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The people's journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1891-1903, December 12, 1901, Image 4

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John7 Wiptt brop Green.
Copyright,1901, byoh Jom Wint hrop (Irven.
W 1i1 'N the Si Ntet Nwt
Yfirk i'('lit'l witi Ir;iait
Into thlt \\.le n s, (,or
poral 'Me l 'ln ft C'ol!)
panly 1II fu 31 ilhlb. nk Tll
11a11k was IS F1ho1 fill' (liv (In hds le:(
foot; lII due ine thi e f it( fd t
were[( flunnell 'nI Ilw (i' hattile ne Ixth
Hln of untrebCh Wui thfilslthwa
deployel, w iltl ai l lt 1 t hertI reg1.
Moents, to) fa,14-4.-i~nlshn hadl
only begunll u\\n-('11rlAll'nb
1u:t1 his leg shattrl.i I by it bult. (If
course, it wag thIte left 4' . r.itt! .-;as I r
rild to the, fii i i h si tal t a tht Itt r,
n1tit4, after tita ie exi nit i lI itl Ill, the isu.
g4 -411
"N;1I-ry ('flr , htr t' ' I ilt 1:11- 1u
amputate the l1g ti Sav/*.41r lilt."
It was at case InI whIch (14 lw I Mira h:10
nlothing to Saly. WnVII ho r,011rna4- to,
cIII"( n ims l ess, Ils lift -- b lt h'ad 'll I I in
pIut'l i i lt the bilt<-. wii l li I ,
a111 41t 'il t t1 '1t1 I - lit' r w el n 'it, nil li t ' -
The loIss of Is nion-y , .entr4.l toI hhn
ait o i iu, an lilo 11:h. 1i11' i :i' I
to ait e Iid e w ilit ha we l " ' I o
nt t nIl if ' I I I ty Ii I II' ' I
s:id nil I 'l lve u. al ti 1 L l m .II
8t'85ti- orpre the manti ti''' N tl
I t was .1nogh to lind t1I " '
I I v I I I il S 1 4 1 iltl le11 I S, ii I I I I ,
lep" of legs andl l i, haliit n t l.lt 'n
to hhify o n l fth's T"
"o lIuit r s m in3, a l4t s t
dnhreo wt' h l, 1:1l1 itiouhm alslt
lgttinit iTh. Asene tin ob-tt a .'- :
tn.al 8reired thniel 1h3' hot h1n(1;
bunt lelbi 1ot h u it'. Te hXoi Su lii
nuittlit (letehid noii itnr 1.j ,:t
hlet gI ' sohilet u Ins b.
o"he are' mh goid sho3' lon., IiO
Iic whuld 14 ity buythn."p
it overuiuling the olles hejjot iim~
thno iorpoa i .lh i-iir e 's ii e'tt'l
reiaethe Oinly thir' fo'lt illy
Tenot htet fet cl ti'o mlttOi hiui
pc-ovidtt for .'erit m~'oved hv t1~l1
thuik l~Icutt 1h'ht, Rlut toe h'tsfalmt ru i:
dhni e n. '.t'he to 'il wsht "'i Ho
to Iissiontf thel1 (l'lon Lfi'e, y
buorig mt hewr of0F I~~tlho llilt'
Wtory. A big o.11( was lots fobr it -
anilte rsd ~hl th e'orprlii (
0110ble sendthor catl ohe seniipnt ,
13 hreclol of theetl ibtout h a::i
othes trazy," thepother tin- Cui',ouu.
"l eroe' t he waglUCo stoc
aeg. al loin Cike,11 m'o isar w11( et
tro plegou t, bust" I vsa ogtn
beffortwa money odo etc. .\ft,
gean ou or11oth lastOI lIin waers to .ii
Ciotpo t, caddeien btegani wsho
ing~lo~ o in the Airt. As the l- lg
thatlO Atg leth tuhe. Yguit pinith
hauke dtout ad dumn it~ed in." o
Withhs .f the serhltiera drippted op
Ofthe sock,. anJheriee tahem hey-pa'
gr ebackd they three of the part ov
Sa teoney. chey wInk a m.ch
oher antd oct the nlrwo los hit
len ade ha dheivd Thianlue thi
eiet coreou soeral~ weeks. itm. O
Mhclaydden was ente'~ 1to( a holllc "'
Wershintn~ andiel soonrmlisd. Th sot.
ote frontu ani odedas beor 1tll
"diviad, annduca hatan wrotto dow
mewere enlled~a uThey weed her
story Asugeon aataffn owler b
oter took upteote ie.Cro
ly enough, the soldierwosoeM
ganl to dollbt tihe good news.
"Boys," silouted ill Ir14ishman in Coin
panly 11, "don't yo be nfeured of the
lews. Sure, tiln army that cn find
MleFbadden's inoney cnn lsillasih the
Confederate states, andu we'll fill be go- A
lug home by this fimo tomorrow!"
Strange Onvem Formed by Animni.
That fi('re are soilo wililUlii 'whileh 1
cannot thrivo without salt Is well 6
known, but no ver -lear demonstrai
tioni of this tiwas forthcoming until M. L
De-suizinges, n French traveler, notlecd
S01110 reiIrICiablo cnves ':1 tle Orlstnlt
district of tho Trnsviaal and (1iscover
vd, to) hi11u.r4 e that they had been 0
gradilly foiniied by aIIIIIaIIls lieking i
tlte u:.it of which their walls were largo. k
13y fornied. I
"1;mieh of these grottoes, or enveS,"
he' t-iys, "iiI siargte Lis- Lin oirdinuiry S
drawing r1t, al the niiivesi assu-ed
li. I th lgt they h ci n 1n tirel hollow- s
1d oit Iby thii'i- tielopetsts wlih arl. a]
kiow in 1 hhi country as 'dwicks.'
W14n Ito larn why% 010i anunn1111 buS
14-d th s elesc ! III 1omk1ing" stieh exenail- k
t141ns, I k-xiutionit 01,' enves anld found 1t
that th It- wall; were liill 'glulated wNIthl
H prlt. s pre:1.11s .t i. Ing iil. rly irevealed
vry * h r crystIallizationls.
.\ tiy 1 4 -wv -r n, Its Iw ats hunting,
. t(' t*. 1 :11k: I tIt 'I ' t t t'i
I nwtlecd 1 1 notelopes rush out of ono
(If thesS Itve s soon01 -w they he~ard
till- 11111 l e l li li s
. I uIn~gvs Ills() Fys that thw vlks
III thw ''r uv.i have s i r hnl1111 i1:11t
will niny iloe b14 seen -senrchIng fora
:a1lt nar 4111rr-S or deposits of marl.i
:l 1-1 ora story intellects, t wo n1
ltor, lattillct 1it Fhr o tory. Iti - hI
lt, it-h skyi htsI'. .\ll f i et lt'l'et- (1
:oi whoi thal th1n t si by ild th he fact.4 I
fire-~~V1(1. 11n1r 't11t 1)-1 wa tiy n
tille t'41 t-ll :it't' t'hac't Ie tisH ill uis
'1 ~ ~ ~ ~ lsn I~ ho it(f~ a,,''. e
ls\.!1 I.;it''
o wir own. T1-0r.4 tohry i nIin biliOItze, 3'
i l ere : ', prodl ;e tou - .it . t 1est iltlunil n- [
Sb M iist I 1 1111114fr i 1itie t hin h t t 1 ky ir lf
hb I. lh r y ofntIal i th~ 1 1'.-lallrg it
L [t.V11y. No w II ~ p 5) iiI ('114111 th- I tItf. 1
I ' ii ilIs i'lat e til. Joe, rti all In l %- 0
te ( 11n:n o o ee ing librai n is ,i
f Oir ut ire, o~i1li zilf f-acing to fac
hwl.,t h l p (I Otin-rl luocto w th utr.
lIti 111 tvo 0) liil te t'eith use'4of
tt knowh-'gliehav intellects 44 this ai
i !l'ait. wol kjllifr I:mwy tn twoi f
Clrluss o.d IlO l itonscen, o
entclo udl liu ilr d~thur 111 t1e o I)-g , tf
a-h rIlkn curr0t orrfn1r hpo 1t 14hr or
so tI l i n ei iig o' tiv (l.iII f Iilr o
-ifl' -tI ae s1rture, A g in vol .
nie oflb r or mo-r stricntl nae gIthr
lplill juwhether Ist 1111 wI a i o I Io |
w Ill ol alc ui:!t af ::ertin .:uanthy of
t~ rI f Iif l n I I1 1 - t I 'le *l. j il h e igIe . I
water~~~~ aao at a toe tepIatre
litt .t
Yomt Ik'\ I r 1,!ln i, thait it hi ii e : e
wh-t il .\ : ilt " toothl . T e u r
n" sur~hsi l' ttr Inw l. The\sho
are lanst i a phnk ofw atol 1
li ah ti -r, : 1 the it'vien ull .1s
ni ~ t ih - tlni'r 14, Itu lh L.
t lias Done No Good and Vr..
Not the Remedy Needed, No
tlnta Consutituitionl.
A neiglibor said to ie, " Maj.,
'hat, is all this iacket about--this oi u
up-this swimporium about the ni
or? Ihave they broko loose? ( a ye
Mcy riz again? You reliember h1w V
IMy generally went to the corn field ( ar
1e cotton, patch. I'vO been readiii
'he New York Journal and it lool.-;
ke sometlhiiig must have happe II4
uit inl Alississippi or somiewlere'., a1il C
10 bish1opS and college folks aiL (I Y, :
Lw women are lliglttl3' bOtIir(i about V
vell, it is lusilg to read th-ee
ale platitudes and theories aboutt hIe
ugro. A few of themn are senible,
>1110 of thei a dl4e-lubionI, and11 some11 aI)(
iost, idiotic. With Iost of Ihe t
lucatloll seeis to be the pIllaeen 1:r ii
verythlinge 111d s4on11 (of te at
ndergartcn schools for tile ab1)itsL a .111
purate schools for the moluers to
am physiology. Soimle of the Noi th
'n feialo lltilqIitics want social I
juality alnd hint, at miscegeiatioi av
it, comm g remedy. Som say tiaI I
-paration is tile oily Solutiol alml thet, I
egro mst go, and sOlie say tha t CeveI
)llar spent onl their utication widen
1e gl between the races. Oune very i
nsible wriler sas3 stop their vuln i
i stop payilg taxes for L1heir .u i
Take them all together and h, y 3'
Wi't 111111onize o any 1pa1, t h I
large majority With I)r. Curry in hei 3
adll, are f or edu cation-mor <1 ua
MI. Well, it is possible for eVeII .(
r(at anI good 1 1a11 as . (i I.
v mistakenI lie am14 i liop Calkih-1 I
I d some11 otheric' t)n that i in 1
md1e a lif long buinyes of etl eain i
mmng people, aill[ art- Ialturally Ili- :
Osed to umgnify its importtuic(, bilt
Seeins f'>lue when~l weU tof :an ex I i I
lent litr thirty years and . pen11 O i
lie 11uindlid milli 11 () d on it,
11d lti n1(giro4s got worse ins1 td !I
(Ater, it is time to hlalt anll iti o n
tiler intthoti.
h'lIese nlegroes are 31 new enationl I
ndl knlow nlotingil of slaverv. TIllv
olor 1)hernt idea Seems to ie thflat 'h.
it the same Ilegoes we 1u1 h11e e 4
Iv war1', al11 that they have r i4''4'iu 1
lii'rge(I I lol0 sl iver 3 i' ilh o- I
kiml, 11141 1nut111 he educatel illo go~l I
itizels ilp. 'I sim is a muist: ke. ' e I
Ild tiltle negroes 1111 a very g )(tl elii
Ilioll ---lot ill bok ila r ij r. bu1it ;
Inta1es am1 atss84eiat)iol th01 iir
i 1S01$ li([ tlheii' 11131tSer's' fil.nil 4 j 1114:
i'ighb~ors. l ltlcatioii is I(it tall got 1i
rm hooks. IL coilmes troligh ile i ar
s well as t hieoii11 eye. ()ur oul
11W hil es wele better educatt 1 *, r
1111ae" s a1t l1appin1ess tl11 11 11A tie
e gr i1ates (I to-dIy. 'hi'ey hI
1411 ei ii oi s110 f11111 1311' rir
n11131 ity. We 1114 among tlleiin V1n*
313131l'ikels til(t1 , wagol10141$ 31 311 i .
iiid ''oil fi r111e0-s 3111( gi1111ers 3;13' Ig;41.
rnlii , butter' makerI, ok, .
u3 .' moid 1they' were' all edllai i
a-t butuln,3e5s. I owied a1 c rli.! %\r
lii conl dplan1 a1111 buildl 31 Iir 1 , 3 .
118l 31' tIn 0111a1' 1180ba tidolue i i. h
Ii lin a 3ilder3 i stll .e vsed I 0i ..1d
lllihr wdhoatron p Wfly, tin1311 ii
1th fiy chimld1r el W31.i \vhoay~ ollbl ; t
ild aper ltlti oll l ad uth dowll1:3'.
oEli' and ot other111 liseul tIlungs, Vli
ii was3 iyl fa~iiu boyguan '1h( '(1in
het war14 ai i0 sillc d(ote tho. my
10ght Tip1 to1 rad,31 n th att111'1 walms 'en-i
u'hl for hi11n, wndre watte alway h11ppy
n'C1contentedo 1e1V hal j~I~~d the1 Ly411
e nlitc' of' x mit a dpr.pt h
its 1aint did4 not hav on then-.'31 31 1131
his 0330 mauhlini1 ph-4iantrop has31 reme( 08
ru't is they0'l01111 were1bette fei'1 and
11. the11 Nortl~ihen ts fo d'o not rle
*f'g 1ur.3 laes-1o own hoiis flolt nosti
1'. te r whipng and tehe oeroes131i 121'w
'IIt03s no t the lack f ecation1 that
'3rV (it s1record l~that4. -domer com $4'F V1
ll$4.1 wa te s1goo mora14l tining1 ata
helt fear ofl punishmenCO11t ill crim.' The'g'4
egr1111es et ion of) thi 4.1nt1IL n 3 h1 ir II
lrtst t f o their1 teah ies 1preachers,
ie 'in1 spll (ry deheirv e t1 rif' o1f3
tin httle things was1111 eurbed'31 am 31re-Z~
114.ained, but.'3 it1~u has comIe back'.'~' i fr
vIail tand wthen butl few excepti in s. We
~ ai 1wenty-jiv yeoms1( who wo' h n4 ot(11
hings1 on 'the sly.34' We1 expect1.1 1them to44 3
shmael. Ith 'iis to the' ereght1'3 of the)1 ne
;r11 that) 1101 will not cheat you. 11 n11or be-1
ray011 yoLu con1idenc. It is to th dS is-O'
rteit 1o11 .'lews and .11 Gen1 tilesha of'ey
4.4.lutj11 'he '1uosi oaigotra amolnd
hsi'tyl fand he 14r11 conjuga obhtiga10ions.1
\i 31ar(1 ma0jrlg ityl the ner women~.313~
rearlte adurtheir chihitre li bas
ardo. T-uhiy fik io 3womanhe VIoi' is
roldiawb(f k tin ilther oc' stndn
>r~l the church 5114 membershi. fea w<.
nlanks~k~ belons uo e 1110ghte ofgin il
ho.d ay hewil o a r-l goe sh
Vashington city to live writes to 'Tu
Tow York Pross that site cannot got i
eL1able or trustworthy negro servant
nd says: "Ilave all the good negroe:
one down Sou h to Booker Washin
>n's school? What has beel, no of I,!
bat faithful, (log-like service tin
outherners toll us about? I hav
:ied I whole procession of them, r
cy have wor oilut tiy patience. '1
ist one I engaged came next mornint
t 10 o'clock wea ing a white tulle ha
ld a pink sat'n bodice !"
But we still f1ind them willing am
soful at my house, a,1d patilarchs lik<
ly wife anld Itiyseltr who have to keel
pen house for our uimerous offsp in
Itd kinldred and ft'ends Canl 61'
et along without thetm. I caln stil
lack ily s0oes an(d go to m1arket am1
lie postollice an1(d Work in tile gardeni
mI donl't mind making1 one fire i
he moring, if I fee' well enoheA t<
(A upl), but there are numerous lttlh
in I doi4I lil. to have to (4). Oh
'nele Tom ii chopping- Wood for. m11
ow, and mny wlifleO has; jhim hel4t' 121
up of coll'e 1141 Some biscuit to hell
lt his (1inuer. Sie ha great regav"n
or th0ese ol, hulmble, good-natuire<
egroes. I don't believe Unci.: Ton
4v01ubl ste11, for Ie say3 it Was whip
ied out of him when Ite vas a boy
'ity it isn*t the rule now to whip then
ld Fiave tlim flom the cltailngn.a
What a (lll (I legro hurg'lplars ait
hieves therei must be inl Atlanta, jti&
ill from the daily blusiness. of thle r11
Order's coutti. I reckon it isas hiad i
1he othe ctier, but we don't hecar of 1
li.hop lailor ; lys the lTenesse( e0
Ile have tried eidi( atiol lo ng enotoig
md the pI oplo will no longe: ble ov1(
idlm ithill) a ht 11 )on oft lling, IlliLral
md ioral negroes. Mississippi in
haires thAt l0i1thoughII the legroes o1
mnber thle wl-;tes, they pay13 only I
>r cent of tlhe 1 poll lIx al got hite
0 por cent fr the;- owit editioi
od that it ha g-ot to bo stopp1d. I
L nego;1' wVOn't aya dollar a year ft
lie education of his children, til
lon't. 41 'ei've ii. and the people hav
1eteliued1 to qUit 11p111dt a i
ion a 31 1111ln flill. (Geo s 'ri1 "0een
ILriIntI to th1) tie same 1bin4 it
1o111 ' will kli say m111en1. Let 'tlhio
laiv the i txes4 they pay a1in no m1or1
.',du m.1ionl is too Cheap aniyhlow. Noll
It-- is l i~zed tha1t !:>Ats no hi g )
: I l mtl Hloward, whoml everT3hOdy i
his cimminlity loved and i1r'.et
vai'i i!e Of thle best sebolars an ! th
>-st tead miwn I ever met, an.I11h - tol
it that Ite iever had bt1a fev i m . .iti
choii -" 11141 lie prized hi s 04d-. Iitii
l tihe MOre bcu111e 0 g t han
or hu wis poor. aad had t-> n -> k b
hay a.1111 dy by the light of a talo
''Iulle by niht
Well, this is enlough for on1 lim
yhether~l it he. orthodo:;y or. hele. crotdo(rx
L is - " do-y andnobody is re'4spons
-1C for ill ut1 m y1f. I lave som
-:iriaId Il:inciple. about th e negt1o
it I die. to mIntaml. I wouhdIS'l Iyn1
:very hiute whoi a1Ssauhed I whlite a;
11111. 1 coub t see t im I assacrid
M(ing, drawn and quartered, 1.
yob daursne1 hilsn wit h'o ms im111
114it.kit aiIlsIw PutVam pun-u11104
1omic'44( ides whenII toh e alaw heal
irnt andow before aiil lman ia tino 0(11
Irothe of( he 1 ie~ti I never cols.81
linlt es0~ 'Ini sin I s Ito i h eI ick g I'a4S i
)(1is Ufo1 b A)11s. 1 li he 80i 1001e8. il
,rute)' tlust lii im keep110 bir ut but10 (1 V l
Jitleirespeitlor h lcrwor
lid orse tle N0m1irt.1 l have n<
'ogten11 theI ten0 years we live i~ 11:
:cuntr mapl'C(111 thle aphen1s0itn Itogi
:tel da that1~' I wa sit a'wy- fr ni hon
'l'h itizen1s011'4' w oeit u wive tllaug
'1i11reprtte by'111.A dayi an by mliit W
hit 1fo0 rllo--hos wo live in ecllbloin
>rte. Thislo fe ijth etst 1'.14 in
1.iyietitol$ hevcury sch'doo ianI
Ihe cSiitrillin re1411Aso 11thaausve o
01d mhov to'14 girl. It'14 was' this'81 I
ailyi'ht 'cii and I most of the I nehbors1
Andi lie he Noreti'thern' ofresis
uIrs been4 diranchsed C(1110.t 1(1,shy
to it," says'' liishpGlo-w m
-ontro ihe negroi'114' orl the South ill ii
-'nind by14 thI. A ler]" I hisV donewi
iarty( nal' the . . (rh. A
(epbliran),i ht for s1 omeing e1101
<A toeId upon t elle M2ord1eci for sti
ifllng at thel ..:e, but11it wasalm
vho1 11was4 haned. 111 clt 11 A I I
itI ttll'. I havl te j u t rem 11 ish11(
ielli 's repy t til he 0gs y'0 1 mposium ant
Ia til im'ose jevry wordII0( ofit V l
MONwrtNEYbot ANd IThv.re
ref~iessorCo l's earnes pileainl
ittl whieI chiire ahio or mothun
ISuh wIflrl)bega the mo11)teirs ohe
hibore ora thusense i lgo
3em Kfrom shame CIad iEsgra. Ili
,3ass--Willis Call8 his wife Birdie.
Fogg--Making ga'ne of her? I see.
-Boston Transcript.
Stonebroke-Do you think your fath
cr would object to my marrying you?
IHeiress-I don't know. If he's any
thing like me ho would.--Tit-Biit.
Amy-Jack told nc last. night, he
had given tie his heart.
Mabel--Well, it is (aaged goods.
1 1Ie told nm last week that I had broken
" bliss Lavinia," said the Rev. Dr.
Fourthly, whi'o making his. pasioral
call, ".you want to go to heaven, <d0
you ti0. ?'
"1 Y-yes, sir," returned the 1'1-year
old daughter of the fatmily, ", but, I
''lnk I'd like to visit Ptris fist."
hicago Tribune.
A Philadelpiia min tells this Estoty
";i If iniself. i is daugliter wlio is the
v 1c of an ilrilly olicetr in the Philip
p.nlies, is oil the way to joinli her hus
I Intl. Ii S:m1 Flancisco shie reicm
I hered that lier fia her app. eciateti ine
1 (Ok C'lif'ornir red wines. he slipped
-ii im a case of a dozen hott!cs by ex
Spress, and11 wrote tilhnt she woiad have
t 'atIte a 100 bill to pay the charges
she had sient it C. (). 1). The winc
I I I rivetl 101 riget Papa paid tile ex
e char-os, 27.5 ott a ime---ge
aed at 81.80,
T Tweity-tliiil United States in
I try Ihask t t') i a vcil at. New York, froit
n-mihi. When the boys letL Ainerica
I; was by way of Nan Fraicisco. They
ne back throughii Sic canal, (18th
king cilouit of the worl.
k A WesteArn paper 4.ay4 thiat land in
v s Aection along the newly-establishletl
mi-l Frev delively lules (if the, post.
l nie hats in caseti from 2 to $5 pr
The Wot ., Greatest
Cure for ialaria AL
ii . For all fnrvms'of Madarial oison
- ing tako .ohnsun' Chil and Peve'
Tonic. A taiit. of M ahiital 11oilson-i
' 3inl yevar loor Imtansery atn't
'attire. oItai i edjic ,iesnn't euro
Mlalarial pois4oninig. 'rho anltilto
fo~r it is .1-IHNSON't3 TONIC.
(lot at bottle to)-thy.
Costs 5o oento qf It curea).
tveti t I:a pr pn l inet (be <' tonunaen
C titnsir y co itntinl. 1 tinltiok onl l'natents
satuit. re O l lt ny fo aecuring. titcit a.
a'tn: rkntrotg Munn Co. receive
t) spec ial ntice, wit houitt chro, to
$dt~utific .flntrican.
A hatlotily Illiustratest weekly. Idiaget cir
-4 n ai n of anly sien~t tIle jorn l'erns, $a a
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EE-4M Mtedicated Cigars
LL-M Smoking Tobacco)
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I limitedl nutmber otf our 7 1pcr cont. certii- N
caies. I titerest payale Janutary and July.
'Ihe btest cottton mill investmet offered. N
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bgj~ $30,00.00) paiet in capital. 110
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C xntail certificates samc (day .
(1 J. B. La e- Pres. anad Tlreas.
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ii $'.3,i000.0d IN G OaD) GIVEN A W A
to our agenits bideajc te regultar commais
sitons i. ftorm selling o~ur spltendttid line c I01, '1
IIAY uIOOKH lor' 1001 . No lig ptrizcs
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, tiry at one. Addiaress I . A' A 111' e&t t)
A ~Ortioy at Law.
Pickens.8.1 0,
Prac't ico inl all thie (Coulrts.
Olliot Ealo)'s Driig Store.
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ChIeap IHaar.l. Situationts secure'd -
G ronviloS. C. i
Ollice over Addisons Driug Store. -eq
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Worms.Convulsions ,reverish
tiess andLoss op SLJE1
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I'5'l IfI I 'il It JEl.ENTI, I'
Awl Now Can sh olt 1'ol#
The laa'yet Stovkiof
1 E .il'.Lf, NOTHING BUT iv
Soid Loather
s. * IO~ fr w I 4 (!T otvc
ii an i ., i Z11( A- AU it
3ay State,
>r Infants and Children.
e Kind You Have
Always Bought
3ars the
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ways Bought.
3ondonsod Rchodulo of Passonger Trains.
In Effcot Juno 80th, 1901.
Vmi. 1 xpr. MAMA%
Drthbound. No. 12. No. 8. No. 84. No 80.
Daily. Daily. Dnily Daily.
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Duaville 1 2 4 p 12 4 9 a 5
Norifolin.... 80 a 8 0.. 801a.
MDt..yAiry... 11Dal. a y.
RichO n.... 11 63 1 1 60p 11 0
Nobron... . ... 5 .p disp I 1 63
l wrtwx... _i 0 .__ _ #_. .
19Mp4 01 p 44p 4Ba
Danyl..... 480 0a o a
V1 'iIle. 484p~~ P1.t 0. 65
Q au ( 1p 0 6P 8
* 40- 00a~
Snrott. 040p ti
~L'tro 5P1 d p 1
AtantaO.~. 112 10a ~ 248 2
Betwon 0Lua 0and 0atens.
thllbn....0 a L 3
thn. . PNp o. M". Noa "N' nigh11.
Da t iy.rn 1iy.Daily. Darilc.
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Rooid Nov on r1e~ 18O 18
orfok.. -sa70 70 7~
(ao's-r e ~ 9 8aCG
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asht~f7 ond Mon 49 5p9
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