -Floridle Cary 981, Clanido
lor 9(1, Ola liehmoy 0J1, BIllio Woclborni 93l,
hato ihestor 92.
a ~ 83, Jms
- -, Wolbornt
randy 91,
on isie Ouroton 9G, Wiltona Hestor 99.
Eght Grade--Druce Bogge 93, Rob
blo hlowen 95, Ooeil kgester 94a, Hovey
'ihlin 91
Ninth 8464 o Qur'on-4
The old fi ltds Pf ''h1lliIlIIbI's Cou).l
Ieinedy ,will b I)ielnSd to know that tle
mann fact ee s of 111tha1 pr epa rat lon have
gotten out i lew reiledy calld Ciaim
hetlain's tomt h a1i4 i nd liver Tablets, anld
thatt it is mlle(ting with litich Ell (es inl
I reatie i t of Cont i jlt lon, biliotusnlesp,
Sick hloadnm.che, hapairedI digectlonl and
like disorderis. Those Tablets are easier
to take aid more ple:isaint. hi effect Ihan
pills. h1111n tley Iot. oil I ove the bow
c. butl. improve th ny-lt i an correct
any dikorders of ihn .stom:tch Iatd liver.
For sale by (;. W, E trle.
Tuni Jou11NAI, oflico i4 the roar of pic.
Fall's store ill the brick building former
ly ocenpied by Anthony & Keith. The
receipt boo' are therm also.
RLeconillnel(htio (of a Well Known Chli
cap> ll Sicianl.
I uise :n-11 prescrib( 31. UbIl belaid n's
otngh Iteine' Iv for ahmost 111 otibstiln te,
constrict-l d congi , with direct esilts.
I prescribe it, to childre. of 111 aIges. A i
glad to recomIIiln-:111 it 0) all ill need anad
seeking2 .lief i m fr e.ohllk :11111 conghrljs 1ad
bronchial ailliitionls. 11, is noll nllee tic,
andl aft. il t oo t -li-l If 1 11 mo-. 11111 1o
1fe. 2onal, A 111i r -: i In 11 1.I f->r a1; 1
inn1,okhindl.- .\lnA. %Al~r Y It. .\EL,; 7,. -)y,
M1 - D., P. 1) , 1'i 11, i Tik Ien dy (3
is fil niale h%. 11. \V . )r;I1Ie.
--Try it, for Mlnnen's Taileti PowV
deor. H oit & TiioriiiY.
--All memberi -f Ithe l'iv'.:ensI Cluh are'
reolt to ine :.t th (!lil) roo1ms at
1) o'lock, SIatuIn114I'ay Veeninhg, I)eember'
13th, for the pirllIm4:4 of elecling olliers
for tihl. o2 i 'T" Yr,. Iver %(' m .1em'12ber is
urged to attend11 prom ptly it the hour
niamled. W . (1. Liews.
Vice l'resi dentI
nI i - ) ( ci : a(- )ar'y
billt w 1 Iai d lop fit s, I l ln mt"(ii t fo
pains inl hi*- -1-n~ whicbhet feam
4' 11 1 1 4) 1 );l % l I I. I1'I'2L
i"a C '2 w12 24 " i 2 e :, ' I wa, qell
I"M'y enbe, t a eltIn nl wh
.in~~ ~~ V -i.1 e-i! , vwill e, ill lim \w
ba4014 ai Ig o . m . I iin ~ v " Ar
1%\" do-( 2222 I, . 1. ~ f 4-2 1 110 1d m22 it)I~i, 11
,I 1144 . 22 '2 I S1- i 22,f Hili, N. Y.
Th e h, b I ii IwaIY I I m.22 I I s!:2 s ex
41A Si.m2 I f.' th \I, Vin2tl. S(-ason to
iM r 6h'iontlh. Tick
f-k ~l-(! l,). i With1 tinial return-1
hiit 2r . ti in-lt
i.: .In , ('te, call
til:112 V:o 'ten R1ilway
Ta.Loe A. i. P. A.
.\thud:.2, 2 .
.\ n I il -'. I E'l 1.
Ii i t Ia t I-, o wi - i2loh ,
I li et a;1n1n- C' m--h temledy i
-ni I-xi' :s 1. .I I4 n 1 CI havi b S11- s 1.IV'
ill", f I'4!1 at - \I4, I V ;I. i l a last I wo
1m010 1, :1;.11 it Lo , in 4e .ted a eme11. I
ha:n'. '' ' A2 phs- i I t'Co niniI iliiig it.
-l ('. W 'K N 1:nIt ThI.i kthe (iinion
"I <-n' 4 1i 42 4n .!.-i :1221 mo144t I (21pected
24' - t , :22,1 ha: - b4 4 ni Vol mt21.1i y giveni
ill -. 4 f ith th .t ( b r ney I tIl Iho rv
illv Iv 'il be 11e1i. -l. :, was M.\r. Wock.
nr. Thik lve2 OY i- slli by G, W .Earle.
-Palveriz.d sIe, ginger and red
pepper at lilt, ' Iorn ley's, Fresh.
All1 persons 22un- i' hereby IVwarned(2 not to
hiti, 1i'(ih2. or t h<i rw''ise tr'espass on1 any13
ofL my4 hu2224. Thi '2'1 dli~sretgarin'lg thlis
noutwe' will b)e )1 pr'4seent1l.
I('II.\lND, \V..,
S 'nth114r1 liaihvav,
Compile~it IDming Car Sei.''ce'.
l''or dlnisl2 see' 21genlt
Sheri f's Sale.
('4unty1 44f 1Pielen's,
In la22n,12't ofI 'tih-en-'l on1'l(er, and1
22a11d11y in .!:nonry,'t' 190ti2 1 at 1'i('kens1
courIIt bons 41,4 '. < . durI'ingt he114 lega;'l hiours
for' salet, th f2 ll i .w..1'. dei hed'Ij~i1 'a r 'e : 1tat
IIpon the 1': 2 1 24 c-- 4 11 !wi1(attr me iioned( to
1222.ron ll n 1l : 1 ' "4'ii1i.1tl
ist. .II ti2ert4( '42n pe, parce'' 1:1'1 l 1or Itract
of1 hiii lyin42:, loin' 2ituate4. in2 I hel ('o)nty3
and14 state '4'', a ioe s I ct'4 1 i' in one2 hundred1111 tt
and11 t wo i g -n- n2u'r" 22 r l24 42 , :ilj. ining1
handl~s of1 \V mi. Ih e:-h2,222'n . I , , 1-:i 4 412 leomb
inte212 l , o -21n1i :t.2 n 4d othl , :mol4 knoiwn
21s tracit No). I, in2 th -ii'.22)io of1. M.
111114nt's lI home 2p2an 4i j n.
2n.lll All thi:'I 42.er piece' or2 parI(cel of
('I' ('4n12a11.in 22 w '' . v-f V r and11 t241 1hree
(ourt hli' l I') m4 r'' 44124r4 4or less2, mal11 k nowni
as2 tract2 N.. -'
An..ll 2th2 2 2t r lur2'! l' pl:m11tlbm1
of' h2on24 22dj1'nin4 inn 2 4' .',. I :12H 22, ll'v.
Thomas22, 1,.' 2pr Ip 1 II.'1.ho2nhe and othI
tr V 424 :122i '' h Hj -; 22224: 2. more' or1 less,
212r;Ii abh-2 121 '4 u j42 4 22' > 22' 2111: lie. - n e l y
Joh .\.2 I N ' bi21 . 4' . in- 24', .''42ij 1lix, liii,
h rel f a II 2d. .l'nr).d h1 he
2b1rif l'iekens Counllty.
Clerk's Sale.
STl A'TE 1)1" >t' ll ( C.\lItoL1NA,)
dcirs of 12''2 foee are' m2.2l in: the14. fo)llowing
monedl.'~ 2.10 : 1,a24 44n 1ie in1 11he clerk's of'
lece at. l'iekens:, 2'. II , . (C., I w..ill sell to)
t~be hlighesI ill 'r a2 l',Cekens Court I [4se2,
S. C., 11n sahalay:21 in2 .iLemary2', 10'U, dur-1'
Am.iueiai 1Ban2k, JuI2'lmen'22t of
Tne20 lohllowinig descr2tibedt tracts1 oh' 12121(
si2tul,11t in P ickens Counl and 1:( 2121 stat'0afore
saiin Ill ey1: To)wnsh4ip to: wit:
All that11 21ther1 p4.22. or piccel of
1:1222 aldji,1og ~\'),. J. P'i1( 42r, 0. 1'
Jonest.', Wo0. I r244m2 m and11 122 otIlirs co1ntain
lug (on2e huntldred.22 and1h2e(1 03 acresl moreAI~if'
ballanceon a2 1credit.11 of twelvo months
with~ lnterest fromi day of sale1 secured by
the0 hotid of1 the2 pureba~iser' and( 11 mnortgage
of the premilises with hale to anticIpato
palymllant of' tile creldit par'Lon, Pur'chaer
to pay2 foar all papers1 and( for' recordling theo
same,)0 lThe terms2 in tall thio alboVO 81a1e8
p)romiises wlli be re0sold onl same day,
. I%
SMITH & 15
Since the lire inl Jun(! 1 ive iliken te store-roo
'Street, ntext to Filay'3S 3hir1ket. We I
Winter a iewv and e(
Clothing, Furnis
Hats and Shoes
Of tie satec gralles kept byN its ill the past,
than ever. Ill iddiliiln to ia iew stock We htv
good clothinig at price-s unheimva of laefore. L,
11101 ytIlt look t beller yoi'll bv pleased whe1
A.ll Grcods So]
llahh lIuilin-, Nvx to Finlay's Mlarket.
Tim- Jou'RN~i, is (ne dollar it year. If
You Owe the paptrl an ythiig, please p:y
WINTEr 1( 11 (). \ IN 8I'MMI H It
LAs N I).S.")
IS th title t' a vry ieat and
aittrac-tive fodsi sudby thel
Sothrnliilway gvn oult
infornti neI il ting the various S
W initnr1 Rl'-sorts (of Iloilth and
pleiasiuro ol an1d roacll liy its
l iies, with rat. s ol loar, apa-- If
-ity of hotels, iinaunes of proprietors
This bo >Hlet is i n a very conciso If
an altmetive forin n 111w( vill prove
valuable to an1y oneconitein plating
't trip for tle winter.
A coPy iury ba had by sending
11 two celt po'sitag Stanip to.
W. H-. TVAYl.0E. 1.
A. G. P. A. Atlanta. G'a.
FOO1) C II A NI E I) TI( ) PO I iOX.
Putrefying fo )a it ,i inite.tine pro.
[i -8 ellcwts likel thmom of are ie, b t
I)r. IKinug's New L/fo P'ill- expel the poi
sons from clog-.?el howli'I, gentily -.-ily
Wit surelY, enritin. C mi:ti pation, lBillow;
ness, Sick lleiihd e. I'ever, all Liver,
Kidlney and flowel! troubhles. Only 285c
lit Bolt & 'horitley l)urg Stole.
A dollar is a small amount, but it pays
for one year's subscriptioni to THE JoUR
NAL. Send us1 your d1 ir.
SAYS lIE W~AS T'Olil'Ult El). t
I siffered such paiin fri ot i.9 na1
0ou(l itmily walk,'' w~ rites II. Itobinrfrt-o,
11111l-bo ouigh, Its , ''btt lluceklen's Arnil
ca S tive cotiupetely ceitd them'ri." Acts.
like mai gic on spia ini , bruijec, ents,
somes a .il.ks, b tins bhits. uileirs Per
fe'et he let oif -kini li-en-ee anid pilos
C-utiteed 1 y lI i &~ 'Toortnley I)ratg
Payi3 your subscwripltion to Tu'iI Joun.
NAui, theni read thie news' and keep in-*
A W03lEN'.- A Wt FL PEIl, .
"Tloieie is only3 onie chiatie toi s ire y'our
wer e the a arlIinig words h tra by 1 tirs.
1. B 11i10n of I .in Ritdte, Wis., ft om1 hier
tioctor1 afteor lhe lId vaitoy tied to curie
of a frigh ulI e ise of st omachi t' ob 1)0utid
vel low jui ntl i e. G all st on es lual tfo rmned
and shte conist iiilv g ew worsei. TIhen
she~ begani to' list' ih tric liiers which
whlolly cutred hetr. It 's a womi if il st01om
nlt, I iVer au-l K idte r13 eiiediy. Ciires
l)yspeji-i i. Loss of .Apptit~ie 'ITry it.
Oialy 50t ets' Giiiianteiel'i. t' suilo by
tiol t & IoleutIy I) rig Sitori.
SAWi I)CAlT11 N IA.i.
(''(Illt 'often li m~a lie m be su - o fit', w.ri<
heaili- myp wifettih n il 'iit aitd e
w tek inll Iore h'iwul ohpe
Goo-<herortii5 ,l uue \ i 'Ii in
n odi' Consum t onfle- no medielm-ao
earhldhep obls No rbtce ried.
rIconnlted iiilir.'fu Kinr Ne10ic.e~
anti lristeni n-e 1of1 'thisdcelntiedi
14in e ai'14 It lie"li's' Jabouty 1 -
Iuar ti ed fort '>uyh, .1ioh , ia r ouch8.
11.\- ly Spul t hr ,'ue la, .ar tiang~ dis
Mle. 5Ci'ee 'Ilut:nty Jitt.'r ?Jho.o
lIrgwtiliItth lceroiJiitit
iriowdetr Spi' al t Sai~. le--e box li ath
iB'olt, and iThornh-y's.t da~idtl~ i~i
Toi~i le Txl'ayer of l's i en Cout;
Foler httnie o f~tit Othe pu:ie to
wilatiend he. fll i lls awl11 dae.
nunedbcow fcar ie o oti of supping
blad rturnl forthdee e i ui ofe 000
Sixa'~o ae u' ('udt. .hmuary 1)0. 8
bety ridbeabl, Janar 10.cte tmb
oscyool idl. t [~ti~l 'e' tio'
C~in rorPanWddy ~mary 15
Loeb' p TusaJaur 0
lew Coods
lew Stand
lew Methods
n knowi as the l1:1b1 Imibling (m Main
1a1ve jis (opene<! fo ti l -' all an
mp1lete stock i c
hing Goods...
we f'elh, e npu !t ev you
.)tIm t miis Ihis o1pporttiity to 11ir
)ok arountil befont. yo't 0 n11C here-the
4 ,You reachi 4Is.
.d. forC sh.
ljanl U N-1 AIll 1-:8. C1.
.) D. MOORE,
:The We-i E1I: i .\lrei:i1t al
II A S .11-: (; ( ))I)
IN F.\( T 1: 1 ZY H' I I N . o:
uits from S 2.< < ) to -,12.00. 1
A niCe line O Pants ci) p.
you Iwant aly Shows I have
themi l\ .\A N \N PRI-..
you want Something t at;
I have it.
LrOll 1 OC 111)
~RV ()~O)S AND) NO- p
TIONS. as chap as "
ANY1)lO )Y.
iso Shotguins and Shells, also r
Axes and 1 landles, and
lots of Soap, and E-v
erythinlg you
Come And See Me.
I-. I). MOORE.)
. , t
and the hundred and one sim i
lar ills caused by impure blood
or inactive liver, quickly yield u
to the purifying and cleansing
properties contained in
It cures permanently by acting
naturally on all organs of the fi
body. As a blood-cleanser, fics h
builder, and health-restorer, it
has no equal. Put us in Quart
Bottles, and sold at $1 each.
Detrolt, Mich.
S Take Liverettes for Liver Ills. n5c. *
ouild e a)2i g4od1 timo to hay some
Heavy Winter Shoes,
01 'TIN(I, 8
Ice 25e k hul, 44nly :t..
aul. ti Ml 'Ss S I i tr g 'it 1 5 , t 11i
:, to elts - l oi t:! n
A\ lot ofl la41b-s lionlt*~4j Sn ( ns.
M'sfl llenVy~ lle'.~ Liined I'n.
:oe the cold out.1
L~ots of 1, tL4de Shlls, Sho(t,
owdorlti, &c.., for the4 IBird lluniters .
,ots of good Ii hing to eat. Fulli
1n0 of gr oriEs at all timos.
Call to ~eI~th ly and ofton.
Pickens, S. C
fEU Iome~ 'P'hone No. 24.
\I ENT.'
I will apply to) J. 1:. Newberry,
riob)ato .1udPg, of Ptiensti couty~3
n. the 2 t h dIay~ of1 December, H)U I
or a fintal litttlemenlt and( dischargo
a admninistrator ot the estate -of
Sov. 28t4 Adinistrator.
1lAUL~DIN & 11i; I111F1,
AttornCys and4( Coun-eilors at La4w,
~tller Cflice llinIhEIig, t imENVILLE., S C
Practice in all the courts, State an
0Cou 11t 4 l'ielIens. , ( . .
COurt, o1 C0omn10on Plea.
\mandaIH 1.Knmore, .1. W. .ll Iaiene
anld ibniel (C. Dur I Iih l1'hin itus.
g,1 411' il
V.-T. Al Fell, hilins E. I I",. , a II :n
-11in isin or4 of lil he e41 .at of (I. W.
Jailue, dh L c.:isM, Th onls lID4',rbllu,
Jacksoi ( atrhaui, Willim I u . DS r
batu, AgustusIlrhaun, Almna IIr
1111 , the.lI/. i - i l Ia law of .un111,s . ex.
anlder, <deveesd, who was :1 brother of
Dian: Jl ns dec.'avedl, whose 1atles
andl1 411 1110 '1 ' ' :le 114Ikn )l11, (|i|
liirs4 a W lw of i I I ) -lexu nhr, 1. -
c( ieCtl, wh.) w) ' brother 4 f DI)unit
uilli , d co1 n. d.Viz.: m h .\nn Ntew
'11-e1 1k44' V I I ' i . I.. W ~ I~
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Tak1e4 4n4 -4 bu 4uinou~i.i in this
.on,14 4.444 of .. 144.. l1. i ll py
1h0 o1lho: 4'1 t44, of~. .1hu CourIt of1
for'cs sid 4on the 11h da y sif Novemberi,
no.dliPhiti'u tty
of all kintd"s
D~ried and 1)ressed Lum~lber deliv
cred onI shor1t notice,
P.arties wan4untJg 'Lumbler' of tI
fthovo kind 11'.olfy 44s at. least tel
days beforehanid thit the lumbeli~
may be thoroughly dr1ied1.
W\. ii' HEND)RIC.RS & 1HR)->
That is to come in De n
havo had line weather this fall, )
th( tim to prepare for what is to
Cold Weal
Hoavy Mlothing,
NO withsttamling the fuair weut
lu; sI u hI a 1t (Itrde on shIIoes, t Ie seI'
best, andi they are l11att-le Axo, (ho I
BI wiu.'gy or Wat gon0 ), let us hear I rom
YoIIS tri
Wanting Y
I ;In1 reSLI(SS, never satisid
desire to im lake it still rete
'cratest effort ofmy life this
g'Oods the pCople want and at
'perienC( iS worth anything,
Ai .wvs remember that the CI
Iw cleap order; it's the ha
goods, sich as it pays to b)V.
stantly arriving, a TRmM ENI
Which I
and every body tells the price.
ing miy prIices and quiality of g
40 inch Sea Island, 4 cent
Standard Drills, 5 cents.
All \Vool Red Twill l lnm
The Best 25 cents Jeans<
I Aldies' I lcavy Un Idervest
\len's Ifleavy 1.ndervvsts
I )ress Gzoods, all Gr;adecs;
+*0 SHOES!
Beforo Bu2y-ir
A. K.
\\'est l.nd, (
orne goodls
\nd in fact anything in the
\Ve have a nice line of Ladies
oulrs, before buying elsewhere
D)on't forget us when you
is our pet line and we will do
We have a big lot of coffee
and we will give our customei
LOOK! One thousand po
cents a pound. Just as good
the contrary.
Call on us and we will try
give you satisfaction,
geRemember we make
produce, beeswax, star grass,
Beef hides taken if dry, Con
N. 13. In order that we may
we are compelled to ask our f
gands on credit to come lnew:
iber, January, and February. We
Lit. it will not last always. Now is -
como. We are well supplied with
her G-oods.
her f thiis fall. we have never before
't, of thismi we sell nothing but the
>st, ( earth. 11 you need a new
yol, w*e might Save yoU monoy.
our Trade!
As lly business increases lily
r increascs. I have made the
, season to gL the goods the
te rig1ht price, and if ten years
I am satistied I have succeeded.
ass of goods I handle is not of
)py medium and better class of
I now have in store and con
lust Co.
~of competition PRICE tells,
I want you to continue shout
leI 5 (cantsi.
)nl tlle nlarke t.
s, I 5 and 25 cents.
*1 .lh3 UN SHOES!
in : >r1shoe bor men,
It)V5r sate j()ley
orj less mlonley.
D~ry Goods line wVith
'(apes and. ask t
vant to buy a pair of shoes. That
our best to plhease you.
on handl that was bought cheap
s the benefit of it,
unds of keg soda to go at 2 2-2
as any, don't be convinced to
;o sell you something that wvill
A specialty of all kinds of country
grub root) and ginseng wanted
Ie to see us,
be able to meet our oblgatiota~
riends to whomi we have sold
,.., O n E mavai nrnmnt- vnuumani

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